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Just General Fallout 4 Headcanons

Cause who doesn’t like a good set of headcanons? (I guess this’ll be part 1) Let’s do this (BEWARE SPOILERS):

  • Remember in the beginning of the game, where you get to go around the house and explore a bit? If you go up to the dog bowl, the Sole Survivor mentioned their dog ran away. WHAT IF, after around 210 years, a dog comes up to Sanctuary Hills, but it’s ghoulified, and then the Sole Survivor reads their collar, only to learn that it was their old dog (Bonus points if the dog was chosen by their spouse, and the dog’s a small dog like a Shih Tzu or a chihuahua)
  • Jun and Marcy are on good terms. They don’t need to be a couple, but they learned to get along again.
  • Sarah Lyons isn’t dead.
  • Maccready left Duncan with the Lone Wanderer back in the Capital Wasteland, after he left Little Lamplight, he might’ve bonded with them and started to trust them a lot more.
  • All of Deacons stories that he tells Shaun are true. Every. Single. One
  • We don’t get much backstory about Fahrenheit, which kinda bothers me because shes a great character! But one thing that I headcanon about her is that at one point when she was a kid she was all alone, and one time after a brutal fight with a super mutant or some feral ghouls, she was left out to die in the middle of the wastes. Then Hancock came in, helped her out and tried to find her a new home. Ever since then, she looked up to him and remained his bodyguard ever since. (But seriously Bethesda pls fix this i need more Fahrenheit in my life)
  • Piper writes fanfiction
  • and Cait might have read one or two of them
  • Remember when Deacon said he was once in the Capital Wasteland, as well as claiming he was a women (which was canon, apparently). We all know Deacon lies a lot, but what if, and I know the chances that this happened was very slim, but what if Deacon was Victoria Watts? It can be possible, very unlikely, but possible.
  • Sturges is like a Mama Bird to little Shaun whenever the Sole Survivor is gone. 
  • Whenever the Sole Survivor mentions a pre-war meme, you just hear Nick Valentine from the other side of field being like “Nope nope nope not this again, nope nOPE”

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the other day i read your diversity list and you said jk didn't even try lmao maybe it's because she wrote harry potter not to the fans but to herself??? now everyone rick writes is bi pan non binary whatever there's nothing wrong w that but he's +

+ only doing this so that you tumblr people buy his books??? he cares about the money and selling those shitty books, not about how you feel when you read that shit

Guess who doesn’t give a fuck about your opinion!?

(Hint: It’s me.)

So instead of drawing the outfit meme asks, I drew cute mercykill again. ; w ;

I blame @goinghardt and @sigrunvalkyrie entirely. All your faults. 

I just want Reaper to have a healthy and nurturing relationship and be happy for once sobs

You know, Sherlock was the one of the only things left in this world that I thought was good. I thought tjlc meant that we were finally going to get the representation that we deserve. But I guess that was just bullshit, along with everything else right now.

It’s heartbreaking, to pour so much love and admiration into something only to find that it’s apparently just garbage. It hurts to realize just how much we overestimated this show. If we had been right, it truly would have been groundbreaking. It would have been likely the most genius thing to ever be carried out on television. Unfortunately we were wrong. The show was not nearly as smart as we gave it credit for, and Moftiss not nearly as good people.

So, congratulations on pulling off the most elaborate queerbaiting I’ve ever seen. I hope you’re happy.


“At twenty-one, a girl begins 
to grasp the world and how it spins. 
She grabs a box of safety pins 
and builds herself a home.”

“Just a little while longer…”

Mmm, UG!Frisk sure does give me feels. This is what one would say was a Charisk moment (not necessarily romantic), but ‘ey. This was the first panel in a small mini comic I did in drawpile with Milk yesterday, but without context, it wouldn’t have made sense. Guess I gotta speed up the work on UG shit. //YELLS DEEPLY

  • University: So, we guess you can't do your assessed presentations in January after all. Don't worry, though. We'll give you a new presentation deadline so that you have time to work on your research proposal in February with your presentation feedback in mind.
  • Us: That would be super great. Do you think you'll be able to give us a new deadline soon?
  • University: Oh, shit. Hah. Wow. I mean, I guess it depends how you define 'soon', really. What IS 'soon'? Is it the soft fragrance of a summer rose? The crackle of logs on a woodfire in winter? The ebbing and waning years of life?
  • Us: I mean, this week, preferably.
  • Uni: Ha. Yeah.
  • Us: ...
  • Uni: Don't forget that your research proposal is due on 25th Feb! :) Make sure that you use the feedback you got from your assessed presentations back in January! :) Good luck! :)
  • Us: So it's been 4 weeks, our research proposal is due in 4 days, and we haven't been able to do our presentations yet. We've had no feedback on whether or not our research methods are viable, and this assessment is worth 50% of our module grade. Maybe let us know when we can expect to do our presentations, whether or not our lack of feedback is going to affect our grades, and why it took over a month to reschedule?
  • Uni: new fone hu dis

dear disrespectful the.walking.bethyl on instagram, 
honestly it boggles my mind how there’s still people who don’t get the concept of copyright or just plain human courtesy and randomly steal other people’s shit. And as if posting without permission or without credit isn’t bad enough, you go ahead and crop off my signature, too. 
I don’t have an intagram but seeing as I only posted this picture on tumblr I’m guessing that’s where you have it from so here’s my message to you: THIS IS RUDE. DON’T TAKE MY ART. EVER. OR ANYBODY ELSES FOR THAT MATTER. REMOVE IT ASAP. INSTAGRAM IS NOT THERE TO POST OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK. DON’T. DO. IT. 
Sincerely, a very pissed off and tired-of-this-crap me


I remember a time when we didn’t dedicate every fucking day/week/month to some sort of “Social Awareness” bullshit.

I mean, seriously, can I have just one month dedicated to not giving a shit?  JUST ONE?  Hell, I’ll even settle for a week where I don’t have the Mealy-Mouthed Morons hailing from the Cliffs of Dumbfuck expecting me to drop everything because some person halfway across the globe has it worse off than me due to the fact that their government is run so terribly that they’ve fallen off the economic radar.  Guess what?  Sometimes, I don’t have time for that shit.  I have things to do!  THINGS THAT ACTUALLY IMPACT MY OWN LIFE.