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i can't remember if this is still the q tax but: i learned that horses are more horrifying on a biological level than i thought! so i know that in quite a few dog breeds, partially or all white coats are linked with deafness/blindess. why is this only in certain breeds (dachshunds, dalmatians, etc) and not others? is this seen in other species?

Simply put, there are multiple different genetic mechanisms that can result in ‘white’ dogs. Some of these genes result in a lack of pigment in the fur only, but other genes are associated with issues like undersized eyeballs, or lack of pigment in the inner ear.

We don’t know all the genes that cause whiteness in dogs, but if it helps to simplify it think of white dogs like this:

  • Dogs that have colour, but have white on top
  • Dogs that have no colour (or patches of no colour)
  • Albino

Pigment isn’t just for decoration. An animal needs pigment in areas like the eye and inner ear to function. On the skin areas that are devoid of pigment are just white, but if you happen to have a white patch in your retina or inner ear you might be partially deaf or blind. This is why sometimes, some white dogs are associated with deafness and blindness. Some individual white genes are also associated with deformities of particular organs (eg eye), or a potential increased cancer risk.

Dogs that are actually coloured dogs with white over the top (eg White shepherds, Samoyeds, Maltese) typically have black (or brown) noses and pigment around their eyelids.

Dogs which genuinely lack pigment (either completely or in patches), often don’t. Their eyelids and nose are more likely to be pink.

These two pictured dogs are both white, but genetically very different and consequently have different risk factors.

Problems associated with lack of pigment are also seen in other species to varying extents. Lethal White Foals is probably the best known example.

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I know this may seem like a random question but I've noticed in a lot of selfies that Norman takes where he kinda tips his head back, his nostrils appear to either be shaped different or his nose might be a little crooked. I have heard he was in an accident & needed reconstructive surgery on his eye but do you know if his nose was damaged as well or do I just need an eye exam?

I’m sure there was a little nose damage his face got smashed a little 

When you think about it, it’s actually quite sad and scary how many people ship Karamel not seeing how unhealthy and toxic the relationship itself is. They perceive the relationship as something normal thinking that’s the exact way all relationships should work because “who cares the guy treats the girl like shit if he’s hot;” they literally aspire to have relationship just like that only because that’s exactly what they’ve seen/read being romanticized and glamorized for all those years in movies, books or TV shows. And that is exactly why representation matters. 

Many Karamel fans are feeling insulted when someone tells them their ship is unhealthy and instead of listening for once they just give us irrelevant arguments, top it off with “it’s just a ship, chill,” and block us. No, the reason why many people are pissed off at what has been happening to Supergirl ever since CW happened is not that we are “heterophobic” or “trying to ruin your fun with shipping,” it’s the fact that there are many young people watching the show, looking up mostly to Kara, and when they see a scene where Mon-El literally intentionally insults her in front of everyone because something didn’t go his way but she ends up with him at the end of the episode anyway because that’s what “she’s supposed to do,” no one’s gonna tell them “well, that’s actually bullshit; that’s not how relationships should work.” And to top this all off, after episode those young people go around Twitter or Tumblr and all they see is y’all calling Kara a bitch and swooning 😍😍😍 over Mon-El calling Kara selfish for no apparent reason because that was so cute, relationship goals 👌👌👌.

So maybe try to pull your heads out of your asses for once, see what’s right in front of you and just stop. Don’t glamorize something unhealthy only because you find Chris Wood hot or whatever other reason you have.


Viviane and Kallias :)

I loved these two together, & the Winter Court is just so interesting in general.


I need a hug

“But I-”

“Maybe you don’t, but I need one.”

“Oh. Okay.”

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it


You are Nekros. Manipulator of souls. Harbinger of the Orokin. You walk the battlefield, desolation following in your footsteps.

You have been taken.

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