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hi! do you have any lesbian/bisexual/queer/whatever term you use for "not 100% straight" leia thoughts/headcanons?

  • I am very convinced that at nineteen and three quarters, Princess Leia Organa is the Junior Imperial Senator from Alderaan, a Rebel spy, and just…..the biggest godsdamn virgin.
    • She hides it a little better than Luke does, which is how most of the good-natured teasing misses her and falls on him. (The rest is because who on earth would tease her, stiff and vicious when provoked?)
      • Well, Solo would, but Solo seems to have all the self-preservation instincts of a headless weevil, so that’s his problem.
      • Anyway, that’s not the point. 
    • The point is—she was a shouty, independent child and a difficult, overly defensive adolescent, and then she is senator, soldier and spy. It had been hard enough finding friends let alone anyone who wanted to kiss her.
    • An even smaller set: anyone who wanted to kiss her for just….her, and not her mother’s title.
      • (One of the Baronets kissed her once, in the cloakroom at a banquet to celebrate some Alderaanian festival. She let him, more out of novelty than anything else.
      • She had also kicked him in the testicles three days later, when she heard him bragging to their school friends he had made it with the princess.)
  • None of it’s really the point, it’s not the point, but it’s illustrative of the facts. She is senator/soldier/spy, with ‘person who experiences attraction or interest in specific sentient beings’ in the distant fourth place.
    • Though—well, though, she knew, in a distant sort of way. Pure political awe and the admiration of colleagues never really explained how she felt about Mon Mothma, how blushing and fluttery she got in briefings, or whenever Mothma complimented her work.
      • (Later, Han jokes that even with Luke off the table, Leia would still drop him like a hot grackle-cake if she thought Mothma would have her.
                                  “Don’t be silly,” Leia says, going pink.)
    • Even before that—there had been Syas Morcir, daughter of the Viceroy of Mandalore, the refugee princess fleeing persecution from the Empire. Breha and Bail had offered the Morcirs the protection of Alderaan, and Leia and Syas had become one anothers’ shadows, fastest confidantes. 
      • One of the few true friends Leia could recall—Syas, with her sharp tongue, her anger, from whom Leia had no secrets. They’d pricked one another’s fingers, pressed them together and sworn they were blood sisters.
        • Sisters kissed all the time, Leia knew. Her mother was always kissing Leia’s aunts in greeting, embracing them warmly. It seemed natural when she and Syas did so.
        • (Leia didn’t feel that same intimacy again, not until Luke Skywalker came barreling into her life, dressed in stormtrooper armor and earnest.)
    • Even when—though by that point, Leia can’t accommodate anything more complicated than what she has, the strange and profound intimacy with Luke, the flinty-spark and burn with Han, she’s overwhelmed with all the affection she suddenly feels, finds herself receiving—
      • But sometimes Shara Bey works on her x-wing out on the duracrete, and at the sight of her arms, the muscles flexing beneath the skin, and—Leia makes an extremely undignified noise.
      • (What? She’s in the middle of something ineffably complicated and fraught, not blind. 
                               Luke glances in the direction she’s staring, slack-jawed and laughs for a solid three minutes.)
  • She’s settled into it more comfortably, by the time the war slinks back with new teeth. There’s grey in her hair and she’s not nineteen and three-quarters any longer. Love is stranger, aching, and better than she would have guessed then.
    • Leia once tries to make a joke in Pava’s direction—something harmless, she’s gotten good at that—but Pava goes red, and stammers, and Leia resists the urge to laugh. (Everything goes in circles. Everything—)

So….. Modern au httyd… I cant stand it without the dragons because like. Thats my thing-loving dragons. But i just rly love the idea of small dragons like in the books. Like not THAT small hookfangs length would still be like 6 ft but household dragons.. Thats good.


LIKE.. i doodled this a little while ao.. those are good sizes me thinks

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Hey there! I've browsed thru the tags but I couldn't see a domestic tag( may have missed it, my eye site is shit) ? I'm just after some super fluffy domestic stucky fics, could you maybe point me in the right direction ? Love your blog btw 😊

there are pages and pages of it in this search but some of my faves are 

A Historical Relic and a History Professor Walk into a Bar- (series) by thecommodore_squid 

Steve narrowed his eyes. “I’m beginning to suspect I’ve been set up.”

“I would never,” Natasha said, feigning shock.

Steve sighed.

“God fucking dammit,” he heard someone say and looked up.

An AU in which Steve is still Captain America and Bucky is the unfortunate history professor selected to help him understand those references.

I Understood that Reference by RedBlazer

Polite, doesn’t know how to use a computer, tucks his shirt into his pants, and has exquisite hygiene. Bucky doesn’t know where this guy came from, but it sure as hell wasn’t Brooklyn.

Nothing’s As Sweet As Super Soldiers In Love by heartsdesire456

Informally titled: Bucky Barnes Loves The 21st Century Almost As Much As He Loves Steve Rogers

“Captain America’s mystery lover! That’s what everybody’s talking about.”

Bucky turned around as soon as he heard ‘Captain America’, only to see Tony had on some entertainment news report and his latest photo of sleeping Steve was flashed up on the screen beside the person talking. “Hey, what’s that?” he asked, hopping over the back of the couch to land beside Stark.

“Your Cap lovin’ gone viral, I guess,” Tony said, turning up the volume.

“Rumors spread like wildfire with the first photo of Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, was posted to a comically named Instagram called ‘GodBlessAmerica36’.”

The Life of Bucky Barnes by stephrc79

The story behind the pictures from the Instagram The Life of Bucky Barnes.

This work is a series of ficlets that tells the story of each picture. As each chapter progresses, it will encompass one or two of the images, how they appear chronologically. These are inspired works for petite-madame with her blessing.

The Spin I’m In by victoria_p (musesfool)

Five times Bucky kissed Steve because of ~reasons~, and one time Steve finally believed he really meant it.

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How they react to getting a text saying "I can't come to school because there's a creepy guy staring at my window from outside the house"?

Nathaniel immediately takes action and will call the police to give them your address. He’ll also go to your house, just to make sure nothing happens but he won’t confront the guy cause he doesn’t know how dangerous he could be. He tries to think logically throughout the entire situation and will make sure the guy is within his sight as all times. After the guy is dealt with by the police he’ll call someone to set up an alarm system in your home if you don’t already have one, and since he boxes (in the manga) he’ll teach you a few self-defense moves if he feels like there could be any danger in the future. From then on he always gives you a ride or walks you to and from school, and he’ll stay with you until your parents get home.

Castiel is immediately ready to kick some ass. He’ll go to his house to get Demon and rushes over to you. He acts before he thinks so he’s not going to even consider calling the police at first. He’s ready to beat this guy to a pulp, and honestly he probably does. He might come out with a few scratches but with Demon along with him, you’re set. He calls the police AFTER everything has already happened and gives them a very detailed description of the man. He never lets you go anywhere by yourself. Well, he already did that but now he’s like 1000000% over protective because he doesn’t want anything to happen to you.

Lysander calls the police first, and then makes his way over to your house with his Leigh and Rosa. He tries to think logically as well. He approaches the guy, but doesn’t get to close or anything. He’s trying not to resort to violence in any way even though he actually wants to hit someone for once. His protective side comes out. He’ll calmly ask the guy what his business with you is, and will tell him “I think you should leave before things get serious.” If the police don’t get there in time he’ll also give them a very detailed description of him. He makes sure you get to and from anywhere safely and if you ever feel like you’re in danger again you can definitely call him and he’ll be right by your side as soon as he can.

Armin starts freaking out and will rush over to you with Alexy. He’s ready to square up but Alexy smacks him and calls the police first. Armin and yells at the guy and probably scares him off with all the ruckus he’s making. He rushes into your house to make sure you’re okay and waits for the police to arrive. Alexy is the one who has to give the description because Armin describes him as “Some low-life prick stalking my girlfriend!” He never lets you go anywhere alone, and probably pays for you to take a self defense class or something. Even if it’s annoying, he’ll skype you and stay on allllll day. Even when you guys are going to bed, he’s just there on the computer screen making sure nothing weird happens. If he can’t skype he calls you.

Kentin freaking whoops his ass. Like, military school taught him a LOT, and he puts it to good use that day. He holds the guy down on the ground with his knee digging into the guy’s back, and calls the police. He doesn’t like up until they actually arrive, and the po-po are pretty impressed that he managed to take him down the way he did. Like all the guys of course, he goes everywhere with you. He teaches you some self-defense moves like Nate, but he’s probably more qualified. He lets you practice on him, and he like actually attacks you so you can deal with it in a real=life situation. He tries his best not to hurt you, he just wants you to be safe.

i know fandom is in love with the idea of victor and yuri as yurio’s ‘parents’ and i’m not trying to change anyone’s idea about that, but it always hits me wrong.  their interaction just SCREAMS siblings to me.  i mean, i have three older brothers, so… just, too much of it reminds me of that sibling dynamic.  like…

victor not only taunting his little brother with how much more awesome he is, but taunting his little brother with how much more awesome he is while going to great pains to look even more down on him than normal and loving every second of it.

victor, loving the fact that he’s just set yurio off.  because that’s an older brother’s favorite pastime.  that look in victor’s eyes… he pretty much only gets that when he’s teasing the fuck out of yurio, because he loves it so much.

and on the other end…

not only is yurio kicking victor in the back a dozen times in a row such a Little Brother Thing, but victor just calmly waiting for yurio to be done kicking him is such a big brother thing.  not to mention everything that follows this…

these are just a few moments that hit me, but.  i just love their sibling bond. 

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Can you reshare the comic by any chance? You have to scroll pretty far to find it, and if people want to read it or if there are new people they are gonna want to find it easily, especially on mobile. (That sounded like a criticism, it wasn't, I was just pointing it out :P)

Sure thing! I think that’s a very good idea. It just occurred to me that I never set up an archive post or page on the blog for easy access to all the updates. In fact, there’s a couple things I’d like to reorganize for easy viewing, so I’ll get on that as soon as I can :)

But for now:

Here’s a link to the start of the Prologue: LINK~

And here’s a link to the start of Chapter 1: LINK~

Happy reading!

And then there was this moment.  Still one of my favorite moments in the entire series, because it completely set the tone for what was to come.  They might have started us off with Charming kissing Snow White awake, but then they turned right around and showed us that she was no damsel in distress.  She didn’t need her husband to stand in front of her as a shield to protect her from the villain.  Nope, she pulled his own damn sword from its sheath and stood in front of him. 

This was the exact moment when I decided that I was absolutely sticking around to see what happened next.

OH MY GOD listen did u guys know that pete @hello-hayati and his dad once got lost in the woods for like 20 hours and their story was on the news and helicopters were set out to look for them??? LMAO they literally had to make fire out of business cards and drink from the river???????? they were actually thought to have been eaten by bears because dear hunting areas etc but omg i couldn’t stop laughing and i just found out although i’ve been with this family for two years now but it’s because both him and his dad are embarrassed by the story hence i’m letting everyone know lmaooooo

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so so sorry is this has been asked before but the quality of your pictures is incredible, do you have any advice for an idiot with a great gaming pc that still gives ts3 flickering/jagged textures with optimal settings and a matched graphics card? :c thank you

Wow thanks Nonners for the amazing (and undeserved) compliment! If you are able to play with all your settings on high with no crashing, but still have flickering and graphics issues, perhaps you need to adjust your graphics card’s settings? This post on MTS may be useful if you have an Nvidia card. This post may help you if you have an ATI card. 

Other than that I always make sure when I’m taking pics to have good lighting. I always have at least two or even three buydebug wall lights angled towards my Sims when I am taking pictures. I find this helps immeasurably with the quality of the pics. And I don’t use Photoshop either, just occasionally tweak a few things in Picasa, or if I’m feeling especially creative add a filter in Pixlr. Hope this has been of some help to you Nonners! <3

Spark and Candela become semi-frequent visitors to you in your lab, alongside a steady stream of recruits looking for your opinion. You eventually create a schedule, so the number of people wanting to see you doesn’t become a hazard… and you have a few hours to work uninterrupted.

Your fellow team leaders show only relative regard for it, nip at the edges of the time you set to talk, tell you to take a break, and sometimes just waltz in to watch you work.

Spark asks a lot a questions, about this step, the purpose of that solvent. Candela is quieter by a degree, but you feel both their presences like rocks jutting up from a river, water frothing in an otherwise uninterrupted flow to accommodate.

Eventually Candela makes the point that it’s hard to lead when you’re glued to a lab desk all the time, and you have to admit its validity.

…Though how that led to you shopping, watching her and Spark talk breeding and training techniques between stores, you’re not entirely sure.

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I have a few things to trade (or sell if you don’t have anything I’m looking for). Also please bear in mind that I’m located in Australia :) 

I have:
- Celtic Golden Dawn by John Michael Greer
- a tonne of pdfs 
- Rider Waite tarot (full deck) 
- Mini Rider Waite tarot (full deck)
- complete Rune set (Gumtree-hardwood, handmade) 
- 2 crystals (not sure what they are though, sorry!) 
- reptile shed (you can message me to ask what sort) 

I’m looking for:
- celtic/norse/druidry/traditional witchcraft books/pdfs (just not Wiccan orientated, please!) 
- any herbs and/or crystals/stones
- sea/storm water
- candles
- any incense 
- ethically sourced small bones

You can message me through my blog witchzyrat or you’re welcome to email me at :) 

A Blind Path Home, part 5

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

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hi guys! here are my first ever printables ((: they’re super simple + minimalistic because i’ve just started and have dabbled a bit with the set-up of them

i also realised that the header w/ my tumblr url in it was cut-off )))): i’ll def fix it up in my next set of printables.

other than that - here’s some info on them!! was planning out an essay for english and i decided to create some planning sheets to print out and write my info in !! they come in two versions - 2 body paragraphs + 3 body paragraphs

essay planning sheet with 2 body paragraphs: x

essay planning sheet with 3 body paragraphs: x

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Good night. I was scrolling your texts and I really found useful to me (very beginner), one of your posts about starting Tarot. And with that, I wanted to ask if it's possible: advices for beginning Runes? Thank you so much for the attention. ✨

First of all I’m sorry this response took so long. I’m super glad the tarot post helped you out. I have been wanting to learn more about runes and get into them myself so your ask just helped me actually start looking stuff up. Here are some posts I hope will be helpful for you.

A Beginner “Masterpost” 

A DIY Starter Set 

Common Meanings

Hope that helped!!!


Writing Commissions?

I have the desire to get my new Sith Warrior, Raziayl, a Tuk’ata companion. One, because it suits him and two, I just love animal companions. Also, three, I really, really like Tuk’ata!

Here’s the handsome Sith himself.

So, if I were to offer writing commissions for a reasonable price (thinking maybe 0.01 per word, rounding down a bit for more even numbers, such as 203 words would be $2, etc.), would people be interested?

I’d probably stick to SWTOR mostly just for ease (since it’s the fandom I’m probably most familiar with), but I’d be willing to discuss other settings, fandoms, etc.

Happy to do both SFW and NSFW, although I have a few hard “no nos” that I won’t touch, which again, can be be discussed with anyone interested in commissioning me.

I can do stories, descriptions, I’ll write character histories, etc. I’m pretty flexible!

So, would anyone be interested?


I am chased through a dingy, decrepit house by a stranger with an ax who keeps trying to tell me that that dragon maid tit anime is actually REALLY good and if i would just SIT DOWN and GIVE IT A CHANCE and NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER i would have a REALLY GREAT TIME you MISERABLE FUCKER - HOLD STILL and he’s just going mad with that ax, chopping down doors and barricades I set up in an attempt to slow him down and evade capture 

Legacy of Mandalore: Things I Did Like

Like I said in the last post: I know it seems like I found nothing but things to complain about in this episode, but there were plenty of things that I liked, so it seems only fair to list them out too.

- The setting was GORGEOUS. Seriously, the animation was top-notch this episode.

- That moment when Ursa grabs Ezra to keep him from interfering in Sabine and Saxon’s duel. Just that look she gives him as she’s doing it. It’s like Ezra’s been away from Hera for so long that he’s forgotten what the scariest stare in the galaxy is, and lo and behold, the Mom Stare is still the scariest stare in the galaxy. The side-eyes Rau and Tristan shoot his way are pretty great too.

- I appreciate the fact that Sabine’s talk with her mother established that the clan disowning the former wasn’t quite so clear-cut as ‘You have brought shame on us, so now we will cast you out’, and that Ursa herself had distinctly mixed feelings about the whole thing. Yeah, it doesn’t erase the pain Sabine felt, but it is a slightly less bitter pill for Sabine to swallow than the “I really did disown you just because I was just that ashamed of you and not because they would have killed all of us if I hadn’t made a show of breaking with you, and I’m only accepting you back now because you showed up with space!Excalibur in hand.” I recognize that the latter wouldn’t even have the excuse of being unrealistic, and that it still must hurt Sabine, but it adds more depth to Ursa’s character. The nasty thing about being someone in the position Ursa is in, as a clan chieftain, is that being responsible for everyone means that you have to sacrifice the one. Decidedly cold comfort for Sabine, but they at least present this in a neutral (neither good nor bad) light, and make it clear that this wasn’t an easy decision for Ursa to make. It’s just… not a good situation, all around.

- I also appreciate the fact that Sabine’s brother is clearly fighting his feelings this whole episode. Yeah, he’s very angry that what she did wound up getting their clan disgraced, their father held hostage, and him having to join the ISC—at least I think the last part is part of the anger; the way it’s spoken of, it sounds like it was rather an embarrassment that Tristan would have to join the ISC under the circumstances that he did, and that it’s not something he would have chosen for himself. But the way he said her name when he first realized it was her, that strained, hopeful tone, and just how fast he decided “You know what, fuck the ISC, it’s not like I joined because I wanted to, now they want me to kill my family and I did not sign on for that” is really telling.

- Despite this point being part of a point I made on the ‘Things I don’t like about this episode’ post, I really do appreciate it being made clear that Sabine is going to have a hard time convincing the other Mandalorians to follow her in light of her having been disgraced, that deeply ingrained cultural values aren’t something people can buck with a simple motivational speech. Sabine’s going to have to work long and hard at this one.

- It honestly almost seems like Sabine’s clan is angrier at her for deserting than for making whatever WMD she created in the first place, and if so, that’s a genuinely good piece of values dissonance right there.

- Ezra’s attempts to make nice with Sabine’s family are amazing. I’d half-expected (half-dreaded) him to be undiplomatically hostile towards them, but instead he really is trying to make this go well for her, and it translates to him trying way too hard in the most hilariously adorable way possible.

- On that note, Tristan’s strained ‘Oh fuck the tiny lightsaber-wielding death machine is talking to me what do I do’ smile is magic.

- Just Rau breaking into the throne room to save the day. I just love imagining the way everybody besides Sabine/Kanan/Ezra must have reacted to that, because they’re the ONLY ones who know he’s here. You’re getting ready for a fight, and then suddenly Fenn Rau of all people comes straight out of nowhere, you didn’t even know he was on the planet, he just busts in through a window and everything’s thrown into chaos. I half-expected Ursa to scream “Where do you find these people?!” at Sabine at some point during the firefight.

- Rau is still a supportive Space Uncle who looks at Sabine and sees the change that will be the salvation of their people. That is very important to me.

- Sabine refusing to kill Saxon: “That may be the Mandalorian way, but it’s not my way. Not anymore.” When I wrote that post comparing the Mandalorians to A Song of Ice and Fire’s Ironborn, I thought that Sabine paralleled with Asha Greyjoy somewhat, but not as strongly as certain others. After watching this episode, I’ve changed my mind. Sabine is to her people what Asha Greyjoy is to the Ironborn. She is the reformer monarch in the wings, the one who will actually be able to make the reforms stick this time. Sabine is the person who will purge her people’s culture of its more toxic and self-destructive aspects, the aspects that turned Mandalore into a toxic desert completely unlivable outside of its domed cities, turned Concord Dawn into a shattered world, that which brought the Mandalorian people to their knees. She looks at violence for violence’s own sake and rejects it. It’s not going to be easy work, and it’s not going to go fast. It’s the work of a lifetime, and Sabine will likely have to devote her whole life to it. She’s still working herself up towards even believing herself capable of being a leader, of being capable of doing this work, but once she does, I think she’ll throw herself into it whole-heartedly.

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i saw some c$ colifart said colifart is real because is just like Josh and ginny ,start having affaire and now are married with kids!

Gosh didn’t have an affair….. Josh was already separated (and divorcing from) from his wife at the time when he had met Ginny on the set. 

Please don’t compare the two. 

And Colifer is not having an affair either. Just because CSers are delusional in thinking that Colifer is real….. Doesn’t mean that they are. 

Colin is happily married with a son. Don’t buy into the CSers bullshit dear anon. It’s not worth our time.