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1K Comeback Fic List:

Ah, I know this is late - but my birthday was more hectic than I originally intended and I’ve only just got the chance to proofread and edit my fics today! Here are the links to my re-uploaded fics on my new blog! And you don’t need to, but I’d recommend re-reading them because while I proof-read them, I couldn’t help but edit and add new parts to them! Some changes are only slight, some barely even noticeable - will you be able to pick out what’s different?

1. Soryu Oh - Too Shy To Scream [Mature]
2. Joshua Lieben - Soft Creaking Of The Bed [Mature]
3. Eisuke Ichinomiya - Intoxication [Mature]
4. Mamoru Kishi - Make Some Babies [Mature]
5. Takuto Hirukawa - Internet Diagnosis
6. Mamoru Kishi - Build It Better [Mature]

And there we go! I did change the person of some of the fics, so if you come across any instances of a wrong pronoun or something, please let me know!

I’ll leave this blog up and running for a few more days, just to give people time to re-read any of the fics that you love that wasn’t picked to be moved over, but this blog will be being deleted before August.

Just a big thank you to all of those who voted, and a special thank you for @hifftn, @nitelotus, @speakfearlessly1989 and @levisaudrey for being especially supportive and helpful - both when I first started a blog when I was a young teen, and now. Even after leaving my blog for a year, I’m so grateful to have people on here who welcomed me back and supported me with this comeback. I am so unbelievably grateful to all of you and I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

I can’t say for certain that I’ll never feel the way I did before, when I chose to close my original blog, but I can say that this blog is here to stay: no matter what happens. 

Thank you all for everything!

Answers - Soryu Oh (AU)

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For @oh-heaux & @d-om - they’ll know why <3

Dinner had been absolutely nothing short of utterly perfect for your 3rd wedding anniversary – from the location to the fine wine you sipped on to the meals meticulously prepared and obviously your company; you couldn’t think of any better way to spend a Thursday evening in June other than with your husband by your side celebrating the love you had for one another, the time you’d spent together and what the future may hold for the two of you.

Waiting patiently at a set of traffic lights; checking your reflection in the side mirror – quietly reminding yourself to fix up your lipstick when you got home even though you had a feeling it would be soon ruined anyway, you felt Soryu’s hand reach over – his fingers tenderly tip to up the top of your thigh, toying with the delicate hem of your dress as he found your own hand and held onto it tightly. It’d taken him years to show you this kind of affection – it had taken you years to help him break down his walls and convince him; show him that love wasn’t something to be afraid of, so the smallest and sweetest of gestures still made your heart skip a beat like a high schooler with a crush everyone knew of.

“….thank you”, he whispered subtly in your direction. From the corner of your eye you could see the most honest of smiles etch across his lips, causing yours by habit to mimic the same expression.

“For what sweetheart?”, you asked patting the top of his hand with your free one. Watching intently with a sparkle in your eye as he bit down on his bottom lip, letting the flesh roll out slowly from between his teeth, a shrug addressed across his shoulders, a short sigh escaping Soryu as he ever so slowly shook his head.

“Being you”, he began to ramble quietly with a softness you rarely had the pleasure of hearing – even when it was only the two of you alone, “…falling for a guy like me.”

You were quick to unbuckle your seat belt in order to move closer toward him; your lips brushing across his own sending jolts and sparks cursing across your skin and down your spine. Nails grazing down his jaw, relishing in the fact a five o'clock shadow was slowly appearing which you found incredibly, incredibly sexy you gave in, allowing your lips to lock with his own – the kiss tender yet soft, your mouths shapeshifting to suite one another’s precisely as they always did.

Short of breath and just wanting to get home; into the comfort of the 4 walls that were a sanctuary for you – into the bedroom, beneath the sheets, twisted and tangled within each other’s limbs, you broke away reluctantly, allowing Soryu to focus on the road, on driving; but not before you nipped at his jaw teasingly; a hand running smoothly like silk down his chest.

Lights changing from red to green – the car hadn’t taken off for more than a few metres before the unforgettable sound of screeching tyres tore up the road, your body jerking and being thrown from one side of the car to the other as you flipped. The image of your legs in the air, blood seeping from your brow and Soryu limp all you could manage to take in before your mind went blank.

It was the unfamiliar beeping sound of monitors surrounding you that you woke up to; your eyes unprepared for the sterile white light that infiltrated them along with the figure of Luke looking down over you. You felt bruised, battered and beaten; you could hardly move - had trouble breathing but his gentle touch, brushing back your hair told you that you needn’t.

“_____?”, he spoke slowly; his enunciation of your name so clear, so straight to the point you thought you were having a dream. Blinking, you shifted on the bed, trying to gain feeling in your fingertips which you weren’t sure for how long you had lost, eyes scanning the room for answers to the million questions you had running through your head.

Eisuke stood solemly in the corner of the private room, thumb nail in his teeth watching you intently. There was a dullness to his eyes which in the years of knowing him, you’d never seen. The brace around your neck limited movement – you noticed the cast on your wrist and wondered how badly you’d broken it.

“Wh.. what.. Luke what happened?”

He seemed reluctantly to give you a straight out answer.

“You’re hurt”, he murmured beneath his breath, “…you need rest. Sleep.”

Forcing yourself to half sit up yet failing; falling back hard the few centimetres which you’d struggled to lift yourself, you eyes shut on their own; a whimper rolling across your tongue as you felt a headache start to appear - a tightness in your forehead which was quickly matched by one in your chest.

…Soryu”, you mumbled your husbands name out without effort, “I.. I want to see him. Where is he?”

Neither man answered; instead both keeping unusually silent - the broken exhales and disappointed looks which etched across their features at your request giving you an answer that filled you with dread.

KBTBB: Taking care of you

voltagemarveliceprincess said: Can you do a story where the mc from kbtbb is sick and her boyfriend takes care of her?”

voltagemarveliceprincess said: No problem! Can you write the head cannon for eisuke, soryu, baba, and ota?”

Requested: Yes

For:  voltagemarveliceprincess

Smut: No

Eisuke Ichinomiya
After dating Eisuke for a long time, you knew how busy he was. You tried your best to keep up with his busy schedule because you didn’t want to bother him if something went wrong. Naturally, you didn’t abandon your job at the hotel as well. There was a meeting at the penthouse today, Eisuke said that were important for the company and he didn’t want to ruin anything.

Before Eisuke could even order that he needed coffee, you were one step ahead of him. “Don’t stay up too late.” You kissed his cheeks and headed off to bed, you expected Eisuke to say something predictable such as, “I’ll do what I want, you’re not the boss of me.” But nothing came, it just proves that he’s really concentrating on his pitch for the person coming tomorrow.

The following day came and you ate breakfast in the nearby cafe. You didn’t want to make any noise in the kitchen since Eisuke is doing some last minute touch-ups for his slideshow. You ate a lot in the cafe and regretted it later on due to the matter of running around getting In the middle of the meeting you started feeling nauseous. Before it came out you excused yourself and ran to the bathroom. After you thought you finished throwing up another round suddenly came after. Eisuke became worried because you were taking quite long in the washroom. “Y/N is everything all right?” He knocked on the door.

Standing from the ground you walked towards the door and answered Eisuke, “I’m fine. Now don’t worry about me and finish the meeting.” You pushed him out of your way. But you felt dizzy and leaned on him. Eisuke asked what’s wrong again but you told him to finish his meeting and you’ll be fine eventually.

Eisuke wrapped his meeting and took care of you. He found out that you had a slight fever from Luke and asked him how he should take care of you because let’s face it, he didn’t know what to do. “I know I’m new to this but I’ll take care of you. I’m willing to do anything just for you Y/N.” He said in an embarrassing tone.

Ota Kisaki
Ota took you to his studio. You didn’t question him about it but you were not expecting how many guests would show up today. “Ota, do you have a new piece that you wanted to show to them? Because there’s a lot of people in here.”

“No, there’s no new piece whatsoever. They’re here to offer me a new studio since this one is too small for my liking.” He grinned. You could see how happy he is. A new and bigger studio meant that he was growing as an artist. It also means that he already has new ideas for his upcoming exhibit, because, in your own opinion, the studio he has now is quite spacious.

It was quite peculiar to have these business men offer a deal with Ota. You thought that if he wanted a new and bigger studio he’d just go looking for one but every since you got involved with him, this sort of thing was a little predictable. They all offered their pitch to Ota, he brought you to the studio because he wanted your opinion on it as well.

Everyone’s pitch was unique in their own way, you wanted to hear more but a sudden migraine that appeared out of nowhere was not helping. You tried your best to conceal yourself from the pain you were getting. “Y/N what do you think?” You were unaware that Ota was talking to you and tried to get your attention for quite some time already. You snapped back into reality, “Uhm… Sorry, can you repeat your question?” He repeated his question but at that moment he knew something was not right.

“Can you please excuse us? I’d like to speak with my girlfriend alone.” The men nodded and left the room. You buried your face into your hands. In an instant, Ota knew what was wrong. “If you’re having a migraine, you could’ve just told me instead of hiding it from me.” He smiled. “If you’re thinking that I’m going to take the deal without you, you’re wrong. I have you now so every new adventure or a new chapter in my life, I want you to be there with me.”

You were happy to hear those from him. Yes, he can be a little bit hard to handle at times but seeing him act like this warms your heart. “I’ll take care of my little Koro until she gets better.” He winked. Of course, it won’t be the usual Ota if there was no teasing.

Baba Mitsunari
“Hey Pretty Lady, time to wake up,”
Baba said in a gentle tone. Instead of waking up, you felt like you could sleep more hearing his voice. It was almost like a lullaby to you. Baba, on the other hand, scratched the back of his head and thought that waking you up in the morning was not effective.

However, that didn’t stop Baba from an attempt on waking you up today. Just for a time of change, Baba made breakfast just for you. He was extremely excited to see your face when you taste his cooking. In the end, he did succeed of trying to wake you up but that only resulted in getting a headache. But Baba’s angelic voice turned into an annoying sound to your ears.

Baba would poke your cheek and in the end, it was irritating you. Just before he pulled away from his finger you grabbed his arm, “Baba please stop and let me sleep just this once.” Baba was shocked due to how hot your hand is. “Y/N! You’re burning up!” He exclaimed. He started to panic for a few minutes until he finally came back to his senses and went back to the kitchen.

After Baba left, you drifted back to sleep. It was really helpful to get some rest. When you heard the door opened you opened your eyes and saw Baba carrying a tray. He apologized if he woke you up. “That’s alright Baba, I was getting hungry anyways.” You smiled weakly at him. “I’m not sure how this will taste but I made you food to help and hopefully it’ll bring down your temperature.” You contended with this moment with him.

Baba fed you until you finished your food. “Thank you, Baba it was delicious.” He kissed the crown of your head and said, “You’re welcome Y/N. I’ll always be here for you. Now I’ll go get some medicine then you can go back to sleep alright?” When he left the room just thought of how lucky you were to have him and that you were not alone anymore.

Soryu Oh
In the middle of the night, you suddenly got thirsty and went to the kitchen to get some water. But the moment that you stood up you felt like your head was going to split in half making you plopped right back down on the bed. The impact made Soryu stir awake. “Y/N? Why are you up so early?” He groggy asked.

You apologized to Soryu for waking him up. “I was going to grab some water when my head started to hurt.” You clutched your head hoping the stupid migraine to go away. You tried once again to get up to get some painkillers when Soryu stopped you. “I’ll go get some water and pain killers. You stay right here.” He kissed your temple and left your room.

The pain was quite annoying. It hurt so much that tears were sliding down your face. It might’ve been a little over board having to cry over a migraine but it was out of your hand. It wasn’t that long before Soryu got back but he was panting hard. “Soryu? Did you run to the kitchen to grab water and then grabbed some painkillers?” You wiped your tears and face him.

Once Soryu regained his breathing pattern he answered you, “I did run to the kitchen and back here. Because I knew you’re in pain and I can only help but getting the painkillers quickly. In some way, it could relieve you from the pain you’re suffering from at the moment.” He handed the water and the painkiller to you. You gladly took it. “Now Y/N let’s go back to sleep and don’t worry about work tomorrow. I’ll tell Eisuke that you’re sick and you don’t have to worry because I will take care of you.” He kissed the crown of your head and you snuggled to his chest.

The following day Soryu took care of you like he promised. Even though he didn’t cook the food you ate in the morning he was the one who fed you. “Soryu, I can feed myself.” You muttered. “What kind of boyfriend would I be if I let my girlfriend do it? Plus I told you that I was going to take care of you did I not?” Not wanting to argue with him any further, you decided to just go with the flow.

My Sunday seven, aka, I promise I'm not complaining....

1. First of all, thank you to all of you who reached out and it and sent good karma for my post the other day. I apologize for complaining, as I know so many of you who are dealing with so much more BS than I am and it really is not very fair or cool of me to even mention it. But I love you all for reaching out, and believe me it is highly appreciated.

2. On Friday, I finally got in contact with an orthopedic Physicians office, and they will be contacting me tomorrow on a date for an appointment with them. This is great, because I need to get fixed… And I don’t mean snip-snip, no more Mommy Daddy button either! LOL so that in itself is absolutely awesome news.

3. Aaron and I played this weekend at the local Festival known as art walk, and it was a blast. We only played for an hour, and we might have had 20 people who actually sat on the bleachers and listen to us, but there were tons of people Milling around and tons of people who stopped and listened and moved on, but clapped at the end of songs. It was great to get Aaron back on the stage for the first time after he got sober, and I think it took a lot out of him to do it. He was super Brave about it, and I was grinning from ear-to-ear. During the beginning of one of the songs we covered, which is the Traveling Wilburys song called “Handle With Care”, I even made mention of the fact that it was great to have my best friend back onstage with me again. You know, we joke about stuff but he truly kind of is the Edge to my Bono. I’m the guy who thinks nothing of getting up in front of a crowd and singing and working a crowd, whereas he is the guy who kind of settled in behind his guitar and goes to work. It’s kind of funny, but it’s how I Dynamic is these days and probably always will be.

4. During the days performance, I might have also found us a drummer, or should I say someone who is more than willing to play drums for us. My friend Jacob is an outgoing, charismatic, nuttier than nutty commercial fisherman who also happens to be an immensely talented musician. He plays drums, he plays guitar, he sings, and he’s learning The craft. What’s great is that in my wanting to Corral him and put him into our orbit, as it were I have this vision of creating a band that is a bit like the eagles… And no, we’re not going to be that band that you turn off cuz you’re having kind of a rough night… LOL! What I mean to say is that Aaron has very much a Don Felder vibe going on, minus the ego. Jacob reminds me a lot of a singing drummer by the name of Don Henley, and that he’s very focused and is always working and looking two steps ahead. And then you have me, the songwriter, who is just as focused and is driven but is enough of a jackass that I’m fun that I could most definitely play the role of Glenn Frey in the band. Not that I’m comparing Us in town or musicianship to the Eagles, God no and never, but if that kind of rule. Now, if I could only find a another guitar player who is a little bit more like a reform Joe Walsh and a bass player who also sings like Timothy B schmit. A fella can dream, right?

5. So I got a whole bunch of offers over the weekend for paying gigs for this summer, which is absolutely great. It won’t make up the income gap for me not fishing, but it most certainly will help. And on top of all of this, we are having some great progress with the two big music festivals that I’m organizing out here in Westport and in Hoquiam later this summer. The one in Westport is definitely taking on a life of its own, as we are most likely going to be sponsored by a couple of very large surf companies, and some other very big names so that are artists performing can get a decent paycheck and have great exposure at the same time. I’ll keep you guys posted, it might be boring, but it also might be one hell of a ride.

6. So on a personal note, this week I’ve made and refashioned an idea for myself. I decided that part of my problem is that I need to go through a process more often than I am of rhe committing to my goals and dreams. Because I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not for lack of ability to do these things, but rather it’s that I don’t achieve them because I don’t recommit and honor the initial obligation to myself of following through with my ideas reaching their goal. Honestly, it’s not even the fact that I’m not following through, but rather the fact that I need to make sure that every day I make that commitment to myself. And maybe I’m wrong, but if I recommit to those goals for myself, I feel like I can Inspire others to reach their own goals, and within my own community we can reach our Collective goals together while helping each other up the ladder, as it were. For many years, I had a hard time committing to myself and to my goals because of a lack of self-worth. And while I sometimes still struggle with that lack of self-worth and self soothing and building my own ego from the feedback that I received from others, I know that it is important for all of us to sometimes sit back and say that we really truly do matter here and no matter how small of a contribution, it’s still a contribution. And those goals, whether they be lofty or just barely rising from where you are right now, are still important and necessary and just as amazing as other people’s goals. And in recommitting to myself, I feel like I honor those goals and those things about me that I truly do love and appreciate. I hope this makes sense, because I think it’s something that all of us do and maybe I’m just late to the bandwagon of figuring out that this is one of the ways that successful people succeed. And that we committing to one’s goals, and verbalizing and vocalizing that commitment everyday is super important to keeping your eyes on the prize as it were and keeping going. Does that even make sense?

7. And as this is the last of my Sunday 7 today, I would like to reiterate how much I appreciate all of you and what you do for myself and for each other as part of this community. When I said some of the things that I said this last week, and questioned myself looking out at all of you and the amazing things you’re doing, I hope that that did not come across as angry at you for being amazing, because that’s not what I meant. I really truly do enjoy seeing each and everyone of you do well, or start the walk back to the road to Wellness and a recommitment to the joy that is living. I just got a little bit sideways, and I just wanted to make sure tonight that all of you know how appreciative I am of everyone of you being supportive in my journey as a Fisher poet, as a singer-songwriter, as someone who is actively looking to become more healthy, and as a human being. Y'all make this planet spin just that much better, and you don’t even know it!

Have a great week!


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today I found the origin of this gif

needless to say I was not disappointed