they just landed that way on their own i swear

ummmm so i just had a thought.

so in that scene where michael says to sara “you’re not calling him junior, are you?” the implication here is that he knew his son was going to be named after him, but how they would differentiate between them hadn’t been decided, other than sara promising they wouldn’t call him junior.

but in previous episodes we heard michael refer to his son as mike. when he asked linc if mike and sara were okay, and when he told whip that that mike scofield lived in ithaca new york and to tell him his father loved him very much, he referred to his son as mike. at the time i figured we knew he had kept tabs on sara and mike, so he knew that’s what she was calling him.

but think about it. michael had to ask her what she was calling him. so this means that michael, on his own, decided that the way he wanted to differentiate between himself and his son was by shortening his son’s name to mike. and then sara also made the same decision on her own. it wasn’t until he finally spoke to sara that he would have known they landed on the same solution. which is just… THESE TWO I SWEAR. completely connected with each other, no matter what.

Fight For Me (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: I love your imagines so much,they are so amazing.😍😂😭💕💕Can you do 15 or 16 prompt ?Which one you want,it’s up to you!Which ever you chose I know it will be amazing! 😆😄💜

A\N: I’m so so so sorry this took so long to update I’ve been busy with school things and haven’t had much free time but I really hope you like it xox I chose to do 16 with Bellamy :)

Prompt: 16- “I wanted to you fight for me and you didn’t.”

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You’d never thought bad things about Bellamy Blake. He was your best friend, your other half, and you knew him as well as his younger sister Octavia did. You admired and thought so highly of him that you never thought anything like this would ever happen - you never thought he would leave you. After growing up on the Ark together, getting sent to Earth, and fighting grounders you and Bell have always been inseparable. But you remember how helpless you felt as you stood there amongst Clarke and Bellamy as they decided his fate. He was being sent into Mount Weather.

‘Bellamy, don’t go.’ You remember pleading as you held onto his jacket sleeve. He gave you a grave look and licked his lips before he began to speak.

‘It’s the only way to save our people.’ He replied solemnly and you shook your head, ‘I’ll be back before you know it.’ He whispered, his eyes darted to Clarke for a second before he got the message and walked away.

‘There’s always another way. You don’t have to do this.’ Your eyes keep contact with his as you tried your best to convince him not to leave you.

‘I do.’ He replied, looking down and you sighed needily.

‘You don’t have to do it alone.’ When you said this, Bellamys head snapped up and his eyes were wide. ‘Who else is going to stop you from doing stupid things?’ You joked, lightening the mood.

‘What would I do without you?’ He asked as he looked into your eyes, making you melt internally.

‘I don’t want to find out.’ You reply honestly, swallowing the lump in your throat.

‘You know me best.’ He sounded so serious and you felt your time with him running out as you saw Clarke packing his bag for Mount Weather. He was scheduled to leave immediately, ‘And you know I’ll do anything for my people.’

‘I would do anything for you,’ you replied in a heartbeat. He looked at you with slightly wide eyes, wondering where you were going and then you realised where you wanted to go and you stopped yourself. Before he could protest, you hesitantly placed both hands on his cheeks in a loving manner, ‘You’re my best friend.’ You continued, trying to convince yourself of your own words. He looked down.

‘I think we both know we’re lying when we say we’re just friends.’ He admitted. You swear your heart stopped. You felt all your nerves disappear when you looked up at him. He was watching you with a small smile on his lips as your hands tangled in his hair and for the thousandth time you wanted to kiss him.

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‘How long have you been lying for?’ You questioned him cheekily and he smiled as you rubbed gentle lines on his cheek.

‘Since way before we landed.’ He confessed honestly and your jaw dropped. That’s a long time, ‘You?’

‘Since after we landed.’ You laughed as you looked down. When you looked back at Bellamy he was staring at you fondly but this time - unlike many before - felt like it was full of caring and love. So, you did what you wanted to do. You leaned in slowly, your breath was heavy and you could only hear your heart beating in your chest. But he pulled back and your hands fell from his cheeks as he turned around, ‘Bell?’ You called out in confusion.

‘Don’t make this harder than it already is.’ He whispered when he turned around, ‘You know I need to go and you know I can’t take you with me, even if I love you.’

You were brought back to the present by the noise of the front gates opening. You could hear voices from your tent as people came back from Mount Weather. You knew Bellamy was safe, though you refused to talk to him through the radio you always listened in to what he was saying. He would always tell Clarke to tell you he loves you and that he misses you and when he comes home, he’ll make things right. You sat quietly, fiddling with your fingers when you heard someone walk inside the tent silently. You were sure it was him, the silent space filling the tent could only be from the two of you together.

“I missed you.“ He breaths out. You look up when you hear his bag drop to the floor, “So much.” You don’t reply, you just nod.

“I missed you too.” You state as you take in his features. He looks so tired. Dirt and blood smudged his face and his hair was messier than usual. You could tell the mission took a toll on him.

“I want to say sorry about how we left off,” he sits down next to you as he speaks, “I wish I would've–”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” You mutter, loud enough for Bell to hear you.

“Y/N, you know why I had to leave. Why are you acting like this?” He questions and you can tell he’s angry. He was probably expecting to come home and for everything to be fine. But while he was in Mount Weather, you were in Arkadia wishing he was with you.

“Bellamy,” you begin, looking him in the eyes and he gulps under your stare, “I’m not upset that you left.”

“Then what’s the problem?” He questions, placing his hand on yours and you feel your heart flutter at his touch.

“You’re a leader, you fight for your people. I get that but,” you start and even though it pains you, you move your hand away from Bellamys,

“I wanted you to fight for me and you didn’t.”You mutter, feeling tears blur your vision. Bellamys eyes stay on you and you notice him lean slightly in as you talk, “You left me here alone like I was nothing.”

“You’re not nothing, you never have been.” He whispers, as if someone might overhear, “you’re beautiful, and caring, and kind, and every day I’m alive I’m lucky because I have you. I’m in love with you. You’ll never be nothing.” You don’t know what’s coming next but by the way Bellamy places his hands on your cheeks and pulls you in, you can figure it out. You close your eyes. Then, for the very first time, your lips met his. As they move together you feel your heart beating faster and you can’t ignore the feeling in your chest. It’s like the inside of it is heating up rapidly then cooling down and starting over again. Running your hand over his, you tangle your hand through his hair and as soon as you do, a small noise erupts from the back of Bellamys throat and you pull back in shock, “I’m so in love with you.” He furrows his eyebrows as he licks his lips.

“I’m in love with you too.” You whisper back, “Bellamy, I missed you so much.” You wrap your arms tightly around him and place your head at the crook of his neck.

“I’m here now,” he plays with your hair, “I’m not leaving again.” He promised, and you plant a kiss on his neck before pulling back.

“You better not.” You laugh, resting a hand on his chest which he picks up and kisses cheekily.

“Come on, what would I do without you?” He asks, a smile plastered on his face as he looks up at your through his dark, long lashes.

His Guy

Harvelle’s Roadhouse. 

A safe haven for hunters. 

A place to relax. 

Catch up. 

Meet others. 

But to Sam and Dean, this was a second home. 

They’d been coming here for years after finding out about the Harvelles. 

They came back constantly, the Harvelles being like family.

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Kamukoma 7 ( bonus if it's this mermaid AU ~ ) ?

Kamukura didn’t like to come too close to the water.

That was expected - he had nearly drowned, after all. But it still irritated him, just slightly.

I can’t go on land at all, and yet he could come in the water and we would be at least a little closer, wouldn’t we?

He blew out a steady stream of water, annoyed.

“You have been coming here more often as of late.” Kamukura inclined his head, “I appreciate your trust, Komaeda. I swear on my family I will not betray it.”

Kamukura said so many fancy words - sometimes, he tried to teach him more of his own tongue - to his fascination, he found that humans from different kingdoms had different tongues and ways of speaking, much like fish and mermaids did not speak a similar language.

They were all humans, so he didn’t really get why - but it really was interesting. So that was why he hadn’t been able to understand the two men.

Humans are so interesting.

Of course, he studied at Kamukura’s side - Kamukura, who wore fancy clothes of almost every colour every day.

I don’t understand why humans feel the need to cover themselves. Don’t they mostly look the same?

Kamukura was wearing white today, a shade that made his skin look paler and more fair, as if he’d never felt the rays of the sun on his skin. He was wearing things on his face that he called glasses, as he read him a book, showed him pictures and taught him more of his language. His pants, at least, were plain and loose, black strips of fabric that fell to his ankles, matching up with the length of his hair.

“Why does Kamukura need glasses?” He spoke up suddenly through their lesson. Kamukura paused, slipping them off his nose and looking at him strangely.

“I have explained this to you. Some humans use them for reading.”

That wasn’t much more of an answer then he’d given before…he huffed softly, but nodded. There must be something wrong with his eyes. That would explain it. And the unnatural red colour…

Soon, even with Kamukura’s lulling and beautiful voice, Komaeda started to grow a bit restless sitting in one place for so long. His tail started to splash the water, idly.

“Komaeda.” Kamukura said sharply. “Are you listening? Pay attention.”

We’ve been at this lesson for hours. I’m getting restless.

“Mmm…” He looked over the other, with his sharp gaze and slight scowl crossing over perfectly soft lips and creating creases in the skin.


He gave a slight, enigmatic smile, before splashing his tail down hard - immediately, water splashed everywhere - Including on Kamukura Izuru.

Kamukura, for all his talents, was not quick enough to dodge - He got completely drenched , dark, heavy hair covering his eyes, and Komaeda burst out laughing, the noises sounding like notes of a song.

“…I take it you no longer wish to study today.” Kamukura grumbled, peeking out from his heavy hair, and Komaeda only smiled.

…Though then he noticed…

Kamukura’s shirt had gotten completely soaked - it was a ruffly, white button up, thin and loose for the heat. But now, with the water soaked into it, now Komaeda saw why humans might want to cover things up.

His face felt slightly warm as he took in Kamukura’s muscles, his pectorals and abs pressed against the thin fabric.

Kamukura Izuru really is pretty. And…something else I might not have the word for.

“…You are staring. That…is rude, Komaeda.”

He yelped quietly, but looked away politely as Kamukura changed, even though he wanted to see - 


Kamukura flopped back down next to him, this time wearing a black shirt. He sighed out softly.

“We need to be able to communicate better, Komaeda. It is of utmost importance. Do you swear to take this more seriously?”

He let out a soft whine, not liking when Kamukura talked in that strict, impassive tone, then nodded. Still, even as the other read on, he couldn’t help but get distracted by his own lack of clothing. His chest was bare to the world, because there was never any custom for covering it up.

I wonder if Kamukura Izuru ever looks at me like that. I’d be too stupid to notice.

Kamukura gave him a quick glance to check if he was paying attention, and Komaeda blinked, then smiled, listening again to his voice.


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What I think why people are upset is because people calling a song original written to be a happy powerful for garent a parody which takes away for the original creator and is just messed up okay? I believe they have the right to be up, imagine if you had made a piece of art only to have someone copy it with small changes and have that be praised.

You people are such unbelievable fucking narcissists I swear to God.

It’s a fucking parody song, it doesn’t “take” anything away you spoiled fucking brats! It doesnt magically make the original version from existence!

You idiots attacked someone who wanted to have fun with two different fandoms in their own way and you flipped your fucking lids because you never landed how to share or just ignore shit you don’t like.

Rebecca Sugar doesn’t give a shit. She has more important things to worry about like the fact that the fandom for the show she’s poured her heart and soul into and whose whole theme is love and acceptance is filled with the dumbest fucking psychopaths on the planet who won’t tolerate even the slightest thing that gets under their monomolecularly thin fascist skin and whose first and only means of expressing disagreement is mass harassment and threats over the STUPIDEST and most petty shit imaginable!

Seriously I’m this close to reaching the point where I hope SU NEVER comes back on the air, and I love the show to death.

Wanna know why?

Because it’s not worth it.

No show is good enough to make up for a group of maniacal sociopaths who try to get make mentally ill artists try to kill themselves over fuming DRAWINGS, not even ATTEMPT to learn from their mistakes or correct their own behavior, turn against the creators of the show itself when they tell you to chill, and then have the sheer nerve to wonder why people REFUSE to watch the show or take any of you seriously! 

Like. I hate you. I legitimately fuming hate each and every goddamn one of you overgrown mentally defective children who keep ruining the reputation of this wonderful show so much it makes me want to fucking vomit.

Grow the fuck up or go fuck a cactus because if you think I’m putting up with your horseshit, you are absolutely fuming wrong.


Story time so of course as usually happens at the concerts dallon and kenny threw their picks into the crowd and one landed near me so everybody was turning their phone lights on searching for it, but nobody could find it, then I turned to my friend and he slowly handed it to me because it had landed right by his foot and nobody noticed because they were searching by me, and I swear I nearly cried.

I call it the mystery pick because idk if it was dallons or kennys x I don’t know, maybe they just had a couple spares in their pockets, but either way it’s been in possession of one or all of them (so I owe my friend so much ❤️)

If love post-mortems exist, then you won’t even need to dissect my heart to see what’s wrong. Just look at my hands.

See me trying. Because when my palms shake like the land when tectonic plates ride over each other, realise I’m teaching myself how to hold all the planets in my solar system together on my own. If you see my fingers like clams always pressed tightly into a fist, know that it’s my way of trying to forget what it’s like to have someone else’s fingers take up the extra spaces between them.

And though I swear to everyone that I am learning how to stop missing you by unlearning how I loved you first, every time it’s still you I go back to.

—  astagesetforcatastrophe, if love post-mortems exist