they like it rough

so next time molly pops around are they just like “heeeeeeey buddy…rough we ALL heard you go through that and it was hella awkward…” cause like….that was terrible and they need to buy her several cakes and another sherlock lookalike boyfriend to get out of this

horizon of now

How do you call out call-out culture, without making yourself a hypocrite. A soul friend says you can’t. Every person who ever has an idea and expresses it, he says, is a hypocrite. Call out culture is the worst of it, he says. 

I think this is only true if you live in the world of time. But not in moments. People committed to nows see the dynamics of true life. They know that only lies last long enough to be hypocritical. Truth never intends to reveal itself permanently. It is not dead. No snapshots, no static unmoving picture exists. 

Truth is paradox. Truth defies the hypocrite. Truth pins him to it and demands it applies to none and both. Also, their opposite. Truth is bigger than all the lies put together. It has nothing to defy. It embraces everything. 

So yes, politicians are hard for (famous and cool) musicians to trust so they label them fame-mongers, accuse them of being not-hip-enough to join a band or strong enough to play football, accusing them, then, of going for politics, acting as posers. So says the band member. Justifying his fame like a true politician, campaigning for exemptions in his own line of work. Claiming exclusivity. Ignoring his own sexist thinking. On and on and on… Just like I do, behind him, pointing it out. 

What if all comparison is truly just defense of the system. The way we take credit for recognizing its flaws while, at the same time, preserving only the bits of it that serve ourselves. It’s a way to hedge on commitment to change, to the future which is truly just another word for the unknown. Comparison is what closes us in from the new. Comparison is anti-creative. 

Inclusion is necessary for creation. But complete inclusion is non-discriminatory. Non-discriminatory means we have to deal with the “problem” of tolerating intolerance. I do not know. Does creation aim for permanence? Or does creation recognize destruction as its destiny. Is creation happy to play along, play a part. Does creation aim, truly, for the flow - rather than the output or the hold on one form? 

Again, I do not know. But I know that when I interrupt the flow of my soul-friend’s sharing, to point out the contradictions, we both lose something. He was relating to himself in front of me, showing me, exposing me and including me in his space, his life. That inclusion is what my comparison interrupted. That inclusion is what my call-out questioned. That is not what I wanted. In that moment. In that moment, I cried. He was also frustrated. He pushed back. Rightly so.  

Yet we kept on. Sharing. We kept on including each other. I cannot help but appreciate how the friendship we continually make between us absolutely aims for the flow. Not for the ocean of indiscriminatory wholeness where we both trust we will go, but rather for the flow of this moment now. In the river. Together.

The conversation wasn’t perfect. We didn’t end up feeling nicely in sync or exceptionally close. But we did both leave, I think maybe, knowing there is always more flow to come - between us. Between us we trust there’s more flow to go. 

Maybe you call out call-out culture by calling it out until you find yourself included. Maybe then you learn to see call outs and the things that deserve calling out as both, the same and one. Maybe then you are tolerant of both. Maybe then you embrace the hypocrite and the recognition of it with equal vehemence. Maybe that is what we call forgiveness. 

The price of inclusion, then, forgiveness. The only way to tolerate the intolerant and not become exactly like them, intolerant – is forgiveness. Forgive the intolerant in them and the intolerance in us that condemns it. Condemnation is the biggest threat to flow. Forgive yourself condemnation, as you forgive yourself acceptance, as you forgive others also for it all. 

Stepping out of comparison is a way to see what is beyond. Stepping out of comparison might be the only way, to more. 

How to enact this now. To look at my urge to apologize to my friend in terms of the overall flow. To accept it rather than reject it. It is okay that I interrupted him because I learned about what that interruption feels like and I paid attention to what I lost and what I gained from it. I’m guessing next time I might try a different direction when something similar arises. By fully engaging and then also attending through, I learned how to learn more about him. I learned how to let some truths pass, in order to see others coming along. I am not going to negate the validity of the interaction we had even if it wasn’t entirely comfortable. I’m going to accept that I played out the role of gold-medal interrupter. Next time, there’s hope. Next time, I’d like to approach what my soul-friend shares as a dedicated, if novice, full-on listener and acceptor. 

nancy’s language is very colloquial and stunted . she speaks with a lot of pauses and utilizes ‘ um ’ and ‘ like ’ a bit too much , even by her own standards . 


This boy will never, ever get away with being “sick”. The last several days have been rough. He has croup and sounds like a sick dog when he coughs, but look at his face!! Does he look sick, uh NO! He’s a trooper sitting in his chair just “reading” his book (Goodnight Moon) or laughing at me being silly to entertain him!
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Red (Dean X Reader)

This one was based on that Anon request for a 50s Greaser!Dean X Soc!Reader and I loved it.  

First, though, I’d like to apologize for my absence.  I hit a rough patch for a sec there but I think I’m okay now.  So here I am.  Writing because it’s what I love and what (I hope) I’m good at.  And, yeah. 

Without further adieu, Happy Reading!

Pairing: Greaser!Dean X Soc!Reader

Words: 2,476

Warnings: None

Excerpt:  He mentally slapped himself in the face.  God, he could not be messing this up worse.  Only, she didn’t look disgusted.  She looked happy, with a wide smile and all.  Her red skirt swayed a little in the light breeze.

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It certainly wasn’t her cherry red skirt or her cherry red lips.  It most definitely wasn’t the fact that her nails and headband matched said cherry red things. The only thing about her that wasn’t red was her black, long-sleeve top.  And her ankles just above the socks of her boat shoes, just below the hem of her red skirt.  Scathing.  

That was all Dean was awarded: a thin strip of ankle right there.  He sighed and tipped his head back to rest on the top of the bench seat of his car: a sleek ‘55 Chevy Bel Air, solid black with sparkling rims.  Of course his car sparkled; it was his prized possession.  

He stared out at her through his window while the speaker propped on it played a few commercials for soap and things.  Sam was at the stands in the back getting some pop and peanuts while they waited for the movie to start. 

God, when did Dean become on of those guys who ogles at hot Soc girls through his car window at a drive in? When did he become the guy who got to the drive in early so he could catch a fleeting glimpse of said Soc girl.  Well, maybe not to fleeting. But still.  This was pathetic; this was not Dean Winchester.  

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why are fandoms so ugly people are making fun a screencap of chyler smiling shes got lil wrinkles around her eyes and people are literally making fun of her for it because shes like 34 like alskejnlaskjdfna she's had a rough life sorry she doesnt look like a child anymoree


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Can I request a top 10 (if you do those ^^;) of HQ who is the most father like or who is the most fun father? ( sorry for my bad English! ) I really like your blog btw!!

Thank you so much and this is fine your english isn’t bad at all dont sweat it!! Also I kind of just did who is going to be really good dads hope that’s a okay

  1. Bokuto, tbh he is just so great with kids and kids always love him to death so I think out of all the characters he is going to be the best father
  2. Sugawara, second best with kids after Bo, kids love his kindness and always just randomly come up to him and will start talking to him, Suga is responsible yet can be firm and I just think he is going to be a really good dad
  3. Ushijima, even though he looks a bit rough and mean kids really seem to like him, they can tell how kind he is and he is always welcome to the idea of going to play with little kids and they all love his smile
  4. Hinata, knows how to take care of kids because of how much he had to watch Natsu, he is kind and light hearted and is going to be a great dad
  5. Kyoutani, despite popular belief he is fucking great with kids, all kids for some reason just really like him and he doesn’t know why, the kids sense his inner worth
  6. Tendou, the fun dad, does everything to spoil his kids and will do anything to make sure that they are happy, probably a single dad and had to raise him/her on his own and he is a really really good parent
  7. Tanaka, loves kids!!!! they love him!!!!, going to be a great dad someday and all of the kids think he is hilarious
  8. Yamaguchi, a very good support system, he is kind and loving and will make sure that his kids are the best they can be without pressuring them
  9. Hanamaki, another one of the fun dad’s, will do anything he can to be there for his kid and will definitely know how to take care of kids and be stern at the same time
  10. Aone, same as Ushijima, kids basically come in waves to him when they get lost because they can sense how kind hearted he is, will be a great dad someday

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1p Russia nsfw head canons ?

Yes… my son.

-Okay if it’s a new relationship he’ll get really flustered and shy and sorta hug himself and give the honest to god cutest look your way.

-Again if it’s like the first few times you two are doing it then he’ll be super gentle because he’s so big and everyone is always scared of him so he doesn’t want to scare you any or risk hurting you.

-He gets really loud if you give a good blow job.

-If you two have been together for a while then he’ll be a little rough.

-He really likes the missionary position.

-Loves to see your boobs go up and down while he’s fucking you so he’ll hold your arms down.

-Will get super flustered if you start to dirty talk him but he really likes it.

-I shit you not, his scarf still doesn’t come off of his neck.

-Also if you two have been together for a while he’ll start to get mischievous with it. Like he’ll grope your ass in public, whisper dirty things to you while your friends are around, while start to eat you out while your on the phone. Shit like that.

-He really likes public sex. Like in the changing rooms of stores, one person bathrooms in restaurants. But over all really likes the risk factor. It get him up and going.

-He actually has a really high sex drive tbh.

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Who do you think will make the first move and kiss the other for their second time? any particular way you'd like to see it happen/how it might happen?

I would say Mon-El but i need it to be Kara😩😍 i would like if it was during a rough mission where they both need each other’s comfort but i would LOVE if it was during a very heated argument, i know it’s a cliche, but i really do see it happening with them 😍😍😍😍

i made a twitter?! !!

Im @felfisk - there’s not much on there yet rlly tbh

idek what ill be posting on it aside from like, retweeting youtubers and cute art and stuff. I might post rough sketches on there and do lil requests and things ?? Might do some requests when i have a few more followers on there

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Hey BRÜH who do you think is more dominant? 2P Spain or 2P Canada?

Oh my god… I honestly don’t know… hold on let me think….

Well Matthieu is just really intense and Lowkey likes to use cuffs. But like he’s always intense and while him and his S/o are doing it he isn’t aware of how hard his grip is or anything.

But Andres on the other hand, he’s super rough because it turns him on. Like he honestly really likes hearing the headboard hit the wall, his S/o screaming and crying in pleasure. Also loves it when the next morning his s/o is sore but happy.

Hmm… I would have to say 2p Spain because his roughness is intentional.


We ate a picnic lunch together, and after a bit of playfully flirty banter, I couldn’t get the thought of his lips out of my mind. I wanted to know what they felt like. Were they soft? Or were they a bit rough? How would it be like to kiss those lips? I knew there was only one way to find out for sure. Things had been going pretty well, so I felt it couldn’t do any harm.