they just like to touch each other

I really really can’t sleep cos i have all this scenarios in my head now and i think i have to write it down so I thought about the spoilers Robert causing trouble idk if it meant trouble for Aaron but imagine Robert visiting Aaron and well obviously they can’t hug or touch each other, they talk and then one of the guards says visiting time is over everyone gets up except Robert people already leave but Roberts not moving an inch he just sits there and stares at Aaron then the guard says it again but Roberts still not moving and Aaron’s all like Robert please you have to go, please but Robert is frozen in his chair and whispers I can’t leave you, I can’t and Aaron touches his arm telling him that it’s gonna be ok and that he had to leave otherwise he would cause trouble then Robert snaps back to himself and gets up looking one last time at Aaron and says I can’t I can’t leave you but Aaron smiles yes you can and you can come back ok?! Then both leave and Roberts sitting in his car after wards crying gripping the steering wheel so tight and whispering to himself again and again I can’t leave you. Aaron is sitting in his cell staring at the wall with teary eyes shaking hands scratching at “the scar” on his arm that healed months ago but will always remind him about what Robert means to him, trying to cope somehow whispering to himself again and again i can’t leave you either

Normalize boys touching boys. And yes, by that i mean, gay couples should be allowed to kiss or hold hands in public if they want, just like straight couples are allowed to. But i also mean: Let male friends snuggle while watching movies if they want. Let male friends greet each other with a kiss on the cheek if they want. Let male friends walk around holding hands if they want. Let boys express friendship by touching each other. 

Alright but whatever you do, DON’T think about Victor and Yuuri practicing that pair skate. 

Don’t think about them bumping into each other and falling down together on the ice and laughing at themselves

Don’t think about them getting distracted halfway through when one of them lingers too long after a lift and until they just wind up kissing and missing their next musical cue

Don’t think about them finishing a day’s practice and just skating around the rink holding hands, gazing at each other lazily

Don’t think about them touching up each others’ costumes, making tiny adjustments before going out on the ice, fiddling with each others’ buttons and frills and “you always let this part get crooked, Yuuri, how can you go out like this?”


Okay. Let’s talk about the head pokes.

The first time this happened, we saw Viktor completely out of breath while Yuuri was still hanging in there, ready to keep going. Yuuri demonstrated here that his stamina is better than Viktor’s.

This was one of the first glimpses Yuuri had of his idol being flawed and demonstrating a weakness. He sees that Viktor is real and human instead of something out of reach and untouchable.

So that’s what Yuuri does. He touches Viktor. *poke poke* It’s like him saying, “Viktor Nikiforov is real. He’s standing right here in front of me, and … he’s just a person like me.”

It’s not meant as an insult. It’s the two of them on their way to seeing each other as equals.

I want to point this out as well. Viktor covers his own head after Yuuri pokes him because it makes him feel insecure. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Let’s jump ahead to Episode 7 (click here).

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The Creators of Yuri on Ice
  • Episode one: let's make the gay really subtle and not distract from the story line
  • Episode two: Just make the opening a little gayer and have Viktor touch Yuri a bunch, but in a teasing flirting way. We don't want to go overboard
  • Episode four: Let's just straight up have Viktor ask to be Yuri's lover. That should get everyone on the same page
  • Episode seven: Make them kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Episode nine: They're still??? not??? convinced??? After that? Ok, so this time do like a really big dramatic airport scene where they run at each other and Yuri uses the same words as a proposal to ask Viktor to stay with him. But still keep it subtle. We're going For sub-context here to let the audience figure it out.









Victor and Yuuri are the kind of couple who’d plan to propose to each other on the exact same day and Yuuri pulls Victor to the side with a “Victor, there’s something I wanna ask you–” as he’s taking out the little velvet box and Victor just goes “oh no”. And Yuuri gets all insecure because does he not want to, is this rejection, is it too soon? And he gets all small and toys with the box in his hands, stumbling over his words to make it better because imsorryitsokaywedonthavetoifyourenotcomfortable but Victor stops him, grabbing him by the shoulders like “no, no, I mean—"and he takes out a ring from his coat pocket "I was going to slip this into your drink tonight at dinner” and then they both start crying and they’re touching foreheads as they put the rings on each other and I’m dying in the back because I love them








what do you think they did after the kiss? do you think that they just stood in the middle of the room, staring at each other, until one of them was like ‘the pizza’s getting cold’? did they sit on two stools next to each other and did maggie scoot hers closer to alex’s when she reached across alex’s torso to get a slice of pizza? did they ever stop grinning? did they move to the couch after a bit and did they start off kind of far apart because neither of them was really sure what happened next? did alex move closer and closer until their knees were touching and the backs of their pinkies were connected just so? did maggie just go for it and grab alex’s hand? did they both grin like fools at each other because holding hands has never felt this good, this right? did alex end up with her head against maggie’s shoulder while they talked about little things, nothing else too emotionally deep because tonight’s already been a lot, but things like maggie’s hometown or the time alex walked into the wrong lecture hall? did maggie say she had to leave but never got up because she didn’t want to lose this moment? did alex tell maggie, before she eventually did leave, that this is what she’s always imagined it would be like? did maggie grin because yeah, her too?

I feel like some people in the YOI fandom may worry about episode 9 and how it may “not have any Victuri moments” now that Victor’s gone back to Japan.

And sure, we will certainly see less physical Victuri moments. But let’s instead think about the potential positive aspects of the situation: more emotional Victuri moments.

Because, to be fair, we’ve gotten to see a lot of their physical affection already - hugs, hand holding, forehead touches, kisses - you name it. And while I love it and I think it’s important, I think it might just be their thoughts and feelings that really make everything so special.

And this is the perfect opportunity to present the emotional aspect of their relationship. Yuuri has internal monologues about Victor and love all the damn time, and Victor looks so enamored in his Japanese boyfriend that it feels like he could kneel and propose at any given moment, and just imagine how being so physically apart from each other could only heighten and amplify those feelings.

Some people might say that this will be a test for their relationship, but I don’t think so. The fight in the parking lot in episode 7 was more of a test. Now they know that they can trust each other to perform well/give proper support respectively. The lack of Victor’s immediate presence will certainly be relevant and will shake Yuuri, but it won’t be because he’s afraid that Victor might leave him. He himself encouraged him to go back to Japan. Yuuri knows he won’t leave him, knows that he has no reason to be afraid. (And coming from a person who did everything to keep Victor by his side at all times? That’s big.) He trusts Victor enough to let him go back to Japan despite facing his Free Skate the next day. His issues during the second day event of the Rostelecom Cup will most likely only stem from the physical lack of Victor, but not from his emotional insecurity in their relationship. Because by now they’re secure. Even if Victor is thousands of kilometers away, he’s not gone and he’s not leaving him.

And remember that old proverb? If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they will be yours forever. I think it might just fit this situation in a way. Yuuri is letting Victor go, not entirely of course, but he is letting him go for the time being, despite it being a time when he might just need him most. Perhaps he doesn’t realize it, but in a way, it’s a gamble. The thing is that Victor isn’t going anywhere. He promised to take Yuuri to the Grand Prix Final, and he will. Which means he is coming back. And I think we all know what that means in regards to the proverb?

Also, the entire situation could be interesting from Victor’s perspective. Assuming that he watches the livestream, he will certainly be overcome with some sort of feelings. Except that until now, he released them as soon as they came - through hugging Yuuri or kissing him or similar outbursts of closeness. He won’t be able to do that now. Which means that instead of dealing with the feelings physically, he will have to consider them emotionally and his emotions are clear to anyone who’s seen him around Yuuri. Am I the only one seeing the potential development here?

In any case, I am expecting Yuuri to find strength in his bond with Victor (which will support him during his performance) even without his physical presence and at least a small realization on Victor’s side. Or just Victor being extremely proud and happy with Yuuri, I’m also perfectly fine with that. (And I just really want even more emotional monologues on love please please please)

Even without the physical attention, I think episode 9 could be a breakthrough for Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. I’m sure that the anime could pull it off.

Also I can totally sense a sweet and fluffy ‘reunited at the airport’ scene which would further reaffirm their connection (and give us the beautiful hug/kiss we all secretly want more of).

So yes. Fear not. Episode 9 carries a lot of really strong potential for the development of Victuri. Have faith.

Sweet OTP Things

Give me more sweet OTP things.

Give me more of Person A nuzzling into Person B’s neck because they’re cold and tired, and Person B m e l t i n g.

Give me more slow dancing with no music, arms wrapped tightly around each other, breaths mingling.

Give me more of Person A playing with Person B’s fingers because they’re bored, tracing the skin, examining the scars.

Give me more soft kisses, lips barely touching, just chaste little things that leave both parties irrationally breathless.

Give me more humming in the kitchen, making brownies at 3 AM for no reason at all.

Give me more holding hands, that simple act nearly overwhelming one or both of them, thumbs stroking over knuckles, fingers interlacing.

Give me more of Person A helping Person B with simple tasks, like brushing their hair, or putting on jewelry, where it’s obviously an excuse to be close to each other, but neither are complaining. 

Give me more picking out baby names, painting nurseries, and cradling their children.

Angst can be fun, and of course, passionate make-outs have their place, but please, I beg of you, GIVE ME MORE SWEET OTP MOMENTS!

i’m loving all the casual touching in dan and phil’s recent videos.

let me explain. in this case, it hardly matters whether they’re friends or something more. for a long time, they avoided touching each other in videos, liveshows, etc., and if they ever did, they made it a point to show how unusual/weird/JUST BROS AMIRITE it is.

that’s gone now. there are little pokes and prods and borderline tickling and dan picking up phil and grabbing each other’s wrists and i love it. 

to me it means that they’re starting to trust us again and they feel like they can open up just a little bit more. they’ve been friends for 7 years, of course they’re comfortable with touching, but they kept all of that from us for ages.

dan is right, this is the post-baking video universe, and i’m so happy that this is what it involves.

Taekook Facts

#1 Jungkook loves to take pics of Taehyung. (He probably has over a hundred of them in his phone just saying.)

#2 Taehyung doesn’t care if there are cameras around. If he wants to touch Jungkook ya darn right he WILL.

#3 They both want to be each others’ roommates and their friends are very aware of this fact.

#4 Jungkook wants to take Taehyung on a trip after he gets his driver’s license.

#5 Taehyung wants to spend his last day on earth (not counting family ofc) with Jungkook.

#6 They both like anime.

#7 Taehyung likes to act out scenes from movies with Jungkook when they think they’re alone.

#8 Jungkook gets easily flustered over Taehyung on camera when he’s asked about him.

#9 They’ve indirectly kissed more than 10 times. They almost kiss all the time.

#10 Jungkook’s favourite hyung to mess with is Taehyung.

#11 Taehyung has kissed Jungkook on the ear before.

#12 They stare at/flirt with each other so often and it’s so painfully obvious to the point where the other hyungs have to visibly stop them before they start up any rumours.

#13 During Bon Voyage, Taehyung mentioned how he didn’t like to sleep alone without the others and when he finally got to meet up with the rest of them Jungkook climbed into his bed and slept next to him.

#14 They’re just super whipped for each other 24/7.

#15 Jungkook doesn’t let anyone but Taehyung cuddle him like a koala.

#16 Taehyung is going to name his daughter Taeguk. Yes. This is real.

ok Uh a concept ? klance with keith being sooo clingy??? at first, theyre barely touching each other bUT then whilst standing, lance feels a pinky link w his pinky and he looks to his left AND KEITH IS VERY RED AND TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT HIM AND SO LANCE GRINS AND LIKE. GRABS KEITH’S HAND AND KEITH NEARLY EXPLODES

but thats not the en d . oh no, after 5 literal days keith is just .. on lance. he doesnt know how to stop. lance will be talking w pidge and the others and keith will just. Just. lay his head on lance’s shoulder and wrapping his arms around lance’s waist and just lay there. he doesnt even do anything, he just wants to relax and even sleep bc he just likes the feeling of lance and he feels so safe ?? pls

and tbh everything is Kinda Weird but lance soon finds himself enjoying it especially when its just the two of them and its quiet and keith is just sitting on his lap like a literal baby and playing w his hands and everything ???? please give me clingy keith i love clingy keith

Scenting Headcanons

-An Alpha intentionally scenting their Omega for the first time is almost more significant to their relationship than a first kiss

-A nervous Omega mother anxiously scenting their child before dropping them off at school for the first time

-An Omega’s very platonic Alpha friend scenting them just to get a reaction out of the Omega’s mate who they know will pout and cling to the Omega like a child

-When an Omega is feeling very anxious or nervous their Alpha will hold them close while gently crooning and scenting them until they calm down

-If an Alpha is becoming too aggravated their Omega will release calming pheromones that will draw the Alpha to them so they can snuggle close and soothe them

-Instead of just kissing at a wedding, Alpha and Omega couples lightly scent each other at the altar…just light neck touching, nothing inappropriate

-A long distance relationship where an Alpha and Omega mail bits of their clothing to each other, they can’t scent each other in person but they can keep a bit of each other’s scent on them

-A young Omega taking a stuffed animal to play at their Alpha friend’s house and while they are there the Alpha holds the stuffed animal, accidentally scenting it, and the Omega doesn’t notice until that night when they are going to bed. At first it bothers them but after awhile the Alpha scent begins to soothe them…after that the Omega can’t relax and fall asleep without the Alpha’s scent and as the two grow older the Omega has the Alpha scent sweaters, blankets, and pillows, by the time they are mated the Omega’s nesting supplies are already covered in the Alpha’s scent, and the Alpha admits to purposefully scenting the stuffed animal all those years ago

-A pregnant Omega filling their nest with stuffed animals and baby blankets and filling it so full that their Alpha has a hard time laying in it with them, but when asked to take a few things out the Omega becomes slightly hysterical because everything needs to stay and be scented or the babies won’t feel safe…the Alpha quickly calms their mate down and never suggests it again

-An Alpha getting jealous when their Omega best friend/crush starts hanging around another Alpha. One day the Omega comes over actually smelling like the other Alpha so the friend assumes the two have scented each other and they just lose it, they pull the Omega down on their lap and nuzzle them roughly, nipping and licking at the Omega’s scent glands possessively, completely running on instinct until they no longer smell the other Alpha. The Omega being bright red and breathless demanding to know “what the actual hell just happened?!” and the Alpha childishly telling them that they didn’t like “the disgusting scent that you covered yourself in” and the Omega sputtering in outrage because it was an accidental scenting and of course the only Alpha’s scent they actually wanted to be covered with was their friend’s and- oh they said too much and now they are just sitting in awkward silence until finally the Alpha bluntly asks “so are we together now or what?” and swiftly being smacked in the head


#cat wants affection so badly #so so so badly #but she has no idea how to ask for it #even with kara she has to start with the pretense of criticizing her hair #pull a face so that kara doesn’t know that cat just wants to be close to her #to reach out and touch her friend while she can #which she does until she realizes what she’s baring in the action #flattens her hand and jerks back when she meets kara’s eyes #and what makes them so perfect #is that kara doesn’t just know what cat’s doing #she understands #kara knows what it’s like to be hesitant to touch someone you care about #cat is scared because of how vulnerable it makes her to show how she needs someone #needs /kara/ #and kara used to be afraid because of how vulnerable other people were to her strength #and so she barely makes cat wait a moment before she pulls her in for a hug #one cat falls into #closes her eyes and breathes out in relief and comfort and connection #and twice now when kara’s squeezed cat tighter with those too-strong arms #cat’s tightened her grip right back

About that neck touch...

So after spending way more of my life than is probably healthy looking at and analyzing every single shot from this episode that could possibly be construed at Destiel-related, even a TINY BIT, I realized that there is one shot people seem to not discuss very much…

Now. I know what you’re saying–”but we’ve TALKED about the hand-holding!” And yes, my friends, hands touching are always worth discussing (and discussing…and discussing…), but what I want to talk about is Dean’s OTHER hand…

Now…I am a theater child. I grew up doing shows. And I know that actors tend to be touchy-feely people, even when they are just friends. It’s what they do. My friends and I had no problem treating one another like armchairs half of the time, sitting in one another’s laps, leaning our heads on each others’ shoulders. So whenever people start pointing at some of these touches as evidence of Destiel, one part of me gets very excited, while the other part says “now hang on, you and your friends totally did this same stuff and it didn’t mean anything other than that you were friends.”


In this shot, Dean doesn’t JUST touch Cas’s hand, or even his back. From what I can see of this shot, he puts his hand on the lower part of Cas’s neck. Now even I, my touchy-feely-theater-person-self, would never have touched the back of a friend’s neck. That is just getting a little bit too intimate for friendship. That is not what friends do, even the most lovey ones.

That is what my boyfriend does.

Note, too, how Dean’s hand lingers on Cas’s neck (or upper back, as he does seem to slide it down slightly after the initial contact). He maintains contact until Cas breaks it to turn around, a gesture of comfort both for Cas and himself, of reminding himself that Cas is here and is really okay.

Folks, this is not the touch of someone who is just a friend, nor is it an unintentional gesture made by actors who are just doing what touchy people do. This is the gesture shared by two characters who are much, much closer than just friends. And it, even more than the hand-clasping, set my heart to fluttering :).