they just want you to be safe

okay but hear me out: Steve Harrington staying in Hawkins after graduation because how is he supposed to leave the kids (especially Dustin) behind after everything that happened? and at first he starts working for his dad because he doesn’t know what else to do but then he runs into Hopper one day and something just… clicks? he wants to keep the kids safe and what better way to do that than becoming an officer? “"I promised I’d keep you shitheads safe, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.“

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Topi’s Daily Card #1183:  Tower of the Magistrate

This is by far one of my favorite utility lands, hands down.  It’s effects may not seem too good at first, but there are tons of cool things you can do with this land.  Obviously it’s good against artifact decks, allowing you to block or attack unhindered.  But where it shines is just being able to say ‘no’ to equipment.  An opponent wants to equip their boots to a specific creature?  Tap this land and say no.  A creature without shroud/hexproof is all suited up?  Target them and all the equipments fall off.  Anything that has to do with artifacts this land could mess up, which means you’re guaranteed to have a target in nearly every deck.  If I can’t decide what utility lands to put in a deck, there’s a safe bet that this one is a strong contender.  

Cursed Veins [part 1]

Hi I wrote a vampire thing….? Sorry. Also I’m a full-time student with 0 motivation ever so like,,,,, this prob will only update once a week (,: I WILL finish it tho!! Promise!!

Also I just kinda tagged anyone who responded to the post I made about who would want to read this?? ? Let me know if you don’t want to be tagged :>

Genre: Angst? Adventure?

Ships: Logince and/or moxiety in later chapters if u squint

Word Count: about 1500??

Warnings: This is about vampires. There’s gonna be blood. Stay safe.

It started with Indiana Jones.

Funny how quickly things can spiral out of control.

As the credits rolled, Logan was the first to rise from the couch. He sleepily murmured a goodnight and trudged up the stairs, rubbing at his eyes beneath his glasses. Patton gave them each a hug before ascending to his room, blanket wrapped around his shoulders and trailing behind him. Virgil simply nodded in Roman’s direction as he, too, left to tuck in for the night. These movie nights usually ended this way – everyone thoroughly relaxed and ready to get a good night’s sleep. It was a pleasant tradition that even Virgil had to admit was the best part of the week.

Tonight, however, Roman found his mind was racing with ideas. Images of ruins and riches and peril danced through his head. He fantasized about being the clever hero, sneaking through a temple and robbing it blind. As a yawn pushed itself to the surface, the prince stretched his arms above his head and struggled against the bonds of sleep. His eyelids felt heavy and he decided that tomorrow morning would be a better time to indulge in that adventure. Humming a quiet “goodnight” to the empty room, Roman sluggishly tiptoed to his own. Barely taking a step through the doorframe, he slumped onto his bed and passed out.

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hi kiddos ! I noticed when I did that check out my blog thing a few weeks back that a lot of you guys are very young. please be safe on this internet , Tumblr isn’t a very good place to grow in. also if u need help w homework im pretty good with most standard hs subjects

good day

a little hello to all you readers out there

Something terrible happened this week in our fandom, something to such an extend I NEVER would have wanted to witness here. This is supposed to be a safe place, at least I see it that way. And when I say safe place, I mean it in so may different ways. This is a place where we support LOVE, JUSTICE and stand behind people who teach us to treat people with KINDNESS and give back GOODNESS. 

Being here isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, I think we all know and have experienced that. It’s come to a point of people leaving, because it’s too much. And I 100% understand them. I’ve been one of them, but I’ve come back.. Because to me this is love, home, passion, compassion, learning things about myself, learning important things about life. I choose to be here and so do everyone of you also. You choose to be here, you choose to act the way you do. Take a step back for a moment, to understand that, to stand behind that person you are. 

I know, being a fic rec blog, that I do post things that aren’t suitable, in my opinion, for underage people. And I would like to take this moment to address everyone who is, if there should be one here scrolling through my blog. You deciding to come here, is your own decision and I can’t make you leave, BUT what I want is you to think and think hard, is this what you want.. When you come across a fic that has explicit content, DON’T open it. There’s a reason these warnings exist! At a certain age, you feel like you´re an adult and you want to experience things that maybe you’re body and/or mind isn’t really ready for, I know that. But maybe take a step back and try to be responsible for yourself. Be responsible. If you start to feel uncomfortable or anxious or anything in that direction, please stop reading, close the page and learn from your experience. You deciding to be here, means you’re responsible for yourself, no matter your age. I haven’t, the writer hasn’t, no one else but you have decided to make this decision. So, please take care of yourself. Rather be safe than sorry. 

To all the writers out there, I would like to remind you of the use of warnings there is in ao3. We all do want to be safe and it’s amazing and important that ao3 has that warning system, so let’s keep embracing it!

To get back to the happenings of this week.. Where is the love? Where is the respect? Where is the kindness? Things and accusations and name calling has been flying around, when the reason behind it all has been wrong. Hurt and anger might have made it happen but the topics that have been talked about and the things that have been accused of these people, are serious and should not under any circumstances be played around. If there was a case of any kind of abuse, it should be dealt with respect and not spread around this site like some gossip. 

Spreading lies about others is unacceptable! Believing in different truths is life. And we have a lot of bullying because of that, in our fandom. And it makes this place feel like hell sometimes. BUT when it comes personal, when the lies and bullying and name calling become things that are directed towards one or two or three people, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!! When the accusations are so severe, it it not something you can just brush off, YOU DON’T DO IT! (If you actually are in a position where you feel like you are being abused, you find an adult and preferably also a professional who can help you process the experiences and then after that you can contact the person who has abused you if it feels like something you can do.) 

I would like to ask everyone to have a moment to think, to reevaluate this situation. Not only to think about others actions but to think of your own. Do you believe in something because others told you to believe in it, or because the topics were so serious you just have to believe or because you listened to all the information and made a decision yourself? 

Remember love and kindness. Remember the reason you are here. Be an adult and know respect. 

Thank you for reading. 

ps. Hope this comes across okay with my english. 

Peter Parker - C (Cum)

Actually, the best way to please him would be to tell him to just do it wherever he wants. But otherwise he really likes finishing inside of you. Cumming inside is a lot more pleasure and intense for Peter. It’s a wonderful feeling of togetherness. He’ll never let his partner feel degraded or cheap. He’s open, likes to try new things and it’s all done in a very loving, safe environment. Why? Just because it’s Peter.

Scratching the Itch

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Pairing: Thor x fiance!Reader, past Tony x Reader, Steve x Reader
Word count: 1,854

Part 29 of Petty Insults

Lying in your room, Thor was on his side, his hand on your bare stomach. “I’m glad I’m not having twins.” You said randomly. “I’m big with just one!” You motioned to your round stomach.

He laughed loudly, beaming lovingly down at you. “You would be beautiful no matter the amount.” He rubbed where he kicked.

Steve tapped his knuckles on the door, blushing at how you lovingly smiled at him. “I’m heading out for my jog. Want me to stop and get anything on the way back?” He offered.

You thought for a moment before shaking your head. “Be safe.” You smiled wider.

“I always am, doll.” He winked before heading out.

Once he was gone, you snuggled more into Thor. “I want to officially ask Nat to be my maid of honor soon. I was thinking of ordering something online for her as a keepsake.”

He smiled. “That sounds wonderful. Shall I consider the Captain then?”

You smiled up at him. “You consider whoever you want, Thor.” You told him. “If you want to ask him, awesome. If you have someone in Asgard you want to ask, ask them.”

He nodded. “I will give it deep thought.” He kissed you gently.

Kissing him back, you giggled when Heimdall pushed against where your body met Thor’s. “I think someone’s saying you’re in his space.”

“I’m sure I will be fighting him for his mother’s attention often.” He teased, enjoying the feeling.

“Seeing as I’m going to be the one feeding him, he’ll be basically attached to me.” You pointed out. “But, one day he’ll be old enough to sleep through the night, and feed himself.”

“This will definitely be a fun adventure. Thank you for giving me this.” He beamed.

You loved how he looked when he was truly happy. “You did help, mister.” You pointed out.

He chuckled. “Just a tad.” He hugged you close.

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Oops it’s that time again

Your Thanksgiving reminder from your friendly local surrogate mom/older sister.

Many of you have to celebrate the holidays this year with family who doesn’t know you, not the real you. This is your reminder that you don’t owe them anything. You don’t have to come out for them. You don’t have to confront drunk Uncle Billy over the punch when he starts in with his racist and homophobic rants just like every year.

Keep yourself safe.

Remember that you’re not alone. This isn’t forever. You can make it through this because you are loved, you are wanted, and you are necessary. You’re everything Uncle Billy isn’t, and the world is better for it.

Also you’re all invited to my place for Thanksgiving dinner.


Decided to make a post for the end of transawarness week to show my progress. The top two photos show me pretransition awkward and kind of uncomfortable. I was incredibly unhappy and hated my body. The bottom two are of me now a couple years into hormones and making progress everyday. I just wanted to say that no matter how old you are or what you think of yourself you deserve to be happy and respected regardless of your identity or your background. We are all worthy of love and respect and we should all feel safe and comfortable to be who we are 💙❤💙(fetish blogs and anti-lgbt+ communities do not interact)

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My dude pls expand on bottom billy

hello my dear anon I could go on for days about bottom!Billy, where do I start……….. 
Billy is not only a bottom, he’s also the subbiest sub to ever sub. 
He has a problem with authority and his father is controlling as fuck so he’s always being told what to do even though he says otherwise. And you’d think he’d want to have control at least in bed but nope, he just needs someone to take care of him instead.
He needs that sweet care of someone (Steve) being in control of him but not using it to hurt him, only to pleasure him and have him feel //safe//. 
He can let go of his tough facade and just be a pliant mess in Steve’s hands. 
Despite his playboy appearance, when it comes to sex with Steve he’s self conscious and nervous as fuck. He’d want to pleasure Steve first, suck his dick and enjoy the hell out of it, getting off on Steve’s moans and practically begging Steve to use his mouth and pull his hair. 
He wouldn’t even ask to be blown in return, he wouldn’t dare, and almost cries when Steve reciprocates and tells him how good and wonderful he is. 
When they have full sex, he asks - practically begs between whimpers - Steve to fuck him, and he expects Steve to be rough, expects him to take what he wants and that’s it. When Steve starts whispering sweet words in his ear, stretching Billy with his fingers first and then gently - oh so gently - pushing inside of him, making sure he’s comfortable, Billy’s heart threatens to leap out of his chest. He clings to Steve like a drowning man, hooks his legs behind Steve’s back and pulls him closer, buries his face in the crook of Steve’s neck and he feels safe and cherished and so good. 
He also expects Steve to leave him as soon as they’re finished, expects him to discard him like a used toy because yes Billy hates himself like that, but Steve kisses down his chest and then wraps his arms around him and he’s kissing him and Billy could die right there because his heart is bursting. 
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes, Billy is not used to being cared for and Steve Harrington is the most caring, selfless lover on this planet so Billy is gonna die, basically. 

A Court of Spring and Stars Pt. 30: The End

Word Count: 4290


I wake up in the morning having barely slept but feeling energized. I’m ready to get this over with. I’m ready to end this chapter of my story. I just hope everything works out alright.

“Sunshine, are you sure you want to do this?” Kieran asks for the millionth time as he fastens the straps of my leathers while I work on sharpening my multiple blades, with luck only one cut by one blade will be all we need.

I nod and force my lips to form a smile. “If it’s the only way for me to keep my brother safe, keep you and me together, and keep me from having to kill my father then I want to try.” Kieran nods but he purses his lips in a familiar expression that tells me that he’s about to argue with me about something. “What are you wanting to say, but not wanting to say to me?” I ask.

Kieran’s eyes meet mine in the mirror in front of us as he works on the back straps that go across the shoulder blades. “What if it doesn’t work?” He asks, voicing the question that I hate the answer to. “What if this is just a fairy tale that some troll recorded as a joke and nothing happens? What are we going to do?” I can hear the concern in his strangled voice.

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C: You wanted to talk to us, dad?

S: Mostly to your mum, but yes, you should be here for it too.

T: That sounds ominous…

S: It really isn’t. I just got an offer from work, to go on a galactic research trip. And I would really love to, it’s safe and a great opportunity and I‘d still have a way to keep in touch…

T: Really, Shine? You want to bail?

S: What? No! I’d take you, obviously. Gulf said you could cook, maybe. Or just enjoy the fresh…air?

T: I…could do that?

C: Wow…

S: Nothing’s final yet, we can still decide. That’s why I wanted to ask now.

T: Okay…yeah, I think I need to sleep on that.

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Hi! I cannot get Revali's personality right. Can you give me some tips on writing for him? I've got the arrogant and sarcasm but I don't know. It just feels off

In my opinion, revali isn’t exactly arrogant, it’s more like…he’s tired of his talent and skill not being recognized so he’s his own cheerleader, y’know? It’s easy to understand how it feels to feel insecure because others don’t appreciate or acknowledge your own worth, but it might be harder to empathize with someone who wants to fight that insecurity and ‘fake it til you make it.’ When you understand the kind of inner turmoil he goes through, then it might be easier to get into character. He’s just as insecure as everyone else, but nobody seems to support him other than himself.

On that note, it’s safe to say that he isn’t ‘heartless’ or ‘uncaring’ like some people still seem to think. If link was falling to his death, revali wouldn’t let him die. And that’s not only because he knows link’s the only one who can defeat the calamity, link’s still his friend. He may rant and rave about how he can save hyrule without link’s help and how he is sooo much better than link, but his arrogant-confidence is mostly playful competition (and partly self encouragement).

In short, understand that revali has insecurities too, try to empathize with his conflictions, and figure out why he acts the way he does. This might help you get into character easier.

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i want to come out to my parents on my birthday because it feels symbolic and a good time to bring it up, plus the bonus of being able to say ive identified this way for over a year instead of just several months since i realized i was trans around april or may this year. however it's not til late june and i'm not sure i can wait that long. should i play it safe and wait and see how i feel about my identity and coming out closer to the planned date?

Hey there. That really depends on you. If you feel safe and ready, do it now. If not, hold off for a bit and reevaluate in a few weeks. Consider your safety and well-being too. The FAQ has some info about coming out too that may help. Good luck


White Picket Fences

you wanted to be in love so bad
i could have been anybody

by some act of fate,
or really just some chance,
since neither of us believe,
you met me

you say you love me
ten times a day, but
more when we’re together

you just want a pretty wife,
and kids, with a large house,
and all the trimmings,
white picket fences

i just want to be happy,
and to get up each day,
not wanting it to be my last,
to be safe and secure,
but no fences around me

i say i love you just as much
and i mean it more each time

but one day, i know,
you will look at me and not see
trophy wife
white suburban mother

it might take you awhile
but forever is a long time,
to be spending
with someone
like me