they left out so much about neville and his parents in the movies


~1.5k based on the passage above

Seamus Finnigan woke in a cold sweat, his legs caught in the bedspread and his eyes shot open with the force of escaping the nightmare he had been facing. He ought to have expected this after the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson earlier that day—the spike of fear that had shot through him even imagining what his boggart could turn into, let alone actually having to look the banshee in the eye.

The banshee had cried. Did the fact that it was only a boggart mean that it wasn’t actually signaling a death? Professor Trelawney had been predicting deaths all year, but Seamus hadn’t taken her serious. A banshee, however, was a source that he would believe without question. He’d never forget his cousin, Siobhan.

Seamus blew a hard breath out of his nose, trying to calm his erratic breathing and convince himself to go back to sleep. Each time he closed his eyes, he envisioned the scaly pale-green face framed by inky black hair, contorting its mouth impossibly wide to release and ear splitting shriek. Even with his eyes open, the pitch darkness hid everything, and the irrational part of Seamus’ brain was convinced the Banshee could even be in the shadows outside his canopy.

Seamus, you are going to be fourteen in less than two months, you have no reason to continue fearing a blasted Banshee! He thought harshly. It wasn’t necessarily the haunting appearance or the deafening screams that caused Seamus’ skin to prickle with trepidation, it was what the Banshee signaled that scared him the most. The death, the loss. He couldn’t stand to lose anyone whom he’d become close to, not his parents, or his classmates, and especially not his friends.

Of course, one person came to mind that Seamus was most anxious for, that he didn’t want to think of a world where they weren’t in his life.

He needed to get out of the bed he was in, the canopy surrounding him felt like a cage and he felt hot all over from the enclosed space. As he reached for the curtain, Seamus saw movement outside the fabric, and his breath caught in his throat. Finding his Gryffindor bravery, he ripped the curtain to the side, and instead of being met with a green-tinged woman, he came to face a soft-featured, dark-skinned boy.

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years and years

pairing: dean thomas x sean finnigan | deamus

setting: hogwarts, canon 

word count: 3022 

notes: mature for sexual content. one-shot. i wrote this because i saw devon and alfie standing next to each other and the height difference bugged me.



When Seamus was nervous, he spoke too much. Rambled, really. His ma found it endearing, but he’d always found embarrassment in it. His cheeks would get hotter and his words more ridiculous. He’d told himself he wouldn’t do it here, kept his head down and his voice quiet. But after the sorting ceremony, the beginning of the feast, the entire room was abuzz. Voices rose and fell, ghosts floating down the aisles. So many smiling faces. It made him return the looks until his cheeks hurt, and he didn’t care about the uniform that was two sizes too big – “you’ll grow into it,” his ma had insisted, stroked his cheeks affectionately when he had complained – or that the faces around him for that of strangers. He forgot that he missed home, his family and his bed.

Someone asked about the first years, wanted them to introduce themselves, and Seamus leap onto that opening eagerly.

“My Da’s a muggle, Mam’s a witch. Right shock for him when he found out,” he told.

Beside him, a boy snorted. “How’d he react?”

Seamus grinned, happy to go on. “Well, he thought she was bonkers, of course.  But then she turned the teapot into a cat – she called him Earl Grey. Bitter little bugger.”

The boy laughed, boisterous and loud. Seamus decided he liked that sound.

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When we see what’s inside the “Muggle Worthy” version of Newt’s suitcase, we see a Hufflepuff scarf, which he also wears in the last scene of the film! (I’m not a Hufflepuff but I’m SO happy that we have a Hufflepuff hero since it’s a very underappreciated house).


When Newt first arrives in New York, Mary Lou Barebone the leader of the Second Salemers asks him “Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?“ to which he responds “I’m more of a Chaser, really.”; referring to the Quidditch players’ position.


Who is she? Well, we know that she was Newt’s first love, she is a member of the Lestrange family (the one Bellatrix married into), and she is played by Zoe Kravitz. We don’t know much else about her other than that, but she will definitely appear in the upcoming movies, JK Rowling said so herself.

Speaking of, it is mentioned in the movie that Newt is expelled from Hogwarts. Now the following sentence might be considered spoilers by many so don’t say I didn’t warn you: JK Rowling said that the reason Newt was expelled from Hogwarts is because “he took the blame for something he didn’t do” and she said that that was all she was going to say - but in a published book it states that Leta Lestrage did an experiment that went wrong, and Newt took the blame in order to save her from getting expelled. But now the main question on Potterheads’ minds is: why was Newt allowed to keep his wand and continue practicing magic while Hagrid, who was also expelled from Hogwarts for endangering students. had his wand broken? All JK Rowling has said on that point is: “All will become clear. Trust me”. That’s all we know of Leta and Newt’s explosion at the moment and I trust JK Rowling of course BUT I NEED TO KNOW NOW.


I loved that they mentioned them! Ilvermorny is the American wizarding school and it’s located in Massachusetts; if you don’t know the story behind it I highly recommend that you read the story of how the school was created on Pottermore as well as take the quiz to find out your Ilvermorny house!  I don’t know if it will happen but it would be very interesting to see Ilvermorny in an upcoming movie as well as the characters from the short story.


NEWT HAS A BROTHER!! This was a point that most people forgot about when they left the cinema, but there’s a huge chance that we see him in the upcoming movies! We don’t know much about Theseus other than that he is a powerful Auror at the UK Ministry of Magic, but Colin Farrel (the actor who plays Graves) has said that Thesus has been in contact with Graves; now we don’t know what that means exactly. Is he working with Grindelwald? Or was he in contact with him thinking he was just a MACUSA worker? We don’t really know. But I trust that eventually, all will be clear.


In the movie, Newt mentions that he has worked with a Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon before. That is the same type of dragon we see in Gringotts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Maybe there’s a connection?


In the movie we see so many of the spells used in the Harry Potter movies and books, such as Petrificus Totalus (used in the bank in FB, used on Neville in the first Harry Potter film),  Accio (always used) , Obliviate (used by Hermione in the Deathly Hallows on her parents and on the entire city in FB), and Alhambra (used on the door in the Philosopher’s Stone and the bank vault in FB). These are just some of the man many spells used in the film but we couldn’t mention them all of course.


Fantastic Beasts mentions squibs. For those unfamiliar with the term, a squib is a non-magical person (muggle/No-maj) born to magical parents. In the Harry Potter films, Filch the caretaker of Hogwarts (aka Walder Frey) was a squib. And in Fantastic Beasts, Graves thought that Credence was a squib and didn’t realize that he was the obscurus all along.


At the MACUSA, we see a clock or gadget that resembles the Weasley family clock from the Harry Potter films.


Legilimency is “the act of magically navigating through the many layers of a person’s mind and correctly interpreting one’s findings” or simply, mind reading. We see this power in Queenie Goldstein, who is a Legilimens, but not many people know that Snape, Voldemort, and Dumbledore were also Legilimens; but their powers were a bit different than Queenie, they didn’t use this power often so we’re guessing it was just a “really good hunch” for them whereas with Queenie, Legilimency is an actual power of hers that she can use at any time.


The Second Salemers is the radical anti-magic group founded by Credence’s adoptive mother Mary Lou Barebone. They get their name from the actual real life Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts where any woman suspected of being a witch was killed (if you don’t know about the Salem Witch Trials you should really look it up, it’s very interesting and ITS REAL).


The reason that the Wizard/Muggle relations are so tense in the US at the time is definitely due to the Salem Witch Trials and radical groups like the Second Salemers. It was obvious that the Wizard/Muggle relations were much tenser than in the UK; for example, in the UK it’s perfectly fine for a Wizard/Witch to marry a Muggle whereas in the US it’s forbidden. It’s been pointed out that the advantage the US has is that the American wizarding community doesn’t seem to have hatred or discrimination within itself between purebloods and muggleborns (but i’m guessing that they’re mostly purebloods anyways since muggleborns or people like Credence).


This was the biggest clue that Graves was actually Grindelwald. IT WAS EVEN IN HIS CHARACTER POSTER. Grindelwald was obsessed with the Deathly Hallows and during his reign of power he used the Deathly Hallows symbol as his own emblem, and he would use the slogan “For the greater good.” So anytime someone said those words, you would know that they support Grindelwald.


There are many different ways that Grindelwald could’ve disguised himself as Graves; the first through polyjuice potion. The argument for this is that plujuice potion works fine for a  long period of time (ex: Barty Crouch Jr as Mad-Eye Moody in HPGoF) but this also suggests that somewhere there is an actual MACUSA worker named Percival Graves that Grindelwald must’ve stolen his DNA from. The other option is that Grindelwald is a shapeshifter like Tonks. I think it’s more likely that he’s a shapeshifter because we didn’t see him drink any liquid or anything like Mad Eye Moody.


When Graves interrogates Newt, he asks him “What makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you?” What we know  is that at the time Dumbledore was already a professor at Hogwarts and he was the only person who was against Newt’s expulsion from Hogwarts. I’m guessing there was a bond between them maybe similar to Dumbledore and Harry? I hope so. And at this time Grindelwald and Dumbledore were already against each other. I might do a post explaining what exactly happened between them (please let me know if you want me to post about it!)


If you own a copy of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book, you can notice that it is published by a fake publishing house called Obscurus Books! This  publishing house has been on the books for a while - way before this film was in pre-production! It’s such an interesting easter egg and I can’t want to hear what JK Rowling has to say about it!

Now that the boyfriend’s finished reading the first Harry Potter book, we’ve decided to watch the first movie...

Read his thoughts on book 1 here, here, and here

***during the movie***

Him: “Wait, we’re already at the zoo? Like, we’re five minutes in, and we’re at the zoo?”

Me: “Yep.”

Him: “Didn’t Dudley have a friend that went with them? Where’s he?”

Me: *makes disappearing poof gesture* 

Him: “And why does Harry look pleased with himself? Did he mean to sick the snake on Dudley or something? I thought he didn’t know that was going to happen?”

Me: *shrugs*

Him: “Dudley’s dad looks a lot classier than I thought he would, I thought he’d look a lot more stupid.”

Him: “And why didn’t Harry just open the letter in the hallway?”

Me: “If you remember, he wonders the same thing in the book.”

Him: “Oh yeah…”

Him: “Look at all those fucking letters on the floor! Why doesn’t he just pick up one of those instead of trying to catch one?”

Me: *scoffs* “And you were ‘like 80% sure’ that Harry was going to be in Ravenclaw.”

Him: “You’re never going to let me forget that, are you?”

Me: “Nope.”

Him: “Wait, he and Hagrid are leaving now? But it’s the middle of the night! I thought they left the next morning?”

Me: “Again, *makes disappearing poof gesture*”

Him: *scoffing* “Yeah, because there’s nothing weird about a giant hairy dude wandering around the city in the middle of the night with a kid in his pajamas.”

Him: “Wait, so if they can have owls, why’s Ron got a rat? I mean, can you imagine how lame it would have been if Harry had gotten a rat instead of Hedwig? Like he would never get any mail, because all of the owls would bring the letters like no problem, but the fucking rat would just be inching along the ground and dragging the letter like that stupid subway rat with the pizza.”

Me: “Only owls deliver the mail. If you don’t have one, you can borrow a school owl. Rats don’t deliver anything.”

Him: “Oh, well that’s good, because Ron’s rat just sleeps all the time, except for that time he bit Goyle.”

Me: “Yeah, he’s pretty worthless.”

Him: “Damn, Diagon Alley looks smaller and more crowded than I thought it would.”

Him: “If they don’t show the cart scene in Gringotts…Okay, good, there it is…wait, what? That was it? They’re already there? Where’s the part about Hagrid getting sick?”

Me: *starts to make disappearing poof sound, but*

Him: *annoyed* “Yeah, yeah, I get it, poof.” 

Him: “Well, at least he still gets Hedwig.” 

Him: “Wait, they’re at the train station already? Did Harry not go back at all?”

Me: “I don’t know?”

Him: “Well that’s stupid. Oh, great, and now Hagrid’s gone, like couldn’t he have stuck around for like a few more minutes?” 

[A few minutes later he sees me grinning like an eleven year old as the Hogwarts Express is shown]

Him: “What?”

Me: “Nothing, nothing…”

Him: “Ron seems a lot more talkative than he did in the books.”

Him: “Hah, his fucking rat has a box stuck on its head.”

Me: “Fucking rat.”

Him: “Right?” 

Him: “Wow, Hermione’s really stuck up.”

Him: “Wait, where’s the scene where the rat bites Goyle? That was like his one shining moment!”

Me: “No kidding.”

Him: “Is there going to be a scene later on where Harry and Ron are sitting around, and Hedwig just sort of shows up and throws up a hairball with pieces of rat in it, and things are going to be really uncomfortable between them?”

Me: “That’d be interesting.” 

Him: “Oh yeah, I forgot about Malfoy.” 

Him: “Wait, shouldn’t they be getting sorted in alphabetical order? And that’s it, we only get to see Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Malfoy get sorted?”

Me: “And Susan Bones.”

Him: “Who the fuck is Susan Bones?”

Me: “The producer’s kid, I think.” 

Him: “Wow, Snape’s a dick. That Alan Rickman guy is really good as him, though.”

Him: “Who’s that kid that set his feather on fire? Isn’t he the same one that set his water on fire? I like him, he seems fun.”

Him: “Damn, Ron’s a dick.”

Him: “Hah, he finally got the spell right. Man, that troll looks stupid, I’ll give them that.”

Him: “Come on, Harry, what the fuck do you think’s in the package? Is it shaped like a fucking piano? ‘Oh, whoa, it’s a broomstick’, well no shit!”

Him: “I still say they should all be wearing helmets.”

Him: “Man, Hermione’s kind of a pyro, isn’t she? Do she and that other fire kid eventually have a thing? Cuz I feel like they’d get along well.”

Him: “Wait, it’s Christmas already?”

Him: “Is Dumbledore Harry’s grandpa or something?”

Me: “What?”

Him: “Because he had the cloak, I mean, and that would explain why he likes Harry so much.”

Him: “Didn’t this scene with Snape and Quirrell happen earlier?”

Him: “And now it’s spring, apparently?!”

Him: “Man, this whole part with Norbert is rushed.”

Him: “Oh yeah, let’s just send a bunch of eleven-year-olds into the Forbidden Forest at night with a guy that’s not even allowed to do magic, that makes sense.”

Him: “Wasn’t there something about Mars being bright that’s being left out here? Is that important to the plot?”

Him: “Poor Neville, Malfoy’s such a dick.”

Him: “And they’re just going to leave him there with his legs like that? Didn’t someone help him out in the book?”

Him: “Didn’t Harry have a flute in the book?” 

Him: “And didn’t Hermione set that thing on fire?”

Him: “And wasn’t there a scene with Hermione and potions or something?” 

Him: “Quirrell seems a lot angrier here than in the book, more shouty and less calm.”

Me: “You’ll notice that from time to time in the movies.” 

Him: “Why is Harry still conscious?”

Him: “Oh, there it is.”

Him: “Wait, where’s the part where Hagrid gives Harry the photo album with his parents? They left that out? That was my favorite part!”

Him: “Aaand now it’s time for Slytherin to get screwed over.”

Him: “Seriously, sixty points for saving everyone? Didn’t he lose fifty just for being out of bed? Aren’t there any sort of guidelines on how much certain things are worth?” 

Him: “Oh, now he gets the photo album. Well, better late than never.” 

Him: *scoffing* “Only a nerd would call their school their house.”

Me: “It’s not his house, it’s his home.”

Him: “Nerrrrrd.”

***after the movie***

Me: “So, overall thoughts?”

Him: “I don’t know, I mean, I don’t want to be that guy, but I think I liked the book a whole lot better than the movie.”

Me: “You’re not that guy, we are that fandom.”

Him: “I mean, I get it, it’s Hollywood, you have to cut things, but some of the stuff they cut, I mean, really? And then at the end, why did Hagrid tell Harry to scare Dudley? Like why did they have to give him that line? Harry thinks it in the book, right? Is that why Hagrid got expelled, he was doing magic outside of school?”

Me: “No, that’s not why. You’ll find out in Chamber of Secrets, though.” 

Him: “I mean, there’s just so much in the book that makes you smile and go, 'Ha, that’s a great line’ that they just left out of the movie. And I’m not going to be able to read Snape without hearing that Rickman guy’s voice. Dude was fucking perfect, like all dark and moody and whatnot.”

CURSED CHILD PART 2 (by: elliotfintry on twitter)


OKAY SO IT STARTS WITH UMBRIDGE IN HER OFFICE AND SHE TALKED TO SCORPIUS and told him that she was concerned bc he was asking about Harry and the Battle of Hogwarts but before in that universe he was like a Death Eater sort of and then there’s a scene with Scorp and Draco in the universe where Voldy won
Scorp was accusing Draco of being a supporter of Voldy and said that Astoria told him that Draco was a better man
And then there was a scene between Scorp and Snape who also unfortunately lived
Basically it was revealed that after Cedric was blown up he became a Death Eater and killed Neville
That meant that Neville never killed Nagini so Voldy won but Snape was painted as a Good Guy™
And he didn’t support pureblood supremacy anymore, he then opened like a hole in his blackboard thingy to reveal the two remaining members of the DA in this world
Yeah Scorp had to convince Snape that he wasn’t lying about another universe where Voldy lost by telling Snape that he loved Lily,,

Anyway so they met AU!Ron and Hermione who thankfully lived
Unfortunately Ron was still a lot like movie!Ron but Scorp explained what had happened and they teamed up and went to the lake to do protego on the Expelliarmus they did in the first task and used the time turner

BUT THEN THE DEMENTORS KISSED RON AND HERMIONE then Snape cast a Patronus to get rid of the Dementors
But thankfully the Patronus let Scorp escape and Snape was Kissed by the Dementors,,, (the only thing that will ever kiss him) credit to this comment goes to @marauders 
To convince Snape, Scorp was all like: do this for lily at least

After Scorp escapes he goes to the lake and we are brought back to the present world, AND ALBUS APPEARS NEXT TO HIM AS IF NOTHING HAD HAPPENED

So Scorp gets super ecstatic and they hug and it’s super cute, and then Harry, Ginny, Draco and McGonagall appear and they tell them off

Then we are brought to McGonagall’s office and they have told them what has happened and basically everyone’s like “wtf that WAS DANGEROUS UOU BROUGHT BACK VOLDEMORT”

Apparently Scorp lost the time turner in the lake, so they send people to look for it, 
apparently everything’s back to normal,,

Anyway after that Harry goes to the Slytherin form to talk to Albus, He tells him off for what he did because he and Ginny were super worried and Ginny wouldn’t let anyone in Albus’ room, And Al is like “even you were worried?”
And Harry was like “is that what you think of me?”
and Harry took off his glasses he seemed like he would cry my baby

Yeah ok so basically Harry admitted to Al he had been scared too (for not knowing where he was and stuff)
And Al was like “/you/ were afraid?”
And then that’s what Harry said
Because Al thought he wasn’t scared of anything and he didn’t care

Oh yeah then we see another one of Harry’s dreams, he was with petunia visiting his parents’ grave, and he was bringing them flowers and little Harry is like “aunt petunia you told me my mum and dad didn’t have any friends”
And she’s like “yeah they weren’t liked by people”
And then Harry’s like “then why do their graves have so many flowers”
And he starts reading the notes that people left like “your courage won’t be forgotten”
And suddenly Voldemort comes out of behind the graves
And then there was Albus right? Being grabbed by someone who looked like Voldemort but it was just a dream
And adult Harry starts screaming because his scar hurt again and he woke up
But Harry took it as prophetic and knew that Al was still in trouble, And realised Albus was still in danger because of what he saw, So him and Ginny go to hogwarts to find him, Then we skip to Al and Scorp in the dorm, and Scorp reveals to Albus he hid the time turner (which he had told the others he lost in the lake) and tells Al they should destroy it
And as em said they go to the owlery and delphi appears because al had owled her
And they tell her what they’re planning to do
She was not Amos’ niece

And she forces Al and Scorp to go back in time with her to save Cedric in the last task, HARRY HERMIONE MAKE ANOTHER MEETING @ THE MINISTRY AND THEY TELL RVERYONE THAT IT WAS RUMOURED THAT VOLDY HAD A CHILD
and al and scorp are missing again

Al and Scorp refused to help Delphi obviously so she FUCKJNG TORTURED SCORP WITH CRUCIO, and Al was pleading her to stop, so she was like “you will do what I tell you to Albus or your friend dies”, and Scorp, all heroic was like LET HER

So in the meantime Harry and co go to Delphi’s room to see if they can find anything that will teach them where they are
And they find a prophecy which was written all over the walls of Delphi’s room AND ALSO AROUND THE AUDITORIUM THAT WAS A PLOT TWIST

The prophecy was about a child and their father, so Harry thought it was about him and Albus. 
Back in the maze, they are trying to find Cedric, and and Scorp try to plan to stop her, Delphi threatens to kill them again AND SUDDENLY CEDRIC APPEARS TO THE RESCUE THINKING IT WAS PART OF THE MAZE
So he saves them and then Al and Scorp tell him he should continue on his way, and that Amos loves him very much (fucking heartbreaking yall!!) 
Then Delphi appears again and they try to take the time turner from her as she used it again to go back in time and she destroys the time turner, so they are stuck in time, and they don’t know when or where they are! 

Al and Scorp try to go to a station to try find out from a muggle what year it is, The year is 1981

Exactly 24 hours before James and Lily’s death, And Al’s like “wait a second that’s when my grandparents died”, Delphi’s plan was to stop Voldy killing Harry so that the Curse never rebounded and he never ‘died’, SO THEY THINK DELPHI WANTS TO KILL HARRY, Bc Scorp said that prophecies didn’t have to come true. 

SO THEY GO FIND THE HOUSE and lily and James come out with baby Harry in a stroller, and they need to send a message to adult Harry to try stop Delphi’s plan, So they remember that Ron’s love potion spilled on the blanket, And love potions have pearl something, Which reacts with demiguise something, So they find demiguise stuff from Bathilda Bagshot’s house, And put it on the blanket so that when Harry looks at it every Oct 31st So they burned a message into the blanket with the usually invisible demiguise stuff
And it’s like 'dad help 311081' 

so in the present time Harry is in his office and he has a talk with Albus’ portrait in which he calls him out for what he did to him, leaving him in privet drive and unaware of anything so Dumbledore tells him that he loved him and Harry starts crying and after the argument he tells him he loved him too. Then after Dumbledore leaves the portrait Draco walks in and it was the funniest shit ever.

Draco; “you know in the other reality I was the head of department not you. I never wanted to be a ministry man”

Harry: “what did you want to do then”

Draco: “play quidditch. Sorry I suck at small talk can we skip to the important bit”

So Draco reveals to Harry that Lucius had a time turner, that apparently he didn’t have good blood or something so he thought the Malfoy succession would die with him because he didn’t want an heir that would have that blood but Astoria told him she just wanted a child and so they had Scorpius. And that at least Draco would have someone since Astoria was sickly and knew she wouldn’t last for many years

so Draco gives him the time turner to use but Harry is like “we don’t know where they are they could be anywhere in time” so Harry refuses it, thats when the blanket part comes in, So yeah Harry and Ginny find the message, And they get the Golden Trio and Draco to accompany them (my fucking dream since i was a kid) 

And they use Draco’s time Turner to go to that date, anyway so they reunite and they hug, so they hide in the church and wait for Delphi to show herself, but then realize she isn’t coming 
So they realise that Delphi isn’t trying to kill baby Harry but rather stop Voldy from having the Curse backfire
So I then they decide to disguise one of them as Voldy to lure Delphi, First Ron volunteers, then Draco, then Hermione, Hermione started telling people what they should do AND DRACO WAS LIKE “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger.” *pause* “And I’m oddly enjoying it.”

And then Harry says that he understands Voldy more than anyone bc he’s been inside his head etc so he volunteers They Transfigure Harry into Voldy

And Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Draco hide, Anyway so yeah then Delphi comes and she sees Harry Transfigured as Voldy, And Harry-Voldy is like 'I don’t have a daughter’, And Delphi said that Bellatrix was the mum, And Harry-Voldy said that he finally found an equal, Bc Delphi proved herself pretty decent a witch in terms of ability, So then Harry starts turning back into Harry and not Voldy anymore and Delphi’s like shit ur not Voldemort, So then Harry and Delphi duel, And then Al shows himself as Delphi’s about to kill my son aka Harry James potter, And then the rest of the squad show themselves. Anyway so like Delphi tries to kill Al but Harry jumps in the way and saves his son (don’t worry tho he doesn’t die), So then they duel and eventually Harry & Co win, and then Delphi is like I just want to see my dad. 

And Al wants to kill her for trying to kill them but Harry refuses to kill her, so she goes to Azkaban, and then they watch James and Lily die, and hear them scream, 

The end.