they kissed okay

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Hidge 23 please!

23 - How do they hug? Kiss? Tease? Flirt? Comfort?

Okay but Pidge would totally write Hunk a coded sequence and that is actually her flirting. And she cries every time because he replies in the same coding pattern until they both just bury themselves in these stacks of coded papers that are actually love letters.

Pidge loves to hug Hunk and bury her face on him when she is hella frustrated and when she’s not and just needs a hug. Hunk likes to cuddle in bed or just anywhere. They sometimes stay in the techhub talking the nights away and sleep next to each other sharing a blanket.

-mod lance

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Innocent hc: Lance or Shiro give each other small things on bad days. Extra hugs and kisses if touch is okay. A little extra attention. Once, a new face mask for Lance and, separately, a knitted sweater for Shiro

A nice hot cuppa or a warmed up blanket (or both) on a bad day, or taking the other to sit by a window in the castle ship to watch the stars they pass. Shiro brings Lance flowers and sometimes sweets from whatever tiny planet they just liberated/explored/stopped at for supplies. Lance gives Shiro long massages to relax aching muscles, especially in his right shoulder, and when Shiro is in an especially gloomy mood Lance might just sit down in Shiro’s lap and wrap himself around Shiro like an octopus (unless it’s one of those days where Shiro does not want to be touched, and Lance understands he needs to give Shiro some space as well sometimes.)


He gotta give him that air you know

I want Magnus to initiate a kiss. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Alec-initiated kisses are great, amazing, perfect, beautiful. But I want to see Magnus grab Alec by the back of his neck, the other hand wrapped around his shirt, and I want to see him pull him down to his lips. I want to see Alec’s face as he realises this man has the power to completely ruin him with his lips. 

Okay but can we just talk about these reactions to the Victuuri kiss?

(Left to right reaction)

Mari’s just like “my brother’s gayer than I thought wow”

Yuuko’s like “holy shit Victor fucking Nikiforov tackle-kissed my best friend”

Takeshi’s (did I get that right??) like “wait what”

Hiroko’s like “look at these two I love them”

Yuuri’s dad is like “omg its canon”

The Nishigori triplets are just [shook™]

And makkachin is just there like “look at my gay dads they’re gr8”