they look awfull

I was triying to find a nicely cool fanart of mi favorite characters from Rune Factory 4 (i’m playing  it right now), ‘cause jeez, i’ve been playing harvest moon and rune factory since EVAH!! (since snes!!! xD i love this games!!), and Leon, Dylas and Vishnal are mi favs of ALL the games…

And i couldn’t find one reeeaaaaly cool, so well, i’m making One. <3 of Dylas <3 <3 y love him, and Leon and Vishnal (he’s soooo damm cute), but, i’m triying to marry him :’D (not yet…. snif)

I really could use some suggestions about the shape, body, and colors (y)

Dylas is a Character of Rune Factory 4 Namco, for Nindendo 3DS

Pd: i know the neck looks awfull… but is a work in progress ñ.ñ tee hee

Ok, so I reached 800 followers and I wanted to do something special about this. So here I am with my first follow forever, please don’t laugh about my picture, I don’t know how to call that, I’m that part of the fandom who is not good at doing graphics or writing fan fictions. 

I want to say thank you to all the blogs I follow for filling my dash, you are the best. Let’s start with this, I have no idea how to do this, but I’ll do it in my style.


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And I think this is it. Maybe I’ll do another follow forever in the future and maybe until then I’ll follow more amazing blogs. I love your blogs, you make my day better. Thank you ^^


Dedicated to snogfairys fic t&t, it’s really awsome and if you haven’t read it you should!

So this is my first fanart ever, hope it’s not too bad.. I started making it a week ago and now it’s finally done!

So this is Natsu, looking at Lucy, looking at Natsus sketch while working.