they just shove it in

NCT 127 reaction to you hugging them for 5 minutes straight.

Anonymous said:May I request NCT127s reaction to you just going up to them and hugging them for like 5 minutes straight because you’re feeling down and you just need like a really good hug from them? Thank you so much

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Taeyong: He gives you a little cute shove after. You: “Sorry I’m just feeling really down.” Him: “Hey, cheer up.”

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Jaehyun: After your done hugging him from feeling down, he makes you nervous, by getting close to you. You swore you thought he was gonna lowkey flirt with you. You back up, your pupils grow large. Him: “What? I was just gonna ask do you feel better now.”

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Taeil: He just continues to do what he’s doing. He doesn’t even budge or even look and see who’s hugging him. He knows it you, so he doesn’t trip.

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Yuta: He’s smiling too hard. He don’t care if it was 2 minutes or 40 seconds. You still hugged him, making him all squishy and shy inside.

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Winwin: He started to get real sweaty around the waist from being nervous . You: “Gosh, I don’t know if I caused that or…” Him: *Quick Response* “NO….I went running not to long ago. You: “In the cold….”

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Johnny: Him: “Do you feel better now?” You: “Yeah, I’m gonna do this more often, I felt so much relief by that.” Him: *Gets all shy and happy*

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Doyoung: He thinks this is a sign that you like him, but after your done hugging him, you make sure to tell him the reason why you hugged him for so long and not to think nothing of it.

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Mark: The members won’t stop talking about it. They tease him 24/7 about it, even though he keeps telling them your reason and how he didn’t think nothing of it. But they wonder why he always smile when it’s brought up, they won’t stop teasing till he confesses.

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Haechan: Him: “Well If I’m feeling down, I’m gonna come to you for comfort.” You: “Sure no problem, we’ll be comfort buddies, I’m here whenever you need me.” *Walks away* Him: *Fake cry* “Comfort buddy, I’m feeling down.”

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Or vise versa where Jefferson is trash for Aesthetic and owns a flower shop, and Madison decides to buy flowers for a coworker in the hospital even though he's allergic. He never met anyone like Jefferson before, who is so much and so powerful in speech. He keeps coming for months even though he's allergic


Cause Thomas would never pass up an opportunity to show how smart he is, and as soon as James is like, oh well I need flowers for a sick friend, and Thomas just immediately starts listing the best options and going on and on about the names and histories of each flower and James is just kind of in shock. Eventually Thomas just shoves some flowers at James and says they are the perfect ones and James just trusts him and buys them.

And James can’t get Thomas out of his head the next few days so he goes back and just makes up that he needs flowers for another sick friend, so Thomas helps him out again. But James keeps coming back day after day (sneezing so much that Thomas starts bringing allergy medicine to give to James) and buys all these different kinds of flowers that he doesn’t need but he wants Thomas to talk about them because he loves hearing it.

And one day he goes in for a couple different flowers, ones that you would give to someone you like (because he has a huge crush) and Thomas hesitates a moment before telling him, looking a little put down. And James takes that as Thomas not getting his hint that he likes him, and he buys the flowers but chickens out on giving them to Thomas to show that he likes him.

So James just scurries home, sneezing over and over again and clutching the flowers to his chest and getting so upset that he didn’t tell Thomas how he feels. 

A few hours later, there’s a knock on his door and James answers, jumping in shock when he sees that it’s Thomas on the other side. But Thomas just smiles and holds out a bouquet of flowers, saying that he’s sorry for acting so weird, and that he forgot to give James these flowers, which are perfect for someone he likes and that they should definitely do the trick.

And James is barely stuttering out a thank you when Thomas is suddenly walking inside and looking around with wide, and James feels his face grow warm as he realizes that all the flowers he’d bought from Thomas in the past week are in vases throughout his apartment.

So Thomas just turns to him, looking so surprised and happy and excited that James feels so overwhelmed that he just shoves the bouquet of flowers he had just been given back to Thomas, blurting out that he’s the one James likes.

And Thomas takes the flowers, smiling and saying that it’s been a long time since someone has given him flowers. And then he steps forward, and kisses James on the cheek, smiling even more when James makes a soft, surprised noise.

They agree to go on a date next Friday.

They both bring flowers.

Thoughts by Peaches #4


I used to seriously love anime, and I’m really trying to break back into it. 

However, misogyny and the objectification of women tend to always rear their ugly heads with a lot of series I start. I can’t stand female characters that are just there to be dumb, squeal, bounce their boobies around, and fawn over hyper-masculine protagonists. 

For example, I tried going into my back catalogue and starting Gurren Lagann! It started off great, funny, the animation quality was lovely, I was really liking Simon as a character…

..then Yoko jumps out with pandering camera shots, her boobies jiggling around like bowls of Jell-O on a trampoline during an earthquake.

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LIKE COME ON, MAN. I can’t even admire how good she is with a rifle because the show spends so much time popping her top off, shoving her boobs against random surfaces and just takes Kamina’s bullshit about “Oh, women don’t belong on the battlefield, it’s just for men”

God I’m just over that, dude. So over it.

Now, hear me out: There are series that get away with it for me! Kill La Kill completely takes the piss out of this trope, (guys also get sexualized to a hilarious degree) and Panty & Stocking just rocks the bee’s knees six ways to Sunday.

Here’s my wishlist/criteria for shows I’d love to start & watch! 

1. It has to be finished (Coherent narratives with an ending in mind right from the beginning always steal my heart)

2. It has to be SHORT. (I just can’t commit to multi-hundred episodes/chapters anymore. I hate myself for loving Dragonball or Berserk for that reason)

3. The animation quality has to be higher than average! (I’m done watching 2-frame lip flaps and half-hour exposition dumps)


Edit #1:
I’ve seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! I’ve seen Samurai Champloo! OF COURSE I’VE SEEN BEBOP, AKIRA, AND GHOST IN THE SHELL! Haha REMEMBER: I used to be a HUGE fan, assume I’ve seen the big titles!

Current To-Do List: 
 - Mob Psycho 100 (phenomenal, I’m loving it so far, One is such a wacky, talented writer) 
- Kuroko No Baske (I’ve recently become a sucker for sports anime) 
- Haikyuu
- Yuri On Ice 

Thanks so much for everything so far!! I’m enjoying all of your responses, and I wish I could answer all of you individually down there! 

What would you recommend?

I thought of a storyline for Elena during season 2 and now it won’t leave my head. Okay, so it starts off with Elena getting paired up with a girl from school. They have to work on a Science project together, about planets or something. Their sort of friends until Elena causally brings up being gay. The other girl gets really awkward and says some insulting things. Like, “that’s super weird that you like girls.” Something along those lines. Elena kinda defends herself, but eventually the girl heads home. Then, later Elena talks to her mom about it and they have a family bonding moment. Elena decides to keep working on the project with the girl, even though her mom is now a little worried.

Eventually, something happens at school where Elena is in the locker room. And some girl decides to like call her out for being gay or yells a slur at her. Elena starts to argue back, but the girl just shoves her into the lockers forcefully. (I know it sounds dark, but sitcoms usually portray these things in a way that makes sense.) Anyway, the Science project girl sees this and steps in to help Elena. There’s a small scuffle, nothing too bad. The Science girl ends up with a black eye. Everyone gets sent to the principles office.

Elena’s mom gets a phone call about the fight and shows up at the school angry. She immediately thinks that Science girl did something to Elena. But Elena cuts her mom off and explains what happened. Elena’s mom is thankful and there’s a sweet moment or something. Eventually, the principle says for everyone to go home and Science girl gets in the car with Elena. Her parents can be working or something like that, doesn’t matter.

When they get to the house Elena and Science girl are sitting on the couch. Elena questions her about why she stepped in to help. The girl kinda brushes her off, maybe makes a joke about always wanting to be in a fist fight. Elena convinces her and she finally explains herself. Basically saying, “When you first told me you were gay it freaked me out. So I picked on you. When I saw someone else doing it and then shoving you it made me realize I was the jerk. So I stepped in.” Elena asks why the “gay thing” freaks her out so much. And she goes quiet and finally says, “Because I never met anyone who was like me before. And you were just so open about it, not ashamed at all. You don’t suppress it.” So Elena kinda stares at her and puts the pieces together. Saying something like, “What do you….oh.,..OH. Okay then.” 

They continue to have a heart to heart about being gay or whatever. They agree to start fresh and be friends, continuing to do their science project. And Elena later tells her mom about what happened. It’s nice and happy.

Side note, later into the season the two of them can have a cute relationship lol. Like, they slowly realize their feelings for each other and cuteness occurs. But that’s a whole other big plot.  

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The thought of Slade somehow ending up with one of the robins (accidentally, not kidnapping) and trying to return them to Bruce amuses me.

haha like, Slade knows the shit he’s going to get in, and this wasn’t a job so he doesn’t want to deal with it. 

So he’s perpetually just shoving at the Robin like. “Go home brat. You’re not my problem.” But they STAY and Bruce finds out they’re together and is A-COMIN’ FOR YOU WILSON and he’s like ‘balls fine let’s get you home before your dad literally kills me.’

and like. He gets them home, but when Bruce gets there after them Slade’s just laying on the floor like ‘PLEASE NEVER LET THEM NEAR ME AGAIN BATMAN THEY’RE MONSTERS.’

and meanwhile the Robin is sitting with whatever predecessor they had eating ice cream on the batmobile. When Bruce looks at them questioningly they just shrug. 

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that video of them denying his hamburgers makes me SO MAD TOO

he bought all those purse sized burgers with his OWN money, carried it to them and was like “look!!! it has bacon and cheese :D each of u gets to have one!!! its huge!!!!!” th fockin bright Smile on his face…. he was so excited and eager to make new friends and what do they do…. not only do they throw it back in his face but they TOLD HIM IT WAS JUST LEFTOVERS!!! TO SHOVE IT IN HIS OWN MOUTH INSTEAD!!! ALL OF THEM!!! MADE HIM SIT ON THE FLOOR DURING THE LIVE BROADCAST SURROUNDED BY HIS REJECTED BURGERS!!! MADE HIM FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING POPULAR!!!.,, and knowin his fans and the members (jimin) were watching…. what the fawk man….. i kno this is old stuff nd im sure everyones fine now but its never Not gonna fock me up like what the hell…. this was like his 1st variety show alone come on

thinking about moving out and about how anxious i’m gonna be all the fuckin time and like 

the only time i’m not anxious is when i’m with a person i trust, but i don’t want that. i don’t want that reliance. humans are social creatures yeah i know i get it but to rely that heavily on another person is just fucking awful and i hate it. i hate my shit ass awful brain and the idea that if i was lovable this probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal but i don’t think i’m a person anyone really wants to be around for that long and that blows to think about so often. my brain is just constantly shoving that into my face 

i lost my train of thought. just not feeling anything at all. i’m gonna go to bed

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ive had multiple panic attacks and breakdowns about this one presentation and my parents are considering getting me an iep because it always happens with my schoolwork but now it just feels like theyre saying "lets shove the inconvenient mentally ill child where we cant see them"

aaaa i know how it can feel like that, as least it might make things more comfy for you though?? ;; good luck either way aaaaaa

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I like the idea of Damian having his own team but ... I don't like how they are doing it. Like at all. They're basically giving him two also, but I don't like either. The Titans are a mess. and the Supersons stuff ... Maya and Jon seem to have no personality to me. It's just boring imo and sort of forced. I don't mind that they're trying new stuff (although I DO mind that they got rid of Kon and Bart) but I just wish they'd do it better. Not to sound cynical. (Sorry if I did)

The Titans do seem to be a mess, I agree and I’ll forever be bitter about them lazily just de-aging popular characters and shoving them with the latest Robin. Believe it or not, the Titans are more than just accessories for whatever Robin happens to be around at the moment!!!! shocking!!!

Maya actually was a real interesting character in Robin: Son of Batman and i’m sad to see she’s also been let-down character wise. Jon is still pretty new but he seems sweet and has the opportunity for growth if only he’s given it. And there’s plenty of young, Dami aged heroes for him to interact with and form his own Team. You could bring back Colin Wilkes in as Abuse, Maya as Nobody, Jon as Superboy (with mentoring from the ORIGINAL Superboy), I think Irey West is old enough for Kid Flash plus a couple more and that’s a damn good team friends. I would love to see that. Damian needs more friends his age.

lmao so someone on IG majorly spoiled Seven’s route (++secret endings) for me and now I feel askfjdh about doing his route. Haha; damn && i was even saving his route for last because people say it’s the best

i told my sister about the 707 spoilers that’s been sent to me so far ((hoping that there’s still something i don’t know)) && she’s like “damn that’s everything haha you’ve been spoiled about everything rip delete your game now it’s done


get to know me meme: 8/10 movies ✧ star wars: the force awakens
the jedi were real? i used to wonder about that myself. thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. a magical power holding together good and evil, the dark side and the light… crazy thing is; it’s true. the force… the jedi… all of it. it’s all true.