they just look so good i love them


So I met the Sense8 cast girls in Paris last night and they are the actual best !!
Tina told me I was pretty and I just ?!?!?@?! someone offered Doona candies because why not ? I really love them, they took their time with us all and talked to us and took pictures and signed everything!
I also saw Max Riemelt but I didn’t get a picture but I saw him anyway and he looks GOOD.
Also the scene they were filming is going to be amazing!

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I feel, like, 99% sure it was Craig who carved his and Tweek's initials into that tree. I don't why, but it's a gut feeling.

I think that someone else in the town carved their initials in a tree first. Because why not? Everyone in the townships them. But when Craig sees it he gets really offended because it just looks so shitty. Tweek think’s it’s funny (both the carving and the fact that Craig’s pissed about it), but Craig ends up going home, getting a knife, and carving a better one on their favorite tree. If you’re going to vandalize for the sake of their love, it’s going to look damned good. 

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If someone loves tattoos just let them do. You can tell your opinion , but in a nice way like " I don't like tattoos , in my opinion it doesn't look good " but not " don't do them they look like shit " lmao. Everybody has an another opinion to that so please don't say that.


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Could I have the NDRV3 boys reacting to another boy asking them out? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm not really creative so add a small twist or something

Hello! I just took this as my first ask, this seemed like a really cute thing to do and I love writing gay stuff for the boys! I hope this is sufficiently good and all. Thanks for the request!

(Everything’s under the cut, since it’s pretty long!)

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as a resident Sheithen and Keith stan looking at these anti-honesty answers is putting me through physical pain and I’m ready for more. So anti-honesty hour: what’s your opinion of Kl@nce and Br0ganes 😩😩😩👌👌

because i hate sheith and keith and stan lance these totally weren’t hard for me to type. at all. easy peasy. just the plain truth.

and if it wasn’t obvious by now…I LOVE K@NCE AND that is some good shit. and obviously canon. keith and lance are so in love and it makes me so happy. it’s funny how both of them like to pretend they hate each other. like just kiss already guys. and lance trying to cover his obvious crush while flirting with every female he encounters. it’s just so cute. and it’s so funny how LM and JDS keep trying to make us think they’re not canon so it’s a surprise. like you ain’t fooling me you guys. i saw lance moving his eyes 3.7° in keith’s directions. I SAW THAT. and how he lingered for a millisecond too long. it’s just so obvious.

and br0ganes is also obviously canon because keith’s last name is kogane (that is canon cuz i said so) and they’re both asian. so they’re related. i don’t make the rules that’s just how it is. plus they treat each other like all normal sibling do. so yea…they’re brother, man. /hunk voice.

Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.


tony being a confused puppy after peter refuses his offer to join the team

The choreo is a WHOLE meme but I love my goofy kings


Can we talk about how good of an actor Mark is for a second?

Mark played all of his characters absolutely flawlessly. Honestly. Maybe there were some very small nitpicky things that could’ve been better but in the end, he played each of his characters so well. 

But when all is said and done, I commend him on his acting because of THIS:

He goes from looking distraught, absolutely numb and heartbroken and altogether just sad

To this. This absolute fury as if he could murder a man right then and there by simply giving them this look. This look of anger that makes it seem as though he’s about to explode. 

In one. Goddamned. Second.

Granted, he did so much good acting in this series; There were so many moments where it didn’t feel like Mark, it felt like the Colonel. Or it felt like Damien. But it didn’t feel like Mark. (I love it when actors can do that tbh). 

But in this moment, you can see him transform from who he is into Darkiplier. He captured that. Right here in this one second clip. With one look at the camera.

Mark Fischbach, to you I say two things:

1) This was astonishing. This entire series had your whole fandom freaking out and theory-writing for four days straight, and honestly there are probably still going to be theories even after this. I hope desperately that you love what you gave us just as much as we did because this was amazing. 


(And a LARGE thank you to Teamiplier because none of this would’ve happened without you guys)

Sorry for the vent but honestly I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right? 

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nearly witches // panic! at the disco



“Lyndis, you look so cute I wanna pinch your cheek!”
“Lady Camilla… How do you even fight in this!?”


“Thanks for combing my hair, Camilla! Now I’ll tie yours up like mine~”
“You’re as sweet as pie, Lyndis darling.”

Someone gave me the genius idea of their outfit swap and I just had to♥
They’re both very lovely ladies and I adore them.

things i love about Bakugou include:

  • his adorable spiky hair
  • his orange/red eyes
  • his eyes are so pretty??? he’s got long eyelashes and they’re just… so damn pretty…. wtf
  • he’s just so pretty and he looks like a tiny, angrier version of his mom and that’s adorable
  • his adorable baby sideburns
  • how fucking creative he is with his powers?? like?? he’s so good at controlling his explosions and coming up with super creative ways to use them???
  • his adorable little cocky smirks
  • his “i give no fucks except actually i do but i will never fucking admit to it so shut your fucking mouth before i blow your ass up” attitude
  • how he’s an angry crier and super emotional 
  • how he’s actually pretty chill too??? when he’s not pissed off????
  • how he shows kindness by being an aggressive, angry little shit
  • how he’s a little shit in general
  • mr. “only time he smiles is when Deku gets punched in the nuts” 
  • and then he calls the kid cute
  • Bakugou no
  • how he doesn’t wear socks
  • his dumbass baggy pants. child. child pull up your pants. please. 
  • his tanktops
  • how he shows off his teeth when he’s in battle as if he’s trying to intimidate his opponents by showing his teeth like animals do
  • how tiny he looks with sleeves on but then he looks fucking hUGE in tank tops 
  • his dumbass adorable little description for his hero outfit (including KILL WITH MY KNEES and SOMETHING AWESOME!!!)
  • also his shitty little doodles of himself and the how he actually kinda sucks at art when he’s so good at everything else
  • how he’s SUPER SMART but doesn’t know how to friend
  • “how does one show concern? oh, i know, by telling them WATCH YOUR DAMN SELF”
  • how he admires All Might so much and wants to be just like him and has built his entire view of heroes on the person he admires the most b/c in the end he’s still just a kid and still has those pure, child-like admiration and goals ten years later and nothing is going to stop him from reaching those goals 
  • (which sometimes isn’t healthy or good but. still. he’s working on it)
  • how he comes up with dumbass nicknames for people he doesn’t care about b/c he’s too lazy to remember their names unless they catch his attention and earn his respect
  • how he’s slowly growing as a person and how he’s giving out advice to his classmates and doing it willingly and helping when they feel down and he’s slowly making friends even without really knowing how but the rest of the class is noticing that he’s not just an angry little rage machine but he’s slowly getting better and trying and they’re getting inspired by him 
  • i just love everything ok

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Hyun Ryu, aka Zen, deserves so much better? A lot of people talk about how good looking he is or that he’s a narcissist, but they forget that it’s a crucial point in his route is how self conscious he really is? And don’t even get me started on how people ignore that his mother emotionally abused him during his childhood. Who the hell calls their child ugly? To protect them? Instead of just teaching them that people might take advantage of them because of how they look so they should keep their guard up? Suuure. I, for one, am proud that he still manages to be so confident after all that. And he’s still going after his dreams despite the fact that he was told he wasn’t going to make it anywhere. He joined a gang and got out of it to make his life better. And he’s doing it on his own, too, wow. People also give him crap for hating on Jumin, which is understandable, but making up with Jumin is also a crucial part of his route. He lets go of projecting his the image of his brother on Jumin and they actually become friends who just have banter? There is no reason to hate this boy? He’s such a sweetheart that gives really useful advice when it comes to handling life and tough situations. He’s very comforting and willing to go above and beyond for the people close to him. He’s willing to drop everything to run over to MC or take in Yoosung. He cares about Jaehee’s health and really just wants her to take a break? He a Mom Friend and a big brother but he’s also such a cute dork? Especially when it comes to things like technology and romantic gestures? The boy even wants to let MC meet his parents before they get married and they won’t let him in the door? And the fandom portrays him as this salty, kind of violent, self-absorbed, character? And don’t even get me started on The Beast™ because? He doesn’t even bring it up that often? And when he does bring it up, it’s after he meets MC in person and even then, it’s only briefly before he changes the subject. Cause this boy would literally wait as long as MC wants him to. I could literally go on, but the main point is that Zen deserves so much better and I will love him enough for the whole fandom if I have to.