they literally have no moments in s2

some reminders if we do get sana for s4:

  •  with all the islamophobia and xenophobia in the world at the moment (such as geert wilders, whose twitter banner literally is ‘stop islam’, being one of the leading candidates of the dutch election yesterday) a season with sana in the lead couldn’t have come at a better time tbh 
  • to people who think sana as s4 main is “rushed”: sana had a major subplot in s2, and she was involved in s3 (even if that was to a large extent to help isak’s development, sana and her religion was still important) so she’s not more rushed than any other character on the show imo 
  •  a season with sana would probably break some of the norms of the show which would be very interesting to see (for example, her backstory in s2 had to do with her family relations – how will the show solve that, when sana still lives at home?) 
  • apart from the boys, sana is probably the character who would give isak (and by extension, even) the most screen-time
  • on that note: the last season’s main is always ‘followed up’ in the next season (eva and jonas post-breakup in s2, noora coming back from london in s3)
  • sana is so wise and clever and perceptive and can you imagine how cool it would be to see a whole season from her point of view? 
  • also sana has such a tough exterior, so seeing what goes on when she lets her guard down? probably amazing and emotionally touching 
  • i know many of you want even for s4, and i get that, i really do… but whichever character julie has chosen, it’s probably with good reason, and we probably have an awesome season in store no matter what 
  • have faith in julie andem!! lord knows she’s earned it  
Animated Ships

You see the thing about animated ships is that theres no “accidental” scenes. The animators literally have to draw every second of every interaction.

There can be no “oh the actors just played it that way” or “you’re reading too deep into it, they’re just looking at each other” because every second is drawn exactly how its supposed to be.

Personally, I like it. It gives the antis less material to throw around.

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I don't think they're homophobic. It's just that it's not the way they want they're show to go. Like... they've spent time building this up since season 2. It's not like captain swan is random. They just don't want the hype For swan queen building up

… i’ve decided that instead of lashing out at you i’m gonna try to educate you, because i have a few cs friends that had no idea The Hug actually made the sq fandom feel even worse. 

first of all, i never mentioned cs so? i don’t know where you’re trying to go with that. they might’ve been trying to build it up since s2 but swan queen has existed since s1 and we only got a HUG 5 seasons later. they cut a hug that both actresses thought was great for the moment, and instead they gave us a hug that was about a heterosexual ship. i’m literally not shitting on cs i’m just stating a fact.

second of all, how can they not be a little bit homophobic? are you even in the fandom or are you just general audience? we only got support from the actors/writers like 4 seasons in. they didn’t even want to UTTER the words swan queen before. the actors literally couldn’t even keep a straight face when a fan asked about swan queen. lana was one of the only people on that stage that was able to control herself.

you’re trying to tell me that the same people that wrote the ruby x dorothy romance aren’t homophobic? even when they said it would pass every test there was? are you actually serious? this show has NO queer ships. ZERO. and the only wlw romance we got is in no way tied to the plot - that’s why they were forgotten ONE EPISODE LATER. this is the same show that makes (inoffensive) gay jokes even when they don’t have any rep. how is this healthy? this is the same show that goes on and on about the bromance between 2 male characters and still??? NO REP. how is it not homophobic to tweet a fan about the swan queen hug and deleting that tweet when that promo comes out? do you even know that the writers purposefully deleted a much better thought out hug and decided to give us something that lasted less than 3 seconds? are you…. actually serious? 

i know some fans are nasty as hell, trust me i know, but literally all some of us ask for is non romantic sq scenes. we just want emma and regina on the same frame. they don’t even have to speak to each other. all sq fans get are crumbs and that’s what we’ve been getting for a long time. ya’ll say we keep asking for stuff even when we get them but some people are preaching for more cs promotion even when ya’ll are getting a mf wedding lmao all we wanted was a FRIENDLY, sentimental hug - something that wasn’t about a het ship. that’s all we asked for. please let us have a tweet from adam supporting us. please let us have at least one actress supporting our ship. this is not pie!! you’re not losing a slice of anything. just bc we get support once in a blue moon, doesn’t mean the writers suddenly hate your ship and you’ll never get what you want.

lastly, we’re all grownups. we know sq is never going to happen and we don’t need people telling us that 24/7. we don’t need “protecting”. when did ya’ll ever truly care about whether or not we’re being led on? don’t think you’re trying to help because you’re literally not, you’re not telling us something that we’ve never heard before. i’ve heard anti sq people tell me that it was never gonna happen ever since i joined the fandom.

if they choose not to give sq screentime bc they think they’ll be leading us on, that’s nasty as hell. just flat out tell us sq is never gonna happen and we’ll never see ruby x dorothy again. we’ll leave. i PROMISE you that. 

we’ve had actors from the cast say nasty stuff to us as well, like that the only reason why we’re angry at the fact that oq is canon is bc the actor gets to kiss lana and that upsets lesbians. yes, sean literally said this. we’ve had that ugly ass dwarf dude flat out tell us that the whole cast never liked us which resulted in jmo getting angry as hell. we’ve had ginny saying that emma and regina will never kiss bc this is not “once upon a time down my pants” when het ships literally dry hump each other on screen and no one ever says anything.  this is going to sound sentimental as hell but we’re used to being treated like this since day one my dude.

we have every right to be angry. we never asked to be queerbaited (even with ruby x dorothy). we never asked to be bullied by the cast. if some of ya’ll like to say “not all csers” then say the same about sqers. never make an exception of yourself. don’t be mean…. all we wanted was a hug. that’s… literally all we wanted

To everyone upset about how Freeform/Shadowhunters is “hyping up” Malec....

Malec is the only ship on the show at the moment.  

Let me repeat that.


A relationship between a gay man and a bisexual Asian man is the only relationship on the show.  

They literally have nothing else (relationship wise) to hype up and it’s pretty hype worthy given our society is being fucked over and is slowly traveling back in time after years of progress.  

Just chill.  Be happy.  Enjoy the ride.  Stop bitching about the smallest things. 

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concept: protective pidge

uMM excuse me this is not a concept this is 100% canon let me explain you many many things

I think being protective of others is a double-edged sword, and we see it with Pidge a lot.

If you fall under the list of people who believe Pidge didn’t tell her mother she was breaking back into the Garrison, in a way, I see her not telling her mother as a form of protection. If you can tell me you firmly believe Iverson would only arrest Pidge on treason, I’d argue otherwise.

The Garrison might’ve gotten Colleen into trouble. If Katie’s a minor (I headcanon her to be at least 16. I see Pidge at 14, but Katie at 16), her mom might have gotten in trouble with the Garrison, too.

She also tried to protect her mother from the Garrison’s lies. Yeah, she definitely had her own motivations to uncovering the truth. She knew that there was something more to Matt and Sam’s disappearances than what official sources told her. But in doing so, she might’ve been trying to give her mother hope. (I’ll own up to these being a stretch.)

ANYWAYS, onto more solid canon things regarding Pidge.

In “Return of the Gladiator,” Pidge learns that Shiro attacked Matt at some point. She looked like she was ready to take him down; luckily she managed to calm down enough and then later we learn Shiro saved Matt. (Lucky for Shiro, really.)

Pidge is super protective of her teammates. Yeah, she’s aloof and unsure at first, but she pushes past this. But that’s really not until the Castle of the Lions Siege arc. It breaks my heart because I’ve seen so many fans disregard the things she said and did during those episodes.

Pidge could’ve left earlier than she planned to during that arc. But she stayed longer than she probably intended. Not only that, but she saved her teammates’ lives by sabotaging Sendak and Haxus’ plans. Also, Lance can suck it because he is NOT the one who “shot Sendak’s arm off.” That was Pidge. And she didn’t just shoot it off. Oh, no. She sliced that sucker off with her bayard. Not to mention she killed a Galra onscreen (RIP Haxus). I don’t think anyone else has done that. 

Had Pidge not stepped up to the challenge in that arc, her team would have died. I really hate it when people make the claim that Pidge needs protection. But all of those dumb but lovable boys would be dead without her protecting them.

Note that my memory of season 2 is foggy because I haven’t re-watched as many times as I have the first season of VLD. (I’m really bitter about S2, and I will stop talking about that bitterness here otherwise I won’t shut up about it.)

But when Ulaz broke into the Castle, what was Pidge’s first move? Stealth attack. Protecting her team and the Castle. Sure, she ended up getting dragged (literally!) for it, but she still tried to protect them.

And in the comics, there’s a moment in the third issue (MY FAV BECAUSE MY GIRL’S FRONT AND CENTER) that I fucking love. If you haven’t read it, spoilers ahead.

Basically she has to fight all of the other Paladins. She knows all of their weaknesses and uses them to win.

Well, all of them except Shiro, that is.

She can’t think of any of his weaknesses except for his PTSD. She probably could’ve found a way to trigger it, but here’s the thing: SHE DOESN’T GO THAT ROUTE. Instead of choosing to hurt Shiro though a debilitating means, she takes a risk and hacks his Galra hand to “freeze.” (She wasn’t sure if it would work, but my girl got lucky.)

So yeah, Pidge is protective af.

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Have you analyzed the scene in S2 when Clarke was telling Bell to go into MW? Octavia and Raven's faces make me laugh, they got that "wtf?" look going on. It's suppose to be a serious moment but that seems to give it a bit of humor.

aksjsak i dont think i ever analysed the entirety of that scene (just a bit of it for an analysis once) but lmfao its so true that their facial expressions give the whole moment an edge that just makes things funnier cause octavia is literally judging clarke with her entire face while raven is looking at bellamy and then clarke thinking “wtf is goin on in here on this day” to herself

they got their roles settled ya feel. my personal favorite? raven clearly being the observant one.


everything. EVERYTHING about this scene is romantic. from the hand-holding to the fireworks, to Kumiko clearly getting flustered over Reina’s attractiveness when her hair blows in the wind, to the (LITERAL) love song playing in the background, to Kumiko getting even more flustered when Reina tightens the hold on her hand and the immediate cut to more fireworks going off as a metaphor to the way Kumiko feels in this moment.
this entire scene is loaded with romantic tropes and everything from the visuals to the music, to the sybolism is just breathtakingly beautiful.

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I agree that Toothless' character seemed more subdued, but I thought his low-key judging was kind of hilarious.

From this.

You’re right! I should have pointed out that Toothless might not be as dynamic in RTTE, but he’s definitely still present and has some good personality moments. That is, Toothless’ character is usually shown more quietly and indirectly in the background, but what he does in the background is pretty entertaining and embellishes his character. Toothless reacts to many events around him, and in doing so, demonstrates his personality, judgment, and thoughts in many various occasions. I especially love you pointing out his low-key judging - those facial expressions were some of the best!

For instance, Toothless’ reactions throughout “The Zippleback Experience” are wholly amusing and provides some entertaining moments. 

At first, Toothless is mildly confused, probably bemused, at how Barf and Belch are treating Hiccup with so much concern.

And let’s never forget when Hiccup is completely, utterly enraged at “Ruffnut and Tuffnut” for burying him in fish. He wants justice and he wants them to go through extra patrols. Toothless, contrastingly, cheeky little fish-loving dragon that he is, goes right up and ignores Hiccup’s ranting. He has his own agenda: eat the fishy fishy fishies! What a dorky dragon.

Toothless starts to enter the judging mode once he realizes Barf and Belch have an agenda. When he sees the Zippleback carrying the fish, he’s not pleased. Here comes one of Toothless’ hilarious, characteristic low-key judgment faces. He’s not pleased that Barf and Belch would give Hiccup fish.

(Side note: I can’t quit laughing because of everyone’s faces in this scene - baffled Hiccup, grouchy Toothless, way-over-top-happy Zippleback).

Now Toothless has a good reason to do some disgruntled judging here. Dragons give fish out of affection and a demonstration of goodwill. The first time that Toothless indeed shows Hiccup some goodwill and friendliness is by… yes, that’s right… regurgitating and giving him fish. 

Seeing Barf and Belch do that is not welcome because Toothless considers Hiccup his best friend. He sees this gesture of Barf and Belch already as a bit of a threat.

Not only does Toothless have these two hilarious reactions, but we get a third in “The Zippleback Experience” just a short moment later. Hiccup grumbles grouchily, “Last leg.”

And Toothless begins to chortle.

“No! Don’t laugh!” Hiccup protests. “You’re above that!”

So we’re seeing some really hilarious little personality inserts with Toothless. He reacts to things, whether in a fish-loving oblivious manner, a low-key judging manner, or outright amusement at a joke against Hiccup.

After that, we get to see more irritation out of Toothless. Barf and Belch become annoying to Hiccup, and their welcome starts to tire with the Night Fury as well. He’s not as vehement protesting the treatment, but man is he not pleased at being licked by a Zippleback. The amount of “done” in Toothless’ face is great. I am so glad this screencap exists.

When Toothless saves Hiccup from the logs, he is at first excited and proud of the fact he saved his best friend. He puffs up in pride, standing tall, and then races over to nuzzle Hiccup affectionately. The cheerful facial expression, however, slides as soon as Barf and Belch come. Even though the Zippleback shows gratitude to the Night Fury, this is not a welcome entrance. Toothless wants this to be private time between Hiccup and him, not a fiesta with the Zipplebacks jumping in. Barf and Belch shouldn’t need to thank Toothless for saving Hiccup; that is none of their business so far as Toothless is concerned, given that he and Hiccup are dragon and rider, and best friends beside.

And when Hiccup gets kidnapped? Toothless knows internally what’s happened, but he’s unable to do anything about him without flight capabilities. The fury of the situation leaves the dragon stewing in a rather intense disposition. It’s Toothless’ presence that cues some of the dragon riders off that Hiccup might be in trouble.

So yeah. There’s a lot of great facial expressions, reactive moments, and personality in how Toothless responds to “The Zippleback Experience.” And I’m just listing some of the reactions we get in one of the episodes. He’s always judging, always responding, always demonstrating what he feels about the situation at hand.

The thing with Toothless in RTTE is that he’s not very mobile. They don’t animate him running around and jumping a lot, which is different than his physical movements in the movies. In the movies, Toothless is a lot more bouncy, constantly moving, stepping around, as versus standing in a similar posture most of the time. But realistically: Toothless’ movements from the movie trilogy would be very hard to animate in full, so what we get is his reacting with his facial expressions. And while this might appear more “subdued”, and while I have noted before that Toothless’ personality is not focused upon at all in RTTE (the focus is other relationships and interactions), there are still some entertaining background moments with this dragon. 

Toothless reacts in these sorts of ways, with great facial dynamics, throughout the series. There’s the point where he’s very displeased about Hiccup trying to build a flight suit. There’s his worry in “A Time to Skrill” when Hiccup fears he doesn’t have what it takes. There’s the shock and then defensiveness when Tuffnut suggests the twins ride Toothless. And on and on and on. Toothless is a part of the adventure, and he responds individually to circumstances.

The big S2 Toothless moment, of course, is in “A Time to Skrill” when Toothless makes a very bold and daring action. In the S2 episode, Toothless shields Hiccup from human fire. 

The dragon is shown to be very worried and stirred up when Hiccup first approaches the Skrill, to the point Hiccup has to verbally assure his dragon he’s okay. Toothless is just as worried and protective of his rider as ever. When the dragon hunters swoop in, it is up to Toothless to save the day. He protects Hiccup from an arrow (that potentially would have killed him), and he is the muscle that frees the Skrill.

I am chill with RTTE not focusing on the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless because it is central in the films. RTTE provides us more breadth about other characters and relationships that are really cool, too. And while it would be nice to see Toothless a bit more dynamic, he’s not entirely without personality, either, and I wouldn’t want to undermine or forget these great moments and reactions. I agree with you - the low-key judging and other reactionary moments are hilarious. 

I also have the suspicion that there will be a big Hiccup-Toothless moment later in the series. There have been episodes throughout S1 and S2 whereby the other dragon riders have feared they’d lose their dragon. We’ve literally seen this threat come upon everyone except… Hiccup and Toothless. Meaning it seems like the writers are saving Hiccup and Toothless for last. Toothless being separated from Hiccup? Big fear moment coming up? Totally likely, and I hope it happens!

[I am not taking analysis requests until I finish the ones that are already in my inbox, such as this one was already in my inbox. Stay tuned for updates! :) ]

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hey, can you just call out like the biggest issues you have with what has happened on teen wolf, like I'm pretty sure i know a few like boyd&erica and treatment of derek, just I wanna know because I seem to agree with you on everything so far?

idk, man. it seems pointless even listing anything, now. but, i guess, using your POC characters to claim you’re diverse and then keeping them sidelined a la Keahu with Danny. erasure with introducing a lesbian character, stating it’s a lesbian character, and then bringing the character back to make them bi. reducing Lydia’s character to being endlessly cast as the supporting role for a man’s agenda, whether it be bringing Peter back, saving Jackson, pulling Stiles from the brink, Stiles needing to be reminded he’s great was a poignant moment if you want it to be but it was all about Stiles. Victoria and Kate dying, and Gerard lingering on for no reason when he could have easily died, if you’re into killing off your characters. the twins still rocking around after literally having hands in Boyd’s death. the way abuse is treated as a joke. the fact consensual sex has been sidelined in favour of gross ~shaded consent sex and not acknowledged as an awful plot line. twice. Peter Hale remaining alive, and not even in the slightest bit of trouble for murdering his niece. Lydia being referred to as a “nut job.” Scott using Derek’s body against him to give the bite and never bringing it up. Derek pushing Scott around in S1 and S2. every moment Derek’s body is used as enticement for us as the audience instead of letting him become a fully rounded character, and not just a piece of meat. nobody ever sitting down with Allison and getting her to talk about her grief for her mother. 

announcing there’s going to be a major character death at the end of the season, so that we no longer spend the season excited and coming up with theories, but obsessing about who’s going to die, and either way you swing it coming up with no reason for any of them to need to die. even if it’s a sacrifice, even if it’s the most heroic moment ever ever on a show ever, it’s still a shitty excuse for writing a character off. it was a dick move to tell us. 

like. take your pick. 

Some notes/observations about the new high school set + blocking

I vaguely remember someone somewhere commenting that someone else (maybe that prop master Jeremy guy on Kaleidoscope?) saying that the new high school set was so multi-layered and more complex to represent how high school is also more complex. This is some stuff I have noted about set/blocking/new stuff symbolism. Le’go:

“Let’s go to the weird, undefined area between the floors and talk about it!” - Lucas Friar, GMHS1

The hole the seniors stick them in is the “weird, undefined area between the floors”, because the hallways are for people who’ve earned it. The hallways are for people who are ready to be in high school, and the gang is clearly not yet ready - or at least not as ready as they thought they were.

Buuuuut, they graduated middle school. We saw in GML that aside from still needing Cory to teach them, the gang have clearly evolved past middle school hand-holding (except for the actual hand-holders *cough Rucas cough*). Until they are ready for high school, they are stuck in that weird, undefined area between the floors because they’re stuck in a weird, undefined area between the last and next stages of their lives.

Girl Meets Jexica Blocking (I S2G, what the hell is Mexica and why is Jexica always auto-corrected to it?!?!?!)

Post theme song, in the scene where Maya is telling Riley Jexica is “super popular” (refresh, refresh, refresh), right in the beginning we have Riley running downstairs and Maya running upstairs to hug/meet each other.

Now let’s just look at this for a moment and what I believe it foreshadows:

Riley, running downstairs. Coming down from her castle on a cloud, coming “down to earth” essentially.

Maya, running upstairs. Coming up from her “dungeon of sadness”, which is where she goes when in “hope is for suckers” mode.

The two girls meet IN THE MIDDLE, and all is right in the world.

I think this is foreshadowing how Riley is going to get a major dose of realism this season, Maya is going to somehow gain back her hope, and the girls will meet in the middle, friendship still intact, as balanced individuals. (Depending on how things go this also could bleed into S4.)

The Other Side

@theowldetective has a theory that I’m sure the majority of the fandom have seen by now, called her other side/square dance theory or something like that. (It’s reeeeeally good, recommend checking it out btw if you haven’t read it yet.) Assuming it’s true, in S3(/S4) the characters are going to be living the other side of the S1/S2 equation. Riley will be having higher and higher key moments with Farkle, Maya is in an explicitly stated unofficial thing with a guy so another guy who has feelings for her feels like he could never have a chance, etc.

Now look at the classroom in middle school.

And now look at it in high school.

Everyone is literally facing THE OTHER SIDE. Because in this (these two) season(s) they’re about to live it. It’s a square dance.

Keep in mind I’m new at analysis.

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What are your feelings on oq? Like, neutral, dislike? And why?

ahahahaa HERE THERE BE HATERADE. don’t read this if you ship it, yadda yadda yadda. i tag my anti posts and they aren’t common but i am worked up today apparently.

um my credentials are here tbh, this is my old OQ blog (at one point the sidebar said “THEY’RE SO CUTE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH” but i kept editing it down and down until we’re… I really did enjoy them a lot in 3B even though I had issues with the initial premise and the writing, but it all pm went downhill from there.

I don’t hate Robin Hood as a person because he really isn’t much of a person? He isn’t fleshed out and he doesn’t really have characterization beyond “likes regina” and “does whatever is most comfortable” so eh. My issue with him is mostly that there’s nothing to like. There are no redeeming qualities, not even “he makes Regina happy” anymore like there was in 3b. I loathed him over how he treated Marian in 4a but tried hard to at least not care about him wrt OQ.

And that’s fine! I don’t need to like a character to be neutral on a ship, at least. It’s not about him, not even wrt Lana’s recent interview where she talks about Regina’s issue with him moving on. He can do what he wants, he can be guilted into a relationship, whatever. I’m not gonna pass judgment on him over that, he’s kind of spineless and has no convictions but that’s his fans’ business, not mine.

But what I am gonna care about is that he doesn’t deserve Regina?? at all?? Yes, she’s a mass-murdering former tyrant but that doesn’t mean that she deserves a soulmate who’s so TERRIBLY suited for her? And he absolutely is that. On a show about love with some incredibly flawed characters, he’s particularly atrocious at loving. He flits from the most comfortable situation to the next most comfortable situation, hence all the back-and-forth between “I choose you, Marian! no wait- you’re frozen- LOVE U REGINA! okay i’m gonna spend ten seconds agonizing about Regina and then go back to Marian bc she’s being pushy– okay she was Zelena let’s hook up again Regina!!” And you know, this is all situational, but this is a character without any conviction? This is a character who needs no time to adjust to changing up his relationship with about as much ease as I put into changing my socks?

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I don't watch Hannibal, but isn't the finale queerbaiting? it seems like what would happen if Supernatural went 'canon' with Dean/Cas - build-up but then no pay-off, or one that isn't really canon?



- one thing a lot of people on this site don’t get is that not every single instance of ~homoerotic subtext~ is queerbaiting. and, like, I’m not trying to say that everyone needs to chill and queerbaiting doesn’t exist – I watch Supernatural, I watched Teen Wolf until I decided I should only hatewatch one show at a time, I watch Sherlock when it airs because the trauma is very short and spread-out – I know it’s a Real Thing and that it fucking sucks, but gay undertones =/= queerbaiting. queerbaiting is a very specific Thing, and not every thing that has homoerotic subtext queerbaits. which leads in to: 

- no one involved with this show is denying that the Will/Hannibal relationship is romantic. almost all of the post-mortems and reviews of the finale I’ve read have been focused on the fact that this is a romantic relationship between two dudes. they’re in love, Fuller’s said they’re in love, he’s confirmed that Hannibal is omnisexual and Will is heterosexual, but that they have the kind of intimate connection that makes you question the limits of your own sexuality. Fuller is very open about it and happy to discuss it – it’s not being denied or played for laughs or Gay Panicked about. everyone on the show knows that it’s a romance and that’s what they’re working with. the guys who play Hannibal and Will filmed a kiss for the last scene on the cliff (then rang Fuller up like “hope you like it!”). no one is pussyfooting or implying that “you never know what could happen! stay tuned!” or that the fans are reading into it and think it’s romantic, isn’t that hilarious, lol fangirls. the whole season was written and filmed before they got cancelled; it wasn’t some mad dash to reign in more viewers; it wasn’t a ratings stunt; it’s not fanservice. it’s a natural progression of a relationship, the first shoots of which you can see as early as the first half of s1. Hannibal and Will are in love. here’s a bunch of critics talking about how they’re in love. l o v e. LOVE. 

- I’ve seen a couple of people (who don’t watch the show) talking about how because we got a hug at the end and not a kiss that we were being queerbaited all along, it’s not REAL canon, we’re all just this excited about SUBTEXT because it’s NOT CANON. and, like, I can see why it would maybe seem like that from the outside, but I don’t think you can understand how incredible EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE FINALE IS if you haven’t watched every episode of Hannibal and watched this relationship and Will’s character progress through 3 seasons. they could have snogged for the entire 42 minutes and it wouldn’t be as canon as this episode makes it; Will gets Hannibal sprung from prison, he leaves his wife to run away with him, he murders someone with him, he calls the act of murder “beautiful” and EMBRACES HANNIBAL in such an OPEN, TENDER WAY, like. it is so unbelievably huge. it’s like TECTONIC PLATES SHIFTING huge. I literally FELT THE EARTH MOVE when I watched it happening, because it was that big of a deal. the whole season (from 2.09, even) was building up to that moment on the cliff – it was THE PAY-OFF, AND IT WAS AMAZING. it’s been textually (!) unrequited love from Hannibal since the s2 finale at least, the show has been very fucking plain about that (every single Italy episode talked about Hannibal’s love for Will, LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE EPISODE). Will asking if Hannibal was in love with him and Bedelia’s subsequent question – “Yes, but do you ache for him?” – was set up for this finale: Will makes his choices, Will thinks it’s beautiful, AND YOU KNOW. YOU FUCKING KNOW. THAT MOMENT HAPPENS AND YOU KNOW HE’S IN LOVE WITH HANNIBAL AND HE CAN’T FIGHT IT ANYMORE. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO WATCH SOMEONE SUCCUMB TO THE DARK SIDE. so, yeah, there was no SNOGGING on the clifftop, but I would have been very surprised (and a little taken out of The Moment) if there had been – they filmed one, like I said, but Fuller didn’t think it would be right for that moment in their story, which I (I, me, the girl who has done nothing but reread the same 3 50,000 word Will/Hannibal fics for the last month and a half) completely agree with. I know it’s hard to grasp that I love that they DIDN’T kiss, but it’s a little easier to get if you know how much of a fucking mile-long leap forward Will letting Hannibal hold him like that is… my god… 

so yes: kissing is not the be-all-and-end-all of Canon. I understand that if this happened in the Supernatural fandom, 50% of fans would be going IT’S NOT CANON! THEY JUST HUGGED! THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING! but Hannibal and Will have a very distinct and Different dynamic than any other pairing I’ve ever shipped, and every single thing that happens in that finale is another nail in the “just friendship” coffin. I know it’s weird and gross that killing a dude is the single most erotic and intimate thing these two men could do together (narrowly beating out them eating someone in season 2 and the thing with the illegal bird dish), but there it is. and I haven’t seen anyone who actually watches the show trying to deny what that ending means. they’re in love, we all know it, the actors know it (and LOVE IT, which is honestly such a strange and amazing feeling), the writers know it, the showrunner WON’T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT, it’s canon. we know. we all know.

I mean if you’ve watched Hannibal from the off and feel like you’ve been queerbaited since May 2014 then okay, I’m not trying to invalidate your feelings, sorry the finale wasn’t everything you wanted, but mate. MATE. REWATCH S3 MAYBE.

Flash Color Theory

Awhile ago when I was re-watching The Flash, I noticed that each character was assigned a certain color through their costumes (lighting/set color is also a factor but mostly costumes). By noting these colors and how they change throughout scenes, you can pick up on subtle things, like the character’s emotional state, moral alignment, who they’re going to interact with, and more.

For example, Caitlin’s color is dark blue. When she and Barry have a positive interaction (like when Cait first confided in Barry about what happened with Ronnie), Barry is usually wearing something that’s darker blue, like a shirt or sweater. Barry wearing “her color” allows the audience to understand their connection more fully, whether they are conscious of it or not. (Note: There are exceptions. A character won’t always interact with Caitlin when they’re wearing dark blue, but there’s a very good chance of it happening. Also some characters have the same or similar colors, like Captain Cold also wears dark blue, though the shade is a little bit different)

So if you’re interested in analyzing the characters and predicting future interactions while watching, I’ve compiled what I’ve observed to be (almost) everyone’s assigned color.

Iris West: Olive-green/dark green. She also wears purple, though usually only in scenes that deal with strong emotions (like family drama) whether they are positive or negative, but green is her main.

External image

Barry Allen: Red. Duh. Interestingly enough, red is complimentary to green on the color wheel (as @journalistiriswest pointed out to me).

External image

Caitlin Snow: Dark blue. I’m fairly certain this is because she’s set to be Killer Frost and y'know, ice/cold is associated with blue.

External image

External image

Cisco Ramon: Light brown. Usually more of a tan color. Cisco was hard to figure out because he wears so many graphic T’s, but it really comes through with his pants, over shirts/coats, and with what other people wear around him.

External image

Joe West: Gray. Typically a lighter shade. Because his clothes are almost always business, he shows relation-colors through his tie color.

External image

External image

Harrison Wells: Black. Like literally the only time he’s not wearing black is when he’s in his super suit. This is because he is a villain. I’ll explain more on that in a moment.

External image

External image

In general, villains wear black. Or they wear their color (usually based on their comic book costume color) in addition to black. Black represents evil, turmoil, bad stuff in general, aka villains.

Like Plastique (purple).

External image

External image

And Captain Cold (dark blue).

External image

External image

Black is also worn to show emotional distress, and characters (good guys) often wear black when they have a negative interaction with someone. Like if you’ve noticed in these first few episodes of s2, Barry’s wearing a lot of black and dark colors. This is because he’s depressed and angry about what happened with Ronnie and Eddie.

White is another general color, used to show goodness, hope, rebirth, etc. Again, in these first few eps, Iris is wearing a lotta white. She’s representing Barry’s hope; the light he needs to follow to get back on track.

External image

That’s all I know for now. I will try to update this list as new character’s come in.

Moments of Epiphany - Episode 2

So a while ago I had a moment of epiphany about Olicity, and today I had another moment.  I have a feeling these will keep coming so I’ve started a series.  It’s called the ‘Moment of Epiphany’ Series.  I am incredibly creative this way and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed having these 'OH-MY-GOD-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-I-DIDN’T-THINK-OF-THIS-BEFORE!’ moments (thats is literally how I react when these occur).  

I was randomly watching an Olicity scene today (a daily occurrence) when I had this moment.  It’s my absolutely favorite scene in S2.  

Season 2, Episode 7:  Oliver had just rescued Felicity from the hands of the Count.  To do that, he had put three arrows into the Count putting him permanently into the grave.  After he said goodnight to Felicity in the Arrow Cave, Felicity stops him to apologise.  

Let me take a moment. 

Ok moment over. 

Felicity cares so much about Oliver’s soul.  She took responsibility at that moment for the kill.  Oliver was visibly affected by this moment when he broke his kill vow.  He wasn’t able to fully pull himself together when he returned to the court, enough for Thea to ask if everything was okay.  

In that apology, Felicity was telling Oliver that it wasn’t his fault that he killed.  It was hers.  She carries the Count’s blood on her hands.  And Oliver put his hand over hers and reassured her that it was his choice.  He chose to kill the Count.  

How beautiful is that?  They are sharing the responsibility.  They are carrying the burden of this kill - together.  This is the moment they became true partners.  

Felicity is someone who values Oliver’s kill vow.  It is something that she believes in and is in line with her morals.  But more than that, she knows it is something that Oliver has to do.  It is important to Oliver.  Every time he kills, it affects his soul.  

We see Oliver struggle with this constantly.  Everyone at some point has given him permission to kill. The reasonings were always justified.  There was always a good reason to kill.  

Quentin, Laurel, Nyssa….even Diggle in 3x04 when he told Oliver to allow Nyssa to kill Merlyn and not do anything about it.  

Felicity has also given him permission to kill in the past.

What makes Felicity different to everyone else?  The motivation.  

When Quentin asked Oliver to kill?  He needed the Arrow to save his city and his daughter. 

When Nyssa and Laurel asked Oliver to kill?  It was in the name of revenge. 

When Diggle told Oliver that it would be okay this time?  It was in fear, because he needed the city to be safe and he couldn’t see another way that it could be with Merlyn lurking around.  

Everyone had a motivation, an agenda.  

Felicity’s motivation?  Every single time she gave him permission to kill, it was for Oliver’s sake.  

The first time was when Thea was kidnapped.  And the team was standing around, arguing.  Felicity watched Oliver and knew he needed to do this. So she interrupts everyone and steps up to the plate: 


At that moment, she is taking equal responsibility for Oliver’s actions.  She’s giving him permission, telling him it’s okay.  She’s saying, “If he ends up dead, if you pull the trigger, you are not alone in your responsibility.  I am taking equal responsibility for his blood.”  

Then again, in the most recent episode: 

This time, she’s not just giving him permission, she’s asking him to just do it.  For her.  She needs him to kill Ra’s al Ghul.  Because she needs him to be alive.  Not dead.  

Is it a purely selfish motivation?  Yes.  She weighed up the cost.  She would pay the cost of a human’s blood on her hands for Oliver’s life.  

He is her first priority.  She will take the chance of being killed by Slade Wilson if it means Oliver doesn’t have to kill another person.  

My epiphany is this: 

Felicity Smoak will put Oliver Queen’s humanity before anything else (even herself) every single time.  

She will carry the blood of people on her own hands for the sake of Oliver. Just like in 2x07, she will take the responsibility off Oliver’s hands.  It’s her call.  It’s her decision.  She may not have pulled the trigger herself or put the arrow in the person, but she will take responsibility for his action.  

This is why Felicity harnesses Oliver’s light.  Her love for him runs deeper every time.  She proves her love for him by action, not by words.  It’s beautiful, it’s sacrificial, it’s true.  Don’t question it, don’t doubt it.  

Felicity. Loves. Oliver.

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine how awkward the arrow table reads are? I mean there was an I love you & a kiss in the finale and so many moments in s2 and they all read that with KC siting there literally seeing her character's relationship with Oliver go buh bye and her character not being a lead anymore. And the fact that she still goes out & says that felicity isn't that important and olicity isn't happening and laurel got this.

omfg i have never thought about the table reads. im gonna be laughing for a while now.

and she drinks her daily cup of haterade before giving interviews, obviously.

Kastle and Eye Contact

I was just looking at a gif set (I would link but I’m on mobile) of the scene where Frank says he’s not guilty and yells at the DA. And not only did I notice his face go real soft afterwards (d'aaw), but the poor man just can’t seem to look at Karen for very long.

(Though to be fair the line-of-sight continuity on this show is horrendously difficult to keep track of so I could be wrong).

And then I realized that this is something totally consistent with Frank’s character. I mean, the poor guy just seems to have so much trouble keeping eye contact with Karen, it’s almost overwhelming.

In fact, the times when it DOES happen are times when he’s trying his damned hardest to get his point across. Like the ‘what is love’ diner scene, the ptsd defence debacle, convincing her not to shoot him…and maybe the ‘I’m already dead’ conversation? Idk I tend to skip that scene b/c of feels so I don’t remember it clearly.

But in most other scenes with Karen (aside from a few key moments) Frank is…not fidgety, exactly, but he IS a little nervous. And he just. Keeps. Glancing. Away. Seriously, he spends so much time talking to the wall when Karen’s in the room. Just, so much.

I only noticed this because I’ve been rewatching S2 over the holidays and he doesn’t have this issue with literally any other character. Maybe during his monologue about his family with Matt (again, line-of-sight is damn difficult to track in this show) but even then, his glances over in Matt’s direction were intentional and sustained, not really fidgety. Plus, he stops looking over at Matt entirely when he gets too caught up in his memories.

But literally, this is really the only example that comes close to his ‘glance, look away, glance again’ game that he does with Karen. I mean, with everyone else he’s up in their face and trying to intimidate the hell out of them. Or he’s just plum charming (see the elderly vet and the waitress at the diner).

Like, idk if he’s just like this lost puppy man exclusively when he’s talking about his family b/c he never zones out with Karen when they talk about them. Plus he keeps up his fidgety nervousness around her even when they’re talking about something else. Like, he’s literally like this all the time. Poor man really does have to push himself to make eye contact with her even when they’re talking about other things (eg. when he asked if the trial upset her).

Idk, idk. It’s just something I noticed and thought was super sweet. Especially since Karen reeaally doesn’t have this problem.

hemnalini  asked:


AN ~ (Still taking Hunter prompts.) Okay this probably isn’t what you had in mind but I have literally wanted to write this since the S2 finale and never got ‘round to it so HERE IT IS. Set during the S2 finale. Canon-compatible anti-Ward sentiment to be found.

take a break

“I know that Bitter British Tea-making,” Hunter observed. “What’s up?”

Simmons waited a few seconds – until the water had finished pouring through the leaves and into the pot – before drawing breath to answer him.


His fist clenches, and after a moment, unclenches.

“That’s not your fault,” he insists. “That’s on Ward.”

“I said I’d kill him.” She put the lid on. “I should have killed him.”

She carried the pot to where Hunter was standing, and pulled out another cup and saucer. She lifted the pot to pour the tea, but her hands were shaking so badly with rage that she would have betrayed her lack of composure instantly had she started. It didn’t matter that Hunter already knew the trick. It was a matter of principle.

Simmons lowered the pot and waited for her hands to stop shaking. Hunter bit his lip.

“Look, I don’t get this whole Ward thing, but you lot seem to have a lot of pent-up rage against him. I’m not questioning your reasons, I just think, maybe it would be good to let it out. Properly.”

Simmons snorted. “And do what? Cry? Go fire some rounds for no reason? No thank you, I am not letting him corner me like that. Go into town and get drunk and have a night off? I can’t do that now. Because. He blew Bobbi’s lungs to smithereens with a rifle-“

“That was meant to kill me. Look, I get it. And, for the record, firing a gun is not actually that satisfying. It’s not intense enough, you’re just standing there. No, throwing stuff is way better.”

Simmons raised an eyebrow. She’d always found that guns were disconnected. She’d thought it was just a moral problem; that if you were going to kill someone, you should want or need to do it enough to commit and do it with your own bare hands, or some other visceral way. It should be harder than pulling a trigger. Yet, while she’d heard firing a gun was supposed to be therapeutic, because of its explosive capability, she hadn’t made the connection that a more visceral weapon – or her own bare hands – might be the way to go.

“Pick that up,” Hunter suggested.

Simmons warily moved a hand over to the empty teacup in front of her.

“No, not this one,” she objected. “This one’s a favourite.”

Hunter pushed his own teacup toward her.

“This one then.”

Simmons stared at the innocent teacup. Sitting so passive, so at odds with the dark well of rage bubbling away inside her. Slowly, breathing deeply, she wrapped her hand around it like a claw, squeezing to tightly her nails scratched against the porcelain surface.

She raised the cup, letting her rage soak into her fist, and then she threw.

But the handle got caught around her finger, and, momentum drained, it cluttered lamely to the floor.

“That wasn’t satisfying at all,” she snapped, hoping Hunter wouldn’t notice – or at least bring up – the tears beginning to well after the promise of relief had been so poorly fulfilled.

Hunter shook his head.

“You’re doing it wrong. Here.”

He picked up his saucer, and with fire in his eyes, pegged it at the floor so that it shattered into hundreds of pieces. He came away with tears in his eyes too, but they were tears of victory.

Gathering himself, he explained:

“The cup isn’t his head. The floor is.”

Simmons was still overwhelmed by the remnants of the saucer – some of them all but dust – that had spread over half the kitchen. The sheer amount of power that had gone into that throw…it was astonishing.

“Try again,” Hunter insisted.

She removed her favourite cup from its considerably less beloved saucer, and picked up the small plate. It fit in her hand like a discus, but she wasn’t in the mood for classical athletic throwing techniques.

She grabbed one edge of it in each hand, and instead of channeling her anger to her fists, she let it explode outward as she sent the saucer careening toward the floor.

It broke into three clean pieces, with a little dust and shrapnel in between. Seeing it, Simmons let out a small laugh. It wasn’t quite the level of destruction Hunter had managed to achieve, but it was something, and she could feel the power emanating from her hands. She could feel it buzzing in the air around her. For a brief moment, she wondered if this was how Skye felt. What she wouldn’t give, in this moment, to have the power to destroy everything in this room.


The impulse grabbed her with the power of every tiny angry reaction she’d clamped down. Ward. The Pod. Hydra. Fitz. Trip’s death. Skye. Fitz’ lie. Her own failure. Bobbi.

Simmons wrapped her hand around the nearest object and flung it past Hunter, over the kitchen bench, straight across the other room and against the wall, where it shattered, and rained down on the carpet.

She laughed again, feeling it tingle in her fingers as she pressed her hands over her mouth, hardly daring to enjoy something – let alone this destruction – this much.

“That was my favourite,” she breathed, turning to Hunter for…Sympathy? Scolding? Validation?

He already had a stack of plain white dinner plates waiting on the bench beside him. He smiled, and gestured for her to begin.

I know a lot of sleepy hollow fans are mad, but lets try to get some perspective and see positives in this darkness.

Yes, this has been a dull season and the way writers have handled characters is shitty, but I’m trying to see it as unlocking the characters and furthering storylines. Also, I just want to state something, every tv show ever, has a bad season, and compared to other tv shows, this season is still miles better than whole series of tv shows which have like 6 seasons, so don’t give up sleepy hollow!

Anyway, these are my thoughts on sleepy hollow.

1. I’ve seen a lot of people say abbie is the voice of the fandom and reason, and people say this when something bad happens. which is true in a lot of ways. And I don’t think this is unintentionally, in fact, I think this is demonstrating abbie is the most is important, intelligent character and their showing it. A lot of people should try to see it as a positive as the story progresses.

2. It is quite obvious their going to make Katrina betray ichabod, with the way their writing her and the storyline with Abraham, its obvious she won’t part of the gang. They’ve been setting it up all season and I know its been boring to watch, but they’ve needed to show us that so we’ll believe it when the time comes.

3. I am really upset about frank, but honestly, I don’t think he is ‘gone’ as such. I have a very strong feeling he’ll be back, espicially from what I heard. Franks sacrfrice showed us why we love him and how much of a great character he is. I FIRMLY BELIEVE HE’LL BE BACK. Also, I think that will have a big impact on ichabod and abbies relationship, which could be interesting(I love angst in ships)

4. Henry, well henry is just a mess. And this goes back to s1 finale. I was iffy from the start about him being the cranes son, a) because I don’t think the writers thought it through and then realized how messy the storyline would be in s2, and b) I don’t know about everyone else, but its just weird to me, and I think the writers started to realize so thats why they went with the 'redeeming storyline’ I think he’ll probably die in the s2 final or just piss off because there is no way the writers can integrate him in the gang, and I think they know that, so there trying to fix it but failing.

5. Ichabod and Abbie. It is not the same relationship as s1, but that doesn’t mean its necessarily a bad thing. They premièred ichabod going to hell and back (literally) to save abbie, numerous times ichabod has basically said he can only trust abbie on numerous occasions. They might not have many 'cute’ moments, but thats because their relationship is evolving into something deeper. The bump in the road is though, ichabod and katrinas relationship, and testing ichabod (which has caused people to get pissy at him for not knowing how he feels) But honestly, in reality he has handled it well compared to men I know in real life. Its messy because relationships and feelings are messy. Of course their not going to make Ichabod give up on Katrina, otherwise he would just seem like such a player and not the ichabod we know. Ichabod is confused, and it is confusing having feelings for two people, while I think ichabod has been a bit arrogant (which is no excuse) i think some people should just try to see it from where ichabod is feeling, they are human beings after all. GIVE IT TIME, WE ALL KNOW THEIR GOING DOWN THE ICHABBIE ROAD.