they like looking at each other

so about this thing that hockey players from opposite teams pair up and hold each other to be sure no more people join the fight-

yeah, i want a Jack and Kent version of that, but when they’re still not talking to each other. Just holding each other and not speaking, not looking. being stubborn bastards.

third time this happens in the game, Kent is like ‘So… fancy meeting you like this.’ And Jack laughs a bit. And that’s the first step to them talking and really hugging it out :P

Is no one going to talk about the scene at the end of Beauty and The Beast (2017) where everyone is turning into “antiques”? It starts with Lumiere crying over Plumettes motionless body & I’M SHOOK! GARDEROBE & CADENZA REACH FOR EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER & THEN THEY SLOWLY FADE AWAY. & Then Mrs. Potts is looking for Chip & then she freezes & Chip almost crashes to the ground?!?!?! MY SOUL LEFT MY DAMN BODY!! And then Cogsworth says to Lumiere “It’s been an honor serving with you my friend?” WHAT THE HELL?!?! THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!! DISNEY WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS WITH MY HEART; I FELT MY CHILDHOOD DIE!!

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kendo captain Link who moonlights as the Fierce Deity for the magical heroes au?

Link is actually a high school drop out that is gifted a sword from Fi and becomes a hero, but sure, why not. I’m gonna do the thing like in Pokemon anime where there are 50 million different versions of Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys except with Link. So now every iteration of Link exists in the Magical Hero AU as relatives of each other and they all somehow all have the same name. And all of the Links are inexplicably very fond of Fi for one reason or another.

FD Link is blind and teaches kendo at a local dojo. He is a magical hero so he can transform into his armor and shit. Fi is a part of his class and likes the head pats he gives her.

(Fi is not a child in this pic, she’s just really short and FD Link is just really tall)

new au

so basically thomas and alex’s past life, they promised each other they would find each other in another life time and now they did like,,,, alex has this ring that thomas gave him and said “in our next life, give me this ring” sO when alex reincarnated and looked for thomas,,, HE FOUND HIM and screamed fuxkinf !!! THOMAS MARRY ME !!! and thomas is like “who are you”

okay but can we talk about 13:13 in the london day in the life video, where dan says, “does it offend you or make you sad that today’s kids won’t even know what word art was?” followed by the fondest little grin?

like i feel like they have these moments all the time. moments of shared reminiscence, of times when they look back on their lives and moments of childhood that they may not have shared but were still connected by popular culture and the things that all children seem to know about. it happens in little bursts just like this, fond domestic conversations that remind them of just how grateful they are to have each other. they probably talk about things like this all the time and we’ll never know. we’ll never know so many domestic anecdotes, like dan making phil cereal when he wakes up late or phil bringing up some weird childhood story that dan uses as new fuel for teasing. we only know a tiny, minuscule part of their lives and that honestly kills me sometimes. don’t get me wrong, i of course respect their privacy, but i think we all wish we could be a fly on the wall of their london flat for just one day to see all the simple domestic things they get up to. i know i do.

Blue Lion Cave Carvings Conspiracy #1

Okay, but what if the cave carvings in Blue’s cave are actually telling future events instead of past events. It’s been pointed out that the two people next to each other resembled how Keith and Lance stood in front of the Blue Lion, but the other carvings remind me of the events of season 2. Like there is that round circular carving above the group of people that looks like the giant teleduv that was built and what we thought was a depiction of early humans holding weapons could actually be a rendition of the Blade of Marmora who are known for the weapon they use so they would be depicted with them and that carving would be placed near the teleduv looking carving cause the Blade of Marmora were involved with the final battle at the end of season 2. The same symbol on Kaltenecker is also on the cave walls and there is a carving in the back that could be a depiction of Slav, so what if the carvings on the wall aren’t telling us about events in the past, but are depictions of future events…



mikael and yousef are the chillest couple. like, there’s isak and even, who people look at as having this…cosmic kind of love. like the type that transcends universes and everyone notices just how soft they are around each other but also there is a lot of DRAMA and heartache and it’s very up and down. and then there’s magnus and vilde who are just that weird couple everyone kind of looks at like “?????? o…kay.” but then there’s mikael and yousef. and they’re just. chill. like they’re always smiling, and you’ll see them either walking with their arms around each other or yousef resting his head on mikael’s shoulder or mikael lying with his head in yousef’s lap while yousef plays with mikael’s hair. and they’re nearly always laughing or wearing lazy grins or content little smiles. because that’s what they are. content. content and happy and relaxed and comfortable in each other’s presence. and mikael and yousef find it kind of hilarious that people always go to them for relationship advice. because their advice is never really that helpful, actually. it’s always, “just talk to them.” “just tell them how you feel.” “just take it easy.” “just chill.”. because sure, they have their issues - every couple does - but the two of them have always, always, found their relationship something that is natural and easy for the two of them. they just go with the flow, and everyone is consistently baffled as to how the two of them make being in a relationship look so bloody easy.

wishlist of #robron things I want to see in the near future!

⋆ Hand holding (as in walking hand in hand) even for a tiny bit, ED? please?

⋆ A hug where Aaron arms go around Robert’s shoulders. This is a HUGE crave I have that’s killing me. Everytime they hug I’m like “ok, now, now, NOW”

⋆ Back of the head holding (i won’t be picky, it can be during a hug, or a kiss, or a conversation…)

⋆ Playful banter. They’re so good at it. I hope there’s much more to come when they’re living together and dealing with each other rarities!

⋆ Complimenting each other. Rob has done it in the past but I’d love to say open complimenting like “you look gorgeous” or “i’m proud of you”

⋆ Heart to heart conversations about their pasts, specially about Rob’s since Aaron’s has been well discussed alreay and the poor lad doesn’t need to go back there.

⋆ Double date w/ Vadam. Can’t believed we haven’t got one yet! How is it possible, Emmerdale? We want answers!

⋆ A bed scene. A proper one. Like BOTH. IN. BED. CUDDLING. TALKING about anything. I am not daydreaming about SEX, I know everything about 7pm shows and all but COME ON. I could point out 10 scenes like that shared by straight couples!!!!

⋆ Going away on a proper holiday. Even if we don’t get to see it. It’s been almost a year since de Barcelona fiasco, they could do with a bit of sand & sun.

⋆ Teaming up to help others. It could be something light, for example, playing matchmakers or something more troublesome & shady, if you like.

RT and add your own!

Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include:

Requested by: @stevrgers

-He would sing over dramatically to make you smile

-Working out together,  well more like he works out and you stare shamelessly

-Cuddles. Lots of cuddles

-Being the only person able to cheer him up

-Making him be nicer to Jughead by threatening to not kiss him anymore

-Stealing his clothes 24/7

-Him getting jealous whenever other guys look at you

-You getting jealous when other girls get to close to him

-Both of you knowing you are each others “It” so there was no reason to get jealous

-Walking down the hallways with Reggies arm over your shoulder

-Bear hugs

-Hugs in general

-Him walking you to every single one of your classes even though it makes him late to his classes

-Him always holding your books and bag

-Everyone shocked when you to start going out

-Eventually everyone lowkey starts shipping you guys

-Him walking up to you after football practice all sweat to hug and kiss you

-Spending almost every free time you guys have together

I just Humans Are weird man

Humans are weird right just imagine humans watching a sports game or any type of competition let’s say football and you have to humans A madridista and a Cule screaming at the tv and at each other things like “YOUR TEAM IS GOING DOWN” or “WE WILL DESTROY YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A TEAM” and aliens being like “What is causing you anger towards each other” and one goes “I Hate his type of people” the alien looks confused yes he had heard of Racism and Speciesism that some species have towards each other “but your both human and are of the same race?” The humans both pause and looks at him and proceed to explain that they don’t really hate each other but each other’s sports teams and it’s just a competition but it isn’t because it’s also a way of life these sports “so you like each other but when the two teams play each other you pretend to hate each other because of a variation in teams” “we don’t pretend in that moment we do” “but why would you hate each other?” “Because his team are a bunch of dirty little cheater that’s why” “MY TEAM HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOURS” the alien preceded to just walk away confused, seeing that there was no actual threat but man “humans are fucking weird” he muttered

This makes me sad

Look I’m not saying that Lauren and Lucy are dating because I don’t want this to be like a camren thing and force them to be together and then they fall apart and stop talking to each other. But going on twitter and seeing the lack of support from camren shippers makes me sad. If they are dating then can you imagine how sad they must be? Some of them are so rude and disrespectful. And this is like 95% of the fandom. Some are telling Lucy to kill her self and she’s ugly and useless. And others are saying that if it is true then there going to leave the fandom an stop supporting the girls. Why? Because Lauren could have a girlfriend? Because your fantasy world is burning to the ground? If they are together let them be happy. We have never seen Lauren be this happy before in over 4 years I think we can all agree 2016 was the most we have ever seen Lauren smile and be more her self. Now I can’t say that it was because of Lucy but I would like to hope. Let her be happy no matter who it is with or without. And that was a fucking cute photo so shut up and be more supportive of them ok? Good.

Tbh I don’t know if someone else pointed this out before, but I’ve just noticed that in this scene from TRF John’s legs are “clean shaven”, and Sherlock two years later says that he likes his “doctors clean shaven”  in TEH.

Looks like John three continents Watson already knew that, didn’t he? Was he trying to seduce Sherlock?

John Hamish Watson shaved for Sherlock Holmes yall. More than once. Sherlock is indeed a very lucky man.

i haven’t stopped thinking about this new official art all day…

yuuri being autistic is my admittedly self-indulgent headcanon but a part of that is, i doubt he would let himself infodump or ramble on etc very often, with how intense his anxiety is about most things and how withdrawn he gets

so here’s yuuri infodumping to yurio because he doesn’t realize he’s so relaxed

yurio isn’t even really pretending to hate it. he just naturally always looks like he’s annoyed but he’s not. he’s super relaxed and just listening and probably secretly enjoying how open the two of them feel between each other now

and viktor just loving it. viktor loves it so much. anytime that yuuri opens up and lets himself relax is viktor’s favourite form of yuuri.

wow i love this

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Other than the WA ending, something that made me melt was the way Barry looked at Kara singing, full of awe and love and zero romantic interest. It's so pure somehow. I feel like their souls recognize each other across time and space. "My twin!"

Originally posted by felicityssoliver

The beautiful thing about Kara and Barry’s relationship is that they have this incredibly close friendship that doesn’t actually need to be romantic to convey how much they enjoy each other’s company, “fit” together, and just genuinely enjoy seeing each other.  I love how much they love each other.

So, I saw a post by @trinity23rose in the Westallen tag indicating that she hates Westallen because she doesn’t have a love like Barry and Iris love each other. I’m not sure if she meant to imply that in some way, she finds the sort of comparatively tepid, casual affection Barry and Caitlin have for each other to be more attainable and thus she likes it more?

But…look. People need to take it from me. Westallen is important for this very reason. Because “I hate it because I don’t have it” dovetails all too neatly into “And therefore I believe it doesn’t exist.” And that eventually becomes “And so I will settle for less than I deserve because that kind of tepid, casual affection is realistically the best that can be had in love.”

I’ve been a Clois fan for at LEAST 25 years. (Oh my god.) I remember watching LnC as a tween and thinking “I would love to find a love like that…but that kind of love doesn’t exist.”

I watched other shows where the guy would kind of notice the girl when it was convenient for plot but was really quite selfish in love. On/off relationships. More emotional investment was required by the girl than the guy. And I didn’t consciously do it, but I learned the lesson “if you find an otherwise good guy who’s kind of like that in relationships…really the best that can be expected.” I decided that’s not what I wanted long-term so at that point, I decided I would never get married.

I did date. In law school, I basically lived with this guy. Law school’s tough. It was nice to go through it with someone. One day, middle of winter in Cleveland, he asks if I can drive him to school early the next day. Sure, I say, but my car has to go to the shop after I get out of class the next evening because the steering would go out when it rained (kinda terrifying). So I could drive him in the next morning if he could drive me in the day after. After all, we were expecting a few feet of snow.

I drive him in the next morning, no problem. Take my car to the shop. Morning after comes and…“Hey, time to get up. You said you would take me to school.” “…Yeah…I’m really tired. Can’t you walk?”

Tepid, casual affection. Well, that’s what guys are LIKE, right? So I walked. And on the way, I slipped on some ice and got hit by a car. Not hard, but I was on crutches for a few days.

Two days later, my neighbor/friend who was a doctor stops by to ask how I’m doing. I’m not there but this was apparently the conversation.

“How’s Jade doing?”
“What do you mean?”
“Is she feeling better? She screwed up her leg pretty bad when she was hit by that car.”
“She was HIT BY A CAR?” (Yes, I had told my boyfriend what had happened.)
“It’s why she’s been on crutches for two days. Didn’t she tell you?”
“Wait, she’s been on crutches? I didn’t notice.”

And that’s the key part there. “I didn’t notice.” When she told me this, we laughed. That’s what guys are like, right? They don’t notice things. Even obvious things. Like when they person you profess to love is on crutches.

I finally broke it off with him when I mentioned something to him I knew I’d told him about every week for a year and a half and he said “you’ve never mentioned that to me.” I mean, not noticing something is just What Guys Do, I guess, but a year and a half seemed excessive.

I remember about two years later, sitting on my mom’s couch, and she said I’d meet my own Clark Kent and we’d have a love like Clois’s someday. And I said to her “mom…come on. Guys like that and love like that doesn’t exist.”

About three months later, I met my husband. Yeah, he made a liar out of me.

Two weeks after we started dating, he messaged me to say he had to take care of something for work and could we push back our date for an hour? “Yeah,” I responded. “That’s more important! Go take care of it and let me know when you’re done.” “No,” he responded. “It’s NECESSARY, but just because it’s necessary doesn’t make it more important. Having dinner with you is more important to me, it’s just necessary I get this done before 5.”

On our second date, he made me a goofy little drawing I accidentally left on the table at the restaurant. It was thrown out. I mentioned I was bummed because I wanted to keep it, and I pretty much forgot about it. Two years later, he recreated that drawing for our wedding day because “You mentioned you wanted to keep it and it made you were sad when it was thrown away. So I wanted you to have one you could keep.”

I’ve posted before that his mom told me “if we ever want him to do something, we tell him we think it’ll make you happy. He won’t do it if it’s just for him or if he thinks we just want it. But if he thinks it’ll make you happy, he’ll do it immediately, no questions asked.”

I mean, I could go on. But obviously, a far cry from the kind of tepid, casual affection I’d come to expect, having learned what love looks like from too many television shows that normalized “that’s just the way guys are. They don’t pay attention. It’s normal for the woman to put more work into the relationship than the man. What else can you expect?”

You can - and should - look at the kind of love Westallen have and think “I want a relationship like that someday.” But rather than hating it because you don’t have it and coming around to tell yourself “it doesn’t exist which is why I don’t have it” you should be using it as an example of the kind of love you deserve. The kind of relationship you deserve. So you don’t spend time settling for less - for tepid, casual affection.

Love like exists between Westallen, between Clois, DOES exist out there. If anything, we need more love stories like it on television so we can stop teaching girls early to settle for less because “that’s just the way it works.”

It isn’t. It doesn’t have to be. And everyone deserves more than that.

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because i miss ren and harry too fucking much: what does one of them do that drives the other crazy? (as in bad habits) what are their fave looks on each other? do they have rituals before bed? do they share shampoo/shower gel etc or do they have their own each? does harry ever catch ren touching herself like she did him? do they have pics of the other as their lockscreen? i just wanna know EVERY LITTLE THING 😩😩

Ren has only just learnt to lock the door behind herself. Drives Harry mad. He’ll see her just leave it wide open and be like “how the fuck has she not learnt yet?” but she’s slowly getting better.
Ren tends to get annoyed about how perfect Harry is. Well, she thinks so anyway. She just gets annoyed that he can do anything and do it well. She’ll roll her eyes and stick her middle finger up at him because how the fuck is he like that?

Ren likes to see Harry just in his boxers, hair up, sauntering around their his apartment. She also loves it when he wears his ridiculous shirts. The pink Mickey Mouse one from NYE is probably her favourite.
Harry likes her first thing in the morning. Messy hair and golden eyes.

They don’t really have any rituals. Falling asleep isn’t really a nice thing. They cuddle and they talk and they kiss until they literally can’t keep their eyes open. I guess their only ritual at that time is just… being anxious.

They share shampoo & conditioner. Harry still likes washing her hair, like he did when they were at her parents, but now he gets to kiss her and hold himself closer to her, and it makes him so so happy. He buys floral scented things for them to share.

Ren has been extremely…. pent up, since moving in with Harry. But he’s never caught her in the act. She’s very careful. She really doesn’t know his limits, and wants to take her time to learn his boundaries. She’s owes him that much.

Harry’s on the left, Rens on the right.

my favorite ship dynamic is Mutual Appreciation Society

  • enthusiasm for each other’s interests, hobbies and pursuits
  • smiles get bigger when they look at each other (giant!! nerds!!!)
  • each other’s number 1 fan
  • supportive and honest
  • do that nerdy shit where they want to be the best version of themselves for the person they’re in love with
  • laugh together A Lot
  • talk their partner up to their friends, and everything they say is totally sincere
  • Happy, whether they’re in love or aaallllmost there

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Being pregnant with Jefferson's baby and you haven't told him yet so you plan something along with Grace to surprise him when he comes home. Like you guys make a nice little tea party and then there are four seats and he says are we expecting someone, you and Grace both look at each other and then you slide the ultrasound picture to him and he has tears in his eyes and looks at both his girls with so much love

okay yep this is bloody adorable 

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