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Soooo there probably will not be an update this weekend for Insomnia. On account of the fact that I was in a car accident today. Another car plowed into the one I was in while I was stopped at a light =/

Someone clearly was not paying attention.

Anyways I’m fine! But my wrists are a little tweaked. They’re probably gonna need a bit to heal but I’m pretty sure we’ll be back on track the weekend after this one. I just want to make sure they’re rested and a hundred percent healed before I resume the art stuff again just to avoid unnecessary injury via being dumb.

Sorry ‘bout leaving ya’ll on a cliff hanger!

Have a great night!

This has been a PSA? I guess so.

I forgot to mention (Thanks Cerise for reminding me. I was too caught up in the excitement) that the plan is to do this on the 27th of every month! Each month will have a different WOY topic to talk about and the aim is to get WOY trending every month for as long as we need to. Just to prove that the campaign is still going strong as the months go by. 

But for now let’s all be very proud of what we have accomplished today! This is what happens when the fandom comes together as one. We can pull off great things! Which is exactly why we should remain hopeful about saving WOY. With 34,000+ of us working together who knows what we can accomplish?! 

I put out the call and you guys answered! Thank you everyone! You’re all amazing! This fandom is truly amazing!


Some people were asking, so here’s some “production art” from the Zombie music video. 

The first couple were exploratory sketches done on post-its. I was thinking of animating on post-its until i realized how expensive it would be, and how many post-its i would need to use in order to do almost 4 minutes of animation. So i just ended up using printer paper.

The third image above was basically my “model sheet” for the main character. He constantly went off-model, but this page was helpful just to remind me where i’d started. You can see a clear Rory Hayes influence here if you know his work.

And then the rest of the pages were just quick sketches i did while watching the film “Zombie” from 1979 (famous for its shark vs. zombie fight scene). 

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the actual music video I made can be found here:


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  • His sunshine smile immediately brightening your day
  • Him coming back from practice and just wanting to collapse and hold you
  • “Hobi NO”
  • Making eye contact with each other from across the room and grinning
  • or make weird faces
  • Getting tipsy together and messily waltzing around in a fit of giggles
  • Incredibly large amounts of PDA
  • Lots of hand holding and hugs
  • Pulling you close with an arm around your shoulder to kiss your temple
  • while the maknaes watch and gag slightly
  • You know you make others uncomfortable but neither of you care
  • Going on a picnic with only cake and candy for your anniversary
  • Him trying to teach you choreography and you just failing
  • Surprise love notes hidden around the house
  • Always knowing you can talk to him about anything
  • You become one of the only people he reveals his vulnerable/insecure side to
  • and you become able to know when he needs to be comforted
  • Always being able to cheer him up until you see his sunshine smile again
  • Your parents love him
  • Like ask-you-when-you’re-getting-married love him
  • He randomly says cheesy things that border between making you want to blush and making you want to hit him
  • Constant aegyo battles
  • “Jagi, don’t even try. We both know who the cute one in this relationship is.”
  • “Okay, Hoseok.” 
  • All of the pet names.
  • He’ll even make up pet names bc why not.
  • Him trying to be manly in front of you
  • But then you guys go to an amusement park
  • He doesn’t care about how manly he has to be in front of you, there is no way that he’s going on that rollercoaster.
  • Still ending up going on it bc he can’t resist his adorable little Jagi. 
  • After that he’ll fake being mad at you
  • But you won’t care and keep hugging him until he’s happy again. 
  • lbr here, this boy would show you so much love and care, because he’s your Hope, he’s your Angel, he’s your J-Hope.

-Admins Amanda and Amy <3

Female masturbation needs to be a thing that people are able to talk about outside of the porn setting just sayin’… Also, it shouldn’t be such a taboo subject. It is part of life. It is normal. There is no need to feel guilty or ashamed if you are a girl and you do this. That is all.

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sheith for the ships thingy

  • Drinks all of the coffee: Keith, but Shiro totally lets him. he’s more of a tea guy anyway
  • Brings up adopting a pet: Shiro, he’ll like super casually call Keith and talk about getting a cat and Keith is like “???seriously??” and Shiro is like “….i already adopted him, he had no family and i had to” 
  • Kills the bugs: Shiro, all Keith has to do is tap him on the shoulder and Shiro is like “*sigh* ok where is it?” 
  • Cooks the meals: Shiro, he’s actually a really capable cook but Keith…oh Keith… we don’t let him near the stove anymore
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Shiro, it’ll be like the day after Halloween and he’s putting up the Christmas tree and Keith is like “??? you’re a bit early??” and Shiro is like “I didn’t want to forget this year….again” 
  • Initiates the couple selfies: Shiro, he’s always taking pictures of Keith and Keith is like “i dont have any pictures of you?” so shiro is like “ok, then lets take one together?” and hence they take a bunch of cute couple selfies 
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Keith, he’s a disaster. 
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Keith, Shiro just takes them out of the cart at the cashier 
  • Nicknames the other: Shiro gives Keith a few nicknames that are more like terms of endearment, Keith is just like “…oh you mean me?”
More focus needed on mental health after Abdirahman Abdi's death, advocates say
Ayan Yusuf, 29, has lived with the symptoms of schizophrenia for the past 10 years. And she has been an outspoken mental health advocate in Ottawa’s Somali community for years.

The news of Abdirahman’s Abdi’s death after a violent arrest hit close to home for a woman who shares two things in common with Abdi: mental illness and Somali roots.

Ayan Yusuf, 29, has lived with the symptoms of schizophrenia for the past 10 years. And she has been an outspoken mental health advocate in Ottawa’s Somali community for years.

“When I first heard the news and read the articles, I cried because it hurt, because that could have been me,” she said. “A lot of people are just talking about Black Lives Matter, you know, and I think it’s a bigger issue than Black Lives Matter.”

The discussion surrounding Abdi’s death needs to include a larger conversation about mental health stigma more generally, Yusuf said.

Abdi was described by his family’s spokesperson as having a “mental illness.” His specific condition is still unknown — something that’s doesn’t surprise Yusuf.

“You’ll see kids with autism and stuff and their parents don’t bring them out into the community because a lot of people will start talking about them, they’ll put them down,” she said. “There’s a big stigma (in the Somali community), it’s a taboo. People don’t talk about it. They don’t bring it up. They hide their condition.”

Medicine or doctors are often not the first resort for someone who is mentally ill in the Somali community, she said. People will often go to religious leaders or pretend like mental health issues doesn’t exist.

Yusuf said she felt the same stigma from her community and didn’t get diagnosed until 2011 — about five years after her symptoms first began.

She adds that a lack of resources catering to her community is a compounding problem.

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Can you make a headcannon about the gang at Disney World?

(( I’ve never been to Disney World just Disneyland and I’m pretty sure they don’t have the same rides???? idk I’m going to do Disneyland tho because I’ve been there I’m SORRY ))

- Two-Bit insists that before they go on any rides, he needs to meet Mickey Mouse. He spends literally 45 minutes talking to him before the gang pulls him away.

- Ponyboy persuades Johnny to go on It’s a Small World with him, and Johnny gets mad because the song is stuck in his head all day.

- Steve attempts to impress everyone on the Tea Cups by spinning really, really fast and ends up getting really, really sick.

- Dallas screams louder than anyone else on Splash Mountain.

- Soda notices Cinderella eyeing Darry, and helps him build up the courage to go talk to her. They don’t see Darry for the rest of the day.

- Ponyboy splashes water at Steve on the Pirates of the Caribbean, so Steve attempts to push him out of the boat until an employee notices and threatens to kick them off.

- Johnny thinks the Alice in Wonderland ride is creepy.

- Two-Bit and Dallas challenge each other to see who can cut in front of the most people in line without getting caught.

- Ponyboy tells Johnny all about the deaths at Disneyland and the two go on all the rides to ‘pay their respects’.

- Steve and Soda try to race everyone on Autopia and Soda ends up derailing his car and Steve rams into a little kid.

- Someone pops out and scares on Dallas on the Haunted Mansion, so he punches the person square in the face.

- Two-Bit goes missing and they find him hanging out with Mickey Mouse.

- Cinderella leads them to a great spot to watch the fireworks at night.

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oh my word the tags on the wonwoo imagine i cry wonwoo would be such a perfect boyfriend ~Jisoup Anon

Honestly wonwoo’s like boyfriend goals okay bc he’s the type of boyfriend to go over to your house after you’ve had a nightmare even though you told him not to and just give you his sweater so you can feel better going back to sleep bc he’s still not sure whether you’re comfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same bed as him and he doesn’t wanna rush you or make you uncomfortable

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I hope once more of this season airs that the people coming at you over Joshaya see how wrong it is. I personally think they should have gotten that in SL2 but apparently not.

The fact that Jacobs basically flat out said the characters (presumably Josh included) didn’t make the right decisions in Ski Lodge kinda says it all tbh. He was cryptic as to WHY the decisions were wrong, but then he said that 3x21 would explain it.

In IDF/goodbye, there’s a lot of talk about what you do when you need to make a good decision. The kids and Josh did basically NONE of that in SL2. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that they’ve learned a big lesson from Topanga about how you should make important decisions…

I’m just waiting to hear about S4, tbh.

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Creativity is better than time


sketchbook: ow.

I really need… to find a girl who has read the Dresden Files.

Because I really want to talk to a girl fan about the books and I’ve only ever met boys who have read them and while that’s great and all there are just some things you can’t discuss with a boy. Like Karrin Murphy. Or Queen Mab. And the stuff that happens to these characters, you know? Does anyone get what I’m asking?

Let me know…

CONFIDANT {part 1; Jimin}

Talk to Namjoon. I continued to stare at my arm. Namjoon? Who the hell is that and why do I need to talk to him? I grabbed my pen and quickly responded. 

Jimin’s eyes widened. He had totally forgotten that his soulmate would see his note. The burning in his arm faded and he looked down. Who? And why do I need to talk to him? He couldn’t help but laugh a little. At least they are nice about it. He clicked his pen and began to draft a response. 

Sorry! Forgot you see this! Just need to keep things straight! Looking at the scratched writing, I noticed how hastily it seemed to have been written. Grabbing my pen once more, I quickly jotted. 

No problem! I’m here if you need me. Jimin’s smile grew even wider. He had never really had a confidant. Snatching the pen off the desk, he began scribbling on his arm. 

It is currently 3:09am and I have just spent the last 2 hours watching Joe Gilgun interviews for Preacher. I am well and truly down the rabbit hole.

“Harry, what is this.”

“It’s called Pokemon Go. You can walk around catching pokemon on your phone”

“That seems stupid. That seems like what Loony Lovegood talks about all the time.”

“…maybe. But I promise it’s fun! Please just try it with me?”


*2 weeks later*

“Draco, you haven’t come home in three days please just take a break.”

“hArr Y I still haven’t gotten a Lapras we’re not going anywh – wait I scheduled a Portkey to New York for tomorrow.”

“What?? Why? And why didn’t I know about this?”

“I neEd a Tauro s, Harry. But don’t worry; you’re coming, too.”

“…I’m taking your phone away.”

“n O.”

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For the Anon who requested 28 (shut up just shut up) with Hotch

He was pacing. It’s never good when Hotch paces. He’d called you in here a half hour ago and hadn’t said a word. He just went back and forth in front of you.
“Hotch? You’re kind of freaking me out here.” He continues to pace for a few minutes then stops and looks down at you.
“It’s just- I heard something. A rumor. I need to know if it’s true. I just- I don’t- I don’t know how to ask if it’s true. You know-uh without insulting you.” He’s freaking you out. He starts pacing again and you watch in alarm as he goes back and forth. What in the world could he be talking about? A rumor that might offend you? The only rumor that you’d heard was that you were in love with Hotch. Not exactly rumor or completely untrue.
“Hotch.” He continues pacing. “Hotch.” You say against attempting to get his attention. “Hotch!” You bark.
“What?” He stops and looks over at you.
“Just tell me the rumor already. You’re freaking me out.”
“You won’t get mad?”
“Are you sure?”
“Hotch I’ll never know for sure until you tell me what this rumor is.”
“Pardon?” You ask. He takes a deep breath.
“I heard a rumor that you were in love with me.”
“Oh.” Okay, so other than being totally embarrassing this wasn’t so bad.
“I know. I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable but I don’t want to have a rumor going around. Especially one that can be squashed quickly.”
“I’ve had worse.” You shrug.
“But this could look bad for you. People talk.” He turns away, “Just because I have feelings for you and Rossi can’t keep his mouth shut shouldn’t mean you have to suffer.” He mutters. “So how do you-”
“Shut up.”
“Just shut up Hotch.” You stand and press your mouth to his. His hands go to your hips as you wrap yours around his neck.
“So not a rumor.”
“Not a rumor.”

I’m in a hurry, so no chit-chats today. This is my usual guide. Let’s get to it!

1) How do you trigger this weeks stuff?
Just like always, follow the questline! I think this works just like Act 1, so you’ll probably be required to defeat Mysterio 3 times before you start with this weeks things. (If you need help for that still, my guide from last week is here.)  Once you do that you shoul be able to invite Mysterio from the in-game store.

After that you should get a quest where you need to build the Horizon Labs in the same place there was Spidey’s crafting station in Act 1 (you just tap on the little icon in the quest and it automatically brings you where that is if you don’t know what I’m talking about). 

You also need to craft 1 Magic Wand before the fight against Venom gets started (and that will take time cause those requirements have a stupid drop rate like always and it take 8 hours to craft them).

2) How do you fight Venom?

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I think what makes it so difficult for me to talk to a Trump supporter is because I just can’t fathom the way they can say no he’s not a racist and he’s not a bigot days after he doesn’t denounce the support of a freaking KKK grand wizard. Jesus Christ.

If you support trump you support racism. And if you support trump you are naively thinking he gives a shit about you personally. And I’m sorry white dude in America but no one is attacking you and you do not need someone to protect your interests. The whole world protects you! By saying you support trump because you just care about yourself is just incredible to me. At least some of them are honest but holy crap.