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Fluffy HC: yuuri knits to help his anxiety, victor finds out and begs yuuri to make hims a sweeter yuuri's like "ive never done something that complex but ok" so he dose but it looks AWFULL victor dosent care he's just so amazed at his yuuri that he wares it everyware to work ,fancy restrants ect. Yuuri is so happy that he starts knitting more things for victor who is more than happy to ware anything his yuuri makes no matter how ridiculous he looks covered in differnt brightly cloord knits

no matter how terrible XD
Also, i think Victor wearing awkwardly knitted sweaters is just SO FUCKING CUTE

Fred x reader (slytherin party.)

Fred/Slytherin reader where she takes him to some silly, classy pureblood Halloween party please~

“I would love you to take a boy to our yearly Halloween party.” You spat all your milk over the large dining table. It was the first time.. EVER. That your mom began over boys. “I never had to bring anyone.” Your mom smiley. “A charming boy approached me with his friend. He came up with the idea. The adults are always bringing their husbands and wives. You are sixteen I think it’s time you bring a candidate for marriage.” Your father entered the room clapping in his hands. “That is an excellent idea.” You rolled your eyes. “Mom who came to you?” Your mom sat down on the chair next to you. “The son of narcissa and Lucius its an lovely boy maybe you can take him.” You slammed your fist on the table. “When?”
Your father sat down on the chair across the table. “It doesn’t matter (y/n) (y/l/n). You are bringing a pureblood boy end of discussion!” You sighed and walked out of the dinning room.

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Luke and chibi Luke are here to remind you that LUKE GARROWAY IS A MAIN CHARACTER!

Did I already said that I had a Pullip? Since a little bit more than a year, now. She’s called Nasturtium and it sounds way better in French 😂

And she’s badass because she’s ridin’ a fuckin’ bunny. 😘🐇

(Pullip Alice Du Jardin, I got it for my birthday, thx grandma ily 💕)

(Sorry for the bad quality, I took this pic with my phone and it’s actually late here ; I tried with the flash but her hair looks awfull with it)

In the beginning of AC3 I liked Haytham-especially Charles Lee a lot. Lee was such a nice and kind person. And it is worth to mention, he looked physically alright. Clean, intelligent and had his personal humor. But after joining the Templars he looked just awfull with his face and hair. It’s like the Templars are like drugs. I mean look at his face after all these years. Power can change so many things in a person. 

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Dedicated to snogfairys fic t&t, it’s really awsome and if you haven’t read it you should!

So this is my first fanart ever, hope it’s not too bad.. I started making it a week ago and now it’s finally done!

So this is Natsu, looking at Lucy, looking at Natsus sketch while working.

Ok, so I reached 800 followers and I wanted to do something special about this. So here I am with my first follow forever, please don’t laugh about my picture, I don’t know how to call that, I’m that part of the fandom who is not good at doing graphics or writing fan fictions. 

I want to say thank you to all the blogs I follow for filling my dash, you are the best. Let’s start with this, I have no idea how to do this, but I’ll do it in my style.


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Sam: Hello there!  Well, golly, you look AWFULL FAMILIAR!

Li'l Dean: Hello, Moosie Person.  I’m LI'L DEAN.  

Sam: Well, hello Li'l Dean!  What brought you here?

Li'l Dean: It’s a TRAGICAL STORY!

Li'l Dean: I’m th’ result of a WRITER’S ROOM that’s DESPERATELY tryin’ to keep in touch with th’ CW DEMOGRAPHIC by increasingly resortin’ to FAN FICTION TROPES instead of delvin’ into ORIGINAL CONCEPTS in the HORROR GENRE.

Sam: Welp, sorry about your terrible fate.  Can Da Moose help?

Li'l Dean: Yeah, Moosie Person.  Where do you keep the ROTGUT WHISKEY and GIRLIE MAGS?