they look like boyfriends instead of best friends

My cousin and I were talking a few weeks ago and she said something that hit me so deeply and it just made so, so much sense, and she said that instead of thinking of people as like, “Oh, they used to be my boyfriend/girlfriend…they used to be my best friend…they used to be _____,” we need to start looking at them as someone who was put into our lives by the universe during a time period of our own lives when we were struggling…and that sometimes when people are “temporary,” they were really just gifts given to us by the universe to help us through that time when we may not have been able to get through it all by ourselves. Like…picturing them as little guardian angels to give us a little extra help during that tough time, you know? This puts things in an entirely different view and perspective and makes me feel so…warm. Like, thank you universe, for sending me that person for the time they were in my life for helping me through some trials.

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hello! I'm looking for a fic where dan had severe anxiety and his boyfriend cheated on him, and him and chris are best friends. I remember dan and phil like.. napping together a lot and they make out a few times because dans sad. it was on ao3(?) thanks!! :)

Irresistible - At seventeen and deteriorating, Dan Howell thought he had a bright future to look forward to; one that didn’t include his constant panic and arguing parents, and instead encompassed the perfect white picket fence dream with his best friend and assumed soulmate Grayson. It had been the only thing that kept him fighting for so long, and when it’s violently ripped away from him in a mere few weeks, he feels as though someone had cut his only lifeline. It was entirely up to his new friend Phil to help rebuild what Dan had lost, but neither were convinced it was possible in the slightest.

- Rachel

Best Friend Cuddles | L.H.

Summary: Instead of brother i’m going to do a fluff where Luke is your best friend and helps you through the abusive situation of you and your long term boyfriend.

Looking in the mirror seeing a black eye, bruised jaw, bloody nose, and tear stained cheeks staring back at you. Your boyfriend just did this too you after coming home drunk. After arguing for an hour and then beating you for 10 minutes straight he left you lying on the floor probably not returning until after the weekend like usual. Finally getting up off the floor after thirty minutes this is where you stand trying to think about what you should do.

You can’t stay here any longer. This has happened to you at least once every two weeks for a year. You were scared to leave, terrified that he would follow you and that he would drag you back by your hair kicking and screaming.

Your phone rings and you answer right away already knowing who it is, “Hey Luke,” you say quietly trying to hide the raspiness in your voice, “Hey Y/N how was your week?”

Luke asked the same question every week. Friday nights were your check in days. You both were best friends, but with Josh, your boyfriend, it was hard to keep in touch and extremely difficult to hang out.

You look back in the mirror, and think of Luke’s question. You lie to him every time he’s asks for a year. A year you’ve been dying to tell him, and a year he’s been worried about you.

You sigh, “I’ve been ok Luke. Nothing really to report on my end.”

“You don’t sound ok. Will coming over and hanging out help? I haven’t seen you in almost a month,” he asked.

You bite your lip, “You know what Luke…that would be great. Can you give me 30 minutes?”

You heard him perk up, “15,” you smile, “20,” you hear him smiling back, “Fine. You’re such a girl,” you both laugh, “I’ll see you soon Luke.”

You both hang up and you quickly take a shower. Coming out looking in the mirror you see your bruises are getting worse, but the nose bleed has at leased stopped. You begin to apply makeup covering everything, and when you were done it looked like nothing was there. You pack up some clothes and also your make up to re-apply just in case. You run downstairs grabbing your keys and phone and head out the door towards Luke’s.

At Luke’s you ring the door bell and you hear Luke on the other side running down the stairs. He opens the door and pulls you into a hug and you try not to wince, because of your body getting more and more sore from todays events, “Hey sweetheart. I’ve missed you.”

You whisper back, “I’ve missed you too Luke,” you stay embraced for awhile just swaying back and forth each of you just missing each others embrace. You both break apart and Luke takes your hand pulling you into the living room where he set up pillows and blankets, “I thought we could watch a movie or just talk.”

“A movie sounds great, but can I borrow some comfy clothes?” he nods his head and walks upstairs to your room and comes back down with a giant tank top, “This is the one you usually wear like a dress. Is that ok?”

You nod and head off to change and when your done you walk back into the living room, “Sweetheart what do you wanna watch? I got a few picked out,” he turns continuing to talk, “You can choose f-fr,” he stutters looking you up and down, “from these.”

You blush and he bites his lip ring messing with it trying to pull his gaze away from your body. You decide to sit down next to him, and cover yourself with a blanket, “Umm doesn’t matter to me Luke.”

He nods not looking into your eyes and pops in one of the movies and sits back down and places his arm around the back of the couch where you are sitting. You look up at him as he stares at the screen, “Luke do you wanna share the blanket?”

He smiles finally going back to normal, “Sure thank you,” he pulls it over him still leaving you plenty of blanket as he lets his arm drop on your back and his fingers brush against your shoulder. You lean into him laying your head on his shoulder.

You close your eyes and sigh as Luke strokes his finders up and down from your shoulder to the middle of your arm, “If you keep doing that Luke i’m going to fall asleep,” you snuggle deeper into his side feeling his chest rumble from laughing, “Sorry I didn’t really know I was doing it.”

You look up at him wishing you both could be like this all the time. You away from Josh, and loving someone for whats in their heart. Luke is always what you wanted in someone, sweet, loving, goofy, and innocent. You bite your lip taking in his features when he looks down at you, “What are you staring at?”

You blush getting caught in the act, “I ugh I was just,” you couldn’t get your sentence out when Luke chuckled, “I know, I know…I’m gorgeous,” he winks and you roll your eyes, but look back up to him, “Maybe you’re a little cute,” you giggle and he pretends to look hurt taking his hand and putting it over his heart, “Ouch…but,” he smiles and takes the hand off his chest and runs his fingers down your cheek gently, “I think you’re a little cute too…actually,” he funs his thumb against your lip, “I think you’re beautiful.”

Your breath hitches in your throat, “No ones ever told me that before,” you look at his bright blue eyes as he leans closer to you looking at your lips then back up to your eyes. Just when your lips were about to touch you’re phone rings loudly making both of you jump back. 

“God dammit,” Luke says quietly looking away taking both of his hands down his face. You look down and your eyes go wide and Luke whispers into his hands, “Who is it?”

He looks over at you when he doesn’t get an answer, “Y/N?”

You jump him snapping you out of your trance, “It’s umm Josh,” you read the message that says “Where the hell are you?!”. You sigh and reply “No where you need to worry about”. 

Luke looks frustrated, “What did he want?” he says with little attitude in his voice. You bite your lip holding back tears slightly afraid of what Josh was going to do or say when you saw him again, “He w-was just w-wondering where I was.”

He narrows his eyes at you, “What can you not hang out with people anymore?” 

You don’t answer Luke and your phone rings again, and Luke leans over seeing what he texted next “Bitch! You better get your ass home NOW, and if your with that asshole Luke you’re going to wish you never left.”

You gasp and quickly snap your head up and you see Luke’s face almost turn red in hate. He quickly stands up and starts to walk out, but you quickly get up and grab his hand, “Wait! Luke please!”

He turns to you, “How can you let him talk to you like that?!”

Tears start to run down you face, “I don’t know I-I,” you can’t get the words out and Luke takes a step closer to you, “You what?! Because I’m tired of it. I’m tired of him! I’m tired of not seeing you! I’m tired of seeing you hurt! It kills me Y/N! It kills me inside seeing you like this! Why do you let this happen?”

You blow up, “I’M SCARED OK?!” Luke’s eyes soften, but holds his ground not saying anything just staring at you, “I’m scared Luke,” you say sounding broken. Luke walks up to you closing the space between you both, “Y/N I-I’m sorry…I just care about you way too much,” he cups both of your cheeks, but your bruises make you wince. Luke looks at you confused, “Why did you jump?”

You stay quiet as Luke was wiping away your tears that has been washing away your make-up, and he finally sees glimpses of your bruises, “Have a seat and i’ll be right back,” he heads into the bathroom and brings out some wipes and sits next to you on the couch facing you. He looks upset but more sad then before. He takes one of the wipes and you reach for it, “I can d-,” he cuts you off, “No I got it,” he gently starts by your forehead wiping off your make-up, “Let me take care of you.”

You nod slightly, “Thank you,” you whisper as you close your eyes as he wipes gently on your eyes, “Don’t thank me sweetheart.”

When he’s finished you open your eyes and he has a few tears swimming in his, “Y/N I…” you sigh and he gently runs his fingers on your jaw then under your eye and you wince, “He did this to you?”

You can’t look him in eye, but you nod. You see him making fist with his hands, “I can’t believe I…I wanna…I’m so stupid.”

You cup both of his cheeks and he looks up at you, “You are not stupid, you are anything but stupid,” he closes his eyes, “I wanna kill him for what he did, what he’s been doing. I should have been there for you.”

Luke opens his eyes scorching blue and you gently caress his cheeks, “You were there. Every time I needed someone to talk to, and when I got to leave I came to you. You’ve helped me more then you know,” your hands slid from his cheeks to his neck. You leaned forward and Luke perked up, but you kissed his cheek letting your lips linger, “You’re my best friend. My protector.”

He lean back and he tries to give you a small smile but fails almost looking disappointed, “I’ll always be there.”

Luke stands up, “Come on sweetheart lets go to bed,” he holds out his hand and you take it and he leads you to his room. He collapses to his stomach laying his head on his arms and you lay down facing him and gently kiss his arm, “Goodnight Luke,” he smiles, “Goodnight Y/N.”

You roll over facing away from him, but it doesn’t feel right. You want to be close with him, you want him to kiss you, and you wanted him to tell you it would all be ok. 

You roll over and he’s still on his stomach, so you lift the arm closest to you and put your head underneath it. His eyes flutter open and you look into his eyes, “I’m sorry but I just wanted to be close to you. Is that ok?”

He smiles slightly, “Of course it is love,” he runs his fingers through your hair and you gently press your forehead against his. 

Luke runs his nose along yours and you both finally close the gap and press your lips against each others. You’re fingers find his hair and his down your back pulling you close where there is no gap between your bodies. 

Running out of breath you and Luke separate your lips. You’re foreheads meet again, and Luke rubs gentle circles on your back. You sigh and Luke pecks your lips again, “Will you run your fingers though my hair again? It felt amazing,” you smirk and kiss his lips again, “Anything for you,” you run your fingers through the little hairs on his hair line gently tugging them, “As long as you don’t stop rubbing my back. Oh and please don’t leave me again.”

Luke smiles closing his eyes, “Deal.”

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The Call

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, other cast members
Words: 1080
Requested by Anonymous: Can you do a hurt Jensen? He gets hurt on set or something and the reader gets called by Jared? :) 

         You were sitting in the living room watching TV when you phone rang. You looked at the caller ID expecting it to be your boyfriend Jensen calling you from the set of Supernatural. Instead, you saw Jared’s number. It wasn’t unusual for Jared to call you; he was your best friend. But it did make you curious.

           “Hey, Jare,” you answered.

           “Y/N,” his voice was nowhere near as positive and energetic it was when he normally called you.

           “What’s wrong, Jared?” you asked, trying not to panic.

           “Umm … Jensen,” he said, “He was doing a scene in the Impala. It … we don’t know what happened. It was like the brakes didn’t work or something. He hit a tree, Y/N. I’m so sorry.”

           “I’m on my way to the hospital,” you said, “Is he … is he awake?”

           “He was out when the paramedics got to him. I don’t know if he woke up in the ambulance or not,” he said, “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

           “I’ll see you at the hospital.”

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Sammy Wilk Smut

can i get an imagine where y/n is going out with gilinsky but hes been spending too much time with madison so y/n has sex with sam

I felt the music vibrate through my body. I grabbed a full shot glass sitting in front of me and took it down. “I’ll be right back!” My best friend yelled over the noise around us. “Okay, I’ll be here!” I yelled back. I took another shot and turned around to watch the people dancing, but instead all I saw was a pretty girl pressing her body tightly against my boyfriend Jack. I turned to run away and pretend I hadn’t seen them together but as I was turning I ran into Sam. “Are you okay, Y/N? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Sam asked, concern laced his voice. “Yeah I’m fine, lets dance,” I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him with me. When we were with all of the other dancing people I started swaying my hips to the music. I turned around and started grinding on Sam. He tensed at first but relaxed after a few seconds. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my hips. When the song ended and a new one began I turned around to face Sam, his hands still on my waist. I looked over at where Jack and the girl had been but they had disappeared. I looked up at Sam who hadn’t taken his eyes off me. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down, placing my lips onto his. He pulled my body close to his and I ran my hands up and down his back. “Y/N, what are you doing? You have a boyfriend,” Sam said as we pulled away. “Really? Maybe you should tell <i>him</i> that because he left with some other girl,” I told him. “He’s still one of my best friends.” “If you don’t want to, then I’ll just go find Nate or Johnson.” “Hell no, baby girl, if you’re going to do this, it’s going to be with me.” Sam leaned over and kissed me again. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I ran my fingers through his hair. “Let’s go find a bedroom,” I whispered in his ear. When we found a bedroom he locked the door and practically pushed me onto the bed. He hovered over me and started kissing me once again except this time he moved to my neck. He moved his hand up my shirt and left it there. I reached down and started stroking him through his jeans, causing him to moan against my neck. “Sam, trade me places.” He did as he was told and laid on his back on the bed. I stood in front of him and started slowly stripping for him before getting onto my knees. I undid his belt and jeans and he helped me pull them off along with his boxers. “Y/N, are you sure about this?” He said. Instead of answering I took his erection into my mouth. I hollowed my cheeks and started bobbing my head. Sam put his hands in my hair, not pushing my head down, just hold my hair out of my face. I went down as far as I could and Sam groaned. “Shit, Y/N, fuck you’re so good at this.” I moaned around his cock which just made his groan even more. I pulled my mouth away from him and got back onto the bed. I straddled his hips. He lined his erection up with my entrance before I sunk down slowly onto him. “Oh my god Sam,” I moaned. We moved our hips in unison, meeting each other halfway. “Sam! Oh fuck!” I yelled as I felt my orgasm building inside me. With one hard thrust into me I went spiraling over the edge. “Damn baby,” Sam groaned and he rolled us over. He moved his head between my thighs and I felt his hot breath over my heat. He flattened his tongue onto me and I pulled his hair. He flicked his tongue against me and I moaned uncontrollably. “Sammy, oh my god!” I cried. Right as I felt myself start to go near the edge he stopped. But within seconds he had pushed himself into me, not giving me time to pout. He started slow but gradually got faster as I felt myself starting to build again. As I went over I started yelling what I’m pretty sure was a mix of Sam’s name and profanities. Sam pulled out of me and and I moved so he in my mouth once again. I took all of him into my mouth and this triggered his climax. I swallowed almost immediately and we fell onto the bed. “I’m a horrible person,” I said as I realized how badly I had just fucked everything up. Any chance I had to fix my relationship with Jack was shattered. “You’re not a horrible person. Jack probably did the same thing with that other girl. And you don’t need someone who doesn’t treat you like the queen you are,” Sam said. “Sam, you’re drunk,” I laughed at his speech, although I knew he was right, drunk or not.

Part 2? Message me if you think I should write a part 2 or any other requests

I think cal would say it really absentmindedly like it wasn’t on purpose or instinct but like, it probably didn’t come out the way he actually meant it so like imagine you were at his place (which wasnt far from yours) and you were excited to go over to chill out before going home from your shopping trip with your best friend and you wanted to show him some of the clothes that you just bought because you think he’d like it sooooo he’d be lying on his bed with one arm behind his head and scrolling through twitter/instagram and you’d put on this dress in front of the full length mirror by his bed and turned to him with a grin, hopeful for a compliment from your boyfriend but instead he said something like, “hmm its nice i guess… But it makes you look kinda… Idk… Fat?” 

Your face immediately dropped in disappointment, hurt and sort of annoyed at his “poor choice of words” and he obviously quickly caught on with your expression and said “nooo wait thats not what i meant”, and you looked away, your eyes started to well up. He knew how insecure you are about things like that and yet, he said it. You were so hurt that you started packing your things, ready to leave while cal chased asking you to stop and saying his sorrys but when you arrived home in floods of tears and walked straight to the couch past your confused brother luke when he opened the front door, cal looked at him with complete guilt as he stepped in. 

“Um what happened?” Luke asked. And you told him between sobs that cal called you fat knowing very well you were insecure about it while cal tried to argue that he didn’t mean it but Luke was already glaring at him with furious eyes, coming over to wipe the tears off your face and pull you into his arms for a tight hug. 

“What the fuck man??? Fuck you calum, what kind of a boyfriend are you? You don’t just tell your girlfriend things like this, especially knowing that it would hurt her. Seriously??” While Luke was angry and irritated, he tried to comfort you and assure you, and Cal just kept silent, sitting across you with his elbows on his knees looking at you intently and really guilty while muttering his sincere I’m sorrys. 

i honestly think its adorable and very sweet how close connor and tyde seem to be, like it seems like the whole family really like connor but tyde just seem like another one of connors really close friends at this point. idk i just feel like tyde probably looks up to troye so much like ‘wow my big brother is so cool’ because troyes doing all the same things he wants to do and now troyes bought connor in and is spending all his time with connor and tydes probably now thinking ‘wow omg connor is so cool, look how cool connor is, isn’t he awesome’ about connor because connor and troye actually let tyde go with them to like the beach and shopping, anywhere really. also it could have been completely different, connor could have been type of person whose like 'omg i dont want my best friend/boyfriends (whatever they are) little brother going with us to places’ and caused tyde to be really resentful of him instead but connors not like that, we all know that, and he genuinely really seems to like tyde as a close friend rather than 'troyes little brother’. ugh i just think its so freaking great.

so I was riding along in my mother’s car, heading to the dentist, when something dawned on me.

Ok so Maya Hart is clearly not straight, right?

And she’s clearly in love with Riley Matthews, right?

Well what if instead of having Rilaya happen, the writers give Maya a female love interest

Like yes, that’s great and all and I’m glad we’ve got representation but I do not want some random chick stealing Riley’s girl

Like if you look at it, the gay has been a little one sided…I mean the things Riley says are just a little more platonic than the things Maya says
And it would make sense to have the lead girl and her boyfriend and her gay best friend and her girlfriend…

But no. It’s Rilaya for the win.
And if Maya is anything other than straight (lol she clearly is) then the first person who she should decide to be with is Riley!!

Also, side note: who grabbed the others face twice? Riley. Who held the others chin romantically twice? Riley. Who said that she loves the other multiple times? Riley.
So just cause Riley’s gay feels are a little more game than Maya’s, does not mean she isn’t a straight up homosexual as well!

{ok but if Maya does have a gf who isn’t Riley can you imagine how jealous Riley would be lol omg she would be sooo angry that some random chick is stealing her best friend. Like Karma with Amy and Sabrina}

today on the way home from Age Of Ultron:

boyfriend: Hawkeye sure was in the movie a lot. Did you guys expect that?
friend: Well, he’s the only Avenger without his own movie.
me: um, Black Widow?
boyfriend: Oh yeah- I wonder why not?
me: And yet… Ant-Man.
friend: Ant-Man looks good.
me: I’d rather have a Black Widow movie instead of Ant-Man.
friend: It’s supposed to be really funny.
me: I’d rather have a million Black Widow movies instead of Ant-Man.
friend: Joss Whedon said Ant-Man was the best superhero movie yet.
me: *stares into the camera like in The Office*