they just look better when they're big

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Please make me feel better I just moved and I'm new to this school my "friends" just kicked me out because they think I'm gay (They're right I'm bi) and they don't even want to talk or look at me anymore, i tried to lie to but I'm not good at lying. I cried atleast 3 times today. Please given me some klance headcanons/shitposts

oh dude,, anything i can do to help:

  • *whispers* whomst is the big spoon
    • okay okay lance would be the big one obvi obvi but when he get’s really tired he just resigns himself to keith wrapping his arms and legs around his waist 
      • like a goddamn kOALA OR SOME SHIT
    • keith: you’re so boney 
    • lance: that’s what she said
    • keith: i hate you
    • lance: love you too
  • do you ever forget that keith doesn’t know much about pop culture and LAUGH
    • keith: what the hell is a dab
    • lance: bitcH OH MY GO D
  • once keith ties his hair up you know what that means
    • forehead GODDAMN kisses
    • (keith pretends to hate it)
    • (he doesn’t)
  • lance might not be THAT tall but he can totally put his chin on keith’s shoulder
    • and give his neck kissy kisses
      • mgay wrwo
  • lance: this is bULLSHIT
  • hunk: what
  • lance: i’ve been dating keith for two months and i haven’t made him a playlist yet im oFF MY GAME I TELL YOU!!
    • hunk: that’s so sweet and gay im gonna cry

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I'm sorry in advance cause this is just my opinion and I want to vent to someone but I can't follow anything that's going on in TG anymore. It feels extremely messy, the details to the big plot/questions are little details and they're hidden but so many things happen and the focus change all the time. So now I can't even catch these details anymore because I'm trying to stay focused on the events. It just feel so all over the place. I was looking forward Amon talking to Kaneki so much. When I

I’m really sorry. I still really, REALLY, REALLY love tokyo ghoul, so unfortunately I won’t be any help in making you feel better. If anything, I’m actually considering taking a haitus from tumblr because I can’t seem to escape people’s negativity no matter how finely I pare down the people I follow or the content I choose to consume. So, if I’m being honest, I do not appreciate being the box for your venting, and I’m not going to post the 4 other messages you wrote because I don’t want to be responsible for making other people feel bad by publishing them. 

Listen. My absolute favorite character in TG and the history of fiction is dead. He’s gone forever. But I made the effort to stick to it, went back and found new threads to follow, and found an endless amount of awesome things. There’s still a lot of incredibly complex, interesting characters, and a million questions still left to be asked. It’s all extremely exciting for me and tons of other people, and so I do not agree with anything you listed. I realize that it’s your prerogative to interpret the story that way or be disappointed, and that not everyone can just turn around and find something else to like, but it’s not fair that I can’t just come on here to share art or theories without someone butting in to tell me they don’t like it.

To me (and I could be wrong) it just sounds like people have an extremely rigid idea of how the story should go, or they don’t keep in mind that it’s an 18+ horror-mystery story, or they just don’t have the patience to wait for things to come together… and then take it out on others when things take a different turn. I mean, people get up in arms on spoiler night before the whole chapter is even out. That’s how volatile the fandom is on here.

So honestly, the only thing that’s ruining Tokyo Ghoul for me right now is tumblr. I try to keep an open mind and accept that not everyone’s going to like the way things are going, but opening this website is like your family making a snarky comment about the way you’re dressed every time you walk in the room. I need some fucking boundaries.

Like, I literally made this post the other day

and I hate hate hate hate HATE that it’s true. I know that things aren’t perfect in TG. Sometimes I get disappointed or wish things went different, too, but I can personally move past it. So please, if you don’t like it anymore, or are struggling to enjoy it, at least take a break from it, because it’s selfish to assume that someone else is responsible for handling your displeasure– especially when that person is clearly having a good time and not trying to cause problems. If you need to vent, write on your own blog. Don’t spread hate, and let the people who still enjoy it continue to enjoy it.

I genuinely apologize for taking it out on you, and I really wish I could be a shoulder to lean on, but I’ve really reached my limit. Your messages were the first thing I woke up to this morning, after almost of full week of watching a small chunk of the western fandom attack both Ishida (a ridiculously hard-working person, and a super nice dude to boot) and other fans, effectively making the rest of us miserable. I’ve had enough. I can’t hold everyone’s hands when they don’t like when something happens. I need space. 

“Honesty never got anyone anywhere, anyway.”

Name: Ivy
Age: Cat equivalent to human 18
Pronouns: She/her
Home: Rapulter
A sly, proud, and charming cat with a loose interpretation of morality and a penchant for messing with people. When she washes up by Selrach and is found by Sumac, she makes big plans for him. One has to wonder, though, if those are the only plans she has.

Common Physical Traits of The Signs to Look Out For
  • (based on PERSONAL experience so chill x - will include who I know that's each sign x).
  • Aries: Square/rectangular/broad bodies, average height and weight, confidence, great smiles, flat noses, darker skin, shiny hair that's usually short, not very light on feet/move awkwardly, flat chestedd, nails on fleek tho. (This one nerdy perfectionist chick from my old school, aunt).
  • Taurus: Often chubby, big eyes with long lashes, curly hair or hair that stands out n a crowd, clear complexions, small mouths, heart-shaped heads, obviously insecure but still generally happy looking. (This one chick who was fab and loved astrology too but had the voice of a chainsaw in a meat grinder like leave please).
  • Gemini: Sharp/pointy/little noses, weird necks, long hair, splotchy skin, blushes a lot, generally pretty, but thinks they're prettier than they are, dull eyes, nice teeth, either athletic/slim af or chubby af, short, you will always feel like they're better than you, look intelligent even when they're not, walks around like a toddler when in a mood, otherwise moves around quietly/carefully/gracefully.(frickin sister-in-law).
  • Cancer: Thick af eyebrows, big noses, full/pouty lips, annoying laughter that sounds like crying, long necks, weird/broad shoulders, super facial expressions; they can talk to you just by looking at you, mouths are never still, awkward arms and hands, bad skin, huge smiles, big/bright/expressive eyes with heavy lids, constantly fluctuating weights, disappointing thighs, always the perfect height for you, soft yet nappy hair. (My big sister, this one guy, ME, my nonna, my gandpa, ChRiS pRattt).
  • Leo: Great hair; always an interesting color, average to tall heights, dull or just small facial features, up-turned noses, energetic/expressive eyes, great smiles, average weights/usually athletic, really small ears, washed out skin, undefined chin, super confident, white af teeth, their bodies are mainstream fitness goals, small af lips but the smirks they do make up for it. (A friend/squad member, my first ex, this one guy, this little kid, that little kids mom, my dog. Yea, I know my fcukin Leos).
  • Virgo: Short, boxy eyebrows, still cuter than u, defined af jawline, ability to spontaneously grown goat-tee, pointy head, really stand out in a crowd, hair always wavy, big flat noses, eyelashes on fleek, can be really slender or just plain boxy, full/pouty lips, af, they look lost/worried/naive - but they still look happier and more approachable than you probably. (My big brother, this one kid at school with neckflaps and runs like mario, my friend/squad member, my moon sign).
  • Libra: Looks salty, intimidating af, resting bitch-face, short, thinnn but still got a layer of baby-fat, cute cheeks, eyebrows on FLEEK, weird shriveled up mouths, photogenic af, really big fish eyes, will steal your boyfriend, fuckin amazing hair, actual not confident at all, tries to look innocent, you feel like they're always better than you (they probably are) , really good at make up, uummm UR hAIRY *cries* (this one bitch adsfkdfkdfl,also my rising sign).
  • Scorpio: Long/straight/shiny hair, usually pale skin, tiny heads, either short or skinny, low-key Regina George, prettier than everyone else but gets over looked, weird chins, short limbs, weird af noses like what why is it so small (lele that's what she said), will remind you of a sword-fish at times, did I mention shortttt? (Cousins, Girl-crush/bff).
  • Sagittarius: Smirky, squinty, fashion gOALS, undefined bodies like where are u, cuter than U, round faces, no eyebrows but lol who still has those it's 2015 loser, weird/no necks, fists that look ready to knock u tf out, have their guard up, looks good with lipstick/bright colors, you either try to hard or are too nonchalant, authority figures, you just kinda wanna go give em a high five. (Aunt,friend/squad member, my other dog [yes she no eyebrows]).
  • Capricorn: -PAUSE- y'all know that feeling just after u eat a truck load of TACOBELL and it feels like ur stomach made a 360 and you can practically feel lava dripping from your butthole, down your thighs? Yeah. That's how Caps make me feel - THEY WILL MAKE YOU NERVOUS AF. They are usually better than you even when they suck. Usually curly or wavy hair. Just general great hair. like wow. Kind/innocent/expressive eyes, Sporty AF, average to tall heights, great arms, biceps for days, thick necks, weird eyebrows, babyface/babymouth? Washed out skin, kinda potato (dumb), stocky, usually have abs, big/pug noses, nice profile, big hands, you just feel like curling up to them and talking for hours but if you have a crush on one ur first instinct will be to run FAR away before you look stupid. (my ex who I hate, this guy I liked who liked me and we dated but not officially just made out etc and then we both moved, my crush who is the biggest crush I've ever had, my favourite kickboxer who is also hot af. yea, clearly I have a type).
  • Aquarius: Big/soft/sad eyes, thick hair, freckles or moles, huggable, either really short or really tall, chubby, boxy eyebrows, skin tans easily, nice lips, cute cheeks, stronger than they look (physically nooot mentally), calm af, understanding faces, even when they're old they're nice to look at, not intimidating, how they feel inside will always affect how they look outside. (My mom, my mom's cat, Favourite singer, my first girl crush whose now a bitch).
  • Pisces: TALL AF. Usually waaaay dark, babyface, instant-beard powers, strong af, reminds you of obama, you just wanna shake their hand, sleepy af eyes, grinds teeth when angry, bad posture, always looks up when thinking, judgmental, premature gray hair, generally just a lot of hair, except on the head u bald bye. (my dad... papa if ur reading this hi im just kidding teehee).
Literally my dash
  • Beliebers: We're gonna boycott supernatural! Justin is good and the media liiiies Our idol is a tool but we don't care because he's PRETTY.
  • Hunters, Superwhovians, superwholockians: Bring it bitches, big and scary raaaaaawr we need more dick joke edits lets get on that when we're done here, or in between, that works, yes good.
  • Butthurts, people who don't realize that you don't have to look at the fighting and can refrain from bull: Just finish each other off I don't care neer nerr nerr, probably a statement about how they're better than you for not liking thing you like.

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Hello love ^_^ reaction to seeing you grabbing your boobs when you run down stairs? They're big and IT HURTS OTHER WISE TT______TT

Jin : is a gentleman and doesn’t look nor say anything

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Yoongi : “why do you even run ? just take your time and walk !”

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Hoseok : “don’t complain… they’re wonderful” hypnotized

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Namjoon : If you ever need help just call me

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Jimin : “well if you’d wear a bra it might be better…”

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Taehyung : stuffs his shirt with socks and imitates you to see what you mean

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Snk abridged convo between the guys in the showers
  • Reiner: Dudes, look at my amazing muscles, are they great or what!?
  • Bert: Reiner, no.
  • Marco: Not this again.
  • Armin: Every. Damn. Time.
  • Reiner: I'm just saying, ima beast! You guys wish you were hella jacked like me. These muscles are so big and look even better when they're all tan and I'm fresh out the water. I'm so awesome that I can't stand it sometimes, it's like how handsome am I?-
  • Eren: OH. MY. GOD. Shut the fuck up! I mean, for fuck sake! Jean may be a horsefaced, egostistical, douche-
  • Jean: HEY!
  • Eren: IM NOT DONE! While he may be all those things, you take it to a whole new level, you pea brained, homoerotic tool! Fucking Christ! You probably get off to selfcest! Do us all a favor and stop telling us that you'd 'totes fuck yourself' I don't need to hear it! It's bad enough I walked in on Jean&Marco
  • Jean: I was just sleeping in his bed! And we're just friends!
  • Marco: But..I thought you said we'd always be togeth-
  • Jean: Not now Marco!
  • Connie: So I guess we're not gonna go spy on the girls shower?!
Taylor Swift Switching Things Up For 1989 World Tour
  • Interviewer: So Taylor, we're here to talk about a little thing called your world tour. No big deal. You're about to leave.
  • Taylor: It's casual.
  • Interviewer: Totally casual. What's the vibe for this tour? Like, what's kinda your vision for this one?
  • Taylor: Well, the first thing I started with was the idea that everything we've ever done, every decision I've made on my last tours, I wanted to flip it and do the opposite for this one. So, if we had that kind of scream for the last tour I want this kind of scream for this one. Everything from the technology we're using, to lighting, the visuals, um, the cast, the way we're dressed, wardrobe, everything is being come at from a different approach.
  • Interviewer: It's all new, I love to hear that! And now, how many hours a day are you rehearsing? How many days a week? What is it like for you starting all that?
  • Taylor: We've been doing everyday for the last couple of months. Towards the end for the last couple of weeks we've been doing two run-throughs a day which is intense because the show is two hours long. We've got all these insane costume changes, I'm singing for two hour straight. And um, it's been, it's been good cause you get your stamina up, you get your endurance up to actually go out and play the show.
  • Interviewer: What's the fashion like for this one?
  • Taylor: Oh my god I love the fashion for this one. Every time I’m in the quick change changing into a new outfit I’m just like ‘I don’t want to take this one off’ but then I’m like ‘Oh but I get to put this one on.’ I love them all so much. Every outfit has a different vibe to it, every outfit is so cool. I just love it.
  • Interviewer: I feel like everywhere you're more fashionable now than you ever have been, we expect these things from you now.
  • Taylor: Well thanks. I felt like my show clothes used to seem more costume-y and now they’re much more chic... maybe?
  • Interviewer: It's all the models you hang out with.
  • Taylor: Yes! That has to be it. You just surround yourself with super models and you dress better.
  • Interviewer: I also saw you were surrounded with all your dancers on Instagram.
  • Taylor: They're amazing. It's kinda of bold look. It's a interesting way to tell the story. They are so talented and so cool and we've become friends so quickly that I kinda feel like I'm on tour with twelve brothers. It's amazing.
  • Interiviewer: When I saw that Instagram photo I thought: you're known for your dancing at the award shows. But, not so much on stage in big choreograph numbers so this is a little new also.
  • Taylor: It is new. I like to switch up what people are seeing, I don’t want them to see too many choreographed numbers in a row. I want there to be dynamic changes throughout the whole show like you won’t see a full show of nothing but choreographed dances. There are are going to be some acoustic numbers, there are going to be some of just me and the band, there are some where it’s just focused only on what I’m doing performing. You have to switch it up cause people get bored. More easily in 2015 than ever before.
Signs when running a race
  • Taurus: stops every five minutes to look for the rest station or water stops
  • Gemini: one minute they're all hyped up like HELL YEAH I CAN TOTALLY WIN THIS and the next minute they're just like m e h
  • Cancer: start running really fast but then they slow down because they're tiredd and just want a cuddle maybe, maybe running a marathon wasn't such a good idea, a movie marathon sounds better, doesnt it--
  • Leo: Run like a boss with their crew behind them like what up, and they take really big steps when they run hella
  • Virgo: they keep a very consistent pace when they run, they have a watch, towel, everything they need all prepared and yes, they are mentally prepared to win this, everybody watch out
  • Libra: they gather their homies and runs as a pack/flock lmao the more the merrier right? it doesnt matter if they win or not as long as everyone is happy and not dead
  • Scorpio: they are either screw this shit im walking or im hell bent on winning this dont you dare screw this up for me i will rip your guts out. there is no in between.
  • Sagittarius: they have short bursts of lightning speed, but they never get tired, or when they do they just chat with the person beside them, it could be a stranger even , because who cares? sagis dont.
  • Capricorn: they give it their all and do their best to win it, because they have the right mentality. this is the sign that has their shit together.
  • Aquarius: lmao you cant tell me what to do i can totally walk all the way if i want dont try me. But I'm gonna put in a little effort to show that I can beat all of you midgets hands down dont screw with me.
  • Pisces: the darlings who tend to be the ones holding back and helping those weaker racers who cant keep up, giving them words of encouragement

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So if this is true, JOSH IS NOT THE SWEETEST GUY at all. He LEAVES his girl behind, NOT A GENTLEMAN to hold her hand and lead their way, ISN'T PROUD to say and act out loud that "Hey, im with my long time gf! Look at her, isnt she look good with her dress?". Damn, if he's my bf, ill better be with myself! He isn't like Will Smith, Andrew Garfield who're proud to say, they're with the most wonderful, only girl in the universe. Their actions AREN'T FOR 2yrs! It pictures a newly acquainted boy&girl

i don’t think that’s the case at all for josh.

so we know he’s capable of it, and those tend to be the traits that most people associate with him.  it just appears that when it comes to c, he doesn’t really do any of that.  which is a big reason that a lot of people don’t buy this relationship, because we know that he’s a nice guy with endless praises for others, so why is he always so awkward, and hesitant, and evasive, and cold when it comes to someone he’s now “officially” dating?

it’s like i was saying before, i can’t be happy for a “relationship” that josh doesn’t even look happy to be a part of.