they just flew off


On August 8 2016 a ten year old boy (the news item incorrectly states he is twelve) was decapitated whilst riding the worlds tallest waterslide at Schlitterbahn Park in Kansas City.

Caleb Schwab was riding in a raft with two others on the 17-story slide, certified highest in the world, when his harness broke and he was flung onto a safety net. Horrified visitors watched as he dropped fifty feet and washed down the slide, and a lifeguard told media that it was apparent from the volume of blood in the water that the child had been decapitated.

The ‘Verruckt’ (German for 'insane’) Slide has come under intense scrutiny, as it became known after the accident that the slide did not meet safety standards when it was built in 2014. It failed two safety inspections just a year before when sandbags pushed down the slide flew off in much the same manner. Improvements made to the slide clearly did not help.

Before I lose you forever...

Oh those prejudices… They’re rooting so deep within her.. I’m so sad.

I wished for once, just for once,
Kara would listen to him
Just for once, at least once, she’d listen to him

Even Alex said it, and I agree with her. Maybe Mon-El is - and to be exact it’s in the past - was an evil Prince, or maybe he just needs and is looking for a fresh start. Just let him explain.. But you don’t, you didn’t let him explain did you, Kara? And even if you let him, you just didn’t listen to him. He said it, “I tried to tell you so many times” and you just couldn’t look at him and then just flew off? He’s ashamed and felt guilty about what happened what he did on Daxam, and he just wanted to be Mon-El a regular boy from Daxam and to start anew, but you couldn’t see it the other way you won’t let yourself to see the other way, because of the fact that he is the Prince of Daxam? He wants to fix things, he wants to try, but you’re just going back to just writing him off

And those words Queen Rhea said to her on the balcony of The DEO.. “I know what your integrity means. He’s Daxamite Royalty and you’re starting to despise him for it, you think that you’re better than him. He has no idea how unforgiving your people can be

Ugh. The angst is real.. I feel it in my body

I just…,

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Darn, relationship is not easy. Never. It’s hard. But sometimes we’re the one who makes it harder. I’m just sayin. I get that you’re angry, Kara, and betrayed and hurt, and you have every right to be.. But of all the things you said, there’s only one thing I agree with.. That is we all need an interdimentional post-breakup vacay, together. Ha.

But thank you for the fuel. On the bright side, it only means more fanfiction for me. That is all. TODDLES!

I finished reading the manga to Ouran High School Host Club and I’m full of feels. I never was the biggest shōjo fan but goodness I loved this manga from beginning to end. It was so funny. I watched the anime first and was unsatisfied with the lack of season 2 and read the manga from start to finish - it is much better.

The characters are explained better. The panels are well organized. Their personalities just flew off the page. So great. Usually you have a few characters you like and a few you dislike but I can’t single out any of these characters as superior to the others or vice versa. They’re all so kawaii in their own way. It really was just such a cute story and it made me sad that it had to end. However the writer brilliantly allows you to imagine what the future will be like for these characters - as presented in the omake. So, it doesn’t actually feel like it’s over.

Manga: Ouran high school host club

Story & Artwork: Bisco Hatori

  • gf: *sees a cockroach, screams* AAAAAAAH GETITGETITGETITGETIT
  • me: i don't have anything to - !!! *snatches a broom*
  • me: *slams it down on the cockroach*
  • cockroach: *explodes*
  • me: oh my god
  • gf: you V.A.T.S.'d that bitch
the signs as iconic @violetchachki tweets
  • "Nothing quite like super glue on your nipples": Aries
  • "Opinions are like assholes, mine's better": Taurus
  • "Work that ruby red you filthy whore": Gemini
  • "I love it when random men just hand me money": Cancer
  • "I want people to know that I'm more than just a pretty face...I'm also an incredible body!": Leo
  • "People need to quit hating on my butt hairZ #h8erz": Virgo
  • "Lol vintage porn": Libra
  • "@MissFameNYC is sending me nudes. Sos": Scorpio
  • "I just flew across the country got off the plane and bought a ceramic poodle. So what": Sagittarius
  • "@katyazamo I miss your face...nowhere to sit": Capricorn
  • "I was thinking about you last night when I was tucking my junk": Aquarias
  • "Fuck being stealth! Fuck being fish! Fuck the binary!": Pisces



I can’t be the only one who saw the S9 trailer and thought this.


Ruth: I love your stories. Tell me a story, Idgie. Go on, you old bee charmer. Tell me a good tall tale. Tell me the one about the lake.

Idgie: What lake?

Ruth: The one that use to be here.

Idgie: Well, that was just a lie.

Ruth: I know that, fool. Tell me anyway. Tell me a story.

Idgie: Uh, one time… there was this lake… And it was right outside of town. We used to go fishing and swimming and canoein’ in it. And, uh, see, one November, this big flock of ducks came in.. and landed on that lake. And then the temperature dropped so fast that the lake just froze right there. And they… er… the ducks… they… flew off, you see, and they took that lake right with them. Now they say that lake is somewhere over in Georgia. Can you imagine that?

So, uh…My roommate and I were both in our rooms, doors shut, nobody’s in the kitchen.  And we heard a loud noise.  So we both come out like, “You okay?”  “That wasn’t me, grab a weapon.”  So we go check out the kitchen, and her fucking rice cooker just decided to fly off the counter for no goddamn reason?  Like, it was nowhere near the edge earlier when I was in there, and somehow it just fuCKING FLEW OFF?

Okay so I was just thinking about the soulmate au where your soulmate’s first words to you show up on your body and my brain just kind of flew off the handle.

Like, what if after that, small words that your soulmate said that really resonated in your soul show up too. Whether that’s when they say I love you or in something little they say that clearly means I love you.

And you just end up with all these sentences and words written over your body. Moments caught between you and your soulmate when you were closest to each other.

And there are people that practically look like books, with so many lines of scrawl on their skin it’s almost crazy.

And there are people with only a few sentences and words but those few lines mean the absolute world to them.

And I just love soulmate au’s

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Well also Sofia just flew on off to LA today...why go to Portland then leave to LA then go back? Idk T could've done the same. But idk. I'm so confused!!!

Not sure why Sofia went to LA but anything can happen