they look awkward


There has been a breakthrough in the world genetics and engineering, scientists have made the first successful mutants or super humans, MONSTER. MONSTER consists of nine men whose purposes had been specifically schemed since long before their births. However, nine of them started to rebel and had escape to different countries.



“Y'know, I think you’re pretty awesome yourself, Deborah Kim.”

Okay, super super self-indulgent art time but I just love these two and I had to draw it! XD It’s probably right before they set up a trap for Jason, so everything’s tense and scary. And Tommy’s a good deal taller than her (even if the in-game models aren’t that much different in height, Thom Matthews is about 6 foot, and Deborah’s canonically supposed to be “small and slight” which is why she’s so stealthy) so he probably had to bend down, and she might even be on her toes just to kiss him.

(She’s totally a giggly mess in the last picture too XD)

this is the face of a tired and happie boi that is rly excited to go to the library i’m goin to learn how to make kites and i’m going to fly them it’s a whole fun day for me yoshiko i hope everyone else gets to do something that they enjoy and are drinking enough water while they’re at it and if not then i’m sorry friendo hmu and i’ll try and make your day sunshiney unless you don’t like sunshine then i will make it overcasty thank you for viewing my face and look i’m on a big wall how cool is that it’s like i’m actually successful but i’m not really bc idk i play a lot of video games instead of working but i do work a ton i’m not lazy aaaaaaaaaa 


Getting in a little sun while working on a tailet for his best friend. I kinda liked the lineart version of this better, but I had already colored it so have both. 

[voluntarily flings self into the pits of Voltron hell]

I have accepted my fate.

[edit: made some minor adjustments to the anatomy - and now i must sleep for 16 hours *passes out*]