they look cute together

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Dear kaye, sorry i know u are busy but im so curious hehe i know u are a taekook trash *well i am too!!* i just want to know your reasons tnx :) ily😘

Never too busy for my babies~ ;) always remember that

hahaha ahh my reasons? Well to be honest, I’m not really into this whole shipping two members thing. I never write member x member fics simply because as much as I think they look cute together, I still think they’d look cuter with me. LMAO kidding. 

I’ve always shipped Chanbaek though and it was because one of my friends is such a hardcore shipper that I started seeing the reality that they do look good together <3

In BTS, it was TaeJin which I liked first…but then Taekook just moved up my list like a rocket after I read a fic entitled: “Distant Dreams”

It was the first fic that made me cry in years. It was beautifully written and I started reading all of that author’s works (which happened to be a lot of Taekook and trust me, I’m very picky with fanfictions and it’s rare that I read from one author.) So I guess that’s how I started becoming Taekook trash…. just recently tbh. 

Right now, a specific reason I can give you is that I suddenly see the chemistry between them. Now when I watch their videos/interviews, I can’t help but notice the subtle glances and touches…almost like they’re sharing a secret or an inside joke. Or the way Jungkook doesn’t push Tae Tae away when he becomes clingy and all that and how Tae Tae looks at him like he’s so happy he’s right there. :”> 

I even wrote a quote before… 

Overall, they’re a very adorable ship and before I actually liked them as a pair, they were my top babies…meaning I cared for them the most (unnie instincts and all haha) 


PS: my friend told me not to read fics about them because she said I would never see them the same way again….

She was right. XD

I really like Sunny and Song Joongki together and i really hope that she will be in a relationship with him in real life,they look so cute and adorable together and Joongki would be the best boyfriend for her because he has all the qualifications of her ideal type in man.And Sunny also reveal that he is her ideal type.I really want to see them together and i would be the happiest fangirl ever.And i’m so shock when i read the fact about Joongki,its stated as Joongki is a hardcore fan of Sunny because of her cute baby face.

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Oh boy, I didn't mean to offend you. I thought you're just allergic to dogs. Well then I'll just give you a naked mole rat. Now you're like Ron and Rufus :V you look cute together ♥

Iggy: *looks down to the naked mole rat*

Naked mole rat: *squints snout*

Iggy: *goes :3 reluctantly*

Shout Out to Melissa Santiago from the Dominican Republic for Slaying JaeBum’s Heart! with the rest of Got7 boyz!!on ASC!

Gurl YES! That was amazing! Like JaeB THOUGHT he could hold his “cool” expression,LOL! plus along with the other members^.^ BrownGurls Yes! SpanishGurls YES! You are, most likely, my fav person that called in! I had to pause the video, because the whole thing was amazing/jb’s face expression, lol. Y’all looks super cute together, next to each other on the screen, too! ^^

(asc 28July2015)


-Arod; Ktown in the Ft.Hood

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I just wanted to stop by and say how beautifully stunning you are 😍 every time I see you on my dash, I melt. Gah, you're amazingly gorgeous and I think we'd look SUPER cute together 😏 what do you say, will you be mine? ❤️

Omg yes!! 💖💞

So tell me why all the kids in my summer camp think me and my co worker is going out

Ive gotten “Yall look cute together”

“oh how long have yall been together”

“You better back down you know thats Ms.Aaliyah’s boyfriend”

Mind you these kids is age 11-14 and I just met him when they met him as well

He cute and all but im tryna get this money 

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You're really beautiful! And you and your boyfriend look so cute together. <3


Omg i thought there was a little spider crawling on the wall but i looked closer and it was actually like four ants carrying a crumb together it looked so cute lol i appreciate the teamwork but ger the fuck out of my kitchen :s