they is good though


So I made my humanized Thresh in Final Fantasy online for a Final Fantasy AU that these three are wishing to have him in @lightinmismatchedeyes @lonemight @sxlemnity So here’s Thresh, he’s an Maurader Elezen of the Duskwight clan since that’s the closest I could get to him~ 

So yes I wished to share here~

Pointy ass ears

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I assume: you place importance on looking good/being healthy/looking after your body (I dig this and wish I had a similar attitude all the time rather than sporadically!)

I’m actually reeeeally soft and round, I drink way too much coffee, don’t even own a real bra, and my daily makeup routine is haphazardly swiping the same tinted lip balm on my lips, cheeks, and eyelids so I don’t look like I’m an Actual Corpse, lol

……..ive spent the last couple of days pondering whether i should say this or not but in my heart of hearts…..i truly believe that you all really need to like emotionally prepare.

 i cant even exaggerate when i say this but…….the released reputation songs arent even top 4 on the whole album

and that’s the soup.