they look each other ;;;

how about the paladins going on a mission on a random planet and while they’re visiting the kingdom they come across two aliens who are engaged in a very heated discussion, but that doesn’t really have a strong impact, it sounds more like bickering than anything, and let’s just say the two are red and blue. shiro jokes that those two are the lance and keith of that planet, and lance feels wounded in his pride, so he starts fervently denying that he and keith are remotely like that and he’s surprised when keith, actually agrees with him and supports his cause.

“shiro we’re absolutely not like that! we’re nothing like those two.”

“yep… i agree with lance actually. i mean we argue and i guess the analogy works but…”

their rambling gets interrupted by the alien couple suddenly exchanging a kiss and tenderly looking into each other’s eyes and then proceed to walk away hand in hand right under the sight of the two extra shocked paladins.

“oh don’t worry about those two, they’re always like that. they like to bicker but they’d die for each other, even if sometimes they’re stubborn about their feelings.” the king of the place says.

keith and lance look at each other still gaping from their mouths, while the other 3 paladins are dying of laughters in the back because they basically played themselves until keith breaks the silence:

“see shiro? i told you we’re not like that!”

“r-right. keith is right we’re n–”

“if we were we’d be kissing as well.” *side glances at lance*

what if Keith was being chased by the police and runs into Lance who is all “hey who are you? what are you doing?” and Keith has no time to respond so he grabs Lance by the hand and continues running. once they’ve successfully escaped (not that Lance knew that was what they were doing) they look at each other properly and realise that the other is the most beautiful boy they’ve ever seen.

Day 2: Marriage - Chas and Robert dance at the reception (okay the drawing is technically not Robron but I also wrote a bit that includes both of them.)

Robert leans half against the bar and half against Aaron, their shoulders pushed together and his head nearly resting on top of his husband’s. He’s tipsy and exhausted but he’s determined to enjoy every single second of this because he doesn’t know when they’ll be able to be like this again. The speeches are long over now and he was right, Aaron did cry during his but he couldn’t deny that he shed a few tears himself when Aaron attempted to say a few words about him too. He honestly didn’t know that he could be this in love with another person. Another slow song comes on and Robert shifts to look at Aaron, their bodies losing contact with each other for just a brief second before Robert reconnects them, wrapping his hands around his waist, pulling him close. He raises an eyebrow and nods his head toward the makeshift dance floor where Vic and Adam and Belle and Noah of all people are slow dancing.

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Can I have a Reggie request where you're both polar opposites and sorta hate each other but it's a bit flirty and he like comes up to you during a football game and gives you his jersey or something in front of everyone??? I love your blog by the way :)))

*Hope you like this guys!*

It was no secret to anyone that you and Reggie Mantle were something; though that something still remained a mystery to everyone in town. The way you both heckled the other, the way you gave each other desperate looks, even the way that you two talked held notes of passion and interest, but then the next second you’d turn around and be taunting one another or saying things that denounced those same feelings. It may be clear that you two were something, but what it was might as well have been a mystery to everyone on the planet.

Setting down your lunch, you groan when Reggie straddles the bench of the table across the way, eyes on yours as he bites into his apple. Kevin glances that way, raising a brow before turning back to face you, everyone at the table trying not to talk about it. Well, until Kevin decides he’s had enough of this silent battle of wits.

“What the hell is going on with you and Mantle today?” His words are brash, making Betty choke on her drink as she gives him a look that asks if he’s insane.

You shrug your shoulders, tearing away the wrapping around the sandwich your dad made. “Not sure. He’s been acting off all day and won’t talk to me.” Pausing after taking a bite, you point a finger at Kevin and scrunch up one eye. “He hasn’t even teased me about my obvious stain on this shirt yet. And it’s a white shirt, guys.”

Just as you’ve said that, a voice rings out over the din of students chatting. “Moose, did you notice Y/L/N’s big stain? Looks like they spit up all over themselves.”

Veronica sighs, noticing you setting down your sandwich and straightening up. “Did everyone hear about Reggie Mantle crying over some chick flick the other day? I saw him at the movies, and he was sobbing like a baby.”

“Hey! That was a sad…movie…” Reggie trails off, people giving him surprised looks before he turns back to his meal, punching the shoulder of a football player who laughs at him.

Smugly biting into your sandwich again, you give everyone at your own table a satisfied look. “I think I handled that quite well.”

“Yeah, Y/N, good job pointing out a guys’ sensitivity,” Betty murmurs, picking at her salad and sighing softly. “Maybe if you and Reggie actually, I don’t know, talked, there wouldn’t be so much awkward tension?”

You roll your eyes, swallowing and shaking your head. “There’s no talking to a brick wall, Bets. All you can do is take swings at it and hope it crumbles sometime soon.”

Why your friends had demanded, nay, dragged you to the Bulldogs football game is beyond you, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t immediately drawn into the excitement that bubbles through everyone. Events like these were bound to have you brimming with pride and pep, even if you usually weren’t one to be so typical and school-orientated. Rather than scold Kevin for pulling you into the bleachers, you merely wave at Veronica and Betty, happening to see Archie among the football players and waving to him as well.

Just as you’re sitting down, Reggie comes running over, leaning against the fencing as he yells your name. Rolling your eyes, you start down the metal stairs towards him, raising a brow at his smile.

“What do you want, Mantle? Gonna make some good luck remark before you go out there?” You sneer, surprised when he holds out a blue and gold jersey.

“I wanted you to wear this. And maybe we could go out to Pop’s after the win, talk about the chemistry we have going on,” he says, shrugging a little and waiting for you to accept the offer.

Your fingers reach out slowly, brushing the fabric of his jersey as you look up into his dark eyes. All you can see is complete trust, affection rushing through you at the proffered gift. “I’d love that.” Snatching the jersey from his hands, you slide it on over you, giving him a sheepish grin as you head back to sit beside Kevin.

As you inhale his scent, Kevin starts teasing you about being a big softie for Mantle, but you don’t even think about his comments. All you can see is Reggie’s smile, and that warms your heart more than you ever thought anything he did could.



SALLY comes into the room to find CLARISSA sitting on the side of the bed in her coat. The two women look at each other. SALLY comes round and gestures to CLARISSA to stand up. SALLY puts her hands on CLARISSA’S shoulders to help her take off the coat. As she does, CLARISSA turns and looks at SALLY, the two of them overcome. The two women look warmly at each other, then they kiss.

Rick and Michonne setting you up with Carl would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaawwwww Rick, Michonn 😊 and Carl of course!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Rick telling Michonne about how cute you and Carl look together from the way you act and protect each other, making her laugh and agree with him as well as understanding his meaning

-Rick inviting you over to take care of Judith for the day, only for Michonne to tell Carl that he has to stay in to help you for the day, explaining that you couldn’t possibly handle being alone with a child

-Rick always shoving Carl closer to you whenever you would walk together or when he would offer you something just to see you both blush

-Michonne having talks about boys with you just to report to Rick and for them both coming up with more plans to get you both together

-Rick having Carl help you out with the guns and reminding him that unless you improve he can’t leave you yet

-Michonne inviting you over for dinner and you ending up having a sleep over there with Carl in the living room as she would purposely stall you from leaving yet

-Rick “accidentally” locking you both in the attic on multiple occasions just to make you both spend more time together since he found the keys to it

-Michonne tasking you to find some stuff for her in the pantry, only for you to see Carl there as well and him always getting the same stuff as you, explaining that his dad had asked him to.

-Rick always telling you both to go outside and do something fun whenever you would both be in the house, making you both always have such good times hanging out

-The two of you growing closer and Carl catching onto his dad and Michonne, making him want them to be proud by just confessing to you as they walk by, by suddenly grabbing a hold of your hand


Malec’s conversation was super important and I’m super happy they had it but…

Why can’t they be less stiff in their scenes? Why can’t they look at each other like they are each other’s most important thing in the world ? Why can’t they hold each other while having this fucking ESSENTIAL conversation? Why are their scenes written like this?

I just want to BELIEVE what they are saying to each other?????Am I asking too much? Am I spoiled by other shows and expect too much of this one????

And why the FUCK did Climon get that scene??? Sorry but I’ve been mad for two weeks now and the saltiness came right back…

realistic things for klance in season 3- 

  • a laid back episode where someone makes keith laugh; lance is somewhere near by, maybe in the background or behind keith, and he sees  keith laughing and lance has a blushy look on his face 
  • after keith and lance learn to respect each other a lot more, someone in the group (most likely allura?) shuts down lance’s idea/plan, but keith backs him up and says they should give lance’s idea a chance. lance actually thanks keith and proceeds to take leadership for the scene. throughout this mission, keith continues to support lance. 
  • a scene where lance wants to compete against keith during training, so they train alone together. lance gets frustrated, but for once, keith actually helps/teaches lance without getting irritated. 
  • seeing lance help keith up from the ground (hand holding/more bonding moments!)
  • an alien girl gets attached to keith and lance is actively jealous of the alien girl and its a bit more clear with subtle body language hints (eye direction, crossed arms, blush marks?) and side comments. 
  • an episode where lance is alone with an alien girl and she’s in love with some alien prince or something and maybe the relationship with the alien girl and the alien prince reminds lance of him and keith, and he is all angsty about it as he relates to the alien girl, and its made clear he’s talking about keith. 
  • lance calls keith “cool” to his face and it is sincere 
  • keith has a big, genuine smile of relief after seeing lance is unharmed (a teary eyed  “LANCE!” shout is in order)
  • a moment where lance and keith are arguing/bickering. lance says something that suggests he doesnt actually hate keith. keith is in the heat of the moment and he is about to yell something back at him, but then he raises his head and they lock eyes and this makes keith shut up. they stare into eachother’s eyes for 3 seconds until keith gets serious again and insists they stop bickering and continue the mission. lance watches as keith leaves before him (I HAVE A VISION, OK? IM SORRY)