they like em

romantic student things
  • meeting up in the library in the morning and idly chattering while planning the day
  • sitting together in silence while working but still touching elbows or knees and feeling the comfort of each other’s presence
  • comparing schedules to see when you can spend time together
  • helping each other understand an academic concept and then smiling and giggling because wow your s/o is so cute and smart and you are so proud of them
  • drinking way too much coffee and/or tea together
  • planning a date and then saying, “screw it, we are tired and i’d rather watch a movie and cuddle at your dorm”
  • being frustrated when life is busy but ecstatic once you get to spend time with them
  • chilling at campus cafes in between classes
  • finding time to spend even 20 minutes with each other because you miss them and want to catch up
  • feeling proud of them when they do well on a test
  • comforting them when they do poorly on a test
  • whining about school, then making out and feeling better

Take two. Aubreyneedsascarf
instagram / taz tag

can we talk about the fact that nintendo actually programmed an idle animation of Mario dancing when in proximity to music and of Link jokingly flexing his muscles when shirtless? can we talk about the fact that nintendo made their two most defining heroes complete dorks even now and said fuck you to the growing trend of overly serious, gruff, manly-man video game leads? because i think that’s kinda cool.


better run n hide before the boss finds out