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SSM Day o3: Chemistry

Summary: Sakura really didn’t sign up for this. (Or the one where Sasuke moonlights as an erotic dancer to pay the bills his internship can’t cover.)

Rating: T for language and minor sexual stuff (it’s a stripper!AU what did you expect)

Notes: I wrote this at like two in the morning after spending a solid hour doing anatomy studies that somehow all turned into Sasuke. I need an adult. Also, my YouTube history looks really, really weird now.

“Ino, I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with this,” Sakura says, eyeing the flashing neon signs around her. Her best friend scoffs and flips her long, loosely curled hair over her shoulder. “You’re always shut up in that lab of yours, Forehead! You’re twenty-five. You need to live a little. Besides, this place is fine.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re here every weekend,” Sakura mumbles, but she offers no further comment; rather, she can’t, because they’ve arrived at their destination. The bouncer waves them in with barely a glance. They’re clearly of age, or maybe he just doesn’t care enough to card them.

The first thing that strikes Sakura is the music—dark, sinuous, and pulsing, almost alive—and the way the red and violet lights create a haze over the black walls and tiles of the bar. It’s an unusual look, but one that fits the club’s name. Insidious is definitely the sort of place Ino frequents; a sophisticated establishment with plenty of live entertainment and well-mixed cocktails. There’s also a long, raised catwalk from the back rooms that connects to a large, circular stage in the center of the room. Her best friend ushers her to a table near said stage, her towering heels clicking against the smooth marble floor. That’s about when Sakura notices a thin silver pole in the center of the platform and realizes what, exactly, its purpose is.

“Ino,” she says slowly. “Did you bring me to a fucking strip club?”  Ino bats her eyes in a mockery of innocence. “Not the kind of strip club you’re thinking of, Sakura. You’ll like it, I promise.”

Well. Her day just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Sakura looks around again, faintly hearing Ino order a couple cocktails for them both. The whole room has a certain plush feeling to it. Maybe it’s the velvet everywhere. Maybe it’s Sakura’s overactive imagination. The world may never know. The cocktails arrive in a few minutes. Sakura downs hers immediately, vaguely tasting strawberries and vodka. She gets the feeling she really, really shouldn’t be sober for this. Ino rolls her teal eyes for the umpteenth time and shifts so that her low cut dress shows off her cleavage just the right way.

Twenty minutes and another drink later, the room begins to fill. People come in twos and threes, all trying their damnedest to snag seats close to the stage. Sakura can’t help but notice most of them are women. Ino snickers at them and waves down a waiter. “There’s a reason we got here early, Forehead. The most popular act of the week is about to start.”

As if on cue, the overhead lights dim. A smooth, soft piano riff starts up as a spotlight flicks on, catching a tall, lithe man in its glow. Sakura is immediately entranced, because good God is he beautiful. He looks ethereal as he prowls downs the catwalk, the juxtaposition of his pale skin and dark hair striking in all the right ways. Then he reaches the pole and, with what looks like no effort at all, lifts himself up and flips his body upside down in a blatant “fuck you” to gravity and the laws of physics in general.

His muscles move smoothly as he dances, pushing and pulling and creating enchanting patterns of shadow on his skin. He’s barely even breaking a sweat, he’s hitting every beat, and he’s so sensual it almost hurts her to watch. And then he just has to take it up a notch; he climbs up to the top of the pole and drops headfirst towards the floor, catching himself at the last second with his thighs. His THIGHS. Sakura can’t even register the smug look Ino is most likely throwing her because her eyes are locked to the spectacle before her. The dancer throws his head back, arching his spine against the pole, and strokes his hands up the sides of his torso. One rests lightly on his throat, thin, elegant fingers feathering over the curves of his neck, and the other grips the pole behind him. A glint of silver catches her eye as he moves and oh my god he has nipple piercings. Sakura’s mouth runs dry. Her heart is practically throwing itself against her ribs, and she swears he can hear it over the pound of the music.

He meets her gaze, and Sakura feels like she’s suddenly caught fire but can’t entirely bring herself to mind. There’s a flicker of something in those impossibly black eyes, before he blinks and gives her a slow, sexy smirk. He effortlessly levers himself down, twisting as he goes, to land on his knees in front of her. As he leans back, putting his whole body on display, all Sakura can focus on is how beautiful this man is. He’s not bulky, not by a long shot; instead, the cut of his muscles is soft and toned. His beauty is something ethereal and effortless, and the elegance he somehow infuses in every movement only accentuates it. Sakura is no stranger to this; in fact, she can name a few people off the top of her head who can do the same thing.

And then something clicks, and she’s is frozen. Not in a good, aroused way: of course, the attraction is definitely there, but at this exact moment it’s being overpowered by shock and just a bit of panic. She knows that smirk, just like she knows those eyes. Except usually, she sees them in the lab next to hers, on the reserved biochemist she works with more often than not.

Oh my god, she thinks faintly, as Uchiha Sasuke, one of the brightest up-and-coming minds in her oncological drug research course, gives her another tantalizing look to a dark guitar riff, he looks completely different without his glasses.



Warnings: intense fluff

Words: 4,495

Summary:  You talk to Jody about your feelings for Cas. Deciding maybe its time to come to terms with the feelings and just tell him, after all, you’re in love with him.

“You sure you don’t want to come out with us?” Dean implored as he picked up his jacket from the chair. Sam, Cas, and himself had planned on going out for the night, you were going to go to but had changed your mind at the last minute.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks anyway, have a drink for me,” you smiled up at him. Cas was in the midst of putting on his own coat before you announced your dismissal. When you smiled up at Dean, you missed the small frown that began to form on Cas’ face. Cas enjoyed spending time with you, mostly because you were the only one patient enough to help him learn the ways of humanity. You didn’t get as frustrated with him as the brothers did; its not that they meant to be so harsh, they just didn’t have enough patience or time like you did.

“That is, if its okay with you,” you added, looking over towards Jody. The four of you had come to visit with her over the weekend after deciding a break was needed. Her eyes lit up and her smile was warm.

“Absolutely!” she insisted. Your smile resurfaced and turned back to the boys.

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johnny - sum of our parts

requested: Hi hi hello~ yesterday was my birthday, could u please make a scenario about how johnny would celebrate his significant other’s birthday? Thank u~ 

He’s overwhelmed. He decided not to throw a surprise party because he knew it would go awfully and even if you said it was okay, he would be disappointed with himself for ruining your birthday. So instead, he turns to Taeyong looking for cute romantic ideas for your birthday that don’t involve a surprise party. 

Which is how he ends up on pinterest. 

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anonymous asked:

thoughtful actions, chell? :D

Ahhhh I’m sorry this took so long! I’ve actually never drawn a female character before so it took me a little more time to get the gist of it (although I’d like to thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone like that :D and I absolutely LOVE Chell/Portal, so thank you for this specific request!) I hope you like it! Thanks so much for the ask!

The resolution’s kind of poor on these, so you can go look at them on my google+ for the better quality versions– When you tap on the image collection (in google+), and select the images seperatley, there should be a symbol at the top of each of them of an arrow pointing downwards at a line. If you click on it, you get the HD versions 

too-wise-to-woo-peaceably  asked:

for the cuddle prompt #7: for comfort, please!

Another MSF AU snippet (not sure I can write anything else at the moment, frankly) which took way too long for something so short…

The waiting room set aside for witnesses is a small windowless square, bare of furniture except for a few spindly chairs backed up against the wall. Cassian isn’t sitting in one of them. He’s standing in the centre of the empty space, back stiff and arms crossed, staring at the dingy floor. When Jyn closes the door with a quiet click, he lifts his head and his shuttered expression opens up with surprised relief.

“Jyn! What are you doing here?”

“Working.” She lifts the press credential chip dangling around her neck.

“I didn’t think this was your kind of story.” He looks mildly suspicious, which is better than the blank despair on his face a moment ago.

“I cover all kinds of things,” she says, shrugging.

Cassian doesn’t need to know about the favours she had to call in to get assigned to this story—they’re not important. What is important is that Jyn really shouldn’t be here; if someone from the court, or another reporter, spots her there will be consequences for the ethical lapse of speaking to a witness in private. But she doesn’t care about those, or more truthfully, she’s willing to face them.

She’s never seen Cassian in a suit before. The clean lines and sober dark colour flatter him, but they also make him look much older. So does the tension she can see in his jaw and the stiff set of his shoulders. She tugs the lapels even and flicks a non-existent speck of dust off his sleeve for an excuse to touch him. Her hand lingers on the smooth weave of the jacket, resting over his heart.

“Are you okay?” she asks, quiet and matter-of-fact. She doesn’t want to heighten his anxiety by sounding like she’s worried about him (although she is).

“Yeah.” His head moves in a jerky nod, more like one of Kay’s robotic mannerisms than a human gesture. “Mostly.”

Kohl Seerdon, the Butcher of Fest, has finally been brought to trial, and of course the war crimes tribunal called on Cassian to testify. He’s the perfect witness: not just photogenic and sympathetic, but noble. The kind of person who, after their childhood was smashed to pieces, constructed a heroic life out of the rubble.

“It’s just… hard.” He swallows, his throat sliding up and down, and his fingers twitch as though he’s resisting the urge to clench them. “Remembering it all. Talking about it over and over. In front of people.”

She smooths her hand in small circles over Cassian’s heart. His whole body is thrumming with some intense feeling—grief, pain, rage—but lashed down and contained so closely she can’t tell what it is.

Words are not Jyn’s strength; she’s always been better with images or actions. Even when she knows what to say (which is almost never) she can’t manage to make it sound right. So she curves her hand to the angles of his face and strokes his cheek with her thumb. She looks up into his shadowed eyes, trying desperately to show her sincerity.

“Tell me what to do, Cassian. If there’s any way I can help, please tell me.”

“You already have.” He links his arms around her waist and his head comes to rest on her shoulder. “You’re here. That’s all I need.” His eyelashes brush her skin as he turns into the shelter of her neck.

Jyn wraps her own arms tight around him, pressing one hand flat between his shoulderblades to rise and fall with his breath. She doesn’t say anything more. What would be the point? She can’t say I will always come for you, if you need me; that’s only wishful thinking, not a promise she can keep. So she just holds Cassian close, breathing in time with him, hoping that’s enough.

The truth about Ashton’s date in Amsterdam. (And how he WAS NOT rude.)

So this is my story. I was there. The 19th me and some friends spend our whole day in Amsterdam trying to find 5SOS. It was dinnertime, we had just given up, some of our friends went home or just some where else leaving me and 3 of my friends. We decided to go to McDonalds to eat and leave too. 

So we went to the McD close to the Leidse plein. Just before we walk in on of my friends says “Look at that couple. If I didn’t know better I would think that they’re Ash and Bryanna.” And laughed. 10 minutes before this someone said Bryanna was in Amsterdam, but we didn’t believe her. We were still talking about this when she pointed the couple out, so that’s why we’re laughing. I even said something around the lines of yeah right. Then I took a better look at the couple, my friends already walking into the McD and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Something in my head clicked, that had to be Ashton. My friends walked out of the McD to see why I was taking so long. When I told them I thought that was Ashton we walked after him. 

Him and Bryana were holding hands, so me and my friends were kind of reluctant to walk up to him, since he clearly was on a date. We decided to go for it though, because not everyday you get an oppurtunity like that and if he didn’t want to take pictures he could always say no. So my friend tapped him on the shoulder and asked him politely if he was okay with taking a picture with each of us. He smiled and said yes. Meanwhile Bryanna smiled at us and walked away a few metres to give us room to take pictures with Ashton. 

After the pictures I apologized for bothering him on his date and he said it was okay with a small laugh. We said goodbye and we went our separate ways. 

News in the dutch 5SOS family travels really fast apparently because withing 10 minutes we were practically getting mobbed about info about were Ashton was. We tried diverting them in wrong directions as much as possible, Ashton and Bryanna didn’t have bodyguards with them and we did NOT want them to end up being mobbed. 

Me and my friends walked around some more and somehow we ended up running into Ashton again, this time he was seated in front of some restaurant so we decided not to bother him again. When we walked around the corner there already were at least 15 fans snapping pictures of the restaurant. I tried telling them not to post them, but someone did. By this time we already walked on, we were actually back at the McD where we saw Ashton. (I told my best friend where Ashton was, since she is an Ashton girl and I felt bet she didn’t get to meet him. She was with us the whole day and had just left us 15 minutes before meeting Ash.)

So then I start getting texts about me meeting Ashton, and that currently there are a lot of fans at the restaurant and Ashton and Bryanne fleeing inside. About 20 minutes later someone tells me my best friend was seen entering the restaurant and leaving crying (this was false, she had to get some water for her little sister, and the restaurant was nearest. She didn’t cry or anything) A few minutes later she sends me a picture of her and Ash. So she had met him. (2 other girls had also entered the restaurant, pretending to want to eat there. Meanwhile snapping pictures of Ash and Bryanna…)

Then she told me what happened after her and a few other fans got pictures about a hundred girls rounded the corner and hell broke loose. Bryanna jumped behind a car in panic and Ash immediatly stopped taking pictures and called a taxi. When the taxi arrived one of the girls who had also been in the restaurant to ‘eat’ practically jumped into the taxi to take a picture with Ash and he said “I clearly said NO pictures.” And closed the door on her. 

Ash wasn’t rude, he was trying to protect Bryanna (who is really tiny btw, especially in a country with the tallest people in the world.) The fans were being rude, and it makes me so angry people are saying different thing. 

maxis-shitshack  asked:

Can I get Sea Foam with some of that spicy spicy Starrator shit? (TSP ships)

(Hey! You must’ve thought I forgot about this ask, huh. I’m so sorry for the wait! This took so much longer than I thought it would oh my goodness- I hope you like it though. Again, really sorry.) This isn’t necessarily spicy Starrator but I hope it suits your tastes nonetheless! Thank you so much for the ask :D! (By the way, love this ship) 

The resolution’s kind of poor on these, so you can go look at them on my google+ for the better quality versions– When you tap on the image collection (in google+), there should be a symbol at the top of each image of an arrow pointing downwards at a line. If you click on it, you get the HD versions

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Could you please do chell in A drink by the bay??? Thank you kind soul

No thank you kind soul!! I had a lot of fun with this palette so I’m glad you picked it :D! I’m extremely sorry about the wait though. Despite it being fun, this palette was actually pretty tricky to work with. Still, I hope you like how these came out. Thanks so much for the ask!!

The resolution’s kind of poor on these, so you can go look at them on my google+ for the better quality versions– When you tap on the image collection (in google+), there should be a symbol at the top of each image: an arrow pointing downwards at a line. If you click on it, you’ll get the HD versions

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Can you do Overtime with Red Leader (from Eddsworld)?

Ahh thank you for the ask! I’m sorry it didn’t come out the best but still, I hope you like it. Thanks again so much for the ask!!

The resolution’s kind of poor on these, so you can go look at them on my google+ for the better quality versions– When you tap on the image collection (in google+), there should be a symbol at the top of each image: an arrow pointing downwards at a line. If you click on it, you’ll get the HD versions

[I had a daydream about the werewolf who bit Nino in my AU, which is essentially myself, leaving a cd in his backpack a few days after the full moon. The only thing on it was a video]

[I was listening to this ]

[the video starts and a woman is visible, sitting on the edge of a bed with her hands clasped before her face. She is staring at nothing, seemingly gather her thoughts as the silence stretches on. Eventually she takes a deep breathe, and it is suddenly obvious this person has had no sleep in likely days. Finally, they address the camera]

I don’t remember how it happened, or why. Though… I’m not sure the why exists. I don’t really know if there are reasons for things like this. But maybe there are… I want to believe that. But I don’t know how.

I’ve never tried to describe it, I’ve never had an opportunity to let alone a need… but I feel like I owe you an apology.

A reason.

And maybe some advice. 

I’ve done something terrible, and I know you have no reason to do anything but hate me but… I guess part of me wants you to know that I-… I didn’t want to. I didn’t have a… choice. Well that’s not true… it’s just that, well, my options weren’t very good. It was either kill you or… well. I guess that’s what this video is here to explain. 

You probably think I’m a lunatic, or at the very least that this video isn’t for you, but it is. Your name is Nino, I think. I did my best to track you down after, to try and explain. You don’t know me, and I really don’t know you, but we’re connected now. And… I know you really had about as little say in this as I did.

I don’t know how to say this… So I guess I’ll just say that I’m sorry. You seem like a smart kid, and you definitely looked at me hard enough to maybe recognize me even if well… obviously I dont exactly look the same. 

God this is so hard…

Things aren’t like you think they are, or how anyone thinks they are. The truth is a lot more fucked then that… least for us. 

I’d like to say you’ll get used to it but…

Hah… fuck I haven’t said one thing this whole time… I’m just trying to get through this and I have no idea how. 

You seem like such a good kid… I want you to be okay. I want you to be stronger then I have been .I want you to be everything I couldn’t be, I want you to live with this. Please don’t let it destroy you… 

We don’t have to be monsters. Prove that to the both of us…

Hah… Damn it I can’t say it just… the 23rd… of January. That’s the next one. Mark your calendar, and be careful. At night, be alone. I don’t mean in your room I mean alone, near no one, no one at all. Run into the forest and go as far as you can before you black out. It’ll hit you in shock waves, and then one final burst of pain before you go down. But keep running, through all the pain just keep going and get as far away from every living thing as you can.

The first one is the worst. 

I’m sorry for that… 

The good news is you forget most of it. But not all of it. And certainly not the change itself. Sometimes if you fight it enough you can wake up like I did, but even then… it’s not really your call. 

I probably sound like a lunatic but… you’ll see I guess.

You’ll hate me. With everything you have and that’s okay, healthy even. It’s my fault.

I was weak. I dragged some kid into this hell just like when it happened to me. And I hated him too, with everything I had. 

I don’t know you… and I’m not sure I ever will. 

But be careful… be strong, stronger then I was. Be better, be braver, and don’t be alone. Find someone, anyone, and hold onto them. Don’t be alone through this. That’s a deeper kind of hell then anything I could ever say. 

Don’t be the monster we were meant to be. And maybe, when things are better…

I won’t be a monster either. 

I’m sorry…

I hope one day you’ll forgive me. 

[they look into the camera before they sigh again, falling silent before reaching out. The video shuts off with a click]


My Sasu+Saku Canon Songs <3 Part 3 Special

This is the “official” Naruto SS Canon song and should therefore be the finish song <3 

(Hope you enjoy (^-^)/)

The festival at the end of August was lively and overflowing with people
I put on a yukata and geta
Making clanking and clicking sounds
When the two of us looked up at the suddenly risen fireworks
I secretly stole a glance of your face watching them in a trance

Although it would be better if I’d come to hate you
On a day like today
I’d remember you again for sure

Not knowing these kinds of feelings would have been great  
Although we will now never meet again  
I want to, I want to see you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me

If we grew a little tired, we’d sit down on the roadside
Listening to the distant sound of the orchestra
The whistling sounds and strings reverberating  
A brocade cap bloomed bigger and bigger in the night sky
Summer will end in a little while
It suddenly becomes painful

I launched my reversed heart
Laughing “ahaha” and
Saying “I love you”  
We kissed

I’ll forget all about you now  

This is just too sad  
Why must we have met?
If I close my eyes
It’ll be like you’re there even now

Sweet sighs
Tinged with a slight fever, I was in love with you
In that voice and in those eyes  
If I notice, time is passing by
But I’ll still search for a trace of you

I looked up at the fireworks all by myself
Making my heart prickle with pain
Very soon, the next season  
Will arrive  
I had watched the transient fireworks with you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me


I really like this game. I like creating characters. I made Ametrine and Opal this time! They’re from @bpd-amethyst’s reversal au. Well Opal looks the same in the opal universe au too.



P.S. The pictures are better quality if you click on them