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whats your first impression of each rising sign?

aries rising: friendly // looks out for themselves

taurus rising: calm // sweet n stubborn

gemini rising: disorganized // animated & cute

cancer rising: motherly // strong & a fighter

leo rising: big-hearted and funny

virgo rising: helpful // takes on everything for everyone

libra rising: creative n aloof // bit love-crazy

scorpio rising: polarizing // observant n manipulative

sagittarius rising: in peoples face // bigger than life

capricorn rising: downers 

aquarius rising: weird im sorry but reeally weird

pisces rising: can come across as anything listed above depending on the day and who their with ^ 

sisterzoned ft. kang daniel (pt.1)

summary: you’re sisterzoned by your crush the moment you two meet, will you ever have a chance?

length: 1.7k

a/n: so i was cleaning my room and came across my journal that i wrote in when i was at the young age of T H I R T E E N and legit all i wrote about was about this crush i had that completely sisterzoned me within one minute of meeting r i p m e. and you can say i’ve never had a serious crush after that lmao and then i was getting all angsty so i decided to write a scenario based on it its super tragic and like i have not talked to him since like 6 years ago HAHAHAH but I DECIDED TO WRITE ON DANIEL so let me know what you think of this!! 

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part 2 is here

  • your parents had signed you up to some sort of “cultural learning” camp that went for 2 weeks without telling you
  • you were from busan and the trip was to seoul during the school holidays
  • and for you being away from home for 2 weeks was a long time
  • and on the camp it was gonna be full of other high school students who were probably forced to go as well lmao
  • luckily your best friend doyeon was also going as your parents had discussed about this behind your backs
  • so here you were at the airport with a massive luggage and your best friend by your side
  • and you guys were surrounded by about 30 or so strangers who you’d never seen before and most looked just as distressed
  • there were also some adults that were like “leaders” for the camp but they were  more like middle aged parents
  • you sighed
  • the leaders started marking the roll
  • “kang daniel?”
  • no one responded or raised their hand so the teacher moved on to the next name which was yours as you were also a kang
  • when she nearly finished marking the roll a boy ran to the teacher and he seemed to be breathless probably having just run in to the airport
  • “sorry i’m late!” chirped the boy
  • he was carrying a big duffel bag and held a weird looking racket in his hand
  • you couldn’t see his face but you couldn’t help but think that he had such a wide back and wide shoulders lmao
  • he talked to the leader for a bit and joined this other tall boy who was by himself and they gave each other a  bro hug
  • finally the roll was done and everyone began to check in, then go through security etc.
  • finally everyone was at the boarding gate and there was still an hour til boarding time so there was time to mingle and get to know people
  • and at this point you and doyeon had not spoken to anyone at all as you were both really tired and ceebs 
  • you glanced around curiously looking at those around you and seeing if there was anyone else that looked friendly that you and doyeon might be able to approach to make friends
  • your eyes landed and lingered on the boy who’d come in late 
  • now that you could see his face he seemed really familiar and cute 
  • “hey doyeon is it just me or does that guy who came in late look familiar to you?” 
  • doyeon also looked over at him and after a few seconds she slapped your arm
  • “really omg the basketball player???” you asked 
  • doyeon nodded in response, “what the heck is he doing on this camp” 
  • you didn’t notice that you and doyeon were actually pretty loud and daniel and his friend had heard you so they walked over to you guys 
  • you and doyeon looked at each other in embarrassment and you wanted to dig a hole 
  • “hey guys i think i heard you guys say that i go to your school” said daniel smiling as he approached you and doyeon 
  • “yeah!” replied doyeon “we didn’t mean to be creepy you just looked familiar” 
  • “that’s cool so you guys go to xx high school as well?”
  • “yeah! except this girl is transferring schools” replied doyeon as she patted you on the back sadly 
  • the thing was your dad had gotten a new job on the outskirts of busan so your family was moving there
  • and now that the popular basketball player from the year above was talking to you you were slightly upset about transferring :((
  • “oh what that’s such a shame” said daniel
  • and he looked at you with a bunny smile and wow your heart started racing and it’ll be while since you felt that way
  • the friend who was with daniel introduced himself
  • “hey i’m ong seongwoo, not hong seongwoo not wong seongwoo but ong seongwoo” said seongwoo emphasising the ong i had to
  • you guys all introduced yourselves and seongwoo offered for you guys to all wait together as where they were sitting had a lot of space
  • daniel came over and helped you and doyeon take the luggage
  • you’d already started pulling your luggage but he took it from you
  • and you couldn’t help but be touched by such a small gesture
  • you guys all talked and got to know each other better 
  • and it was cool how you guys all went to the same school
  • and honestly you became really sad at the idea of having to transfer schools…….you wanted to know daniel more honestly speaking 
  • and maybe you guys would talk at school if you didn’t have to transfer 
  • when it was time for boarding you ended up standing next to daniel and you were a little nervous bc before it was in a group so everyone was talking to each other and over each other 
  • “hey y/n you know what i realised we have the same last name” said daniel
  • “yeah we do” 
  • “you know i’m an only child and i’ve always wanted a younger sister and you’re just so small and cute so can i adopt you as my younger sister?” asked daniel
  • you were surprised at the request but you agreed happily 
  • he said i was cute you kept repeating to yourself as you smiled 
  • you were happy that he was going to call you sister bc that meant he wanted to be close to you and you couldn’t help but be happy at that 
  • the funny thing was tho his older brotherly instincts turned on immediately as you didn’t think he would ACTUALLY treat you like a younger sister 
  • he always called you sister or sis in this really cute tone 
  • on the plane when you couldn’t finish the food he helped you eat it and ruffled your hair
  • he ALWAYS ruffled your hair and you loved it 
  • when he found out you liked kpop he’d call you sistarrrrr and tease you about it 
  • which was cute but annoying 
  • during the camp he always cared for you and asked how you slept 
  • he sometimes even bought you drinks and snacks and gave you medicine when you were unwell
  • one time when walking on the sidewalk a car passed by pretty closely and he made you walk on the inside 
  • one time the elevator was super packed but you really needed to get in so you were kinda squished against daniel sort of against the wall while you awkwardly staring at his chest 
  • one time everyone at camp visited some old building and you got a lot of dirt and dust on your jacket. when you guys came out daniel was like: “hey sis you got your jacket dirty i’ll get it off for you” and he just patted it all of straight away 
  • one time everyone was taking a group photo and just before the camera clicked he’d put his arm around you 
  • one time when walking around hongdae you’d stopped to pick up a call from your mum and daniel was the only one who patiently waited for you on the sidewalk  
  • you just couldn’t figure him out bc honestly speaking he was such a nice guy and treated every girl really well 
  • so those “moments” probably didn’t mean anything to him bc they were little things but they meant so much to you 
  • but then it wasn’t like he waited for every girl??
  • you were an older sibling at home and were always the one watching out for others
  • but now that someone was watching out for you made you feel really special and loved 
  • and he called you his sister which should be a clear sign of the sisterzone??
  • but you couldn’t help but think that maybe he did like you?? bc everything he did confused you 
  • another time at night a few people were gathered playing the pocky game 
  • daniel had the pocky and jisung spun the bottle……………and it landed on you 
  • you were frozen and your mind was blank as you didn’t know how to react 
  • you looked up and met eyes with daniel…and well they looked a bit hopeful? he was laughing and his eyes turned into crescents but they looked kinda hopeful 
  • everyone else was cheering and chanting 
  • before you could make a decision another guy jaehwan who was super hyper and getting impatient did it instead 
  • you sat there in a daze, half regretting it bc you wanted to have your first kiss with someone you liked and you were sure you liked daniel 
  • but you were scared and a nervous wreck 
  • honestly though you liking daniel was a gradual process there wasn’t a defining moment on when you started to like him 
  • but you knew when was the confirming moment of you liking daniel 
  • the moment itself was pretty stupid because it wasn’t related to you but it made your heart melt 
  • it was when everyone was at a two storey restaurant and suddenly daniel had to go downstairs
  • you were curious as to where he went so you excused yourself and went downstairs 
  • and you saw daniel with an elderly couple which you soon found out were his grandparents 
  • you observed the way he interacted with them and how tender he was with them 
  • most 16 year olds who were the star basketball player of their year would not want to be seen in public with their relatives
  • but here was daniel, clinging onto his grandma and talking to her with the most admirable smile
  • you couldn’t help but feel you heart beat 
  • a family oriented guy plus a nice personality and good looks what more did you need?
  • you smiled to yourself as you headed back upstairs
  • soon the camp came to an end and you enjoyed the 2 weeks so much 
  • they were in fact the best 2 weeks of your life bc you’d met daniel 
  • also by the end of the camp literally everyone was questioning whether you two were a thing or not and he always just gave a laugh and brushed it off as he said “look at y/n she’s my awesome sister” 
  • at the airport he’d given you a big hug and you swear it was slightly longer than the hugs he gave to the other girls 
  • he’d said to you “thanks for being the best little sister” and he’d ruffled your hair 
  • you nodded and couldn’t even come up with a coherent answer because you wanted the past 2 weeks to go on forever 
  • you didn’t want to not see daniel again 
  • you wished you weren’t transferring schools 
  • on camp daniel had whined a lot about you transferring schools 
  • after the camp you and daniel became facebook friends and talked a few times
  • but you honestly were super awkward online and didn’t know what to  talk about so after a month or so you and daniel lost contact even though there was the title of facebook friends 
  • 5 years went on like that 
  • the school you had transferred to was an all girls school and you barely had any contact with any other guys 
  • so daniel was basically the first and last guy you had really liked he was like your first love
  • but then again it was just a fleeting camp crush right?
  • during this time you did see some pictures of daniel on facebook from time to time
  • but that was it you never initated to talk to him on facebook because you were too scared and embarrassed to do so
  • plus you were sure you had moved on from him thats what you thought girl 
  • but one day as you were mindlessly scrolling through facebook on the bus you came across a picture
  • of daniel kissing a girls cheek
  • and you suddenly felt your heart tear into pieces 
  • and you didn’t even know why 

ok lmao idk anymore HAHAHA let me know what you guys think!! i’ll have part 2 coming soon hopefully and the remaining of my first meeting au! series :) 

masterlist is here

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The kids meet uncle Coran when he comes to help with Keith's book editing!!! Aka the addition of another family member lo

[The Voltron Family] The kids were at home because there was an event in their school that didn’t required the elementary kids to attend, so Keith had to stay home to work. The doorbell rang and little Hunk opened the door. There stood a man with red hair and—

Hunk: *tilts his head* *shouts* Daddy Keith! There’s a weird man with a weird big moustache at our door!
Coran: *surprised* Oh! I’m no weird man, little fella!
Keith: *appears from the bathroom* *sees the weird man* *smiles* Coran! You made it! I hope you didn’t get lost?
Coran: *waves his hand* I didn’t. Your instructions were very clear. And who might this young fella be? *looks at Hunk*
Keith: *picks up Hunk* It’s little Hunk. Our eldest. *kisses Hunk* This is Coran, sweetie. Daddy’s editor. 
Coran: *smiles and waves at the boy* Aren’t you a bit old already to be carried by your daddy?
Hunk: *frowns* *wobbly lips* *hugs Keith*
Coran: *guilty* Oh I’m sorry, little boy. I didn’t mean to.
Keith: My baby’s never too old. As long as Daddy can carry you— *gets a kiss from Hunk* *smiles* *turns back to Coran* Why don’t you come inside?
Coran: It’s my first time here and *whistles* Amazing, Keith. This is such a beautiful house. *enters*
Keith: *chuckles* Well, Shiro and I had wanted kids and we wanted them to have a space of their own. 
Coran: *walks with Keith* That’s nice and it’s really big. Big but homey. Where’s the husband? At work?
Keith: *nods* Yeah, just me and the kids today. I want you to meet them. *puts Hunk down by the living room sofa* *shouts* Lance! Pidge! Get down here. 

Little loud footsteps were heard coming from the second floor, the sound of kids running down the stairs. As soon as Lance stepped on the last one, he held out a hand for little Pidge to help her down.

Coran: *coos* So adorable.
Lance and Pidge: *walks hand in hand to the living room*
Lance: Are we having lunch already, Daddy? 
Coran: *waves at them* Hello, little ones.
Pidge: *scrunches her noise* Weird man with a weird accent.
Keith: *gasp* Pidge! Where are your manners?! 
Coran: *giggles* Oh it’s fine, Keith. This must be Pidge and Lance. I’m Uncle Coran, your Daddy’s editor and I’m here to help him with work today.
Lance: *brightens up* *sits down beside Coran* Really? What is Daddy writing? He never told us. Said it was a secret. 
Pidge: *climbs up the sofa with Coran’s help* Does it have ‘spearments?
Coran: *looks at the three kids sat beside him* It’s actually about three children. *smiles at Keith knowingly*
Keith: *shakes his head fondly* I’ll just go get some snacks while you kids talk to Uncle Coran. Any of you want anything specific?
Lance: Chocolate crinkles please! If Hunk hasn’t finished them all yet. *snickers while looking at Hunk playfully*
Hunk: *shock* I did not! There are still some left! *turns to Keith* Chocolate milk for me and cookies please?
Pidge: Can I have gummy worms? Daddy Shiro didn’t let me eat last night. *frowns* Said it was bad for my tummy at night. But he didn’t say they were bad in the morning!
Keith: Noted. And you, Coran?
Coran: Just tea would be fine, Keith. Thank you.

Keith left to go to the kitchen to prepare there food, leaving Coran with the kids to tell them about the book he was writing. His phone rang and he fished it out from his jeans pocket.

Keith: *opens the fridge* Hey, baby? What’s up?
Shiro: Just checking in. Did Coran made it there just fine?
Keith: *grabs chocolate crinkles* Yeah. He’s here now actually. He’s with the kids at the moment while I’m preparing snacks. Also, *eyes at the gummy worms* You told Pidge she couldn’t eat gummy worms last night and she’s thinking she’s fine to eat it now since you didn’t say anything about it in the morning. *opens the pack and pours some to a saucer*
Shiro: Did she now? *chuckles* She’s really sharp.
Keith: *smiles* She is. Smart little girl. She got it from her Daddy Keith. *pours chocolate milk*
Shiro: *scoffs* Excuse you. She got it from her Daddy Shiro.
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Proof or it didn’t happen. *prepares tea*
Shiro: I will get you for that later, Kogane. 
Keith: I love you, too, sweet pea. *laughs* Now get back to work. Don’t have too much fun without me.
Shiro: I’ll try. *chuckles* Love you more, red bean. Always and Forever.
Keith: *laughs* God, we’re so disgusting. Now get off the phone! 

Kiss Me Better (6/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 835

Summary: Shopping with Bucky.

Warnings: Anxiety

A/N: Double update this week cuz it’s gonna be a bad one for me. I’ve got final papers, projects, and exams, PLUS I’m about to get my period and I can already tell it’s gonna be an ugly one. TMI, right? Ok, I’ll shut up now.

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You figured bottoms would be the easiest, so you started there. Grown Bucky had a preference for sweats and basketball shorts, and little Bucky proved to be no different. When you reached the shirts is where you started having problems.

The section was massive, so you began to sift through the closest rack, pulling everything that was his size out to show him. You didn’t realize he’d frozen at the daunting task before him. The sound of rapid breathing caught your attention. His eyes began to pool with tears, and his chest was heaving.

“Woah, hey. It’s ok,” you tried to calm him, but he couldn’t be snapped out of it. You frantically looked around for a spot that wasn’t so loud or cluttered, but came up empty. You saw a door on the adjacent wall that read ‘Employees Only’ and dropped everything you’d been holding. “I’m going to pick you up and take you somewhere quiet, ok?” You scooped Bucky up and bolted to the door, only setting him down when you found the break room.

He looked around momentarily, and you jumped on it. “Hey sweetie, look at me.” You smiled when he did. “Breathe with me, ok?” You began taking deep breaths, and he followed. Once he’d had enough control over himself, you began to breath slower and steadier. “That’s it. Keep going,” you encouraged.

“So many,” his voice was shaky.

“I know. I have an idea, but you take your time and settle down for now.” You looked around and took note of the vending machines in the room. “You want some water?” He nodded and continued his breathing as you fetched his beverage. He was ready to head back out when he’d finished it.

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Jaehee reacting to transmale!MC

i’m not trans myself and don’t really know anyone who is, so sorry if this is inaccurate on any level but at least i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (to the one who requested this, i also didn’t know if you wanted a reaction or general headcanons, so i wrote both)

First meeting

  • She had of course expected you to be a girl, after Seven had jokingly described you as “a really cute girl”
  • She seemed so happy to finally have another woman in the RFA that understood her problems, that you didn’t have the heart to tell her that you didn’t identify with that anymore
  • Seven regreted his joke but you kind of thought it was funny to see all of the guys flirt with you, even if it wasn’t “you”, so you decided to wait with telling them all to the party
  • Whenever you talked to everyone on the phone, you spoke in a higher pitch than normal because you didn’t want to disappoint them, especially not Jaehee
  • What if she hated you for lying to her? What if she wasn’t into guys? (you realized that she probably was, considering her admiration for Zen, but anyone would be into that guy!) What if she was into guys, but you still looked too feminine for her?
  • To say it easy, you were really worried to meet her at the party
  • When the day finally arrived, you were standing nervously at the back of the crowd tryinig to hide from her, but the crowd pushed you forward
  • Now you could see her! Oh no, she was so much cuter in reality! Is she looking this way? Quick, hide behind that bush!
  • yes she wouldn’t be able to recognize you but still
  • “Do you need some help from God Seven on your mission to find love?”
  • You almost screamed in suprise when you noticed the red haired hacker was crouching next to you, but nodded
  • “C’mon then, let’s introduce you!”
  • You couldn’t help your squeel when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards Jaehee, practically skipping
  • “Oh hello, Luciel. Is this a friend of yours?”
  • “Jaehee, meet MC. MC, meet Jaehee”
  • wow Seven thanks for being subtle
  • Her jaw dropped as her eyes scanned you, making you blush
  • “Is this another one of your jokes? I mean, no offense to you, you look like a nice person, but… Umm… I was kind of expecting my best friend to be a girl?”
  • You saw how confused she was, and with Seven trying his best to not burst out laughing, you realized you had to explain it to her yourself
  • “Could I talk to you for a moment? Alone? I think I have a few things to clear up”
  • She agreed and led you to a quiet area, where she looked at you curiously
  • “So… As you might have noticed, I’m a guy”
  • “But how? You understood all of my problems - no offense to males of course, but I felt like you really understood me”
  • Scratching your neck nervously, you explained that you were born a girl, but didn’t feel comfortable with that and as you grew older, you realized you were transgender
  • She actually suprised you with a big hug, apologizing if she offended you in any way by expecting you to be female
  • When you assured her that you weren’t, she pulled away from the hug to take a proper look at you
  • “I’m very proud that you’re more comfortable with yourself now! If I can state my opinion, I do have to admit that you’re a really attractive guy… In addition to your attractive personality, of course! I am sorry if I just made things a bit weird”
  • Her cute little blush colored her cheeks, and you kissed her nose because she just looked so flustered
  • Shyly held your hand the entire night, providing you with support when you met the other RFA guys (who were all very accepting!)
  • Zen had an internal freakout when he realized he had been flirting with a guy though, much to Jumin’s amusement

General headcanons

  • She had heard the term before but didn’t know anyone who was trans, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t accepting!
  • Really curious about it though, so if you were comfortable with it she would ask a lot of questions
  • Honestly didn’t care about what your body looked like, she’s bisexual so she’s cool with everything
  • Always reminded you to take your testosterone pills!
  • Would get one of those jars to put spare money in to save up for your surgeries (if you hadn’t gotten them yet and wanted to)
  • If you wanted to go, she would definitely be up for going to a pride parade with you!
  • Very supportive in general


Omo #5

{requested by someone who would like to stay anon, but here you go!}

Jack and Felix were out at dinner, their girlfriends out having a night of their own with a few others. It wasn’t a planned dinner- Felix just got bored of the video games and wanted to go somewhere.

After their appetizers and refills of drinks came in, Jack started to feel a little push on his lower stomach, immediately knowing what it was. He ignored it for now, sharing the chicken wings with Felix as they talked nonsense about one thing or another.

They stayed there and talked for about an hour and a half, only 30 minutes of that spent actually eating.

As they were leaving, Jack paused, not sure if he should use the bathroom before they left or not. The hotel was normally about 20 minutes away, and he had to go pretty badly. He shrugged it off and decided he would wait, getting in the car and crossing his legs, squirming a little bit.

“You okay, dude?” Felix asked as he started the car. Jack nodded.

“Yeah, but can you hurry up a little? I shouldn’t have drank so much….” Jack mumbled the last part.

“You can go to the bathroom before we leave,” Felix said, looking at his friend. Jack shook his head and laughed nervously.

“No, I-I can’t do public bathrooms. Too weird,” He laughed a little bit, Felix joining in and driving home without asking any further questions.

Jack spaced out, bouncing his legs and staring out the window for the next ten minutes, only snapping out of it when Felix slammed on the breaks, causing Jack’s body to jerk forward and the seatbelt to dig into his bladder.

“Fuck!” He gasped, grabbing himself tightly and panting.

“Sorry, that truck came out of nowhere. There’s a pretty big traffic jam up ahead…” Felix noted, poking his head out the window to take a better look. Jack squirmed, keeping his hands between his legs.

“H-how bad is it?” He asked shyly. Felix squinted, shrugging.

“It’s pretty bad. Maybe another 20 minutes? 10?” Jack sighed and squirmed more.

“Jesus fuck, I gotta piss…!” He mumbled, crossing his legs again. Felix looked over at him, his face turning red as he watched his friend squirm. Jack looked up at him, blue eyes tinted red from the lights. “What’s that look for?” He asked, sitting up. Felix shook his head.

“Nothing. You gonna make it back?” He asked causally. Jack huffed.

“I don’t know, depends on how long this traffic takes. God, I have to go…” His voice trailed off again as he closed his eyes and bounced his legs more.

Felix drove forward again as the traffic cleared up about 10 minutes later, trying to ignore the bulge in his pants and the way his friend was squirming and whimpering next to him.

When they got back to the hotel, Felix quickly grabbed the room key and got into the elevator, pulling Jack with him. Jack dug his hands between his thighs again, sighing happily since they were alone.

Felix whistled casually, gasping and grabbing the wall as the elevator jerked to a stop. Jack winced and gripped himself tighter, ducking down and crossing his legs again.

“Jack? You okay?” He asked. Jack nodded.

“Fuck, I really have to piss…!” He muttered, breath shortened a little as he sat down on the floor.

“How long can you hold it?” Felix asked.

“I can’t! I can’t fucking hold it anymore, I’ve had to go for two and a half hours, and I can’t hold it anymore.” Jack sputtered out, bouncing his legs rapidly to keep from pissing himself. Just then, a voice came over the loudspeaker.

‘We are sorry for the delay. We will have you out in approximately one hour,’

Jack just slammed his head back against the wall. Felix looked at him, feeling a little bad for being turned on by his friend being in a desperate situation

“I can’t hold it anymore, Felix, fuck-fuck…!” Jack gasped, holding himself tighter as he felt himself leak a little. Felix huffed, grabbing Jack and pulling him into his lap. “F-Felix, what the fuck are you doing!?” Jack asked, a little panicked.

“Just piss,”


“Just. Do it.”

“Felix, I really, REALLY have to p-”

“Just do it.” Felix demanded, twisting Jack so he was backwards in Felix’s lap.

“P-please, Felix, I have to go! Really badly, just-” Jack paused, then whimpered, hesitantly letting go of himself before gasping and relaxing. Felix heard a soft hissing sound and watched Jack’s jeans darken, then moaned as he felt his own being drenched.

Felix started involuntarily grinding his hips up into Jack’s, biting his lip and tensing up. He had already teased himself in the car, so he wasn’t far from cumming in his jeans.

Jack leaned forward, burying his face in Felix’s neck as he drained his bladder. Felix gasped, jerking his hips upward one last time before cumming hard into his soaked jeans, then relaxing and just holding Jack.

“F-Felix, I-”

“It’s okay…” Felix said, closing his eyes. “It was really fucking hot,” he heard Jack giggle a little bit.

“You horny bastard….”

Imagine being Nick’s one and only go-to photographer:
“Would you pay attention and stop fooling around?” You laugh. As much as you love taking pictures of the hunky next-big-thing actor, Nick Robinson, he’s a bit hard to get non blurry pictures from. He’s constantly moving and making jokes and laughing. And when he isn’t doing that he’s doing weird dances and running around. And it’s totally hot! And if it weren’t totally unprofessional, you’d ask his charming, sexy ass out. But that’s unprofessional.
“I’m sorry.” He laughs again and you try not to focus on how hot it is. “I’ll be serious now.”
You look away from the camera’s viewfinder. “You said that about 30 minutes ago. And since then I’ve gotten maybe 4 recognizable pictures!”
“Okay okay.” He puts his hands up.
“Okay. Just, smile will you?” You look in your viewfinder again and find his face. You zoom out so you can get the bench he’s squatting on in the picture. You swallow hard and bite your lip as you stare at him through your camera. At least he can’t tell you’re staring, right? Just as you’re ready to take the picture he stands up and you get a giant blurry mess of his entire body jumping off the bench. “Hey! What gives?”
“I need to talk to you.” He says.
He walks up to you. “Alone.”
“Ugh.” You groan. You were so, so close to a good picture. “Okay guys!” You yell to the other workers. “Take five!”
“Or ten!” Nick shouts.
“Hey!” You slap his shoulder. “What did you want to talk ab–.” He puts his finger over your lips and says, “shhhh”.
“Not here.” He looks around.
You take his hand off your mouth and ignore the fire rushing through your veins. “What the hell are you talking about. There’s literally no one here!” You gesture to the giant emptiness all around you with both hands.
He rolls his eyes and grabs your hand. He takes you into a closet, turns on the light and shuts the door. You shake your hand from his grasp. “Okay. What is this about? Are you in some sort of trouble I should know about? Besides being completely unable to stand still for two seconds?” You realize you’re rambling slightly but, you’re kind of nervous.
He looks nervous too. “We’ve been friends for years now, right?”
“Uh, yeah. About 6. What’s going on?” You wish he’d clue you in already.
“Well. Do you like me?”
“Why else would I be friends with you? Of course I like you! You’re amazing!” You blush.
“No.” He says and takes a deep breath. His hands are shaky and he doesn’t seem like his confident self anymore, which scares you. “I mean. Do you like me? Like as more than a friend?”
And suddenly time freezes. Why would he ask you that? Holy shit! He knows! Does he know? He likes you! He likes you? Wait! So unprofessional. Right? Yeah. Yup. Totally unprofessional. You look into his eyes, he’s waiting expectantly.
“Uh….um….I….well you see…” You clear your throat. “It’s unprofessional.” SERIOUSLY?! Are you stupid? Of course you are. Okay. Time to get the hell out of dodge. So time to leave. You quickly brush past him towards the door. You turn the knob. And then the door slams shut again and you’re facing him, his hands on your shoulders.
And then his lips are on your lips.
Kissing you passionately. And anything you were thinking of doing or saying is gone. Your mind is blank and the world is spinning around you. Your head swims as his tongue dances with yours. Quickly you pull away, breathing hard.
Nick is breathing hard too. “Sorry….” He looks at the floor. Fuck professional!!!!
You stand on your tiptoes so you can cup his face. “I love you.” You say. Surprising yourself at how easy it was to say that and how true it feels.
He looks you in the eyes and pushes a piece of hair behind your ear. “You have no ifs how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” He smiles and you two kiss passionately again. You wrap your arms around his neck and he grabs you gently by the waist and pulls you closer to him. His warmth and smell surrounding you completely. And you’ve never been happier.
Nick is finally yours.

Smitten (Pt. 8 - Final)

Modern AU - Poe works at a record shop during the day and plays in a band at night. Reader is a cake shop owner.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Word Count: 2k

Summary: You and Poe sort things out and wonder if it’s worth it.

AN: Wow, I didn’t plan on making this a series until @propertyofpoeandbucky suggested it and I thought, “Hm, why not?” I figured I’d try it out and see how it is… Since I’ve read a handful of series that’s still on-going.. and boy, guys. I’ve never wanted to add so much more on here but felt it would’ve dragged it a bit too much. I love character conversations, it’s just tough to not make it sound needy or as if they’re just rambling. 

Thanks y’all! :) 

TAG: @misswinchester221b @propertyofpoeandbucky

Originally posted by credencesbarebone

You two manage to put up a front for Leia and Kaydel. Masking your emotions from them wasn’t easy, you’d fidget looking elsewhere and Poe’s body language said something else. Both of you left the penthouse and rode the elevator in silence. Standing outside of the building you looked up to Poe.

“What happens now?” you see him avoid your gaze.

“I don’t know,” he gave a faint smile.

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serial killer! au | donghyun (2)

part 1 of this crazy ass au

mentions of suicide and the ending sucks ass sorry man

  • you couldnt get him out of your mind for a solid 2 weeks after you met him
  • lowkey you wanted to smack yourself for actually kIND OF LIKING A SERIAL KILLER???
  • f off m8
  • after weeks and weeks (more like a couple of days lmao) of deliberating
  • you decided to walk down the path at 2:00 AM again
  • just in case he was there you know
  • you walked past the placed you first met him and heard grunting again
  • your heartbeat started to go wild
  • “jesus, i cant believe im doing this”
  • you walk down the hill, a smile lingering on your face
  • he was there digging a hole with a shovel and a dead body laying next to him
  • “hey, mr. serial killer” 
  • “oh, its just you” his hand was resting on his wildly beating heart
  • you nod your head, sitting down on the ground
  • “continue doing your work, i just need to be in the presence of somebody today”
  • he smiles down at you, taking off his jacket, “the ground is dirty… sit on my jacket instead”
  • he continues to dig the hole and finally he throws the girl in there
  • he starts to fill the hole up once again but stops turning towards you
  • “hey, _____…. this may sound a bit weird but i kind of need a ‘partner in crime’…. do you think you could help me out with that?”
  • um what
  • you open your mouth to say something but then close it immediately after
  • he sighs, running his hand through his hair, “you know, it was a stupid request anyway… im sorry-”
  • “no,” he looks over at you, “i’ll do it”

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New Life (Tony x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! Here’s a Tony one!! Well, it’s not really a romance one since their siblings so obviously it’s more like brother and sister relationship and yeah. Anyways, if you guys noticed, I broke up and marvel masterlist to like more parts because it had come to my knowledge that I had a lot more Bucky ones compared to the rest so I thought it was a bit messy. Okay okay, enough talking, enjoy!!

Request: Could I request a tony x little sister one where she shows up at the tower in the middle of the night upset. She goes right to his lab and runs to his arms telling him her bf was becoming controlling and cruel to her and she wants out. She has to wait till he fell asleep to leave the house. He shows up at her place with her in his suit so she can safely pack her belongings while her bf is frozen in the corner not daring to make a move

Warning: mentions of emotional abuse

Tony was examining all the new information of a new suit that he just created, swiping the screen to look at everything he had compiled, until he heard the doors to the lab open. Without glancing up, he just assumed that it was Bruce. “Hey, Banner, I thought you went to bed?”

There was no reply, making Tony frown as he turned to face the doctor but was surprised to find you standing there instead, your eyes wide and tear-filled. “Y/N?”

“Tony,” you called out before running straight into his arms, holding onto his waist tight as Tony went ‘oof’ from the sudden pressure. He felt your tears soaking his shirt as he wrapped his arms around you, one of his hands running up and down your back comfortingly.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Tony asked, his voice gentle. He was worried, you never really acted like this, you were witty and sassy, like him but the both of you were siblings so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

“I want out,” you said as you pulled back from Tony’s embrace, wiping away your tears as you looked more confident but Tony noticed the confidence faltering as you glanced away. “But I don’t know how.”

Tony cocked his head to the side in confusion as he held your shoulder. “Out from what?”

You bit your lips, was it a right choice to come find your brother? You knew how protective he could get of you but you had no choice. You let out a sigh. “I want to break up with Henry.”

You watched as Tony’s face changed the instant you said your boyfriend’s name. “I knew it had to be that bastard. What did he do to you?”

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A Blue Starfall | Chapter Two

Words: 2.6k

Total word count: 4.7k

General warnings: death mentions (not main characters)

Description: Phil is a botanist who enjoys going on hikes through the woods, when someday he walks into someone quite… particular. He didn’t believe in coincidences, so maybe it really was fate that guided his steps.

Read on AO3

Last Chapter // Masterlist // Next Chapter

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Request - SEVENTEEN TEXTS [Yoon Jeonghan] — Texts from the day after he cut his hair! He panicks a little but his s/o calms him down~

EDIT: I re-uploaded the first screenshot because instead of “hair color” in the last message, it said “change color” LOL. I edited it with paint (i was on my laptop and i was too lazy to take my phone and change it ughhh) so sorry if it looks weird? i think it’s okay tho. Also three people had already liked the post before I noticed the mistake ;; but here it is(?)

This request was very creative. Of course when he cut his hair I thought it was a very big change (and it took me a bit to get used to his new look LOL but I thought that he looked so good!!! ♡) but I never wondered what he could have felt or if maybe this happened, that he woke up the day after and didn’t remember that he cut his hair and when he saw himself in the mirror he was a little surprised yet. But now I really thought about it and I thought maybe this would happen 😂

I hope this was good~ and I hope you all like it as much as I did~ My askbox is always open, so feel free to leave a request if you have one!! Everyone have a good day~

Blue: Pt.14

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

Previous part: [Pt.13]

Warnings for this part: none

When you walked to work on the next morning you noticed that Minhyuk was still nowhere to be seen. On your way, you walked past a few dogs that only wagged their tails at you instead of barking.

Seems like Hoseok failed at dragging him out of his dark little cave.

“Good morning,” you greeted your coworkers when you arrived at the store.

“What happened to your lip?” Eunkyung asked when you came back from the staff room after changing your clothes.

“Some drunk guy attacked me yesterday,” you told her and she gave you a worried look. “I have a few bruises on my side but I didn’t sustain any serious injuries. I was lucky to… have a friend around who helped me get rid of him.”

She smiled a little. “That’s good.”

You were given some items to stack on the shelves so you kind of isolated yourself from the others and started with stacking some chips bags on their designated shelves. It was nice and quiet in the store since it was still quite early and there weren’t many customers. Everyone was doing their own tasks and your mood was good despite all the stuff going on in your private life.

You heard footsteps nearing you and turned to look at who it was.

Him again…

“Noona what happened to your lip?” the part-timer asked and started stacking some items on the shelf from the full basket he was holding.

“Don’t worry about it,” you said with a slight forced smile.

You both went quiet and just focused on doing your tasks. Then, when he was ready he walked over to you and started helping you with your pile of items.

“I didn’t-“

“I know you don’t want my help but I want to help you,” he flashed a charming smile to you.

You looked at him for a bit. “Oh, you’re wearing your name tag,” you said.

“Yeah, I finally found it,” he chuckled. “It was lost for a month. Guess where I found it,” he grinned.

You shrugged your shoulders since you had no idea.

“From one of my lunch boxes. I have no idea how it had ended up there,” he laughed and you gave him a small smile.

So his name is Hajoon…

“_____?” you heard Eunkyung’s voice call your name. “A customer is asking to see you,” she appeared in the end of the hallway and you looked at her before glancing at Hajoon.

“I’ll finish up here,” he smiled and you walked to Eunkyung who led you to the cashier where a customer was standing.

“Hyunwoo?” you were surprised to see the blue-eyed guy standing there with a plastic bag in his hand. “What are you doing here?”

“Let’s talk for a bit,” he said before walking to the door, exiting the store.

You followed him outside. “What is it?” you asked when you two had stopped in front of the store and were facing each other.

“I just came back from visiting Yuna,” he said. “I saw some suspicious-looking people walking near your place. They were blue bloods so I’m guessing they are somehow linked to the higher-ups.”

Oh, no…

“Be careful on your way home. Your place is starting to become less and less safe every day.”

You nodded and he walked away after giving you a look.

It was almost 5 pm but you were still at the convenience store. There were so many customers that you had to stay for a bit after you shift had ended.

“I’ll get going now,” you informed your coworkers whose shifts had just started.

“Thanks for helping us out,” they thanked you and you just gave them a smile before exiting the store.

You stopped after getting outside. Your eyes were glued on the person standing there who seemed to be staring at air. Minhyuk’s expression disturbed you. It didn’t look cold, it looked dead. He was expressionless but you could see that he was tired.

Hesitantly, you walked over to him and stopped next to him. “You came today,” you mumbled and looked at his side profile.

He turned his head and his expression didn’t change when he met eyes with you. His eyes were still the same beautiful shade of blue they had always been but the usual coldness was missing from them. That made your stomach twist a little.

Seems like he really went through some hard times during the past week…

“I didn’t have much of a choice,” he said, his voice sounding quieter and a little warmer than usual. He kept looking at you as if he was too tired to turn his head away.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

“Do you even have to ask? Do I look like I’m okay?” he asked with a little stronger tone, an amused smirk on his lips.

You shook your head.

“Yeah,” he finally looked away. “That’s what I thought,” he said with a quieter voice once again, looking at his feet.

You kept looking at him. His skin was paler than usual and his facial features were slightly more pointed than before which made you wonder if he had been eating at all.

He seems a little slimmer…

“Are you hungry?” you asked him after mustering up your courage.

I know he wants me to fear him and all that bullshit but I can’t help it. It’ll bug me later if I don’t do this now.

“A little,” he admitted which surprised you since you had been expecting an angry “you’re supposed to fear me, human”.

You quickly shook off the surprised feeling and you two met eyes when he lifted his head. “Want to go eat something small? Like grab a coffee or something?”

He just stared at you as if he was thinking about something.

“And even if you don’t want to eat, I was going to stop by a café anyway, so-“

“I’ll have coffee with you,” he said and pushed himself off the wall he had been leaning on. He started walking and you had to blink multiple times before you followed him.

Am I seeing things? Is that really Minhyuk? Something must be seriously wrong, he would never act like this normally.

You two sat down at a quiet corner table in the café you had decided to come have coffee at. You had bought two cups of coffee and two croissants - one of each for you, one of each for him.

Minhyuk slowly stirred his coffee with a teaspoon you looked at him. His expression was bothering you more than it should have.

“What makes you happy?” he asked suddenly.

Though you were flustered by the nature and suddenness of the question, you thought about it for a bit calmly. “Well, for example, seeing others happy makes me happy. Why?”

He shrugged, his eyes glued on the coffee he kept stirring. “Just wondering.”

“Are you asking that because you are trying to figure out alternative ways to feel happy? Like, you want to try if doing the things that make me happy would make you happy too?” you asked, making him stop and look at you. “Hoseok told me about why you’ve been gone.”

He let out a scoff and looked at his coffee again. “Of course he did, I should have known that.”

You quietly looked at him.

“You could call it something like that,” he answered your question, his expression changing a little.

“If you don’t mind me asking…” you started, stirring your coffee and looking at it. “Is your… weakness a person?”

He lifted his gaze and looked at you who kept your eyes on your coffee. “Mm hmm,” he hummed and you glanced at him.

“Is it-“

“What’s that?” he cut you off, staring at your bottom lip. “What happened?”

“Ah,” you slightly brushed your finger over the small cut on your lip. It had been easy to make it stop bleeding after going home the day before but it was still visible and there was slight bruising around it. “A drunk guy attacked me yesterday. Luckily Hoseok was passing by and helped me get rid of him.”

He quietly stared at the cut for a while. “Hoseok didn’t tell me.”


“Anyway, I’m glad he happened to be there,” he said with that unusually quiet and somewhat warm voice.

You furrowed your eyebrows a little and watched how he took a sip of his coffee.

Why is he acting like this? It’s giving me a bad feeling.

“I’m sorry for being gone so long,” he calmly said and looked at you. “I’m sorry for not being there to… protect you.”

“Okay,” you put your coffee down after taking a small sip out of it. “That soft spot stuff really messed you up, huh?”

He looked at you and gave a laugh while smirking. “Yeah, it did. But can you blame me? The only way for me to feel real happiness is to be around someone I hate. Imagine being in the same situation as me and the only thing that can bring you happiness is me. That would mess you up too.”

“I guess so… But why do you have to be around that person? Are you sure there’s no other way for you to feel happy?”

“I’m sure Hoseok already told you being the chatterbox he is, but this happiness is stronger than small happy moments like when you get to eat your favorite food or something. The happiness we get from our so-called weakness is unexplainable. It gives us such a strong feeling of happiness that we feel the desire to live again.”

“What do you mean by that?”

He looked at you. “It’s basically the reason we stay alive. Without that happiness, we would probably all just give up and kill ourselves.”

“So it’s that strong…”

“Yeah, which is why I’m trying my best to endure the fact that my source of happiness is a person I can’t stand. As weird as it sounds, I don’t want to die yet.”

You went quiet for a bit.

It’s so weird to see him act like this. He keeps answering my questions like it’s no big deal…

“I’m surprised you’re not telling me that I should fear you and stuff,” you said, not looking at him.

“Ah, that? I guess I went a little too far that day,” he calmly stated.

“A little?” you gave him a look. “You almost let me get eaten by a vampire.”

“Okay, maybe I went way too far,” he grinned. “I was just really shocked because I had just found out what my weakness is so… Anyway, I’m sorry for scaring you like that.”

“The fact that you are apologizing is creeping me out,” you stated, making him chuckle a little. “That’s even more creepy. I’m starting to think you’re not Minhyuk. Are you Minhyuk?”

“And if I’m not?” he asked, making your stomach twist.

“You aren’t M-Minhyuk?” you asked, actually feeling really scared.

What if this guy is some higher-up who has come to get me and they’ll keep me hostage to get Minhyuk and-

“You should see your own face right now,” he said with a grin.

“Who are you?”

His grin turned into a smirk. “Who do you think I am?”

You gulped and stared at him. He looked exactly like Minhyuk even though his eyes didn’t look as icy as before. He was wearing the clothes he usually wore except for the t-shirt under his hoodie.

“You’re wearing a different shirt,” you pointed out.

“Oh, this?” he looked down at his shirt. “I just felt like wearing it.”

Oh my God…

“I… I suddenly have something to do…” you said, avoiding making eye contact with him and collected your stuff before getting up and heading towards the door.

You managed to get out thinking that he didn’t follow you.

“Wait,” you heard his weirdly amused voice and soon he was standing in front of you with a grin. “I wore this shirt because the last one was covered in my blood, which you probably remember,” he said.

“I’m not interested,” you said and tried to walk past him but he moved, blocking your way.

“I also wanted to show you that I do have some spare clothes,” he said and gave you a look.

I’m still not convinced. This guy’s just trying to fool me.

“I was just kidding, idiot,” he placed his finger on your forehead and pushed a little, giving your head a small push. “It’s me.”

You looked at him. “I don’t trust you.”

“It’s not like you-“

“Minhyuk!” you could hear a voice call his name behind you and his eyes moved immediately on the person.

You turned around to see who it was. There was a man standing a little further away from you who was looking at you two with a grin.

“Who-“ you stopped mid-sentence when Minhyuk pulled you behind his back.

“Don’t say a thing,” he said seriously and you nodded even though you were confused. “He’s one of the higher-ups,” he told you after a short silence, making your heart skip a beat.

“What?” you asked in disbelief.

“It’s nice to see you. It took me a while to find you,” the man came closer and you noticed his eyes were blue.

“I wasn’t expecting you. Could you maybe come back later?” Minhyuk asked, not joking.

“Oh, I’m afraid not,” the man said. “My business is urgent. See, Yuna is missing. I know you and your little gang know about her quite a bit so I was wondering if you had maybe seen her?”

The man was asking a question but his expression told you that he already knew the answer. He already knew that Minhyuk and the others were hiding Yuna from them.

“No, I’m afraid I haven’t seen that angsty girl,” Minhyuk answered, making the man sigh.

“It’s a shame. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to force her to come out from hiding…”


“I heard she has a soft spot for a human girl,” the man said and you became stiff. “Eunkyung, was it?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Minhyuk lied.

“Stay away from Eunkyung,” you said and you felt like Minhyuk was this close to yelling at you.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice you,” the man said and you looked at each other. “Is Minhyuk taking good care of you?” he smiled very disturbingly.

“She’s fine,” Minhyuk said, his voice now lower than before.

The man moved his eyes from you to him and gave Minhyuk a smirk. “Don’t get too cozy, we’re going to come get you the second we find Yuna,” he turned around to leave. “Oh, and,” he turned his head a little. “I’m sure you know already but just a reminder for you and your little gang Minhyuk: we’ll do anything and everything to find her.”

He walked away and soon disappeared behind a corner.

“They know,” Minhyuk said with a voice that made you feel extremely anxious. “Say goodbye to the lifestyle you’ve had until now. You’re now involved in this too.”

Next part: [Pt.15]

Other parts: [Masterlist]

Hey look! I made a motivational, transparent eyesore for your blog!
Haha, sorry, I’m not even that big of a fan of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuki Yuna is a Hero), but the opening and the art is really enjoyable, and the characters aren’t too bad. The feel of the anime is a bit weird, and that is very much an after-effect of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It feels like something is going to go horribly wrong, but it doesn’t! Not yet at least (episode 7 here I go!)

anonymous asked:

I found some sort of bag labeled marshmallows, and I can only assume they belong to you? They look so much like you, after all. - dailykakyoin (Gemsona event, also if this sent more than once I'm sorry I tried earlier and Tumblr kept telling me it didn't to through)


… Can’t say I know what these are… how weird, they do sorta look like me a bit.


family dinner - skam fic week, day 1

note: hi!! so i wrote this for skam fic week, and im gonna try my hardest to keep up with this - so here is the first installment of skam fic week!! (i’ll also be posting these as a series on ao3)

a huge thank u to @evenshands for reading this over !! <3

day 1: accidental/fake dating au; pairing: evak

[read on ao3]

“No, you guys don’t get it! I gotta have a date or something to this family dinner this time—” Isak groans, crossing his arms across his chest as he looks around at the guys.

Isak has been stressing about this for a week and a half—a small, family dinner dealing with his mom and dad and a few other relatives—but there was one request.

“Isak, love. Please just bring someone? Dating or not, bring someone nice!” His Mamma said over the phone, and what made Isak accept the invitation was how well his mother had been doing on her meds and therapist. He was excited to see her—and really, really see her.

“Mamma, please—” Isak pleaded, sitting cross-legged on his bed.


“I’m not bringing a girl. You know I’m more into boys.”

“That is totally fine with me and Pappa, Isak. Just bring someone, like a close friend, to introduce to the rest of the family okay?”

Isak knows exactly why they’re so insistent on him bringing someone, because really there is a million reasons—but they just want to know how he’s “doing”. If he’s being “supported” in more ways than one—but really, Isak doesn’t see why it’s important, but he’d do anything to make his parents happy.

Isak sighs, biting his lower lip before answering. “Fine! Fine, I’ll bring someone. I’ll… bring my boyfriend.”

Fuck. Seriously?

“Oh, Isak, honey! It’s so nice that you’ve gotten a boyfriend! We’d all love to meet him, surely. Bring him along! It’ll be nice!”

“Okay, Mamma. Okay. I’ll bring him.”

And so here Isak was, boyfriend-less with a family dinner tomorrow night, standing in the middle of the school yard.

“Why not bring Even?” Jonas piped up, raising an eyebrow.

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Leo: *sends picture of him with his new do*

*Ney is typing…*

Luisito: Uh.. who are you and what have you done with my Leo??…

Leo: You don’t like it?

*Ney is typing…*

Luisito: It’s not that I… I mean it’s you know.. look.. All I am saying is that

Leo: spit it out already Luis

*Ney is typing…*

Luisito: It’s just gonna take a lot of getting used to.. that’s all I am saying😶

Leo: fair enough
Leo: Ney, you have been typing for the past 10 minutes .. are you writing a novel???!?!?!

Ney: OH MY GOD!!!😱😱😱


Ney: sorry Leo, I got distracted…😳

Luisito: Are you playing Pokemon go again?

Ney: Well yes but that was not what distracted me🙈

Leo: then what?

Ney: I.. I was looking at the pic🙄

Luisito: (/_- )

*Ney added Dani*


Dani: what Club?!

*Ney sends the pic again*



Leo: ummm… sorry hermano..

Dani: You look great my big bro!! A bit weird but great! 👌👌👌

Luisito: This coming from Mr. Good crazy himself🙄

Dani: 😎😎😎😎


Luisito: God have mercy on our souls… he’s having ideas now… Do share Ney

Ney: GORDO!!! How about you dye your hair blond too and I will re-dye it blond again and we will all match!! Blond MSN!!! 😮😮😮😮😮😮

Leo: My God what have I done

Luisito: how about no.. sorry .. not happening. Nope. No way

Ney: party pooper😤 sir no fun

Luisito: shouldn’t you be doing something useful right now? You have the Olympics soon kid

Ney: I am doing something useful..

Luisito: Which is?

Ney: Photoshopping blond hair on your head 😌😌

Luisito: bye

Leo: Ney..

Ney: Yes Leo😍

Leo: Nevermind

*Dani left*

Ney: Whatsapp imitating real life right there⬆

*Ney changed the group’s name from “M🍔S🍔N🍔” to “LEO IS BLOND HOLY SHIT🍔🍔🍔”

Leo: I regret this whole thing already

*Ney added Geri*

*Ney added Masche*

Ney: GUYS LOOK!!!!

Masche: Why are you yelling?!?

*Ney sends the pic again*

Ney: THAT’S WHY!!!!



Masche: Leo.. this is what happens when you spend too much time with Daney…

Leo: Daney?

Masche: Dani and Ney..

Leo: Oh..

Ney: Heeeeyyy… cheap shot!

*Geri is typing*

Leo: Oh God he’s here….

Geri: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what the hell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Leo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂why😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Leo: Are you done?

Geri: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Leo: 😒

Geri: Okay I’m done
Geri: 😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂
Geri: Now I am done

Masche: breathe dude

Geri: Masche.. you should dye your hair blond.. oh wait🙊

Masche: I hate you 😒

Geri: Okay guys… I’m out😂this was too much😂😂😂

*Geri left*

Masche: I’m out too.. see you soon

*Masche left*

Leo: I seriously regret this now😩

“sharing is caring”║J-M║

request: hey! can I request a Murphy x reader imagine where they were friends on the ark but once they got sent down to earth they drifted apart but then are made to share a tent? thank you !!

requested by: anon :) 

pairing: John Murphy x reader 

fandom: the 100.

warnings: none, I can think of. 

A/N: I have seen some writing like this before, so I hope I didn’t copy anyone but had lots of fun writing this.  ♥  

and he grabbed your hand, holding it like your were precious to him. Murphy had a hard time showing his emotions even to you lately, his partner in ‘crime’. 

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