they hunt monsters

Bio’s of my main three characters

Azuai-shau: A powerful warrior who has taken up the brutal task of hunting down the monsters of the Far Northern Medullan Ruins to avoid her past in the south. She’s known for her skill, strength, and unique choice of weapon

Evumei: A priestess of the lunar temples sent to earth to reaffirm her wavering faith in the higher clergy of her temples. The pilgrimage is meant to show her the horrors of the earth to prove that the actions of her superiors are justified.

Sister Mercy:  Once a priestess of the western temples, she has broken her vows and is now a warrior known for her brutality in battle with monsters. She refuses to give her real name, resulting in the ironic nickname of “Sister Mercy.”

steve is the tallest and the lankiest of the trio but he doesnt give any shits and still likes to lay across the other twos laps nd shit just bc he can like “hi pay attention to me i love you” and ofc this only invites the other two to fuck up his hair nd shit but he still doesnt care bc he do love them


Nancy hates cuddling in bed when they all sleep together but Steve and Jonathan love it, like absolutely love being all snuggled up all night long. So it’s become kind of an unspoken agreement that they let Nancy be and they can hug to their hearts’ content.

They both take turns going in the middle so that they can maybe hold Nancy’s hand for a while or just feel her close, feel her breathing.

When they spoon, Steve is always the big spoon and Jonathan is the little one. Nancy always wakes up first and she has used Jonathan’s camera more than once to take a picture of her boys intertwined, so close that it looks like they’re only one body.

cryptomaniac-ii  asked:

Do you have any recommended books to buy?


Cryptozoology A to Z - A wonderful book for those that are just starting to learn about Cryptozoology to people like me that prefer short blurbs per creature rather than chapters and chapters on the same thing. This book has just enough info on each cryptid that it reports on.

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter - This is the book Josh Gates wrote about his time filming the TV show Destination Truth. Not an informational book like the first recommendation but it is a fantastic read.

Investigating the Unexplained - Ivan T Sanderson is always a must read at least once. Not only is this book investigating things like cryptids, but many other mysteries that have plagued Earth. 

The Beasts That Hide From Man - Another reference-type book like the first reccomendation. It’s a good read, and keeps the attention of people like me that have no attention span.

Monster Hunt: The Guide to Cryptozoology - Another reference-type book complete with a beautiful cover that is like faux-lizard skin and lovely images inside.

Globsters - A personal interest to me, this book dives into the subject of Globsters. Of course, most Globsters are whale blubber, decaying basking sharks, etc, but this book introduced me to a number of unknown Globsters that I had never heard of. 

The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep - Holy long title. But a very good resource for any people that love those water cryptids.