they know your soul


“If a clock on your wrist could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

As a ‘Thank You!’ to @helthehatter since she did me a favor, I drew something related to one of her writings; I love this one-shot from Welcome to the Urban Jungle ^^ As for the actual song notes I drew in the background, I thought this one was fitting for the scene and the story:

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Does EXP rise if someone believes that they killed someone, but are not actually responsible for their death? Or if they don't die, but you think they did? Conversely, if you killed someone without noticing it or knowing about it, would that increase EXP? Like, suppose you shot someone and thought they died, but they did not die. LV up? Do you lose the EXP if you find out? What if you shoot someone and they fall off a bridge and die, but you think they escaped somehow? No EXP?

Four things must happen at once to gain exp.

1. You kill a person in a direct way resulting from your decisions whether premeditated or in the heat of the moment.

2. Your victim actually dies for real, and the residual magic from their soul is absorbed into your own.

3. You know and understand that you have killed.

4. You have insufficient justification for your actions. You can avoid exp gain from having a strong justification such as “It was war and they were going to kill more people” …However, this is difficult to pull off and is negated by any shred of doubt in the killer’s mind that what they’re doing is in any small way wrong. It takes a strong resolve to kill and not be hurt by it.


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Wait a sec, what is a “spiritual web” or at the very least what book do we learn about it in?

we actually don’t learn about it in the books! Brandon talks about it relatively frequently in interviews.

from [here]: “ …a person’s Spiritual aspect… is similar to a Platonic idea–the idea that there’s a perfect version of everyone somewhere. It’s a mix of their connections to places, people, and times with raw investiture. The soul, you might say. (Note that over time, a person’s perception of themselves shapes their cognitive aspect as well, and the cognitive aspect can interfere with the spiritual aspect trying to make the physical aspect repair itself.)… Your soul “knows” things, like where you were born, what investiture you are aligned with, and… how old you are… the spiritual aspect will push for a restoration to the way you should be.”


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

remember when kaz brekker told inej ghafa he refused to be the one to mark her body after everything she had been through?? because i sure do. the tattoo was mandatory for everyone in the dregs except her bc self-proclaimed monster kaz brekker had the decency to respect her past trauma & he didnt want her to feel like anyone owned her. and the first thing he did after purchasing her indenture was get her proper clothes?? and a knife??? lbr when will your fave ever

I’m the owner of one, and I want to say this because I’m tired of seeing it specifically used against my people, but when you see news websites on twitter (especially) or any social network post something controversial to you, like saying “Kylie Kardashian created this new unique Hairstyle” and you know deep in your soul it was black people who created it, they do it on purpose. They purposely make that article title in that way (or any other title you know not to be true or you’ll be offended by), they do it purposely so people will catch wind of it and argue about it, make whole threads under it and it’ll make it to Black twitter to reach 10,000-100,000 RTs, hoping for a subtweet. Any one post with a link in it that reaches a minimum of 2000+ retweets that get people offended enough can reach can get earn that single post $500-$2000 in revenue for that one post, in fact if it makes it far enough one post can get someone as much as $5000, and news websites usually get no RTs at all like 10-80, so basically you give them their salary in one post. But of course the poster themselves aren’t ignorant to what they’re doing, and black twitter or even allies want to fight against it to prevent people from seeing a lie. so they make a post that wasn’t going to viral in the first place viral. Just here to say the best thing to do to fight that is simply instead of subtweeting/replying them is to take a screenshot whatever their post was, (and make whatever thread you want on your own account) and post it on your own account and make whatever comment you want about it, it’ll still get the 1000s of tweets it gets, but whoever posted it gets ZERO amount of money and still get ALL the hate. So if you know any twitter famous/any social network people who be subtweeting/replying controversial let them know


my mans

they’re using ya’ll lmao, they’re not stupid. You think you’re putting them down and dragging them but this is plotted to finesse you, This is straight $1000s of dollars you given them, they’re not ignorant to it, they know. Trust me I use the same tactics for other (non-problematic) articles. Tell people you know to just screenshot, otherwise the sharing of the article places their links to be seen and clicked by 100s of thousands which brings unbelievable ad revenue to them.

  • Nesta: I'm not here to stroke your ego.
  • Cassian: *waggles eyebrows*
  • Cassian: *rolls hips*
  • Cassian: *looks down*
  • Cassian: *grins*
  • Cassian: *looks up*
  • Cassian: What are you here to stroke, then?

“Life is more a matter of choosing than knowing. He could never know the eventual destination of his path, but he could always choose in which direction to take each step.” 

― Matthew Woodring Stover, “Traitor”

What The Signs Mean to Me

Aries: My very first best friend. I love how you never let anything hold you down. You’re brave, artistic and a bit immature, but that gives you that child like flair. I hope you’re happy wherever you are, and I’m sorry things had to end the way they did. 

Taurus: Everything comes back to you. The rock solid foundation of my life. A beautiful chaos, art in every sense of the word. I love how you love, and I’m sorry for your pain. No one can find your light for you, but when you do you illuminate the lives of everyone around you. 

Gemini: You little rascal, mischief unmanaged. You don’t always have a plan, but at least you have a pla-. The way you navigate the world with your emotional intuition makes me want to be more like you, always true to yourself no matter what. Learn to forgive and let go, your life will be so much easier. 

Cancer: You always do what you need, and what you need is not always legal. You always showed me kindness, and calmed me when I was restless. Your love was brotherly, and I hope the fog lifts over your life soon. Something tells me it already has. 

Leo: I hate that I love you. I hate how powerless I am around you, how all logic goes out the window and I’m standing in front of you, naked, with nothing to offer you but my heart. But here’s the thing, everybody loves you. And the way you look at me tells me you’ll wait for me, but I’m terrified that you’ll leave me behind. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Please don’t lose sight of who you are. 

Virgo: You amaze me. How you handle everything so effortlessly, surrounded by your adoring friends. Sometimes I can’t believe we’re related. You will always be better than me. But in those moments when you don’t feel perfect, please know that you’re never alone, and that we will always be here for you. I swear you’re not human, you are an angel on earth who’s just visiting.

Libra: You are the coolest, most chill fucking person. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me, you are one of those rare people who are truly selfless. Your humour is everything, and how you always seem so at ease calms me down on the most stressful days. You love the world and it loves you right back. 

Scorpio: You know me better than I know myself. Your soul will be forever wrapped around mine, co-existing. You taught me what it means to be a friend and what it means to be the enemy. I hope you realize what your power is some day, because your wrath is beyond unparalleled. 

Sagittarius: If I would die tomorrow I would be content, knowing that I truly experienced what it means to share a bond with another human being. Why the universe decided to have us cross paths I will never know, but one thing I know for sure is that I would not be me without you. You are a nomad, child of the world. You searched it and found home. But it wasn’t easy, and it took time and a lot of pain but it was all worth it. You give me hope. That no matter how far down I fall, something beautiful will rise from the ruins. You just have to believe. 

Capricorn: With you I can just be myself. You never judge me, you see me when I don’t see myself. When we’re together hours pass by in comfortable silence. Or, they used to. You never say much, but when you do it’s always pure genius. I wish you would be kinder to yourself. I know I’m responsible for your broken heart but you never made the burden mine. I will always respect you. I just hope you’ll someday let someone thaw your frozen heart and let yourself be happy. 

Aquarius: You are everything I want to be. You are absolutely hypnotizing. I never know if you’re flirting with me or just being friendly. An ice queen, everyone always envies the one that has your love, even if it’s just for a night. Eloquence and elegance, and so much passion. It is scary how well you do what you do, and how your body moves with such grace. Everybody is intimidated by you, and yet you treat everyone as an equal. Your insecurities are crazy to me, if I were you I definitely wouldn’t be this humble. 

Pisces: You’re two faced and completely insane, but you’re such a bad bitch wearing either mask that I can’t help but worship you. Your voice could stop wars, and you can make the most absurd things sound completely reasonable. I wish you wouldn’t take everything so personally, sometimes it gets tiring to walk on eggshells around you. Empathy is a virtue worth cultivating. Make sure your integrity and morals are well placed, because if they are nobody can stop you. Not even if they wanted to. 

This was originally a post by @kanyenoodles, and I really wanted to make my own version of what the signs mean to me.

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this might be odd, but sometimes in your posts you talk about "feys" or magic and i was just wondering if you believed in magic/superstition/something Other? I thought you might have some interesting thoughts on it!

Consider this:  Linda is a scientist that studies colors.  Specifically, she studies the color Red.  She knows everything about the color: the pigments used to make it, it’s psychological effects, all about how is appears as a wavelength, everything you could ever read about the color red.

Except, Linda is partially colorblind and has no Red cones.  She’s never actually SEEN the color red.  Does Linda actually know what the color Red is?

Consider also: Due to a bike accident as a kid, I’ve been living with TBI/Migraine-induced hallucinations most of my life.  These phantoms are purely generated by brain spasms, and I’m the only one who can perceive them.  but they’re something I could describe, even draw and share with other people, and they’re an important thing to reference when describing my reality.  Are they “real”?

Consider again: Trees take air and dirt and sunlight and turn them into Fruit, in order to manipulate other animals and Me into participating in their reproductive process.  I have sensory organs made to detect the minute waves in the atmosphere by wiggling little hairs deep inside my skull and I use them for amusement.  I keep the gentle descendant of my ancestor’s former predator in my house and feed him cheese because the way he ends up licking it off the roof of his mouth his hilarious.  I know the scientific explanation of how all these things came to be and that somehow makes them MORE kickass.

My point is that for humans, reality is at least 60% subjective and even if something is explainable or only exists in your head, it still exists somewhere and it;s AWESOME.

our moon is who we are deep down 🌒

How you grew up is how you’ll always be. It created how tolerant you are, how you perceive things, etc; it’s how you’ve been emotionally built. Thank your parents!!

Fire Moons are bold souls.

They know who they are. They’ve been built with fire. Tossed around and a little burned in those flames. You can see it in their eyes that you wouldn’t be able to take them if you tried. They have more than enough courage to keep going through every battle. That’s what they’ve been taught to do. Life has been a fight for them; just understand, that might be why they always have their fists up.

Air Moons are eccentric souls.

They’re always buzzing. Stimulating thoughts & big smiles. The light hearted people with a light step; they know life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Always feeding themselves knowledge and talking your ear off. They’ll always reach for something more. But more than anything, they’ll connect with you, and they’ll connect all the dots— that’s what they do best.

Earth Moons are old souls.

Mature and wise beyond their years. This is something deeply imbedded in them, but you can tell just by watching them go about their day. They just know some things that other people won’t understand about life. Their touch reaches to the deepest parts of you. Because they understand. And this knowledge didn’t just come naturally; they’ve grown through all that dirt first and were told to dust themselves off.

Water Moons are deep souls.

Think of the ocean and its tides. Some of them have waves that crash harder than others but they are all made of that wild water. The salt burns their eyes from time to time. They just wipe it away and keep going. And yes it gets cold and heavy but they will carry you through any rainstorm, they will carry any burden you hold. That’s what they’ve had to do for themselves. They were forced to learn how to swim.

When the stars failed
to guide you home,
look at the street lights
which seemed to remind you
that you’re not alone.

But even if all else failed,
close your eyes
and know that’s
when your soul
will shine at its

—  ma.c.a // Favorite Galaxy
Shit my wife has said to our cat, part 4

- You are a lap real-estate mogul, Miss Kitty. You got some supreme above-the-knee property.

- I’d like to remind you, my favorite little bastard, that you may have International Cat Day, but we queers have a full month. So take that.

- Eat it. Paper-mâché your fucking heart

- Did you hear it? Did you hear it speak? That which haunts the halls of this apartment… (cat: meows). Shut up.

- (Listening to disco) Are you feeling the love vibration tonight, Miss Kitty? Is that why your tootsies are like this?

- You come to us. For pets? For knowledge? For Wisdom?….. For…. pets?

- I feel like being obnoxious tonight, like you are every night you little…… shit…. head? I couldn’t think of something terrible to call her.

- You fucking motherfucker. You opportunistic little bitch. You Machiavellian motherfucker. GO WRITE SOME LATIN.

- Sic semper tyrannis ad mortum, Miss Kitty. You’re the ’ tyrannis’ in this situation. I’m the ‘ad mortum.’

- Happiness can be found outside the lap, Miss Kitty. That is the way of enlightenment. Happiness can be found without stepping on my titties, and making them hurt with your toe beans.

- I peer in your eyes in the middle of the night. I know what your soul is.

- HA! Now I can leave the floor without feeling guilty! Neener Neener, you shithead!

- You’re famous, Miss Kitty! You got famous by doing nothing but being an object of ridicule. (long pause) We toyed with fire, I know…

- I say so many mean things to you and I don’t take them back.

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