they just want you to be safe

the beginning of taking flight is such a rollercoaster for keith like:

here is he, extremely worried about lance, watching him closely

he is so eager??? to let him out of the pod??? (you can already see allura going “wtf chill boi”)

tfw u get scolded for wanting your boyfriend out as soon as possible (pidge is judging him too)


“I just want to see my bf allura is that too much”

always by his side

he’s the last of the group to leave the pod, which means he stayed in front of it all alone for a bit


and last but not least…..the look of betrayal™ after he sees lance flirting with allura

this guy is in love wake up america

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When I'm older, I'd like to have a little dog like a chihuahua or a Papillion. How can I make sure to give it as much bodily autonomy as a big dog would get? I don't want it to always be on edge and stressed out because it doesn't feel safe

Straight up just treat it like a regular dog. Don’t pick it up when you need it to do something - train it instead - or when you need it to move. Let it growl or bark and listen to what it is telling you, rather than ignoring it or thinking the signals are just cute. Train it to walk on a leash without pulling, with all the manners you would expect of a giant breed. 


Wow it’s almost like the ages were never fully decided on and are still ambiguous.

This is why that SDCC video is not the kind of “proof” antis parade it around to be. That fan was told what they said was a “safe zone” - all they were doing was letting them have their own interpretation. It is not an irrefutable fact that Shiro is 25. If L/K/H can only be 16/17 like you people insist then there’s no way Shiro could be described as just “slightly older” or be in school at the same time as them.

There are no canon ages right now. Stop the harassment and petty drama and let people interpret the series and its characters how they want.

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Quick reminder that not wanting to engage in a relationship with an asexual is not aphobic! Sometimes it is, but not always. Sometimes people just realize that they have different needs that an asexual person just can't fulfill, and it's good that they know this about themselves! As long as they're not hating or shaming aces, they're prob just saying their personal opinion from their personal experiences!!!

Quick reminder this ask is bad. Some asexuals have a lot of sex, so look at you making assumations and pretending to fully accept aces. Yikes. Fake af. You can’t produce sexual attraction it’s something physical to give to your lover like a gift. Get the fuck out of here lol

Also “It’s just personal opinion from personal experiences” fucking please. This ONLY ever has merit based on power dynamics. For example if a trans person doesn’t have to take a cis person that’s likely for safely and reasons of deeper personal understanding. A straight person not wanting to date a queer person because they are more likely to cheat (based on personal experiences of course!!!) is bigotry. 

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Matsun and Makki cuddle head canons with their s/o. Just for you fam~

thank you my dude, it is well appreciated <3


• lOOOVES playing with your hair when cuddling and occasionally nuzzle your hair bc shampoo smell good

• get ready to get sPOILED- he lives to make u feel comfy and safe whatever u want he will give you. 

• also really loves resting his head against your chest and just listen as your heart beats. so calming 


• "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war" silly silly loves playing with your hands

• to achieve the ultimate comf- he will let you wear one of his shirts. boyfriend material literally

• tells u bad puns while cuddling and if u try to get away he tickles you while still continuing saying bad puns

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Hey!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for that trigger guide to the X files!! I am the worlds biggest baby who gets nightmares from Harry Potter and that list really helped me get through the series with a little more ease! I was able to watch the entire series in exactly a month too!!! But you are a blessing and so is that list! Thank you for helping me safely discover my new favorite show!!!

Thank you!!! That makes me so happy. I have a ton of messages with additions to the list, but editing a long post on an iPad is impossible in this app, so I’ll update them once I’m home this weekend. I’m so glad people found use out of it!

Can you write a drabble for this?

“Okay! From the top!” 

Everyone on set took their place and the camera began to roll. Jared and Jensen had been blowing this scene every time. Everyone just wanted to be done with it already. 

Standing just off screen you followed in your script, holding your breath as the guys approached the rough spot. 

Gliding through it perfectly, everyone let out a long breath as the boys continued. 

Of course the boys couldn’t stay focused for too long and when Misha came onto set with a crazy sweater the boys couldn’t help themselves.

“Dean! Watch out it’s beh- oh my god Misha what are you wearing?!”

Jensen spun around, doubling over just as Jared had. Misha just looked down at his sweater, shrugging his shoulders. 

“I swear, nothing is safe to wear around these assholes.”

With the boys starting to calm down an assistant wanted you to get a second opinion on the shot. Moving to look at the screen you switched on your mic. 

“Alright, re-set. Quiet. Aaaaand, action.” 

Misha’s sweater distraction had completely unfocused the boys and Jensen blew the take. Turning right to the camera it was like he was looking right at you when he said, “fuck me.”

Not even thinking you murmured, “with pleasure.”

You froze when you heard your voice carry around the set. Looking down you realized you hadn’t switched your mic off after calling action. 

Jensen just laughed and looked back into the camera. “Huh, so I guess you wouldn’t turn me down for a dinner date then huh?”

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What do I do if almost my entire family is extremely homophobic and I'm just a small gay walking amongst them? I haven't come out yet and I'm afraid they'll beat me...

If you’re scared that they’ll hurt you, don’t come out until you’re able to move out or until you have another place to go to. I don’t want you to get hurt.
I can’t believe people still act like that, it makes me sick. Stay safe, dude!

In Response to the London Attack Yesterday

I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking me if I’m OK, and don’t worry, I’m alright and everything’s fine where I am.

One of my best friends happened to be in the area at the time working with her local MP and she wasn’t allowed to leave the building until nine at night; that’s how seriously disruptive and scary these attacks are. Imagine how her parents felt when their daughter was stuck in a building for hours and not allowed to leave. She’s safe now but I can tell she’s been really messed up.

I just wanted you to know that I’m completely safe, luckily I don’t live in the inner city so I’m not at high risk but this is fucking terrifying and I can’t believe these things keep happening. To anyone who’s had a more serious attack in their country: stay strong and things will get better one day.

The amount of photos being posted of fans being WAY TOO CLOSE and crowding iKON really makes me sad. Imagine being exhausted and just wanting to get to your hotel room but people are shoving phones in your face the whole time. Like you have more of a right to their personal space than they do themselves.

They are idols not property.
The are humans that deserve safe space to walk.
Give idols space.

“But how can someone be safe from a monster?“he asked.

And I know it’s not going to be easy, and the hurt will remain for a while. But this is me, and I can’t change who I am but you said you loved me for that. And no one knows what lies tomorrow, or if this is right. But this is what I wanted. I’ll be your way finder. And I will love you, despite all your thorns, your monster days, your unkind moments. I will love you just the same, from the day I told you until we have reached your destination. I will love you as you are, from the outside and underneath. I will love you on the days that you forget to love yourself, on the days where things drag you down like quicksand, on the days that you refuse to live happy especially on the days you deny yourself of love. I will love you, until I’m wrinkled in the parts you used to love. I will love you and I want to be the rock that is hard enough to remind you to be strong. I want to be the lungs that will always remind you to stop and just breathe. And you’re not going to hold my hand but love I will hold yours, so that you’ll know I won’t let go, so that in time I could give that hand to someone else, if it’s not meant for mine to hold.

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My mum refused to buy me a chest binder and I'm so upset. She treated it as if I just wanted to follow along on some trend. She said she supports LGBTQ people, but in practice, she doesn't even support her own son. <3 -G

That’s horrible I’m so sorry :( even if you were just “following a trend” there wouldn’t be harm in binding as long as its done safely.
Maybe she’s just scared shes losing you, I’d try and talk with her. Tell her you feel like she doesn’t respect you, she might not know how she’s coming off. At the end of the day your still her son and she loves you.

By No Constraint  (chpt 64)

SS x Danse

Chapter List

Thanks to my amazing beta, waiting4morning, for her wonderful work! Thanks to Musashi1596 for the title.

I apologise this is so late. I’ve been having a rough time personally, and then the attack on London happened yesterday and I really just did not feel in the mood for messing around with fanfic tbh.

Hope everyone is safe, and that this at least lifts someone’s mood.

Major Brotherhood/Danse spoilers.

Want update alerts? Follow this story on FFnet or Ao3.

Berkeley Square


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If Niylah & Harper isn't the most random-ass pairing I've ever seen, but hey, whatever it takes to get ur #endgame.

I was just thinking of how much I love Harper and how I want her to be happy and safe and loved but i also need Minty like a desperate woman.

And then I started thinking of how much I loved Harper/Monroe and how Harper is totally bi. I’m sorry but did you see those BIceps (hahahaha ive been waiting for ever to use this)

Ad Niylah is so kind and can you imagine how pretty they would look together



Listen, I LOVE NEDA, she was my #1 vets coming in.

But she needs to put her petty emotions aside.

Yall saying “she’s going after Cass because Cass said she’s going after her”.


Neda still have SIX WEEK of safety. Why not take out competition’s threats while you can, stick to your core 4 (Ika, Neda, Dem, Sindy) so when you’re not safe anymore, it’s going to be easier to win comps.

People like to downgrade Bruno and Kevin but the fact is both of them are super smart and they will probably cut Neda as soon as she’s not safe.

Anyways, I hope there’s going a diamond POV for Cass, Gary, Ika, Neda, Dre and William and this will be an awesome final 6. thank you.

Dear Charlie,

I feel like I am invisible. People think that my feelings aren’t real, just because I can’t feel romantic love. I feel ostracised. Why can’t they just accept that I am who I am, and that this is not a “phase”, or that I “just haven’t found the right person yet”? I want to feel safe being me, and not be treated like a broken toy in need of fixing. You don’t think I’m broken, do you?

Your friend,

Sea F. Mist

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Hi, just wanted to tell you that you're a truly amazing person. The fact that so many people feel comfortable coming to you with many personal questions and you're answering them entirely openly - even if not necessarily comfortably- and creating this amazing safe space, man you're just wonderful. The world needs more people like you. Thanks for existing. I don't even have a relationship to ask about, but I know I'd be comfortable asking you, a complete stranger, if I did. So thank you so much.

Awe! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. This is so sweet!!!! I’m so glad you said this. It really made my day!

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Hey uh! Im gonna block you but its nothing personal, i swear!! Im kin with john, as well as a minor, so i prefer not to see nsfw stuff show up in the john tag , its no biggy tho!!! I love ur art and keep doin what ur doin! Im not doin this out of malice or ill will, promise umu

//okay thats your choice butttt

if you are seeing nsfw stuff in the tag then that means you have safe search off, so uh,,, if you dont want to see it then you should turn it back on???? just sayin

also please dont tell me youre blocking me???? it makes me feel bad???? ? like idc but if you have to point it out its kinda rude???

Hiatus Notice!

Hey! I just cleared out my inbox and my drafts completely- I haven’t been active on here consistently in a long while, and I’ve had nearly four great years on here. I’ve been feeling like it’s time for me to finally step down and I wanted to give everyone a head’s up! I hope I can start all over one day, but I’m just not feeling up to it right now. I feel like I’m not a great, reliable RP partner anymore, and I don’t want to subject you guys to that! You deserve so much better! I hope you all are safe and sound & I hope to hear from you soon! <3

PS: My Skype is available for roleplaying on there! 

A bridal style beginning

This wasn’t the first time Lena had found herself in the arms of supergirl being lifted bridal style up in the air and back to safety. It wouldn’t be the last either that she’d be landed gently on her feet again.

“You know this is starting to look like Lois Lane and Superman all over again.” Alex would tease her in her comm. Kara would deny any similarities not wanting to admit her own feelings.

Till that one fateful night when Lena whispered her name as they landed on Lcorps balcony.

“Kara.” The CEO whispered as she turned to wrap her arms around Kara neck.

Kara didn’t even deny it this time just happy her friend was safe.

“Surprise?” She joke whispered into the soft dark hair her own arms tightening slightly as if to should the woman from any further harm.

Lena pulled away to look into the waves of blue and smiled. “You know this is where the Super would kiss the girl.” She teased raising an eyebrow as if to challenge the blonde.

“I…isn’t that more Clarkes thin….”

Lena grasped Kara neck pulling her in close to press soft lips together. Kara wasn’t even surprised when her body immediately reacted to the taste that was so uniquely Lena.

“That was….” Kara laughed and shook her head dipping her head back down for another taste.

“So…a Luthor asks a Super out oh a date….” Lena starts.

“And then what happens?”

“I guess you’ll just have to say yes and see.” Lena responded with a peck.