they look like a married couple here

Why Lapis and Peridot fighting in “The New Crystal Gems” was not a bad thing

Up until The New Crystal Gems, Peridot and Lapis had been shown to be sharing their lives in perfect harmony.  They seemed very much like the “perfect” couple – always happy and relaxed around each other, and just enjoying one another’s presence.

However, there’s no such thing as the perfect relationship. Couples do fight and they do bicker, often over the silliest of things.  The expression “bickering like an old married couple” exists for a reason, after all.  And it seems that the Crew are very much aiming for the “married couple” vibe with Lapis and Peridot.

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This started in Beta.  A lot of people commented that Peridot and Lapis were “basically married” in this episode – because of how happy, supportive, and ultimately domestic they’ve become.

Although this appears to fall apart somewhat in The New Crystal Gems, it’s very important to bear a couple of things in mind.

Firstly, look how light Lapis’ touch in particular is here.  They’re just gently pushing and shoving each other around, not really wanting to hurt each other.  They were both using their elemental powers at the time, and could have turned these on each other if they actually wanted to deal some damage.  But they didn’t.  They were ultimately vying for an audience and trying to steal the limelight from one another, but neither of them was annoyed enough to actually want to hurt the other – and that’s a very good thing indeed, because it shows that they still care about each other.  And that this disagreement was quite trivial in nature.

It’s also worth noting that when Peridot is dangling off of Lapis’ arm, Lapis seems quite unfazed by this. Previously, she’s been extremely quick to withdraw physical contact from people when she’s angry with them (most notably Jasper in both The Return and Alone At Sea), but that’s not the case here.  This suggests to me that she’s so comfortable with Peridot that she’s absolutely fine with her physical contact, even in the middle of a fight with her.

When they have their verbal fight afterwards, it quickly descends into name-calling and general pettiness, which is often the way when couples have an argument.  Peridot even say’s “I’m leaving” – which sounds very much like the sort of thing that would be said by a disgruntled person who’s about to storm out from their lover in the heat of an argument.

Marriages (and long term, serious relationships in general) aren’t all happy and lovely 100% of the time. In fact, you don’t even need to look beyond Steven Universe itself to see this.

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In Keystone Motel, one of our canon couples, Ruby and Sapphire, had a huge disagreement over Pearl’s behaviour in the previous episode.  This argument was so extreme that it forced their inseparable fusion to fall apart. It took the entirety of the episode for them to finally come back together again.  But they did come back together again – they realised that their behaviour was wrong, and they shared a loving moment together before re-fusing into Garnet again.

And that, ultimately, is the single most important thing to bear in mind.

Peridot and Lapis’ fight ended with them both looking very guilty indeed, after Connie managed to talk some sense into them both. 

Then, by the end of the episode, everything was back to normal – they’d made a collaborative “meep morp” for Greg (the new car wash sign) and were perfectly happy again, even pausing to do a “victory pose” upon Peridot’s insistence.

The fact that Peridot and Lapis have had their first ever “lover’s tiff” means that their relationship is being built in a meaningful, and ultimately realistic, way - which is excellent to see.

hamilton songs as things my family/friend group has said on our New Zealand trip (act 1)
  • alexander Hamilton: it's me, that bitch from that island
  • aaron burr: who are you and who are me and who are they
  • my shot: the gangs all here hahaha! [whispers] i don't think I'll survive this.
  • the story of tonight: when I'm gone... remember me [falls into the kiddie pool dramatically]
  • the Schuyler sisters: my life compromises of shitty flirting and people forgetting I exist
  • farmer refuted: if we fight like an old married couple then you... you look like a... a-a... a dog!
  • you'll be back: I miss you but I'll never admit that to any one but this chip I'm about to eat
  • right hand man: I'm not that cool and can't handle any big responsibilities why are you giving me this egg
  • a winters ball: how do you wink
  • helpless: i FUCKING do
  • satisfied: well there goes another unfortunately attractive missed opportunity
  • the story of tonight(reprise): I'm not drunk you are
  • wait for it: the drying machine has been drying my clothes for three hours but I'm too scared to open it in case my clothes haven't dried yet.
  • stay alive: I may be on the verge of death but I'm still a raging homosexual
  • ten duel commandments: this bitch bout to be SHOT
  • meet me inside: ive got 100 problems and daddy issues are 89.78% of them
  • that would be enough: I fucking hate you why won't you love me
  • guns and ships: the freNCH FRY IS ZOOM ZOOMING
  • history has its eyes on you: when I was your age...
  • yorktown(the world turned upside down): violin more like vioLIT
  • what comes next: this bitch really thinks that she can just leave hold my hoops girls. [ten seconds later] WAIT I don't care never mind.
  • dear theodosia: look at this tiny human IVE CREATED IT LOOK AT IT!
  • non-stop: all I do is work baby [eating chips on a couch watching food network]

Just putting this out there

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In Stiles’ version of what happened we see him rescuing an in distress Derek Hale who is leaning most his weight on Stiles, depending on him for rescue. There is a moment where Derek clearly grasps of the front of Stiles’ uniform in order to keep himself upright. Stiles is looking fiercely determined and protective.

But in Derek’s version he’s the one who carried Stiles away from Danger. Now here’s what i find interesting. Even as Derek’s eyes roll at Stiles’ dramatics, he’s carrying Stiles away in. A. Bridal. Carry. Not a fireman’s carry for injured folk, or offering his shoulder for a one legged retreat. He’s chosen to carry Stiles in a manner that would otherwise be construed as romantic.

So yeah, the boys are harping at each other sure. But literally like an old married couple. Lol.

BTS Reaction: Them finding out that they’re your first boyfriend even though you were very popular in HS and got proposed many times(request)

Hi everyone! I’m Admin Cloud and I’m a new admin to Nothing-but-kpop-dreams. I’m sorry that this took so long to write this is also my very first reaction. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon - You were at home cleaning up your closet and Namjoon decided to come over to help. Your room was a complete mess when he came over. There were clothes everywhere and it took you a bit of time to answer the door.

“Took you long enough” He chuckled walking into your small apartment.

“Sorry.” You apologize.

Leading him into your room, he laughs out loud at how messy your room was. Although it may sound embarrassing, it didn’t bother you at all since you’ve already seen how messy his room can get. Rolling your eyes, you go back into your closet taking out more clothes that either didn’t fit you or didn’t suit your liking. Looking up, you see one last box at the top of your closet. Curiously, you tippy toe up and reach for it, you hands barely grazing the side of the box. You jump up a little and still couldn’t reach it. You turn around lips pursed together as you look at Namjoon with pleading eyes. He laughs before walking over and grabbing the box for you.

“Geez, What’s in here? Rocks?” He asks as he sets the heavy box on the floor.

“Hmm, let’s find out” You reply, sitting down on the floor and opening the big box.

Your eyes widen as you realize that it’s a box full of your old high school things. Namjoon sits down next to you grabbing your senior yearbook.

“Oh wow I haven’t looked at this in so long” You thought out loud, as Namjoon flips through the pages.

You recall memories you had in high school to Namjoon, mostly about old friends and teachers. Suddenly he turns to the sports and clubs section of the yearbook and notices you in almost all the clubs and sports.

“Wow. Cheer captain?” He marveled.


“I’m guessing you were really popular back then. How many guys did you date?” he asks curiously.

“None.” you smile.

“Wait. How many exes have you had?”


“So–I’m your first boyfriend?”

“Yes. Namjoon. You are my first boyfriend”

He chuckles to himself as he wraps an arm around you and kisses you on the cheek.

“So looks like the nerdy guy gets the beautiful cheerleader in the end”

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Jin / Kim Seokjin - You are a famous idol part of a rising girl group from a small company almost unheard of. After the release of your debut song, your group gained so many new fans that you felt the need to do a vlive to interact with your fans. A few months before, as trainees, your group got the chance to meet BTS. Giving you guys encouraging advice on your upcoming debut, at the time, you’ve gotten close with Jin. The connection you two had, was indescribable. Soon after, you and Jin started a relationship, that only grew stronger as the days turn into months. When he publicly announced your relationship, the backlash was almost unbearable, making your company second guess the group’s debut date. Luckily another scandal bigger than your relationship with Jin sprouted making everyone turn away from your relationship to focus on other news. When your group debuted the song, it was almost as if all the hate turned into love, as your groups follower count gained more and more.

So here you are sitting in front of your iPhone camera, and answering questions being sent in from your fans.

“Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me today while I eat my dinner” You say into the camera, pulling out a bowl of jajangmyeon.

Putting some of the noodles into your mouth, you keep an eye on the live comments as people commented on how cute you looked. You smiled with cheeks filled.

“I’ll be answering questions now, so send in your questions!” You announce as you stuff your mouth with more noodles. Reading some of the comments, you notice a bunch of “Will you marry me’s” and “I love you’s”.

Smiling, you put up a heart, “I love you too!” you say.

Going through as many questions as you can do, one comment sticks out to you.

“Is Jin the most handsome boyfriend you’ve ever had?”

You smile widely, blushing at the thought of your boyfriend.

“Of course he’s the most handsome boyfriend I’ve ever had, because he’s the only one I’ve ever had”

The comment section over-flooded with cute reactions. Mostly fans fangirling about your relationship. Suddenly, Seoyeon (One of your group members) rushes into your room hold up her phone to your face.

“Yah! Y/n, Sunbaenim’s on the phone!” She exclaims handing you her phone.

Taking the phone from her, you put the phone on speaker, getting closer to the camera.

“Yah! Jagi, Of course I’d be your first boyfriend! You were waiting for someone as handsome as me to claim as your first.”

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Suga / Min Yoongi - Late nights with Yoongi was a typical thing for the both of you. You thought instead of parting Yoongi away from his music, maybe you should just join him at the studio. After the first couple of nights, it became a routine, for you to go to Yoongi’s studio right after work. One night after work you picked up some coffee for the both of you and immediately went straight to the studio. Walking into the room, Yoongi spins around on his chair facing you.

“Were you expecting coffee? Cuz I originally wanted to surprise you with this.” You laugh lifting up the cardboard tray.

“No,” he started “I just needed you”

Smiling, you place the coffee on the side table and walk over to Yoongi giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I need your help with something” Yoongi said with a soft smile.

“What do you need help with?” You ask curiously.

“I’m stuck with this one song I’m working on. It’s about a break up, and I feel like there isn’t enough emotion in it.”


“When you and your ex broke up, how did it feel? Did you feel any kind of hurt? Was the hurt painful?” He asked

“Oh,” you say shyly “Uhm, I’ve never had a break up”

“I should’ve expected that you were the heart breaker” He sighs chuckling.

You start to blush at his assumption.

“No… uhm I’ve never been through a break up,” you stated “ever.”

Yoongi’s eyes widen in shock.

“So that means?”

“You’re my first boyfriend.” You smile shyly, as you pull on the sleeves of your hoodie

“Wha– How? You’re one of he most beautiful girl’s I’ve ever met. Other guys must’ve fawned over you”

“Well…Maybe I didn’t like the other guys”

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J-Hope / Jung Hoseok - It was one of those days where you and Hobi would stay at home and do absolutely nothing. You and Hoseok were sitting on the couch watching TV when your phone started to ring. You get up from Hoseok’s side and walk over to the counter to reach your phone. Looking at the number, you tilt your head to the side, not knowing who it was. Answering the facetime call, you see your old friend Doyoon pop up on the screen. You scream in excitement, frightening Hoseok in the process.

“Doyoon! It’s been forever!!” You exclaim

“I missed you too Y/n” he replies smiling at you.

After hearing a deep voice reply, Hoseok rushes over to your side curious to see who you were talking to. Engulfed in your conversation, you didn’t notice Hobi walking toward you, until he wraps his arms around your waist.

“Oh! Hobi, This is my old friend Doyoon” You say showing Hoseok the screen.

“Is this your boyfriend?” He asks

You nod, smiling.

“Y/n and I have been friends since we were in high school. You should’ve seen how the guys worshiped her, she got asked out left and right,” he laughed “Even I asked her out!”

You feel Hoseok tighten behind you.

“But she always rejected everyone! You’re a lucky man” He laughed

You smile as he loosens up. Hoseok lets go of your waist and goes to the kitchen to grab something to drink. You and Doyoon continue to talk, as Hoseok listens quietly.

“You’re modeling now! I saw your photos in a magazine not too long ago!”

“Yeah I’m living the dream! Anyways I have to go, my manager’s calling. I’ll talk to you soon boo-boo”

As you end the call, you see Hoseok leaning against the counter looking down at his drink. You walk around and stand behind Hobi, wrapping your arms around him.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, leaning your head against his back.

“I don’t understand why you picked me for your first boyfriend” He sighs

“Why would you say something like that?” You questioned, frowning as you let go to face him.

“Your friend. He’s a model.”

“Hoseok, I couldn’t date him even if I wanted to. Besides I don’t want to be with him, I want to be with you”

“Y/n  you are so beautiful, it’s a miracle that you actually said yes to me. Why wouldn’t you want to be with someone who’s as good looking as you are, like Doyoon?”

You roll your eyes.

“Because he’s gay.”

Hoseok’s cheeks burn red as walks over and hugs you burying his face in your shoulder as he laughs in embarrassment.

“I love you too Hobi” You laugh.

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Park Jimin - After visiting your home town, You and Jimin were on the train heading back to Seoul. While you were there, Jimin learned more about your childhood and where you grew up. The second you stepped off the train, you bumped into many of your old classmates, who revealed to Jimin your soaring popularity in high school. Upon hearing this, Jimin was shocked to find out that he was your first boyfriend and questioned how lucky he was to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you. Here you both were sitting side by side on the train back home enjoying the last few hours you had together before going back to the busy city and back to the busy schedules of reality.

Suddenly a random man probably a couple of years younger than you appears by your side, smiling widely. You shift uncomfortably in your seat.

“uh…” You say awkwardly

The guy gasps. You notice his ears starting to get redder and redder by the second.

“You look just like a fairyyy,” he started “Will you marry me?”

Your eyes widen in embarrassment.

“Oh…Uhm I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are” You say in the most polite way you can.

“Oh gosh. You actually said something to me”

Almost immediately, someone you assumed was his friend, pulls him away apologizing as they walk in the other direction. You quickly turn to Jimin. Your face heated.

“Did that just happen?” You ask confused.

“Trust me, I can’t believe you’re talking to me either” he laughs.

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V / Kim Taehyung - It was midnight. You and Tae have yet to fall asleep so here you both were sitting cross legged in front of each other on your bed. You two started off talking about your day at work, but soon after that you talked about almost everything. As soon as you started a new topic about politics, Taehyung groaned falling over to his side and laying on your bed. He takes one of your pillows and props his arm on it, leaning his head on his hand.

“I don’t wanna talk about politics, that’s what old people talk about.” He whined

He sits up again, scooting even closer to you.

“Let’s play 21 questions” he suggests.

“Tae,” You laugh “You already know everything about me”

“Not everything!”

“Fine” You sigh in defeat. “You first”

“Hmm,” He chirped “If you could have any name besides your own what would it be?”

“Uhm…maybe (whatever name you like) because I like the way it sounds” You replied

He smiles, nodding his head.

“Your turn” he says.

“What is something you want to improve on?”

“I want to improve on my drawing” He smiles.

You’ve seen some of his drawings and it always impresses you. How talented this man is, you never understood.

“How many boyfriends have you had?”

“One.” You reply casually.

“I know you were popular in high school! How can you have had only one boyfriend?”

Your cheeks burned a rose color, as you played with your hair.

“I didn’t date anyone in high school”

Taehyung’s eyes widened.


“You’re my first one” you say hiding your face.

“Jagiyaaaaa” He says hugging you tightly, kissing the top of your head. “Why didn’t you tell me??”

“You didn’t ask” You laugh.

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Jeon Jungkook - It was a nice day out. You and Jungkook decided to go out on a walk around the nearby park. Enjoying each other’s company, you two walked in silence. Hand in hand, you lean your head on his shoulder when you hear someone calling your name.


Looking up you see a girl around the same age as you running up to you two. You smile politely at her, not knowing who she is. Jungkook looks at you confusingly as you shrug at him, confused as well.

“Y/N!,” The girl exclaims “Hi! It’s been so long”

“Hi” You reply politely with a hint of awkward.

“It’s me! Jihyun, we were both on the cheerleading team in high school”

Your eyes widen as you remember Jihyun, she was one of the cheerleaders you were acquaintances with in high school.

“Jihyun! You look gorgeous! How have you been?” you say.

“I’ve been good!” she smiles, and glances over to Jungkook. Her eyes widen.

“Is this your boyfriend?”

You smile widely at Jungkook, as he pulls you to his side.

“Yes,” you giggle “He is.”

“Oh my gosh! I wish you were in the same high school as y/n and I,” Jihyun starts “She was soooo popular. Almost all the boys asked her out. She even got proposed to”

You feel Jungkook shift uncomfortably next to you.

“How did you get y/n to say yes?” She asked

“Huh?” Jungkook asked confused.

“Yeah! y/n would reject guys left and right.,” she beamed “She even rejected the most popular guy in school”

You look down, shyly as you feel the heat rushing up to your cheeks. Jihyun’s phone buzzes. She looks down at her phone and her eyes widen.

“Oh, It looks like I gotta go,” she apologizes “I hope we could meet up again y/n it was nice running into you.”

Jihyun walks the other way, waving as she left. Suddenly you turn to Jungkook with blushed cheeks. He looks at you adoringly, as his smile grows wider.

“Why didn’t you tell me that I’m your first boyfriend?” He asks.

“You never asked.” You reply laughing.

“So I guess that I’m better than the most popular guy at school”

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-Admin Cloud

Who is Xiumin?

♡ Kim Minseok

♡ “Baozi”

♡ “Umin”

♡ Mom-friend who has better grades than a scientist

♡ He is really smart 

♡ Lots of knowledge

♡ He was going for his PhD when i can’t even pass my class

♡ He can do anything by working hard

♡ Coffee maniac

♡ The fact that his coffee tastes like heaven is the proof

I’m pretty sure he had coffee dates with chen

♡ Is the cutest

♡ Can kill you with his aegyo

♡ “Wolf aegyo version” by kim baozi

♡ seriously he’s so cute

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♡ He’s also the oldest

♡ *chokes*

♡ A 4-year-old trapped inside a 27-year-old’s body

♡ Went to a shinee concert with suho-also the oldest- and screamed while he was fanboying

♡ Needs to be protected 

♡ At all costs

♡ Wants to see little mermaid

♡ But is more beautiful than little mermaid

♡ He’s magnificent

♡ His eyes are important

♡ Only group member who doesn’t have double eyelid surgery

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♡ He is truly handsome

♡ His photo shoots are art

♡ He was in top 15 when they listed most handsome korean idols

They all deserve to be n1

♡ Looks more like gd than gd

♡ jk jk

♡ He has his own unique colour

♡ Unfortunately,isn’t appreciated enough

♡ The “lost maknae”

♡ The “old maknae”

♡ He has the potential and the talent to be the maknae

All of them do tho

♡ But age matters only in korea

♡ He looks like a korean god

♡ Is a korean god indeed

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♡ He’s smol in the group

♡ The “170cm line”

♡ Chen+xiumin+kyungsoo

♡ When they made fun of kyungsoo’s height he laughed his ass off

♡ Is married to chen after his first love luhan left him

♡ Luhan gets turned on and would buy anything if xiumin calls him “Lu-ge”

♡ Xiuhan was precious however

♡ Xiuchen is adorable

♡ Chen is like”his wife”

But we all know who’s the wife here

♡ Happy married couple

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♡ I seriously love their relationship

♡ They had a car date where Xiumin was driving

It was the biggest proof

♡ They also take part together in mvs most of the time

♡ —–>love me right

♡ Pls protect this couple at all costs

♡ “Kim bros”

♡ Suho+chen+xiumin+kai+lost brother sehun

♡ Is in a sub-unit along with chen and baekhyun

♡ Xiu pretends like he hates the beagle line

♡ but actually is a secret member of the beagle line

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♡ Has a love-hate relationship with baekhyun

♡ Will actually beat his ass

♡ also loves him a lot

their relationship is complicated

♡ The secret couple who fights all the time

♡ but actually love each other

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♡ A wise man once said “ do re mi fa sol la xiu min”

♡ Xiumin can dance really well  but

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♡ U know what I mean

Don’t take drugs or hang out too much with baek

♡ He has the best voice ever

♡ calming and soothing

♡ Amazing smile

♡ Makes my heart flutter

♡ He looks good in any hair colour

♡ Dyed his hair blonde,green,pink,black,brunette and many more colours

♡ And was rocking each colour

♡ Was a cute baby

he is still our baby

♡ As well as being cute as fuck

♡ there’s a person called xiudaddy

♡ He is h0t

Everyone is a xiudaddy enthusiast indeed 

♡ His wink can kill anybody

He’s literally on fire

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♡ He is either cute giggly aegyo king umin or fucking xiudaddy 

♡ There’s no in between

♡ He has abs of steel

♡ and face of a baby

♡ was criticised about his weight a lot when they debuted

I hate fucking haters

♡ So he lost weight

♡ We all miss our chubby xiumin

♡ Thank god Lay said

♡ “Weight isn’t a matter if you love someone”

♡ Is great with kids’

♡ Went to see his wife’s Chen’s look-a-like Da Eul and had fun with Eul’s sister

♡ Has a collab with AoA’s Jimin called “call me bae”

♡ Needs more collabs

♡ Was actually a quiet member but now he expresses himself more

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♡ He is the perfect cute daddy husband material who needs more appreciation and recognition P R O T E C T  A N D  L O V E  H I M  P LS

Attention Mystic Messenger Fanfic/HC Writers

I see some of you are trying to familiarize yourselves with Korean terms and locations when writing. I think that’s a great thing to do considering where the events of the game take place and the different customs and ways of speaking than we do in America, for example. Let’s say someone requests the RFA+V&Saeran reacting to MC calling them ‘daddy’/‘mommy’. Okay, cool request 👌🏾


If I see this again, so help me God

  • Appa (아빠): It means ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’ WHEN TALKING TO YOUR LEGIT BLOOD OR LEGAL FATHER. It’s what you’d call him when you want to beg him for money to go to the mall
  • Abeoji (아버지): This means ‘father’. In Korean, they have what I’ll just call formal speech to put it simply. You use abeoji when you’re introducing him to some or in other formal situations like at a dinner
  • Umma (엄마): ‘Mom’ or ‘mommy’ WHEN ADDRESSING YOUR ACTUAL MOM. Like appa, you use this when you’re at home or around other family members. It’s casual
  • Eomeoni (어머니): It means ‘mother’. Just like ‘abeoji’, it’s typically used in formal situations
  • Oppa (오빠): Females use this when talking to their older brothers, older male cousins, male friends they’re close to, and their boyfriends. It’s not exactly a sexual term in relationships but I have seen that it kinda can be when the girl doesn’t typically call her boyfriend this in their relationship. This cannot be used in gay male relationships
  • Eunnie (언니): Also spelled ‘unnie’. It kinda means older sister. Kinda. Females use this when talking to their older sister, older female cousins, and female friends they are close to. This is the term that would be used in gay female relationships as well
  • Hyung (형): Males use this when talking to their older brother, older male cousins, and male friends they are close to. Imagine how surprised I was when I first played MysMe last year and didn’t hear Zen call Jumin ‘hyung’. Zen is actually super disrespectful to him lmao They’re not close, but Zen should still do it to remain respectful. I mean, Yoosung even calls V hyung. Anyway, this term would be used in gay male relationships and not ‘oppa’
  • Noona (누나): 누나 너무 예뻐 🎶 Males would use this when talking to their older sister, older female cousins, female friends and their girlfriend if she is older. Females will never use this when addressing an older female
  • Jagiya (자가야): Also shortened to ‘jagi’. This technically means ‘oneself’. Super affectionate term that means ‘baby’, ‘sweetie’, ‘sweetheart,’ and so on
  • Yeobo (여보): This is typically used between married couples. It means ‘look here’. In a lot of Korean songs or K-Dramas, you’ll hear ‘Look at only me’ or ‘나만 바라봐’ (naman barabwa). This kinda means that. It means something more like ‘honey’. Fun fact: yeobo is also in ‘yeoboseyo’ (여보세요) which is what you say when you answer the phone in Korean. The Mystic Messenger darlings say this all the time so I’m sure you’re familiar with it

And that has been your little Korean lesson~

No Regrets

An Adrienette one-shot

“Girl, why are you in such a rush?” Alya asked, watching her best friend gather her things in a hurry.

“I forgot about something!” Marinette fretted, dropping her bag in the process. Which caused all the things she’d gathered to spill out.  “Shoot,” she muttered under her breath, “I’m such a klutz!”

“Whoa, girl, relax.  What could you have forgotten about that can cause this much panic?  I haven’t seen you this scatter-brained since high school!” Alya astonished, joining Marinette on the ground to help her clean up.

Marinette sighed, putting the final piece in her bag again and looked at Alya.  They were both knelt down on the floor and Marinette blew a piece of hair from her face.  “I—Well… I’m meeting Adrien.”

Alya gave her a deadpanned look.  “With whom you’re married to… what’s the big deal about meeting with your husband?” she asked.

“It’s not the meeting with him part, it’s just—ya know.  We’re looking for a house… and… I dunno,” Marinette dug through her bag for her keys, mumbling something about needing a brighter keychain.  

Alya looked at the table they had been sitting at to see her friend’s keys lying there.  She picked them up and jingled them in front of Marinette’s distracted face.  “Here,” she said, hearing Marinette utter out a “Thank you.”  Alya crossed her arms and stared curiously at her friend.  “What’s the big deal?  You’re looking for a house.  Something every married couple does… Haven’t you dreamed about this for like, your whole life, or something?” Alya asked.

Marinette shrugged and looked away from her friend, “Well, I mean, yeah.  But, like, it’s still a little soon, isn’t it?”

Alya furrowed her brows, “You’ve been married for 3 months.  So no, it’s not ‘too soon.’  Getting a house is good.  You’ve been crashing in his mouse-sized apartment, which, if I do recall, doesn’t allow for a roommate.”

Marinette bit her fingers, “Yeah, we’ve been ignoring the calls about that…”

“What’s the real issue here?” Alya asked, reaching out for Marinette’s shoulder, “Are you alright?”

Marinette slid from her grasp, looking worriedly at her phone.  “Y-you’re probably right!  I’m just crazy.  This is Adrien,” she said as she lifted her phone, “Gotta take it!”

Alya watched her friend go with a wild expression, “Oh…kay… see ya later, then?”

Marinette pushed the coffee shop door open with her shoulder, holding her phone in one hand and her drink in the other.  “Hey, hon,” she said, “Yeah, I’m on my way.  No, I didn’t forget, I’m just running a bit late.  Yeah, bad traffic.  Uh huh.  Okay.  Yup, see you in a few.  I love you too.  Bye.”  She hung up and stuffed her phone in her purse, grabbing her keys and hopping into her car.  

“Alya’s right,” she told herself, “This is good.”


“Okay, on to house number three!” Adrien said enthusiastically, buckling up his seat-belt.  “That last one was cool, though, huh?  What did you think, Mari?  You were pretty quiet in there…”  He looked over at his wife to see her staring numbly out the window.  “Marinette?”

She blinked and turned to him, looking dazed, “I’m sorry, I was zoned out.  What?” She asked.

Adrien frowned, “I asked if you were okay,” he said, reaching out to touch her forehead.  “Are you sick?  Do you have a fever?  Maybe we should go home…”

“Oh no, I’m not sick,” Marinette brushed him off.  “Tired is all.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Positive,” she smiled at him.

“Alright.  So, what’d you think of the house?” he asked.

“It was okay,” she said.  “It’s expensive, though.”

Adrien shrugged, “Well, money’s not an issue, so don’t pay attention to the price tag, okay?  We’ll get whatever we need and whatever works.”

Marinette looked at her husband with a clumsy smile, “The money you got from your father is suppose to be for retirement, isn’t it?  That was your plan, right?”

Adrien looked at her with a gentle smile before looking back at the road, “Plans can change.”

Anxiety squeezed Marinette’s chest, “You should save it.”

“Mari, don’t worry.  Even if we went all in and bought the whole house now, I’d still have plenty left over.  Besides, I’m gonna put what we don’t spend in a retirement plan.”  He reached out to touch her knee gently, “Your worried, and it isn’t about the money…”

“I’m not worried, it’s just an expensive house—“

“Marinette, what’s wrong?” he came to a stop at a street light.  

“Nothing,” she said, crossing her arms stubbornly.

“Come on, Mari, what’s eating at you?” He pushed.

She nodded towards the windshield of the car, “The light’s green.”

He huffed, “I’m not going until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“Adrien you can’t—there’s people behind us,” she turned around in her seat to see a frustrated wave from the car behind them followed by a honk.  “Adrien, seriously!  Go!”

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.  Normally I wouldn’t push because I don’t need to know sometimes, but this is clearly about us, and that I should know.  So what’s wrong?” He pushed the car into park to prove his point.

“Adrien, we don’t have time—“

“Are you having regrets?” he blurted out, his voice calm.  Marinette knew this voice, but she’d never personally experienced it.  It was his business voice.  The voice he used at professional parties, or conversations with co-workers.  It was his father’s voice.

“…Regrets?” She repeated numbly, looking him in the eye.  The angry honks and yells began to fade out.

He nodded, “Yeah, regrets.  About us,” his eyes and face stoic; he was like a wall.  But Marinette could see clearly behind it.  He was hurt.

“N-no!  No, of course not!  I could never regret this,” she gestured between them.  “It’s just…”


“Will you?” she ask carefully.  Looking away from him.

“Will I what?” He asked, tilting his head.  His once calm voice became lathered in frustrated confusion.  A car swerved around them, giving them a pleasant curse and honk as he passed, followed by more cars.

“Will you regret this?” she asked.  He didn’t respond.  “Maybe not now, and maybe not next year or the year after that, but… maybe in ten years.  When I’m older, and less exciting.  Maybe you’ll look back at it all and realize that it was when you decided to marry me that things started to go wrong.  That, in ten years you’ll regret loving me and how you bought a fancy house and used up your money,” she hadn’t noticed until now, but she was crying.  She could tell because a tear had fallen onto her hand.  “After all, you said it yourself!  Plans change, and I don’t want you to regret this—“

She felt large hands envelop her own small ones.  She didn’t dare look up to see the man who was holding them though.  She couldn’t.  

“Hey,” he said gently, leaning over to kiss her wet cheek.  “I could never regret this,” he said, but she looked unconvinced, offering him a lazy shrug and a mumbled, “Maybe.”

“I love you,” he said, baffled.  She didn’t move.  He huffed, thinking of what to say.  “Now, if I remember correctly,” he began, “I had a crush on you first,” he said.

“You had a crush on Ladybug, not Marinette,” she pointed out.

“And you had a crush on a model, not Chat Noir,” he countered.  “I agree, things can change.  We changed, but it was for the better, right?”  


“For better or worse,” he repeated their wedding vows.  “Now, I take that seriously.  Even if there comes a ‘worse,’ I’ll never regret it.  Because I love you.  We chose each other.”  He gently pulled her chin to look her in the eyes.  “The only thing I could ever regret would be not marrying you.  To not share a life with you.  To have kids and grow old with you.”

She blinked and smiled at him, “Kids?” she asked.

“Kids,” he nodded, glad she was smiling.  “I’m serious, Mari.  About you.  About this.”

She leaned in to kiss him.  Soft and sweet, short and simple.  “Thank you,” she mumbled.  

He kissed her nose and leaned back.  “But,” he said, putting their car back in drive and looking to see the light had turned red again.  “If Nino confesses his love to me, I may just run into the sunset with him,” he said, acting serious.

“Oh my gosh,” Marinette shoved him with a laugh, “You’re a dork.”

“But you love me,” he winked at her.

“Maybe…” she rolled her eyes playfully.

“And I love you.”

“Yeah,” she smiled.

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Nonbinary characters in Steven Universe

Steven Universe has been (rightly) praised for its inclusion of nonbinary gender characters. We live in a world where media almost exclusively presents characters who are men or women (and often treats binary trans people, when they’re even included, as if they are an additional “middle” gender even if they don’t identify that way). So of course, characters who are agender or nonbinary are long overdue and worth celebrating.


Steven Universe includes two forms of nonbinary characters, and they both involve aliens. We have Gems who come from space and are largely femme-presenting nonbinary aliens (who use she/her pronouns, but that does not make them female), and we have Fusions whose gender and pronouns are shifted to neutral or undetermined when Steven is included.

While it’s still great to have such a cool science fiction show that’s got nonbinary characters, presenting their nonbinary gender as a consequence of “mixed” genders or extraterrestrial origin subtly associates nonbinary gender with being nonhuman. 

Stevonnie is referred to canonically as “they/them,” and it sets a great example, but we know they are a Fusion of Connie (she/her) and Steven (he/him). 

Smoky Quartz has been referred to as “they” in a context where it was unclear whether it was them or their components being talked about, but given the precedent, I assume Smoky is also they/them: another Fusion of a she/her and a he/him. Fusions of Gems who both use “she/her” are also referred to as she/her, so these pronouns are not reserved for Fusions.

I know several nonbinary, trans, and otherwise gender-atypical people who relate really hard to Stevonnie and/or Smoky, and are thrilled to have this kind of representation. It’s so excellent to see Stevonnie, with their femme-leaning androgyny and their clear attractiveness to guys and girls on the show, developing confidence and never dragging the audience through a Very Special Episode where they feel required to disclose and discuss their gender. They’re worried about other things, but this gender thing? It just is, and people in their life don’t make a big deal out of that part of it. But I think we need more, and I think Steven Universe is just the show to do it.

We currently DO NOT HAVE any known nonbinary characters in the show who are not either aliens or Fusions. If we continue to represent nonbinary characters as having a nonbinary gender only because they’re a mixture of male and female or influenced by nonhuman gender concepts, we’re presenting it as a concept but not as one that might be applicable to someone in the non-magical, non-alien, everyday Earthly world. 

But nonbinary humans are everywhere, and I would love to see someone show up in the show with casually referenced nonbinary representation–so we know this isn’t a gender concept we can only accept in association with fantasy concepts.

What’s interesting is the Steven Universe COMICS are already doing this. First, in Issue 1 of the ongoing comic series begun in early 2017, Steven, Peridot, and Lapis find a baby bird. Steven automatically defaults to they/them pronouns for the bird, and after they argue about the bird’s name for a while, they settle on naming them Susan. 

Susan is a name pretty heavily coded as female in Western society, but they set a great example here by NOT having Steven change to she/her pronouns to refer to the bird just because they have a traditionally feminine name. There is no discussion of what pronouns to use and no justification of this. It’s just there for you to accept, casually, as it should be.

In Issue 2 of the ongoing comic series, we have Stevonnie going to prom with Kiki. There is plenty of weirdness associated with this because Kiki doesn’t know Stevonnie is a Fusion of two kids and they’re both struggling with teen awkwardness that has nothing to do with Stevonnie’s Fusion status, but what’s significant about this is Kiki’s automatic, consistent use of they/them pronouns for Stevonnie when introducing them to her friends. 

Plus, Stevonnie and Kiki use the same dressing room when trying on dresses, try on a variety of clothes (some of which are traditionally gendered either male or female), and don’t completely ignore the issue. 

Kiki asks Stevonnie if they prefer to lead or follow, and that’s a really nice acknowledgment that the expected gender roles have to be redefined for a dance couple like them. 

If you just present a nonbinary character where no one’s ever confused about how to treat them, you’re ignoring programming nearly everyone in our society has, and it’s inevitable that someone like Stevonnie would sometimes confuse people if they’re trying to squeeze them into a gender box–and unfortunately, that also sometimes means being misgendered, like when Kevin called Stevonnie “girl” during their first appearance on the show.

But then, most notably, in Issue 4 of the ongoing comic series, Peridot goes to a Renaissance Faire and watches a joust, with a visiting knight named “Sir Render.” And Sir Render, despite their traditionally masculine appearance and title of “Sir,” is consistently referred to with they/them pronouns. 

Even though they’re a pretty beefy, hefty knight, and even while they’re getting booed by audience members who want them to lose. Nonbinary people do not have to be androgynous, and they/them pronouns can apply to people who are frequently perceived as traditionally feminine or traditionally masculine. Sir Render doesn’t HAVE to “try” to look androgynous or less traditionally masculine to have their pronouns respected. And Sir Render is a background human. Not a Fusion and not an alien. This comic also includes the phrase “Lords, ladies, and gentle-enbies.” Wow.

Some people have criticized Steven Universe for featuring so many same-gender relationships between Gems without broaching that subject with humans. Gems are not women/girls, but because of their gender presentation and consistent use of she/her pronouns, they are clearly designed to at least be very relatable to female and femme audiences. Nonbinary people are certainly supposed to be able to see themselves in the Gems, but girls and women can too–it’s amorphous and up to interpretation, and couples like Ruby and Sapphire or Pearl and Rose can be very meaningful to fans who feel their relationships are more like their own relationships than most anything on television. But when it comes to humans, the explicitly romantic relationships and crushes that include them are surprisingly straight. (And this is acknowledging that human men’s crushes on Gems are not “straight” crushes, since literally any relationship that includes one of them is a queer-coded romance by human standards, but these men are likely perceiving the Gems as women and being attracted to them for the same reasons they are attracted to women.)

Jamie crushes on Garnet. Mayor Dewey crushes on Pearl. Greg crushed on Rose and fell in love with her. Sadie and Lars have, well, something. Steven and Connie are developing a close friendship that will likely one day be a straight-up romance. Lars’s parents Martha and Dante appear to be a straight couple. Connie’s parents Doug and Priyanka appear to be a straight couple. Vidalia had a child with Marty and married Yellowtail, and those appear to be straight relationships. I of course have to be cautious here and acknowledge that characters who LOOK like straight couples may not be straight, especially since bisexual and pansexual people who “settle down” in a relationship are often misinterpreted as being an orientation they don’t identify as just because of the gender of their partner. But given no evidence to the contrary, the show does appear to be showing us humans coupling up only in cross-gender partnerships.

The only exception I can think of besides non-speaking background characters is Mr. Smiley’s relationship with Mr. Frowney. It is not explicit, but subtext certainly suggests that Harold and Quentin used to be a thing. 

There is also Pearl pursuing Mystery Girl and receiving her phone number, which does suggest Mystery Girl was attracted to femme-presenting people at the very least. 

Oh, and of course we also see Peridot rooting for the Percy/Pierre ship on her favorite show, even though the canon of the show has Percy being pushed toward Paulette. And Uncle Andy made a reference to one of his relatives having a “partner,” which seems like something he wouldn’t do if it was a cross-gender relationship considering he also assumed Greg had a wife and used the word “wife.” (This was offscreen, however–not even pictured characters.) 

But overall, what we’ve seen is that we can have same-gender relationships as long as we can hide it behind aliens for plausible deniability. (Though at least in the United States, I think reports of Cartoon Network actively attempting to stop “gay relationships” from getting on TV is highly exaggerated.) It would be fantastic to get some explicit representation of humans having these relationships too. But at least there are some hints and some subtext, while we really don’t have much of anything for human nonbinary characters.

Like most other situations in the show, I think the usually sensitive writing and nuanced understanding of these important issues would be in reach for the Crew on this topic. I really hope we will see nonbinary characters on this show in the future when there is no “alien” or “Fusion” explanation. Plenty of nonbinary humans exist in the real world, and this show would be a perfect place to start reflecting that.

Some weird fluffy/cracky shit I guess with this hottie @impalaimagining

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist

Proposals On Set

“Pop! Pop! Pop that crotch!”

You burst out into laughter as you watched Jensen thrust like a moron. 

How a man that hot could be such a dork was beyond you. 


He accentuated each word with a hard thrust, walking towards you, a grin growing on his face. 

“Like what you see?”

You bit your lip, glad most of the crew were getting lunch, while you sat on set with Jensen, enjoying the little time you got to be alone.

“Mmm…I think I’d prefer if you were naked and inside me”, you whispered, standing and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“You guys are so gross”.

Rolling your eyes, you looked over your shoulder to glare at Jared.

“Shut the fuck up, Jared. You know damn well if your wife was still here, you’d be drooling over her, like you always were”.

He blushed slightly, shaking his head, before leaving you and Jensen alone.

You turned back around to see Jensen’s eyes on you, a look of amazement in them.


“Just-you think it’s time we became the married couple on set?”

Your smile grew as you bit your lip, suddenly becoming shy around the one man you’d always been so comfortable with.

“Mr Ackles. Are you asking me to marry you?”

He shrugged, his arms tightening around you as he puled you further into his body.

“As long as it’s a yes. I’m pretty sure the ring sat in the drawer at home is tired of waiting to be worn”.

Pulling him down, you kissed Jensen softly, your fingers playing with the soft hairs at the base of his neck.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to, if the ring’s sad”, you sighed dramatically.

Jensen chuckled, kissing your nose.

“You’re such a dork”.

“And you love it!”

“Damn right I do”.

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sixteen candles.

@rcmclachlan mentioned this the other day, and i can’t stop thinking about it, so:

on yuri plisetsky’s 16th birthday, i think it’s important that we talk about a sixteen candles AU, where everyone has forgotten yuri’s birthday because his half brother and family golden child victor nikiforov is getting married on the same day. (victor didn’t mean it– they’re just half brothers and he’s kind of clueless, and no one in the family reminded him?? he’s sorry, but also the event space is booked and the invitations went out, and you understand, right?) even worse, victor is marrying the Love Of Yuri’s Young Life, yuuri katsuki, who yuri saw first before victor was ever his brother, when he was the plisetsky’s Hot Older Neighbor, and maybe once when yuri was four and learning to ride a bike, he skinned his knee, and yuuri was the one to put a band-aid on his knee and sit with him on the curb and encourage him to get up and try again.  maybe he used to babysit yuri (which, yuri didn’t need a babysitter, he was totally old enough to stay home by himself, and he would publicly throw a fit about it, but secretly loved having yuuri over, letting him watch the Bad Channels and bringing over bowls of his mom’s katsudon).  

yuri of course bitches about this to his best (and only) friend otabek at school.  otabek is hopelessly in love with yuri, and tortures himself by letting yuri tell him about how he thinks yuuri katsuki is so beautiful he wants to slap him in his dumb, awful face, and how much he hates that his family loves yuuri so much and is so happy for victor that they’d rather call yuri ‘yurio’.  otabek is a senior and can’t be yurio’s plus one at the wedding, which is devastating to both of them, because his mom’s planned to take him on a trip to a college he’s been accepted to in fall.  otabek is also probably going slowly insane from hearing about yuuri katsuki all the goddamn time, and before he leaves to go on the trip, he tells yuri to just tell yuuri already, if he really loves him so much!!! which he later regrets, because yuri totally does.

the night before the wedding, and yuri’s sixteenth birthday, yuri goes over to the katsuki’s house to confess his love, because yuuri’s staying with his parents the night before the wedding one last time. and maybe yuuri is the only person who remembered yuri’s birthday, and he got him a gift, and yuri is so mad about it, because can’t yuuri see that he’s his soulmate, he’s furious.  and he has a small gift for yuri, and brings out some katsudon and puts a candle in it for yuri to blow out as they sit on the dining room table.  and then yuri angrily tells yuuri that victor is terrible and the worst and that they can’t get married, because he loves yuuri more, and he saw yuuri first, and it isn’t fair.  and yuuri turns him down so sweetly, so kindly, that yuri can’t even be mad about it.  “you know that’s a line we can never cross,” yuuri says, and yuri does know, but he still hates it and wants to pretend, and, “i hope you’ll come to the wedding tomorrow.  if you’re good, you can have first dance after victor.”

yuri goes to the wedding and it’s awful, and yuuri looks handsome with his hair slicked back and a well-fitting suit, too handsome, and even more infuriating is that victor looks handsome too, and he cries when they’re trading vows and yuri is just like, if it were me, i wouldn’t cry (he would, though).  they go to the reception and yuuri and victor haven’t shown up yet and yuri’s not sure he wants to see the happy couple officially married, so he escapes outside the venue just in time to see otabek roll up in a hurry, tie still undone and hair messy–he’d had his mom drive them back early, and this is the soonest he could get here.  and maybe that’s when yuri realizes that otabek is actually all the things that he always thought yuuri could be, like he’s this real person instead of a fantasy.  and so maybe he begrudgingly asks if otabek wants to dance (and otabek asks him “to make yuuri jealous?” and yuri just says, “no, just–just because i want to dance with you, okay?”), so they go inside and dance and have fun at the wedding and maybe kiss once or twice or five times–okay, they make out messily and gross like the teenagers they are in a supply closet and are rudely interrupted by yuuri and victor trying to sneak away to do the same thing.  


  1. ❛ Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating. ❜
  2. ❛ I can’t remember anything without you. ❜
  3. ❛ Why do I fall in love with everyone I see that shows me the least bit of attention? ❜
  4. ❛ Remember me. Try your best. ❜
  5. ❛ Adults are, like, this mess of sadness and phobias. ❜
  6. ❛ What do we do? Enjoy it? ❜
  7. ❛ Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders. ❜
  8. ❛ What a loss to spend that much time with someone, only to find out that they’re a stranger. ❜
  9. ❛ What if you stayed this time? ❜
  10. ❛ I’ll get bored with you and feel trapped because that’s what happens with me. ❜
  11. ❛ It was so intimate. It was like we were already lovers. ❜
  12. ❛ I can’t see anything I don’t like about you. ❜
  13. ❛ I could die right now. I’m just…happy. I’ve never felt that before. I’m just exactly where I want to be. ❜
  14. ❛ I’m gonna marry you. I know it. ❜
  15. ❛ I don’t need nice. I don’t need myself to be it, and I don’t need anybody else to be it at me. ❜
  16. ❛ I’m just a fucked up girl looking for my own piece of mind, I’m not perfect. ❜
  17. ❛ You know me, I am impulsive. ❜
  18. ❛ Are we like those bored couples you feel sorry for in restaurants? Are we the dining dead? ❜
  19. ❛ My crotch is still here, just as you remembered it. ❜
  20. ❛ By morning, you’ll be gone. ❜
  21. ❛ I’m always anxious thinking I’m not living life to the fullest. ❜
  22. ❛ Drink up. It’ll make the whole seduction part less repugnant. ❜
  23. ❛ I wish I had done a lot of things. I wish – I wish I had stayed. I do. ❜
  24. ❛ I can’t believe I’m crying already. ❜
  25. ❛ Didn’t figure you’d show your face around me again. I guess I thought you were humiliated. You did run away, after all. ❜
  26. ❛ I just needed to see you. ❜
  27. ❛ I’d like to, um… take you out, or something. ❜
  28. ❛ Not yet, not married. I’m not married yet. ❜
  29. ❛ Look, I’m telling you right off the bat, I’m high-maintenance. ❜
  30. ❛ I still thought you were gonna save my life. Even after that. ❜
  31. ❛ It would be different, if we could just give it another go-round. ❜
  32. ❛ I had the best fucking night of my life last night! ❜
  33. ❛ I don’t know! I’m lost! Nothing makes sense to me! ❜
  34. ❛ Do you miss me? ❜
  35. ❛ You don’t tell me things. I’m an open book. I tell you everything, every damn, embarrassing thing. ❜
  36. ❛ I assume you fucked someone tonight. Isn’t that how you get people to like you? ❜
  37. ❛ Sorry, I was just trying to be nice. ❜
  38. ❛ Please let me keep this memory as it is, just this one. ❜
  39. ❛ I don’t want this anymore! I want to call it off! ❜
  40. ❛ It’s all falling apart. I’m deleting you and I’m happy! ❜
  41. ❛ I think you are magical. ❜
  42. ❛ You’re full of shit, right? ❜
  43. ❛ I’m a vindictive bitch, truth be told. ❜
  44. ❛ Don’t tell me this stuff! I don’t want to hear this shit! ❜
  45. ❛ Get the fuck away from me! ❜
  46. ❛ The plane crashed. I didn’t crash the plane. ❜
  47. ❛ I’ve never seen you happier. ❜
  48. ❛ Too many guys think I’m a concept, or I complete them, or I’m gonna make them alive. But I’m just a fucked-up girl who’s lookin’ for my own peace of mind; don’t assign me yours. ❜
  49. ❛ The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! ❜
  50. ❛ Don’t ever leave me. ❜
  • y’all are disgustingly cute
  • like he looks all cocky and confident
  • nd tbh you thought he was a fuckboy at first
  • but then he got really shy and stuttery when he asked you out
  • spoke a mile a minute honestly
  • “heydoyouwannagooutwithmesometime”
  • nd you’re like boy slow down what are you saying
  • nd johnny overheard and decided to help be an “”””official translator”””
  • “I think he is asking you on a date or maybe he’s telling you there’s something in your teeth it’s hard to tell”

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anonymous asked:

To 5 jealousy Jikook moments!!!!

ummmm okay so this was actually very hard bc i tend to try to not be swayed by my shipper heart and always stay with my feet on the ground so for me there’s actually very few “jikook jealousy” moments in which i think there’s actual jealousy involved but lets go (this is mainly by jk’s side bc i think his expressions are funny af and bc the only time i thought jimin was jealous he looked scary so i dont like it lmao)

1. that fansign where minjoon was being the cutest and touchy as hell but jungkook didn’t seem to be enjoying it

jk, probably: pretend ur not seeing

and then when jimin sensed the dark cloud above the younger’s head he kept on trying to create conversation by REPEATEDLY calling his name bc jungkook was >>>>blatantly ignoring him lmao look at his face

when he finally gave jimin attention he asked jungkook to do a heart for the fans

and he did

i seriously cant stop laughing asdjkfksh u can find the whole moment here to take ur own conclusions

2. listen this moment i love for various reasons that does not only involve jikook

first: jihope being an extra married gay couple


third: The Bitter Couple™

3. this isac was wild

tries not to look


looks away sulking in hopes they will stop

they dont

remains sulking w arms crossed like a five year old lmao

4. jm: “v-ssi came out looking handsome”


5. this im not sure if it was jealousy but that radio interview in which the mc asked hoseok which member he would like to present to his sister and he answered “jungkook” so jimin almost immediately shot “you cant, its illegal” (jk was a minor back then). everyone laughed and the mc asked how old she was and hoseok said she was a 90’ liner so jimin started doing siren noises asdjkajfk i lov this moment so much its so funny

aaaah this was fun to do, thank you for sending love !! and sorry for the delay asdjkljf i slept

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Staff having hard time while cutting Jikook moments from Bon Voyage episode. Lots of make outs, pecks, butt slapping, moans? Please__ Honeymoon trip blessed all of us. And BH don't think I forgot that you didn't show them sharing bed. ~ Thankyou, you're an angel.

i hope this turned out the way you wanted it! i really enjoyed writing this one lmao

cursive = footage of jikook

summary: it’s time to edit the next episode of bon voyage but there are a few difficulities

“They can’t be fucking serious.” The editor of bon voyage stares at the footage he got from Jimin and Jungkook’s room and it seems like those two forgot there was a camera, let one that is supposed to be shown to their fans. The poor editor sighs as he decides to watch the footage, there might be something he can show. There must be.

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Accidents Happen (Part 3/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Wow, I am on a goddamn roll with this series! I’ve spoiled you guys, today! LOL! You guys are lucky my class was cancelled! I have a full day of classes, tomorrow, so we shall see when part 4 comes out. I’ll keep you updated!

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, swearing (why is this even a warning?), bullying, etc…


 Accidents Happen Masterlist

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You didn’t want to stay in the apartment, alone.

You had texted peter, asking him to come home, and he replied that he was staying at Ned’s – needing some space. You texted Michelle with no response. Aunt May had to leave, having gotten called in for a night shift. You couldn’t go back to your apartment, because of your mother…


You had your own suite at the tower, too, but you didn’t want to be alone. You needed someone to be with you. Natasha had become one of your very few friends, in the short time that you had known her. She liked to make jokes that you were the little sister she never asked for, but loved immensely. You didn’t quite want to tell her about your little… okay, pretty fucking big pickle – just, yet. You just wanted a nice, relaxing evening with Natasha – and Wanda, if she wasn’t busy.

You grabbed your cellphone, a sweatshirt of Peter’s, and your bags. When you reached the ground level of the building, you used your phone to request an Uber to come pick you up, then called Natasha.

“Hey, Pechen’ye,” Natasha answered, calling you her little nickname for you: Cookie. You still don’t know why she calls you cookie. “How are you? Steve said you were sick, today.”

“No, I’m fine. It’s passed.” You lied, “I’m actually staying at the tower, tonight. I wanted to know if you and Wanda were free to come watch some Netflix with me?”

“Yeah! Wanda is gone, but I just have some training to finish with Barnes and Sam, if you want to come? We’ll be in the gym. We could binge after?”

“I’ll meet you in there. See you soon.” You hung up your phone, hoping that she didn’t catch any weird vibes from your call. It’s Natasha. Of course she already knows something is up. You were surprised that she didn’t hack into your medical records, figuring out what was wrong. Or maybe she did, already, and just wants you to tell her? Not happening. Not for a while.

Your Uber took forever to get to the tower, and tried to hit on you twice. You were, also, 95% certain that you saw Peter swinging around, on your way to the tower. You shot him a small text: I can see you. I’m headed to the tower to hang out with Natasha and Wanda. May went to work. See you tomorrow?

He never responded. You figured he wouldn’t. You should have known that he wouldn’t go to Ned’s. Whatever.

When you got to the gym, Bucky and Sam were arguing. Natasha was just stretching on the side of the main sparring mats, watching them with an annoyed look on her face.

“What are they arguing about?” You asked, dropping your bags to the ground and stretching with her.

“Who won the spar. I called it a draw. I wanted to see if they would fight about it, and what would happen.” She smirked, looking over to me, “Straighten your back, if you’re going to stretch. Do you want to train?”

No. I’m pregnant. “I’m good. I just want to relax, tonight. My body healed itself from whatever I was sick with, and it took a lot out of me.” Don’t catch the lie, don’t catch the lie…

“Why did you even go to the doctors?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at you, “You always come see Cho if you are worried about something, or think your powers healed you from being sick.”

“Cho’s out of town.” Not a lie. “I’ll talk to Cho when she gets back.”

“You’re lying to me.” Nat stopped stretching, “Something is happening. What’s going on with you?”

You didn’t realize that the boys had stopped arguing and were now listening in. You huffed, laying back against the mats as Bucky came over to stand by your feet. “Steve thinks you’re pregnant.”

You shot up, “What?!” You stared at him. “Why would he think that?”

“Because you went to the doctors, and had to come talk to Peter – then, Peter looked upset all day.” He shrugged, “You’re not that sneaky, and it doesn’t take a scientist to figure something like that out. Plus, the look you just gave me sort of confirmed it.”

“You’re pregnant?” Natasha shouted, hopping up from the mat. “What the hell, Y/n! We have been training! And you’re sixteen! You are too young for a baby!” She started swearing in Russian.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Nat.” You sighed, standing up and grabbing your bags, “Are you having a relaxing night with me, or not? I just want to b-be fucking normal tonight, okay?” Your voice had cracked, and tears started to blind your vision. “Just for tonight, okay? We can talk about it, tomorrow.”

She looked over at Bucky and Sam, who weren’t saying anything. Then, she let out a deep breath she had been holding, “Okay. We can talk about it, later.” She marched over and took your bags from you, “But we stay in my room, tonight.”


“Shit.” You looked around for your school bag. “Nat, I think I left my backpack at Peter’s.”

“He dropped it off, already.” She called out from the bathroom, where she was brushing her teeth, “It’s by the door.”

Oh. You looked at your phone, which had been sitting on the nightstand, and checked to see if he had texted you or called you. Nothing. Still.

You swallowed down the nausea that had been building, along with your anxiety. Were you supposed to act normal at school, today? Were you still going to act like a couple? Were you still a couple? He only said he wanted space – not that he wanted to break up.

Will he break up with you?

That did it.

You ran into Nat’s bathroom, throwing up in the toilet while she brushed her teeth.

“Don’t brush your teeth, use mouth wash. I heard it grinds the acids into your teeth.” She said, handing you the bottle when you were done. “Also, I think you should move out of your mom’s apartment.”

“Nat.” You shook your head, “I can’t. I’m only sixteen.”

“Oh, please.” She waved her hand dismissively, “You know that Stark could get you emancipated in a heartbeat.”

“I’ll think about it.” You rinsed your mouth out after the mouthwash, and gathered your school stuff, “Hopefully today is just an easy, peaceful day.”

Oh how wrong you were…

You were running late, so you didn’t get to eat, again. Plus, you felt exhausted.

Then, the cab driver couldn’t break the hundred that Tony had given you for your ride, so you had to run into a cafe – still on the meter. Then, Flash Thompson was standing by the front doors to the school and said something rude as you walked in – dampening your mood further.

Finally standing at your locker, you ripped your coat off and shoved it on the hook, forcefully.

Peter still hadn’t talked to you. You understood he wanted time and space, but you weren’t used to not talking to him. You’d always had him as someone you could talk to at any time, even before you two had started dating.

You didn’t like this. Not one bit. It was stressing you the hell out.

“Hey, stranger.” Michelle was suddenly next to you, “I take it you feel better? You were obviously sick, yesterday. You never miss.”

“Yeah,” You carded a hand through your hair, clearing your throat. “I’m fine. Just tired, still. Hey, have you seen Peter?”

“He’s at his locker, talking with Ned, like he always is before class.” She laughed, giving you a funny look. “You sure you’re okay? You don’t look too good. You look a little sweaty and pale. Are you still sick?”

You shook your head, putting on a fake smile, “Must be left over from yesterday. Let’s go.”

She linked her arm through yours, pulling you towards Peter’s locker – where the boys looked to be in a serious discussion.

“H-hey, Y/n.” Ned cut Peter off, putting on a fake smile. “How are you this morning?”

“Fine.” You smiled, feeling awkward. Peter was facing away from you, looking like he would rather be anywhere but next to you. You cleared your throat, and fought off a wave of exhaustion. You tried to talk to him, “Hey.”

Michelle looked between you and Peter as he ignored you, “What’s going on? Are you two fighting?”

Peter slammed his locker shut, making you jump a little. He walked away without so much as a glance your way, and you felt tears fall down your cheeks as your heart broke a little more.

“Excuse me.” You mumbled, wiping your face and walking towards an empty hallway. The bell had rung a few seconds after you found a spot, but Michelle had followed you, anyways.

“Y/n, what the hell is going on?” She asked, looking around to make sure the two of you were really alone. “Are you two really fighting? You two never really fight. More like bicker. Almost like an elderly married couple. It’s sickening, really. Although, I guess it was bound to happen-”

“Michelle.” You cut her off, shaking your head. You wiped your face with the sleeves of your – well, Peter’s – sweatshirt. “Please?”

“Wow.” She frowned, setting her backpack down on the floor, “It must be serious. What happened?”

You shook your head, “We fucked up. Really bad.” She motioned for you to continue, handing you a tissue from her backpack. “I wasn’t here, yesterday, because I went to the clinic.” You gulped. “I went to Planned Parenthood.”

Her face turned to one of shock, “Are you…?”

You nodded, “I’m around twelve weeks pregnant.”

“Holy…shit.” Michelle dropped down to the floor, leaning her back against the wall, “When did you guys…?”

“Back in October.” You chuckled at her grossed-out expression, “After I went to band camp, and I’d slept over at Peter’s again.”

“Oh, wow. That’s way before you guys actually started dating.” She shivered in mock (or maybe real?) disgust. “That was around the time that you two started getting all touchy feely. More than usual.”

“Yeah. That was the only time we had sex, though.” You sighed, “Now, look at us.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have no fucking idea.” You sat down next to her, leaning your head against her shoulder, “He’s mad at me, because we agreed on aborting. Then, I changed my mind without talking it out with him. I sort of just went all protective and told him that my decision was final.”

“It’s your body, Y/n. It’s ultimately your choice.” She argued, “He doesn’t have a say if you do or you don’t have this baby.”

“It’s his life, too.” You tried to defend him, “This is his baby, too. It may be my choice, but it’s also his.”

“Y/n.” She grabbed my hand, “I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I think that you and Peter need to sit down together and really talk about this. If he isn’t talking to you, he’s probably just panicking because he thought that you two had it figured out – then, you didn’t. He’ll come around.”

“I hope so.” You closed your eyes, tiredly gripping her hand tighter. “I miss him.”


“Oh, no.” You whispered, staring at your phone in the hallway, a few hours later.

Flash fucking Thompson tagged you in a tweet.

Pretty sure I just heard @Y/n say that she was PREGNANT?! WTF!

Shit. He heard you talking to Michelle in the hallway.

Every 4-letter word you could think of was on repeat in your mind.

People were staring at you. That had been tweeted about an hour previous. Meaning, people had definitely saw it. There were comments, retweets, and replies.

You shut your phone off in a panic, scanning the hallway for Peter. You didn’t see him, and ran for the front doors, pushing people out of your way as you went.

“Hey! Y/n!” You hear Flash just before you see him standing in front of the exit. “So, are you really knocked up?” A crowd was gathering. “That’s a shame. Looks like you’re going to end up just like your momma.” He laughed, and so did the stupid little crowd of assholes. “Just make sure to lay off the hard drugs, you don’t want to lose your looks. What little looks you did have.” He smirked, gesturing to your body.

“Fuck off, Flash.” You were about to go the fuck off. Your heart was racing, you felt cold, you needed to sit down. “Let me leave.”

“Naw. I think I’ll just-”

You didn’t let him finish before you flew forward and hooked him right in the jaw. You didn’t stay for the aftermath of your punch, before you were running out the doors and into the city. You needed to think. You needed to go home. To your own apartment. Where nobody would bug you, and your mom was most likely passed out.

No such luck.

You ran into the apartment, ready to break down, when you suddenly heard a shatter next to your head. “What the fuck, Mom! Did you just throw a bottle at me?!”

“Are you fucking knocked up, you stupid little bitch?” She yelled, slurring and taking a chug from a different bottle, “Fucking Susie Q, or whatever - some fucking chipper lady called from Planned Parenthood. Said that they couldn’t get a hold of your cellphone and that you forgot some papers.”

Shit. You should have never put your home phone number on the form. “I am.”

“Stupid piece of fucking shit!” She threw another bottle towards me, “Didn’t I teach you anything when I told you all about the birds and the bees? Are you too fucking stupid to comprehend contraception? What am I paying that fucking fancy school of yours for, anyways?”

“You don’t pay them, Mom.” She threw another bottle at me. “Where the fuck are you getting all these bottles, you psycho! Stop! Mom! Stop!” She kept throwing them, getting closer and closer to you. A burst of pain radiated from the side of your head as one knocked you right in the temple. “Mom! Please!” You raised your shaking hand to your head. It came away sticky with blood.

You ran from the apartment, blood dripping from the cut above your eyebrow.

Fuck. What the hell.

You called Peter, but only got his voicemail.

“P-peter? It’s me.” Your voice cracked as a sob racked through your body, “I’m headed to the tower, can we please talk? I just tried to go to my apartment, and m-my mom threw a f-fucking bottle at my head. I’m bl-bleeding. Please. I- Shit.” You dropped your phone, hearing the phone’s screen crack against the sidewalk as you collided with a giant man on the street. “I’m sorry, sir.” He grumbled and kept walking. Great. Phone’s shattered.

The walk to the tower was long. You usually took an Uber or a cab, but you had left your wallet in your purse. Which was still in your locker. Along with your coat.

Shit you were cold. Really fucking cold.

It took you forty-five minutes to get to the tower, because you had to stop and catch your breath. Why am I breathing so hard? Your head was still pounding from the bottle, but you were sure that the blood had stopped running down your face. Fuck, you felt dizzy. You needed to work out, more. Jesus.

“Miss Y/L/N?” Ed, the security guard, was suddenly in front of you. When the hell did you get to the tower? Weren’t you just on a park bench? “Miss, you’re bleeding.”

“I-I…” You heard an alarm go off. What? What was the alarm? You looked around and people were standing above you. How the hell did you get to the floor? Weren’t you just talking to Ed? “Why a-am I on the…”

Darkness washed over your vision as you passed out.

Part 4

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