they literally r kids

-Cough cough- so i was bored, and i wanted to do something like this so yeah..

An ask event owo //i might draw the answers ewe

You can ask me or my oc, KaZero, ((but nuthin personal ok? kahaha))
OR maybe even ask me about that au im thinking of making uwu

actually i have designs for it but the story isnt done (i only got le prologue done) so ye.

anyways the ask event is open yayyyy
wonder when itll be finished
o well.

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Gym daycare employee again. We just had a meeting with most of our staff that was run by our bosses boss, who told us that any kid with a runny nose wasn't allowed to be in the daycare. BITCH ITS ALLERGY SEASON! Babies noses run when they r teething literally every kid has a runny nose!!! You would have no members anymore if we followed that rule!! Half your staffs noses r running right now!!! Allergies r insane where we are! Wtf!!

Someone wants to go broke. Lol But I do see their point. They are just going a tad overboard. Runny noses can be anything. A cough though? Yeah, send that kid home. A cough can be caused by the snot running into a kids’ throat but mostly it’s indicative of a virus. At least that sounds more reasonable imho. -Abby

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The funny thing is Changmin and Yunho are only 2/4 years older than some EXO members

DFJGHDLKJFGH I K N OW tbh idk exo but i kno that they only have a 2 years gap and its like ??? my bros…. they debuted rly young but that doesn’t make them old

It’s not the greatest, but I really love your song and your fic, so I just HAD to draw something for it! I really hope you like it, have a good day!


Look at my kid…singing…for Jeremy…..that sTUPID SONG…I HAVE BEEN BLESSED

Thank you so so so so much for this, ahhhh!! ♥ ♥ ♥ It looks so good hRGH and I LOVE IT (∗∕ ∕•̥̥̥̥∕ω∕•̥̥̥̥∕) ))

  • Lucifer saved a doggy *____*
  • Lucifer wings with MARK PELLEGRINO
  • M A R K  P E L L E G R I N O
  • omfg tho lucifer literally is one of those kids who tries to sneakily keep animals their parents don’t want and this is canon and you can never take it away from me
Saved Me

Request;  Self-destructive, unemployed, roommate reader has a mental break or smth and tells bucky he’d be better off finding a new roomie b/c they feel like burden but bucky is just so genuinely confused like ‘r u kidding me u fuckass, u r literally my favorite thing in the world what r u talking abt all u did was spill some goddamn milk wtf’ im a sucker for angst, but angst directly followed by fluff gets me fuckin /going/ 

A/N: I FUCKING LOVE THIS OKAY?? OMFG Angst followed by smut gets me going too because hell yes. It might not be the best but have it Anyway, enjoy. 

Warning; Angst, Fluff 

People; Bucky x Reader  

The full carton of milk had spilled all over the counter. You stare at it with wide eyes, your heart hammering away in your chest as if you’d just done the worst possible thing in the world. It’s the fourth time this week you’ve done something as stupid and clumsy as this. first it was your roommates Bucky’s favorite mug you’d knocked it off the counter and it shattered, then you’d forgotten about the water running in the bathroom and it had over-flowed, then there had been the incident with the act that you’d shrunk half of Bucky’s clothes.  

You come out of your trance, tears stinging your eyes as you wiped up the milk that had spilled over the counter and tried cleaning it up. Your jaw clenches as you hear the door closing over and you’re desperately trying to clean as much milk up as you can. “Y/N?” His voice rings through the air and it makes you freeze because it’s then that you realize how close he actually is. A sigh escaped your lips as you see him from the corner of your eye, as he enters the kitchen. 

You don’t understand why he didn’t just move into the Avengers Tower when Steve had asked him it would be much better suited for him, plus he wouldn’t have to deal with you breaking his shit fucking constantly. You blink the tears back and move just as he picks up the now nearly empty carton and puts the lid back onto it. But just like you’d wondered why he hadn’t left, you decide then and there that maybe you should. 

You’re a mess, you wreck things, his things and you don’t want to wreck him. It’s the last thing you want to do. James Buchanan Barnes has been through so much in his lifetime and you don’t, no won’t add anymore pain or annoyance to that, so another sigh passes your lips and you put the paper towels drenched in milk into the trash. 

“I think you should find another roommate.” Your voice is thick, but it’s calm. 

You don’t get a response so you look to his face which has confusion and hurt written all over it. “What? Why?” He asked. 

You don’t answer, just simply stare at him in a trance. The way his hair is windswept from being on his morning run with Steve, or the way his blue eyes have glazed over and are blown wide and staring at you. The way his forehead creases when he’s confused like he is right now. 

“Because I’m a mess. I don’t have a job, I practically live off of you like a fucking leech, Bucky!” 

You try to take a deep breath which only causes Bucky to frown. 

“Y/N will you just-” You stop him mid sentence. 

 “I-I broke your favorite mug, I almost caused our bathroom to flood. I shrunk all your clothes you had to spend a fortune getting new stuff, I do stupid shit all the time and I can’t even keep myself together..” 

“Y/N-” he tries to get you to stop again but you’re in too much of a state to listen to him. 

“I feel like such a burden to you, you should hate me for all the stupid dumb shit I do and I don’t know why you let me stay here. Or why you stay here with me, I do nothing but mess things up.” 

His blue orbs are still on you, though this time there’s determination in them and he grasps your shoulders causing you to look at him properly. 

“Y/N, you fuckass,  what the hell are you talking about? All you did was spill some goddamn milk.” He let out a breath before nodding at you as your Y/C/E focus on his face. “You’re literally my favorite person in the world, okay, you saved me when I didn’t have anybody else. Not even Steve. When I needed someone you were there. Nobody else.” 

Your eyes are wide and he brushed some of his hair back that had come loose from his bun. He pulled you into his chest without another word and you almost want to just sob and break down in his arms but you keep yourself together. Bucky kisses the top of your head and pulls back. 

“Now lets go out and get some food, I’m fucking starving.” 


this is literally our school cri