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Hi again, Maddie!!! Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what Harry Potter houses the whole ice skating gang would be in? Or rather, what houses do you think fit them best??? Hahaha, my sister and I were having a legit debate on whether Yuuri would be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Thoughts/Opinions? Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this message, I adore your work and look forward to your new story! (Seriously though, when are you going to publish one of your novels?) Thanks ❤️

OOOO I’ve never thought about that before!!! And thanks so much for saying that you like my writing <3 <3 <3 Here’s what houses I think everybody would be cast in:

  • Phichit - Gryffindor
  • Christophe - Hufflepuff
  • Mila - Hufflepuff
  • Sara - Ravenclaw
  • Minami - Hufflepuff
  • Seung-gil - Slytherin
  • Otabek - Ravenclaw
  • JJ - Gryffindor

I qualified the entrance exam for a college which is really hard to crack and out of approx 4 lakh applicants, I got all India rank 46, so yay!!!

Maybe I’m intelligent or maybe others aren’t that intelligent🤓 ( I prefer the former though, hehe 😅) 
I didn’t even prepare for this one. I bet even the universe has no clue how did I get through this(?)🙃

Tyler Seguin - 91

Anon: Omg I’m so glad your requests are open I’ve been dying for a Tyler Seguin imagine haha could you possibly do one where y/n is meeting him for the first time while on a trip and he gives y/n tickets to a game and while the reader is waiting for him the game starts and realizes he’s on the ice and just something cute and fluff I don’t know haha

A/N: I loved this prompt so much it was such a good idea! Also, this gif fucked me the fuck up so 

Warning/s: None I don’t think besides maybe one swear word

Word count: 1,024

Song: Black Butterflies and Deja Vu - The Maine 

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to the boy who never grew up

who bathed in puns and cringe-
worthy jokes that only a select
few force out a laugh for -
how did that joke go again? yes.
why is Peter Pan always flying?
he neverlands and this is a joke
that never grows old

but you see,
we are not Peter Pan. we grow up and
we learn and we mature, or we like to
think that we do. it does no good
to stay a child, and no matter how
tempting child-like ignorance can
be, the immunity from responsibility
won’t stay applicable forever

forever eighteen, collecting girls like
how you used to collect cards
and erasers - at least you don’t pit us against
each other, finger flipping bodies atop
each other, the loser pinned, taken,

you made us grow up. you see -
while you were busy rolling honeyed
words with your tongue into a joint,
we have learnt to swap alcohol for
cynical disbelief to wash out
infectious promises, addictive
flirtations. we no longer have the meta-
bolism to afford consuming your empty
calories. while you were busy being the
knight-prince, we learnt to slay our own
dragons and then we learnt that fairytales
are only fairytales, like how your vows
were just lies. while you were busy staying
a child, we grew up.

we grew up.

we left you behind. you and your
emotionally irresponsible ways,
you and your disappearing acts,
sometimes we forget that the boy
who never grew up remains alone.

maybe i will feel sorry for you
someday, maybe i will spin you
into a poem, a story.

or maybe i will write you off as
a joke.

Have you heard of the boy who
never grew up?
He never landed.
He cried wolf.
He turned to stone.

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do you happen to have a tag that only has the texts? no later reblogs or other updates? if you do that would be really cool ^^

hey anon! i just went through and added a tag for you :) all original text posts from me should now be tagged under “vm text only

 (i’d been meaning to do that for a while so thanks for reminding me & please let me know if there are any posts that haven’t been tagged correctly!)

UPDATE: i also added a link at the top of my blog so it should be easier to get to! :)

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I think this chapter reveals that Kirishima is insecure about himself, he thinks he's behind everyone, he still feels guilty about Bakugou's kidnapping. But I love how he doesn't let that slow him down, he want to be the best hero he can be, and he shows so much optimism. I love him

haha, we know that Kirishima has felt like this since the training arc

he was with Aizawa at the time, and when the announcement that the villains were targeting Bakugou got out, Kirishima wasn’t allowed to do anything because Aizawa forbade the students around him from leaving to do something reckless. 

no matter how much he wanted to, he wasn’t allowed to go and help his friend

that’s why he was so desperate to rescue Bakugou, because he couldn’t do anything the first time and he’d be damned if he didn’t at least try to save his friend now that he had the chance

really tho, Kirishima is just a sweetheart and he wants to be able to do everything to protect his friends. b/c what’s the point in being a hero if you can’t at least do that??? he wants to stand with them and meet the same expectations they do, and he refuses to be a burden or to be useless again

Kirishima is just such a pure sweet innocent optimistic cinnamon roll and i loe him so much

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I dont understand the hate?? This isn't a "Mon-El is perfect and I'm 12 inches up his asshole" blog. It's a Chris Wood blog for people who like him as an actor and ya know, like is aesthetic haha.

Exactly! I haven’t even given my opinion on Mon-El, I just love Chris Wood and reblog/create his content - like I have been doing for two years. Some people just don’t have anyone to channel their hate to, so they go for the actor, or people who support the actor. Quite sad. 

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can you tell us about architect boy?? what is he like i wanna know haha (creepy)

haha ok weeeeeell he has beautiful olive skin, big sunken brown eyes and smells great. and that’s all i’m going to say. Oh actually also he has this red rose tattooed on his upper thigh like in all my drawings so :~)  i take this as a sign i am flowing in the right direction..

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I always love your AUs ♥ If Sora and Shun joined Reiji's d&d game, what would they play?

Sora would probably be a halfling warlock, and Shun would likely play a half-elf druid.  Shun has played this game a lot with Ruri and their friends in Heartland so he’s really good at character building.  Reiji hates him because Shun picks up on Reiji’s foreshadowing really easily and just starts chuckling at random intervals when he “gets it” and sending Reiji these looks that are like “haha i know what you’re planning” and Reiji is annoyed.

Sora has obviously never played this before but he likes hanging out with Yuya and Yuzu, and he thinks poking around in the rp world is kinda fun.  Most of the time though he tends to get his characters killed a lot because he’s either too reckless or he’s trying to make sure Yuzu and Yuya don’t lose their characters.

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Do you group your story by seasons?

I don’t know haha D: I was supposed to just post a simple legacy when I made my simblr but now that I got carried away with my story, I don’t know how to divide it. haha For now, I was just grouping it by generations and add .1, .2 when I felt like one generation was too long. 

I just want it to be easy for my followers to read and to follow, and for my new ones to situate themselves easily. :o Maybe I should divide it as seasons instead? Opinions and ideas are welcomed because I’m not sure about what would be the best, to be honest. :)