they literally use direct lyrics from other songs

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what did michael say in that one line in american idiot last night?

Honestly even though I was there I’m still not sure; like I was listening pretty carefully, and the way he pronounced it was so drawn-out and weird that I’m not sure if he said faggot or fuck-up. People are watching the videos and coming up with different answers because it’s literally just difficult to understand what he’s saying. 

But I was listening close because, and I have super thought about this before: I do not have a problem with that lyric. Billie Joe Armstrong is an out bisexual dude. The line is literally “Well maybe I’m the faggot America” followed by “I’m not part of a redneck agenda” and it’s absolutely imperative that you read the line in context of the entire song. It’s not used as a pejorative toward others, it’s literally Billie Joe, an out bisexual who I’m positive has been targeted with that slur reclaiming it as a fucking badge of honor to separate himself from and stand in direct contrast to the American idiots the song is about.   

I mean. Disclaimer: this is 100% my own opinion as a queer person. In high school I used to refer to things I thought were stupid as “gay.” I was aware of my own bisexuality at the time and pretty closeted still. In my senior year someone called me on using that term and I stopped. I was 18. 

Michael Clifford is an 18 year old kid who dyes his hair every color including pink, grew up in a homophobic environment where he and his classmates tossed around slurs casually and where he apparently internalized a lot of fucked up ideas about masculinity. He was the only member of his band to tweet happily about it when gay marriage was legalized when they were over in England. He used to use gay slurs on others and he fucking stopped. If he did indeed sing the line correctly, then that’s an 18 year old dude taking a word that’s used as a weapon (and again, I’m positive it’s one that’s been directed at him) and wearing it now like it’s a goddamned crown. Maybe I’m the faggot America. In the context of the song, that’s sure as hell who you want to be. And if Michael wants to sing it, I honestly have no problem with that.