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Trans Problems
  • trans person: *transitions as a young child*
  • cis people: they're too young to make that decision! their parents are pushing it on them!
  • trans person: *transitions as a teenager/young adult*
  • cis people: they're looking for attention! you just don't know who you are yet!
  • trans person: *transitions at 40/50*
  • cis people: they're just having a mid life crisis! get a grip!
  • trans person: *transitions as a elderly person*
  • cis people: their mental health is deteriorating! clearly their family isn't giving them enough attention!
  • trans person: *decides not to transition*
  • cis people: wtf! clearly you're not really a trans! stop lying!

okay i’m not trying to spread any hate, and i have nothing against the girls but IF.. and i mean if because we still don’t know much about ‘love yourself’ yet.. anyway if they’re doing a “love story” and try to connect it to hyyh i’m not okay with that. 

hyyh isn’t a love story it’s much more than that. it deals with a lot of mental issues, abuse, friendship and family problems. i HOPE they’re not trying to force the “this girl came into my life and her love fixed everything” cliche because that’s bullshit and real life doesn’t work like that. love doesn’t fix mental issues and magically make everything okay.

what i’m saying is hyyh deserves so much more than just a generic ‘love will win’ ending that’s been done 100000 times before and i really hope bighit has other plans for the plot. i mean isn’t the concept supposed to be about loving yourself?

Just leaving this here for all your warm, comfy, chocolaty and cuddly Amedot needs.


video game meme: [2/5] soundtracks  → Horizon: Zero Dawn (Joris de Man) 

Never Underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
—  Will Smith

She’s alive.

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Is there more Altean Lance on the way? Ps. Feel better. *gives you soup*

I actually have plans for an Altean!Lance/BoM!Keith comic/doujin! 

The idea is that the BoM send a delegation to Altea to negotiate an alliance in the fight against Zarkon - it’s a tentative and uneasy alliance, but both parties know they need each other. Shiro (rescued by the BoM) and Keith (part Galra, obv) are part of the delegation and Lance is part of Allura’s party, probably her brother or cousin, but also a strategist because I love strategist Lance. Lance is his usual flirty self and they dance around each other in typical klance fashion while the negotiations go on in the background *waggles eyebrows*

In a rare peek inside The Notebook (which you’ll have heard me refer to in my streams - it’s where I scribble my ideas), here is a little snippet of my plans. As you can see, my prelim sketches are…not exactly the cleanest, but they’ll suffice as long as I can work out the gist of the scribble!

And as a bonus, here we have Shiro and Allura bonding over how hopeless both Keith and Lance are:

Save them.

  • Me: I just want Elias/Chise to be Canon already
  • Them: Well, technically, it is. It's in the title. "The Ancient Magus' BRIDE"
  • Me: Yeah but they haven't confessed
  • Them: Chise already did. Elias just told her he needed to understand human emotions more before he could reciprocate
  • Me: But-
  • Them: Elias also told Chise that she means more than he does. She admitted that she's scared of Elias throwing her to the side
  • Me: Yeah, but-
  • Them: And they already kissed. It's like one of the most popular panels from the manga
  • Me: BUT
  • Them: Chise also confessed that Elias was the only one who wanted her and it's implied that she is the only one who accepts Elias for who he is
  • Me: BUT I--
  • Them: He also gives her nuzzles and is holding her like 24/7
  • Me: ...
  • Them: It was also a recurring element that she is Elias' wife. The fae addressed her as his bride and all. Angelica even mentioned a wedding ring
  • Them: Chise also admitted she belongs to Elias. He says he feels cold when she's not around, too.
  • Me: ...


Day 9: It’s you

I uh… i did the group chat dirty regarding the greyling au today and I’m still atoning for my sins. This au is angsty and today that was out full force… oops.

So have something fluffy and happy that stems from that and watch as I spoil my own au!

“You came for me,” he breathed.

“Of course I did. I can’t live in a world without you.”


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco