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hello hello i’m uploading season 2 of bon voyage for all those who couldn’t buy it and have no way of watching it! 

  • as of now i am uploading it on my dailymotion channel
  • all of the videos are password protected and the password for all will be: bonvoyage
  • i’m uploading it in parts to make it easier to upload
  • i don’t want to get in trouble so if any problems arise i will be taking down all the videos. i might try download links then but we’ll deal with that later if need be
  • to try and be safe, please do not link to the videos, and do not reupload them anywhere
  • gifs and edits are fine just credit my tumblr (sugakookie) and don’t add links to the videos in your gifs/edits

hopefully there’s no problems and you all can watch the episodes! if you have any questions just let me know! enjoy ^-^

to all the girls out there playing with boys’ hearts. stop. they get hurt too. just because they don’t cry themselves to sleep doesn’t mean their hearts don’t get broken. they cope differently than you and i do. everyone does. just because you don’t see them post captions about hearts broken, and promises which weren’t kept doesn’t mean that it’s not true. i have seen guys talk so fondly of girls they are in love with, talk about their personalities and not just their boobs, talk about their goals and not their arse, talk about wanting a future with them. there are boys out there who pray you get home safe, you ace the class you want, you choose them irrespective of the twenty choices you have. just because they are guys, don’t play with them or their hearts. not all guys are alike, not all guys just want to fuck, some want to take you home and cook you a meal. just because your ex boyfriend was a dick, doesn’t mean every guy is. not all guys are alike. stop playing with their feelings if you are unsure, text them back and please tell them if you’re not interested. because guess what? they get hurt too.
—  boys hurt too//nikitagupta

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Would you like to have a lot of fluff again?

@leafeon-daily asked: Pharos! Do you ever miss having fluffy, snuggly wool?

Pharos: If you’re asking if I miss being a Mareep, then the answer is no. Being one was easily the most troubled stage in my life, and I wouldn’t want to go back to that. If I were to turn into a Mareep now, where I am now, away from the farm… I still wouldn’t like it. I was too vulnerable and weak… I’m ok now. Plus, if I want to be fluffy again, I can just mega evolve~

@chocolateflavoredmagicphatmouse asked: Have you ever mega evolved? What does it feel like?

Pharos: Well, mega evolution can be painful, but… I’ve overcome it, so to speak? My trainer always made me feel safe when mega evolving, and I’ve done so so many times for contests that… I no longer feel afraid of it. I won’t say it’s not weird, but it’s a weirdness I’m accustomed to.

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M!A [3/5]


hi everyone! i’ve updated my commissions information. nothing huge, mostly updating my sample art!

i will draw humans, aliens, and robots! i can attempt furries but as a warning they are not my forte. sketches can include one or two characters, but any additional characters after that are an additional $7, and for rough paintings they are an additional $15. full paintings with multiple characters will require a custom quote depending on complexity. sketches and rough paints can be black & white, monochrome with colour accent, or full colour, with no extra charge, just be sure to let me know!

i LOVE doing character design! i can work from written description and i am very open to discussion to make sure it looks how you want it to! 

i’m also accepting not safe for work commissions on a case by case basis; due to the nature of the content they will be More Expensive and also subject to custom quotes. i WILL NOT under any circumstances draw underage, non con, or incest. do not contact me for these if you are under 18 years of age. please understand that i have the right to refuse commissions.

if you are interested in something not listed here, please feel free to email me and we can work out a custom quote.

please email me at if you are interested. i have started doing payment through square rather than paypal! if you are unfamiliar with square, i am more than willing to discuss how it works with you. square is however unable to do international orders; if you are based outside of the US, please let me know and I will send a paypal invoice.

pls spread the word and i look forward to working with you ✌

Can You Hear Me?

Hello? If you’re receiving this message then you must have accessed my frequency. I’m Rocketchu. I joined Team Rocket shortly after being born, and have spent my somewhat short life as part of it. Recently, however, something has caused me reason to think.

Everywhere I go, Pokémon either disliked or feared me. I didn’t understand why. I didn’t realize that the things Team Rocket stands for were so wrong.  Now I do.

I’m just one agent. I can’t change everything. But I want to do what I can, and that’s why I need you. Every once in a while, we capture new Pokémon. I’ve made it my goal to free as many of them as possible.

Here’s where you come in. I need to find them a safe home, somewhere far from Team Rocket. So when I send out a call for help, if you know someplace they can live in peace, please reply. I’ll make the connections so you can get them home.

I’m still in Team Rocket. I need to maintain appearances. But I can’t watch my fellow Pokémon be enslaved if I can help it.

Which reminds me, we just captured a Gardevoir. She seems healthy, but I’m worried. Anyone know where she could go? If you want the logistics, keep reading. Good luck, and thanks. I’m blasting off again…

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Specialized Wards


The purpose of this is to just show you how I have done some of my more specialized wards in the past to give an idea of the kinds of things that you can do and what’s involved in them. The procedures for these were adjusted so that they can be used universally instead of being specific to me and my abilities. However, that means that I haven’t tested the efficacy of each when made from their new procedures. There really shouldn’t be much problem, I mean the major difference is just the way the sigils are programmed as I have a private and unique way for making sigils, but I wanted to throw the disclaimer out there anyway. Anyways, use at your own risk and I’m not responsible for anything that happens if you choose to do these. P: 

Remember that I did leave out some of the finer details to keep myself safe. 

Going under readmore because I feel like it should

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so you're pro-women and pro-lesbian, but you exclude trans-women lesbians even though they are lesbians who are women? seems legit

I’m answering this ask because I want to address a few things related to it, and I thought this was a good opportunity to do that. And to the anon who sent this, I ask that you hear me out because I took a lot care when writing this out.

This blog is specifically a positive, safe space for lesbians (cis) to feel comfortable. The majority of other sapphic/wlw/lesbian positivity blogs are unwelcoming and often hostile to women who are penis-repulsed or just completely unattracted to male biology, so I created this blog because I saw a distinct lack of them. I’m not being specifically exclusionary out of discrimination – anyone is welcome to follow me or reblog from me as long as they’re kind and respectful – but the focus of this blog is for a specific audience.

How someone wants to identify in their own lives I have no control over and beyond maybe having an ideological difference of opinion? I honestly don’t think much more about it. I have been known, however, to make an inflammatory post or two when feeling very frustrated with the current state of things in our community, but I’m trying to move away from that tactic and make an effort to be less negative/mean. This blog isn’t about spreading discourse, it’s about positivity, and I should better live up to that. 

I try to never be disrespectful of someone’s gender identity, so I won’t misgender anyone intentionally on here or in real life. Ever. If a trans-woman identifies as a woman, or a trans-man identifies as a man, you won’t hear me calling her a man or him a woman, or intentionally using the wrong pronouns or something similar, because I see that kind of behavior as just unkindness for unkindness sake and that really isn’t what I want to embody or encourage.

But what I also feel is unkind is the way that cis lesbians have been treated recently in our community, and the whole reason I started this blog. We’ve really been taking some shit and a lot of hurtful things are said toward us nowadays. It makes us feel like our community, the place that is supposed to be a refuge for us, isn’t even a safe space anymore.

Whether or not people want to accept we exist? There are people like me who are just incapable of being attracted to penises/other similar aspects, and more than that a lot of us are actively repulsed by them. A lot of people think that this is something we should either “fix” about ourselves or is just something fundamentally offensive and therefore “wrong”. It sounds exactly like what I heard sitting in church pews every Sunday growing up.

I understand that trans-women were born with anatomy that they didn’t ask for and that they wish they didn’t have, and I understand that a lot of the time this fact brings them extreme discomfort and emotional pain. I would hate to add onto that at all, but people like me would be incompatible with someone like that. Could we be great friends? Of course. But I could not be capable of intimacy with them, and if I couldn’t have that then I couldn’t be happy in a relationship. I don’t “refuse to date trans-women” because I hate them, it’s because I know that that kind of relationship couldn’t make either of us happy.

And being told to offer my body (this is the foundation of the cotton ceiling if you aren’t aware) as a form of solidarity or activism is fucked up. Full fucking stop. I will show solidarity and care by being open to learning and listening and doing my best to be accepting, but not by trampling my own sexual boundaries for someone else. To ask that of someone is horrible. No one should have to do that to themselves or be asked to do that to themselves.

So basically (tl;dr), the point of all this rambling is that I want there to be a mutual respect. I want lesbians like me to be listened to and treated kindly, and I want the same thing for the trans-community. I want more people to speak out against the cotton ceiling where they see it (I would be absolutely thrilled if I saw any trans-person speaking out against this, I don’t think I ever have), and I want more people to speak out against misgendering and other forms of petty abuse. I want people to listen to the experiences of lesbians and to consider our feelings and our desires, and I want people to listen to the experiences of trans-people and to consider their feelings and their desires. I don’t want either side to demonize either side, because we’re all just people and we all have flaws and feelings and we’re all individuals.

I hope this very long answer (possibly the longest answer I’ve ever given to an anon message) cleared some things up and made my position clear. Anyone who wants to join in on the conversation can feel free to.

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My niece really wants to make a little fairy garden planter. Is there a way to do this safely for us and the fae? Thanks! ✨

yeah! That is totally fine.

Honestly for the most part, stuff like that can just be a cute arts and craft project. They become magical when you place in the intent for that. 

If you’re curious about how to safely and gently introduce that sort of stuff to kids, you might check out the book A Child’s Eye View of the Fairy Faith by Morgan Daimler. 

There are many magical wards and charms that you can do to keep children safe when it comes to the fair folk. You might make a necklace pendant with iron or holy/blessed salt water. 


Word count: 3659

Warning: smut

Kai accidentally feeds on you

Kai has never hurt you in times when you and him were together. He was always sweet and kind and always tried to make you laugh and make sure that you were safe and ok and that nothing was missing from your life. If there was something, he always made sure you get exactly what you wanted. Your relationship with Kai had everything. Even the small fights that someone you and Kai had always managed to overcome and go back to being normal. Well, as much as it was possible, because he was, after all, a heretic and you were just a human. Sometimes, you hated being a human because you had never been able to do everything Kai did and it sometimes pissed you off, but Kai assured you how silly you were and that you were absolutely perfect. He has drank your blood before, but only a little bit, to keep him satisfied. Your blood was something special to Kai and he had always made sure that you were ok with him drinking your blood before he sank his sharp fangs into your sensitive human flesh.

One night, he was out for hours and when he came back, he couldn’t even look at you in the eyes. He was mad about something but as it looked, he had no intentions in telling you what that was about. That wasn’t the first time and since you shared everything with him, Kai ignoring you like that made you feel some kind of way, sad and angry at the same time. He plopped himself on the couch and ran his fingers through his hair, roughly before picking up a glass of the table and threw it across the room, watching it shatter against the wall, hundreds of pieces splattered across the wooden floor. You winced a bit because of the loud noise, a touch of fear running through your body. He has never looked that mad and you didn’t know what to do. The only thing you did know was that you couldn’t just leave him like that. You swallowed hard and slowly approached him, taking the seat next to him on the couch slowly. You hesitated at first but after a few moments you had placed your hand on his back and rubbed it slightly, a sign of reassuring which Kai had understood. He sighed deeply and moved to a different seat, away from you, your eyebrows furrowing at his actions.

 'Is everything alright?’ You asked him, your voice gentle and shaky, your eyes focused on him and his face expression as he finally turned his head and locked his eyes with yours. He showed you a small smiled and rolled his eyes after, his fingers playing with the ring on his hand.

 'No.’ He said abruptly and took his coat off, anger radiating out of his body and around the room.

 'Will you tell me what happened?’ You asked and the only thing that came out of his body was a quiet snort. He started tapping his leg with his hand, his eyes looking in one direction as if there was a dot on the wall that was way more interesting than the conversation you two were having. ‘Did I say something wrong?’ A voice that came out of your body was barely audible, your heartbeat increasing by the second and you knew have heard it. He always does.

 'Why do you always how to know what happened?’ He spit it out, your eyes going wide for a second as if someone had squeezed your heart for a split second and then let it go, but the feeling of disappointment was still there.

 'Because I’m your girlfriend and I care about you and I want to know why you’re mad and most importantly why are you mad at me when I haven’t done anything wrong! I just want to know what happened that you are like this.’ You trailed off and Kai rolled his eyes at you again and stood up, going to the kithen, pouring himself some water and too a sip while ignoring to look at you at all. ‘So, you’re not going to say anything? At all?’ You asked him again, waiting for his reply but all he did was walk by you and back into the living room.

 'I can’t believe you. I might as well leave right now so you can be on your own because that’s what you want the most, right?’ You raised your voice, Kai finally facing you as he stepped a bit closer, your bodies only a few inches away.

 'Why do you always have to make everything so difficult? Would you mind if I kept some of the things to myself? You don’t have to always know anything.’ He said abruptly, catching you by surprise. He has never acted like that and you never thought you would have to see that side of him.

 'Where is all of this coming from, Kai? Did I do something wrong? If I did please tell me so I know how to-’

 'No. It’s not about you.’ He took a few steps closer to you but then as if he was scared of you or the words that would come out of your body. 'It is about you. You don’t care about what happens to me or where I end up.’ He trailed off, you brows furrowing at his comment. You did care about him. More than anything. He meant to you more than anyone that has entered your life and you couldn’t imagine your life without Kai. Where Kai wanted to go, you were ready to follow him, even if you had to go to the other side of the world to be with him.

 'Why are you talking about?’ You asked him. 

'You know exactly what I’m talking about. You always know what’s up but pretend like you don’t.’ He snapped at you and sighed in frustration, leaning against the fireplace and kept staring at the burnt wood in it, black as the night. 'You would never leave Mystic Falls with me, would you?’ He asked you suddenly, breath hitching in your throat as you weren’t expecting that to come out of Kai. 

'Why would you ever leave Mystic Fa-' 

'Just answer the damn question. Would you leave Mystic Falls with me?’ He asked you again, his eyes looking at you as your heart instantly started beating faster than it was a few seconds ago. As much as you trusted and loved Kai, you were scared to answer him, so instead you were silent and kept staring at the floor. After a few moments you only heard Kai’s chuckle and knew he figured out the answer by himself. You had finally managed to look at him, trying to read his face expression, but only emotions that Kai had were pain and anger in his body. His eyes were almost black and his fists clenched and not even a second later, he ran towards the wall and punched it as hard as he could, creating a giant hole on the wall, making you jump a little bit at the loud sound echoing through the room. You looked closely and saw how wounded his knuckles were but they quickly healed, leaving Kai’s hand normal as if nothing had happened. 

'Deep down I knew the answer. I knew that you were too weak to leave this precious town of yours, where nothing good has happened in the last couple of months. Don’t forget how scared I am every time you leave without me at night. I am scared that I will lose you and if I do… I could never forgive myself for not being there to protect you.’ He trailed off, tears gathering in his eyes but he quickly blinked them away, not wanting to show any weakness. More accuratelly, he didn’t want to show how weak you had always made him. You were his weakness and whenever he was around you he didn’t feel like the most powerful heretic out there. He felt like an ordinary human being without any magical powers.

 'I won’t forget it and I know how scared you are, but you don’t have to protect me all the time. I can take care of mys-’

 'Don’t say that you can take care of yourself. Just don’t.’ He cut you off, his eyes avoiding your gaze.

 'Well thanks for making me feel weak.’ You muttered.

'I’m- you know I didn’t mean it like that.’

'Well it sure sounded like that. You know I love you, so stop acting like I don’t care about you, ok? You’re driving me insanse with that and all I want to do is fight you because I don’t know what to do anymore to prove you that I cared about you.’ You raised your voice a little bit, your fingers tucking a small lock of hair behind your ear. You let out a deep sigh, letting out all the air that you had been holding in for a while, feeling relieved when you uttered those words to Kai.

'Then leave Mystic Falls with me. Please. We can be together somewhere else. Somewhere where we could start a new life without being afraid of getting hurt or where I can finally feel relieved that you’re safe and far from all this madness.’ He trailed off and took a few big steps towards you until his hands were cupping your face, his blue eyes deeply staring into your orbs, his lips slightly parted as his hot breath tickled the skin on your face.

'I can’t.’ You stuttered and felt his hands leaving your face. He shook his head no and walked away from you. He leaned against the table, his hands grabbing tightly onto it, so tightly that he almost broke it. 'All of my friends are here. This is where my life is, Kai. I can’t just drop everything and go. You know that.’

'I thought your life is wherever I am. At least that’s what you were saying to me before, but I guess that changed. And you’re talking about friends, your friends have caused only problems to me and nothing else. Did you forget how Damon almost killed me? Or how Bonnie left me in 1903 Prison World? I don’t understand it. Family and friends are so overrated.’ He trailed off, only anger noticeable on his face.

'How would you know anything about family or friends? You murdered your own family without any regrets and continued with your life like nothing ever happened! Don’t even dare to say anything about my friends and family!’ You shouted at him and after that, silence filled out the room. Not even a fly could be heard. Only your heartbeat that increased it’s speed, feeling like it would jump out of your body. Kai’s eyes turned black and purple veins were obvious under his eyes. You swallowed hard at the sight of that, you hands shaking and before, you could do something, his hands were pinning you tightly against the nearest wall as his fangs pierced your sensitive skin on your neck, making you scream out loud. You tried to push him away but he was way to strong for you and as it looked, he had no intentions of stopping. Blood was dropping down on your shirt as you felt your legs getting a bit weaker, your blood leaving your body.

'Kai-’ you stuttered as your hands tugged on his shirt and at that moment as if something had snapped in Kai’s body, as if something was telling him to stop. He pulled out his fangs, your body dropping down on your knees. Your blood was dripping from his mouth, your hand covering two small holes on your neck. Tears started rolling down your cheeks, fear taking over your body. Your boyfriend, the love of your life, the only person you fully trusted and who always made sure you were safe had attacked you. His girlfriend, his weakness and the only person who he believed in. You couldn’t recognize him anymore. That wasn’t him, but even though you knew he would regret it, you couldn’t even find yourself to look at him.

'I’m so sorry! I-’ He knelt down beside you, his voice shaking and breaking at almost every word that came out of his mouth. 'I don’t know what happened.’ He muttered and bit his wrist, the blood reaching the surface and appeared on top of his skin, bringing it closer to your mouth but you pushed his hand away from you.

'Don’t touch me!!’ You yelled at him, his body jerking a little bit at the sound of your loud voice echoing through the room.

'Please forgive me. I don’t know what happened. I- Please, please forgive me.’ He begged you, his eyes locked on your hand pressed against your neck, blood dripping down onto your shirt.

'No! Leave me alone, Kai!’ You got up and ran to your room, slamming the doors behind you. You ran into the bathroom and opened the tap, water instantly running in the sink. You washed your hands and your neck, placing a bandage on your neck, suppressing the blood from coming out. You winced at the feeling of your fingertips brushing against your wound. It only hit you then what had happened and you couldn’t help but let the tears out to roll down your cheeks. You felt broken and you felt like you couldn’t trust Kai anymore. You wanted to be alone, but of course Kai wouldn’t give up just like that. A knock echoed through your room and you knew exactly who it was.

'Please, can you let me in? Please.’ His voice was muffled through the doors, your heart skipping a beat.

'Go away!’ You shouted.


You walked slowly towards the doors and hesitated at first, but you did open the door as you faced Kai. He had an apologetic look on his face and you could see how his eyes were puffy and a bit red, making you realize that he might have been crying. His eyes fell down to where your wound was, noticing the bandage on your neck and two small blood spots.

'I can’t tell you how sorry I am.’ He muttered, his fingers tracing over the bandage, making you wince a little bit. 'Please, let me see it.’

'No.’ You ordered.

'I want to help you. Please let me help you.’ He said gently and snaked his arms around your waist slowly, pulling your body closer to his.

'You hurt me.’

'I know and I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I can’t even think properly knowing I have hurt you in that way.’

'I can’t just forgive you for hurting me like that. I’m-’

'I know that you’re scared, but it’s me. You know you can trust me.’ He muttered, his fingers gently brushing through your hair and tucking a small lock of hair behind your ear, his thumb brushing against your cheek,

'I can’t- I-’

'Please.’ He removed the bandage on your neck, your wound exposed to his eyes. He traced his fingers around it, avoiding small wounds, your eyes closing for a few moments. He planted a gentle kiss on your neck, only for another one to follow the previous one. He was showering you with kisses and you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck and pull him in for a deep and passionate kiss, your fingers finding their way to his hair, tugging on it slightly.

'I need you, Kai.’ You whispered, surprising yourself because of your words. You should have been mad at him but somehow you couldn’t manage to keep your hands off him. He was still Kai that you loved and cared about and deep down you knew that he would do anything to change what he did to you. He hands slid down your body and placed under your butt, lifting you up and carrying you to a king sized bed, gently placing you down. He got on top of you, your hands tugging at his shirt and swiftly taking it off, throwing it across the room. You trailed your fingers over his back, feeling his strong and broad shoulders, his hips jolting forward and hitting your crotch slightly, a quiet moan leaving your mouth. He pushed his hand into your jeans, his fingers finding your clit as he started rub it in small circles, your body arching at his touch. You propped yourself onto your elbows and reached out your hand, making contact with his clothed manhood, your hand rubbing him through his jeans, his lips parting slightly. He pulled his hand out of your jeans as you showed him a look of frustration. He quickly unbuttoned his jeans and took them off along with his underwear, standing completely naked in front of you. You bit your lip as your eyes went directly to his lenght that was already hard. You felt yourself getting wet and you couldn’t hold it anymore. You quickly took your jeans off and your underwear, throwing them down on the floor. You got up and grabbed him by his arm, pulling him down on the bed on top of you, your arm gently grabbing his manhood as you started rubbing him slowly, your thumb making small circles on his tip, making Kai let out a muffled moan. He trailed his fingers through your folds, gathering your arousal as you felt him slip the inside you and curl them around your walls, your walls intstinctively clenching around him.

'You’re so wet, fuck!’ Kai groaned out, your actions and his matching perfectly as you were bringing yourselves closer to your first orgams, your eyes locked with one anothers the entire time. You threw your head back in pleasure, but you never stopped pumping him in a faster pace. He placed his thumb on your clit, rubbing in in small figure eights as you felt yours clenching around his fingers more and more each second.

'Shit, Kai.’ A loud moan escaped your mouth, your first orgasm tearing through your body, your whole body shaking and not long after that, Kai’s warm liquid spurted over your stomach, your touch sending him over the edge as well. He quickly pulled his fingers out of you and ripped your shirt and your bra in half, leaving you completely naked in front of him. Your heart was beating fast as you couldn’t wait anymore to have him inside you, to feel full again and to forget about everything that happened.

'Kai, I need you, please.’

'As you wish.’ He muttered and in one quick move he was inside you, filling you up completely, his tip brushing against your spot as he entered you. You screamed out in pleasure as you felt him slowly pulling back and then going back in. The feeling of him streching you out and filling you up so perfectly has always made your heart skip a beat and made your legs feel like jello.

'Go faster.’ You moaned out and grabbed onto his shoulders, his lenght perfectly hitting your spot. You arched your back and at the same time clenched your walls around him, a loud moan escaping his mouth.

'Fuck!’ You chuckled because you knew how that affected him everytime you did. You grabbed onto the bed sheets and threw your head back, Kai’s hips relentlessly slamming into you, having no intentions of stopping or even slowing down. He leaned down and placed his head in the crook of your neck, his lips finding the spot where his fangs sank into your skin not long ago, planting a soft kiss on it. 'I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me.’ He cried out and you could have sworn that you heard pain in his voice. You intertwined your fingers with his hair, tugging on it gently, holding his head against your chest while his hips kept thrusting into you.

'Shhh, it’s ok, Kai. I will never h - hate you. I love you too fucking much!’ You stuttered, Kai suddenly lifting his head up to lock his eyes with yours, a small smile appearing on his face. He chuckled and kissed you deeply, his teeth tugging on your bottom lip gently when he was pulling away, his lips pressed against your ear. The only thing that could be hear was the sound of his hips meeting yours and his heavy breathing against your ear.

'I love you.’ He said abruptly, his fingers sliding between your bodies as he started rubbing your clit fast, getting your closer to your second orgasm that night. You moaned loudly and threw your head back, Kai noticing how you were holding back for some reason.

'Let it go, baby. Just let it go.’ He moaned and right at his words you clenched around him, your climax tearing through your body, making your whole body shake.

'Fuck!’ Kai groaned out, your orgasm triggering his as he came inside you in short spurts, riding out yours and his orgasm until you were completely done.

He pulled out and collapsed on top you, his eyes strongly focused on you. He brushed his fingers against your cheek, moving the hair out of your face and planted a gentle kiss on your lips.

'Please don’t hate me.’ He whispered, his arms wrapping around you as if he was afraid of losing you.

'I will never hate you.’ You muttered, Kai letting out a bit chuckle as you noticed how his mood had suddenly changed. You forgot about everything and figure that it didn’t matter where you were. The only thing that was important is that you were with Kai and that was all you needed in your life, even if that meant having to move out of Mystic Falls. You were ready.

( @psingh97 thank youuuuuu 😁)

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You're probably sick of people asking you about su critical stuff, but I genuinely wanna know how you're able to be so sure that crits don't take up half of the fandom? I have pretty severe anxiety, so my mind's been making assumptions and fearing for the fandom's future. I felt so much relief after content came pouring in after Wanted, but I started feeling anxious again immediately after for no reason. I just wanna know how you're so certain.

Oh don’t worry about asking me! Anything to help a fellow fan out!

For one … you yourself are in control of the fandom! You control what content you see, and what content you spread.

So follow good people. Reblog good content. The more you do that, the less attention crits get, and thus the less they grow.

For now, it seems we’re pretty safe in these hiatus times. Plus the ‘Wanted’ event was so good, that they didn’t really have much material to work with. (Although I haven’t been in the SU tags in a long while, and I don’t follow any crits, so maybe it’s just me.)

I know I can only do so much to qualm your worries (anxiety fucking SUCKS!), but take a lesson from SU; sometimes we hurt eachother, but we can always work things out. And when we can’t, we have people who love us that we can turn to.

Tumblr is only a fraction of the SU fandom. And the crits are only a fraction of tumblr. In the grand scheme of things, they can’t do serious harm as a whole. They’re not nearly big enough to take over the fandom

So let them do their thing, and you go do yours. In the end, positivity is always louder than negativity!

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Oh my gosh my Ryan asks "who do you belong to?" Brendon just says "you" subconsciously and then he realized what he said and starts freaking out and trying to explain but he can't come up with anything good enough and he just buries his face in his hands and Ryan puts a finger under his chin and lifts his face up looking him in the eyes "do you want me to be your Dom?" And Brendon just nods and Ryan kisses him for the first time and Brendon is so happy

!!! Yes Brendon is so flustered and in such a subby mood and after they kiss for the first time they might just snuggle up on the couch together, Ryan keeping Brendon’s head against his chest and Ryan might wrap his fingers around Brendon’s wrists as just like the smallest show of dominance possible and Brendon loves it and he feels so safe and protected and he wouldn’t trust anyone else to be his dom but Ryan

Reminder that every homophobic comment you make, every time you say you won’t date someone because they’re Bi and might cheat, there’s a chance a closeted person is present and you just made them scared to come out.

- My brother frequently uses the term “Dyke”

- My other brother doesn’t believe bisexuality is a thing and that we’re just gay

- A girl I went to college with said she could never date a bi man because “well what if he starts missing dudes and cheats. I can’t trust that.”

- The people who use “Gay” and “Fag” as an insult

- My boss who claimed he left a beach because he saw two (2) gay couples together.

Just please stop ok. You’re the reason queers want and support pride and safe spaces. Things that only exist because we feel we can’t live normally when we know the truth about how you feel about us.

So here’s to you if you’ve been brave enough to come out. It’s something I wish I could do.

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I could really use a star right now... My mother is very abusive and I need to get a job so I can save up to move out/get somewhere safe. Just got my first rejection email and I'm feeling very discouraged... I don't even want to spite her anymore. I just want out. Thank you so much.

Don’t be discouraged, friend. You may get a few rejection emails before getting an interview, and none of them are a reflection on you as a person. A lot of companies don’t even look at individual resumes and applications and get rid of ones that include certain keywords (I know, it sucks). It could also be that your skills just don’t match what they’re looking for right now. Just remember that none of them are personal.

If your mother is dangerously abusive/you are ever in danger, please call for help. Call 911 or whatever emergency line you have, see if you can stay with relatives or friends, or call CPS if you’re in the US and under 18. You do not deserve abuse, ever.

You can do this, friend! Keep trying, you’ll find a job and you’ll save up enough to move out. Stay strong <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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What are Mycrofts views on abortion?

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It is far more logical to keep the practice safe and legal rather than to outlaw it altogether.

Not everyone wants to be pregnant and while some people on the pro-life side like to argue that procreation is the whole point of sex Mycroft would like to think we’ve evolved from that mentality that its ‘God’s will’ rather than something man can change.

It does irk him that there are potential humans that could benefit society for the greater good but in the same breath he understands that they could also in the same token do great harm. Point being made no one is going to force a woman to give birth to every unfertilized egg that passes through her just on the off chance the kid will someday cure cancer because that’s not only hijacking her body but incredibly selfish.

That being said Mycroft would prefer there be more of an emphasis on contraception and safe sex practices to avoid unwanted pregnancies in the first place however, even he knows that nothing other than abstinence is 100% unless you sterilize which is also a pain to try and do as countless doctors will try to dissuade you into going through with it because ‘one day you may want a baby.’

Sure, people will say that they can always put the baby up for adoption but they fail to realize that there are already kids waiting for their forever home that go unnoticed simply because they are not a cute little baby to mold in their image not to mention the red tape.

Hell, it can take years to get custody of a kid much less a baby along with fees, monthly visits, papers to sign, court hearings and the like. It’s a very long and tedious process.

There are loads of them that either age out of the system or bounce around from foster homes that could have been spared the humiliation, pain and suffering if their parents had the proper sexual education or tools to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

While Mycroft can agree that abortion shouldn’t be used as a contraception he disagrees that it should only be used in cases of rape, incest or pedophilia as someone who is not mentally/financially sound for to be a parent is just as at risk.

You wouldn’t think its a great idea to force someone to continue to make down payments on a car they can neither afford or need because of one night’s mistake so why do so with a child?

It’s another reason why Mycroft is pro-choice is that while some pro-lifers will advocate full hard for an unborn baby they will start to screech about ‘why should they have to pay for someone else’s mistakes’ when it wouldn’t BE that way if they just let people just have the bloody abortion.

Yes, most religions will see it as a sin to kill an unborn baby but its more or less virtue signaling and shaming people into a decision they neither wanted or can afford. 

The point being is that they’re not carrying this baby, they’re not willing to pay for this baby once its born but yet they don’t want to give out better alternatives to prevent pregnancies because they see it as ‘God’s will’ or punishment for having sex that Mycroft would rather let the women do as they want (within reason) than take away their right to command their own bodies.

If anything he would rather abortions be properly regulated, have safer sex practices preached and alternatives to birth control that have been proven more successful be more accessible to the general public to avoid problems such as these.

Its not a fun subject that he enjoys to talk about but he will never put a born person under the mercy of the unborn.

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Just wanted to say that your art is awesome! And it's great to find someone willing to spread positivity in the UT fandom ^^


Well, there are a lot of shit people around the fandom. Might as well make something good out of it. The fandom was supposed to be a safe space until toxic people invaded it because some bozos just want to watch the world burn.

We can only make it better by being positive influences ourselves and just ignore twits that want attention. I’m not alone on this one. There are lots of good people if you look ^w^ I’m just passing the flame :3

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Hi! I'm ftm and got a new binder recently, and I wanted to know if wearing it causes back and shoulder aches? I've been binding safely and I haven't felt much discomfort whilst wearing it, but tonight I feel particularly achy and binding is the only recent change I can think of? It's nothing intolerable, just feels similar to sleeping awkwardly or growing pains, I just wanted to know in case it's something else and may need to be taken more seriously. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Hey! It’s common for new binders to make your body ache. They’re usually a bit tighter than your old one so you’re body isn’t used to it as much. When you get a new one it’s recommended that you don’t wear it for as long as usual until you have broken your new one in. Don’t worry about it too much, it should go away but if it doesn’t then you should probably see your doctor about it! 


i know that having pride and being lgbt isnt all about feeling wanted and loved and u should be able to feel that all on ur own within urself BUT when everyone is constantly telling u that “u will find ur person and then everything will make sense” and u Dont have your “person” or even a completely welcoming and supportive friend group it really enforces the idea of like wow. im gay and im trans and im really fucking alone. and like no one can understand those feelings except you and its just so exhausting that the response for “i want to feel safe normal and happy” is always “u will someday.” like why the fuck is that the norm how is everyone so fucking okay with letting us be isolated and alone and depressed and fucking getting murdered and killing ourselves WHY IS THAT NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

Every time I open my tumblr, I’m terrified. Terrified that I opened up this horrific world to someone else. That some young girl who was feeling sad found my blog and started following depression. I feel selfish and wrong when I reblog pictures of everything depressing, suicidal and sad. I don’t want to be promoting this illness, but I don’t want to be in this alone either. It’s not like I can just quit now. So I will continue, despite the fear. Just promise me you’ll be safe. I never want to be responsible for someone else’s grief.

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Hello sweetheart! I just wanted to tell you that I just bought some things from your store and I literally cannot wait for it to arrive! I'm so excited ^-^ I love your art so much. Keep up the good work and have a lovely weekend <3

ahhh I´m a bit late with my reply but thank you so much!!!! I hope it arrives soon and safe then :D