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I've been having bad anxiety lately. Could you maybe write a hc about newt helping reader with an anxiety attack?

I hope you feel better, I know how much they can suck. Sending good vibes!!

-Sometimes the world feels like its crashing down on you, and it takes so much to keep your mind at ease.
-But, even when you think everything is ok sometimes it just hits you, and you find yourself catching your breath, trying not to cry.
-“Darling?” Newt came into the bathroom, giving a quick knock before pushing the door open. He found you sitting against the wall, tear steaks down your face and hands resting in your lap.
-He had come to learn of your anxieties, and the day he did you expected him to back off and not want to deal with you anymore, yet…he stayed.
-Newt was beyond helpful, doing anything and everything to make sure you were ok.
-He kneeled down next to you, concerned look on his face.
-He didn’t overwhelm you with any questions, he just gently pulled you into his arms, whispering words of encouragement.
-“I’m here, darling, I’m not going anywhere.” He’d kiss the top of your head, rubbing your arms in a comforting manner.
-And even if it took you a while to collect your thoughts, he would still be there.
-“I’m so sorry..”
-Newt would just shush you, telling you you have nothing to be sorry about.

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real talk though:

sinnoh remakes??? or……….sinnoh sequels

Lord help my tired body for staying up this late on a school night to write this


Ganondorf never prioritized sleep. There were always more important things to do, like plan battle strategies or sharpen his weapons. Often he’d be going for days on just a few hours of sleep, and none were the wiser. The only time he’d get a full night’s sleep was the eve of a battle, and even then he’d often be fidgeting with excitement into the late hours of the night.

That’s why it was quite a surprise for his two lieutenants to find him hunched over his small desk, out cold.

For a moment, they panicked. Was there an intruder in the camp? Was he sick? Zant nearly let out a high pitched squeal if Ghirahim hadn’t quickly shushed him.

He surmised that their master was just simply tired, after all they’d defeated that pesky hero earlier in the day. It had been a difficult battle that raged on for hours and hours. By the end of it, both sword spirit and Twili had collapsed in their tent for a long rest.

Ganondorf, however, had started planning for the hero’s next attack, and the defense of the Gerudo desert. “Time stops for no one,” he would say. “The next battle is merely one foolish nap away.”

Yet, it seemed that not even he could go so long after such a battle without a little rest. Zant snuck closer and peaked over his shoulder. He was sleeping peacefully on a now rather crumpled map of the desert, and several others had been knocked away. His chest rose and fell with a deep, grumbling snore, like a fearsome beast after a hunt. 

The two glanced at each other, they had a similar thought. Carefully they lifted the large arms of their master onto their shoulders, with a bit of difficulty. They didn’t want to wake him, that would certainly end in disaster.

After painstakingly shifting him away from the chair and desk, they carried him to the rather large cot that the three often shared. They dropped him rather unceremoniously, which earned Zant a smack to the head, but he didn’t wake. 

Ghirahim found a blanket folded in the corner, and soon the two lieutenants were comfortably curled up on either side of their God, their master. They were out within a matter of minutes.


Ganondorf woke to two small forms clinging to him, both rather cold. He blinked in the low light of the tent and tried to sit up, but he stopped as he recognized the dull glow of Zant’s markings. That itself provided explanation. 

He cracked a small, rare smile, and settled back on the cot. He didn’t remember getting in with them–had he really fallen asleep? That was a rarity in itself. But he could piece together what had happened, and though he was too prideful to say it, he was eager to sleep again.

He again rested his head on the pillow, and slid his arms around their bodies to hold them closer. He felt Zant cuddle up closer, and Ghirahim curled his legs around one of his. He let out a soft chuckle as he closed his eyes to sleep again.

“Goodnight, my foolish loves…”

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"Okay, okay. Just stop talking. Shush. Shuuush. Shut up and let me talk." (-- thehistorian-renegadetimelady)

Master was confused, no one ever told him to shut up. Especially not a lady. “But—” he had so much to say, so much to ask. But if she wanted to talk she might tell everything. So the Master shut his mouth and looked at the girl, waiting for her to talk…