they just look so good together ugh


i had a dream a few nights ago that chris took dan to a concert for a date or somethin and it was rly good…….

  • “It’s been raining for days.”
  • “Looks like the rainy season is finally here.”
  • “Shall I put on a pot of tea?”
  • “Turn up the heat/put another log on the fire, the rain brought a chill.”
  • “Close the window, you’ll ruin the flooring!”
  • “You’re sopping wet.”
  • “What on earth were you doing out there?”
  • “Fine, you can come in, but take off your shoes.”
  • “I don’t need you tracking mud everywhere.”
  • “The sound of rain is so nice.”
  • “You’re going out? In this?”
  • “You can’t go out there, it’s pouring down rain!”
  • “I like the rain and all, but being stuck inside is so boring.”
  • “The day would be a lot less boring if you learned how to sit still.”
  • “I cannot believe we’re stuck in this!”
  • “Maybe we should find somewhere to take cover until it stops.”
  • “Does it ever stop raining here?”
  • “Oh no! The rain ruined our picnic.”
  • “Want to go for a walk in the rain?”
  • “Can I have a blanket?”
  • “Sorry to intrude. This rain came out of nowhere.”
  • “Look at the sky! The lightning is insane.”
  • “It’s getting pretty intense out there.”
  • “A rainy day, warm blankets, a cup of tea, and a book to tie it all together.”
  • “Let’s go for a walk in the rain.”
  • “Here, this should warm you up.”
  • “Come in here before you catch a cold.”
  • “Ugh, that’s just a silly old wives’ tale.”
  • “I pity the poor souls caught out in this.”
  • “Aren’t there any books to read?”
  • “Rains smells so different in the city.”
  • “The rain smells better in the countryside.”
  • “Nothing like the sound of rain to go with a good book.”
  • “Careful, the tea is still hot.”
  • -draws on the fogged up windows-
  • -Flips loudly through book-
  • -sighs- “It’s so cozy in here.”

Percico holding hands for the first time commission for @binyeum

Dating the Swim Team Captain does have its perks, doesn’t it, Nico? He’s so embarrassed. Percy’s goal is to make him flustered and happy at the same time and Nico wearing knee high Converse was something I never knew I needed. 

i hate how cassandra clare is criticized for making alec biphobic at first. 

no person is perfect, and like anyone else alec too had flaws. point is, he overcame his prejudices and learnt from his mistakes. book!alec is a deeply flawed person with good characteristics too, just like anyone else. he is a PERSON, and his sexuality made him insecure. the antis go like “ugh but this was PrObLeMatic!!!” like yes susan it was, it was supposed to be problematic because that is supposed to be a problem. cassandra clare wrote that particular scene in just because she knew that a part of her audience may be looking at magnus through alec’s eyes and slutshame him just because of his sexuality.

alec and magnus’s book relationship had so many barriers, their genders, their SPECIES made it difficult for them to be together, but at the end, they respected each other as equals and were in a loving relationship. the show is removing all of alec’s character growth and turning their relationship into a slowburn au where all their flaws don’t exist. 

the same alec who tried to make magnus mortal out of selfishness respected magnus’s refusal to marry him without getting angry. alec’s parents, who at first did not approve of alec’s boyfriend, gladly accepted a warlock baby into their family. the entire point of the homophobia and biphobia was to show that despite having superpowers, shadowhunters are still humans with prejudices. 

and i’m angry af at the show for removing the bigotry of certain characters in the universe, because they are depriving us of important development of some characters

I’m sorry but the thought of AgentCorp makes me WEAK


this was the beginning of something beautiful tbh (if only in my mind)

ugh they would look so good together

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Two badass, strong, independent women with a STEM background

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But they can both be soft af at times

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Like damn they would be so interesting together! I just can’t stop thinking about it.

I wonder if Chyler and Katie would be into it?


An Unconventional First Date [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Voltron request? Shiro taking his s/o on their first date and it fails miserably and by the end of the night he feels like dying a little inside but when his s/o kisses him, he goes back to his room with the biggest smile on his face. ( I just thought it would be cute!) thank you! I hope you have a good day!“

A/N: Hope you love it my lovely anon! <33


So the day Shiro finally asked you on a date everyone thought ‘it was about damn time.’ Living on the castle ship with the paladins didn’t leave much room for privacy and secrets, everyone knew how everyone else felt about the other. Meaning the other paladins knew Shiro was head over heels for you within the first week in Earth time. 

When he finally asked you out everyone sighed in relief. 

After finding out where it would be safe to take you, he planned the perfect date.

Leaving you rather excited. Allura sat in your room as you readied yourself. “You must be excited” she said, you turned from the mirror to face her. “Yeah, I’ve had feelings for Shiro for a while now. Since we were in the garrison together, I guess we were both oblivious to the other.” you laughed sitting beside her.

“I never really got the chance to ‘date’ as you call it. Being a princess made it difficult.” Allura informed you. Putting a hand on her shoulder, “You’ll find someone incredible, I know it” encouraging her. A large smile grew on her face, “Thank you [F/n]”

“And worse comes to worse, there’s always Lance” walking to the mirror again. Allura laughed behind you, “I’d have to decline the offer” she joked. Eliciting some laughter from you.

Not long after there was a knock on your door. Walking over you clicked the panel beside the door allowing it to slide open. Shiro stood on the other side, nervously fidgeting.

He smiled upon laying eyes on you, “Wow, you look incredible” complimenting you, Allura had lent you some clothes. It was nice to be in something different. “Thanks Shiro, you don’t look half bad yourself” teasing playfully.

He chuckled before asking “All set to go?”

“I am” answering as he offered you an arm. Of which you took.

“Don’t have too much fun you two” You could hear Lance yell from down the corridor. You simply laughed, looking up to see Shiro chuckling, face flushed. It was too easy to get him flustered. But it was undeniably adorable. 

He took you down to where his lion was. Climbing aboard you turned to him, “So where are we headed?” walking backwards toward the cockpit. “Well Allura and Coran told me about a friendly planet nearby so I thought maybe it’d be fun to go check it out”

“Sounds cool, lets do it” smiling at him. He blushed again before heading to where he pilots the lion. Standing beside him you held onto the chair. “Hold on” he said before taking off. Though the propulsion knocked you off balance.

Noticing Shiro quickly caught you by the waist. Though it caused the lion to jerk and you fell the other direction. That ended with you falling on to his lap.

You hands landed on his shoulders, his arms still around your waist. Meeting his eyes you both blushed bright red. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry” you cursed, quickly jumping on his lap.

“I-I” choking on his own voice, he cleared his throat. “I, uhm, don’t worry about it. It’s okay”

You both sat in a bit of an awkward silence. Before you started to laugh, “Who knew Lance’s advice would come into play so early” you joked. Shiro began to laugh as well, “Can you imagine how long it’d take to live that down?”

“We wouldn’t” you smiled while watching space fly past, as a planet came into view. “Is that it?” pointing out toward the mass.

“It is. Lets land and get the ball rolling” You nodded, getting a better grip onto the chair this time. Though the landing was smooth.

Once landed you both exited the lion, it putting up it’s force field the minute you stepped off.

You followed a path to a nearby town. It was a cute little place, tucked away from where the Galra could find it. It seemed to be a port for many travelers, seeing aliens of different species everywhere. “What should we do first?” Shiro asked standing beside you.

“I don’t know about you but I’m starving” your eyes skimming over the buildings. “Oh there!” you pointed to what resembled a restaurant, grabbing his hand “Come on!” a cheery tone to your voice. Leading him through the rather crowded street.

You made it to the small restaurant and got yourselves a table. “I have no idea what any of this stuff is” staring, confused by the menu.

“Maybe we can just ask to get what’s popular?“ Shiro looked around for the alien taking your order.

You did so and made idle conversation while waiting. Trying to keep the conversation light. The service was good, the food was out quickly. It looked less than appealing.

“Okay we both take a bite at the same time, it’s only fair” Shiro laughed gesturing between the both of you. “Ugh, fine! We take the bullet together” you hesitantly grabbed your utensil.

You both got a spoonful. “Okay, on 3. 1.. 2.. 3!” both taking a bite. “Oh god that’s horrible” placing your utensil down. Shiro shook it off, “That isn’t what we’re used too”

“We should’ve brought back up space goo” you laughed, staring disapprovingly at the food. He nodded laughing as well.

After paying you both began to wander the street again. Peering into each restaurant or store. Though one caught your attention, “Is that a bar?” you laughed.

“I think it is” Shiro chuckled following your gaze. “Well we’re both adults, and haven’t had a drink since we were brought out to space. So what do you say?”

“Are you sure?” he asked hesitantly. “Come on Shiro live a little” squeezing his hand. He sighed, “Okay, just one”

“Deal” grinning before pulling him to the building. Approaching the bar, “Hi, how are you two? You new around here?” The bartender greeted. “Just passing through” smiling at him.

“Nice, what can I get for you?” he asked looking at the both of you. “Uh, I guess whatever is popular“

He smiled before coming back with two glasses. The liquid in it was slightly tinged pink. Taking the glasses and handing Shiro one. “To terrible food, lets hope the drink’s better” you laughed, Shiro smiled before clinking his glass to yours. Both downing the drinks.

“Whew, that is strong” placing the glass down. “And your unaffected and i feel like a lightweight” noticing how Shiro didn’t even flinch. He laughed, “I guess you are a lightweight.” he teased. The drink obviously making him more confident. “I’m hurt, you have wounded me Takashi Shirogane” using his full name in faux offense.

“I’ll be right back” he chuckled, “Okay but don’t abandon me here” you laughed. Watching as he headed to the bathroom. Leaning against the bar you fiddled with the empty glass.

“Hey sweetheart” a voice came from beside you. Looking up you saw a male alien, he had dark eyes, and purplish skin. You gave him a small smile before turning away.

“What’s got you here all alone?” he flirted coming closer to you.

“I’m actually here with someone, so please leave me alone” Politely rejecting his advances. Though he didn’t take the hint and continued to flirt. However, when he reached out to touch your arm he was pinned to the bar. Jumping back you noticed the Galra arm, shocked at this new side of Shiro.

“Leave her alone” growling before he pushed him away. The man gained his balance, punching Shiro in the jaw. Though Shiro barley flinched, being a prisoner and fighting the galra has given him a high pain tolerance. 

Shiro grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him off his feet. You were stunned, not having ever seen this side of him (not that you didn’t like it). Though the bartender soon broke it up, “I want both of you out now!” he yelled at them both.

“We were just leaving” you grabbed Shiro’s hand and pulled him out of the building. Beginning to walk back to his lion. You walked in silence.

“I’m sorry” he looked over at you. “I ruined the night” You simply shrugged, “It was probably the drink, lets just get back it’s late. I’ll clean up that gash when we get back.” Giving him a kind smile. “You were protecting me so thank you”

He gave a small smile before nodding.Though he couldn’t help but feel he ruined everything, including his chances with you.

Getting back to the castle ship, everyone had gone to bed. Telling him to sit on your bed as you went to get some supplies to clean up his busted lip.

Coming back with a wash cloth and antiseptic. Sitting beside him you focused on cleaning up the blood and tending to the area that would surely bruise.

“I’m sorry again. I ruined our night. I just really like you and I guess I got a bit jealous when seeing that guy wouldn’t leave you alone, and it mixed with the drink I had. Basically I understand if you don’t want to be more than friends after tonight.” he babbled, not allowing you a word in.

“Shiro, you didn’t ruin the night. I had a fantastic time and I’d love to go out again. Though, maybe next time something simple like stargazing or just exploring would be better. Away from weird food and strong drinks” you smiled at him. He felt relief wash through him.

Smiling he said “I’ll let you get some sleep” standing to leave. You followed him to the door. Turning to you he gave you a bashful smile, “Goodnight [F/n]”

You smiled widely back, “Goodnight Shiro” turning to return to your room. Though in a rush of confidence you stopped mid-step and turned to him again. Swiftly your hand landed on the back of his neck and you pulled his lips to yours.

He was shocked at first but soon relaxed into the kiss as his hands landed on your hips. Pulling away you smiled, cheeks flushed. Your face was centimeters from his as you whispered again, “Goodnight Shiro” before retreating into your room again.

Leaving a shocked Shiro behind. A grin beamed on his face, under flushed cheeks. He wore a ecstatic smile all the way back to his room and until he fell asleep. Still in disbelief that you kissed him.

Boyfriend! au - Yuto

I’m back with one of the Japanese princes of kpop… so enjoy :) 

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(sidenote: this comeback is killing me everyone looks so hot) 

  • ik cliche but stick with me
  • He’s the star pitcher everyone knows
  • Basically baseball prince of Japan everyone is IN LOVE
  • Including you but that’ll come later….
  • ANYWAYS gr8 guy that everyone just adores
  • You would expect someone as popular as he is to act like he’s hot shit & be an asshole to every1
  • Just admired by everyone for a good reason n he just giggles n accepts it
  • Really close bromance n dorm roomies n everything
  • Someone spread a rumor for like a week that they were dating n yuto just giggled n denied it as wooseok didn’t even deny it and looked smug af just to be a piece of shit
  • Just obviously super close n he makes it more obvious when he shouts from the dugout at every baseball game
  • Ok but yuto’s only flaw is that he’s one of those people that get wayyy into gym class
  • Which isn’t even that big of a flaw since he looks so cute n cool while doing it
  • Anyways he just took a basic gym class in college to keep himself fit n have fun
  • U took gym for motivation to become more healthy & fit but so far ur regretting taking this class
  • so u guys r playing a violent adult game of dodgeball totally adult-like ik
  • Basically like middle school all over again: girls on the side gushing how cute yuto is, other guys bein extra to get attention, & u tryin ur best but ur just not as physically capable
  • u ofc know yuto because of his reputation n u think he’s cute too ur not blind
  • But what u don’t know is that he knows u too he just quietly admires u in gym class

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i've a confession to make. I personally don't ship klance romantically but i really really love their dynamic together as friends. I don't dare to say this out loud to people because it seems like you MUST ship klance to be treated nicely in this fandom. and the ship wars, this fandom has gotten a lil toxic. idk i just find it ironic how voltron is a show bout teamwork + friendship but suddenly the fandom only looks at klance. dont get me wrong i love the fandom but i wish it didnt feel so toxic

Ahhhh nw anon!!! I feel exactly the same way!! Ugh i’m so happy <3 

They are so good and pure and i love their soft smiles and supports but yeah same, i really just can’t see it romantically :/

hehe i talked a little about this on my shallura blog, and there were a surprising amount of people that also felt overwhelmed by the klance content! 

Honestly before s3 it was my notp and i hated it to the bitter end, but seeing them get along so good and strong and wholesome in s3 i am so fond of their bond like???? right hand man???? wingman??????? yes please???? 

it’s like i totally see them as a (pre empire) zarkon and alfore, buds that butt heads but got each others backs<3 that kind of friendship is 110% guaranteed to be shipped romantically, but i’m happy we see eye to eye ;)

thank you for sharing your thoughts anon!! I 100% agree, you’re safe here with me<3

dating nct jaehyun!!!1!1!

• you guys are super cute
• jaehyun always smiles when he’s w you, not just any smile but he whole, cresent eyes, and the cute, well defined dimples
• he really likes being lowkey w you like
• “hey…,,,, wear a black and white striped shirt tomorrow” “,,,,,ok???”
• the next day
• “oh,,, my,,,, i- we didn’t even realize!!!! haaaa, we’re so perfect for each other”
• he’s awkward in a really non awkward, cute way
• it’s confusing
• it’s like he’s your best friend that happen to be dating and kissing on basis and hugging
• he doesn’t do cheesy things like put your name in his IG bio or anything, but he does make you his profile picture on his social media sites
• there’s some weird shit going on in his lil perv brain
• omg ok when nct u debuted you were like “hoLY- shiT. bABY DO U LOOK GOOD OR DO U LOOK GOOD”
• he’s super tall so you kinda, cling to him but he doesn’t care he likes it
• k he loves kissing you sm sm sm sm
• he kisses the top of your head a lot tho
• ok first kiss time w jaehyun!!!!
• ok so what happened was you were just chilling on the nct boys’ dorm couch
• and the sm BABy rookiES. were like “noONA. LET’S WATCH A MOVIE” and you were like “daMNBOYS. OK”
• jaemin, the princess himself, chose sleeping beauty.
• and at that very moment jaehyun came in the living room and was like “lol what are u guys doing w my girlfriend” and just plopped down in between you and jaemin and jaemin was like “hyuNG. wyD.”
• so it went like, donghyuk, jeno, jaemin, jaehyun, you and jisung.
• the first 4 boys were like, so INDULGED IN THE MOVIE, BUT you and jisung were like “lol lol lol we saw this like 40 times together already let’s just goof off” and you just kept squishing his cheeks being like “ugh jisung u’re like 3 what are u doing in an entertainment company i should be baby sitting you and be feeding u mushed up bananas”
• and jaehyun looked over at you and you whispered to jaehyun while squishing jisung’s cheeks and you were like “omg look at this literal baby jae”
• and jaehyun smiled bc goodness you’d be the most embarrassing mother to you and jaehyun’s children
• and then jisung fell asleep and you got bored and fell asleep with him while leaning on jaehyun’s shoulder
• “WHAT HAPPENED” and you screamed
• and the 2000 boys were like “HYUNG WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER” and he was like “whAT- WHY DO YOU ALL BLAME ME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING”
• and so you just hugged jisung and told him to go back to sleep but he was all shaken up
• and jaehyun just “oK. LET ME. JUST. GO TO MY ROOM.”
• but then 2 minutes later he motioned w his hand for you to come into the room
• and all the babies got up and started following you to his room and jaehyun was like “why- NOT ALL OF YOU. JUST HER. YOU GUYS-”
• a unison of “ooohhhhhhhh” from all the boys who go back to the couch
• and you got into the room and he closed the door and you were thinking “crap”
• but he very awkwardly was like “uh so… uh”
• “a dream??? uh well, did you, enjoy it?”
• “what?”
• “um” and he kinda, walked closer towards you and you just stayed there and he got crazy close to you and he put one of his hands on your cheek and another one on your hip and put his lips on yours and you hesitantly kissed back and put your arms around his neck and sjdjrjejf
• then he gently took his lips off of yours and smiled and he just kinda laughed and it was so cute honestly
• and you coughed and was like “um, uh, we should, take the boys, out of ice cream or something they…they wanted ice cream”
• and he put his arm around your shoulders and was like “alright”
• and fast thinker jaemin was like “hA. LOL. STUPiD US. JENO YOUR CONTACTS AREN’T HERE”
• “me-? oh- Oh YEAH MY CONTACT-”
• “jeno, you don’t wear contacts.”
• “you guys still gonna buy us ice cream or” cause all donghyuk wanted was some ice cream
• y'all did end up getting ice cream tho bc you love jisung sm, he’s you and jaehyun’s baby and he wanted ice cream
• it was a fun day
• ok when firetruck came out you went nuts
• ok you once found an old predebut video of him having a full on conversation by himself in english in his english class and you sent it to him
• he didn’t reply for like, 12 hours
• he cooks for you and you guys cook together sometimes it’s great
• you wear his sweaters sometimes and it’s so cute he loves it you look so tiny
• jaehyun made you cry once
• you guys were best friends first before you guys started dating
• he’s so modest it makes you ejdjfjfk
• ok jaehyun, not to be weird, but he gets boners a lot
• you pretend not to notice sometimes bc “jaehyun come on this happened on stage too you gotta chill man i know you’re growing up and you cant help it and all but-”
• but sometimes you just laugh and give him a small kiss on the cheek and continue doing what you were doing or something bc yoU GUYS AREN’T GONNA DO IT EVERYTIME HIS FRIEND ACTS UP DOWN THERE
• ok but he gets needy he just, hugs you a lot and back hugs you when he NORMALLY REALLY DOESNT, and he kisses you and whispers in your ear and, hM. IT’S TEMPTING BUT YOU’RE A STIFF STONE YOU’RE “you’re cute”
• you guys watch nct life together
• when he sleeps over/when you sleep over it’s so fun you always ask him to sing you to sleep and he does sing and skdkf
• but honestly most of the time y'all are gummy bears, potato chips, video games, dance breaks, and candy till 4am
• lol ok he looks at you, the same way he looks at honey butter chips and oh my goodness it’s the cutest thing
• johnny always messes w jae like “yoUR BAE OR HONEY BUTTER CHIPS JAEHYUN. ANSWER ME. 3, 2, 1. OHHHHH”
• ok jaehyuns lock screen is a picture of you and him together, smiling and laughing at your favorite coffee shop that yuta took when he was with hansol.
• ok so yuta and hansol were stalking you, but the way they put it was “we were not stalking you we were following you to make sure that you were being nice kids and just going on clean, 18 and under age dates.” and while they were behind the bushes, they saw you and him laughing at something and you two looked so cute that yuta snapped a pic and sent it to jaehyun and hansol was like “…wait. YUTA-” and then at that very moment jaehyun and your heads turned and you two made eye contact w hansol and yuta who was awkwardly standing behind the bushes of the coffee shop.
• it was a weird day
• jaehyun’s home screen is a picture of you sleeping, your hair in your face, your mouth kind of open, your cheek squished up from the pillow under your cheek and you hate it but he thinks it’s the cut e s t thing e v e r. it’s his favorite picture of you.
• he loves feeding you and being fed like he’s kinda shy about it but he loVES. IT.
• jaehyun doesn’t really get jealous, i mean, he does like any other guy, but he prefers to talk it out with you and ask you directly rather than keeping his emotions and questions to himself and hurting both himself and you and the relationship.
• he pretends you’re his giant teddy bear
• he likes it when you sit on his lap
• he does aegyo when you’re sad or when he wants something and you’re like “uGHWHAT”
• he loves spooning well, not spooning but, he just likes holding on to you while you’re both laying down
• he loves it when you touch his hair and play with it
• he catches all the bugs and when you’re scared he’s like “iTSOK I GOT YOU”
• when you’re cold, he doesn’t hesitate to take his jacket off and give it to you
• or when you’re like “oh no you’re gonna be cold ill be fine” he just let’s you sit in between his legs and he just drapes around you like a giant blanket
• ok your selfies are so cute it could be super casual where to u’re wearing normal clothes and just smiling or you guys could be wearing weird clothes that look like you’re about to go on stage to perform for lady gaga, sticking your tongues out, they’re all cute, super cute
• you guys say “i love you” when you’re in the mood for it meaning like, you guys would be watching TV then it’d get boring and you guys would just be smiling and really quiet and then he’d say “i love you” really quietly and pat your head.
• he talks in 3 different languages
• now he’s learning chinese from winwin and kun and his chinese classes so, 4 LANGUAGES. Y A Y.
• you saw jaehyun in a suit, once.
• once was enough.
• “stoooooooop”
• you guys never stop smiling around each other
• you guys, barely fight/argue
• he once took advice from johnny and, “went for it” aka took your head band to wash his face without getting his bags wet.
• “she won’t notice” he said. “she won’t laugh” he said. “SHE WON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOU AND KEEP THEM FOREVER.” HE SAID

• he lied. johnny lied. and johnny’s the one that told you about the head band thing, allowing you to get the picture in the first place.

YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS WAS I HAD TO START THIS OVER AGAIN LIKE, 6 TIMES WHEN I WAS ¾ DONE BC I KEPT CLICKING THE BACK BUTTON AND SJDJJFKG i feel like this one isn’t as good as the other ones bc i restarted it so many times omg but yES. bias wrecker af jaehyun yes thank u for existing u wonderful human being//giraffe.

BTS| Reaction to you Cooking Spanish Food|

This one hits very close to home as I love my mom’s cooking. Some of them get emotional, sorry about that.


The smells of your Spanish roots are enough to make you jump with joy. Everything is coming out the way your mom taught you, you have never felt so close to your home as the smells you grew up with. With a small smile on your lips you lift the spoon to taste the sauce for your enchiladas. ”Ah, jagiya it smells so good. What are you making?” He walks in shirtless, his toned stomach in full view. ”I’m making my mom’s famous enchiladas for dinner. It tastes like my old home.”

Memories flood your mind as the smell fills up your nose. But you realise you said old home and Jin realized it too. ”Old home? Jagi, where is your home now?” The words confuse you, not knowing why you referred to it as your “old home”. You look up at him to see him equally as confused. Seeing Jin there standing above you clarifies the whole situation. The perplexed expression on his face disappears as he sees you walk towards him inhaling his scent.”Jin, it’s you. You are my home.” This bittersweet moment seems to halt as you stand there in his arms, reminding you of the two smells lingering in your nose, mixing and creating a new smell, the smell of a new type of love, the smells of your past and your present.

“Y/N, there is nothing in this world that could ever compare to you. Wherever you are I will be there too.” This makes your eyes fill with tears, stepping into his bare chest you cry tears of happiness as he holds onto you firmly and gently. “But seriously Y/N, can we eat now? I want to taste what you grew up with.” You slap his belly while saying,”If you really do, you won’t have that toned stomach of yours.” Pushing the plate you served towards him, you smile.


It was cold that night, and cold nights always remind you of warm arroz con leche (rice pudding) in a mug, sitting in front of the tv with a blanket. You decide that is what you want to do till Yoongi gets home, seeing as he’s still in the studio. You load the Hunger Games movies in the dvd wanting a little action and romance, while putting the milk and cinnamon sticks to warm up on the stove. The smell of cinnamon already in filling up the room, you go to your bedroom to grab a big blanket for the movie. Coming back to the kitchen you see the milk bubbles forming telling you it’s time to put the rice and condensed milk in. The sweetness of everything making your mouth water.

You dip your finger in the can to taste the sweet ingredient, “Y/N, why does my house smell like cinnamon?” You jump, startled by the sudden voice of your boyfriend. “I’m just making something really quick.” You reply back not bothering to look back while you stir the ingredients. His arms wrap around your waist, his head goes on top of your shoulder to get a good view of your dessert. “Jagi what are you making? It looks like milk soup.” You chuckle at the thought of eating milk soup. Turning around to face him you tell him, “It’s a Spanish dessert my mom used to make on cold rainy days. It’s called arroz con leche. Or rice pudding in English.”

He looks at the rice and back at you, doing this multiple times before finally saying,”Well I can’t wait to try it while snuggling with you in the blanket.” Your heart flutters as you put your arms around the back of his neck and press your lips against his.


You were nervous, not knowing if Namjoon was going to like your cooking. You loved living with Namjoon, you loved eating the food he loves but sometimes you just wanted to eat something that you were taught to cook. You spent the whole day preparing for the tamales and now that they were cooking all you had to do was wait. You go inside your shared bedroom and lay down next to him. Still unsure you tense up next to him, causing him to be worried. “Jagiya is there something bothering you?” His concerned look overwhelming his handsome face. “ I just keep thinking… It’s just… ugh… what if you don’t like what I made?”

Taken aback by your question he puts both hands on your shoulders sitting you up with him. “Y/N, you eat what I want to eat all the time, days like this I just want you to feel comfortable and eat whatever you want. If it’s Korean food good, if it’s Chinese food or Mexican that’s also fine. I love you so much, I don’t care what it is we eat as long as we get to eat it together.” His statement makes your eyes tear up and feel warm inside.

“Joonie, I can’t ever think about not sharing a meal with you.” As you lean into his chest, you hear the timer go off, signaling that the food is done. “Now Jagi lets go see how your food turned out.”


Cooking wasn’t normally something you did but today felt different. Maybe it was the way Hoseok looked at you while he pushed you on the swings or the way he tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear. What ever the reason was, you felt like doing something special for Hoseok, so you thought that cooking a meal for both of you was a good way to show your love for him. This was meant to be a surprise so you texted the boys and asked them to keep Hobi distracted until you were finished.

The Mexican rice was all finished, seeing as it was the easiest thing on the menu. You wanted to keep it simple with the ingredients so you decided on mole (moleh not mole). The chicken was done cooking and the sauce was just beginning to thicken. You set the table with candles and Mexican themed cloth that you had bought that very same day. Once you got the plates out and on the table you text the boys telling them dinner was ready.

You changed into a pretty red dress that poofed out at the waist. Adorned with the pearl necklace Hobi had bought you months before and a matching set of earrings, you make your way to the living room. “Wah, Y/N you look beautiful.” He steps closer to you liking that you dressed up for him. He’s quickly distracted when his stomach begins to grumble. “I’m sorry Jagi,I didn’t want to ruin the moment but it smells so good in here.” You lead him to the dinner table and present to him the meal you had prepared. “Hobi, I wanted to do something special for you, so I prepared this meal to say I love you.” With his smile outshining the candles he says, “I love you too.”


“Jimin stop picking at the food!” You try to stop his spoon for getting more of your flan, but to your disappointment he reaches the slice. It took you an hour to make it and you waited two hours for it to be completely cooked. “Y/N I’m sorry but seeing you look at this slice so passionately I couldn’t resist.” He grabs the plate and eats the rest of it. Knowing there was more you go to the fridge and cut up another slice. He takes the plate from your hands again causing you to pout. “Jagi it just tastes so good, especially since you made it” You get what’s left of the custard and take it with you.

“Jiminie this is mine. All mine. You cannot have anymore.” His eyes open wide at the realization that you were serious. He looks up at you, cheeks full, he chews up the last bit of the slice and swallows. “But, but I thought you made it for us.” His expression makes your features go soft, you wave him over. “Your right, I did. So now we are both going to enjoy this.”

His smile grows and his eyes light up at the thought and he rushes to get you a fork. “I can’t believe I get to have you all to myself.” He says giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. You loved his playful side and sharing this dessert made it taste even better.


Tae was going through all kinds of take out menus trying to find what you guys were going to eat for dinner. “How about Chinese?”, your face scrunches at the menu. He seemed surprised because you never declined on Chinese food. “Jagi, are you okay? You’re not sick right?” He kneels in front of you and puts his hand on your forehead. You weren’t sick with anything, you were just sick of eating take out. “My mom would be disappointed if she ever found out that I’ve been eating so much takeout” You turn away, wiping the tears from your eyes at the thought of your mom. Tae turns with you and wipes the tears away holding you gently. “Why don’t I cook something for you?” He offers but nothing would make you feel better than cooking your mom’s recipe. You lighten up at the idea of making something so special to your heart.

“How about I make something to eat?” You get up from where you were sitting to get to the kitchen. You realize there aren’t the right ingredients to make carne asada. “Taehyung can you go the store with me?” Without hesitation he gets up and agrees to go with you. At the store you allow him to get the drinks while you get the meat. The spices were all at home so you quickly buy the rest while holding Taehyung’s hand. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.” You kiss him quickly on the cheek and hurry home. You turn on the grill outside and wait for the flame to get big. Taehyung comes outside with two cans of soda and your apron. You ask him for help with tying the back. His delicate fingers loop the string and pull tightly so that the apron hugs you.

It was a soft moment for you both. Not wanting to spoil the mood you put the seasoned meat on the grill. The fumes of the cooking meat fill the air making your stomach growl. Tae helps you make the guacamole saying that he can do it. Unsure if he can you hover over him telling him what to do next and what ingredient to chop. “Y/N, if you don’t stop I won’t give you a kiss later.” You quickly scramble away checking on the meat while putting a finger on your lips, thinking about the kiss he gave you moments before cooking. You chuckle knowing that he would never deny your kiss. Once the meat is done cooking you put it all on a plate and slowly untie your apron making sure Tae was looking. You hook your fingers through the loop and pull ever so slowly. His gaze burning through you. You pull the apron over your head and go to sit down. In the next moment your in his arms bridal style. “You know I can’t resist you when you do that” Ruining the moment you scoop some guacamole and put some on his cheek. Laughing he lets you down and grabs more guacamole.


You were in the kitchen getting some treats ready to take to Jungkook and the boys at the dorms. The last time you made churros it was with Jungkook on Valentine’s Day. That day you showed Jungkook how to make little heart shaped ones. This time you go with making regular straight churros because you wouldn’t want any of the boys getting the wrong idea. Your phone buzzes in your pocket, you wipe your flour-filled hands on your apron. It was a text from Jungkook,

I forgot something at home, I’ll be there in five minutes. He gets there in the time he said he would. He doesn’t notice you at first and you don’t notice him looking for whatever it is he forgot here. He goes to the fridge getting a water bottle leaving you to do whatever it was you were doing. Seeing the one heart shaped churros mixed in with the regular ones, he slows down and goes to where you are. “Is that one for me” he says with a smirk on his face. “I was going to take it to you. You deserve a little treat with all this dieting you’ve been doing.” There were eight churros on the tray, raising one eyebrow he says,” I can’t eat all of these. I still want to look good for you.” You laugh,”You only get one the rest are for the boys.” His smirk fades and a pout replaces it. “I thought churros were our special treat?” This makes your heart race.

“That’s why I was making them for you and our friends. I wanted to give you something special.” His face softens after you clarify. He helps you with frosting the tips of half the churros. He had the idea of dipping the heart shaped on together, to reacreate the moment you had on Valentines Day. One of your hands went on the left side while his right hand went on the right side of the churro. Together you go to the dorms and give one treat to each of the members. “Thank you Y/N” each of them say. You forgot to bring the one you made for yourself so you stand there with your hands folded smiling at the boys enjoying their treat. Jungkook comes to stand next to you. Noticing you don’t have one for yourself he breaks his in half and offers you the left side of the heart with a smile on his face.


Bless Emily for 1) writing these and 2) making sure I know how much she cares (so that I don’t completely give up in class)
These are just RFA Study Motivations but yeee (I’m guessing it’s mainly for an MC in college but even so if you are in high school or middle school enjoy them)

JAEHEE : “You’re a really hard worker, even if you don’t think so. You’re doing you’re best, and it’s more than enough”

JUMIN : “My love, are you stressing yourself out again? You need to stop comparing yourselves to others. They aren’t you.”

707 : “Come on, you can’t give up now! You’ve gotten so far! You have the Defender of Justice by your side, you can do anything! So stop frowning, you can do it!”

ZEN : “Jagiya, don’t overwork yourself. If you put things off, you’ll regret it later, and I won’t allow you to stress yourself more. Remember to pace yourself.”

YOOSUNG : “Hey, you’ve helped me through college, but what about yourself? We can study together, if it’ll help. It would be fun!”
Bonus : “You can’t tell me to study and then not do it yourself! That’s not fair!”

JIHYUN : “Dear, have you been stressed? You don’t seem as bright as you usually are. I’m here if you need someone to talk to. Don’t rush yourself. You have plenty of time. Just breathe.”

SAERAN : “Hey, why do you look so sad? What’s wrong? Is it school? Ugh, I know school isn’t the most fun thing, but it’ll be good for you in the long run. I wish I had the opportunity you did. Don’t worry too much. The future isn’t set in stone. There’s still time to improve yourself”
- @the-rfa-needs-hugs wrote these tho

This tumblr post is hilarious and accurate, and it made me think about what my ideal McGenji fic would contain. Twenty minutes later I had this idea, so here is the McGenji fic I’d write if my fiction writing spoons ever return from the war.

They go on a Blackwatch mission together and kick ass, but then their clothes (Genji’s included because I said so) are ruined for probably the same contrived reasons that women in anime have strategic clothing rips from a weapon passing by them briefly. And this wouldn’t be a problem except they’re technically undercover, and while civilians don’t blink at weird outfits or cybernetics, blood and ripped clothes means violence that they want to stay well away from. So they have to get new clothes. McCree is ready to head to the nearest secondhand store, because lbr people who end up in street gangs in their mid-teens are generally not financially stable people, but former rich playboy Genji is like “oh honey no, let me show you a better way.”

And Genji manages to ferret out a clothes store that serves the very wealthy of the city, because in thrift stores, they’re always looking for the “criminal element”, but the wealthy and famous have any number of sins they want to cover up, so they pay well and the staff of the boutique are always very discreet. And sure enough as soon as Genji starts talking to them, they identify that attitude that people born into privilege often have, and like magic, their old ruined bloody clothes have disappeared and they’re in designer (“only because we don’t have the time to be properly tailored, you understand, but surely you can fit in a few alterations, no, we don’t mind waiting, could one of the staff perhaps go and get us something to eat and a little something for yourself of course”) and they wait out the manhunt for them eating fancy food and drinking expensive coffee in this boutique, because of course the local police wouldn’t dare come interrupt the patrons of this shop, they’re very important people. 

And McCree cannot pull off the attitude Genji can, but the staff assume they’re together, that ~poor disabled Genji~ (ugh) can’t date someone ~proper~ so he provides for this handsome young man. And McCree, being a black ops operative, is good at reading the room, and he goes with it because things will go more smoothly this way. And he’s shocked how good he looks in these clothes with just a little tailoring (rich people get literally everything tailored, it’s why celebrities always look like that, not even kidding y'all) and Genji, from the other stool where he’s examining his own outfit, gives him this look. Y'all know what I mean, that classic fanfic “you gon’ get laid” look.

So they keep up this charade until they leave, and Genji drops the facade and has a heart to heart with McCree about how sometimes people like that are so fake and he can’t stand that people won’t acknowledge how fucked up rich people are under it all, everything gets swept under the rug including attempted murder Hanzo. And then he gives McCree another Look and he’s like “at least it gave me a chance to see what your body looks like out of those layers you wear.” AND THEN THEY FUCK.

(look I know what I like and it’s violence, fake relationships, and putting clothes on characters that I desire but can never afford.)

😻 Dating Emma Hawkins would include 😻

▪ she’s literally the sweetest cinnamon roll ever


▪ making her blush every chance you get

▫ “You look so gorgeous today, Em.” - “Ahh, stop it!” - “Why should I?” - “Because..‘cause, ugh!”

▪ (she tries to hide her face behind her hands, but it’s so not working)


▪ so many puns

▫ being on the same team/band almost every year

▪ comforting her when she’s upset or sad

▫ studying together



▪ (i mean, have you seen her hair??? It looks so so soft and good)

▫ letting her wear your clothes


▫ standing up for her when people think it’s cool to make fun of her

▪ complimenting her so much

▫ and receiving so many, too

▪ she just loves to make you happy



▫ your dates are always so low key

▪ like a simple movie night, or going to the diner

▫ waiting for her at her locker

▪ greeting her with a kiss on the nose

▫ (she’s a bit too sleepy for school and looks a bit too adorable)


▫ & lucky you, you love to tease her

▪ “Can I have a kiss?” - “Of course!” - “…” - “Satisfied?” - “I meant on the lips, not cheek!” - “Ohh, okay!” - “…” - “There!” - “That was my nose.”


▪ (especially when you’re actually trying to study)

▫ which leads to making out

▫ your dad probs clears his throat awkwardly,,,,

“Dear, dinner is ready, so…”


▫ (your dad only has that small smile on his lips)

▪ and when Emma leaves he’ll tease you with terrible puns afterwards


▪ “Put me down!! Everybody looks our way!” - “Let them! Have a bit fun, Em.”

▫ m o r e h u g s

▫ kissing her so much

▪ fore.head.kisses.

▫ listening to her when she rambles

▪ you’re not just her partner but also her best friend

▫ sending her memes at 2 AM

▪ “Shouldn’t you be asleep by now?” - “…. What about you, huh??”

boyfriend6: dowoon

Originally posted by somethinginkorean

a/n: the final boyfriend for this series! get ready for single dads next! not edited, so i apologize if there’s typos and stuff!! {warning: contains a little bit of smut}


  • alright here’s the #1 boyfriend ok like u may have thought about fighting me on this one but he has,,,,,,,,,,, an advantage ok
  • the reason why i saved him for last was because initially he was going to be #5 since he is shy and introverted and idk how that would work since communication is a big component…… but then……………… then i realized
  • who does brian love to support the most? 
  • who’s the only one who doesn’t have a hate/love relationship with jae?
  • who does sungjin naturally respect and isn’t embarassed by?
  • who does wonpil cling onto the most? 
  • itS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! ((honestly it kind of makes me sad when dowoon doesn’t think he’s contributing enough to the band but he’s their rock tbh!!! like brian and wonpil compose/write while jae and sungjin do a lot of promotions/variety gueststarring bUT dowoon!! he’s always thoughtful to their health and laughs at all their jokes and just!!!))
  • i believe there’s a reason why he’s hardly ever excluded when they split up for radio interviews. like not only does he get along with everyone, but their manly maknae is just really unselfish and dependable tbh
  • but you know his advantage isn’t the fact that dating him would also mean you’re getting 4 extra boyfriends brothers. i saved him for last bc he possess the pros of all the boys which makes him unique!!
  • like he would be rational and loyal sungjin, but still supportive and empathetic like brian!! worldly and thoughtful like jae, but sentimental and straightforward like wonpil!! plus, he brings his own sweetness as well!! i think living with them/being surrounded by ambitious people has really changed him positively. plus, being observant, he can see what his hyungs are doing wrong/right and act accordingly LOL

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EXO reaction #1- Encountering Your Ex at a Party (ot9)


 It was a new years party and you and your boyfriend Minseok were invited.  It was both of you guys’ understanding that it was going to be a small gathering with some close friends and that was it.  So you can imagine your shock when you received a tap on the shoulder and you turned around to be met with your ex.  

 “Hey, (Y/n)!  Long time no see.”

 “Uh…yeah….”  You answered awkwardly.  You and your ex weren’t exactly on good terms.  You two were just way too different.  And there was still some things about your past relationship that rubbed you the wrong way when it came to him.

 “So, I gotta ask, what is it like to be with a rich Kpop idol?  I’m sure your living the life, huh?”  Your ex asked with a undertone of fakeness as they smiled with that overly-cheesy grin on their face.

 “Um…E-excuse m-”

 “It’s great actually!  Thanks for asking!”  A sweet voice suddenly sounded beside you as a comforting arm wrapped around your shoulder.  

“Yah, don’t let them ruin this party for you jagi.”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


  You were feeling good.  You looked great, your favorite man in the word was standing right next to you and all your friends surrounded you at this amazing party.  Nothing can get you down, right?  Wrong.  As you were heading to get you and your man a refill on your drinks, you suddenly bumped into someone who was all too familiar to you.  “Is that you (Y/n)?”  You chuckled awkwardly as you looked up at you ex who your relationship ended less than perfectly with.    “Yeah, um…How’s it going?”  you asked politely even though you didn’t really like the idea of having a full-blown conversation with them.  “Well, it’s been pretty okay I suppose.  Kinda lonely.  You look good though, really good.” They finished as their eyes looked up and down your figure while biting their lips.  Ugh, they were checking you out.“Hey jagi, what’s been taking so long?”

 Suho appeared beside you with a kind yet charming smile upon his face.  He then viewed you ex up and down and was able to realize the awkward atmosphere.  “And who might you be?”  Your boyfriend asked with a forceful nice tone.

 Intimidated, you ex just mumbled something about being an old friend before bowing and leaving the party all together.   

 “Aish, I can’t believe you dated such a weirdo.”  

Originally posted by kyungsuhos


  It was just a small gathering in a form of a bonfire.  You had told Lay that it was okay if he wanted to stay home and just rest (you always thought he worked himself too hard anyway.) but your sweet boyfriend just insisted that he wanted to hang out with you and your friends.  So that was the story of how you ended up sitting around a fire, with your very own boyfriend neglecting you as he excitedly chatted to a guy about some sport you could care less about.

  Now you didn’t like being called clingy, but you also didn’t like your boyfriend ignoring you for about half an hour now when he just got back from China. 

  You sighed to yourself as you continued to roast your marshmellow.

  “Oh my god, I knew you looked familiar.  How you doing, (y/n)?”  A excited voice called out to you.  

  You looked up and saw your ex from three years ago.  Although you romantic relationship didn’t end up successful, you both agreed to remain good friends who could always trust each other.

  Soon a long conversation began and you soon forgot all about Lay and your earlier frustrations.  

  “Love, I’ve been looking for you for almost fifteen minutes now.  Where have you been?”  Lay asked as he approached you and your ex.

  “Sorry babe, I just saw my ex and we moved over here to catch up.”  You answered sweetly.

  Lay’s head tilted.

  “Ex?”  he asked.  You bursted out laughing as you explained how you two remained good friends since childhood.  To this, he seemingly calmed down but still made a point to pull you closer and kiss your cheek in front of your ex every two minutes or so.

“I really can’t let you out of my sight, huh?”

Originally posted by myeoneandonly


  SM was putting together a party for their employees.  Being Baekhyun’s partner for a while now, your puppy-like boyfriend had no problem bringing you along as a date.  However what you didn’t know was that your ex was recently employed at the company as a manager of sorts and was actually attending the same party as you.  

  “Hey, do you mind if I step out for minute?”  You asked your boyfriend.  There was just so many people and you wanted to get some fresh air.

  “Yeah, sure.  You okay?”  Baekhyun asked.  You nodded and quickly excused yourself.  

  You were out, enjoying the fresh but chill air of Spring when you heard a voice sound behind you.

  “So that’s who you left me for:?  A kpop idol?”  A chill rang down you spine as you recongized the voice as you ex.

  To your displeasure, he continued to talk.

  “I thought you had more self-respect than some girly lip syncer who wears more makeup than you do.”  The harsh words caused the hurt that was intended.  

  “Or, maybe she just wanted a boyfriend who didn’t cheat on her?”  an angel’s voice joined in.  You finally turned around and met the sight of both your ex and current boyfriend.  

  “I never cheated!”  You ex exclaimed.  

  “Yeah, it must have been your evil twin who she walked in on with another woman.”  you boyfriend replied sassily while joining your side.  

  Fed up, your ex left the party and left you and your boyfriend alone on the balcony.

“The nerve of that guy.  Does he know how many times I had to comfort you after you guys broke up?”  


Being a social person, you usually loved parties.  That was until you saw your ex across the room.  

You gasped slightly and dropped to the floor in a army crawl to reach you boyfriend without having to be detected by the enemy.

  Chen was talking to an old friend of his when he suddenly felt a tug on his ankle.  He looked down and saw you on the floor desperately trying to get his attention.  

  “I’m going to skip ‘what?’ and just go straight to ‘why’?”  Chen told you.

  “Listen, drop down to a crawl right now.  Our position’s been compromised.”  You whisper yellled, ignoring the weird looks from fellow party goers.  

  “What the hell does that even mean?”  Chen asked while trying to kick you off his leg.

  “Oppa, my ex is here.”   And with that he stopped.

  “Your ex?  Which one?”


Chen’s eyes got all wide.  

  “The annoying one?”  he asked.  You nodded.  It wasn’t that your ex was mean or anything.  But every time he saw you, he would approach you with a long conversation about literally the most boring things ever.  Chen has once witnessed this at the grocery store and has too been extra careful to avoid the overly- friendly person.

  You and Chen both left the party in a over dramatic army crawl.  

  “Yah, we’re gonna be known as the weird couple among our friends.  How do we explain why we are crawling out of the party?”

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen


  You trusted Chanyeol with every thing, and that included your past.  He knew about your ex and your guys’ less than perfect relationship.  He knew that your ex used to hit you and comforted you many times about it.  Because of this, Chanyeol was always sure to treat you as if you were made of glass, because he didn’t want to cause any further damage to such a gorgeous person.  

  Chanyeol was getting you a refill on your drink when he suddenly picked up on a conversation that was happening just a few feet from him.    

  “Hey, when will (Y/E/N) be here?”

   “They said they were on their way.”

  His blood ran cold.  He knew that name.  And not for good reasons either.  

  Forgetting the drink, Chanyeol searched you out and made an excuse about a family emergency to get you to leave with him.  He didn’t really want to tell you what he heard, he just wanted to get you out.  

  You two were in the car when you suddenly opened the door and made an attempt to get out.

  “Where you going?”  Chanyeol asked.

  “I forgot my phone up there.”  You replied, not seeing what the big deal was about going up and getting it real quick.

  “I’ll get it.”  Chanyeol said before pushing you back in and going back upstairs to the party.  

  He just found your phone on the coffee table and was about to leave when he was interupted.  

  “Hey, you (y/ns)’s boyfriend?”  

  “Yes, and who are you?”  

  “(Y/e/n).  I must say I didn’t think they would ever fall for some girly kpop idol.”

“I’m twice the man you will ever be.  A man doesn’t beat the one’s they love.  A man doesn’t treat their partner as if they’re anything other than perfect.  A real man puts food on the table and loves their partner unconditionally.”

The other exo member’s reactions will be posted shortly.

[Submission] Roses Will Bloom Again

Author: exo_ed

Length: Chaptered

Status: Ongoing

Rating: M

Genre: romance, fluff, smut, friends with benefits, childhood friends, mpreg, ceo!yeol, cafeowner!baek, friends to lovers, secret pregnancy, mpreg, slight angst

Summary: Will Chanyeol fight for Baekhyun’s love this time?

Why: I really just want to recommend this story and let us enjoy together the rollercoaster ride of denseness brougth to you by the breakfast couple! This is so cute and fluffy and ugh just the right amount of pinch on the heart. 💞💞💞

Admin Notes: I started this fic when it was submitted and it’s really good! There are a few grammatical errors, but it has a mix of angst, fluff, and really hot smut~ If you’re looking for a good new chaptered angsty mpreg fic this is the one for you!


High School Band AU: Ch. 10

“Hi there! I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Me too.” You chuckle nervously.

“Ha! You haven’t changed at all, MC!” he laughs “And that’s good.”

Ugh… this chill going down your spine everytime V smiles. That’s exactly why you didn’t want to come to this get together at his place. Well, not because of him, specifically, it’s just… the last party you’ve been on didn’t end exactly great (it could have been so much worse, but still…), and it’s really weird showing up in a place you don’t know the owner that well. It’s V, he seems cools and all, but what is this feeling? Ah yes, the feeling you don’t belong here.

Because you don’t! Look around! These guys are Tumblr accounts coming to life, these girls must had been born with natural Instagram filters all over their faces. You? Wearing a sequin dress you found in your mom stuff and Zen’s jacket in an attempt of looking cool. Attempt.

If at least Zen was here, or maybe Jaehee and Yoosung, you would have someone to talk, but they didn’t come.

But how did you end here, anyway? Cue to flashback!

You know those horror movie scenes where someone is looking at a mirror and leans down, for some reason, then something appears behind them in the reflection?

There you are brushing your teeth after the break, you leaned down to wash your mouth and when you came back… Rika was smiling at you through the reflection. You obviously yelped.

“Jeez! Calm down, honey… it’s just me…” yeah, exactly.

“Sorry, I was just surprised.” So she scares the sit out of you and you apologize? Ugh… you’re so weak sometimes. Especially next to her.

“Did I make you nervous? I’m sorry.” She pouts, well, she’s apologizing too, even though it doesn’t sound too sincere… “Anyway, how have you been? With the band and all…”

“I’m good.” You nod, trying to find something else to say. “Goody good.” Ugh…

“Well, I’m glad, I thought something was going wrong because Yoosung suddenly stopped talking about you… I thought it was weird, because he couldn’t shut about you, your talent, your coolness, and you know…” you… don’t. But you know Yoosung has been a little aloof, indeed. “So I thought should come to the source directly.”

“Well, the source is dry, everything seems fine to me.”

“You’re getting along with everyone, then?” let’s see… Zen and Jaehee are acting a little weird, Yoosung gets even shyer around you than before, Saeran and Jumin are enigmas (not in the cool mysterious way, just the “stay away before they stab you” way) and there’s Saeyoung… which… made you feel pathetic for wanting to kiss him and them making a whole fuss when he refused.

“I am.”

“Great! I couldn’t go to the show at my friend’s party. I was in a studio session with a famous singer… can’t say his name.” she winks playfully.


“It’s Nick Jonas.”

“Okay.” You prefer Joe, anyway.

“Anyway, I heard the show was great! And it couldn’t be otherwise if you and the guys weren’t getting along, right?” Ugh… why does it feel she can see right through you? “And let me tell you, you must be someone who really makes everybody feel comfortable around you, it takes this ability to be a great vocalist. But I’m sure you know all that.” Shit…

Is there tooth paste in your chin? You forgot how ridiculous you must look right now, well, it’s probably not even close to how ridiculous you feel.

“Oh… I almost forgot why I was looking for you, in the first place…” wasn’t it to see the ‘source’? Source… you’re just a source of endless awkwardness, that’s what you are. “Oh yeah, Jihyn is throwing a little get together at his place on Saturday. You should totally come!”

“Me? Why?”

“Why?” she chuckles “Because you’re part of something he created, we both did, and you’re doing such a great job with that, so… you deserve it.”

“I don’t… I…”

“You don’t deserve it?” you stare at her thought the mirror, her olive eyes look on fire. Ah, this feeling… this anger you get when someone acts like they’re daring you knowing you’ll chicken out…

“See you on Saturday, Rika.” But you know what’s worse? The fact that you’re predictable enough to let yourself be dared.

So here you are, completely dislocated at a party you know no one. Well, not no one, you know V… sort of. And Jumin, yes, he’s here too looking like the bad kind of enigma… there’s Rika too, and you’re such good friends, right?

Oh, and you know the DJ. It’s Saeyoung. And you have been avoiding him ever since that day.


“MC! I’m glad you made it!” and it can get more perfect! Here’s Rika, oh, and Jumin! “You look… sparkly.” Hum…

“Don’t you mean ‘glowing’?” Jumin asks, ugh… he just doesn’t get it!

“Yes, that’s what I meant. Are you having fun, honey?”

“The time of my life.” You drink whatever it’s in your cup. This must be the taste of gasoline burning down your throat. You do your best not to make a disgusted frown.

“Good. I was so worried this wouldn’t be your scene with all these older people from college and all.”

“Yes.” Jumin nods. “The scene here can be quite boring for her.” Both you and her look surprised at him. Did he just… get your back? Ah, don’t forget this is the guy who wanted to punch Zen a few weeks ago, don’t… don’t smile. “For her and for Saeyoung. Did you talk to him, MC?”

“I didn’t. There was no chance.” Another sip into the gasoline. It’s a drinking game with yourself for every time you lie. “Why is he djing here, anyway?”

“Didn’t you know? He gets hired to play at some parties. V always calls for him when he needs. It’s more to help him, if you want to know.”

“Help him?”

“Yes, Saeyoung and Saeran work in several places to provide for their mother. She is sick.” Oh…

“Oh, that’s… that’s sad.”

“Yes. That’s why Saeran misses so many classes. If he doesn’t watch out, he’ll be expelled like Zen did.”

“Zen got expelled?” you raise your tone, attracting some curious eyes.

“From his previous school, yes. His grades were terrible and keeping him could be a problem, so they expelled him.”

“That’s… awful.”

“You didn’t know any of that?” Rika asks curiously.

“I didn’t. “ you’re not lying, yet you drink again. “Excuse me, I… gotta pee.” You could have said that you’re going to the restroom, but who cares? Jumin knows how you are by now. And fuck what Rika thinks. Intentionally or not, she already made you feel embarrassed enough.

And you’re not going to pee, anyway. You just need to walk away a little. It’s painfully uncomfortable here. Uncomfortable… you never let Zen comfortable enough to open up with you about stuff like that. What about Jaehee and Yoosung? Did you make them uncomfortable as well? Rika’s words drum your head, is it really true that a great vocalist should make everybody feel comfortable?

Then, aren’t you a great vocalist?

“V told me that this drink made him wake up behind the fridge once.” You look to the voice coming behind you in the balcony you went to get some air. Saeyoung is leaning against the wall with his hands in his hoodie pockets.

“Can you walk off your booth?”

“Well, there’s this new technology, I don’t know if you’re familiar with, it’s called ‘flash drive’ and…” you throw your cup on him, making him laugh. “Catching some air?”

“Yeah… I shouldn’t have come, so I’m gathering some guts to go away without V noticing me.”

“Why shouldn’t you have come?” he walks towards you and stands next to you in the balcony.

“Because this isn’t my scene.” Not because it’s boring, it’s because you’re lame. “And because of it, I just realized I’m not a good person.”

“Now why would that be?” you look at him, shocked.

“Did you know that Zen got expelled from his previous school?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well, I didn’t! And I spent that night with him at that bar once!”

“You’re mad at him for not telling you?”

“I’m mad because I never made him feel comfortable to tell me. I… I just made him get up on that stage with me, because that’s what I do. I get dared, and I don’t see anything else around me, because I’m selfish and… childish, and…”

“Dramatic.” He smiles, and you glare at him. “MC, you know Zen for less than a month, you can expect him to open up like this. Zen is an open book and all, but even him must have things he doesn’t want to share for someone new.”

“Okay, I can be a little dramatic, but don’t tell me I’m not selfish and childish, you’re the one who saw for yourself that other day…” you blush, looking away from him.

“That… had nothing to do with you…”

“Then it has to do with who, Saeyoung?”

“Forget it, MC. It’s just… you wouldn’t understand. It’s just… do you know I play drums too, MC?” what tdoes this have to do with everything?

“No, I didn’t. But so what?”

“So what that I know how to play drums, I’m as good as Saeran, matter of fact. Actually, I auditioned for the drums when joining the band, and I made it.”

“So why don’t you play the drums?”

“Because my brother plays drums too, he is so good I just had to show a video I took of him playing and V asked him to join while I could be the roadie/dj. And… I really wanted to include my brother, you know?”


“I want him to be happy, I feel like I owe him, so… I’m always willing to let it go when we want the same… thing.”

“That sounds mature, but it’s pretty sad, Saeyoung.”

“It is.” Both of you nod. “And I hope you understand why I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing about this, but… the problem is our mother.”

“I know a lot about problematic mothers, don’t worry. No questions asked.” He smiles. “Except for one, why did you change the subject and didn’t answer me with who it has to do?”

He widens his eyes and chuckles.

“Because you shouldn’t be asking me.”

“Who should I be asking, then?”

“You had just one question, remember?” he smiles at your confused face. “Better getting back to my booth. Take care, MC.”

“You too” you scoff when he passes beside you to go back inside.

This conversation wasn’t helpful at all. At least you’re on good terms with Saeyoung, apparently. And you’re pretty confused, but it’s better than the insecurity you were feeling before. And with who this has to do? Saeyoung.

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absolutescribbles  asked:

Heyyy i need to know your kamijirou wedding headcanons now. Since the other two were super cute

hey thanks for the ask :) oh man Kamijirou needs more love ! Inspired by an episode on Friends with Mon and Chandler

-Jirou never thought that she would ever want to settle; in fact, even after dating Kaminari for 6 years, she still thought that it’d be better if they just lived together as common laws. She saw all her friends get married…some even had babies, and she thought ‘that’s just not for me’. But slowly she realized that deep down she wanted something more concrete and ambitious with Kaminari did she start imagining if they could start a family together.

-Kaminari thought that it’d scare Jirou away if he proposed, although he really really wanted to. He got the wrong idea and from some of his friends’ advices, it sounded like he should make sure Jirou knows that he ain’t about the marriage and all that. And so he fcked himself over by taking Jirou out for pizza one night and saying how “ugh, good thing I’m not married, look at that crazy couple” and “babies are so gross and annoying, good thing we have none”. Jirou ran out of the dainty restaurant, crying, and trying to let out through tears that Kaminari was the most idiotic person ever. 

-Jirou goes over to Yaoyorozu’s and Todo’s house for the next few nights. Todo shook his head; Kaminari, why did you set a trap for yourself????

-In the end, Jirou found out that Kaminari was taking the wrong advice (thank tokoyami and aoyama for that) and she sneaks into her place when Kaminari was for sure outside (she asked Todo to call Kaminari out for a drink). Jirou fills the place with rose petals and candles of any scent (she was in a rush and she was super bad with these romantic get ups….Kaminari had always been the one that was good at being sappy) 

-When Kaminari comes home (he was 100% sober ‘cas turns out Todo wanted to drink Calpis more than anything), he saw all the candles and was shocked beyond belief. Either Kirishima came in to play a prank on him or …..

-Welp. There she is…kneeling on the floor, warm tears streaming down her cheeks…she could almost taste defeat …what if Kaminari says no???

-”I’m so sorry for what happened, you’ve totally gotten the wrong idea….you’re the only one I want to be with, and as silly as it sounds, I’d want to make it official, I want you to be my husband, and I’d hope you’d take me as your wife too. Sometimes I fantasize about how our kids would be like, what they would do when they grow up, what their quirks would be and who’d they resemble more, me or you. Let me make this dream of mine come true? Kaminari will you marry me?”

-She pulls out the ring and he nodded his head so hard, he forgot to say yes. They both laugh, hugging onto each other and not letting go.

- They sent handmade invitations (with little music notes and electric bolts) and Jirou swore Aizawa was happier their her parents.

-The couple got married in Okinawa that summer which doubled as a vacation; Jirou wore an A-line bridal gown which was very minimalist and Kaminari wore a black tux with a yellow tie. 

-Bakugou was his best man and Jirou would be lying if she said she didn’t worry a little; he toned down his usual swearing and anger though. 

-Jirou performed “Truly, Madly, Deeply” on her electric guitar in the wedding and Kaminari was super proud

-”Look how cool my wife is-” “Ugh, Kaminari, stop embarrassing me!!”

-Yaoyorozu actually got drunk for once ‘cas she was too elated

-When Jirou tossed her bouquet back, Ashido caught it and everyone screamed. 

-Kaminari and Jirou sneaked out of the party for a bit and made out while Bakugou was cursing under his breath (albeit 50% less than usual) about where the hell the groom went. In the end, Bakugou gave up and took 12 vodka shots with Tokoyami

Found out

Just a starter so y'all can get a taste of the way i write.I LOVE KAI HE’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PUPPY GOD.

Warnings:Just making outt

Please give credit if you repost my story in other social medias,and if you will,please ask first ———————————————————–—————

Y/N entered the Grill with Kai following behind,as he watched her sway her hips with a smirk on his face.They walked together to the bar,and sat down,Y/N raising her pointer and middle finger at the barman signaling two bourbons,he just nodded and turned around to pour you the glasses.

She turned to Kai,who was sitting with his head on his hand looking at you and smirking.

Y/N sighed and avoided his gaze “Stop looking at me like that”

“I won’t ever stop looking at you sweetheart” he grinned,making her heart flatter and her breath get caught in her throat.

“Unless….” he trailed off rubbing slow circles on her thigh making her shiver under his touch “You admit it”
He didn’t even have to explain,for Y/N to understand exactly what he was talking about.

“No.” she snapped and slapped his hand away,grabbing the glass of bourbon in front of her and drinking it whole at once.

Earlier that day,Y/N and Kai had went shopping.She was in one of the changing rooms,trying out a dress,for her birthday party later this week.She didn’t want to buy something too exposed as it wasn’t even her style,but Elena had insisted,even though even Damon was on Y/N’s side.

When she finished putting the dress that Kai basically insisted her to try on and glanced at herself in the mirror she couldn’t believe the view in front of her.She was…different.She felt different,and sexy.She took another quick look on the material wrapping her body and smiled, actually liking it.

She pushed the curtain of the changing room to the side and glanced up with a huge smile on her face waiting for Kai to speak up.Only…he was busy talking to some…whore,she assumed.Her smile immediately faded,her lips pressed into a thin line as she clenched her jaw,seeing the girl holding on Kai’s chest and punching his shoulder slightly at the joke he had made,making them both burst out into a ton of giggles.He hadn’t even realized Y/N was there,standing inches away from him,which broke her heart into a million pieces.She watched as the girl leaned in to his ear and whispered something,making Kai smirk as he stared at the floor listening her words carefully.Y/N was a vampire,which meant she had vampire hearing but she couldn’t allow herself to eavesdrop,she didn’t want to,as it would hurt her even more.As Kai was staring at the floor,though,his eyes drifted from there,to Y/N’s legs,and up to her gorgeous body.Eyeing her up and down,his jaw almost dropping on the floor.He stood there with his mouth open making her feel like the most beautiful girl out there.But she still stared at him coldly,showing no expression at all.

The girl who was earlier giggling with him,finally found what Kai was looking at and snorted looking at her with disgust.Y/N raised an eyebrow and gave her a death glare so deadly that she actually jumped slightly,turned on her heel and left.Kai didn’t move an inch,he kept eyeing Y/N up and down not knowing what to say.Just when he had found the right words she closed the curtain of the changing room so quickly and fiercely that,the metal holding the curtain to the pole slammed against the wall and echoed through the shop.

Y/N quickly changed putting back her clothes,grabbing the dress and opening the curtain again,throwing the dress on the side she made her way past Kai and towards the exit of the store unable to keep her emotions under control,Kai quickly following behind her.

“You didn’t like it?It looked amazing on you sweethea-” he tried but Y/N cut him off “No,and I’m leaving.” “What?But what about the party aren’t you gonna-” Kai tried once again clearly confused by Y/N’s sudden change of mood. “I don’t CARE about the party Kai!” she stopped,and turned to look at him raising her voice as she spoke ,the sound echoing through the mall,making Kai stop too and stare at her.Y/N’s gaze softened a bit realizing what she had just done.She wasn’t the type to get mad,or yell like that to anyone,which made Kai even more confused.“Sorry..” she mumbled and turned around again,Kai following her,only this time,he didn’t say a word.Instead,he tried to remember how their day had gone today,and what he had done wrong to make her this upset.He hated seeing her like this,especially when it was obvious that it was his fault,but he hadn’t understood why yet.

They made their way to the boarding house,since Y/N was the youngest sister of the Salvatores.On their way there,Y/N didn’t even look at Kai,which made his face drop,hurt by her actions.When they entered the house,Y/N quickly ran up to her room and closed the door roughly making Kai flinch,and someone groan.

In an instant Damon and Stefan were in front of Kai.Damon looking angry and ready to kill,and Stefan just..angry.

“What did you do” Damon spat making Kai’s gaze turn from the floor to Damon slowly
“I-I don’t know we were in the mall shopping,and we entered this store,she went to change,while i was talking to some girl and then when she finished she looked so gorgeous making my stomach hurt,in a good way though and-”

“Wait what?” Stefan asked knitting his eyebrows together while Damon grabbed his forehead and started massaging it,trying to calm himself down.

Kai stared at them, raising his eyebrows and waiting for them to enlighten him too.

“Y-you idiot,you-Ugh!” Damon shouted and turned around pouring himself a glass of bourbon while Stefan kept standing in front of Kai.

Stefan sighed “That girl,Kai,that girl you were talking to when Y/N was in the dressing room.That’s the problem”

“But why would that affect Y/N in any way” Kai wondered

“She’s jealous you freaking idiot!” Damon said rushing his words

“But why would she be-” Kai trailed off again,being interrupted by Stefan and Damon who were losing their patience.

“Because she likes you!” they both said at the same time.Kai stared blankly at nothing,not even breathing for at least 30 seconds when he suddenly started blinking,a goofy grin appearing in his face.Kai was sure just then,sure of what all those butterflies,stomach aches and flips,as well as his breath getting caught in his lungs when he was around Y/N meant.He was so happy,knowing that he wasn’t the only one feeling that way about his best friend.But Damon was quick to interrupt all of his thoughts with a low “Oh shit.”

Kai’s gaze turned to Damon and Stefan’s eyes which were staring at something or actually someone behind him.Curious as well,Kai turned around seeing Y/N staring at Damon and Stefan with wide eyes,anger,fear,anxiety all visible in her eyes.

“Y-you…UGH!” She groaned in frustration running her hands through her hair ,and stormed off the house leaving Stefan and Damon,looking at each other,preparing themselves for what’s about to come when Y/N would return home,and then glancing at Kai who was still there.

“What the hell are you waiting for,go follow her!” Damon shouted making Kai wake up “Oh right..” he mumbled and ran out the door chasing after her.

And that’s how they ended up here.

Kai smirking at her knowingly and Y/N avoiding his gaze,ordering more and more shots of bourbon.She could leave and go somewhere else,but she knew how stubborn Kai was and he wasn’t going to give up until he got/heard/had what he wanted.

“Come on princess…You know I know,I just want to hear it all coming from you.” he said narrowing his eyes at her,waiting hopefully.

Y/N just finished drinking her last shot and turned her body to his,so she could look at him properly.

“Why would I say anything,when it’s obvious that you don’t even care about me that way.” she snapped,her eyes filled with sadness,but she still managed to keep an angry expression on her face.

“So you’re admitting it?” smirked Kai making her groan and slide of her seat,as she made her way outside ,but quickly getting pinned into the wall just behind the bar,where no one was there to interrupt them.

“You’re wrong” he breathed,their bodies inches away from each other.She could feel his breath on her lips which made her heart skip a beat.Kai smiled lightly,lovingly at her hearing her heart beat change when he grazed his palm against her cheek.She leaned in to his touch,and stared at him,their eyes locking for a moment until Kai spoke up again “The way you make me feel Y/N…No other girl would.I just realized this,but you’re the one i crave the most,you’re the one I need.No one else.The way I feel the blood boil inside me when i see other guys talking,touching or even looking at you,the way your smile warms my heart,and gives me goosebumps,the way you stood up for me,saved me millions of times,and believed in me when no one did…I-I think I’m in love with you Y/N” he said lowly and glanced back to her eyes only seeing a shocked expression written on her face.He wanted to say more,to convince her that everything he was saying was true,but Y/N didn’t want proof,and she showed that,by wrapping her arms around his neck and smashing her lips against his.

She instantly moaned feeling his lips against hers,this warm feeling she always had dreamed about sending shivers and electricity through her whole body.Kai pulled her closer by putting his hands on her waist,and tugged on her bottom lip,craving for more.She gladly opened her mouth slightly and he deepened the kiss,by sliding his tongue inside her mouth and exploring every inch of it.Their tongues dancing together,his hands holding her,everything combined had taken her breath completely away.Finally they pulled away panting and staring deep into each others’ eyes.

“God,we should have done this months ago” Kai chuckled and you giggled,biting his lower lip,not getting enough of him.A low animalistic growl came from the back of his throat sending dozens of butterflies to your stomach. “Someone’s eager” he breathed and grinned at her,whooshing them away,and in an instant they were in her room.His hand moved in the air slightly making a boundary spell,making sure no one could hear a word.

“I can’t help it” she said biting her bottom lip and stared at him with lust,his eyes drifting between her eyes and lips.She pushed him on the bed,he stared at her amused,his usual smirk not leaving his face as she  crawled on top of him straddling his hips as his back hit the headboard.His hands instantly found their way to her waist as her nose grazed his slowly,their eyes not leaving each other’s for a single moment.“You were such a tease these past weeks..” she trailed off kissing his chin,his jaw all the way to his neck “Talking and flirting with other girls in front of me..” she said as she licked and then bit his neck leaving a hickey making a low moan escape his lips “Do you have any idea what you were doing to me Malachai?” she said her eyes finding his again,feeling him stiffen at the mention of his full name but quietly groan.He usually got super angry when someone called him by his full name,but hearing her call him that,turned him on like never before.

“All these weeks..” she said as she took his shirt off,his hands helping her,guiding her “I’ve been wanting you,to touch every single muscle on your body,feel it against me I-” she moaned at the thought and then made her dream come true by placing her hands on his chest and starting to feel everything.His muscles,his hands,his heart beat,everything.“I was so jealous Malachai..” she said again making him shiver and his pants tighten around him “Jealous of all those girls that had you before me”
she whispered as she kissed his pink lips hard,the kiss wet and passionate.
“Oh princess you’re about to have me,I will pay you back all those times I ever hurt you like that babygirl..” he replied and kissed Y/N back,rolling her over so that he was on top of her…