they like em


Jon Bernthal slayin’ SDCC 2017 → “When we were making Daredevil the folks at Netflix said ‘ya know that guy that plays The Punisher, he should probably have his own series’, and ya know…we agree.” 

honestly nothing good ever comes from a cast that tries to get too close to a fandom… they can 100% be supportive and kind and validating but when cast members start acting like they can be friends with fans, as if there isn’t a power dynamic at hand, as if it’s not a part of their job, it’s just waiting until the storm hits

“I hope that Himaruya will draw female Indonesia and Malaysia in hijabs. I’m not Muslim, but I definitely know that the Middle East is a tricky place to play with, but I hope he can take his time to draw some cute manga girls in hijabs. And also not draw them as East Asians with pale skin.”