they just give me a lot feels

so i was listening to the suffering game arc again because apparently i hate myself so i got to the part where taako has to give up his beauty and magnus goes “ill take two spins if u need to say no” and i??? theres just so much there u know??? magnus was willing to sacrifice twice more after losing his memory of kalen losing hp hell even after losing those ten years he was still willing to lose more for taako to keep his beauty???? like he knows how hard it was for taako to make that decision and he basically said ‘hey ill support u either way and i wont judge u no matter what u choose” and im just;;; compared to what they lost in the past doesnt beauty seem like the most inconsequential thing (at least for most people) but instead being like “dont be an idiot taako its not worth two more spins” magnus is like “im going to take the punishment for u if u say no because i recognize what this means to u” and i think it shows how deeply magnus understands and just trusts taako u know??? and it rly showcases the protectiveness too??? like “im gonna protect u and whats important to u even if others think its stupid or worthless  maybe i dont get it but its important to u so i will protect it even at cost to myself” and he would never judge him if he said no even if it would be incredibly selfish because thats who taako is and magnus just doesnt care idk he just rly understands him and its killing me

this post made me feel really happy like ngl usually i joke around and stuff but this kind of openness in a relationship is so amazing and i’m really happy that ngozi is taking time to make sure LGBT characters have healthy relationships, as opposed to the ones that often are portrayed on tv with just the sexua side of the relationship. Jack and Bitty actually show the work they put into their relationship and give a good example of how to treat your partner, using a lot of communication, that is often overlooked today

you know what

i think a lot of people who we look up to and think are really cool probably don’t feel very cool themselves

ive been thinking more and talking to more people and its been giving me a lot of perspective and god everything really is just relative

so let’s try not to worry as much as i was earlier today about being uncool because a) it’s so arbitrary and doesn’t really matter and it’s a silly thing for us to get hung up over and b) just like there are people we think are really cool, there are probably people for whom we’re the cool one, and people who think those people are cool, and so on

maybe it might even be mutual between two people sometimes

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Man Jello I have to give you credit, that intro to the Zora fight was so freaking badass. You did amazing work with describing the imagery (and also the actual imagery of her boss banner) in a super cool way, and the music was just a cherry on top. Also massive credit to both you and Roob for how adorable that Charles encounter was. Im not sure if I'd rate this as my favorite session of Anime Campaign or not, but it definitely had my favorite highest if the high moments.

Thanks a lot!

Roob did a good job with that timing which makes me feel bad since I think I could’ve executed Giovanni’s intro better

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Could you give me the underlust bros some dating headcannons?? (Your very lovely, and I give you luck of leprechaun*throws you a gold coin*)

Thank for the gold. ~Mod Feral

UL Sans

- Likely to try and give a date that’s in a less fancy area, just in case.

- Gives little compliments any and every time he can

- More flirtatious of the brothers tbh

- Expect a lot of kisses at any moment

UL Papyrus

- Gifts galore. Literally anything he feels you’d like.

- A great chef, will cook.

- Likes to give hugs when not doing the do

- More likely to listen to problems of the brothers

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How do u deal with when u think your art is bad, or not as good as someone else's? I've been feeling that a lot lately and I mean, I know it's not the best and I'm still learning and that's really fun and I love art, but sometimes I just wanna give up?? I always pressure myself too hard to draw certain ways and stuff, idk. Any tips?? Ly C:

Oof, trust me man, you’re not alone with this one. I feel this way about my art all the time, and the only way I really can get rid of it is ignore it and distract myself. I either listen to music or watch youtube! I take a break from drawing, and try my best not to push myself.

Another good thing to do is instead of putting yourself down when you see other people’s art, use it to motivate you. Yes, they may be better than you, but you can be just as good. With enough practice, you can be even better! Oh, and its also good to look at old art. That way, you can see just how much you improved and learn to appreciate your art now! :D

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every time i feel down and upset with myself and i come to your blog and read your messages, they make me feel better. thank you so much, it means a lot to me, bc some days i just can't with myself, but your blog gives me hope and i forgive myself a little more for feeling sad. i hope you have someone who loves you very much, or that good things always happen to you bc you deserve it so much. thank you for your words, they matter a lot to so many of us.

you made this monday morning so much brighter. thank you. that doesn’t feel like enough, but thank you. i hope you’re surrounded by love and warmth always.

I’ll be honest I’m feeling sort of…no, A LOT sad that I’ve let my conversion process be stalled due to the job I just left. It left me exhausted (on too of the chronic fatigue from the now diagnosed fibromyalgia), and I worked on most Shabbats so I could observe how I wanted to and I was too tired to study.

I am gonna start a new job soonish that will give me Shabbat off on the regular and I can attend torah study every Saturday again and for that I’m enormously happy and grateful.

But I’m still feeling a lot of guilt and sadness and I’m feeling paranoid that my rabbi doesn’t want to convert me for some reason.

But in bettter news, yesterday I went to a trans conference called TIES and met so many amazing people and caught up with my trans friends and one of the people who I met was another nonbinary Jew (well in my case Jew to be) and that was so awesome.

But yeah. I’m sort of feeling like I’ll never finish converting and that I’ll never be Jewish enough.

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did you seriously just make that post?? i love your art and i thought you were cool but damn you really trying to make it like no one gives a damn about ziam? you’re the one that stopped anything ziam so i don’t get where you’re coming from when you’re barely in the ziam fandom anymore. your post was so condescending. there’s a lot of us around. it’s shocking right? the best days are behind us wah wah

You don’t know me. I feel nostalgic because I have seen nearly all the ziam artists I knew back then either leave the fandom or stop drawing them together. Similarly, the writings of ziam writers are not at comparable volume to a few years ago.  Worse, I’ve witnessed quite a number of people who used to enjoy ziam, suddenly “pick a side” and turn against Liam or against Zayn, for reasons that I can’t fathom. It’s depressing. I’m also exhausted by the polarizing “tinhat vs. anti” sort of back and forth, which, quite frankly, is like static clouding up the enjoyment of ships for the simple beauty of what they are at face value.  Ziam may never be what it has been - both people have new chapters and priorities in their lives, but who knows, perhaps that will change and their paths intersect again. I certainly hope so. 

Yep, me as “alulawings” has stepped back. I’ve distanced my fanartist identity from my ship blog accounts for my own reasons. What you read as condescension, was only my own quiet sadness; I’ve got so much love for the ship still, and that shapes the pain.  But, I’m not one to fight, especially not with those of my favorite ship, so I’m sending love to you. Here’s to ziam!

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I just wanted to let you know that i look up to you. Ya see. My parents kinda dont understand or like the whole trans thing so it sucks for me. But when i see you posting i get really happy because you give me hope. Sorry for the long ask. I hope you have a great day.

Hey there!!! Omg this makes me feel??? sO GOOD??? fuck im so glad my lame tumblr where i mostly talk about being gay for dirk is able to help you out!!!!

A thing about being trans that I think about a lot is how people always talk about how it’s “never going to go away.” like. “lol are u sure u want to make this Decision to be trans??? its going to Haunt you for the Rest Of Your Life, and never go away, are you suuuure???” and ok im sure all of us here can understand why its not a decision and also not a ghost cause ghosts r the only things that have any business haunting my ass. But the fact of the matter is thats RIGHT, it DOESNT ever go away, like of course it doesnt go away. what kind of logic is that. What does happen is that it gets so much better!!!!!!!!!! I think a lot of parents don’t understand that, because we get to know other trans people and see other trans people grow and be happy and successful. But if your parents aren’t exposed to the Gay Medias, they never get to see that. and they may even think trans people dont exist in the real world. :(((( I remember before coming out I was so terrified my parents would not understand and tell me it was a phase and stuff (which didnt happen thank god my parents rock u guys) but like??? no matter how much they like to think they do, your parents dont actually know you better than you do. YOU know you best. cause u spend 24 hours a day being yourself every single day, u know???

anyways WHOOPS I RAMBLED but i just wanted to say this is so sweet and i think its so important to have hope and remember that like!!!! the trans experience is not perpetual invalidation and shitty parents!!! there are other great things in store for you like happiness and fuckin uhhhh, all the cool friends u will meet over the course of your Whole Life. hope is real and i love good things. that is all I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANON!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys…

Sorry to be such a downer but I’m gonna be off tumblr for a while, maybe 2-3 days…I’ve just been going through a lot and I just woke up to a text from my best friend telling me she doesn’t want to be friends anymore so I’m not feeling like myself at all…i will still be checking my messages from time to time but if you want my snapchat/number, send me a message and I’ll be happy to give it to you..Thank you guys and I’m sorry..

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I always have hope that I'm gonna meet her like in my head I'm just like "one day! I will!" But I loose hope a lot because how the hell on earth would I ever manage too? But then I see you post about how we're all gonna meet her and to wait and be patient and it gives me hope again. Thank you. ❤️❤️

I have felt like you before too and trust me, feels so much better when you can say “after all those years of loving taylor I got to hug her and tell her I love her” 💕❤️

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For every @ I get, I have to tag someone I love/look up to!

             ahhh those are a couple ones. hmm let me think. 

@likecottxncandy bc she’s my very dear sister-friend and tbh she had always always been there for me no matter what for like 4398 years now and not only that, but nath is such a patient lovely person and deserves all the love & happiness okay.
@melonpianist I LOVE KILI A LOT AND TALKING TO HER MAKES ME FEEL SO HAPPY !! Like yes please stop poofing in the air i want u here bc you are so so nice and fun to talk to and just aaaaa
shes also wife material just saying
@kimuratsubame i talked about ami 2084 times already but its never enough bc ami is one of the first people i met here and man its been YEARS and she’s so dedicated and has 982 blogs and manages to give attention to all of them??? she’s someone you admire not only as an rper but also she’s strong and amazing & you really have to love ami.
@niji-iro-melodybren is beautiful and i love how we think alike its extremely easy to talk to her no matter how much time it passed since the last time??? her otoya is a cute blushy puppy and i adore him !!! 
@marakasu yes hi ilu a lot and daniel’s reiji is my favorite reiji wasn’t even one of my faves ( i always tell him this but still !! ) and yet here he came a year ago with his beautiful portray and kind & chill personality honestly how do u even deal with me u deserve the world 
@seraphxx I ACTUALLY ADMIRE YOU A LOT !!?? you are so busy and have so many characters yet you always give everyone their time to interact and wow you are so organised with them i mean ??? idk how you do it ??? but yes ive known u since 1910 too and u are still here and ilu for that give me a hug

also if you expected me to tag u and i didnt please think that i prob love u anyways i just tagged the people i see/talk to the most or are closer to me??? but man i talk to a lot of people so its hard dasbjdsbf anyways !! ilu all

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I'm just imagining gwyn saying something along the lines of i hate what my family did to me, i feel like rubbish today and just let me sleep. i know it's probably never gonna happen but to think of gwyn saying that just gives me so much strength to deal with my own family my own demons like the love between him and or augus or gwyn and ash and you writing in general i still don't get how i can be one more bad thing away from a breakdown and i read any story of yours and i feel a bit better x

I think that’s an awesome thing to imagine. <3

And maybe it won’t happen in the canon, though maybe it will? He’s getting closer to being able to have those moments, and you imagining and more evolved Gwyn to find strength in your own awesome, strong self is a really really cool thing to do with a character. I’m glad that helps, and that’s super resourceful, I think I‘m gonna try it with my own family and my own demons. 

I don’t really know why my stuff helps with the bad things either tbh, but I know I sit here and write this stuff out because I need help with my own bad things. (Not always, but definitely sometimes, and that’s definitely where these stories started). So…yeah, I’m glad you can use them as tools to help, and I wish for lighter and more positive things in your life going into the future.

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i have major ocd and the post didn't bother me (ik it not bothering me doesn't make it ok for everyone but) i definitely don't feel like it came from a place of romanticizing ocd or anything like that? it felt supportive like you said, just wanted to give my 2 cents

thank you! that means a lot. 

yeah i went for the supportive route cause like, again, i have extremely bad anxiety and it causes me to check my car doors being locked like around 20 times or until i feel safe that they are locked. while i do that, though, my boyfriend just stands there waiting and letting me do my thing, and i think it’s really sweet, so that’s what i was going for. 

but yeah some people get bothered by some things while others don’t. just gotta be careffulll

I’ve been thinking a lot if I’m going the right way, if I’m actually a woman or just confused? I feel like it would be sooo much easier to just give up everything (not life) and just.. Learn to live it in this incorrect body I was born with.

After my name change went through (From something on M to Sam) I’ve felt like.. A burden, I haven’t told my parents about it yet, they are aware that I did send in a request to change it.

Telling people at work that I’m a woman, asking them to refer me as she/her, feeling the need for having to adjust myself… Ugh. I’ve done a lot voice training, for over a year soon.. But I’m not too satisfied with it either.

I just suffer with the thought of having to adjust myself, everything would be so much better if I was correct from the beginning.

So… Take a break? I honestly tried, I even took the cissiest (lolll, you heard me) clothing, skipped shaving and just.. Felt crap. I can’t stand the thought of being called he/him, I’ve gone too far for that.

I also have a huge urge for getting hormones, yet I’m scared, really scared. I’m willing but not ready…

This upcoming week will be great tho, I’m visiting a bestie and he’s very supportive and I can do all sorts of changes I need, do voice training nonstop for a week.. Going to be great!

I might sound doubtful and unsure, but I’ve always been so unhappy with my looks, shameful and rather ugly feelings. This year, I’ve taken more selfies than I done in my whole past (1991-2015)

The road ahead is long and scary, but keep your friends close, family more if they’re supportive. I’ll keep going, slowly but allowance for doubts and thinking, you must allow yourself to adjust too.

This isn’t happening over a day, so take your time, and allow discussions with yourself and others.

Remember, trans people are the strongest. (and anyone else that suffers with an internal battle)


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Have you read (or planning to) ichthy's season 2 story? All the reviews that I've seen say it's really good

Sorry no. I had a big disappointment after reading Hue season 2. The overall plot was rushed and the original interaction among the gods from season 1 was gone. I read a few screenshots of Ichthys season 2. Honestly, it just can’t get me going. Some feeling still missing.

Season 2 was not written by the original Japan writer. I feel voltage just get some other writer at voltage USA (my guess) to write for the sake of rushing and close the game, since it popular in the international fans. It gives me a half hearted feeling. The CGs is also not fantastic.

So I don’t think I am going to waste my money on such quality of stories. No more SCM season 2 for me after Hue although I love their season 1 a lot.

there’s something about the style of DAO that i love

it’s just so… it’s very drab.  all rogue armor looks exactly the same.  like, helmet upgrade?  yep it’s the same thing but in a slightly different tint.  mages get those ridiculous hats and the dingy robes.  grey wardens don’t have that flashy blue and silver armor yet they just wear whatever the hell drops off of darkspawn.  ferelden is brown and muddy.  as it should be.  denerim is the crown jewel of the country but it’s just dogs barking and dirt and flies.

when your warden suddenly decides that they’re no longer an archer or mage and grabs a random ass sword to shove through the archdemon’s skull, they’ve marched their way up and down this maker-forsaken land and they’ve got mud and dog shit all over their boots and no part of this journey was even remotely glamorous, because it was about spending days in the deep roads, covered in blood and bile and ichor, so of course you’re gonna make your final blow look at least vaguely fancy, because you deserve that much

and i just.  i love it.

Just give me a chance


I don’t really like Lance sad but sometimes life puts you down but what’s amazing is what happens afterwards, after you overcome it. You’re ready to take over the world, you’re not the same person you were before, you became stronger than ever. Sometimes you just have to be pushed to your limits for you to grow and learn. Lance will overcome this and when he does, he will slay you all

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #61
  • <p> <b>Phil:</b> I still haven't figured out a name for our son :/<p/><b>Dan:</b> Oh but I've already named him<p/><b>Phil:</b> really? wha-<p/><b>Dan:</b> no, shrek, don't touch that you'll get hurt, son<p/></p>