they just look so good together ugh

Your Faves Are Problematic.

Here’s a callout post for @mothsbymoonlight​ and @dyemelikeasunset​ Honestly, it’s so despicable what they have done and what they CONTINUE. TO. DO. Honestly, I expected so much more from these two, and I am absolutely disgusted. Here are a few of my main points to bring up with their horrendous behavior and un-called for actions.

*Always taking cute selfies, alone but like also together? ugh don’t they realise they distract people with their amazingness??? I mean like, look at those calves those things have to illegal in at least three states and one territory wth

*Also, the butts? Why are they so perfect? What are you trying to cover up?


*And they just go to random Walmarts and other good, respectable stores??? And do cute things?? Like who even??

*Just all public places?? Like, is nothing sacred to you???

*And they just like?? Make faces?? And do weird things? Idk about you guys but this is going almost too far, tbh. They’re so gd cute it makes me mad. Who do they think they are? Who gave them the right?

Honestly, I could pull out the reciepts all day. These terrors to humanity. Someone stop these menaces to our whole wholesome society. /endrant.


I’m really proud of how this group photo shoot turned out. I’d been planning this with a few other people for about two years and we finally got the group together and everyone just looked amazing and rocked their look.

Behind the scenes: if I look awkward, it’s because the microphone was not mine, was expensive, heavy, and didn’t fit in the stand so I was trying to keep it from falling while keeping it looking good. So ugh, but otherwise I’m so happy with these!