they look kinda shitty

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Opinions on toddler harness/leashes? I found a really cute one that's a stuffed animal that looks like it's hugging your back, and the "leash" is the tail of the animal. I'm hoping my toddler will enjoy it cause she hates the stroller and wants to walk with her brother. I'm kinda scared that'll make me look shitty though.

I think if it’s something you need, go for it. I haven’t used one on my kids because we haven’t had any problems with keeping them close or in a stroller. But I keep hearing stories around my area (at the mall, specifically) about kids getting kidnapped, and most of those kids were running around no where near their parent. That to me is very scary. I know some people look down on it, but they aren’t the ones looking out for your kids. I did see a mom once using one for her daughter and the way she would pull on the “leash” like she was a dog or something, that’s when it bothered me. She is not an animal, she is a child. There is no need to be pulling her in like that, ya know.

Anyways, I think they are fine. They keep your kid close to you and safe, you never know.

Anyone else have opinions on this?


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FEMSLASH BOOK CHALLENGE: a trope you love (enemies to lovers)
the abyss surrounds us by emily skrutskie

“I’m in way over my head and I’m falling. I’m falling for her, she’s fallen for me, and the whole thing is so desperate and stupid that we’re both reduced to fits of laughter that ring across the Minnow’s deck. We’re two trapped girls with nothing but each other on a ship of people who’d be better off with us dead, and somehow on top of that we’ve managed to do the one thing we shouldn’t be able to do.


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