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Celebrating the goal vs. Sweden (28.03.17)

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hey if you don't mind,,,, can i ask what sort of research you put into having a diverse cast in Sharp Zero? Did you have anyone you could ask about respectful representation questions? I ask because i was thinking about diversifying my own cast but m worried that i'll mess something up

uh i go according to the opinions and wants of that people group and talk to em? like p much write them as people with their experiences in mind when it comes to framing your story. like be careful who you frame as bad guys and how they’re interpreted in the context of your story. like aka white savior trope or only POC character is the villain and shit like that. the best is to just talk to people and how they feel about media and which already existing characters they identify with. 

read reviews by different kinds of people about media and listen to them and how they think and feel. always remember that they’re real people and not a list of traits and always treat your characters like that too. and remember that everyone feels differently about things and not one person is an advocate for that entire people group. 

and honestly its better to create a diverse cast and get things wrong but work on making it better and learning than having an oatmeal cast just to play it safe. 

best wishes!

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I get that u nd em are like bffs or whatever but do you really have to reblog half her shit all the time with your stupid add ons? Like whne someone asks her a question they ask her not you, so like ur her friend but butt out sometimes

So um first: rude.

Second: I’m not going to stop reblogging stuff from Emilee.

Third: There’s an easy fix for this!

  • If you follow me and you’re seeing the reblogs then you can unfollow me, no hard feelings at all.
  • If you’re not following me I don’t know how you’re seeing the replies/reblogs unless you’re going to Emilee’s blog,  looking for the post and then looking at the notes on purpose so I can’t help you there because that’s on your for doing that. The only thing I can think of  is to just want to block me

I don’t get why this is such an issue for you, my reblogging and adding on to Em’s posts (which by the way I usually just reblog and write in the tags????).

  • Me: should I do commissions again?
  • Dad: it's worth a try
  • Me: furry art usually sells good I could go into that
  • Dad: .... you're my kid so I have to accept your choices but no one said I had to like em

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I have a lot to thank you, i'm myself a chubby-small-short-haired lady and most of times i just don't feel attractive. And this prevents me from shipping myself with my favorite chars 'cause i think i'm not pretty enough for 'em to like. Seeing your art makes me want to indulge myself just one time. And truth to be told, your art style is simple sooo beautiful and cute and adorable and pretty and smooth and soft and incredible and cute an

thank you!! <33

pls please PLEASE don’t let douchebags stop you from drawing selfship!! you deserve to draw it if it makes you happy!! if you ever get hate just block them and keep being you cuz you’re awesome and deserve happiness!! <3

I was tagged by @idiotgonewrong  thank you em <3

relationship status: in a relationship
favorite color: red - all the reds 
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick but it’s tinted so this is a cheat
last song i listened to: war of hearts, ruelle (malec kiss day, come on)
last movie i watched: get out
top 3 tv shows: shadowhunters, into the badlands, the magicians
top 3 characters: magnus bane, sunny, maia roberts
top 3 ships: magnus + alec, maia + izzy, tho i like em’s maia + dot now too
books i’m currently reading:  Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and  The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley

tagging anyone who wants to do it! 

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Probably Gamzee, Eridan, and Vriska. Life is hard for fans of any of them, but I've never heard of anyone who loves all three.

someone out there probably does! not me though. i don’t like any of em :p

you’re probably right though, it’s gotta be gamzee+eridan+vriska. caliborn is in a different ballpark, i think