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so what is your actual fav ship of vld and also fav character :')

Hi there! So my absolute favorite ship has to be Sheith. I have loved them from the first episode and it just keeps getting better and better as the seasons go on. I can’t get enough of them together.

And my favorite character is Keith, cause I can relate to him in so many ways. And I love how he has been showing more emotion since the beginning and when you all see the first episode of season 3, you’ll understand what I mean. He is just amazing.

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I feel your pain my girlfriend just broke up with me. I have ice cream and I'm about to watch the Titanic and wish my gay love story was as epic as their straight love story. I'm also on my period this day has been very emotional. You're welcome to join through the interwebs. I'm already crying for fucks sake what is wrong with me.

wow i’m sorry you make me feel better with how bad it is. but we’ll both get better eventually. just keep pushing through. ice cream can fix anything :) 

It can be scary to learn about food, and we’re all “free” to just keep on believing what we’ve always been told. But the truth will set you free! If you want to know what this is all about, What The Health and Food Choices Documentary capture all of it. 

What the Health: Focuses on exposing a problem. Enlightening and surprising info about how our diet affects our health.

Food Choices: Emphasizes the [starch!] solution. Inspirational, calming, and empowering.

They are both on Netflix now! I never used to think it made much difference what I ate, but I wish everyone would check these out and just see what they think. It’s been pretty fun eating bowls of spaghetti and rice and potatoes and oatmeal and stuff like that, with fresh fruit and veggies, for the past year, and it just keeps getting better…I think that all the people who have reversed their diabetes and heart disease by doing so would agree!

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When I was waiting for chap5 part2 i was really nervous because the previous chapters were so fucking GOOD that I was afraid that part was like not gonna reach that level of greatness)? cause I thought like "could this get even better?" But OMFG yes it could and It DID. So I just wanna tell that you're incredible and this story jut keeps getting better and better!! So please never stop writing you're so talented and I love you so much for your dedication and for being so lovely❤️❤️

oh my god you and me both literally that’s me with every chapter i post lol and it’ll always be like i never think the new chapter i post is up to par with the rest but you know that’s a self-esteem thing lmao

thank you SO much though i appreciate your message and ilysm for it ❤️ 

things to remember:
  • there will always be a tomorrow
  • nearly all problems are fixable
  • even your smallest achievements are something to be proud of
  • being alone can be exactly what you need sometimes
  • always get back up, no matter what it is that pushes you down
  • new opportunities will come along
  • you are not alone
  • you are valid
  • you are loved
  • and you are going to be okay.

Organized by Ao3 hit count, here are the


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  3. Red Brick Heart by hazmesentir
  4. Like A Bastard On The Burning Sea by vashtaneradas
  5. Speaking of Marvels by navigator, quitter
  6. Never Shut Us Down by togetherwecouldbealright
  7. Nothing Else But Us Right Here by supernope
  8. Take Off Your Running Shoes by polkadotpeacoat
  9. You You You by isthatyoularry
  10. We’re Okay by scottmcniceass
  11. Fall Into Your Gravity by zarah5
  12. This Shifting Ground by zarah5
  13. Learning To Breathe by youcomecrash
  14. Another Hazy May by deLILAh
  15. River Flows In You by sarcasticfluentry
  16. Sing When You’re Winning by hazmesentir
  17. I Hear You Calling In The Dead Of Night by Thelonelycoast
  18. Kink Therapy by PuzzlingApproach
  19. No One Does It Better by nodibs
  20. Talk Like A Top Take It Like A Bottom by harrysprostate
  21. Monsters At Home by theteapirate
  22. A House Built Out Of Stone by robpatFF
  23. These Roads We Stumble Down by onewasturning
  24. Don’t Look Down by zarah5
  25. A Grocery List Pinned To Blue by dangerbears
  26. Bring Your Body, Baby by smuttythings
  27. Push You Over The Edge (So I Can Pull You Back) by orphan_account
  28. Put It All On Me by LoadedGunn
  29. Thank The Hotel by PuzzlingApproach
  30. You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings by supernope
  31. There’s No Way That I Could Share You by paladincoolcats
  32. Sizing Up Your Storm Clouds by darkerwings
  33. One Day by sarcasticfluentry
  34. You Give Me Fever (What A Lovely Way To Burn) by OneDirectionsErections
  35. Can I Make It Any More Obvious? by slashter
  36. The One Where Harry Really Doesn’t Have Ten Cats by LoadedGunn
  37. You Let Me Violate You (You Bring Me Closer To God) by OneDirectionsErections
  38. Celebrity Discount by LoadedGunn
  39. Truly, Madly, Deeply (10 Things I Hate About You) by sunsetmog
  40. Glimpse Of The Silhouettes by orphan_account
  41. We Are Honey And The Bee by soleilouis
  42. I Had The Life Of Ordinary, I Spat It Out by TableForThree
  43. Trusting Things Beyond Mistake by sarcasticfluentry
  44. Three Day Getaway by smuttythings
  45. This Is The Road To Ruin (And We’re Starting At The End) by orphan_account
  46. Promise Not To Stop When I Say When by becka, mediaville
  47. Maybe This Time by sunsetmog
  48. Hold Onto Your Stars by vashtaneradas
  49. Outlast by disarm_d
  50. Heroes Of The Orange Skies by queenmcgonagall

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