they keep him going

I like to think that after everything that happened at Sherrinford, John and Sherlock sat down and had a little chat. Maybe they were working on renovating the flat, maybe they were just having dinner, I don’t know. But John just casually brings up Molly and how real the “i love you”s sounded. Sherlock brushes him off and continues doing whatever, but John keeps going back to Molly and how no human has ever gotten that emotion our of Sherlock. The pain and rage of the coffin smashing, the genuine fear for her safety. He went there for Molly Hooper. Sherlock went full human for her. Messy, irrational, helpless human.

ok but like…

  • why wouldn’t john automatically check how many bullets are in the gun when he first takes it?
  • he’s a soldier in a hostage situation
  • captor handed him a gun and told him to use it like…
  • why wouldn’t he check to see what was up with it?
  • why wouldn’t he first shoot the glass to see if he could get to his captor?
  • or that they weren’t blanks?
  • or that there wasn’t anything rigged about the weapon?
  • whyyyyy so much
  • so much
  • so
  • much

i was just having a conversation with my friend about my (probable) ocd

and. not so long ago, i was listening to heavy metal i hated just to block out the horrible thoughts, and avoiding things i loved because i was so scared to ruin them, and having breakdowns in a fucking graveyard at 11pm and then going back to my friends like absolutely nothing was wrong

thinking about it, i was actually, frighteningly ill. and apart from one or two online friends (who i am eternally grateful for), nobody knew. not my parents (never my parents), not my friends. 

and i got through it, pretty much all by myself, and i am so proud of that

i know it is so very hard to believe, but take it from me - i had nights where i would cry myself to sleep because i was so scared i would never be able to get my own mind back, and now… it’s only been a year (and some very helpful drugs), and i’m… happy. most of the time, i am truly, genuinely happy. 

so everyone out there fighting their own minds - i have faith in you. you are stronger than you know. please know that you will be happy. there is light. there is, surprisingly, always hope.

basically i just need aspen’s newest co-star! they’ve both been casted in an indiana jones reboot (with him playing indy and her as his colleague who is 1000% done with his shit always and is only around because her boss is making her go on trips with him to “keep him in check”), and they’re both VERY excited about the project! 

i imagine him as being a british actor – aspen takes it upon herself to make fun of his accent at every given opportunity, and he dishes it right back at her, making fun of her “valley girl” accent, which she insists she doesn’t have until she’s three tequilas in. they get along really well, and have Known Of each other for a while? aspen’s a newer force but both of her siblings are very famous and she’s just been kinda chilling, and he’s stupidly famous and has a fandom dedicated to his hair, or something equally as ridiculous. 

they quickly become fast friends while shooting and are always on each other’s instagrams, always on snapchat taking videos of them pranking each other and they’re just genuinely? basically best friends? and they enjoy spending time together and their Fans are convinced they’re in love with each other which ha ha ha of course they’re not!

at least, that’s basically the party line until they’re together in the jungle for a shoot for like 3 weeks straight without cell service and a lot of other distraction and they end up getting really drunk at the wrap party and making out? and after that it just gets confusing for both of them because whoa are they into each other?? was it a fluke??? who knows man

this is super open and obvs not a finals request! we can talk it out from there and it’s obviously super super open to change lmao i just am a Slut for best friends falling in love and not really knowing what to do about it ok!! 

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Non Ripper Stefan is still 100% cool with people dying if it means D/E are safe. Hell, in S1 he implied that they should let what Damon was doing to Caroline go because it was keeping him occupied, iirc. We saw Damon do similar things to Andi so who knows how many people he's hurt over the years that Stefan turned a blind eye too? Neither one of them is anything approaching "good" imo. They did a better job of ackowledging that early on before JP took over, why Stefan was more tolerable.

Yes he diddly damn did imply that. To just let Damon use Caroline bc hey, he’s keeping busy and not harming anyone else, at least he’s contained, amirite?

They’re both garbage, lbr.

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.


“Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscapes over the prairies and the deep trees, the mountains and the rivers.” || misha.snaps


R e n d !! 🔪 🔪

Yatogami and his Yukine ♡♡ 
I wanted to draw some meaningful/Japanesey things for the backgrounds aha. I hope it is fun figuring out what they mean ^^

 Watercolours on 200gsm


Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.

y’know what i really live for? yoongi breaking people’s expectations

like i somewhat have this coffee shop au in my head, no specific pairing really, but like yoongi frequents this coffee shop all the time

he always has his laptop  open and he sits in what the employees all dub, “his” corner, with his laptop and his notebook out and huge ass headphones on and he’s there every morning on weekdays for a few hours before he leaves

and poor guy has the most intimidating resting face and he always looks so tired and dead that everyone just automatically dubs him as the typical morning grump that always orders black coffee, no milk or sugar, and hates people

the employees and the regulars all know of yoongi and everyone gives him a wide berth usually

but then one early morning, these 2 boys come in

they’re younger guys, relatively same height, one with a wide boxy smile and the other with cute bunny teeth

they both order drinks and they look around and they spot yoongi. they get huge smiles on their faces and they start. heading. to the corner™.

and the whole coffee shop just inhales as one and holds their breath because omfg there’s gonna be a murder

the guys sneak up on yoongi and then the boxy smile guy just thumps his hands on yoongi’s shoulder and yoongi jumps so hard and he turns around and

he smiles

the cutest, most endearing gummy smile with crescent eyes and squishy cheeks and everyone is flabbergasted and a little bit in love

and after that day, he sometimes comes in with a few other boys, always the same 6 though, and he smiles and laughs and jokes around all the time

and it’s beautiful :’)

Hear me out, team Voltron thinking that now Lance and Keith have gotten over themselves and confessed their feelings for each other that the flirting will at least stop and they won’t have to sit through the smoochy looks and heart eyes anymore.

But they’re so wrong bc it turns out that when Lance is dating someone he just turns up the flirting by like 300%. And Keith, jfc, only Shiro is not surprised by the fact that Keith is so ridiculously affectionate and loveydovey with his bf.

Lance now just talks about Keith all the time and turns every other sentence into a pick up line for him and won’t stop boasting about him doing amazing (and normal every day) stuff. Keith doesn’t know how to ask for affection but he totally wants it so he just usually shoves himself into Lance’s lap or arms, grabs his hand whenever they’re standing together and doesn’t know how to answer to the pickup lines so he just kisses lance, like, no matter where they are.

Lance: yo did you see that roll that Keith did, it was amazing, my babe is so talented right??!!

Everyone else: *sigh* yes Lance

Keith: *all red* >:| *huffs* *kisses Lance*

Lance: !!!