they killed a character i like

I don’t want Sangwoo to go to jail.


What most people think I mean:

He’s so HOTTT. I don’t want himmm to go to jailllll.

What I really mean:

Killing Stalking is not a superhero movie! It’s not about ‘good guys winning’ and ‘bad guys getting punished. It’s about the struggles and lives of mentally ill people and if any of the characters gets ‘eliminated’ for any reason, we won’t have Killing Stalking. This is fiction, not reality. Sangwoo is fictional and so are his victims and we’re free to be creative and I don’t see why Sangwoo has to go to jail at all just because it’s morally right in real life. There are so many possible endings for this story and ‘Sangwoo going to jail’ is the most boring, most cliche and repetitive and the most predictable ending that can happen. I want an interesting story, I’m not here to see the most interesting character in the story gets ‘eliminated’ because ‘JUSTICE’ is important in real life. With that logic, literally ALL fictional stories should end with ‘the bad guy’ going to jail and I find that tedious. We UNDERSTAND what’s morally right or isn’t in real life. But this is not real life and we’re allowed to be creative and expect an unpredictable, unique ending!

Stop treating Killing Stalking like it’s real life. Realize the difference. Don’t think your ideal ending is the morally right ending and everyone else are scum or stupid because they have different expectations. Stop judging people over fictional media ffs!!

All the other shows are like ‘whoops killed the gays sorry we didn’t know narrative’

Then Emily goes 'look lesbians gets shot lol she’s fine. This lesbian gets bit by a poisonous witch spider and gets put into a coma. Whoop she’s okay. I AM GOING TO BLOW UP EVERY CANON GAY CHARACTER ON THE SHOW lol jk they’re good’

i think part of the reason the balance campaign finale killed me so bad was that every canon queer person not only lived but prospered

like ive never seen that in any media before. usually there’s like 1-2 queer characters if you’re lucky, and they’re not main characters, and their storylines are either boring, don’t go anywhere, are way over-dramatic as to be “””realistic””” to the queer experience, and end in death/death of partner/being miserable in general

a story where there’s not only a gay main character who ends up in a happy and stable relationship and a happy trans woman in a ridiculously loving and long-term relationship, but every relationship on the show includes a queer person and they all end up happy and successful and thriving is UNHEARD OF to me. like i don’t think i ever thought that would happen in something created by a couple of cishet dudes??

as a queer person im used to wanting and hoping but not receiving. i’m used to thinking “god it would be amazing if these two characters got together” or “i wish these characters got more screen time but i guess im happy they exist at all” or “i wish the gay neighbors had actual plotlines and weren’t just a trope/a joke/a token” and im used to settling with whatever the cishet writers and directors and producers deign to give me but i’m not used to actually getting what i want.

as soon as magnus made carey that ring i went “god wouldn’t it be amazing if the campaign ended on their wedding?” the whole fandom made jokes about sloane and hurley coming back at the end bc they’re great characters and their deaths were heartbreaking to a lot of people. i thought about how cool it would be to see a taakitz kiss and them interacting more and being in love. i didn’t think any of this would actually happen

i’m not used to getting what i want in terms of queer rep but the emotional impact i’ve felt in the wake of this finale has shown me what creators can do when they really listen and care and do their research. no other media i’ve consumed has shown this level of commitment and care to not only making an excellent product the creators can be proud of, but something the audience can see themselves in and be proud of, too. and im just endlessly grateful for these doofuses for creating that


DC Character Posters - The Batfamily

Technically, you’re both easy-to-kill Robin. I should be, like, the-one-who-doesn’t-die Robin, but, y’know, cooler-sounding, obviously. 


Theo Raeken is one of the best characters on Teen Wolf. Cody puts so much effort into playing him and he tried so many times to explain Theo, but people are like “he killed Scott” “he destroyed sciles” “he hit Lydia” and I want to say that just because you dislike the character personality, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one. Cody Christian did a great job representing Theo and he received hate, because some people don’t get the difference between the character and the actor himself. Look, I get why some people hate him, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m not saying what he has done was good, because it wasn’t. But you should understand that Theo as a character is so well thought, has an awesome storyline and the actor played the role in a stunning way and it felt realistic. He brought the character to life and we haven’t seen all his shades yet. 

So, please, instead of spread hate and talk shit about the character, try to think about it. Cody expressed in an incredible way what Theo felt. His lust for power, his hate, his desire for revenge. And finally his fear, his regret, his loneliness.

In my opinion Theo Raeken is the best character on the show.

I can’t even understand getting upset at Wynonna Earp or Emily because it’s clear that they are going for the Unkillable Gays thing. Like… the exact opposite of BYG to the point that it’s comical. And it’s AWESOME. I mean we know Emily is ridiculous so she couldn’t just not kill the LGBT characters. She had to be extra about it. How could you not love it?

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I was wondering if you could help me! Im writing this story about these 8 kids with superpowers but I'm having a lot of trouble finding the motivation for the main bad guy besides just "he wants to kill all supernaturals" and stuff on that line. Could you help me? Thanks!

The Villain’s Motivation

Your villain’s motivation will display what kind of person he truly is; whether he’s psychotic, hateful, or chaotic. If you did decide he wants to kill them all, there’s likely a reasoning behind that which will help you develop his character more. You have a few different options, such as:

1) The Emperor. This sort of villain’s primary focus is undisputed power. If he wants to rid of something, it’s because it could be a threat to his reign (be that over a city, a group of people, or something else). He wants to remove anything that could possibly be a threat or a nuisance. If that means killing a bunch of kids with superpowers, that’s fine with him.

2) The Paranoid. This sort of villain fears what may happen if the perceived threat stays around. He either fears being removed from power, the end of the world as he knows it, or something more. In order to cope with that fear, he decides that the removal of that fear is the only way to get past it. He’s hellbent on achieving his goal, because he only grows more paranoid when the longer the threat is still at large.

3) The Pure Evil. This sort of villain doesn’t really have a true motivation at all. This villain acts simply because he can and no one opposes him (or those who do are crushed mercilessly). He has little to no moral guard and is volatile and unpredictable. He wants to destroy for destruction’s sake, and finds joy in what he does.

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I'm thinking of killing off my main character and I want to bring him back,

Well, here’s my killing characters chart!

As for bringing him back, it has to, believe it or not, also fulfill one of these things. You can’t just bring a dead character back because you liked them or a character misses them. Their revival has to add something to the plot. This chart is actually a great way to start. Maybe he has unfinished business. Maybe the plot can’t continue without his action/existence. Just like every other plot twist, you have to be sure that his life drives the plot forward instead of just shocking the reader!

Okay,here is the character,that killed my, Infinite,the worst enemy in Sonic forces!!!
This sketch took me a whole afternoon… uhhh….but he is finally finished. (Fact: I still can’t draw hands!)
I listened to this song: (I actually don’t like rap music,but this sounds good and my fav line is:“So look around you and tell me what you really see!”)
Infinite (Sonic forces)by Sega
Art by me

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If I'm not bothering you, I was hoping I could ask a question. I want to write a story with a False Protagonist. Only for like the first 8th of the story the view point is the son's, but ultimately the mother is the main character. I can't kill anyone off (as the wiki page for False Protagonist says is the most common way to switch), and I can see how I'd do it with a visual medium, but do you have any tips for writing it? Is this something you're at all familiar with?

Hmmm, this is a tough one for me, because I’ve never really done a false protagonist before, and the last time I read of one was Ned Stark in the Game of Thrones series (who, obviously, was killed, which really isn’t personally my style.)

I think using the son to get the reader acclimated to the setting is a great idea, especially if he’s closer to the age of the target audience and thus easier for them to initially relate to.

Afterwards, you can either hand the POV over to the mother completely, or you can allow the son to continue narrating his mothers adventures, a la John Watson from the Sherlock Holmes books (thinking of it now, a Sherlock Holmes remake starring mother and son would be pretty damn awesome, but I digress.)

Either way, this story sounds as though it could be very interesting, so I wish you the best of luck in writing it.  <3

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3 characters: Rick, Daryl, Carol



-#1 dad 

-Would give Michonne the entire world like she deserves

-Is just doing his best



-Is so tired / probably needs another coma nap

-Snot bubbles



-Is just a cat in a human’s body

-BFFs with Carol (and maybe even a lil more *wink wink*)

-Norman Reedus (that’s a pro all in itself)


-Desperately needs a shower since Season 1

-Redneck Temper Tantrums

-World’s Ugliest Crier 




-Does NOT have any more fucks to give

-Looks like a cinnamon roll, but could actually kill you


-There are no cons

-She’s perfect

-I love her so much

Well i have a alot of favorite characters like alot, and i think i can only pick one so i chose Estela cause she is underrated ( im not the best at drawing and i didnt know if i wanted to write or draw so i did both)

First of all this girl is a badass. She can fight and kill and nobody can mess her, she is fearless,strong,independent and brave and saved us a couple of times. She doesnt let anything get in her way.her character development is great. I love how she is starting to trust mc and defends her. Also she is gorgeous like her smile brightens the room. She also deserves happiness.she is not afraid to seek revenge and she is loyal af

This is for round 2 of choices giveaway

(Reposting cause tumblr keeps glitching)

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Who do u think is the most underrated character in the fandom?

Definitely Luke Garroway, otherwise the fandom would not constantly “forget” him in all their general Shadowhunters edits. I hope it’ll change in s3 when he has hopefully more scenes with Alec and Magnus. Or him just being more involved in the plot overall.

I also feel like people are sleeping a bit on Simon. I mean Alberto is simply amazing and he kills every damn scene but his plot in s2 was really a bit meh and not very good tbh. They didn’t know what to do with him all throughout 2a so they shoved him to Clary, made him kind of unbearable and annoying and he only served as a comic relief. It changed towards the end of 2b and now with the cliffhanger it looks like he will get an interesting story in s3, so we’ll see.

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I heard a theory,the theory says,O!Ciel killed by UT or RC before his 14th birthday. What do you think about it?O!Ciel isn't main character anymore.Yana showing his past and the lies is truth now.I think we have to say goodbye O!Ciel.

I don’t think the manga will continue for much longer after our Ciel dies. The whole story focuses on the contract between our Ciel and Sebastian. They are the main characters and that will stay like that. The manga will probably end with the death of one (or both) of them but I don’t think there’ll be a change in perspective and things will continue after one of them dies.

I can’t imagine Undertaker killing our Ciel. He really seems to care for all the Phantomhives so I don’t see him wanting to harm either of the twins. I can’t really place the real Ciel at the moment. He clearly doesn’t seem to have good intentions now but I don’t really think he wants to kill our Ciel now. He’ll want his title and possessions back and maybe wants our Ciel to suffer but he may not wanna kill him. Also, I don’t think he would succeed even if he wanted to kill him. If our Ciel dies it will probably be because of Sebastian. And if he dies because of someone else it’ll surely be the end of the manga very soon. Since there are way too many open questions that have yet to be answered I think it will take a while longer for something like that to happen. That’s why I believe our Ciel will live to experience his 14th birthday (which is very close).

“I seriously never understood why people make Liechtenstein the ‘cinnamon roll, but could kill you’ and Ukraine the ‘looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll’. It really should be the other way around. Liechtenstein is a resilient girl, yes, but I think she’d use logic over irrational anger and violence. While it says that Ukraine isn’t someone to anger and is a scary woman. Then again, Himaruya tends to only tell us this stuff about minors characters instead of showing us and wasting it on the panel hoggers: England, America, Germany, and Italy. Characters that Himaruya loves showing off more than other characters and have them only interacting with each other instead of someone else.“

Anyway let me talk about how much I miss Dimple. I don’t know how this ridiculous green blob became one of my fav characters, but here we are. He’s gotten Mob and Reigen out of so many bad situations, a real hero that one, a real friend, even if he’s kept playing the antihero and won’t really admit it.

Things just aren’t the same without him. (Things are getting too awful to ever be the same anyway, but still.) I wasn’t even sad when Psycho Helmet blev a hole in him, more like super mad. I think I outright yelled out loud “NO, WHAT THE FUCK, YOU CAN’T KILL THE SERIES MASCOT?!?”

I have a theory that if Dimple Does come back from his certain death (as he has a bit of a habit of doing), it’ll be whenever Ritsu shows up to witness his worst nightmare unfold in front of his very eyes. You know, for old time’s sake? Seems appropriate.

Also seems appropriate that Ritsu would be the one able to do Something about Mob’s current rampage situation since I don’t think there’s anyone who’s going to be more devastated to see Mob like this. This is such a big part of his character arch - To overcome his fear of his own brother.

Besides, Ritsu has spent the whole story being kind of.. useless? I don’t mean that in a mean way, but he’s just never able to do much since he’s so much weaker than the rest of the main espers and has that tendency to be incredibly reckless and self destructive.

Let Ritsu save the day for once, please.

Kouri watches Shadowhunters, 2.04

  • Dear Clave: when your dungeons look like this, you really have to start questioning whether or not you’re the bad guy.
  • Oh, the ‘I’ll push you away for your own safety’ trope! I hate this trope!
  • *squeals for 20 minutes over the Malec opening scene and the return of the Gay Stutter ™*
  • I hate the Clave and all their bullshit, but I especially hate the way Jocelyn is like ‘oh, we have to do what the Clave says’ like bitch since when?
  • Okay Alec teaching Clary Shadowhunter stuff is genuinely adorable
  • What’s with the lasers, guys, this is not James Bond …
  • Aww, Magnus’ relationships with Simon and Raphael are so cute
  • Aldertree, why is this incest questioning relevant
  • Magnus’ face when Simon says he’s supposed to be home by eight omg
  • I knew they killed Jocelyn but I’m still really surprised by it? Like it seems like such a waste of her character???
  • I want to hug Magnus so baaaaaaaad
  • Oh so NOW the smoke demon conveniently just hangs around instead of dissipating and looking for another target, and one quick slice with a sword kills it? That’s convenient
  • Is now really the time for love triangle bullshit

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Life questions: are RPs and Fanfictiond and OCs real in another universe? Are we their god? Is our god a fifteen year old typing to his best friend about their made up world at 3 in the morning? What does he look like? Is he popular? Am i an OC or a tv show character? Does he have better things in store for me or is he just playing along and planning on killing me off or keeping me like this forever? Does he have freind or am i the only thing keeping him sane?

No words…

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Do you hate Dany now?

No Nonny, I don’t hate Dany. I actually really love complex characters, and Dany is about as complex as they come. I sort of lump her into the same category as Jamie (whom I also love due to the complexity of his character).

I put them on opposite sides of my own personal GoT spectrum. On one end, we have Jamie -who was introduced to us as the man involved in an incestuous relationship with his twin sister, and who pushed a 10 year old off of a tower. Doesn’t seem like a very nice guy, huh? Yet, when we peel back the layers, we see that Jamie is actually quite an honorable dude (at least, he tries to be). He abandoned his oath, and killed his king to save lives. He went back to get Brienne -at the risk of his own life, to save her. He got Edmund to get the Tully forces to stand down so that the castle could be taken peacefully and lives wouldn’t be lost. To me it seems, that Jamie would prefer to save lives rather than take them -yet that still doesn’t negate the terrible things he’s done.

But, you asked about Dany, so ….

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Dany -thrust into her circumstances due to no fault of her own. She didn’t ask to be born the Mad Kings daughter, nor to be sold to the Dothraki as she put it “like a prized mare”. I think it goes without saying that Dany truly does have a good heart -her campaign to free the slaves gives credence to that. Yet, she’s done some unspeakable things along the way. In the beginning, the people she hurts/kills are usually jerks that we could probably say “had it coming”, and I believe this was done purposefully to leave their deaths in a more ambiguous light to sort of “trick” the audience -if that makes sense?

Dany believes in absolutes (her way or the highway, basically) regardless of what is just or fair. Take the Masters for instance -when she took Meereen she had 163 Masters crucified in place of the 163 slave children they passed on the way there (and against Ser Barristan’s pleas to show mercy) -later when Hizdahr comes to see her and ask that she allow his father to be taken down and buried, he informs her that his father was one of the Masters who spoke out against crucifying those children. Dany appears to show empathy and allows him to take his father down in the end, but she still sticks to her convictions.

Later, she would execute that young man that was a slave turned her advisor, because he took the law into his own hands and murdered the Harpy before he could stand trial -“the law is the law”, she said, and yet after Ser Barristan’s death, she had several Masters drug down to the crypts and burned one of them alive regardless of knowing whether he was guilty, and without a fair trial. Is that not hypocritical?

You can’t tell me that if she didn’t have Jorah, Ser Barristan and Tyrion around, that she wouldn’t have been reigned in on many more bad decisions. I think so many people have really missed the point both GRRM and D&D were trying to make with the whole Meereen plot. Dany is not a good ruler -she really is a conqueror.

With all that being said, it’s hard to NOT look at her as a hero of sorts -she was an underdog, and she’s suffered so many heartaches and losses, yet she perseveres, and it’s hard not to admire that. But like Jamie is someone who I feel has done good things, but will never actually be fully good -I feel like Dany is his opposite in that she’s someone who has done bad things, but will never really be fully bad. And therein lies GRRMs brilliance, tbh.

Sorry I got so long winded, Nonny. I don’t really hate any of the characters -except maybe LF, and even he is a brilliant character.

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I just caught up and damn. the feels... I am in two mind about what Nico has done, On one hand i was smiling, Manny deserved and i'm a sucker for revenge.. on the other hand im heartbroken because i can't imagine Remy will take his fathers death well at first and more im portantly how this will affect Nico.. *sigh* Josie you will be the death of me honestly! And i love it! <3

Nico does have a LOT of healing and closure ahead. But he felt killing Manny was something he needed to do to save his brother. The character of Nico Holmes has always been one of sacrifice…he sacrificed his childhood, and then in his marriage, he sacrificed a relationship with Nicole to be with Allison. And now he sacrificed his own well-being to help free his younger brother. As for Remy, I think he might feel disoriented for a while…like someone recovering from a bad addiction might feel? But then he’ll come to a place of healing too because Manny was destroying him. Thank you for your kind comments and support Shy! HUGS!!!!