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For the lovecraftian guy, this is a nightmare I had when I had the flu. I won't get too descriptive but gore warning for those uncomfortable. So basically it's this twisted afterlife of sorts, just completely dark with no solid ground except that made of human flesh and tissues. The whole plane goes alone in one long line of nastiness til you reach the end, where there is just a throne of bones. I think it would fit the lovecraftian horror themes a bit. Hope it helps.

Please respond to the ask I published instead of ending ask. I’m not going to post asks that relate to that, that way the OP can see all the responses easily. Thanks guys!

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Hi! Your colorings always impress me so much. It's like some kind of magic, you know? If you do not mind may I ask you some questions? The only thing I afraid that they won't fit in one post. Haven't you thought to paint one of yours first colorings again? If I'm not mistaking it was Lacie from Pandora Hearts. Just simply to compare how your skills improved after couple years of trainings. To my mind, it can be an interesting practice.

My first coloring was frame with Sharon from Pandora Hearts, but I lost it т-т Then I colored Tasuku Kurosaki from Dengeki Daisy, and then Alice in the garden from PH. It was in the summer 2012. All of them you can find on DeviantArt:

I have time-periods in coloring: 2012 year, 2013 winter-summer, 2013 summer – nowadays [of course, it is also possible to split, but it isn’t so interesting :D]

Behold my first terrible colorings! I colored 1 picture in 1 month ಥ⌣ಥ  

July, 2013 my first normal colorings. Mockingbird and Ciel changed my life :D

One day  somebody offered to re-color some of my colorings for show progress. At first I liked this idea, but then … All my colorings are associated with some my thoughts, my works as a photo album, which help me remember what I had in my soul, when I colored these pictures (way to splash out emotions). Despite the fact that I’m willing to take requests, I still color them in the appropriate case. I love re-color characters or make similar pictures.

I haven’t  any progress from 2015 to 2016, or it exist, but it’s veeeeeeeery small. 2015-2016 - I spent to reduce the time, which I spend on coloring of one picture. Now I can color enough large image for 8-10 hours from the first line of lineart to processing in Photoshop C:

“Moonlight, music from across the river
calling, playing through the night,
I would run barefoot through the sounds of summer,
to be with everyone 

Way back in the day, 
you never would have had to ask me
Way back in the day, 
I’d have been the first one to say 
Come on what are you waiting for? 
It’s all going on outside of your door
I won’t take no for an answer
you’re coming out with me”