they just like to hold hands on the ice

Alright but whatever you do, DON’T think about Victor and Yuuri practicing that pair skate. 

Don’t think about them bumping into each other and falling down together on the ice and laughing at themselves

Don’t think about them getting distracted halfway through when one of them lingers too long after a lift and until they just wind up kissing and missing their next musical cue

Don’t think about them finishing a day’s practice and just skating around the rink holding hands, gazing at each other lazily

Don’t think about them touching up each others’ costumes, making tiny adjustments before going out on the ice, fiddling with each others’ buttons and frills and “you always let this part get crooked, Yuuri, how can you go out like this?”

I fell in love with this scene, especially this act. And you know, we’ve kind of seen it all, hugs, kisses, intimate touching, having them sleep together. But they keep surprising us with the depth in their relationship. Because this simple act, Victor kissing Yuuri’s hand, he treats him with such fragility, like he’s afraid to break him, he holds his hand with such warmth, and devotion, which you get to see just through their body language. Such gesture was made in a way it actually gets to depict this sense of fidelity, as if it was some kind of pledge between one anoher. They are not explicitly saying “Please, Marry me.”, but the meaning is there, behind all the dialogue in this scene and all these other small motions with each other, and that’s what makes it even more meaningful.

Victor and Yuuri are the kind of couple who’d plan to propose to each other on the exact same day and Yuuri pulls Victor to the side with a “Victor, there’s something I wanna ask you–” as he’s taking out the little velvet box and Victor just goes “oh no”. And Yuuri gets all insecure because does he not want to, is this rejection, is it too soon? And he gets all small and toys with the box in his hands, stumbling over his words to make it better because imsorryitsokaywedonthavetoifyourenotcomfortable but Victor stops him, grabbing him by the shoulders like “no, no, I mean—"and he takes out a ring from his coat pocket "I was going to slip this into your drink tonight at dinner” and then they both start crying and they’re touching foreheads as they put the rings on each other and I’m dying in the back because I love them

If there is anything I still want to see from Yuri on Ice:

Victor and Yuuri’s domestic moments.

Victor and Yuuri hugging when they’re not on the ice rink, when it’s not done just as comfort and motivation before/after a performance. Victor and Yuuri going out on a date somewhere and casually holding hands like it’s something they do all the time. Victor and Yuuri having a casual conversation while smiling and tenderly gazing into each others eyes in their hotel room. Victor and Yuuri sleeping in one bed (and cuddling!). Victor and Yuuri randomly kissing each other/’s cheeks/foreheads/necks and smiling at each other fondly.

I really love what the anime is doing and I’m more than satisfied with what we’re getting, but I just wish we could see more of their life off the ice. I know that’s not the point of the anime and I know that they can’t really feature all of that when it’s just 12 episodes but I wish we could see more scenes like the ones we see in the ED in the actual episodes.

T-H-I-C-K by Drunk Yuri
  • Yuri: (intoxicated) Heyyyy, do you know what?
  • Yurio: (begrudgingly) ...what.
  • Yuri: One of my fans, hic, called my butt thick.
  • Yurio: Ok...? *judgingly squints*
  • Yuri: THICK!! *shouts* THICK!! *waves hands*
  • Yurio: Oi, I don't care. Just shut the hell up.
  • Yuri: Why are you so angry, hic, all the time? *sways* Come 'ere! *beckons like an old man*
  • Yurio: ... *stares in shock*
  • (Victor returns holding two glasses of wine)
  • Victor: What happened while I was away?
  • Yuri: Viicccccccttttoooorrrr~ *clings*
  • Victor: *smiles* Yes?
  • Yuri: Do y--, hic, --ou know what's thick??? *drunken stare*
  • Victor: (looks at Yurio in confusion)
  • Yurio: Don't humor him. Just don't. Also, (frowns) stop letting him drink!
  • Victor: *chuckles and returns attention to Yuri* What?
  • Yuri: Phichit's brows. Do you know what else is thick?
  • Yurio: Sto--
  • Victor: What?
  • Yuri: My butt.
  • Victor: Oh? *laughs again*
  • Yuri: ... *pouts*
  • Victor: *smug expression* Yuri, do you know what else is thick?
  • Yuri: *confused* Wha--
  • Yurio: (agitated) DON'T. YOU. EVEN. *horrified*
  • Victor: *leans down next to Yuri's ear* My c---
  • Victor: -ute Maccahin's fur... *blinks and watches with a blank face at Yurio running away*
  • Yuri: Yurio's weird, hic. D'ya think it's puuuuberty?
  • Victor: Definitely puberty.
What Dating Suga Would Be Like

•staying up late at night at the studio together

•staring at him while he works because God damn he looks so sexy when he’s concentrated

•sharing a set of ear buds as he watches you listen to his new songs

•him biting his lips out of nerves because your thoughts and opinions are the only ones that matter when it comes to his music

•"S-So babe, do you like it?“

•him using aegyo to get what he wants

•"Yoongi, we can’t just go out for ice cream at 3 in the morning.”

•*Yoongi uses aegyo*

•*it’s super effective*

•lazy hand holding while cuddling

•him being possessive af out in public

•him throwing his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him

•long, precise, burning kisses that leave you both breathless

•he’s such a tease though

•"Ah, ah, ah, babe. If you want more you’ll have to beg for it.“

•having matching snap backs

•helping him choose out what color he should dye his hair

•"I don’t know Y/N…”

•"C'mon Yoongi, I think the dark blue would look so good on you.“

•"But the red though Y/N.”

•"I’ll love you no matter what color your hair is, but the blue is-…“

•having a cat

•and him getting jealous over all the attention you give it

•*glares at cat while hugging you from behind, mouthing "I’ll deal with you later”*

•this flirt with all his smooth winks and smirks directed towards you

•calling you every day during breaks from practice

•hearing him get flustered when the maknae line teases him about your relationship in the background

•you bringing all the boys food during late practices

•he’d get so mad when the boys hug you in thanks

•he’d make sure you stay in his lap the rest of the night because you are his and he doesn’t want anyone else to take you away from him

•he won’t say “I love you” very much, but when he does its so special because he’s letting you see his vulnerable side and it’s means everything to Yoongi because he’ll feel as if he finally found someone that he can trust and just let go with

•"Babe…I love you.“

•*stops whatever you’re doing* *looks up at him* *sees the sincerity in his eyes* *blushes* *hugs him tightly*

•"I love you too Yoongi.”

Mystic Messenger HC where the RFA+Saeran react to MC at the beach in a bikini


  • He blushed at just the thought
  • But he really wanted to see you in one
  • When you stripped down to your bathing suit he turned bright red as expected
  • He stutters to compliment you, “Y-you look really c-cute.”
  • It makes you laugh and his whole body is so hot he suggests going swimming
  • You splash him and he laughs and splashes back 
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
  • too damn cute
  • He does get insecure when other better looking guys start staring at you
  • Inside he wants to tell them to get lost but his courage fails him. What if you got mad? If you didn’t like him being possessive?
  • You see that his bright sunshine exterior has faded
  • So you take his hand and smile and those insecurities disappear
  • He kisses your hand without thinking
  • You blush, causing him to blush, and you just stand their holding hands
  • Both of you laugh it off and walk shoulder to shoulder
  •  You two continue to frolic and eat ice cream the rest of your beach day aw youth


  • He jumped at the chance to have a beach date
  • You went to get changed in a public bathroom and he awaited your return eagerly
  • When you come back you blow his mind
  • Is he blushing?
  • He couldn’t be more attracted to you
  • But when he notices the attention you’re getting by other guys, Guard Dog Zen is on high alert
  • He’s glaring down guys left and right practically snarling
  • He covers you up with his button down shirt
  • “What are you doing Zen?”
  • He takes you by the shoulders, “Listen MC, you’re a little lamb in a pack of wolves. As a loyal guard dog I can only resist my own instincts for so long.”
  • Zen, please chill
  • You love this over-protective side of him but if he only worried he couldn’t have any fun
  • You get on your toes and kiss him slowly before saying “I believe in you.”
  • Shocked, he just stares at you
  • Absent minded he lets you pull him by the hand back to the beach
  • All the while counting down the minutes until the two of you could be alone


  • She rejected the idea at first, she had far too much work to do
  • You may or may not have snuck in the idea of field research to Jumin about beaches
  • So there you were, Jaehee was grumpy and refused to change out of shorts and a tank top
  • You returned to her with a bikini on and that grumpy look dropped for just moment
  • “You need to put on sun screen.”
  • You did as she said but, “Can you get my back?”
  • She nodded and started to apply it. You were blushing with as her slick hands moved over your shoulders, neck, down your spine…
  • “Done.” You turned around, “You next.” 
  • You applied the sun screen to the spots she couldn’t reach.  When you were done you gave a light kiss to her shoulder.
  • “We’re here to work,” she stated.
  • You grabbed her hands, “than let’s work” you say and pull her towards the water.
  • You try to show her how to have fun by swimming about and eventually just float on your back and your head pumped into her chest.
  • As you smiled up at her, she leaned down and kissed you on the lips and says “you’re too much sometimes”. You see her smirk and know that you’ve done a good job.  


  • When you said you wanted to go to the beach you thought he replied too quickly
  • You arrive and realize that he owns a private beach with an ocean front house. 
  • As soon as you come out for your big bikini clad reveal you feel like covering up
  • His eyes roamed over your body with no shame there ain’t no shame bell that will work on this boy
  • He’s seated under the shade of a large canopy with comfy pillows, a mini bar, and–was that a bartender?
  • “Come here,” he pats his lap.
  • You walk to him and sit in between his legs
  • His arms wrap around your waist and tug you closer to his bare chest.
  • Hm, looks like Jumin has a case of wanderinghands-itis
  • “J-Jumin… there are people around…”
  • He snaps his fingers and you notice the bartender leave but you know for a fact his body guards didn’t go far
  • He kisses your neck. “You’re so beautiful. I need to touch every inch of you.”
  • You have to wonder if the guards are blushing as much as you are


  • Outside? This boy? No thanks.
  • It takes some serious coaxing and mild threats about hiding all his chips and soda for him to finally agree
  • But with some of his own conditions he lays you on the bed to negotiate
  • The next day you are surprised to wake up without any loud beeping from the alarm.
  • You check the time and its 4 in the afternoon!? You shake the sleeping man next to you
  • As he sits up you tell him the time and he just says, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “oh well, we better just go back to sleep” and lays his head down
  • ಠ╭╮ಠ You take a pillow and smack him with it. “You planned this didn’t you?!” Salty af you decided you were going to the beach one way or another.
  • You changed into a bathing suit and threw normal clothes on over and made him get up to drive.
  • As you thought, the sun was starting to set by the time you arrived. You got out of the car to stretch your legs and mostly ignore Saeyong.
  • He follows you. “Are you salty?”
  • This is not the time for puns, what are you doing
  • “I just wanted to show off my new bathing suit…” you tell him.
  • He hugs you from behind. “I’m sorry. I’m shore you would look sexy in it.”
  • (¬_¬)
  • “Come on, what’s the porpoise of being mad?”
  • His stupid ocean themed puns finally get to you and you crack a smile.
  • He hugs you tighter, “There she is.” He kisses you as the sun sets over the ocean.


  • Only goes to the beach because you seemed so excited
  • Also to escape from his brother’s “bonding day” plans
  • You go to change and when you take too long he comes looking for you
  • Saeran sees that you are being harassed by another guy
  • Saeran  punches the guy without a word and breaks his nose
  • Saeran and MC are forcibly removed from the beach by the police
  • You scold Saeran when you get back to the hotel
  • He apologizes for breaking the guy’s nose, he used too much strength.
  • that’s not the point sweetheart
  • Suddenly he hugs you to his chest. “Next time… I won’t do anything so wear your bathing suit again.”
  • You hug him back and hide your face in the warmth of his chest. “Deal.”
  • “You could just show me now…” he whispered in your ear.
  • *gasp* SAERAN CHOI  
  • It looks like he had plans of his own for the night.

me: really wants people to approach me and/or ask me out 

also me: is too anxious to ever talk to someone first and just waits for them to come to me but they never do

me @ me: u played urself

Yuuri’s need to win certainties

– or how I cried like a baby when I realized this.

Watching and rewatching – something like twenty times – the last episode of Yuri!!! on Ice, I noticed a detail that had me completely dazed, and which I hadn’t been able to grasp in the overall excitement, anxiety and ecstasy during the first vision of the 12th episode.
I would like you to linger for a moment on this capture.

The director deliberately wanted to draw the attention of the viewers for five good seconds to Yuuri’s right hand – on which rests the gold glittering ring – while holding the silver medal he had just won.
In this moment we are shown the two precious metals: gold and silver.
In this caption, silver stands out for greatness, and represents the crowning of a career that Yuuri himself believed was lost; while gold stands out for brilliance, because it represents the achievement of an emotional and relational stability that Yuuri had never experienced before the disruptive arrival of Victor in his life.
Again in this caption, the two metals do not visually conflict: we usually believe that the one winning gold feels superior to the other competitors, and the one winning silver – apart from probably being envious towards the gold medalist – can’t help but feel inferior to him (the second one is always “the first loser”).
But in this scene we naturally feel no conflict, because in this scene there is anything but harmony.
In my very humble opinion, Yuuri’s silver medal here represents the certainty of being able to have still with himself – and for himself – Victor as a coach and competitor, while gold – and he didn’t need a medal to prove it – represents Yuuri’s certainty of possessing something that is worth more than a thousand prizes or medals– Victor’s heart.
Yuuri had no real need to win a gold medal, because his ring’s gold was already his biggest victory.
But Yuuri definitely had the need to win certainties.

I personally find this caption full of meanings and absolutely breathtaking.


GPF 2016 Victory Ceremony: hand holding & smiles <3

if yuuri and victor compete against each other one day, do you think they will still meet in the kiss and cry? and their coaches’ are so exhausted by it, “you are literally up next. please stop doing this. no, you cannot wait with him to see his score!” and imagine victor being like “no, i still choreograph all of yuuri’s routines because i love seeing him skate them.” the media tries to call them vicious rivals, but they keep flirting, sharing little kisses, and holding hands in front of the cameras and on social media, so they are at a loss on how to talk about them as aggressive competitors. random teenage and adult ice skaters come up to both of them and just say, “thank you.”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Word Count: 1188

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF 

Request: Hi could you do a song preference using Baby it’s Cold Outside with reader x peter?

Authors Note: Ok so funny story I was actually planning on writing this but once I saw your ask I knew it was fate. I guess great minds think alike ;) Anyway I hope you like it!


I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside)

I’ve got to go away (Baby it’s cold outside)

This evening has been (Been hoping that you’d drop in)

So very nice (I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice)

“Peter I should really be going,” you said still laying on your boyfriend’s chest.

“No, stay,” Your boyfriend whined as you started to get up.

Grabbing your things, you began to walk out of Peter’s room before you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Stopping in your place, you laughed as your boyfriend buried his head in the crook of your neck.

“Peter,” you giggled as he tightened his grip on you, “It’s late.”

“But (Y/N) I don’t want you to leave,” he mumbled into your neck.

“It’s getting late Pete,” You said gesturing to the time.

“Too bad.”

Rolling your eyes, Peter turned you around to face him before placing his lips on yours. Even after dating your boyfriend for so long Peter still knew how to make you feel weak in the knees. Putting your hands on his face, your boyfriend broke the kiss only to grab your hands quickly.

“Your hands are freezing, they’re like ice cubes,” he said trying to warm your hands up.

“Ice cubes?” You laughed as you pulled him in for another kiss.

My mother will start to worry (Beautiful, what’s your hurry?)

Father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar)

So really I’d better scurry (Beautiful, please don’t hurry)

“My mom is going to start worrying soon,” You mumbled against Peter’s lips while breaking the kiss.

“You’re in a hurry,” Peter laughed.

“Well, when your father will literally leave a dent in the floor from pacing you would hurry.”


“I need to go Peter.”

Just as you began to leave again, your boyfriend grabbed you by the waist and threw you onto the bed. Laughing as you hit the bed, Peter hovered above you as you stuck your tongue out at him.  

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as your face went red.

“Right back at ya handsome,” You winked.

I’ve got to get home (Oh, baby, you’ll freeze out there)

Say, lend me your coat (It’s up to your knees out there)

Turning your head over to the window you noticed that it was actually snowing. Sitting up on the bed, you gave Peter a quick kiss and tried to get off his bed. Once again Peter grabbed onto you tightly and showed no signs of stopping.

“I’ve got to get home before it gets bad,” You said.

“Babe you’ll freeze out there,” Peter said pointing to your hoodie that you brought.

“Ok, I can’t predict the weather Spidey. Now if you’re so worried about me freezing I’ll just borrow one of your coats.”

“But,” Peter began to say before walking over to the window, “the snow is up to people’s knees.”

“Really?” You asked as you peeked outside of the window. “Babe it’s just a few inches stop lying.”

“(Y/N) I don’t want you to get a cold, or slip and fall, or-”

“Peter,” You said shaking your boyfriend. “I live ten minutes away I’ll survive.”

There’s bound to be talk tomorrow (Think of my lifelong sorrow)

At least there will be plenty implied (If you caught pneumonia and died)

“Nope you’re staying and I’ll text your mom,” Peter said while grabbing your phone.

“I’m going to see you tomorrow,” You said trying to grab your phone.

Then just ask you were about to grab your phone Peter shot his web shooter at the ceiling. As he stood there upside down you groaned in annoyance.

“Parker,” You grumbled, “Give me back my damn phone.”

“Hold on I’m still texting your mom,” he began as he typed away, “I’m trying to convince her that you could get Pneumonia and in some cases die. So it would be best for you to stay here for the night.”

“Are you trying to give my mom a heart attacked!” You yelled as your boyfriend just chuckled.

“I’ve met your mother she’ll be fine.”

Soon enough, Peter came down from the ceiling and handed you your phone. Taking your phone out of his hands you huffed with annoyance. Turning away from your boyfriend, you felt him grabbing your waist and pulling you closer for the hundredth time tonight.

“Is someone mad at me?” He teased.

“Yes,” You huffed.

“Well I did it out of love because if that actually happened I don’t know what I would do without you,” he said as you turned to face him.

“Peter you won’t lose me that easy,” You said as your eyes soften before burying your face into his neck.  

“God I love you,” he whispered before kissing your head.

Before you could say anything, your phone buzzed from a text from your mom. Picking it up and reading it, you gasped in surprised that your boyfriend’s scheme actually worked.

“Holy shit she actually agreed with you.”

“Wait really?” Peter asked with excitement growing in his voice.

“Yes,” You chuckled before showing him the text.

Letting out a cheer, your boyfriend tackled you into a hug. In the process of him doing this, however, Peter misjudged where is bed ended and fell off while taking you with him. Once you two hit the floor, giggles filled the room as clutched your stomach.

“Are you two ok in there,” Aunt May said popping her head in.

“Yeah just took a tumble there,” I laughed as Peter sat up.

“May (Y/N) can stay over, right? It’s snowing and her mom said it’s fine,” You boyfriend asked.

“It’s fine with me but you two better not have sex,” Aunt May joked as Peter’s mouth fell open.

“May!” He yelled as she laughed leaving the room.

Oh, baby, it’s cold outside

Oh, baby, it’s cold outside

“I-I’m sorry about that,” Peter said as you continued laughing.

“No it’s ok at least I stay over now. Is the Spider-Baby happy now?”

“Oh ha ha,” he said rolling his eyes.

Standing up, Peter helped you up before the two of you sat back down on the bed. Yawning you rested your head against his chest as your boyfriend laughed

“Oh come on Spider-Baby is good one,” You mumbled.

“Someone’s sleepy,” Peter said as you nodded.

“I’m also cold,” you added.

“Well baby it’s cold outside,” Peter began as you looked up at him with puppy eyes. “You want to wear one of my sweatshirts don’t you?”

“Yes, please.”

“I’m not going to get this back am I?” Your boyfriend asked as he handed you a sweatshirt.

Nodding your head yes, you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes as Peter turned off the lights. Yawning once more, you got under the covers and made yourself comfortable.

“You better not hog the blankets,” Peter said getting into bed next to you.

“No promises,” You laughed before snuggling into his chest.

As Peter played with your hair, you felt your eyes grow heavy. Smiling to yourself you closed your eyes and finally let sleep take over you.

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Ace Relationship Idea

a-poet-like-her submitted:

Hey okay so I’m not in a relationship but here’s an ideal for you - cuddling by the fire with hot chocolate and a movie playing in the background.

Hanging out with friends and just casually holding hands.

Giving them the keys to your house and having them realize what a big deal that is and smiling and hugging you.

Knowing each others’ favorite tea, and whoever wakes up first makes the tea.

Eating cake together and falling in love as you kiss away the excess icing.

Knowing each others’ secrets and refusing to judge.

Ahh I’m a sappy fluff, aren’t I? Anyway, hope this was okay.

because there’s an empty tub of vanilla ice cream on a shelf in the kitchen of 221b

“You are human,” he hears from round the refrigerator, and allows the teaspoon to land with a dull “thwop” into the melting liquid beneath.

“Taking the piss?” Sherlock asks, rubbing at his mouth with the back of his hand, hoping that the low light of far-late evening (or has it gone morning?) will hide the pink stains on his cheeks. He’s been caught out. Out of bed. By his…

By his what?

“Nah,” John says, arms crossed over his chest as he steps fully into the kitchen. “No, never would. Just…” He moves slowly, purposefully, walks on naked feet to stand before Sherlock, the only sounds between them the errant drips from the leaky faucet and the creaky floorboards beneath them.

“I like ice cream,” Sherlock shrugs, and holds out the mostly-empty, melted tub to John, who takes it with the phantom of a smile.

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the way lukas kisses philip. Oh jesus, when he kisses him he goes all for it, aggressive in his movement, and yet his actual kisses are so tender, so soft and sweet and longing. His hands hold onto philip’s face, almost as he’s worried that if he can’t feel it under his fingers that it isn’t real. And when Philip moves away, even a slight, his palms just bring him even closer. Lukas goes to kiss Philip like he’s about to go war, like he’s fighting a losing battle, because the moment his lips meets Philip it’s like watching ice melt underneath a flame. 

leo x phichit headcanons
  • they don’t get to meet as much as they like to, so when they manage to spend some time together they’re costantly touching
  • from holding hands to “accidentally” brushing against each other if they’re in public,a lot of cuddling and hugging in private
  • phichit loves leo’s voice, he finds it really soothing and warm, sometimes he’ll just lay his head on his lap and ask him to sing something
  • once leo fell asleep on phichit’s shoulder and woke up with pigtails
  • phichit couldn’t look at him without snorting for the entire evening
  • they’re always sending each other cute things and being really sweet, then phichit brings up a meme 
  • “doge or bode” “we’re not having this conversation”
  • all animals love leo and phichit’s hamsters are no exception 
  • “i can’t believe mr chubby cheeks let you pick him up at the first try” "if you called me that i wouldn’t let you pick me up either” “wow ok”
  • they make sure that the other always wakes up to find a good morning message no matter which time zone they’re in so they scold each other for going to sleep late
  • “are you still awake” “yes” “then go to sleep you nerd it’s like 3am”
  • whenever leo misses his boyfriend he goes trough his instagram because phichit’s smile always makes him feel better 
  • when phichit feels down or stressed he llistens to a playlist of leo’s favourite songs and imagines leo’s voice instead of the singer’s

feel free to add your own!