they keep him grounded and they keep him focused

Monsta X as Boyfriends

a/n: This is based off of my personal opinion and surface area look at their natal charts! 💖

Shownu: This dude isn’t called a robot for nothing (lol) He truly isn’t that demonstrative when it comes to affection or emotions, but he isn’t just a hunk of metal. Emotions are prevalent, but within him rather than outside of him. Emotions rule his thought and decision making process, which is eventually what makes him pursue you. At first, he was sure that he’d rather just mess around than commit, but eventually his feelings got the best of him. He’s quiet even within your relationship, but a little more open with his actions. Expect 0 PDA, but tons of affection behind closed doors. He’d be the kind to silently protect you and at a distance – he will not hover over you. He’d hold you close at night and in the wee hours of the morning, snuggling you and pulling you close. Overall, he’s the dedicated, silent, protective boyfriend.  

Wonho: This guy is ALWAYS on the go. Get ready for a lot of “I saw this new fusion restaurant in the city, let’s go try it out!” but at like, 10pm, after you’ve already washed your face for bed. He’s that kind of guy. You don’t stay annoyed with him for very long because he’s truly a sweetheart who knows how to gas you up. He’ll run his fingers through your hair, cooing about how beautiful you are and how lucky he is. He’s a touchy guy, so expect lots of handholding and arms around your waist in public (although this is mostly just because he’s EXTREMELY protective.) He’s your number one fan, and he’d expect the same in return from you. Overall, a very sweet lover who likes to focus all of his energy on his love.

Minhyuk: Here is one who would have taken a while to finally settle down – in more ways than one. Like Wonho, he’s restless and prefers to be entertained rather than committed to a relationship. He’d love impromptu dates to the park or the market, just something to keep the two of you going. He’s a total romantic, and sometimes the idea of the relationship is better than the reality, so there will be times when you have to ground him and keep him focused on what is truly there. We all know how touchy this kid is, so expects LOTS of hugging, handholding, sneak kisses, and cuddles when you’re together. Overall, this guy just loves being with you in every sense of the term.

Kihyun: This guy is intense, to say the least. Everything he feels is on a grand scale. Everything he does is on a grand scale. He’s a total romantic and loves to do EVERYTHING for his lover, to the point where sometimes it feels like he’s hovering, but its really just because he cares a lot. He also has high ideals for himself and you. If either of you fall short, he’ll get anxious and become a total helicopter lover. You will be there to reign him in and let go of some of his perfectionist tendencies, which he will be immensely grateful for. He will always make sure that you are well taken care of and comfortable. He’ll even teach you how to cook if you don’t know how because while he loves taking care of you, he loves for you to be independent as well. PDA would extend as far as being handholding and hugging, but that’s about it. Expect much, much more in private *wink wink*. Overall, a dedicated, caring, and intense boyfriend.

Hyungwon: Often mistaken as lazy, it’s really just that this guy is constantly at war on the insides, that it exhausts him (lol) He’s a free spirit and inclined to do things on his own, so it may take him a while to open up to you. He’s quite the emotional one, which would shy him away from engaging in a committed relationship – mostly because he tends to take on the emotions of others. He’s a private guy, so do not expect much PDA from him, or even at home sometimes, but do not doubt for a second if he loves you. He’s more inclined to so small, simple acts of affection. For example, learning how to fix your favorite food, or reading your favorite book just so that you all have something more to talk about on your nights in. Overall, he’s thoughtful boyfriend.

Jooheon: This kid is an enigma, for sure. He’s honest and frank, but would not be forthcoming with his feelings in the beginning. Instead, he’d prefer to observe his object of interest for a while: learn more about them, make them feel comfortable around him, learn their secrets, and then he’d go in. Once you’ve got him, though, you’ve got him. He would certainly be the MOST committed out of all the boys (not to say any others wouldn’t be.) He’d take note of your favorite color and do his best to find special items for you in that color. He’d note your favorite food and be sure to keep it well stocked in your fridge. Small things that tell you that he listens and he cares. He’d demonstrative in love. Expect grandiose displays of affection (in private) and always keeping you near – not only due to protection, but because he’s not fond of being alone. Overall, a protective and thoughtful boyfriend.

Changkyun: It may not seem so, but once he set his eyes on you, he would not give up until he had given it his absolute all. Changkyun is the eccentric type: always thinking outside of the box, and quite scientific when it comes to his approach to life, but with you, it would be all feeling. He’s a stubborn dude, so the idea of him easily giving up his feelings for his object of interest is impossible. He’s be very sweet and unselfish when it came to wooing you, and even more so once you were in a relationship. Nothing huge and romantic, but expect meaningful lyrics written in your honor or the book you couldn’t stop gushing over, newly bought and waiting for you on the nightstand. Overall, he’d be sweet, caring, and dedicated.


AKA Touch Starved Patton

A/N: Wow sorry this is short about 600 words and I’m not proud of it//Based off of my experiences // @ec-sanderssides

Five days.

It’s been five days since anyone has touched Patton. He keeps a tally on his bed frame.

Without touch, he gets increasingly frantic the more time goes on. Devastation can’t even begin to explain how he feels. By intensely focusing on something, he can forget momentarily, but the pain always comes back. As deeper emotion, he thrives on physical contact and without it, his chest gets increasingly tight and his fingers tap a frantic beat on any available surface. He needs touch to ground him and keep him from spiraling out of control.

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Road head preferences

Hello, I am back sort-of, not quite uhh…I got the time to write a random request and immediately shared it with you guys. I am sorry for not being so active, I’m doing my best. I wish I could write more, but only when I get short moments of respite. >.< Sorry, guys.



(does Joji even drive lol? LETS SAY HE DOES) He’s be a little surprised by your boldness when you simply lean over him wearing a kinky smirk on your lips. When you start to unzip his pants, he might panic a little and he’d start to sweat out of nervousness. “Really? A-Are you sure you want to do it now?” he’d ask with a small laugh in his voice—he’s unsure if he wants it or not. But the growing pleasure in his pants can answer for him—and you know he can’t resist your touch. Your fingers can immediately turn him on and you can surely do it even when he’s driving. You take his dick out of his pants and pump him lazily up and down; you’re not going to work on him until you tease him with “Then you’d better pay really close attention”. He can’t say ‘no’ to you so he’d let you do whatever you want. He has been feeling stressed lately, so it might work. Besides, he’s driving slowly and there’s not much traffic this Friday night—shouldn’t be a problem.

“Oh babe…” he’d moan through his teeth the second your lips touch his tip—and you like the fact that you have such power over him even in the car. He’d groan and urge you on through dirty words; he might even use one hand to take a fistful of your hair and urge you on. Even if he’d be a little stressed about distributing his attention to both you and the road, he’d immerse himself into it all, relax slightly while still being able to see where he’s going, and come undone violently. He might start to like this…the thrill of the danger made him come much more early as usual.

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The Prisoner. Part 2.

Part 1: HERE.

Morning dawned just as the door slammed open, this time jolting Claire awake.

“Up wi’ ye, lass!” Brian barked, his fists knocking rapidly against the thick wood as he waited impatiently. “We dinna have much time, and I will get ye t’ Fort William. Willie, my son, has sent word that yer presence is required.”

He must have ridden hard to make the journey, and get word to his father, Claire thought, dimly. But she didn’t question it, only rose from her temporary dwelling to obey the commands set before her.

To give him his due, Brian didn’t drag Claire straight away, instead he brought her to the breakfast table and sat her down.

“Have a dram, and some bread and honey. I dinna want ye to starve afore we get there, aye?” He *was* joking, but behind his jest lay a very serious concern.

True, she hadn’t eaten a decent meal in a while. But she wasn’t likely to fall foul of death just yet.

Sighing, she took a large bite of the fresh bannocks placed in front of her. The warm dough coated her tongue and she closed her eyes as bliss rolled down her throat. From the other side of the table, a feminine cough brought her out of her revelry, causing her to look across the table.

“We’re all worrit, ye ken?” The girl spoke, her eyes wide as she viewed Claire with a sort of apprehensive wonder, “da doesna mean to be short wi’ ye. He kens well enough that yer hurting, that ye’ve been hurt. But we canna leave him, aye?” She explained, worry lacing her words, “he’s our brother. I’m sure ye understand. After all, I did hear yer prayers, and I’m sure father would be grateful fer them.”

Scrapping her chair away from the table, the older girl bowed and exited, her dress sweeping along the floor as she left, “enjoy the honey, Claire. Dinna deprive yerself, ye’ll need yer strength.”

The ride through the Scottish countryside was filled with tension.

Claire rode with Brian as she had done before. He had enough fillies in the stables to accommodate her, but she was a flight risk and he wasn’t about to chance her bolting on him. Not when Jamie’s life was at stake.

The high rise of the east wing tower came into view on the horizon as Claire sought refuge in her mind. Thinking back, she brought to the fore anything of the life she’d had before the garrison had claimed her. She could see her uncle as he collected clams from the beach, he eager eyes intent on locating the biggest and best for her. She remembered the feel of the sand on her feet, the small grains trapping between her toes as she wiggled them in the ocean.

“Claire,” Brian coaxed, his weight shifting as he dismounted and brought her with him, “ye need to come wi’ me now.”

She did as she was bid, opening her eyes as she watched a troop of army men trot towards them. Behind the first group was Jamie. Clad in irons, Randall had him to heel, his shoulder brushing against the horse’s flanks as he tried to keep up with the captain.

Steeling herself, Claire held her hands at her sides, the blood pulsing through them as she stepped forwards.

“I’m glad to see that you are a man of your word, Mr Fraser. Good work.” Randall praised, a dull mockery to his tone.

Claire nearly vomited at the sound of his voice, but she managed –just about– to keep it together as she dipped her chin forwards, looking only at the floor now. She couldn’t –wouldn’t– look *him* in the eyes. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. She wouldn’t give him the power.

Tinkling of metal kept her grounded as she imagined the soldiers removing poor Jamie’s bindings. She felt, rather than saw, the breeze as Brian pushed her towards the British. Her ankles almost buckled, but she focused on the feel of the damp long grass as it tickled her bare skin.

Anything to keep her from those dark thoughts. Anything to keep her here, on this hill.

“Claire!” Randall called, the pleasure at her re-capture chilling her to the bone, “five seconds and I take the boy back, you wouldn’t want that –would you?” He cautioned, the warning painfully clear.

Eyes still fixed to the ground, Claire began her steady walk back towards captivity, her legs wobbling as she made her way down the small hill.

Sensing Jamie’s close proximity, she stuck out her pinkie finger, brushing it gently alongside his as they crossed paths, ships passing in the bleak night. Warmth spread through her frozen digits as they met, the silent apology flowing from her to him as she pulled herself together and ended the contact.

Thick fingers gripped her as Randall’s guards attached the irons around her tiny wrists, any larger and they would have slipped clean off. But, unfortunately, they just weren’t big enough, and the solid metal hit her fragile skin, tearing it as the jagged material held her prisoner.

Shutting off everything else, Claire locked herself away. She heard nothing but the soft wisps of the breeze as she was marched, unceremoniously back towards Fort WIlliam, her feet barely touching the floor.

Darkness surrounded her, the inky blackness closing in as every inch of her ached. Her back, shredded as it was, protested as a stray boot came into contact with her much abused skin.

Feeling his wretched touch against her scalp, Claire shied away as the stray locks of her sopping hair were pushed away from her damp forehead.

“I thought of you, you know,” he taunted, his voice cruel and callous, “all the while I had him here. He wouldn’t talk, stupid boy. He wouldn’t give you up…oh, but I knew he’d seen you. I could tell. I saw the spark of recognition behind his eyes as I showed him your portrait.”

Claire baulked at the image, her heart going out to Jamie Fraser. A man she’d hardly even spoken to who had been willing to suffer on her behalf.

“I offered him the same out as you. Same words. Same offer…same response,” he sighed, his words filled with pleasure at the thought of his little game.

He liked to play.

He liked to win.

But he hadn’t with Claire, and he never would. She would rather die first. Even the most brutal death was better than –that.

“But now I don’t think you get the choice anymore,” he sneered.

Claire curled herself up into a smaller ball, her legs crossed and pulled under her chin in a fruitless attempt at hiding from her fate.

“…and when I do it,” he continued, horror and wretchedness dripping from his tongue, “I shall think of him. Trussed up here, at my mercy. And then once I’m done with you, Claire, I will go back for him.”

Scrunching her nose and squeezing her eyes closed, Claire tried to hold back the relentless agony as it tore through her, the manacles at her wrists chaffing as she twisted her arms across her bleeding knees.

“Leave him alone,” she choked, letting the gloom consume her once more, “you have me, leave him be…”

Murky dusk pulled at her vision as she tried to bury herself back into sleep, quietly begging for a reprieve.

“Claire,” the voice spoke, the tone of it wavering from one sound to another as she battled to remain unconscious.

“Claire, it’s time…”

The subtle change in pitch made her ears prick.

“Sassenach? It’s time, breakfast is done, please…come and eat today.”

She still hadn’t let him touch her, only his fingers against hers, but he was getting closer.

“J-Jamie?” She stuttered, her mouth dry as she squinted one eye open, daring not to hope.

“Aye, Claire, it’s me. Jamie.”

“I’m not–”

“No,” he cut in, eager to calm her frayed nerves.

She remembered.

Sitting upright, Claire stretched out her limbs, cracking a few bones in the process.

“But your father–”

“Doesna ken, Claire,” Jamie interrupted again, his cheeks pinking as she turned, pulling the sheets up to cover her chest as she look over at him timidly.

“What did you do, Jamie?”

“Do ye trust me, Claire?” He began, hope burning behind his eyes as he asked the question.

“Is he coming for me, Jamie?” Claire returned, her heart slamming against her ribcage, its jagged rhythm making her breath come in short sharp pants as her fingers gripped the thick blanket.

“Ye understand, mo chidhe, that he couldna be allowed to live, aye? I couldna let him…” wiping his hand across his lips, Jamie stood, his teeth clenched tight at the mere thought, “I *could not* let him take ye to his bed. To *force* ye to lay wi’ him. He told me, ken? What he would do. To me –to you– and he had to be stopped. For everyone’s sake.”

Claire nodded, her bright blue eyes wide at the implication of his words.

“Will they know it was you?”

“It’s been nigh on a month now, Claire. There has been reports, as always, word travels fast in the highlands –it has too– but no, I havena been implicated. And they think ye deid too.”

“Oh goodness,” she exhaled, her hand hovering over her heart as she tried to breath normally and failed. “But your father still doesn’t know?”

Seeing her distress, Jamie fell at her feet, forgetting his dislike of his touch in an instant as he laid his palms against her covered knees and shaking his head as he did so.


She didn’t even so much as flinch, for which he was grateful.

“Jamie, what will he say?”

“You leave that to me, aye? But I needed ye to ken that no matter what, ye willna be returning to that man. Ever.”

Claire raised her head, meeting him eye to eye as she took her first clean lungful of air in a while, untainted by the knowledge of Captain Randall and his merciless rampage.

“B-but…you *killed* him?”

“I set the tower alight as he lay in his bed, aye. I made sure he wasna likely to wake either –after I had ye in a safe place, of course.”

Taking his hands in hers, Claire brought his fingers to her lips and kissed them over and over. Slowly, the sorrow diminished, leaving only a great sense of awe and loyalty.

“You took a man’s life, though. For me. I’m n–”

“Nay!” he returned, raising his voice a little too high.

Claire jumped, but didn’t let go as Jamie righted himself, shaking off the rage at the dismissal of her own worth.

“Dinna ever say that again, sassenach. Do ye hear?”

Claire nodded, fresh tears falling as she slipped forwards into Jamie’s arms.

Wrapping himself around her, he let her sob openly against him, his shirt and chest soaking up the moisture as she cried.

“Ye are no’ nothing, Claire. Ye hear? Nay, mo Sorcha. You are *everything*.”


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hamburr, things you said when we were on top of the world

Graduation is a day that Alex has worked towards his entire life, even before he knew it. A day he’s been terrified of. A day that, at times, seemed unreachable. A day that he never thought would come. 

And yet here he is, graduating.

Alex’s four years of college are almost indescribable, a rare occurrence for him. It had been easier than high school, in some ways, and then incredibly worse in others. In a weird way, Alex almost wishes he could do it all again; he has a much be feel for it now that it’s over, is sure that he could improve his performance. 

He’s also ready to move on, that constant, ‘what next, what next, what next’ mindset pushing into his brain like it always does. He’s ready for what’s next, ready for tomorrow and the next day, and the next year, and then next ten years. He’s ready, practically vibrating with the desire to just get up and start whatever is ahead of him.

But Alex, sitting in his chair surrounded by his classmates, suddenly remembers what Aaron had told him the night before, what he murmured into his ear. To stay in the moment for today, to enjoy it, to experience it, something he seems to have trouble doing. Experience it, because he deserves it.

So Alex does his best to focus on what the commencement speaker is saying, to let it sink in that this is it, this is his graduation. He looks around, trying to find Aaron in the crowd, but it’s just a sea of cap and gowns, and he gives up after a few seconds, reminding himself that he’s got a dinner date with Aaron after the ceremony anyway.

Aaron was an unexpected addition to Alex’s college experience, taking him by surprise. The first year they met was rocky, and Alex, if he’s being honest, didn’t care for Aaron, and Aaron’s feelings towards him were mutual. But something shifted, without either of them noticing, and by their second year, they were friends. By their third year, dating. And even now, Alex is contemplating what’s next for them.

But it’s a thought Alex pushes to the back of his mind for now, allowing himself to focus back on the present, on the way everyone around him is beginning to stand. Alex takes a deep breath, feeling unsteady on his feet, but then he catches the slightly pale face of another one of his classmates, and they both give each other nervous smiles.

And then they’re moving.



Alex turns, searching for the source of his name being called out, and then he spots him, Aaron, pushing his way through the crowds of graduates and making his way over.

And Alex runs, his excitement starting to bubble over and spill out of him, and he needs to share this moment with someone. And what better someone than Aaron?

“We did it!” Alex exclaims as he collides with Aaron, wrapping his arms around his neck and laughing breathlessly. “We fucking graduated!”

Aaron chuckles, breath warm against Alex’s forehead. “Yeah, we fucking graduated.” He pulls away, a grin on his lips, and cups Alex’s face. “I’m so proud of you,” he murmurs, sounding so sincere that Alex, embarrassingly so, feels his throat start to tighten. “You worked so hard.”

“Damn straight I did,” Alex says, but he smiles back at Aaron and leans into his touch. “Both of us did, yeah?” He turns his face, presses a kiss to Aaron’s palm, feeling giddy. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Aaron strokes his thumb over Alex’s cheek. “A lie, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

Alex rolls his eyes, opening his mouth to tell Aaron to just accept the compliment, but then there’s a pair of lips on his own, so Alex stays quiet, pressing into the kiss with enthusiasm. 

Aaron’s arms go around him, holding him close and almost pulling Alex off of his feet, but he loves it. Loves kissing Aaron. Loves being here with him, right now, in their caps and gowns, the whole world ahead of them. It’s exhilarating. 

“I love you,” Alex breathes out, angling his head to press a kiss to Aaron’s jaw. “So fucking much. I love you.” He punctuates the declaration with another kiss to Aaron’s neck, feeling overwhelmed by this moment, by how happy he feels.

Aaron pulls him back up, kisses him again, deep and slow, and it sends warmth all the way to Alex’s toes. “I love you, too.” Then he relaxes his grip, lets their foreheads rest against each other, breathing in sync. “So,” Aaron starts, smiling and brushing his nose against Alex’s. “What’s next?” He says it teasingly, knowing that it’s what Alex is always thinking.

Alex pulls back slightly, taking in Aaron’s face, a face that he almost knows better than his own, a face that fills him with so much…so much of something, he doesn’t know what. College and Aaron, those are the two things Alex can’t put words to.  

Aaron probably meant the question of ‘what’s next’ more generally, as in where should they go eat, but Alex’s mind is spinning with other things, making him contemplate his answer.

What is next?

Alex is looking at different internship opportunities, Aaron is choosing between grad schools…he doesn’t know what’s next, not for them. He doesn’t like that feeling. Not at all.

He needs to change that immediately.

Alex grabs the front of Aaron’s gown, pulling him in close and kissing him again, smiling at the surprised sound Aaron makes. This time the kiss is rough, urgent. Alex is determined to feel feel the remnants of the kiss on his lips throughout all of dinner until they can kiss again and again and again. 

Everything about this moment, the laughter and cheers around them, the feeling of being done, of succeeding, the feeling of kissing Aaron…Alex wishes he could just kiss Aaron all the time, never stopping. He wants this, wants this feeling, this euphoria, always.

He jerks back, eyes opening suddenly, staring at Aaron who is staring right back. “Aaron,” Alex says, tightening his grip on the gown’s fabric, heart pounding in his chest. “Aaron…marry me.”

Aaron blinks at him, slowly, silently, and Alex holds his breath and waits, bites back the words on his tongue threatening to spill out. He waits long seconds, watching Aaron, and then Aaron opens his mouth, and Alex panics.

“Just hear me out,” he says, shaking Aaron a little in his nervousness. “I really love you and I don’t want this to be it, it can’t be! I don’t want to do the whole going our own way shit or do long distance cause it freaks me out and I have never felt like this, okay? I love you!”

“Alexander, I-”

“Please just think about it! We can do a long engagement, the wedding doesn’t need to happen right away. We can be engaged for ten years, I don’t care. But there’s no way I’m letting you go.” Alex pauses briefly and takes a quick, deep breath. “I’m never going to admit this again, so cherish it, but I really, really do not think I could have done this without you! You kept me sane, you kept me grounded, and I need that, I need you! Without you, I would not be here, I would not be graduating.”


“Marry me,” Alex repeats, ignoring the way his voice cracks, focusing only on Aaron standing in front of him. “Marry me, Aaron. Please. I know I’m annoying and difficult and that you hate how messy I keep my dorm, but I swear I’ll do better, not even a sock on the ground or anything. I-”

A hand covers Alex’s mouth, and it takes him a second to realize it, still trying to talk for a few seconds. But then Alex stops, eyes wide as he stares at Aaron, who is smiling at him with an exasperated expression.

“Alexander,” Aaron tries again, keeping his hand pressed over Alex’s mouth. “I was going to say yes.”

Alex inhales sharply, trying to move, trying to free his mouth so he can say something, so he can say everything, but Aaron gives him a look, and he relents with a pout Aaron can’t see. 

“Are you sure?” Aaron asks softly, and Alex nods vigorously, never being more sure of anything in his life. Aaron’s smile grows wider. “Well, okay then.” He leans in close, eyes bright and full of excitement. “Let’s get married.” He removes his hand, replacing it with his lips, and Alex clings to him as they kiss.

“I meant it,” Alex says, pulling away. “Anything, I’ll do anything. I’ll be the cleanest husband-” he cuts off momentarily as Aaron kisses him hard, but then continues, “-you’ve ever seen. Aaron, I love you, I mean it, I-”



“Just shut up and kiss me.”

And he does. 

Tiptoe (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Tiptoe

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author’s Note: I’ll refrain from writing a diatribe about how angry I am a scene with Jay talking about his PTSD was cut, and instead offer up this (quick) drabble-ish fic I wrote up that attempts to fill in the obvious gap in the break room scene between Erin and Jay at the end of 4x18. I couldn’t find specifics on where PTSD support groups meet in Chicago so I used the locations of Veteran Service Officers from the Illinois Warrior Assistance Program’s website as a proxy.

“Thank God for the job, though, right? I mean, every day you get to meet somebody who’s problems are bigger than yours.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he replies with a nod of his head because she’s right. The job keeps him grounded; the job keeps him focused and tethered to the here and now.

Yet the words still feel heavy and wrong as she explains how she’s gone above and beyond to help today’s somebody, as she provides herself with an out to leave him in the breakroom. And his gaze immediately shifts to the floor; his head tilting downward so he doesn’t have to look at the small smile she offers him as she moves to tiptoe past him.

“Erin,” he softly calls out, and he can hear her boots scuff on the linoleum floor as she skids to a stop long before he’s fully turned around to face her. “I—”

“I, uh,” he says pausing to swallow the lump in his throat. Her back is still turned to him; her body nearly halfway out the door. And — despite all their conversations in here, despite the fact that he followed her in her and initiated this — the break room isn’t exactly where he imagined himself telling her about this. Telling her about something he’s spent most of the last eight years trying to tiptoe around.

Yet he spent Monday night’s meeting listening to an artillery field officer named Jon talk about how he tiptoed around things until he tried something stupid and this afternoon listening to Voight tell him to he’ll be out of the unit if he doesn’t stop tiptoeing around what’s going on. So he squares his shoulders, lifts his head, and forces himself to find the words to tell her that, in fact, some days somebody else’s problems don’t seem all that bigger than his.

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GOT7 Reaction: You getting distracted easily.

Mark: He’d be patient with you, but would sometimes have to fight for your attention. When your ADHD kicked in really bad, he’d get a tad frustrated, but would never show it. He’d make sure to talk about things that were interesting to keep your attention when he wanted it.

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JB: He’d be a little annoyed if he couldn’t keep your attention in a conversation, especially if it was a serious conversation. If you would just look away for a minute while still talking to him, he’d deal with it, but if you completely zoned out and didn’t listen or pay any attention, he’d be upset.

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Jackson: He’s probably the same way, tbh. It’d be hard for him to keep your attention and for you to keep his at times. Now, like JB, he’d become serious and pay close attention if the subject matter were serious, and get annoyed if you didn’t pay attention, but it’d be easier to understand for him.

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Jinyoung: He’d have so many issues if you didn’t have a good enough attention span for him, lmao. He’d be the guy to clear his throat or snap to get your attention back on him. He has no time for getting distracted constantly. 

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Youngjae: He’d be conflicted, but also think you’re cute. On one end, he’d be kinda annoyed that he can’t keep your attention, but on the other, he’d think you getting distracted by dogs or something shiny on the ground would be really cute.

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Bambam: He’d find ways to keep your attention. He’d find an interesting subject to talk about or he’d get you engaged on something that would involve you moving and action. He probably has a hard time focusing himself so i can see him finding something to keep your attention.

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Yugyeom: He’d be doing random things every now and then to make sure he had your attention. He’d make a funny sound, poke your side to tickle you, or even give you a peck on the cheek/lips. He’d make sure he kept your attention.

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So you know how each of the pevensies got a title? (I like to think of them as characteristics) Like: The Magnificent, The Gentle, The Just, and The Valiant.. what main characteristic would their spouses be? In other words.. what characteristic would each of the pevensies fall for? Hope that makes sense! Thank you in advance xoxo

ooooooh what a nice question!! Okay, these are my personal headcanons:

Peter would love the Gracious, the one who would love to help others and give what they didn’t need to those less fortunate. They would support Peter in his kingly duties and help him with the harder decisions. They would be the one to ease his mind when the country’s troubles tried him to staying in his office late into the night. They would be the new perspective he needed to encourage him to take risks that would better the kingdom. They would make him a better king. They would be the bright smile needed to lift his spirits and make his day a great one. They would bring out his good side and keep it there. 

Susan would love the Clever. Susan always tried to surround herself with people who challenged her intellect, like her siblings did. The Clever would give her that challenge and inspire her to be better. They would love her as she is, not focusing on her looks and rather her intellect and personality (though the looks were a perk of course). Susan would appreciate this, as many people who told her that they loved her only loved her appearance. When the accident happened, they would love her, and hold her, and keep her on the ground and focused in healing. 

Edmund would love the Enduring, those who could handle how wrecked he was from his past mistakes and could understand how he had to act a certain way and keep up certain appearances to make sure everyone knew that he would never made those mistakes again. They would laugh with him and hold his hand when he was having a rough night. They would be able to keep him steady, keep him happy, and keep him whole.

Lucy would love the True. Lucy rarely tolerated the dishonest or faux. The True would be just that- true. They would encourage her to be good and better, helping others. They would live together in faith in Aslan and in others. They could mutually support each other through kindness, and reciprocate that chemistry onto the kingdom. They would embody ‘kill them with kindness’. The True would never leave her, never let her feel lost or unsure. 

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five times kissed

send me five times kissed for a drabble about five times our muses kissed [NO LONGER ACCEPTING]


Ignis placed fingers on his lips, no longer warm from the other man’s lips on his own. His eyes widening in both shock and confusion at Gladio’s apparent fear filtering on his face. The man begins to stutter out words, as if trying to take away the kiss that had happened.

Ignis doesn’t really hear the words before he leans forward, stopping the distress with a kiss of his own.


A laugh escaped the usually stoic man before he pecks Gladio on the lips, eyes shining with humor. “Keep that up and I may have to do more than that.” Ignis joked lightly, 

“Well then I might have to keep it up.” Gladio responded back with ease waggling his eyebrows.

Ignis places another kiss on the man’s lips. “We do have a bit of time before my meeting.” He comments, pulling the man along to find a hiding place.


Ignis could pretend like this– it was as if he were kissing the man like he used to. His eyes closed shedding the world in darkness and focusing on the sensation of lips on his own.

The light tender brushes feeling remind him of a time when he could see the lush lips of the man before him. When Gladio pulls back, Ignis wished to open his eyes and see white shimmering teeth Gladio always showed him after a caring kiss.

But he never could see Gladio’s expression again. Not even just for a moment.


The man had tried to keep himself together after losing the prince. He felt so lost, his duty no longer in place to keep him grounded. 

Even with the damage to his eyes, he could still feel warm tears fall as he curls in on himself. He jumps when he feels fingers tilting his head up. 

“Ignis…” Gladio spoke up, his voice quiet. Ignis must have been completely out of it to be unable to hear the man come in. The advisor doesn’t say a word in response, shoulders shaking with pent up frustration and heartache.

Gladio seems to realize he isn’t in the mood for words, instead the man places kisses along the tracks of tears that had fallen on his face. Ignis’ hand reaches out, holding the other there making sure he wouldn’t leave him. Not this time.


Ignis never expected to feel sunlight against his skin. He releases a breath, reaching over and grasping Gladio’s hand. Years of waiting and he didn’t realize how warm the sunlight always had been. 

Their King had given them hope.

He turned to Gladio, a smile playing on his lips. “I missed this.” He murmured.

Gladio seemed to move, hands cupping Ignis’ face. “We did it.” Gladio responded back before placing his own lips full on Ignis’. “You look beautiful in the morning sunlight.”

Blood, Sweat & Tears ~ Park Jimin [SMUT/ANGST]

A/N: Please be aware that this is purely fictional and that you should immediately seek help if you or someone you know is in a abusive relationship. This written scenario does NOT replicate reality in any way. Thank you~

Group: BTS
Member: Park Jimin
Type: Angst/Smut (Kitten sex)
Word Count: 2522

“Is this what you want?” He asks, raising his voice at you in frustration. He forcefully pulls up the sleeves of your sweater, revealing the bruises you’ve been denying for so long to you. You feel tears prickling your eyes by the sight of the red and blue marks that cover your silky skin. “Do you enjoy dating bad guys? Do you enjoy getting beaten up to almost unconsciousness every god damn day, Y/N?” He harshly let’s go off your arms and places his head in his hands, running them through his black bangs.
You feel the frustration of not being understood raise inside of you and can’t stop the words from coming out of your mouth. “I can’t do anything!” You yell back at him, your voice coming out louder than you intended it to and jump at your own words. Jimin looks up at you with glistening eyes, his locking with yours. His voice is suddenly low and soft, “Why can’t you?”
“Because I’m scared.”

You feel the pain jolting through your body as his hand meets your reddened cheek again. Your knees feel weak under your aching body, it becoming burdensome to carry your weight any longer and you collapse to the cold floor. Laughter fill the room. You try to focus on breathing, your vision becoming blurry. You hear footsteps inching closer, his hand gripping your ponytail and yanking your head up to meet his gaze. He smiles at you viciously, watching the blood drip from your nose. “Did you have enough yet?” He asks and you know that you aren’t in the position to answer. The painful moans the only thing escaping from your bruised lips. He looks away from you, shaking his head and tightening the grip on your hair. “You know what,” He starts, finally releasing your hair. He takes a step backwards and turns away from you. You steady yourself on the floor, coughing out more blood. Your eyes wander up to his tall figure and follow his hand grabbing the baseball bat standing next to the crème couch. Tears escape your eyes as you shut them tightly, preparing for the pain to come. “I don’t think you’ve had enough yet.” He continues and quickly turns back towards you, raising the baseball bat in his hand. You keep your eyes squeezed shut and start screaming in pure fright. As you open your eyes, you can just so make out the silhouette of another man running towards your boyfriend and before you realize what’s happening, watch him stumble backwards and moan in pain. You blink, trying to adjust your eyes, screaming and moaning ringing through your head. And suddenly, your vision clears and you refuse to accept what’s happening right in front of you. The tall guy wearing tight black jeans and the familiar white blouse is standing above your boyfriend, picking him up by the collar and raising his fist against him. You watch as his body ejects blood. You whimper as you feel your own pain and hold your bruised belly. It stops. Silence surrounds you and for a moment everything seems peaceful. You keep your eyes on the ground and see someone walking over. A hand reaching out for you. You look up through the fogged vision and take his hand, him lifting you up and carrying you out. Your eyes keep locked on his face as he carries you away from the guy who’s been making you live in the depths of hell for so long. His dark brown eyes focused on the street. You bit down on your lip before speaking up, “Thank you Jimin-shi.”

He sits you down on the couch, releasing you from his arms and walking through the room. His forehead is dripping with sweat. You notice his hand running through his short, black hair endlessly, biting down on his fingernails. You fumble with your nails as you have trouble finding the right words to say to him. “You shouldn’t have come today.” You say quietly, your eyes looking past his figure. He stops in his step and turns to you, laughing quietly. Your words nothing but a joke to him. “You’re not in the position to decide what I should’ve done.” He answers harshly and continues walking up and down the room in front of you, making you more nervous by the second.
“I am, Jimin and all I know is that, there was no reason for you to put yourself in this situation.” You say, slowly raising your voice when you feel the tears filling your glistening eyes again. Suddenly he slams his hand down on the wall, making you jump at his behaviour. “For fuck’s sake, Y/N,” He says and makes his way towards you. The look of shear fury on his face replaced your anger with fear. “Is this what you want?” He asks, raising his voice at you in frustration. He forcefully pulls up the sleeves of your sweater, revealing the bruises you’ve been denying for so long to you. You feel tears prickling your eyes by the sight of the red and blue marks that cover your silky skin. “Do you enjoy dating bad guys? Do you enjoy getting beaten up to almost unconsciousness?” He harshly let’s go off your arm and places his head in his hands, running them through his black bangs.
You feel the frustration of not being understood raise inside of you and can’t stop the words from coming out of your mouth. “I can’t do anything!” You yell back at him, your voice coming out louder than you intended it to and jump at your own words. Jimin looks up at you with glistening eyes, his locking with yours. His voice is suddenly low and soft, “Why can’t you?”
“Because I’m scared.”

He looks at you, his face dropping at your words. You look him deeper into the eyes and almost find, understanding. His face comes closer until his lips are only a hairs-breadth away from yours, his eyes looking down at them hungrily. He slowly takes your lower lip in between his and gently closes his. His tongue brushes your lip as he releases yours just to devour you whole. He’s ever so gently, his hand on your cheek, his thumb caressing it, as his tongue dances in synch with yours. He moans into the kiss, the vibrations sending shivers down your spine. A silent whimper escapes you when he releases your lip, gently biting down on it before letting the space appear in between your hot bodies again. He pauses for a moment and the corners of his mouth lift ever so slightly. He reaches out for you and intertwines his long fingers with yours, making them fit together perfectly. You slowly get up and follow him up the stairs. Ever so often he looks back at you with a reassuring look and winks at you. The doorknob of his bedroom twists open and Jimin steps aside, dragging you along. He stops in front of the bed and turns to you, placing a kiss on your forehead. He takes your hands into his and makes you look up at him. “I’ll show you what real love is.” He says huskily, making the heat erupt in between your thighs. He gently lays your body down on the king sized bed and places a pillow underneath your head, smirking down at you. He presses his lips against yours before moving his lips to your neck, sucking marks into the thin skin underneath your chin. His hand moves down your blouse and gently ghosts over your side while the other unbuttons it slowly, revealing all the scars you’ve been trying to cover with make-up. He stops and sits up straight, staring at your bruised thighs. He bites down on his lower lip, the tension wanting you to hide yourself from him forever. “We don’t have to if you’re.“ You mumble, anxiety rushing through your body. You feel dizzy by the way he’s staring at the marks and try pushing him off but he holds onto your arms enough to keep you settled. A small smile tugs on his lips and he lowers his lips to your thighs. You feel his lips press against one of the red marks and feel the tension disappear with it. You adjust your upper body to make it easier for him to slide of your blouse entirely and watch it fly to the ground. You giggle when you notice Jimin shrugging at you innocently. He reaches behind your back and unclasps your bra, smirking at your exposed body. His fingers find their way to your nipple and lightly twist it while his tongue works on your other, giving both equal attention, your body reacting under his touch already. You moan into his sensitive touch, your body lifting up to have him closer. His teeth grace your hard nipple and you feel his tongue licking up a stride. The sensation dies down when he releases both your breasts to work on your jeans. You arch your back to help him slide down your jeans. He grabs the waistband and pulls them down quickly alongside your panties, not wasting anymore time. He leans forward, steading himself on the side of your head and rubbing his clothed erection on your dripping entrance. He pushes into you harder, the silky fabric of his skinny jeans adding to the pleasure. He moans at the feeling, kissing your earlobe and making you feel his breath on your sweaty skin. “I need you, princess. I need you so fucking badly.” He says and pushes into you harsher, pushing your body up the mattress. “I’m all yours.” You’re able to moan and try to hold in your orgasm. He smiles at you, kissing your lips again before unzipping his pants slowly. You steady your body on your elbows to get a better view. He notices your neediness and decides to do awfully slowly. You groan annoyed, letting your head fall back into the mattress. His giggles ring through your ear, followed by something falling to the ground. You quickly look up, your mouth falling open by the pleasuring sight in front of you. His member is leaning against his abs, his tip covered with pre-cum. An involuntary moan escapes your lips as you imagine what he could do to you. “Come here, babygirl~” He says and helping you adjust your body. He pulls you towards his hardened shaft, your face only inches away from it. “Pleasure me.” He whispers down at you, his hand running through your hair and gripping it slightly. He doesn’t pressure you and waits until you move yourself. His slow, husky voice making you not think about it twice. You lick your lips before placing a kiss on his tip, collecting the pre-cum. Your tongue moves around his tip skilfully, the sensation making him throw his head back. “Fuck, babygirl.” He moans, letting you know you’re doing everything right. You continue teasing him, licking stripes up his shaft and leaving kisses on the top. Suddenly you feel his grip in your hair tighten and your lips being pressed against his pulsing member. He lets out a frustrating sigh and groans. “No more teasing. “ He commands with a much louder voice. You part your lips, letting him slip his dick in between your rose cheeks, his hand in your hair moving your head on his dick. You hollow his cheeks, earning a satisfied moan from his lips.

“Just like that princess.” He says as he mouth-fucks you harsher. You concentrate on your breathing, shutting out your gag reflex entirely.
He releases his dick from your lips, salvia running down your chin. He wipes it off with his thumb and pats your head. “Let’s keep going.”
He presses your body down with his, teasingly rubbing his dick along your clit. Your moans fill the room as the sensation comes back to you. Your nails dig into his back and your head throws back on the pillow. His hand slowly reaches down, his brown eyes locked with yours, watching your expression as he dips it into your core. He slowly moves it in and out, getting you stretched and adding another finger. He uses his thumb to circle your clit while his fingers get you worked up. You bit down on your lip and squeeze your eyes shut. He adds another finger, making you go crazy at the sensation. His mouth kisses the skin above your breast. He twists his fingers inside of you, your back arching as you feel your orgasm inching closer. “Jimin-ah.”
You feel him smirk against your skin but choose to ignore it. Kitten like moans rolling from your tongue. He releases his fingers from your core, licking your fluids from his fingers and winking down at you before placing his dick in front of your shaft. He runs it along your folds, collecting your juices as natural lubricant. Jimin pumps himself a few times before running his dick along your folds, coating his dick with your juices. You drop your head to the sight as you see stars. Jimin quickly cups it and makes you look at him. He smiles down at you lovingly with eyes that could melt your heart before pressing his tip against your core. You push your hips up, desperate for friction but he pulls away.  His nails dig into your thighs as he begins to push into you. He moans at the feeling, his cock feeling you up perfectly. His arms wrap around your hips as his thrusts become more fiercely. His hips rock faster, his thighs slap against your skin with each thrusts. Your nails dig into his skin as you grasp for air, moaning out his name. He runs his fingers through your hair before capturing your lips in a wet and sloppy kiss. Your tongues battle for dominance which he wins with ease, devouring your lips whole. Your core tightens as your orgasm ripples through your body. You moan out his name loudly, holding onto his broad shoulders tightly. With a few more thrusts, he releases as well, riding out both of your orgasms.

He lets himself slide out of you and lies down next to you, facing you. His face dripping with sweat and a smile plays on his lips. You run your hand along his sweaty cheek and stare at him, dying to ask him the question that’s been on your mind for so long. “Jimin-ah. Why did you come today?” You ask quietly, almost whispering at him. He takes your hand from his face and kisses the knuckles of your fingers gently. “Because I couldn’t bare the sight of the person I love just getting beaten up daily.” He admits, smiling slightly. You shut your eyes and move closer to him. “Thank you Jimin-shi.” You whisper into his ear and place a kiss on his forehead. He nods, his smile disappearing from his face. His expression turns serious. “From today on, I’ll be your blood, sweat & tears, princess.”

Love, Youngmi~

Cassian Andor Headcanons
  • Cassian is about as emotionally closed off as you can get. His job requires it. He’s a spy he needs to stay clear and level headed and knows that emotions will interfere with that.
    • Which explains his friendship with K-2SO a lot. K-2 doesn’t really understand emotions and doesn’t care for them, and Cassian doesn’t really show emotions. 
  • Cassian is well respected in the Alliance. He gets the job done and he’s impressed his higher-ups with his dedication and unwavering loyalty.
    • He doesn’t like working with new recruits.
    • He finds them rash, unreliable and often will put the mission in danger.
  • He has a tendency to slip into his native tongue when he’s alone. It will only happen when he’s frustrated, come back from a mission gone awry or ambushed. He’ll come back to his room and let out a frustrated curse in the language he’s known since he was a child.
  • He doesn’t engage in much fun with other members of the Alliance. Some other officers or pilots can often be found playing a game of cards or sharing a drink. Cassian doesn’t do that. He makes sure he doesn’t have free time.
    • This is largely because he doesn’t like distractions. Distractions let his mind wander and think about the things that he’s done in the name of the Alliance. His body count is higher than he’d like to admit and he’d prefer not to think about it. This isn’t where he saw himself going when he was a kid.
    • He focuses on data, his missions, reports, the next mission. His work keeps him grounded enough that he can keep the thoughts at bay.
  • Sleep is a another story for Cassian. He’s lucky if he gets five standard hours of sleep a night. He often has nightmares.
    • His nightmares are silent and usually consist of quiet whines and cold sweats.
    • Its usually K-2 who will wake him from them.
    • Cassian will brush it off as nothing and K-2 has learned not to push Cassian about his nightmares.
    • Cassian doesn’t go back to sleep after nightmares, he’ll usually grab his data pad and begin prepping for the next mission or meeting.
  • Mon Mothma mothers the shit out of Cassian.
    • She knows that a lot of the time he ignores his needs for the needs and the good of the Alliance.
    • She constantly tells him that “The Alliance can’t make do with you if you aren’t functioning at your best Captain.”
    • To which he doesn’t argue because she’s his higher up and only responds with “Yes Ma’am.
  • Cassian pushes people away.
    • Part of it has to do with how emotionally closed off he is.
    • The rest has to do with the fact that he’s lost so many people already that he won’t let himself get close to anyone because he knows the chances of losing them. This is war. He knows this, he knows who he is and what he does. There’s little point to relationships outside rank and station for him.
MONSTA X Dragon Rider Aerial Corps AU

Thank you to those of you who wanted to see this! *hugs* I appreciate the support–I’m still nervous, lol.^^ Anyway this is a military type AU set a couple hundred years ago where dragons were used in lieu of planes during wartime. This is heavily inspired by the worlds created in a few of my favorite books: The Temeraire Series and Havemercy.

Shownu – He’d be the somewhat reluctant leader. His superior commanders would see his stalwart character and deem him a perfect fit for leadership. While he’d never turn his back on an order he’d be worried they gave him too much credit. They didn’t. Not only is he sturdy in body and character, he has an unwavering belief in their cause. Shownu has the cool head and fortitude necessary to make the tough calls in the heat of battle. It be hard as hell, and he’d question himself for days afterward, but he’d make the right decisions. Also he is humble enough to listen to other members of the corps and utilize their advice or strengths when necessary. He’s someone steady who wouldn’t take outrageous risks with his men unless convinced it was the only way. His dragon would be like himself: healthy, stout and in its prime. And for good reason. The corps leader needs to ride a dragon just as fearless, just as devoted as himself. He can’t waste time on butting heads with a stubborn dragon when they need to act as one. His dragon would be the largest (at the moment) but fly in the back of the formation. Shownu would let the smaller dragons create chaos and then bring in the heavyweights to finish the fight as prodigiously as possible. 

Wonho – Second in command, very much another pillar of strength in the group. But he chokes under pressure and knows it. While talented in many areas if he is conscious that a plan depends on him, it doesn’t go well. The times when he’s forced to react and not have an opportunity to get lost in indecision are when he does the best. He just needs to have more faith in himself. It’s possible he lost a dragon in battle before joining their squadron but no one is sure because he doesn’t talk about it. He’d ride a relatively young dragon who was clearly not his first, which would fuel the rumor mill even more. It’d be obvious that the two were getting used to each other as they’d have to train a bit more than the others to be a cohesive unit. But because of the dragon’s younger nature he’d take a shine to it, becoming even more proficient and capable because he’d be looking out for it’s safety perhaps even more than his own. He’d absolutely dote on his dragon, sneaking it snacks and whatnot, especially when others weren’t looking. His dragon, though young, would be sensitive enough to see him for his good heart and distract him when his insecurities began to burden him. Wonho’s dragon would currently be smaller in stature than Shownu’s, but not once it’s finished growing.

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Too Comfortable

This is for @babypieandwhiskey, I’m sorry it took me so long to deliver this to you but thank you for having a far off due date!
I hope you like this - the idea sat with me from the moment I read the prompt, I just didn’t know how to write it… but finally, voila!
Thank you to a wonderful beta @wayward-mirage, I know I just kind of message at you instead of to you, so thanks for putting up with me!

Warnings: fluff, mentions of poop!
Prompt: Pooping is not a two person party!
Word Count: 915
Sam, Dean x Reader

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Dean was twirling the pen between his fingers as if it were a drumstick. He’d previously been told off for tapping his foot, rapping the desk, and sucking on his teeth, so he was keeping himself silently amused while trying to keep focused on the police files on the iPad in front of him.
Y/N was sitting on the ground, under the table. She was unusual when it came to research, she found her best thinking was done when she was closer to the ground, and often touching some part of someone else. She was resting against Dean’s legs, her shoulder blades resting over his knees, her spine filling the gap between his shins. Her legs were pulled up to her chest, the book resting atop her knees.
Sam had his head hanging over the book in front of him, the heels of his palms pressed into his temples, his fingers spread over his forehead and rested in his hairline. He was struggling to translate a section of Latin, normally he whizzed through it, but this particular phrase had him stumped.

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Studio Calls (Zico Smut)

“Ji baby,” I giggled, crawling towards him on the bed. I watched his upper body move as he chuckled, his bare chest illuminated in the dim light of the lamp. He grabbed my hips as I moved up his body.

I kneeled above him, hooking my nimble fingers in the waist band of his basketball shorts. I knew he’d not be wearing underwear, he never did once he’d had a shower. I tugged them down to reveal his hip bones.

I caught his glance as I leant down, biting softly on each side. I tugged harder on his shorts before letting them ping back against his skin, making him jolt slightly.

Finally I made my way up to his lips. I let my clothed pussy rest against his still covered cock as I flicked my tongue over his lips. Jiho groaned as I ran my hands back up his toned chest, tracing over where his tattoos were.

I felt him growing against me as I pushed my chest to his. I began to teasingly rock my hips against his, feeling his hands slide up my thighs to grab hold of my ass cheeks.

“You’re a bad girl.” He breathed heavily against my lips. I leaned back to watch his face as I bit my lip. I held onto his masculine shoulders as I looked down between our bodies before grinding harder against him. The shaky moan that escaped his throat sent tingles through my body.

“You love it.” I leaned in to kiss along his sensitive collarbones. The one of his many sensitive spots id learnt whilst exploring his body.

“Don’t push me sweetheart.” He growled as my lips kissed along his neck, moving towards his jaw. I giggled, biting down slightly as his grip on my ass tightened. I felt his head pull back as I looked up at him.

I saw a smirk appear on his face seconds before I was being flipped over onto me back. I squealed as Zico stayed in the same spot, with me laying on his chest.

I began panting, out of breath from all the twisting and turning. I felt his breath on my neck as I watched his hands snake around my bare stomach. Zico began slowly biting down harshly on my neck. I whimpered slightly as his hand trailed down into my panties.

“Ji-” I was cut off by my own moan. My back arched as I felt him rubbing against my core. My legs instinctively spread open for him as he sucked harshly on the skin of my neck.

“Don’t make a sound or I’ll stop.” He warned me, sliding his fingers slightly into me. I gasped, bucking my hips towards his hand. His other hand was being used to keep my hips down against his. I could feel his cock pressing firmly against my ass as I ground back against him purposely.

I bit my lip to keep the sounds in. I closed my eyes, focusing only on the feeling of his hand. I moved my hand up to cling to his arm, but his reactions were quicker than mine, he grabbed my hands with his one and held them down against my stomach.

I felt myself clench around his fingers as he added another, stretching me as I began closer to my high. I let out a small whimper, accidentally of course, but he heard.

Suddenly, all movements stopped. I tried to buck my hips to his still hand, deep in my pussy. But Jiho just chuckled, keeping his fingers there without movement was pure torture.

“That’s enough baby.” He kissed my cheek and began sitting up. I panicked, feeling his fingers go deeper as I sat up with him.

“Jiho no.” I whined, trying to get him to move again. But he was stubborn. I felt him begin to remove his fingers so I clenched around him, almost begging him to stay in me.

But again he chuckled, taking his fingers out as he got up off the bed.

“Jiho!” I yelled, watching him with a frown as he put his clothes on, smirking at me the whole time.

“I have to be at the studio soon.” He chuckled, running his hand through his soft hair as I knelt up to run my hands down his chest.

“You gotta stay.” I whispered against his lips as his hands grabbed my hips tightly, pulling them to him.

“You were a bad girl princess,” he breathed softly against my lips, taunting me. “Now you gotta pay.”

Not Too Sugary

Part 2 of ‘Sweet Temptations’.

(part 1)



Harry switched his body position uncomfortably, the weight of his body becoming too heavy for him to keep his feet on the ground. Without thinking twice, he threw himself on the bed, the pillows preventing him from hurting himself with the impact, but even if it did hurt him, Harry wouldn’t mind. The only pain he could keep himself focused on was the one on his lower region.

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Unexpected Witness

Unexpected Turns Part 2

A Superwhoavengelock Imagine

Warnings: fluff, murder, blood, fire

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 3307 (oops)

A/N: So the first few parts will kind of center around one fandom at a time. This one is Sherlock-centric. That’s just how the story made sense to me. Sorry that this part took so long, but it is a long one. A lot happens. I’m really excited for this one. I plan on it being another kind of long one. Maybe ten parts or so. I hope y’all like it! Let me know what you think!

Read Part 1 here!


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dolgelo  asked:

❝ We’re too young to know what love is. ❞

oral gartland | accepting! | @dolgelo

The words, just barely whispered above the cold night’s wind, shook him from the dream. He didn’t step back, wasn’t ready to; though Akihiko was uncertain if he would ever be. Instead, he let his hands drop, the one which had been on her cheek, rested now on her shoulder, and the one which had tangled in her hair moved to rub the back of his neck. It was still warm, aching, despite the chill. In truth, he wasn’t aware of what he had been about to say or admit when she’d pulled away and taken his breath with her. But perhaps she had, and that had been the reason for her confession. To keep him focused. To keep him grounded.

They were young. That much was true, but Akihiko found himself in defiance of her statement, spoken as though it were an unassailable truth. He’d been too young then, she’d been too young when her childhood had been stolen away for the ‘greater good’. They had been too young to reside alone for their youths; too young for the isolation woven into their psyches and into the time which, by nature, isolated them. They were too young to risk what they had up to that point; too young to risk it all like they would in the new year. But too young hadn’t prevented those things from happening; wouldn’t prevent what they were about to do. And naturally, it didn’t stop him from loving; and never would. It hadn’t stopped her either, even if her words contradicted her actions of only moments earlier.  

It must have been obvious to her; what he thought of such a false-truth. After all, Akihiko had never concealed his emotions well; and Mitsuru had always been better than most at sensing them when he did. His jaw tightened, locking that last sweet taste within, and the fearless warmth which had narrowed his eyes and widened his pupils, dissipated as he focused instead on the moonlight against the snow-covered rooftop. Akihiko concentrated on the grinding of his teeth, clenched hard to hold back a more passionate denial. Such heat was ill-fitting of the night; cold and sullen; of the embrace they had shared beneath it. A pocket of warmth within their nihilism. They always said a pleasant glow proceeded death.  

               " We’re too young for all of it. It’s still happening.

  He winced at the coldness to his words as well. Not like him. In truth, her denial was something he would accept. It would be easier, after all, to dismiss any closeness, tenderness, or intimacy left between them considering they would likely not have the chance to act upon it. But that too, had been the catalyst, perhaps, of both their haste; of a quarter-hour spent alone on a rooftop in Iwatodai; warm in spite of the falling snow. Warm in spite of the harsh reality; A final day of summer shared months too late and still far too soon. His heart hadn’t hammered, or fluttered; not like those letters he received said love would make it. It had beat; constant, steady, and harmonious most of all. For Akihiko; it hadn’t been courtship, nor a confession, and perhaps that’s why it had all been so natural. It had been, to them both, an ending to the final catharsis of their senior and final year; The beginning of the conclusion tied up with no loose ends. And despite her words and despite his own, he believed her actions, too.  

Funny, that even after all they had shared; honest sentiment laid bare; the concept of love spoken aloud was still more frightening than Nyx and her harbinger. Fighting, after all, was familiar; like loss and guilt. It would be the same only amplified to an infinite degree. But so was love, in a way. They had both learned it, too, early on.    

               We promised not to regret this, Mitsuru. It’s not some kind of contract. ”  

She hadn’t moved, remained still and intent beneath his touch, her chest rising and falling in cadence with his own. He could have taken her hands in his own; sworn to love her until she deemed them old enough. Though older may not have been in their futures. He could have kissed her again; lifted her into his arms to eliminate any distance between them which would have been too much. He could have kissed her passionately; a storm instead of gently melting snow. He didn’t. They didn’t live in a love story where intimacy could cure them of their futures.          

He withdrew both hands, still maintaining the proximity neither was prepared to release and pulled the gloves back on which had earlier been stowed away in his pocket. He followed her gaze, not avoiding his but rather watching the snow fall around them, melting against the roof’s exhaust pipe but otherwise coating the silent suburb. They stood there still breathing in unison; face to face but not eye to eye. Although the dream they had indulged in had been beautiful indeed, perhaps a glimpse into some other reality where the weight they bore lay on someone else, it remained only that. And now, they were awake.   

               "Call it by any name you want. But whatever it is, I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t exist. We owe ourselves that much, I think.“

anonymous asked:

Okay I have a Free!/ Dna/Hq crossover ask! What stroke/positions would GOM + Kagami do/play if they were to play volleyball, baseball, and swimming? Thank you <3

(I know very little about swimming so I apologize for that!)

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: 

  • Baseball: Pitcher. He has amazing control over the ball, his curve ball being feared by all who come up against him. He’s also the calmest on the field, keeping the emotions of his teammates under control while he pitches even in high stress situation.
  • Swimming: Butterfly.
  • Volleyball: Setter. Akashi has a good eye and can think very quickly when it comes to strategizing who could get the ball through the other teams blockers; he’s good with adapting to the players on his team’s style and has their complete trust.

Aomine Daiki:

  • Baseball: Third Baseman. His quick reflexes come in handy as he steals the ball away or picks up grounders and gets the batter out at first base, often times moving up towards home plate to put more pressure on the batter and tagging out almost everyone who managers to get to his base.
  • Swimming: Freestyle.
  • Volleyball: Wing Spiker. Aomine’s use of pure strength and instinct to blast the ball through the blockers makes him a rather worrisome opponent, often leaving the other team shaking in fear as he’s not afraid to steal the ball directed from his own teammates if it means getting one more spike in.

Kise Ryouta: 

  • Baseball: Second Baseman. He’s quick and flexible, able to adapt to any situation on the field, and considering the fact he has to be quick depending on which bases are taken, he’s always prepared to jump or move.
  • Swimming: Freestyle.
  • Volleyball: ???. Kise fits in perfectly with all the positions and thus hasn’t been assigned one that he’s particularly good at, able to set from any point on the court while also always ready to spike the ball through the other teams defense.

Kuroko Tetsuya: 

  • Baseball: Right Field. Kuroko wasn’t very quick but he was good at providing back up should the ball be missed by his other teammates, his ability to catch pop-fly’s being very high. He also has a strong arm, making it easier for him to get the ball back into the infield before too much damage is caused.
  • Swimming: Breaststroke.
  • Volleyball: Libero. Kuroko doesn’t like to be on the offense and isn’t very good with blocking due to his shortness, but finds he can defend the ground very easily, able to keep the ball in play as he focuses on it while darting between his teammates legs to keep it in the air.

Midorima Shintarou: 

  • Baseball: First Base. First base is one of the most important bases to cover, and his height helps no balls get past him since at times his other teammates throws may seem wild; he’s always ready to get a person on base out if they try to steal, taking it as a personal challenge.
  • Swimming: Breaststroke.
  • Volleyball: Setter. Midorima is very exact with where he places the ball, despite not having the greatest of relationships with his teammates,  he’s able to deliver them balls that they have easy access to that will get over the net, though he doesn’t often take risks.

Murasakibara Atsushi: 

  • Baseball: Catcher. Teams are caught off guard by his size and figure he can’t move much, but when he shows them how agile he is and how easily he blocks the ball from going past him, they know that he’ll be difficult to get anything past him.
  • Swimming: Backstroke.
  • Volleyball: Middle Blocker. His height and general stature makes him a shoe-in for this position, not to mention the fact that he is rather quick and can appear on the other side of the net in an instant to stop any tricks the other team may try to throw his way.


Kagami Taiga:

  • Baseball: Third Baseman. Kagami likes to be in the action and is always prepared for a ball to be hit his way, his strong arm helping to reach the first baseman in no time. He often sends intimidating glares towards lefty batters, silently daring them to try to get past him.
  • Swimming: Backstroke.
  • Volleyball: Wing Spiker. Kagami’s wild, more unpredictable nature is appreciated by his team (though the setter has a difficult time with him) and he often gets by the defense just because the blockers are too frightened about having their arms torn off.