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Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 10 (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU)

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 4,922

Warnings: None

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

Running some erands because the wedding is in a few hours and you just have nothing else to do. Dean has taken quiet seriously to his job and acts like your boyfriend in front of everyone. And by that I mean even some old good friends of yours. Maybe he’s letting his true feelings finally show.

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You were pulled out of your peaceful sleep as light was casted over your face. You frowned, groaning slightly. You backed slightly, snuggling to the chest that was pressed firmly against your back. You let a content sigh, enjoying the warmth it offered you. The warmth Dean’s body offered you.

A small smile tucked at the thought and it only got bigger when in his sleep Dean let a small groan and scooted closer to you, tightening his hold on your waist. His face was buried at the crook of your neck and his warm breath fanning over it, made pleasant shivers run down your spine. Your eyes slowly opened, your vision slightly blurry as sleep still laced your eyes. You slowly turned, careful so as not to wake Dean.

Your eyes were half open but it was just enough for you to be able to take his features in. A peaceful expression was on his face and you bit your lip as you ran a hand up his chest and then cupped his face. Your thumb rubbed softly over his cheek. You saw a small smile form as a soft sigh left his lips.

You heard him mumble some incoherent things under his breath but it was one in particular that you heard crystal clear and made your eyes widen for a second and your heart leap to your throat.

“(Y/n)…” he sighed.

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While certainly not the most sexy picture or anything, I truly think this might be my favorite picture of them. Candid, with no dancing clothes anything fancy, just natural and relaxed. They look so nice and “couply” (don’t think that’s a word lol). Just like a normal picture a normal couple would take. Makes me all gooey inside ;-)