they literally butted heads

Stiles:  Derek put me down!

Derek:   How about no?

Stiles: Derek! For the love of— put me down now, or I swear I’m going to end you! To your end!

Derek:   I turn my back for five minutes and you manage to get yourself possessed by a Japanese fox demon and mated to a coyote. Don’t think I’m letting you out of my sight any time soon.

Stiles:  DEREK!!!

Metal vs Metal - Part 6

   The arena has been set up. Metal 1.0 and Metal 2.0 have been literally butting heads in this arena for almost 2 hours now. One would doge and the other would pull dirty stunts. It was hard to tell with such incredible speed. He was Eggman sat comfortably in his chair in a high place. Contemplating over who would win. His mind was on Metal Sonic 1.0 at the moment. He wondered just how much freedom he’s obtained. Could there be another Julian alternative of him somewhere without his knowledge? Or perhaps he got fixed and upgraded by someone else who’s gotten attached to the little bot.

  Metal Sonic 2.0 waited until he was launched high in the air. He used his stomach laser on Aqua while he was down; hitting him main engine. Which took a great critical hit. He buzzed and twitched violently in response. It shut down his ability to transform into Mecha Sonic. Which was exactly what he had planned.

  If Metal doesn’t do something quick, he’s going to die right here in the next couple of minutes.