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Source: 56号のまゆみこぉ
Artist: muku
Pairing: Mayu/Mikoto

Scanlation: larabarq
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Decided to do something quick to make up for my absence and what better than a MayuMiko comic? I adore these two and will probably scanlate more of their stuff in the future.

Also, the images look horrible when I post them as a photoset. This is because the actual size (width mainly) of the images is rather small. For better viewing pleasure, you can either view them on my tumblr MOBILE OR (the preferred) right click - open link in new tab for the original size.

We’ll face them with our main forces too!

Bungo Stray Dogs ch.47


“Y/N! Stop!” A familiar voice called out.

You turned from your trunk, where your next victim was lying. Looking up at you with terror in his eyes.

“Reid how did you find-”

“I know you, Y/N. Even though you quit the BAU.” he interrupted you, “Please. You don’t have to do this.”

“You know I have to.” you shook your head at his pleading.

“I know he’s done some awful things. I know he-”

“He murdered seven children! Then got off on a technicality! He needs to pay.” you exclaimed, reaching to close the trunk of your car.

You stopped when you heard the click of Spencer’s gun.

“Stop.” he commanded, “This makes you no better than them.”

You shook your head, “Spencer…” You let the name drift off of your lips. Hanging between you.

“Y/N…” he replied, unshed tears starting to fill his eyes, “Please don’t make me do this.”

“Spencer, you can’t stop me. Either shoot me, or let me go. I have to do this.” you whispered the last part to him.

Spencer closed his eyes and took a deep, shuddering breath, calming himself.

When he opened them again, he made his choice.

@ambrosia-vinca replied to your photoset “katikidraws: Teaching Myself To Draw: February 18, 2017 I worked on…”

That portrait might be one of the best you’ve ever done, the eyes and the area around them are really really well done :) As for the mouth, it’s the bottom lip that’s the problem I think, it’s a bit too much to the left (our left)

Thank you!!! I feel the same. I keep looking at it and thinking, ‘wait, did I paint that?’ I think when I did that last eye color palette eye study something clicked, because I felt the eyes were much less frustrating to paint than usual and they look much better.

And yes! I think that is what’s wrong with the lips. Thank you! It was driving me nuts. Sometimes a second set of eyes looking at a piece is what it needs most. Now to see if I can actually fix it without making them look terrible. ;P

Possibly the best moment of my life?

I’d never done a photo op with the boys before, and the whole thing was amazing.

As soon as I stepped up Jared plucked the bags from my hands and gave me this hopeful puppy look. So I explained what I wanted to do and Jensen nodded with that “I got this” look he gets and put his hands on my shoulders to guide me between them. 

Click, the picture is taken and we break apart. Then Jared gave me the hopefully puppy look again and tucked the bags under his shirt like the cutie pie dork that he is.

“Yes, they’re for you, I’m not going to take them from you.”

He fucking grinned and I thanked them, hoping that they didn’t notice my trembling fingers.

And then it got even better in the autograph line.

Jared busted out laughing when he saw how the photo turned out, “I love it! This is great!”

So I thanked him and asked if the gummy bears were gone already.

“Oh yeah, they’re gone.”

“Did you share?”


“Jared! Shame on you!”

“I don’t share gummys. They’re too good.”

“You know, I considered for a hot second buying you the three pound bag of them, but I thought that Jensen would kill me for enabling you to get that much of a sugar rush.”

Jared gave me a look that very clearly said “Oh my god, three pound bag.” and then laughed.

“Actually, all the other passengers on our flight back tonight would have probably wanted to kill you because I’d be farting up a storm if you allowed me to have that many…

…that was kind of gross to say, wasn’t it?”

“Jared, we hear the set stories and we see the gag reels. We know you. Nothing about what you just said surprises anyone hearing this.”

The girl I had been standing next to in line nodded in agreement and Jared laughed again.

“Yeah, I guess that’s true. Thanks for the bears!”

“Thanks Jared, have a great night!”

“You too!”

And if that glorious and hilarious interaction wasn’t great enough, then there was Jensen’s autograph line.

As I approached the table, Mark Sheppard finished up his autographs and came over to Jensen.

“You out?” Jensen said, leaning back in his chair to talk to Mark.

“Yeah. Hugs and kisses to the family, alright? I’ll see you soon,” Mark extended his hand and Jensen took it, giving it a shake.

“Yeah, you too, man, give your family a hug for me.”

Is it weird how excited I was seeing them act so casually friendly? Probably…

Then Jensen turned back to the table and pulled my photo toward him, picking up a sharpie again.

“Hi Jensen.”

He looked up, clearly still in his own little world and not paying attention, “What?”

I bent down slightly and raised my voice, smiling, “Hi Jensen!”

He just grinned and signed the picture.

Luckily for him, I had thought ahead and picked up extra bags of gummy bears, which I then presented to him.

“I heard Jared didn’t share. So these are specifically for you.”

He took them quickly with a look toward Jared’s table, making sure he hadn’t seen before stuffing them in his pocket.

“You know what gets me? He didn’t even eat these until I introduced him to them. That was all me! Now he waltzes around all ‘Ah man, gummy bears are my favorite!’ (This, said in a mocking tone with a dopey face). No! Get your own favorite!”

“What a copier!”

“I know, right?!”

“Well, those are just for you, so enjoy them.”

“Thanks.” (Another grin.)

“Thank you! Have a good night, Jensen.”

“You too.”

It was astounding. I’d never heard Jensen talk so much in an auto line, it was like witnessing a double rainbow.

Needless to say, it was one of the best con experiences of my life.

Dating Start...? Pt.1

“You’ll have to load your SAVE file and… well, in the meantime, why don’t you see that creepy kid in Snowdin, Chara? I don’t really know that much, but it seems like you two could have been better friends…” 

The flower muttered in a defeated fashion, looking up from the floor and staring at the sweat-wearing child in front of him. “S-see you soon, I guess?” With that, the flower disappeared into the ground and left Frisk all by themselves; two options appearing before them.

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Their shoes clicked against the metal flooring as they exited the Core, halfway across the bridge when their phone started ringing. Fumbling through their pockets for a moment, the child eventually found what they were looking for and pulled the device out and answered it; putting it up to their ear and making a little noise of acknowledgement.

“U-um… hey Frisk, it’s me!” A familiar, childish voice rang out from the phone, making the child let out a questioning squeak. “Yeah, C-Chara… (Rei stop giggling I’m trying to talk!). I, um…” The girl started with nervousness in her tone, which made Frisk let out a curious little coo.

There was a bit of incomprehensible chatter between the two siblings on the other end, but eventually Chara spoke back up. “I… I just wanted to say I’m sorry for that thing in the Core, the d-dare was stupid.” The girl began, her blushing could practically be heard in her voice. 

The pacifist child giggled and smiled as they remembered the cute little incident rather vividly, seeing as it only happened a bit before they fought Ultimate Undyne. Chara stopped talking for a moment at the laugh, but upon receiving a few words of encouragement from her brother continued on. 

“S-since I promised to treat you to dinner earlier, and I didn’t make good on that promise at the U.U. Resort…” Chara took a deep breath, trying desperately to not screw this part up any more than she’d probably already had. “Would… would you like to come over and, I dunno, have dinner with me? We recorded your match against Undyne so we could watch that for some entertainment. If you want to, that is. Feel free to say no.”

Frisk blinked at the request… shortly before a grin grew on their face.

Sure, that sounds nice. <  >  ♥ It’s a date!

“A d-d-date?!” Chara stammered, completely flustered by the other child’s choice of words. It was too late to argue with them though, Frisk had already hung up and was now running straight towards the river person’s boat with the power of DETERMINATION in their step.

“I knew it! I knew it!” Asriel yelled out upon hearing Chara’s nervous reaction, bouncing up and down excitedly and clapping his paws together like he’d just been given the keys to a candy shop. “I knew Frisk liked you! There was a reason our date just felt like a game!” Rei didn’t seem at all distraught by what he was saying; having come to think of Frisk as a friend more than anything.

“Now! While I fix some dinner AND dessert for the two of you, you-… Chara what are you doing?” The peppy goat child started, having turned to his sister… and saw her curled into a ball on the floor with her hood pulled completely over her face. “CHARA! This is no time to be hiding in hoodie town! You need to go get ready for your date, right now!” Rei barked orders at his sibling, stamping his little feet in a bossy fashion.

“Stop calling it a d-date, Rei!” Chara yelled back tensely, curling up even tighter and doing her best to hide her beet-red face. Asriel crossed his arms and stared at her for a moment, and when she didn’t get up he let out an annoyed huff and walked over to her. With zero effort whatsoever, he picked Chara up and carried her right out of the room. “Guess I gotta do everything myself, then!”

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My Sasu+Saku Canon Songs <3 Part 3 Special

This is the “official” Naruto SS Canon song and should therefore be the finish song <3 

(Hope you enjoy (^-^)/)

The festival at the end of August was lively and overflowing with people
I put on a yukata and geta
Making clanking and clicking sounds
When the two of us looked up at the suddenly risen fireworks
I secretly stole a glance of your face watching them in a trance

Although it would be better if I’d come to hate you
On a day like today
I’d remember you again for sure

Not knowing these kinds of feelings would have been great  
Although we will now never meet again  
I want to, I want to see you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me

If we grew a little tired, we’d sit down on the roadside
Listening to the distant sound of the orchestra
The whistling sounds and strings reverberating  
A brocade cap bloomed bigger and bigger in the night sky
Summer will end in a little while
It suddenly becomes painful

I launched my reversed heart
Laughing “ahaha” and
Saying “I love you”  
We kissed

I’ll forget all about you now  

This is just too sad  
Why must we have met?
If I close my eyes
It’ll be like you’re there even now

Sweet sighs
Tinged with a slight fever, I was in love with you
In that voice and in those eyes  
If I notice, time is passing by
But I’ll still search for a trace of you

I looked up at the fireworks all by myself
Making my heart prickle with pain
Very soon, the next season  
Will arrive  
I had watched the transient fireworks with you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me