they just make out in her house during the day

“Private Studies”  ~  George x reader

“Can u do an imagine where the reader is George’s girlfriend and she can preform magic with her hands (like she doesn’t need a wand to cast spells) and George finds it really cool when she shows him (during school one time) and then they just kind of end up making out” ~Anon

Thank you so much for the request!! I loved it! It was so much fun to write! It’s probably the most provocative thing I’ve written. Haha! I hope you like it!😊💕

  • y/n - your name
  • y/e/c - your eye color
  • y/h/c - your hair color
  • y/h - your house


Y/n sat in one of the private studies in the library, going over her transfiguration notes and practicing the spells she had learned earlier that day. Unlike any of the other students she knew, her wand wasn’t necessary to perform magic. It lay on the other side of table, motionless, as y/n stirred the spoon in her coffee by circling her finger in midair. She turned the page of her textbook with her free hand and pointed to her quill to write her thoughts on the spells she had to remember. The door creaked open, but y/n didn’t notice. Her mind was deep inside her textbook.

“Hey, you!” George flirted, closing the door quietly. “I missed you at dinner.”

She turned to her boyfriend. “I missed dinner?”

Her question was the least of his concerns. “How are you doing that?” he asked.

“Doing what?”

He pointed as he spoke. “That!”

She looked at her quill moving, spoon stirring, and a page of her textbook floating a couple of centimeters from the previous lessons’ she’d had. “Oh!” she smiled. “Magic.”

George chuckled. “I’m being serious.”

“So am I.” She closed the book and pushed it to the opposite corner of the table with a wave and a pushing motion of her hand.

Sitting in the chair next to his girlfriend, George gave her a childlike grin. “Show me more.”

Y/n leaned in to him really close. “Alright.” She winked. As she backed away from him quickly, she pointed to her textbook and crooked her finger. It zoomed to her and opened to the page she had stopped at.

He giggled like a hyper five year old. “That’s amazing.”

She bit the tip of her tongue softly as she gave a flirtatious smile. Glancing at the bookshelf on the other side of the room, she silently called one over. It landed in her lap with a quiet thud. George’s eyes widened as she transformed the book into a chocolate frog. She handed it to him.

“Thought you might want one.”

“Thank you!” Taking the chocolate parcel from her fingers, he set it on the table next to her half full coffee mug and just gazed into her y/e/c eyes.


He couldn’t take it any longer. Her abilities were too much to handle. With a quick, swift motion, he smashed his lips into hers, caressing her cheeks. She was surprised at his choice of action, but quickly went along with it. She slowly moved her arms up to his chest and draped them around his neck as she slid into his lap. He traced the inside of her bottom lip line with his tongue before gently pulling it with his teeth.

Y/n let out a soft moan. He moved his hands down her sides, to her thighs, and around to her lower back, giving her butt a squeeze. They both laughed slightly.

The weight of the two of them kept pushing to the back of the chair. Soon enough, it toppled backwards. George’s head hit the floor.

Y/n gasped. “Georgie! Are you alright?”

He responded by continuing what they had started. They rolled off of the chair and onto the stone floor, y/n on top of him. She raised up a bit as he loosened her tie and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt. Her heart fluttered. They’d never taken it this far. But, before they could go any further, the door knob started to shake. Y/n quickly rolled off of George and held her hand out for a book to fly into. The door opened, and they acted as if nothing had happened.

“Hey guys!”

George chuckled nervously. “You scared us, Forge.”

“Oh.” Fred joked. “Were you two in the middle of something?”

The two in the floor eyed the room, not answering.

“I heard a crashing noise, and it took me a minute to remember that George came in here.” he went on. “Thought I’d check in on you two before Madame Pince started her rounds around the library.”

They got out of the floor, y/n pointing her finger at the chair to raise also. “Well, thank you, Fred. But, I can assure you, it was nothing.”

He smirked. “Mhm…” He left.

George looked nervous. “Umm… That was… nice.”

Y/n giggled as she fixed her outfit. “It was.”

“Mind if we do it again sometime?”

“How about tomorrow?” she asked with a sparkle in her eye, gathering her things. “During our free period after lunch?”

He gave her a devious, yet flirty look. “Perfect.”

She made her way to the door, changing the subject before she opened it. “You better sit by me in Potions.”

“Oh, I will.”

“You better.”

She flipped her y/h/c and made her way back to the y/h common room, waiting for tomorrow to hurry on its way.

Forbearance manifestation chapter 4: Heartbeat

Entry date 05/08/16: It’s been quite some time since I first fell here, around a month or so is what I’ve been able to keep track of. I’ve explored every inch of the ruins from my house to where I fell down, I’m still now allowed to go out into the city yet. Oh, but there’s this really cool tree in front of Toriel’s house and there’s something really weird about it. I can tell something is wrong but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I keep having those dreams too, I just can’t remember what happens in them and it’s starting to make me really really really super mad! Cayin quickly scribbled in her journal as the candle lights surrounding her started to fade into small embers. When I have those visions during the day I just get a glass of water and then I’m fine. I’m starting to think that there’s something really bad going on with my head, I’m starting to get migraines sometimes. I really really really hate them! It gets really hard to think sometimes. I’m worried about my mom and dad though, I’ve been gone for a while so they’re probably worried sick about me. I just wish they could come here and see what this cool new world is like! I wonder if I can get home, I’ll probably stay here a little longer. The girl finished etching the graphite into the journal and smiled with satisfaction. “Hey, Tori, when will you let me explore the abandoned city? I’m tough enough to go through!” She posed with both hands on her hips which resulted in the goat woman bursting out in laughter.

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My sister and I are falling into a routine. After the 8ish feeding (the second of the day) my niece and I will hang out while my sister sleeps. It’s amazing to see that when I arrived on Friday (when Kate was 8 days old) all she did was eat-sleep-shit-repeat. But starting Saturday afternoon she was spending some hours just looking around. And by Monday she was touching things. Her brain is growing. And her body - Lizzie and I put her in the onesie she was wearing on Friday again today. Friday she was swimming in it. Tuesday it fit.

I wake my sister up when Kate is hungry again, and during the hour long process of feeding Kate I make us a big weekend-style breakfast (sans the Bloody Marys). And we plan our outing - my goal while I’m here is to make sure we leave the house every day. My sister lives less than five minutes walking from the main strip in Mountain View and it’s a very urban-feeling, walkable community. We get ready for the outing but we have to time it carefully - just after the next feeding, then we’ll have two hours to wander around.

So - my sister is breast feeding. And doing an amazing job. But it’s HARD. And painful. And insanely time consuming. Kate feeds on each side for 15-25 minutes - and setting up and getting her interested isn’t easy or fast - and then Liz pumps for 10 minutes. Conservatively that’s an hour process. That she does SEVEN times a day (according to the app that she uses to track these things). An hour seven times a day is - shocking - seven hours a day. My sister spends more than a quarter of the hours that exist in the day feeding her child. I don’t want to calculate the percentage of her waking hours.

Lizzie is an OB/GYN and so she’s watched and helped so many women go through this process. So watching her go through it for the first time, saying, “everyone says that… And it really is true,” or “I’ve been telling my patients for years to do X… And now I’m doing it,” is really interesting. My favorite is, though, when she tells me that she thinks Kate is the prettiest baby in the world. “I know it’s the hormones. But I really believe it.” There might be hormones involved, but they’re not affecting me. Kate is a very pretty, very good baby.

And then somewhere in there I cook dinner. We eat dinner and play with Kate and watch Netflix. We stay up until midnight where we try to stuff Kate full of enough food so that she’ll sleep for five hours. We text her dad and grandparents and aunts and uncles so many photos. And fight over who gets to hold the baby. I’m having the best time.