they kissed in the anime but i love how they just hugged in the manga too

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p10-11)

The second part of the episode commentary by Mitsurou Kubo! I have now fixed it with all the italic & bold parts as in the magazine (in the magazine they are actually bold & bolder). If you have any questions please send me a private message and I’ll reply when I have some time.

You can find the first commentary about episodes 1-6 here.

Just a note: when she quotes lines from the episodes I’m not using any of the “official” English translations, I’m translating them as I would translate them myself, so they might not be like you are used to hear them, but I think you will understand which lines they are anyway.

The translation is under the cut because it’s long.

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Adrien Agreste Headcanons

These were too fun to make. Feel free to add on at the end!!!

* Adrien can be very overly touchy with people he considers friends. He’s been so sheltered that he doesn’t really understand when you should give people high-fives vs. when you should pull them close and hug them. The shoulder thing is just a scratch of the surface; if Adrien considers you a friend, he openly will hold, hug, or kiss you on the cheek without hesitation. He doesn’t understand why it makes some people so flustered.

* To follow that last bullet, Adrien also doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. While Marinette thinks it’s cute, Nino has to constantly remind Adrien to stop standing so close. This is also the reason why Adrien never thinks to push Chloe away.

* Cat memes. Not only will he show people meme after meme, but he will occasionally slip in one that he made himself and become delighted when people laugh at it along the others.

* He has the most beautiful handwriting out of everyone in class.

* He’s really into theatre, but never got into it because of being homeschooled.

* I’ve always had the head-canon that Adrien is bi. He obviously started modeling at a young age, and so he’s been exposed to not only beautiful women, but beautiful men his entire life. I can guarantee he’s had some genuine crushes on other guys.

* He’s also not afraid to admit he’s bi/give other guys compliments. He once openly told Nino how beautiful he was and Nino turned BRIGHT RED

* sugaraholic, but we all know this

* Cannot sleep unless he’s cuddling something, whether it’s a pillow, ladybug plush, or Marinette herself

* Didn’t know this about himself until Nino pointed it out (added to the list of 200000 things Adrien Agreste has done to make his best friend Nino severely uncomfortable)

* One time he made Nathalie laugh and he wouldn’t stop smiling for like a week

* Shows the cooks sneak peaks of his father’s upcoming magazines in exchange for secret sweets from the kitchen

* Buys Christmas presents for every butler, cook, and staff member. Every. Single. One.

* Everyone on Gabriel’s fashion staff who isn’t cold hearted or narcissistic loves Adrien and sees him for the big sweetheart he is (some of them even resent Gabriel for making such a kind kid do something he hates so much)

* LOVES the holidays even though his dad doesn’t really celebrate them with him

* Most of the books in his upstairs library are anime and manga, but the rest are classic literature. He loves reading the classics as much as he loves reading comic books

* Tried Tumblr once but freaked out and quit when he saw a cuss word

* He’s one of those people who has to fill his coffee with a crap ton of sweetener and milk in order to drink it

* Doesn’t have 20/20 vision!!! (His father fiercely denied it so he wouldn’t have to get glasses, but eventually gave in to contacts when he witnessed Adrien literally almost falling off the stage of the runway because Adrien thought he had another 5 feet)

* Adrien hates his contacts because he secretly loves the glasses aesthetic


* Grew up playing dress up and dolls with Chloe. Because of this, he never gave/gives into dumb masculinity peer pressure

* Woke up a staff member in the middle of the night to “free a spider” because he wouldn’t let them kill it (yes I realize this is the same boy who risks his life to save his city every day)

Feel free to add on!!

dating nct hansol!!!1!!!

• hansol’s pretty quiet
• you guys speak satoori w each other a lot and everyone in the group thinks it’s super funny and entertaining
• the quiet couple in front of everyone else
• but when you two are alone you guys laugh like, 25/8
• you’re the only person that knows where he’s the most ticklish
• he’s ticklish, literally everywhere except his stomach ok he’s, it’s great
• “if we ever have kids-”
• “hans-”
• “let’s name the first one after a character in dragon ball”
• you guys watch anime together all the time omg
• yuta sometimes joins
• you guys don’t mind, yuta’s like, you guys’ best friend. he’s the sassy best friend in every best trio friends movie
• wiggles
• dancing
• he’s so good at dancing
• he tried to teach you how to dance once
• he still uses the video he secretly took to blackmail you
• he watches it when he’s tired or upset. always makes him laugh.
• jk please give hansol all the love. he deserves it. poor boy, locked up down in the basement.
• hansol is super protective
• like an older brother who actually cares
• he asks you a lot of questions like “how are you today?” “did you have fun today?”
• once he asked if you ate and you said no and he was like “oh my-” and hung up
• he drove all the way to your house with yuta and taeyong and made them move a whole bunch of snacks and drinks and food and made the other two guys move them into your house and he gave you a small awkward hug and brushed through your hair with his fingers and was like “you need to be healthy okay? even if you’re busy, please eat”
• and boy were you guilty bc you literally forgot to eat bc you were watching the office for the 17th time and binge watching all the anime that you’ve ever watched, ever
• he sometimes calls you every 5 minutes if he feels uneasy about you going somewhere alone and when he can’t accompany you and keep you safe
• “where are u now”
• “…the same place i was 5 minutes ago hansol. at the bus stop.”
• your parents first thought he was rude and told you not to meet him
• but then they talked to him a bit and realized that he was really quiet and unresponsive bc he was nervous
• they love him now ok your siblings love him too bc he’s super cool and tall and god he’s just a tree
• he got you a super fluffy teddy bear once
• it’s holding a heart that says “i love you” and it’s one of those voice recording bears, he recorded himself saying “i love you”
• it’s your most treasured item ever
• hansol gets jealous pretty easily but he never voices it out to you, he just gets a little more affectionate.
• he puts you in between his legs or puts you up on his lap and plays with your hair and gets crazy close to your neck (god), rests his chin on your shoulder, kisses your temple
• he takes a lot of pictures of you it’s the sweetest, cutest thing.
• his phone wallpaper is a picture that he took of you playing with jaemin and jeno
• his lock screen is a picture of you and him together after one of his dance performances
• hansol doesn’t cry much but when you do, he’s often lost and kind of awkward, but he gives you a nice hug and gives you nice kisses on the top of your head
• hansol gives really nice, sweet kisses
• his hands rest on your hips and your arms wrap around his neck and sometimes your hands tangle in his hair
• sweaty, in his white button up dress shirts (BRINGING THAT BACK), dark black pants, after practice = seX. ok im sorry.
• but fr that exists and it’s great ok.
• hansol loves talking to you, he’s pretty like, boring on text bc it’s “awkward” and “strange” to him, he calls you a lot
• hansol tried to cook for you once
• he did pretty well the first time actually
• then he got too confident and then almost burned the house down the second time he tried cooking.
• the closest thing to cooking you guys do is microwaving chinese food and making jello
• hansol is super tall and his height comes in handy, very often.
• “got you covered.”
• his biggest turn on is when you’re in one of his shirts that are too long on you, with a pair of shorts or nothing underneath except for your underwear and when you get on your tippy toes trying to get something on the highest shelf and your thighs kind of shows and god he loves it so mu c h, never have you guys not at least made out when that happened
• hansol is very, dominant
• he loves dirty talk goD.
• his hand sneaks into your inner thigh, a lot, ok bye im dead
• reading manga, eating snacks, and watching anime on your laptop on hansol’s bed, totally not involved in any sex, is a thing and it’s one of the dorkiest things you guys do, but it’s also one of the most common thing in your relationship
• hansol has a really high alcohol tolerance
• you, however, do not and hansol also, takes videos of you drunk, and uses it for blackmail.
• hansol has got a lot of shit on you and that’s what makes your relationship 98% more interesting.
• you guys sometimes just sit down and watch weird shit he’s recorded of you and laugh
• “ur so dumb”
• “hansol shut up”
• yuta has a lot of shit on both of you
• yuta sends one weird thing he has on the two of you every two weeks in a group chat.
• you, don’t even know half the things yuta send and when or how or where he got these videos
• he literally sent a video of you kissing a cow’s tail on new years while yelling “HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!” and pinched the cow for not wearing green and started crying because you were alone today and it was easter and bunnies made you cry bc they’re so fluffy and cute. it was a saturday. in june. you were with hansol and yuta and probably doyoung too. hansol tried to stop you from crying. yuta swears you weren’t drunk and that you were sane and you were just possessed.
• you were probably drunk.
• “wow u guys are really cute together”
• “johnny. im cute together with everybody.”
• “(y/n)”
• “hansol i love u”
• hansol’s lowkey not insecure at all
• he’s very confident about your feelings for him
• he knows you love him
• and it’s true you do love him
• hansol doesn’t say “i love you” a lot
• but he says it occasionally and it totally melts you
• hansol has a tumblr
• so does johnny
• they get together and scroll through their memes and send you the funny ones
• half of them are made by you
• but they don’t need to know that
• he carries you bridal style pretty often
• he’s so kept to himself bc he’s a strong “busan man”
• but we all know, you esp, that he’s a baby and a little 9 year old boy trapped in a large, 183 cm man’s body
• he calls you princess
• hansol, ok this is like really underrated and not canon, but hansol loves it when you read for him like, read his favorite books to him out loud or reads anything out loud, he loves your voice and he just, loves you reading things for him
• ok on a side note, hansol loves your singing, doesn’t matter if you can or can’t sing, to hansol, it’ll sound good, no matter what.
• hansol friggin loves your hair
• hansol friggin loves your smile
• hansol and your selfies are on point ok
• sexy selfies, hot selfies, cute selfies, couple selfies, YOU NAME IT, YOU GUYS ROCK IT.
• you guys keep the whole “WE’RE A COUPLE” thing lowkey
• ok but you guys have couple rings
• and couple bracelets
• you guys took a vacation to an amusement park and you guys bought one of those cute animal ear headbands and took a whole bunch of selfies
• it’s your phone wallpaper
• you guys have super intense staring contests
• pokemon battles
• you guys go out and buy and collect pokemon cards and have battles
• intense ok. intense.
• pokemon go
• pokemon go all the time
• “what? are you ok-”
• messy bun, trainers, talk tops and jackets for you, and messy bed hair, comfy adidas pants, a lightweight shirt for hansol.
• hansol isn’t THAT interested in fashion but he always manage to look good
• you guys go to the beach sometimes and goD it’s fun
• he sprays water on you and you two make sand castles and write each other’s names in the sand like “I LOVE HANSOL!” “I LOVE (Y/N)!”
• on halloween you two dressed as vampires
• you guys looked hoT.
• hansol is always there to comfort and talk to you when you feel bad or have a problem or feel insecure
• he’s not a good talker, really, but he’s such a great listener
• but sometimes he’d talk for hours about topics that he’s passionate about
• it’s really cute
• aegyo is funny with hansol
• he’s so good at aegyo, that it makes you just, CRINGE SO HARD SOMETIMES AND YOU GIVE HIM HUGS and HE LAUGHS
• hansol’s LAUGH.
• you learned so much satoori from hansol ok this is random bc i talked about satoori 49405005 bullets ago but fr you guys’ satoori is the best
• you get very defensive over hansol
• if anyone insults hansol-
• ok if anyone other than the nct members, jokingly-
• -insults hansol, you will burst like a volcano
• hansol loves you for it but sometimes you get a lil scary
• but he still loves you for it bc you’re the first person who was willing to protect him like that
• hansol isn’t very good with words on a daily basis, but still
• one time-
• one time you guys have just started actually dating and all the pressure of being a good girlfriend was honestly driving you crazy
• and hansol, didn’t know how to really, comfort you. but he wanted to.
• so, hansol, being as extra as he is, decided to write you a letter about all the reasons why he loves you and stuff like that, you know
• and he made yuta give you the letter LOL
• and when you read it you started crying and hansol sat next to you and patted your back gently and gave you a nice hug and kissed you
• yes that was your first kiss
• and yes it was amazing
• ok hansol is pretty extra. in a really lowkey way.
• hansol’s room is full of posters
• anime posters
• and manga
• ji hansol. one of nct members that’ll probably say “you had a crush on me? that’s embarassing.” in the future
• “hansol. we’re married”
• “…still!”
• hansol is fr a super tall, hot, nerd.
• and you love that so much ok no joke wow this is amazing how’d you land such a wonderful guy
• you love hansol
• hansol loves you
• pls get married and have beautiful children together.

ok THIS IS HANSOLLLLLLLLLLL. hansol has been giving me mad feels these days i just can’t w hansol. JI HANSOL IS WONDERFUL. please give him more love.

NDRV3 and their s/o Relationship Headcanons

“NDRV3 Characters: Relationship Headcanons”

i tried to keep these as fluff-themed as possible! i apologize if some are just too short, but admittedly not everyone is so easy to write for. however, i absolutely love these kiddos, so i had really fun writing for them !! they are all under the cut, because this did end up rather long! – mod chiaki

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Koe no Katachi - a review of the final chapter

As you guys have already saw, the final chapter ended up with some holes in the plot. Did Ishida and Nishimiya finally get together? How? What happened to Shimada (since Ishida said that he wanted to talk to him)? As Shouko’s mother said, what her daughter will do in the future?

Maybe we’ll never know the answers for these questions.

Personally, like many of you, I’m a bit disappointed with this ending, but some things made me think and it comforted my heart.

First of all: even though I saw some people saying that ShouShou stayed as only friends, I do think they became a couple in the end. Obviously I would love if they had kissed or anything, but, actually, I never expected something like this (maybe a hug). But, what makes me think that they’re together after this timeskip is the symbolism of the last pages.

In Japan, the relationships aren’t like in the West. I think most couples don’t show much affection in public (even hold hands seems awkward!), and Nishimiya and Ishida are too shy to kiss in front of the others. But, for a guy who couldn’t hug or touch her in the past, like when they were crying at the bridge (THAT SCENE ;-;), hold her hand can tell a lot of things, and it could make a parallel with the chapter where Nishimiya tried to kill herself.

At that time, she was also wearing an yukata, and the focus of the scene was that Ishida was holding her by the hand so she wouldn’t fall. But the context was very different; he was saving her life. After that, at the bridge, Ishida asked Nishimiya to help him live, like if, without her, he wouldn’t be able to stay in this world, and the last pages of the final chapter show that, together, they can do anything. And they’re saving the lives of each other perpetually.

So, what I’m trying to say is that the scene where Ishida grabs her hand is so meaningful (because the last time they held hands, she wanted to die, and he almost died trying to save her life), that it didn’t need many words, or a confession. Obviously, I would be dying in happiness if they had confessed to each other, but the feelings that both of them hold are more than that; it’s a pure love.

Another thing that can explain the holes in the plot is the anime adaptation. Maybe the mangaka left these loose ends on purpose, to left the audience in antecipation, and because it’ll be settled on the anime version. But this is just a supposition.

Anyway, this is what I think about this chapter. I’m leaving Koe no Katachi with a taste of wanting more, but this story has taught me soooo many things, and made me cry and laugh and cry again, that I can only thank the author for making something so beautiful and real. Words can’t explain my love for this manga, seriously.

So, thank you, Ooima Yoshitoki, for all these months of love and redemption, for all these life lessons, for all these feelings. I’ll never forget this story <3

smolfangirlbrat  asked:

Hello ! The scenario for Hanamiya was so great, I read it like ten times during my finals week 😂 It made me feel better ! Anyway, can I request a scenario where Bokuto crush is very shy and quiet. Like, how he make his crush open up to him and basically how they end up together ? Thank you in advance ♡

Hi luv! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Hanamiya scenario and that it helped you feel better during such a stressful time. Hope you did well on those finals! So, so sorry this took me so long to get done! I hope it’s worth the wait and that you enjoy it. I do so love this sweet, hyper active owl boy!

Kotaro Bokuto – Will You Be My Manga-tine?

While sitting in your homeroom waiting for class to begin you quietly read the latest manga of your favorite series. It’s just getting to a really intense part when a loud voice says near your ear, “Hey! Hey! Hey! You like ______ too? It’s my favorite!”

Turning your head, you start violently when you find intense gold eyes peering into yours; Bokuto.

Smiling weakly, you nod, turning your head back to continue reading. Thankfully he doesn’t say anything else, just takes his seat as the bell rings which prompts you to put your book away. Focusing on the teacher, you fail to notice Bokuto’s eyes remaining on you.

From his seat, he has a perfect vantage point of you, the girl he’s had a crush on since the beginning of the year. Akaashi can’t understand his fascination with you.

“She’s the complete opposite of you in every way, Bokuto, what could possibly draw your interest to her?” the setter asked as they walked home from school and the ace finally confessed he wanted to ask you out but didn’t know how.

“I know! That’s what’s so crazy but I can’t help it! I really, really like her Akaashi!”

That was a week ago and he still hasn’t gone through with asking you on a date. For all his brazen, outgoing persona, the thought of confessing to you makes his jaw lock up and words get jumbled in his throat. Sighing, he rests his head in his hand, racking his brain on what to do.

Needing to run an errand that day for his mom, he deviates from his normal route into the shopping district. Coming upon the shop where he buys his own mangas, he sees an advertisement that the creator and author of the series you and he both like will be coming to the store on Saturday to meet fans and sign autographs.

“That’s perfect!” he shouts to no one rushing home and completely forgetting the reason he came to this area at all. His mom is not pleased, but he promises to make it up to her because he’s going back on Saturday.

The next morning at school, he bounds across the courtyard, his eyes shining even brighter than usual.

“What’s got you so excited?” Akaashi asks.

For answer, Bokuto flashes up a flyer of the shop event. “I’m going to ask ______-chan to go with me to this! It’s perfect because she likes the same manga as me so we’ll have something to talk about!”

“If you can get her to talk, if you haven’t noticed, she’s pretty shy and mostly quiet Bokuto. I suggest not getting your hopes up too high.”

Momentarily deterred, Bokuto’s expression drops slightly but it’s back the next second when he decides he isn’t going to give up. “I really like her, Akaashi so I’m going to try.”

This morning is a repeat of yesterday; you reading and Bokuto startling you out of the story but this time it’s because he thrusts the flyer between the pages of your book and your face. When your eyes come into focus, they widen slightly.

As you turn your gaze to his face, Bokuto can see you’re wearing a small smile. “I’m planning on going, do you want to come with me?” he asks simply and you nod. He holds in his hoot of jubilation, remembering Akaashi’s advice to simmer down a bit around you but his smile is wide and beaming. “Great! Um, here, let me get your number so we can figure out details,” he goes on taking out his phone. You hesitate for a moment but then figure there’s no harm; Bokuto may be loud and obnoxious sometimes but he’s actually quite nice. He just makes you nervous because he’s so…so Bokuto. That and he’s rather attractive which just adds to your feeling of inadequacy.

The end of the week cannot come fast enough for Bokuto and when Saturday morning dawns he’s already up, running to the train station to meet you. You both decided it best to get there before the doors open in case there’s a long line. As he rushes around the corner, he sees you standing on the platform.

“______-chan! Good morning!” he shouts.

You wince, still waking up and drinking your tea but send a shy wave to him. As you wait for the train, Bokuto bounces on the balls of his feet. How does he have so much energy? And this early in the morning? Finally, your train pulls in and you board but before you can grab hold of a handle it starts with a jerk, sending you flying forward. However, your downward trajectory is halted by a strong arm around your waist. With a firm tug, Bokuto sets you upright, though now your back is pressed to his chest.

Behind you, Bokuto hopes and prays you can’t feel his heart racing. You’re in his arms…you’re in his arms and he’s internally screaming! Never mind it’s because he was helping to make sure you don’t get hurt, never mind the fact you have no clue he likes you as much as he does; you’re in his arms and he knows more than ever now how much he wants to keep you there.

“Th…thanks, Bokuto-san,” you stammer out. You can feel his breath on the back of your neck, the warmth of his body entirely too inviting. If you don’t move now he’s going to think you’re a freak! But when you make a move to extract yourself he tightens his grip ever so slightly.

Just as you’re about to question him, he lets go, saying, “Sorry, just wanted to make sure you had your footing.” Of course, why else would he have hung on? Because he wanted to? Ridiculous.

As you slip free of his grasp Bokuto already misses the feel of your body next to his. You’re soft and feminine and pretty and gosh darn it he wants to hold you again but properly this time! Should he…should he confess now? But no, he just said something incredibly stupid; you probably think…well, he actually has no clue what you think.

When you arrive to your stop, both of you are rather quiet, retreated into your own thoughts. It’s a new side to Bokuto you’ve never seen before and all your self-doubt crops up again; does he regret bringing you because your clumsiness made things awkward? Should you make an excuse to leave so he can enjoy the signing?

Before you decide one way or the other, Bokuto does it for you. “Come on, ______-chan, let’s hurry!” Unthinkingly, he grabs your hand, tugging you along at a hurried pace. When you round the corner and see the shop you find there is already a rather long line. Stepping into it, you stand side by side, the silence from before returning.

It’s doesn’t last long, however, when Bokuto looks at you and asks, “So, what did you think of that last chapter?”

The next three hours fly by in a whirl of conversation, you and Bokuto talking about your favorite characters, story lines, how much you wish the next season of the anime would come out!

“We should watch it together,” he says enthusiastically making you almost stop breathing. He…he wants to spend more time with you?

“Yeah, that would be fun,” you respond taking another step forward as the line moves.

Eventually, you reach the signing table, meeting the creator (who is very nice) and getting your books autographed. After a quick picture, you thank them and peruse the shop, Bokuto sneaking away to buy you a keychain he saw you eyeing. When you went back to get it, you were disappointed it was gone and he had to stifle his laughter. He wasn’t ready to give it to you yet.

“Do you mind if we make a quick stop a couple blocks over?” he asks as you walk out of a café having just finished lunch. “I promised my mom I’d pick up some stuff for her.”

You smile; it’s sweet that he’s so helpful. “That’s really nice of you Bokuto-san,” you say falling into stride with him. You’re much more comfortable with him now, surprised he was able to get you to open up so much. Usually you stay mum about your passion for manga and anime but with Bokuto it just felt natural to talk; he actually seems interested in what you have to say.

He shrugs. “Yeah, well, since I was so excited about asking you to go to this today I kinda forgot to get the stuff for her earlier in the week.”

His words make you stop in your tracks and when he realizes what he just said Bokuto’s eyes widen even more. Turning around, he decides now is as good a time as any to tell you how he feels. Stepping closer to you, he reaches out and takes your hand. When you don’t pull away, he sighs inwardly in relief.

“______-chan, I…I’ve been trying to think of a way to tell you…but…I…I really like you…a lot and I would love it, if you’d go out with me,” he confesses.

You’re stunned to silence, mouth hanging open slightly.

“______-chan?” he asks and you blink.

“Yes?” you reply.

“Yes?! You mean you’ll go out with me?” he asks excitedly squeezing both your hands.

You’d meant it as an indication for him to continue speaking but then realize he’s been silent waiting for your answer. And though you’re a nervous (but excited) wreck about the prospect of dating him, you actually appreciate his enthusiasm.

“Yes,” you say more confidently, “I’ll go out with you.”

Throughout the rest of the day filled with errands, an impromptu movie date (“Two dates in one day! This is awesome!” Bokuto shouts making you laugh) and an early dinner, he doesn’t let go of your hand. At the end of the day, he insists on walking you home. When you arrive, he hugs you tightly. “See you on Monday,” he says, kissing your hand then turning it over to place in your palm the keychain you’d wanted.

You surprise him and yourself when you fling your arms back around his neck, hugging him tightly. “Thanks for the great day,” you whisper before pulling back and heading in your house. Outside, Bokuto is on cloud nine, running the entire way back to the station to try to expend some of his energy.

Star of my Eyes (Nalu)

Hey so my friend suggested this prompt to me some time ago and I decided that I should take a shot at it. Thank you @firedragonroaring. Lol

Angsty one-shot. I suck at angst, but I tried lol

Summary: They had made a promise to forever see the stars together. A promise that she’d love him and be with him forever. A promise that he’d do the same. A promise that was broken. He couldn’t protect the woman he loved, but now he’s made a promise to protect ‘her’ in their stead. A promise he wants keep. Nalu. Angst.

A gasp for breath and the life fading from her eyes as she tried desperately to clutch onto the hand that now holds hers. Ash blonde strands of hair scattered about on the ground from where her head was laid; some knotted and dirtied and others stuck together by dried blood. Ragged breathing, her injured face becoming pale as her eyes release tears.

A young man kneels before her, heavy tears and sobs spill from his emerald eyes and chapped lips, respectively. After all, he was the sole reason she was in such a state. Barely breathing; Barely alive. He wasn’t able to protect her from even himself as he saw the the large injury at her side, the heavy amount of blood pooling around her.

“L-Lucy, please….just hold on”, he mutters urgently as he kisses at her forehead childishly trying to believe that for a moment it would surely relieve her pain. How despite that fact, she smiles up at him, but her eyes only reflect pain, regret, and despair. The smile faded as soon as it came, as her face contorts in pure agony. They both know it’s over and there’s nothing they can do about it, but only he refuses to acknowledge that fact.

“Natsu”, she gasps and simply uttering his name makes him flinch feeling each word that would come next could regrettably be her last. Her body shakes uncontrollably as he clings to her hand tighter.

“I’m here, Lucy. Don’t talk. Just stay still” he urged, his voice still desperate and overwhelmed by it all.

“Natsu…I can’t…It’s over”, she mumbles awfully quiet, accepting a fate she knew was to come, and he could feel the dread invade him as he remembers when he’d been unable to save her future self; that same expression on her face is exactly how it was before. He shook his head furiously refusing to let her continue. The remnants of those feelings of regret bubbled in his throat as he tries to suppress a yell of helplessness. She would not die.

Not when they had finally looked forward to a future together, having confessed their love and had contemplated a long time ahead for them. Not when she had become his and only looked at him. Not when they had promised to spend the rest of their lives loving each other. The sweet words that were spoken, the caresses, the hugs, her sweet lips and her beautiful smile.

Everything of her was his and everything of him belonged to her. A compromise he had full heartedly accepted as he held her day and night like he had always dreamed of. Having her in his arms as her loving eyes look at him. had made a promise to her that first night he confessed to her. A promise out of many they would make to each other, but was by far the most meaningful to the both of them.


“Ne, Natsu, what’s the deal? I thought you said we were going on a mission. After all, I don’t have rent money!” Lucy whined as the pink haired teen rolls his eyes and continues to pull her along a meadow. It was kind of dull in the blonde’s perspective. Not much to see, tress only on the outskirts and a few scattered dandelions now and then, and for a moment she had thought that maybe something would suddenly appear underground to attack them.

However, being cautious did her no good as she saw him plop down on the grass and pat the empty space next to him.

She sighed, still confused by his strange behavior as she resigned to place herself where he’d previously suggested she sit.

“Comfortable?” he finally asked as she looked at him bewildered. Whats did it matter if she was comfortable or not? She seemed to freeze at seeing a serious expression on his face while his eyes met her chocolate brown ones.

“Why are we here? Are you alright? You’re being strange”, she mumbles and for some reason his gaze makes her feel flustered as she looks around the plain meadow. He suddenly grabs her wrist as her head whips back to him. He’s smiling at her.

“Look up”, he chuckles lightly and while still feeling confused about the whole situation she finally looks up as her eyes widen immensely. Before her was no longer a plain meadow but a sky lighted up with all the stars displayed before her. She’s speechless and almost ashamed about not seeing the true value of this location as her head moves from side to side trying to find the constellations in the spur of the moment.

“It’s…beautiful”, she gasps as she looks briefly back at him to smile sweetly. “How did you know about this place?” she questioned him as she turns to gaze at the starry filled sky once more. He shrugs casually.

“This was actually the last place I saw Igneel before he disappeared. I remember aimlessly looking around for him and I cried when night had fallen and returned here in hopes that he’d be here when morning came. I was terrified, but one look up and I was lulled to sleep by the sight”, he explained as a small smile spread on her lips as she looked at him almost lovingly. She truly felt blessed that he’d brought her here.
“Lucy, before I met you I always came here by myself after everyone went home, not even happy knew of this place, but because of you, I stopped”, he motions.

Her eyes looked at him in wonder, not really understanding what he was implying. Could he have meant it in a bad way, perhaps? Had she taken up his precious time? However, he seemed rather content with what he’d said.“You must be confused, huh?”

“Quite frankly, yes”, she let herself giggle regardless of the regret she was feeling at what he could possibly say next.

“The stars were a comfort to me before, but I don’t need them anymore. This is the last time I’ll probably come here too”, he grinned as she seemed to feel irritated at how vague he was being and surely he was doing on purpose if the amused expression on his face was of any indication. She pouted heavily as she slapped at his arm as he gave her a boyish grin.

“So do you really mean that? About not ever coming here again”, she muttered after a brief and comfortable silence had settled between them. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye as he feigned being thoughtful again, if only, to see the cute pout on her face.

“Yeah, I came here because I wanted to be alone, hoping my problems could go away. Always wondered how the stars would look in my eyes, always wondered if people would see them reflected there and think of hope, that I would give them strength or that I would gain strength from knowing they were there. Now every thought like that is meaningless”, he chuckled lightly.

“I don’t see it that way. I think it’s wonderful to think like that”, the blonde breathed feeling touched by his words.

“I don’t mean it in that sense. I’m saying that those thoughts are pointless now because before I wanted to have the stars, but now you’re the only star in my eyes. You gave me strength, gave me hope”, he whispered as her eyes widened.

“Natsu, what are you saying?” the blonde mused as a warmth reached her cheeks. He suddenly grasped onto both of her hands in his own his eyes stuck on her.

“Luce, I’m in love with you”, he confessed forwardly as she remained silent, no words coming out of her slightly parted lips. Dread had begun to reach him as he almost retracted from her, but her hands had reached to grasp his face as she crashed her lips onto his. Her lips were soft against his own and it felt amazing. The woman he was in love with was kissing him.

As she separated from him, her face slightly flushed in embarrassment. He seemed dumbfounded as she smiled beautifully, her eyes glazed over with tears. “Took you long enough, idiot. You made me wait far too long”, she laughed as he took her into his arms and pulled her against him as an apology for having not realized his feelings sooner. “I want to come back here”, she had muttered into his chest.
He smiled to himself as he nodded.

“All the times you want, we’ll come, if you stay with me forever. We’ll gaze at the stars for our whole lives if that’s what you want” he teased as she giggled.

“Forever is quite long, you know”, she said as a matter-of-factly.

“But won’t it totally be worth it?”

At his question, she hugged him tighter as she whispered her response to him.

“Of course. Promise?” she chuckled as she motioned at him childishly with her pinky. If anything, he grinned as he intertwined his own pinky with hers as he leaned his forehead against hers.



And from that moment, that meadow had become their haven where they’d gaze at the stars for hours just holding onto each other and basking in the warmth of each other. Everyone would wonder why they’d begun to leave earlier and always together. They simply did not want to reveal their secret no matter how much anyone insisted. That meadow would be their secret; a reminder of their promise.

By now Natsu, had begun to gasp in between his sobs as if trying to stop crying to remain strong in front of her. If only for her sake. But it was hard when the woman you love was dying in your arms because of you. “I’m sorry…Luce, I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…I’m sorry!” he repeatedly chanted as even his tears dripped onto her skin.

“Don’t…You could’t control it…Zeref is to blame…you couldn’t have stopped”, she muttered as her hand weakly rose to caress his cheek lovingly. That simple gesture was in itself so loving and so forgiving that it broke his heart further. “I love you”, she whispered and he could only nod his head as he dipped his face to kiss her sweetly.

“I love you too! I love you so much, and I always will. Just don’t leave me”, he cried. She seemed relieved to hear him say that as a genuine smile broke into her face, making it seem as thought she really wasn’t dying.

“I don’t want to die…But there’s nothing I can do…You have to promise me…you’ll live for the three…of us…please”, she pleaded to him as he began to shake his head again.

“No! Lucy, you can’t leave me”, he begged but she shook her head and coughed slightly as even some blood poured out of her lips.

“I’m sorry…I only wish…that I could have…seen the stars with you both…one last time”, she uttered. She had looked up at the clouded and smoky sky after everything around them had been alit in flames and black smoke. She wiped at his tears as he clung to her other hand resting on his cheek.

“I truly have always loved you.” She closed her eyes slowly a smile still on her face as she went limp, the hand pressing his cheek going slack and the one hand he still clutched desperately onto had now no grip on his. His eyes were wide in realization that she was gone. That the star he had always yearned for was longer at his side. Agony, disbelief, and self-loathing poured into his very being as he pulled her limp body into his arms and released a scream of pure despair.


20 years later

Steps of two could be heard besides the annoying chirp of crickets. A older male pulls a younger female urgently into the meadow on the outskirts of town at an ungodly hour. The girl feels annoyed and slightly irritated that this man had the audacity to disrupt her sleep which she did dearly love. A yawn escaped her lips as he eyes watered.

why bring her to a stupid plain meadow? What was so important that he needed to force her here in the first place. The male chuckled seeing her annoyed expression as he plopped on the ground and motioned with his finger for her to follow.

“Really?” She questioned in disbelief.

“Just do it”, he deadpanned as she pouted and slumped to the ground. She seemed pretty angry, but the make laughed as he grabbed her cheeks and forced her to look up. She wanted to angrily tell him he was hurting her but the sight had left her speechless. She took his hands away from her face as she stood abruptly a large grin now at her face.

“This is unreal!!! I didn’t even notice this. It’s…beautiful”, she muttered as she paced around looking at the starry expanse before her.

“You’re just like her”, he casually stated a light smile on his face. She blinked as she looked at him confused.

“Like who, papa?” she asked as his emerald eyes slowly gazed up.

“Like your mother. 24 years ago, 5 years before we had you, on a very night like this, I confessed to your mother”, he explained as the girl’s eyes widened.

“Papa, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know this place was so important. I shouldn’t have been mad”, she mumbled. He waved his hand dismissively as he grins widely at her. He wanted to laugh because even if she didn’t say it, Lucy’s face had screamed that she was guilty that fateful night for being annoyed at him.

“Now now Ari, it’s fine your mother had a similar reaction. It was quite endearing. But I wanted to bring you here because I want to keep a promise I made with her”, he explained as she looked at him expectantly, surely waiting for an answer. “I promised I’d see the stars with her forever, right here”, he mumbled as he felt tears sting his eyes.

“Papa”, Ari breathed out as her own tears spilled from her eyes as she kneeled down to hug her father. Natsu felt comforted as he grasped onto his daughter. This meadow had been the only existence of their love, but now he had something much more precious in his arms. Their daughter. “From now and on we’ll come together whenever you want”, she whispered. He felt his eyes widen at her words, but said nothing further.

“Of course. But when you find the one you love, Ari, this will be your secret place juts like it was your mother’s and mine”, he muttered as she nodded. The separated as she slowly stood again walking slowly back to her previous location.

“But don’t be sad, papa. No matter what momma will be always watching us. She said so herself. That when I have a nightmare she would always be at my side. I know she’s watching over you as well just like the stars and the moon watch over us”, she breatherd from her spot, a loving gaze directed at the sky.

Natsu let a tear slip down his cheek as he observed her. Long billowing pink locks to her waist and a thin figure. Fingers wrapped in bandaids from all the fights she would get into with his friend’s kids just like he had when he was younger. No matter how similar she was to him from his fiery personality to his eating habits and even her short temper, she was still nothing like him. As she turned to look at him with a sweet smile and teary eyes, he gazed right back to see she had her mother’s face.

“Don’t cry anymore, papa.”

Her big doe chocolate brown eyes and the same beautiful smile. A smile he was determined to protect for the rest of his life if possible. She had her mother’s passion and her kindness. Her strong will that came up during a tough time. Everything he had always admired from Lucy had manifested in Ari. She was now the star of his eyes, his hope and strength that had him going these past 20 years.

Natsu nodded slowly as she seemed relieved and turned back to look at the sky unconsciously clutching onto Lucy’s golden keys that hung at her hips. The older male finally looked up once more as he smiled widely. He would be fine and he was sure Lucy knew this too. He stood up wiping the dirt from his clothes as he walked to hug his daughter.

“We both love you so very much, you know that?” he murmured as she clutched onto his back. This was another thing she had from Lucy, always trying to remain strong despite being sad and hurt. She finally let go of her strong front as she sobbed into his chest.

“Shhh, it’s okay…We’re okay,” he whispered as he kissed her head as though she was still only a child even when she was already so grown.

“I know, because I still have papa”, she responded as she reduced her cries to sniffling. He smiled at that feeling pride that their child was so strong and beautiful and amazing. Everything Lucy was and more, and she was perfect. He would always protect her.

He suddenly looked up one final time to admire the sight once again.

“Are you watching, Lucy?”

Well that was a bit crappy but I wanted to put this up because I felt I haven’t posted any writing as of late and I’m still finishing the final details for the next chapter of red card and nerd princess. Please do tell me what you think. My ask box is always open for requests!

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Could it be that the Japanese female audience would never blame the authors for queerbaiting or fanservice etc? More like they are grateful for it actually. Like "please give us all those hints here and there, so we could use them as a base for our own FANON fantasies". Like it's normal for them?

Yes, in Japan actually the concept of “queerbaiting” doesn’t really exist. For Japanese fangirls it’s normal that m/m couples are all fantasy and would never happen in the actual story (unless it’s a BL manga or they are clearly shown/stated to be homosexual from the start of course), therefore they would never expect the creators to confirm something like the kiss in episode 7, or whether they eventually get engaged or not. They just take the hints to create their own headcanons and fan stories (and doujinshi), but they don’t actually hope or expect a couple to become canon. Though I have the feeling (judging from all the comments I see on Twitter) that even Japanese fangirls can perceive that the “fanservice” in YOI doesn’t really fit within the boundaries of what is normally called “fanservice”, and I believe some of them are starting to think that their relationship might not be just a fantasy, lol. (I’m amused just because it’s rare for “normal” Japanese fangirls to think a couple might be real) But yeah even if they thought so they wouldn’t expect the creators to say it out loud.

More under the cut because it got somewhat long as I delved a bit deeper into the topic.

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If VIXX were boyfriends

N/Hakyeon: The leader, as he would treat his own members, he would be very caring. Sometimes he would be a goof, trying to make you happy. He may make fun of your height so that he can feel good about himself. He likes the attention that you give him. He can be a bit full of himself, but to make him feel better, you go along with it. He gets enough crap from the other members. He will hold your hands with his. Your foreheads touching, then his hands would release. Which would travel around your waist. His lips saying “I love you so much.” He would be the type to buy small trinkets. Bracelets, phone charms that represent the both of you, snacks, and he would also buy a Polaroid camera to take photos for the both of you. He will impress you buy his dancing, and his crazy singing accompanied by dancing. He may be stressed, so give him a back rub sometimes. Kiss his cheek to say, “good job today.” With you though, if you were angry, he would back up and give you space. He will only talk to you, if you talk to him first. His dates would be night walks, looking at the stars, playing in the snow and cooking inside.

Originally posted by binnocchio

Leo/Taekwoon: He may be quiet, but he love to show his affection silently. He does appreciate your own existence even. He will like to hold your hand often, which will make you smile. Knowing that is his way of showing his affection. He may not be the most approachable person, but you warm up to him. He would sneakily grasp your hand, pulling you closer to him. All of these small gestures make him nervous. He would pull you into a hug and whisper how much he loves you. Planting a kiss on your forehead or your lips. It would make him very embarrassed when he does that. He would buy a puppy, couple rings, necklace, a scarf, a beanie and even a sweater that looks like one of your sweaters. He would sing a little bit, and then make a sentimental moment. A long kiss would be a prime example. Sometimes, he will be exhausted so leave him be until he wants to talk to you about problems. If you were angry or crying, he would get really upset. About to go out of his way to yell at the person who did this to you. He will hug you, you clinging to his chest and feeling comfortable with his heavy breathing. His dating options will be a pet store, a zoo, an aquarium, a museum and a cafe.

Originally posted by paetoi

Ken/Jaehwan: Being loud, means either being loud with him, or being his polar opposite, quiet. Either way, this diva loves having fun. He will do whatever it takes to make you and the members laugh to the point where you are crying. He would be the type to grab your hand, skipping ahead or running to a nearby park. Giving you kisses on the cheek, and he would giggle. Wrapping his arms around you quickly, before he flicks you on the forehead. He would be the type to buy nerdy things. Such as manga books, anime series, video games, CDs and plushies from whatever show you are into. When Ken is upset, back up. You can ask him what’s wrong. If he doesn’t answer, just pat his back and sit there until he is willing to talk to you. If you were upset, he would do anything in his power to lighten the mood. Trying to make you smile and laugh. His dating places would be a movie theater, Japan (yes), arcade and norebangs (karaoke places).

Originally posted by binnii

Ravi/Wonsik: He may be a bit shy when he first meets you, but later he would definitely warm up to you. No matter what, he will get occasionally flustered for no reason. His stomach will be doing flips as he sees you in a new outfit, doing a dance, or even eating something. He would be the type to hug for long periods. He would even put your hand in his jacket pocket even when it’s not cold outside. He would kiss your forehead and he would just be flustered by that. Any little action is very deadly to him.When he is down, try to encourage him by hugging him and trying to cheer him up. Offering to go out and get fresh air, taking a break or even letting him have some space alone. Just let him know you are always there for him. If you were upset, he wouldn’t know what to do. Seeing you sad would make him extremely flustered and he would start to get concerned. He would ask what happened, as he would ask you questions as you told him why you are down. He would eventually, hesitantly pat your back. He would be kind of lost, until you fling yourself into his body. Then he will softly hug you. Not saying a word, since close contact is something that makes him nervous. For Ravi, he would be the type to buy a ton of couple outfits, small accessories, books, and art supplies.

Originally posted by wonshikeu

Hongbin: He is very open to you. He will be a bit of the silent type, until you talk to him. He will talk to you about his life, his experiences as a trainee, his favorite hobbies, etc. His smiles are deadly, so whenever he smiles, you get very shy around him. He would be the type to kiss your lips gently, but he may kiss your neck too. Holding you close to his body so that you would become a victim to his motives. He would put his arm on around your shoulder when he is hanging out with the boys, but when the two of you are alone…things change. If you initiate the kiss, he will be gentle. If he initiated it, it would be soft, then a bit more forceful. Being the cheese ball that he is, he would buy couple rings, roses, chocolates, a big teddy bear, really expensive headphones and some outfits he think would look good on you. When Hongbin is sad, hug him and run your fingers through his hair. Repeat his name until he settles down. He will hug you back, even though it may be a little painful, bear with it. You know he would do the same. When you are sad, he would hug you tightly. Kissing your scalp and the forehead. He will saying, “tell me everything.” He would patiently listen to your problems, start to finish. He doesn’t care if his shirt gets drenched in tears, as long as you are okay. For dating places, he would definitely take you to a bakery, a restaurant, a toy store, a carnival and a dance show.

Originally posted by hongqueen

Hyuk: He is a child from the get go. He wouldn’t know how a girl/boy’s feelings are when he starts dating them. He would ask if they want to eat snacks or play video games. Basically, anything he likes to do. He would be the shy boy that would kiss your cheek when you were least expecting it. He would nuzzle into the crook of your neck like a cat, just to get a reaction out of you. Even though he is freaking out internally. He will give you playful hugs, and smiling widely as he lets go. Ruffling your hair as he pokes your cheeks. Hyuk would be similar to Ken. He would buy video games, manga books, but he would also buy toys, tickets to an amusement park or even gift cards. Hyuk can get pretty down in the dumps. If you ask what is wrong and he doesn’t answer, ask him if something happened and that you are willing to listen. Giving him positive feedback or advice will lift up spirits, especially if you offer to watch anime with him. If you were depressed, he would wrap a blanket around you and himself. Then he would walk away, and come back after fifteen minutes. He would pull you to a pillow fort. He doesn’t care if he gets yelled at the hyungs, as long as you are happy. He will listen in the fort, and make jokes about how that thing or the person bothering you is stupid. For dating spots, it would be the beach, park, pool, amusement park, the dorm, the mall and, heck, the food court.

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Main three guys S/o gets a detention for fighting someone

i hope you like them!



  • when he finds out he will instantly scold them 
  • but v seriously he sounds like he’s trying to be a mother and his s/o just can’t help but laugh at him
  • he will probably start whining about how they need to listen to what he’s saying bc it’s important
  • and that fighting is bad
  • he will suddenly get very serious and probably cup his s/o’s cheek or wrap his arm around their waist and tells them that he doesn’t want to see them get hurt
  • his s/o might try to brush and laugh him off but he will not let them leave without getting the message that he will seriously never forgive himself if they got hurt 
  • he cares v much about his s/o’s wellbeing ok
  • tries to think of a v soft punishment for them but again his s/o just laughs it off bc he’s really not threatening 
  • probably says that they need to give him a back massage every day like ok viktor you make me do that anyway but sure

Yuuri K

  • is v concerned bc fights normally end with injuries and this bby does not want to see his s/o injured and in pain
  • immediately checks to see if they’re injured
  • v relieved if they’re not 
  • admits he sprinted the whole way to where they were just to check on them and just kind of flops to the floor bc he tired ok
  • scolds his s/o for getting involved with such things
  • v motherly
  • ‘fighting is dangerous,’ etc
  • pouty 
  • ‘you can’t be involved in things like this,’
  • ‘please be more careful,’
  • his s/o starts to feel bad bc yuuri was actually v concerned and v worried and no one wants this bby to be anything but happy
  • after he goes off on a slight rant he will take their hand and tell them that he’s glad it wasn’t anything too serious
  • when he’s leaving them to suffer in peace in detention he humorously rubs it in that you deserve it so don’t complain
  • says that he will make their favourite meal for when they get home after they’re done with their punishment

 Yuri P

  • when he hears at first he groans is like ‘seriously???’
  • grumbles that his s/o has done something stupid again
  • does go to check things out tho
  • busts into their school 
  • ‘oi, what do you think you’re doing idiot?’
  • his s/o can tell that he isn’t actually mad just more curious and a little amused ((as long as they’re not hurt; if they’re hurt he will probably go on a little revenge mission))
  • gently ish smacks them upside the head
  • ‘if you’re gonna get into a fight at least don’t get caught, stupid,’
  • his humour makes his s/o feel slightly better about having to suffer in detention for the rest of the afternoon
  • if his s/o whines about their punishment he will just give them a side hug and rub their shoulder to comfort them a little but will remind them that it was their own fault for getting into the fight
  • tries to show a little love by telling them that he’d have something (food or hot chocolate etc) ready for them for when they get back at to not keep him waiting at home for too long
  • maybe kisses their forehead if there aren’t many or any people and calls them an idiot again before leaving

Top 5 (Edit: 10) Ships You’ll Go Down With To The Bitter End!

Tagged by the lovely @gruvia-lolu-nalu-jerza!! SO TERRIBLY SORRY! I didn’t get any notifications for this (T-T) I was scrolling through my activity feed when I saw this! FORGIVE ME! *hugs and cries anime style*


YOSH! So this is not in order cause I love them all so much (maybe the first ship a bit TOO much….ANYWAYS)!!! Don’t bash me if you don’t like any of these ships!

Sorry if I have more then one or two gifs XD

1. Ichigo Kurosaki X Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

CAN YOU TELL HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM?! I AM OBSESSED *tries to stay calm* be still heart, be still…

I shipped them (before I even knew the term “otp”) when episode 1 first came out! They just…belong together. Like, I could type a 10 page essay on why they are perfect together; however, I will not do that. They understand each other. They care for each other (a bit TOO much on Ichigo’s part lol although Rukia is getting there). They are literally the KING and QUEEN; DEATHBERRY; WHITE MOON/BLACK SUN. But, the most important thing about this ship is the way the look at each other - at least to me it is. That eye smex tho 


2. Hitsugaya Toushiro X Karin Kurosaki (Bleach)

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Now, I know you guys are probably like “WTF is wrong with you, steph?!” or “Why the hell do you ship them? They never meet in the manga!!” BUT!!! They had TWO episodes that mainly focused on them! I don’t care if they’re filler! Kubo could’ve made those two episodes about other things, like Ichigo and the gang or what goes on in Soul Society other than fighting or even Kannoji! *coughs* anyways…

I think they’re amazing together! They have great chemistry. Plus, I love it when Toushiro protects her from danger! (^3^) I’m just weird like that lol Just look at the HItsuKarin tags and see why I love them!

3. Okita Sougo X Kagura Yato (Gintama)

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Honestly, you have to read the manga/watch the anime to understand why this ship is so so SO cute and obvious! You can even read some of the tumblr users posts about their moments!

4. Natsu Dragneel X Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

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OH.MY.GOD  THIS FREAKING SHIP GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS I CAN’T STAND IT BUT I LOVE IT XD They’re SO meant to be and it’s obvious with the moments they had together!! I can’t explain these feelings lo it’s an emotional roller coaster ridel! They just need to kiss and make babies right now!!!!

5. Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

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HNNNNNNNG this ship is AH-MAY-ZING! (yes I know how to spell lol) I just love the development between these two. The reason why I chose gifs of mostly Gray is because of his development in the ship (if that makes sense….? Idk if does but whatever) 


6. Hinata Shoyo X Yachi Hitsuoka (Haikyuu!!)

Originally posted by cilecile

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THIS ADORABLE SHIP!!! I will seriously go to the ends of the earth with this ship! 

7. Kuroo Tetsurou X Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!!)

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Originally posted by kurotssuki

Originally posted by dailyhaikyuu

OMG WHO WOULDN’T SHIP THESE TWO!?! Like holy shit man! You can easily tell Kuroo cares about him A LOOOT (same goes with Kenma but it’s more obvious with Kuroo maybe it’s just me).

8. Haru Nanase X Rin Matsuoka (Free!!)

Originally posted by mackervel

I swear they seriously need to make out or more cause they way the look at each other…*whistles* But, seriously watch the anime if you haven’t in order to understand what I am talking about XD

9. Sora X Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

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Shipped these two since Kingdom Hearts I came out lol hardcore shipper for these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Namine x Roxas

love love love love love these two!!! I hope we see more interaction from them in KH3!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had so much fun with this!

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Boyfriend!Bokuto Headcanons:

Bokuto would be a fun, dorky and childish boyfriend. He is literally an oversized baby oWL.
“hey, hey, hEEEEEEYY!”
• Going on dates with Bokuto would be so fun. He’ll take you to the most random places sometimes.
• “Bokuto, why are we at—”
• “Shhhhh, don’t question me!1!1!”
• Sometimes takes you on double dates with Kuroo or Akaashi. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
• You two met by him accidentally hitting you hard with a volleyball to the fACE.
• The both of you hit it off instantly after that. (-:
Loves to make you laugh. Your laugh is his most favorite sound in the world.
• To make you laugh, he would tickle you.
• Making you laugh makes him feel so successful, happy, and all tingly inside. ;u;
• Tries teaching you how to play volleyball.
• Headcanon that Bokuto sings really loud in the shower and your just like.. “Bokuto pls.”
PDA with this boy is r e a l
• When he hugs you, he loves to hug you tight, pick you up, and spin you around.
• “Ohohoho?” ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
• Saying “Bokuto, pls.” on a daily basis.
• Bokuto is a child that needs attention.
• “(y/n), don’t you wanna spend some time with your awesome boyfriend?!”
• When you two cuddle, he NEVER lets go.
• He’d have his arms wrapped tightly around your waist ans your legs laced together.
• His favorite cuddling positions are where you’re on top of him with one arm across your waist and one stroking your hair. The other is when you’re both laying on your sides, facing each other with your bodies smushed together as close as possible. ; w ;
• Having to take care of him, Akaashi, and Kuroo whenever they’re over.
• Kuroo and Bokuto pulling pranks on you ans teasing you to no end—
• Taking care of Bokuto and Kuroo is like taking care of 20 hyperactive children.
• Akaashi helps.
• The team sees you as their mom and loves having you around. You bring all of them food during practices and/or after games and they appreciate you for that.
Bokuto strikes me as a sensitive person but doesn’t know how to express what he’s feeling, so he hides it.
• You need to be there for him when he’s feeling down.
• You need to be there to reassure him that he’s a great person, a great boyfriend, and a great captain.
Bokuto Koutaro is a dorky and childish boyfriend that needs to be loved and protected at all costs. If you do that, then he’ll do the same for you.

A/N: I have way too much free time on my hands LOL. This was so fun and cute to write! ; w ; Bokuto, Oikawa, and Kuroo are my literal faves! ICallThemTheHolyTrio.
— Admin Jay 🍥

The Wedding Series (The Day Before - ShikaTema)

Disclaimer: none of the characters mentioned belong to me.

This is the first of the three ShikaTema parts in The Wedding Series, set after the NaruHina parts and before the LeeTen and SasuSaku parts. 

This is my personal take on how I like to imagine Shikamaru and Temari would act about/before their wedding day.

I very much hope you like this part! 


.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

The Nara Compound was buzzing with life that morning, full of the talk and excitement of the following day. Nobody could quite believe it was happening; they’d always viewed Shikamaru as the solitary type, even more so than his father had been. So the news he’d found a woman he didn’t deem too annoying to be around consistently came as a well welcomed shock to the entire Clan, and especially so with Yoshino Nara.

Being his mother she knew Shikamaru better than any other, and often she took pride in it. To an outsider, she had a seemingly unpleasant power over the young man, and even to him and his late father, Yoshino was quite the scary mother. However, he understood her love for him and that all she wanted was for him to only gain and be the best man that he could.

Still, the woman couldn’t help but worry whether Shikamaru was only doing this to please her. She’d made it clear to him she didn’t want him to grow old and alone and senile and that while he was young he better ‘hurry up and find a worthy woman to marry’. It was so sudden, too. Out of nowhere, after weeks and months of refusing his mother’s nagging it suddenly happened. Her insistent words had grown too much for him and he’d given up, yet again.

Yes, she thought, it must be partially my fault at least.

However, as Shikamaru lay back on his bed watching the woman he was to marry the following day pack a bunch of things into a bag and he listened the complaints and huffs she let out every now and again, he couldn’t deny that she was all he could’ve asked for and more.

“I swear if I haven’t packed everything I’m going to hit you, cause you’re supposed to be helping me here,” huffed Temari, running her hands nervously through her loose blonde hair. “Dammit, it would’ve been so much better to have got married in Suna.”

Shikamaru squeezed his eyes shut and groaned. “No, we’re not having that argument again. Once was enough and we went way past seven times.”

Having the wedding in Suna or Konoha had been the topic of many a long winded argument between the couple, and always seemed to go (and end) exactly the same way. Still, that didn’t stop Temari bringing it up again and again and it always going like this:

“I’m the bride, Shikamaru, so it ought to be my choice!”

“I know that, but-”

“Not to mention that my brother is the Kazekage. I can’t have my brother missing this and if Gaara can’t make it here then I refuse to do it. If we have it back home in Suna, then he can make it easily!” Temari would look at him with her hands resting on her hips and a menacing stare beating down on Shikamaru.

“I know. I agree entirely. But it’s my mothers fault we’re getting married and she’s old. And old woman shouldn’t have to travel all the way to Suna just to see her son get hitched. Jesus…”

“Don’t act like you want to get married, cause I know you. And don’t try and sass me, either. Got it?”

Shikamaru would always retreat, but it wouldn’t take long for Temari to realise he was right. Yoshino was the reason the couple were tying the knot and would argue Shikamaru’s point for him, too. Mostly Temari didn’t want to argue with her almost mother-in-law…she scared the life out of her.

“You’re right,” Temari sighed, throwing more bits and pieces into her bag. “I have more important things to worry about than things I can’t change.” She checked the clock on the wall and frowned. “Shit, the bloody girls are going to be here in like twenty minutes and I’m not ready to go yet. Have I packed everything? Probably not. Shit, where’s my toothbrush? Oh it’s already in there. Oh, god…Shika?”

“Mm?” He raised his eyebrows and smirked as he watched her fret. It amused him, which unimpressed her.

“Help me.”


She huffed and continued rooting through draws without even looking at him. “I don’t see why I can’t just stay here with you.”

“Tradition,” he said softly.

“Neither of us give a shit about that though, do we?”

Shikamaru chuckled. “Well, the girls do. I’m all for you staying with me.” He frowned and sat up slightly. “Okay, calm down now, you just packed my shirt.”

“I know I did, I- wait…no I didn’t…” Temari looked down at the bag and Shikamaru’s shirt staring back at her, the Nara clan symbol hitting her in the face. This time tomorrow she’d be part of that clan. She’d be part of some clan, in some village that wasn’t her own, being made to wear that symbol on her back and…

“Oh god, no! Fuck, Shika, I’m so scared!” cried Temari, pulling at her hair and biting her lower lip. “Do we even want this? Look, Shikamaru, you’re a pain, but I love you so don’t get me wrong but…do we have to get married?”

With a deep sigh, the dark haired young man hauled himself up from his position on the badly made bed. He buried his hands in the pockets of his trousers and gradually stepped closer to his fiancée, his eyebrows slightly raised as he looked into her eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay.” He said it so calmly unnerved Temari. “I know it’s a real drag, but we’ve got to do it someday soon…so why not now?”

Temari looked up at him as he took his final step. His face was just inches away and he’d regretted to shave for a few days. “Because…I’m scared. And you need to shave.” She started to back away but he caught her.

A smirk worked its way onto his lips and if Temari wasn’t in total state of panic and frustration she’d have found it quite sexy. “I’ve been thinking about growing it out, and you’re not going anywhere,” he chuckled. “Of all the things I’ve seen you fight, pre-wedding jitters are the one thing that makes you run away? Seriously?”

“Oh, fuck off, you miserable sod.”

The young man chuckled weakly and shook his head, taking her hands and twisting the diamond ring around her left ring finger.

“It’s not funny, Shikamaru!” said Temari.

Her voice was so full of angst it should’ve thrown him back, but Shikamaru had dealt with worse - namely his mother on a bad day. He could sit out this argument easily.

“What’s the point in doing this now of all times?” she continued. “This is the biggest fucking commitment you can make! Plus, you yourself used to tell me that you find women too troublesome. But now look at you; you’re all for it! Has your mother threatened you?”

He chuckled, looking down into her narrow green eyes as he continued to swivel around her engagement ring. “You’re quite right. And I do still find women a complete pain - you especially - but do you really think I’d waste so much money on this scrap of metal if I wasn’t willing to commit.”

In synchronisation, they both looked down at her ring as Shikamaru swiftly made it so he was hugging her from behind. Tamara began to feel smaller and fragile; Shikamaru was the only man who could make her feel like that, and she both loved and despised it.


“And as for what’s the point?” He brought her closer to him, resting his hands softly on her middle, cheek resting on her head gently. “The point is still what it was when I asked you.”

Temari groaned and sniffed, the tears swelling in her eyes beginning to fade away.

“You remember that point, don’t you?” asked Shikamaru in a quiet, soft, and serious tone.

She giggled slightly, leaning back into the chest of her lover. “How could I forget? It featured the worst impression of your mother I’ll ever hear.”

“Well,” Shikamaru’s raspy voice said into her ear, “maybe I can do a little better this time round…” He coughed quietly and attempted to raise his voice’s pitch, but he couldn’t escape the huskiness of his normal voice as he quoted his mother: “If I have bastard grandchildren you’ll be in very big trouble, young man.”

“Okay that was equally as awful as the first time, Shikamaru. Your mum is too excitable sounding for you to get close to her voice.”

Temari smiled and bit down on her lower lip to try and conceal her laughter. However she couldn’t hold it long, and let out a loud snort, causing her to blush profusely and set off Shikamaru’s laugh that she found so sweet and adorable.

As he pressed a soft kiss against her temple, Temari let her hands fall to where his rested gently on the small bump of her abdomen. “Trust us to be the pair who accidentally get pregnant before marriage,” she sighed.

“Yeah…such a shame that you can’t get drunk at your own wedding,” Shikamaru teased, kissing along her jaw. “I guess I’ll just have to get extra drunk for you.”

Upon hearing this, Temari squirmed and tried to escape her fiancé’s tender but unescapable grip. “Don’t try to be funny. This kid is your fault, too. You can pay the price and stay sober,” she said. Finally working her way free, she turned to face Shikamaru and looked pleased with herself. “Understand?”

“Oh, what a drag…I already had to give up smoking…”

“Boo-hoo,” she teased, putting her bottom out for a second. She quickly broke into a smug smile, causing Shikamaru to groan. “Now shut up and help me. Oh, and anyway; you’ve got your stag-do tonight. You can drink then. I’m sure Chouji will let you.”

“Stag-do…” Shikamaru let out a weak and pathetic laugh, grabbing one of Temari’s bags and slinging it over his shoulder. “Cause of my family’s relation to deer? Quite witty, actually. Nice.”

Tamara snorted again and her cheeks blushed a soft pink. “For a genius you’re a complete idiot. That’s just what it’s called.”

“Oi. Don’t get to pleased with yourself.”

The Suna girl turned and smirked at him, proving he was too late. She moved closer, swiftly closing the gap between their lips in a matter of seconds. But just as their lips brushed against each other they were forced apart.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Temari sighed. “That’ll be Sakura and Hinata. I’ll go get it, you bring my stuff.”

“Look, I might almost be your husband, but I’m not you bitch, Temari…”

“I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you,” she said menacingly. “Now get on with it.”

By the time Shikamaru had gathered the three bags together (and he didn’t understand why a woman needed so much stuff for one night; it seemed like too much hassle to him), Temari had her coat on and was at the door, waiting. He stepped closer and handed each girl a bag before taking Temari’s hands in his.

The couple shared a look as if each of them knew exactly what the other was thinking.

Be careful…and don’t it make it too obvious we’ve got a new member of the family on the way, okay?

You really think I’m that stupid, Shikamaru?

She was right and he knew it. Tamara was a smart girl and, mostly, she could keep a secret. Anyway, the maid of honour already knew and was sworn to secrecy. Hinata had overheard the two arguing about the baby after Temari first found out and knocked on the door, admitting she’d heard every word. She said was happy for them and smiled sweetly, promising not to breathe a word to anyone.

That was two months prior and not a single person knew now but the three of them, so Shikamaru and Temari knew they could trust her completely.

Sakura gently took Temari’s arm and pulled away from Shikamaru and out of the door. 

“Promise me you’ll look after her,” he said seriously, looking into her scared, green eyes. He tried his best to seem void of worry, but it didn’t work too well. “Please?”

“We will,” Hinata said gently, taking Sakura’s hand off of Temari.

The moment she was free, Temari rocketed into Shikamaru’s arms and buried her face in the crook of his neck. It didn’t surprise him one bit, and - for once - he let down his cold, hard persona to hug her tightly back, nestling his face in her scruffy blonde hair.

He pulled back and kissed her lips soft and slowly, holding her cheek with one hand, the other nestled deep into his trouser pocket. “I’ll see you tomorrow so we can get married…man, that’s something I never thought I’d say.”

Temari grinned and stepped back towards the girls, picking up her bag. Before she turned and disappeared from Shikamaru’s sight for a while she gave him a cheeky smirk: “I know right…‘what a drag’.”

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!

ShikaTema are a real weakness of mine and I couldn’t resist writing in certain bits of dialogue and also the whole idea about something pushing them to get married but really they just want to be togther. That just suits ShikaTema to me…

The next part will be “The Day Before - LeeTen”

(which I’m so excited for because omg LeeTen is so beautiful)

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite senpai and kae moments in the manga/anime?

Anon, I’ll have you know this ask made my day and I may or may not have screamed when I read it lol. I GET TO TALK IN SO MUCH DETAIL ABOUT MY OTP YAAAASSSS. These are both cute moments of them together and also a compilation of WHY THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER. I apologize in advance for this long ass post haha.

Anyways, since the anime is still ongoing this’ll have mostly manga related moments. Soooo….


We’ll start with the first few arcs that have been put into episode form:

Multiple things tbh but my favorites are when he tells her, while they’re in the infirmary, that it’s easy to tell it’s her after her losing the weight. She’s still her usual, kind self. The fact that he doesn’t care about her looks in this moment and is solely complimenting her on who she is as a person and treating her the same he always has, I love it.

Then, of course, at the end of episode 1 he accepts her being an otaku. He finds it odd that she thinks it’s wrong to have something she enjoys. He prefers to see her as her usual, happy self. And she is so happy about that. I LOVE THESE TWO.

Him offering to help her study with no ill-intentions is a lovely thing because the others only join in so they won’t be alone together. But he’s doing it because he’s genuinely a nice guy. He has no other intentions other than just helping her.

When he stands up for her against her brother and, again, accepts her love for her BL and anime love. He accepts these things because they’re important to her. And again, no ill-intentions. At this point, he doesn’t even realize he’s in love with her. He’s doing it out of the kindness of his heart.


Now, we’ll go into an arc/arcs that have yet to be put into the anime but I’m really hoping they are.


He gets so jealous/protective when his brother comes into the picture and when he lies and says she’s his girlfriend so his brother will go away, she doesn’t freak out like she has at other times in the manga with other people. He wins the fight between him and his brother for his brother to leave her alone. He was fighting to protect her from his brother, not to get her for himself. MUTSUMI IS BEST BOY.

WHEN HE FINALLY CONFESSES irritatingly along with everybody else but still IT’S THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.

When she decides to go on dates with all of them after their confessions, his date was so simple and involved something they’re both interested in. He wasn’t trying to impress her with his knowledge or wow her in any sort of way. It was just something fun. And then the most beautiful moment happens AND IF IT GETS ANIMATED MY 2016 WILL BE SAVED AND IT’LL BE THE BEST THING EVER. They’re praying at the shrine and the way she talks about him in her inner thoughts is so different than the way she talked about the rest of them during their dates. It’s very different. Also, during this date there are TWO badumps. Nobody else had two. Just saying. JUST LOOK AT THIS PAGE. I NEED IT ANIMATED OH MY GOD. (This is my ultimate favorite moment of them, btw. The date is.)

When she freaks out that Akane is her special person, the rest of them are annoyed (minus Shima, who wants to fangirl too) but he’s happy she’s having fun.

Of course, the almost drowning, stranded alone together, him taking care of her and not taking advantage of the situation at all are all some amazing moments too. Thank you anime for giving us that out of the manga. I am eternally grateful.

When Igarashi’s former senpai gives Kae shit for not choosing anybody and Kae decides that whoever beats her in that video game will be the one she chooses, Mutsumi won. However, he won to tell her to not force herself. He tells her that they’re having fun and he only won to stop her. THE OTHERS WOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT, OKAY. WE ALL KNOW THEY WOULDN’T HAVE.

And now, in regards to the most recent arc. THE MOST EVIL ARC OF ALL TIME. Mutsumi is the only one who caught on to the new asshole’s rouse. He caught him and confronted him. And then we get this lovely as hell moment oh my god I love it so much

And then when all hell breaks loose with the asshole’s plan, they all go to save her. And she’s reluctant to leave because she doesn’t realize what’s going on and he’s like “REMEMBER HOW I TOLD YOU I’D PROTECT YOU?! THIS IS THAT TIME. JUST TRUST ME!” And ugh my heart. MY HEART.

There are plenty of other, smaller moments that I’d have to scan the entire manga for and they’d take, like, half a day to type all out. BUT, these are the biggest ones for me. 


Love Couch

Summary= Lucy was glad she could find another anime friki at the party of her friend, or instead she would still be all lonely on the love couch.

Pairing= Nalu.

Chapters= One-Shot.

Hope you like this new one-shot I wrote! I like how it turned out, but there’s nothing better than to hear your opinions! They make me really happy and keep me writing! 

Lucy glared at the kissing couple in the corner of the big couch, as she recently learned was known as the love couch, where all the couples went to kiss and… do other stuff in the wild parties her friend, Cana, threw.

It wasn’t her intention to sit there at all, but she really wasn’t having a great time.

First of all, she wasn’t one to enjoy this kind of entertainment. She would rather be reading some old book, tugged under her comfy blankets with her dog curled up in her lap. Or maybe writing some fanfiction for her OTP.

Yes, that sounded good. But no, she had let her friend convince her to go to best party of the year.

Second, the heels were killing her. Since she used sneakers most of time, those torture weapon were making her like crap. She had been looking for a sit most of the night, and it happened the only one unoccupied was in the infamous sofa of the living room of her friend’s house.  She still prayed that nobody sat next to her.

But who was she to have good luck? Of course her prayers wouldn’t be listened.

The couch cracked under the new weight, and Lucy closed her eyes before glancing sidely at this person.

It was a boy, one that she had seen around in school. How could she not, when he had spiky pink hair. She eyed his features; the slightly upturned nose -which she found quite cute-, his lips, the strong jaw, his atractive ears. His eyes were closed, and he seemed to hold a long sigh.

Still, Lucy moved away bit by bit, trying not to be noticed. She stiffed when he groaned, opened his eyes and threw his head back, running a hand through his pink locks.

In the blink of an eye, his dark, enticing green eyes fixed on her. She tightened her fist in the hem of her skirt, feeling exposed to his gaze.

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obessivesunite  asked:

Okay how would all Kanekis, Ayato, Nishiki, Hide, and Suzuya react to watching/reading the anime/manga about themselves with their s/o? (Sorry if you already did this, I didn't look through your entire page.)

(( next time please only send a max of five characters—i’ll let it slide this time bc im kinda excited to do this one. also, this is basically saying tokyo ghoul characters and their partners watch tokyo ghoul. like. actor au? basically. right. right. right?

 god i love these aus ))

Kuro!Kaneki would be a little embarrassed about it—he never considered himself to be the greatest actor, although it was a lot of fun interacting with all the others on set and just generally fool around. When he finds his partner watching the show, holding a pillow tightly, he seats himself next to him and asks nervously, “Do you like it?” They laugh at his meek voice, pulling him close into a hug, clinging to him with eyes on the screen.

“Well, why wouldn’t I? I get to see my boyfriend on screen.” They send a wink his way and he ducks his face to hide his burning cheeks and ears.

“I-it was hard doing all those screams though.” He says softly.

Shiro!Kaneki finds it strangely awkward for him when he catches his partner watching the series he stars in (and was still currently ongoing). As he slides onto the couch next to them and lies his head in their lap, he cringes at the memory of how stupidly tough it was to do that one scene—at least he’s flexible. His partner threads his hair and asks, “How come your character comes off as just Kaneki to me?”

He glances up at them and they look down at him. “Because you see me as just Kaneki.” He grins and they smile, leaning down to press a kiss against his forehead affectionately.

Ayato feels kinda proud to see his partner watching the series he’s decided to take up the role for, eyes glued to the screen of the television. “That obsessed with it?” He asks arrogantly with a sly smirk. They don’t even look back at him as he walks to stand behind him, resting elbows on the couch. He hears their small scoff, grabbing a pillow and smacking him in the face with it.

“Are you that egoistical?” They reply calmly with a twinge of annoyance. Ayato snickers to himself as he smacks his partner back in the face with the pillow.

Nishiki had entered the living room in search for a textbook he left lying around there—and finds his partner hunched forward, seated firmly on the couch as they watch none other than the show he decided to play a role in. He rolls his eyes at this as he takes the textbook into his hands. “Why’re you watching that crap?” He muses and his partner gasps at his words.

“Hey! That’s your show.” They pause. “Well, technically.”

"Stop rubbing in the salt.” He says coldly and they chuckle. 

Hide jumps right in with his partner when he finds them playing the series he acted in, sitting himself down and chatting away about the scenes and how some of them were difficult—mainly because he kept laughing halfway through his lines. He had a lot of stories to tell from the set, too, like how they had to redo a whole scene because he once wore his pants backwards or how Suzuya hides candy around the set and eats them during the filming.

“Hey,” His partner says when he’s rambling away. “Quiet, I’m tryin’ to watch.”

He groans loudly. “But funny stories are so much better for lighting up the mood.” 

Suzuya joins in with his partner to watch, curious to see their reaction. Of course that doesn’t mean he’s quiet, because when certain scenes came up, he goes, “Ohh, I remember that!” and explains as to what happened behind the scenes. He also explains in detail how much he loved swinging around the quinque prop—and attempting to bat others in the back of the head with it. His partner has to shush him several times and he’d fall quiet, but not without a whine as he pulls out some candy from his pocket, loudly removing and crinkling their wrappers. This irritates his partner even more.

Boyfriend!Oikawa Headcanons:

• One word: C L I N G Y
• Oikawa would be the clingiest boyfriend ever, but you’re okay with it because you think it’s super cute—
• You two met by literally running into each other.
• He was running away from Iwaizumi, who was chasing him on the way home from school.
• You were looking down at your phone, so you weren’t paying attention and then bAM Something beautiful was created (-:
• Kisses with him are either fluffy and full of giggles, or passionate and veRY heated. TherE IS NO INBETWEEN.
• ^Same goes with sex—
• Sometimes he makes out with you in front of the team, causing Iwa-chan to hit him.
• Uses you as an arm rest.
B A C K H U G S!!!!!!!!!!
• Calls you “love,” “baby/my girl,” and “sweetheart.”
• Loves playing with your hair and when you play with his.
• Oikawa gets jealous very easily.
Very possessive over you
• “(y/n) who are you texting?”
• “are you talking to another guy?”
• “Only I can make you laugh like that!”
• If he sees you talking to another guy he would go up to you, wrap his arm around your waist, kiss your cheek, and would stare at the guy with a creepy smile until they got the idea.
• Jealous Oikawa is very scary.
• This boy craves your attention.
• When you’re studying, he would try to distract you by poking your sides, kissing your neck and such.
• When you tell him to go away, he would pout and try to get you to notice him by acting cute you couldn’t resist
• The entire team felt uneasy when you two first started dating because they thought you were only using him for his looks and popularity.
• But they saw how generally you care for him; bringing him food after practice, waiting for him, and making sure he’s not pushing himself too far.
• Being in a relationship with Oikawa comes with a built-in best friend; Iwa-chan.
• He needs you to trust him wholeheartedly.
• Oikawa knows his morals and knows when to stop. He would never cheat on you, or hurt you in any way.
• When his fangirls are around, he would kindly accept their gifts and such, and never going further than a hug.
Always mentions you when he’s around his fans.
• Now when you get jealous and start feeling insecure, Oikawa would shower you with love and kisses, hugs you so tight and not letting go until you know AS A FACT that his eyes are only set on you.
• When you feel down, Oikawa would take that so personally. He puts so much burden and pressure on himself, so he can’t help but feel that it’s his fault your feeling that way.
All he wants is for you to be happy
You understand that volleyball and Iwa-chan is first priority for him.
• When he overworks, you need to be there for him to tell him that he needs to rest.
Oikawa Tooru would be a very complex but loving boyfriend. You two would have your ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you two just can’t live without each other.

A/N: This one was fun to make. Oikawa is one of my favorite characters, despite his personality. and god bless his face omfg AND GET READY FOR A BOYFRIEND!BOKUTO POST

— Admin Jay 🍥
When I Married You

Author’s Notes: This is my own personal head-canon. Please imagine this based in a more serious/realistic DBZ universe (no offense to the anime/manga, of course, it’s just that there’s so much exaggeration or silliness just for the sake of comedic effect). I figure I have creative license to my own version in my mind and I’m hoping others enjoy it as well. This will be a multi-chapter, non-plot story so the flow might feel strange (think of it as organic rather than structured). Each scene is just a snippet of their life together - and some might be smutty!

Welcome to my head-canon of Goku and Chichi’s life together!

Marriage - Part 1

Words: 6,543
Rating: M

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
– Judy Garland

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anonymous asked:

How would they react if their crush's boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with them and they're really depressed

(Sorry it’s late I did it inbetween lessons and learning German, hope it’s okay! 🌸)


Allen would feel anger surge through his body, how dare they break up with you? What could you of possibly done? You were the sweetest person he’d ever met. Allen was angry seeing as though your now ex partner got a chance he may never get, yeah he was thankful that the chances of dating you increased because you’d broke up but the way it left you torn his heart in two. “Doll, don’t be so upset over that fucking dickbag, you’re too lovely for him.” Allen would watch as you fell into him, wrapping your arms around Allen’s neck, and rubbing your head into his neck, sniffling lightly whilst Allen on the other hand felt his heart break, this bad boy knew he had fell, and oh did he fall hard. Allen would promise to be your shoulder to cry on, he promised to be at your mere beck in call, because oh lord did he love you.

Oliver would feel anger course through his veins, his poppet should never look so…sad. Your once life filled eyes so glum and down, he wanted to track down your ex and feed them one of his famous ‘cupcakes’. You shouldn’t of been made so sad, all’s Oliver wanted to do was pick you up and wrap you up in a blanket and lay you on his lap and cuddle you forever. “Poppet don’t look so blue, he was a nobody and you’re so much better than that. Don’t cry over him lovely.” Oliver would see your tired and puffy eyes, he would scoop you up into a hug, making you instantly burst out sobbing, he would kiss your forehead lightly over and over again, rubbing your head and murmuring “shush.” Trying his best to calm you down.

(You can tell I’m British can’t you? 😂)

Vincent on the outside would look no different, but on the inside it would be a whole different story. Just like Allen and Oliver he would be filled with rage, it was hard for him to express any emotion or even feel it so when he felt like he was in actual love with you it was totally new and weird to him, and for someone who had your love, who got to kiss you everyday and lay beside you at night, oh Vincent only ever dreamed of that and for them to take it and throw it away made Vincent want to kill your ex partner. And even though he had a better chance of dating you now, it didn’t mean he was happy about it because he had to watch your sad face pass him daily. “You shouldn’t be wasting your time on him. Come on don’t cry over him/her, he’s/she’s pathetic.” Vincent wouldn’t be able to hug you properly so the best you got was an awkward hug, but as soon as you felt his arms wrap around you, you quickly held onto him tight never wanting to let go of him, and Vincent felt and saw all your sadness and loneliness through your actions, you really did need someone to hold you for a while and he didn’t mind being that person.

Xiao would seem so straight faced as he tried his best to console you, who did they think they were breaking up with you? You was the light in Xiao’s darkened life and he loved to see you smile as it lit up the whole room, but now you were reduced to tears sobbing over an idiot who played you. Xiao wanted to so badly rip your now ex partners throat out and make them regret ever breaking your heart, but for you he resisted. Because even though you were so heartbroken he was willing to pick up the pieces and help you back to your feet. “Come on, I’ll take you out for something to eat. W-What? I’m not being weird or nice at all…”

Unlike Viktor, he would be outraged. Viktor would see you come in crying one day and would ask you what was wrong solemnly, and as soon as he heard his eyes for the first time in forever held emotion, and that emotion was anger. Viktor was angry at the fact his sunflower was crying, he was angry at the fact you thought you had to go through this on your own. Then it happened, Viktor wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly, trying his best to console you. “Don’t cry over that idiot. You’re too good for him anyway.”

Mathieu would come in college to listen to you once again go on about how great your boyfriend/girlfriend was, to then see you sat in your seat looking as solemn as can be. Mathieu would hear the word usher from your mouth, “he/she left me…” Now unlike everyone else, Mathieu wouldn’t stand to see his maple cry, he hated the fact you wasn’t his sure, but he wasn’t going to sit back and watch you break down in front of him. His usual sweet and adoring maple was now in shambles and he just wanted to tightly hug you and squish the pieces of you back together. Mathieu before punching a wall, made his way out to the corridor just to quickly calm down. As he did he kept seeing the image of you, your eyes puffy from crying and your make up smudged, it made his heart wrench at the fact he could just kiss it all better, but he knew what he could do. Mathieu made his way back into the classroom, and gathered you in his arms as you sobbed into his chest, Mathieu proceeded to kiss the top of your head relentlessly and gently as he whispered “everything will be fine I promise…I’m here now.” Mathieu didn’t care that his manly reputation was on the line, he wanted to help you all he could. And that he did.


Lutz would see you walking down the college corridor, looking down at your feet with tears streaming down your face, and he knew. He instantly knew what had happened, so he would just silently scoop you up in his arms and gently stroke your hair. Lutz was infuriated, the fact that someone like you could be broken up with baffled him, how he would give anything to of been in their shoes for a day, heck even an hour or half would be good enough for him. Lutz wanted to treat you like a princess/prince, like you deserved. “Mein Frau/Männer, I hate to see you cry like zhis. I’ll look after you I promise, always know I’ll be your shoulder to cry on.

(Frau: Woman/Männer: Man)

Luciano, like Oliver would become his usual sadist self, imagining the ways he could torture you ex mercilessly, but as soon as he glimpsed at the crumpled up girl/boy on the table beside him he wanted nothing more than to take you somewhere comfortable and hug you for hours, and it sickened him how much of an impact you made on him, he hated acting like his player one, it made him feel things he didn’t usually feel. But this feeling he had when he was around you made him feel as though he was on top of the world, he finally felt as though he had someone to protect. Luciano would walk over to you and hug you tightly, “you know bella, I’m always here for you okay? Don’t forget that.” Luciano was willing to risk everything just to see your beautiful smile light up his life.

Kuro at first wouldn’t understand what had happened and would probably shrug it off, but when he finally caught grasp of the fact they’d left you, kuro felt as though he wanted to kill someone. Kuro wasn’t one to fall in love, he messed around sure but this feeling he had for you made him hate sleeping with another woman, it would make him feel sick afterwards. Kuro would walk slowly up to your saddened form and like the others, he would cradle you in his arms and rub your head lightly, soothing you and helping you breathe properly. “Don’t waste your tears on him/her. You’re much too beautiful to act like this.”