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Ever wish you had your own Bill Nye The Science Guy intro? Wouldn’t quite work with Chandler, would it? It’s a nice pipe dream. But it would totally be awesome for this kind of re-introduction to Illinois society, I recon.

Let me just say that it’s nice to be back, Chicago. You’re surprisingly not as windy as St Andrews and that to me is a big plus. You’d think a 6′2″ man wouldn’t get blown over easily, right? Wrong. Very wrong. Flat on my back about three times right in the middle of the quad over the past year. But I’ve found if you just lay there and pretend you meant to use the wind to your advantage and do some cool trick? People just lay right on down with you. So, what’s new? Did anyone read the recent study about Multiple Sclerosis and part paraplegic patients and stem cell therapy? Anyone want to donate some saliva to science? Anyone want to take me in so I don’t have to be down with the freshmen? I make excellent cups of tea and I have some pretty great posters from national geographic.

The election starts today, I’ll just say I’d be highly disappointed in America if this guys the next POTUS
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you're beautiful and radiant and i'm high key upset that i never ran into you neither on here or irl before i left chicago. either way, i just wanted to say hi and let you know there is someone out there (me) who thinks you're really rad. i hope you had a great week and that your weekend is blissful. sending you warmth & light. ๐Ÿ’•

you don’t even know how you just made my day. 
It’s messages like this that help me center myself. YOU ARE RADIANT. You are amazing and I wish we could’ve hung out too. But this is only the first step. The world is a big place and I am sure we will bump into eachother somehow!

To new beginnings!

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"DOWNTOWN Chicago" is like saying the Southside so just say that.

except I’m in the loop?????????????? so i’m downtown chicago 

Fr. Pfleger's Missed "Silver Bullet": Chicago's Auburn-Gresham to UNGASS2016

by James E. Gierach

Neil Steinberg wrote a good column (“Help Isn’t Coming, 2/7/16, about (a) Father Michael Pfleger’s St. Sabina Catholic parish flying the Chi-raq flag above the American flag, (b) public outcry over disrespectful flag-display, and © Father Pfleger’s fruitless efforts to stop South Side Chicago violence, amounting to just talk.

Father Pfleger says, "Nobody cares about us being the poster boy for American violence. There is more concern over the position of the flag.”

But it’s not true. Many care as do I.

By email and phone, experienced as a former Cook County homicide prosecutor and drug policy reform activist, I have repeatedly offered to speak at St. Sabina regarding the legalization of drugs to (a) defund gangs, (b) remove the profit motive that paves the seemingly “easy-road” drug business opportunity to earn a living, © better control dangerous drugs, and (d) take away the foremost reason kids are armed and shooting each other.

But well-intending Father Pfleger doesn’t seem to want to talk about drug policy reform to contain the shootings and killing. (Much like politicians, newspapers and the common parishioner.)

Twice, I met with Father Pfleger at his parish office as I tried to sell him drug policy reform as the mainstay solution to the violence. In 1992, as a candidate for Cook County state’s attorney, I met with Father Pfleger and Jay Doherty, later longtime president of the City Club of Chicago, and again about five years ago with Father Pfleger and Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

Father Pfleger’s answer: silence. He doesn’t want to talk about the direct correlation between drug prohibition and increased violent crime in “Chi-raq,” or as I prefer to call it “ Caponeville.”

Unable to reach Fr. Pfleger’s flock cooperatively, I once picketed Father Pfleger as he and his parishioners picketed Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale. Across the street from his picketers and Chuck’s gun shop, I stood alone, broadcasting the “bad-tasting” drug policy reform medicine through a bullhorn purchased for the occasion, standing in front of a 30-foot banner that read, “End the Drug War To Stop the Killing.” Years late, the same banner reached the White House but the failed and counterproductive United Nations “World War on Drugs” continues to this day at a national and state level, as well as the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood level and UNGASS2016 level.

Steinberg’s column doesn’t mention Fr. Pfleger’s assorted efforts to stop the violence including endless marches, parades, t-shirt messages, job programs, free book bag giveaways for kids, gun-buyback drives, midnight basketball, basketball games between rival gangs, talk and much more.

But always missing from Fr. Pfleger’s sympathetic efforts, like the efforts of those at the international level, every level, is the central answer, the minimized and belittled “silver bullet” solution to stop the nightmare of gangs, guns and violence: the legalization, regulation and taxation of all commonly used drug substances for adults.

From a godly perspective, the solution can be no more reprehensible than turning water into the best wine served at the Wedding of Canna, or from a political perspective no more “white flag-ish” than adoption of the 21st Amendment that repealed national Prohibition.

Amen and salute.

James E. Gierach
February 8, 2016

Chicago Experience’s Highest Murder Rate In 16 Years

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Chicago is currently experiencing its highest murder rate in approximately 16 years. There has been about 51 homicides in just the first month of 2016 alone. Police are saying that Chicago has experienced a raise in violence but they have no idea where its coming from.

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John Escalante, from Chicago’s interim police superintendent, released a statement saying,

“Even when they’re doing something right, they’re concerned that their actions will be questioned and they will be the one that goes viral.”

Escalante says that he puts some of the blame on new policies floating around that requires officers to fill out lengthy forms after making street stops. He believes that the forms prohibit officers from doing actual stops and staying on top of things.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not pleasing the Chicago residents. Many want him to resign. Reverend Al Sharpton told MSNBC,

“I don’t see how [Emanuel] can continue governing now. I think he’s gone beyond the point where he can even govern. Certainly, from where I sit, he should [step down] because [the people] have clearly said ‘How do we trust this kind of administration to correct when you have this going so far off track and you’re not even showing up and dealing with it?‘”

Source: Complex

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