they hugged me when i was a fetus

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Top 10 ziam gifs

You guys actually want to kill me, ay?

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This tiny whiny cutie pie Zaynie looking at Liam like he holds his heart in his hand and he has the power to squish it (he has) (but he didn’t).

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hahaha this gif is so funny. Zayn going all instinctive to Liam’s arms. Harry falling… Everything in it is precious. LMAO

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lIKE. I know there’s cushioned seats in this room, Liam (Zayn’s sat on one of them). But no no nononon, Liam want’s to seat in Zayn’s bonny legs, cuz the love makes them soft.

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LOOK I WAS LOOKING FOR AN OPPRTUNITY TO TALK ABOUT HIS GIF. LISTEN. When I touch my husband’s face, he always makes it a bit awkward, because he turns his face towards my hand to kiss it. I’ll stop at that.

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No caption needed.

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Zayn was like “Let me pretend I’m gonna kiss you” and Liam was “Kiss me I dare you”. LOVE IT

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Thirsty Zayn: always a fave.

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THE Ziam hug. <3

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Zayn’s like “omfg those lips” Liam’s like “gotcha!” :) Kill me please.

why taengsic is opt: a taengsic masterpost 

offering water to taeyeon because that’s very important

stopped because saw that taeyeon trip on her dress

and sica kept holding her aw aw

instead of saying something else for her speech after winning, she decided to announce that it was taeyeon’s birthday ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ so sweet jes


fixing taeyeon’s dress and laughing afterwards, my taengsic heart can’t take this

jessica’s HAND asdjklg crying

they are so cute i can’t

jfc taeyeon why no eye contact whY

taeyeon offering sica some more food ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

sica waiting for taeyeon because she loves her too much

but guys remember when it was sica’s birthday and taeyeon lick cake of her face asdjlk


aww but this moment was so adorable when sica got scared she ran straight towards taeyeon and hugged her 

fetus moments:

it looks like they are kissing akjdnkls

(holding hand jfc askdd)


how can i my heart still function 

but guYS

eye contact!!! :

my heart can’t take this

omg what is going on


being dorks :

holding hands:


these two are the cutest

jealousy :


shit calm down sica

we get it taeyeon you like it

sica completing taeyeon on her voice 


aww look how happy she looks in the last gif 

and they just make eachother laugh and smile and just asdjksj

why so shy sica


OKAY I’M DONE my heart can’t take this

jealous ziam a minipost because i really need to get dressed for school,but this is calling me

starting with the most recent addition and then going out of order..

yes Niam moment this is cute.. BUT LOOK AT ZAYN IN THE BACKGROUND

everyone was all haha he’s joking.. no im 99% sure he was serious

fetus jealous as in who the fuck is touching him I demand answers

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Im asking all the ziams blogs this favor, i want you to put YOUR TOP 20 ziam moments (10 fetus /10 recently) with a gif is enough,well it will be like a xmas present for me thanks:)x

HEKC YEAH THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!! im so excited omfg *how recent is /recent/ tho bc im just going to go with 2013** OKAY here goes!!


10: visibly checking out eachothers asses when asked to twerk

9: zayn giving liam a rose (x2* can this only count as one pls)

8: the twister gangsta tweet

7: saying in an interview they’re wearing matching ‘i love you’ bracelets (x)

6: liam carrying zayn bridal style

5: playfighting/wrestling in Amsterdam more like amster-frickiN-DAMN tbh that was some hot shit

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gif reaction when bts saw their girlfriend who is usually cheerful, happy, aggresive, furious and strong suddenly bursts into sad tears and depressed?

Jin: *worried* “What’s wrong? Why didn’t you talk to me?”

Suga: “Come here.” *pulls you into the warmest, most comforting hug ever*

Namjoon: *forces a smile* “Hi, I’m here. I just want to remind you that I’m here, and that I love you.”

J-Hope: *starts crying when he sees your tears* “If you don’t talk to me when you’re upset then what am I good for?”

Jimin: *surprised* “I didn’t… I don’t” *settles for hugging you tightly*

V: *doesn’t say anything or ask questions, just hugs you and tries not to cry*

Jungkook: *confused and unsure fetus* “I’m here. I’m right here… please talk to me.”

Some times it’s good for people to smile through pain, sometimes it’s the only way they can move on. Sometimes, however, this can be very dangerous and it is often not advisable. If you feel like you have to smile through things in life, feel free to talk about it in our inbox, vent, let it all out, do what you must. Admin Ariel and I are here if you need us, you lovely little nuggets.

~ Admin Shiro

Fetus Harry looks like Ponyboy Curtis
External image

I wondered where I saw that innocent stiff face before.

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Fluffy- BTS Reaction to their girlfriend paying more attention to an addicting game on her phone than them

Here’s the fluffy version~

~Admin Golden


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Jin would desperately try to get your focus on him. He’d try doing aegyo, cooking your favorite dish for you, and asking you random questions. When you’d finally look up from your phone, he’d smother you in kisses and hugs.

“Jagiyaaaa, why did you ignore me for so long? Do you like that game better than me?~”


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Suga would try really hard in the beginning to get your attention but then he’d give up. Once he does, he’d try to be cool about it while still secretly taking sneak peaks at you from another room. He’d be a little jealous at how you’r spending so much time on your phone but he’d play it off and try to stay swag.

“Jagiyaaa, you’re missing out on some amazing Suga~”


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Namjoon would actually be okay with you paying lots of attention to the game on your phone. However, once it’d been a few hours of straight silence, he’d attempt to try and divert you attention to him. He’d ask you about how you were doing, what game you were playing, and then walk over and make meme faces. Then you’d look up at him and burst out laughing while he joined in the laughter too.

“Jagiii, look at me~ don’t I look funny and cute at the same time?~”


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When he sees that you are paying more attention to the game on your phone than him, Hoseok would first begin by making weird faces and noises. Then when he realizes that you aren’t looking up, he’d go full out and start dancing and screaming while being totally engrossed into his impromptu dance routine. When you finally look up, he’d give a shout of triumph at his victory.

“Omo! You looked up!! Yes, it’s a victory for Hobi~”


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Jimin would attempt to do aegyo to get your attention. He’d squat down and try to do the Kiyomi song out of desperation. When you finally look away from your phone and see him attempting aegyo, he’d immediately burst into shades of red out of embarrassment. Then he’d gently tackle you and bury his face into your hair.

“Ahhh jagii, I’m embarrassed all because of you~” 


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Taehyung would make some cute whining noises like a puppy and make hearts with his body. Then he’d start making a heart with his lips. When you look up, he’d pucker up his lips and peck your face with kisses. You two would laugh and then cuddle on the couch.

“Jagiiii~ I made so many hearts just so you would look at me~”


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Jungkook would immediately back hug you and pull you close, wrapping his arms around you waist. And since he’s still a cute baby fetus, he’d get into the game you were playing and help you out without even knowing it himself while looking over your shoulder. He’d get so caught up in it that he’d forget that he was jealous of your phone before. He might even download the game and play it himself.

“Jagiya, let me try playing it once~”

normally is real (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧: a masterpost (UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING)

anyways ive been asked to do a masterpost proving the realness of normani and ally from 5h so here it goes :) 

ps: this ruined me :)

pss: many of these gifs/edits are not mine :)

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Happy Birthday....

hi i was wondering if i could have a vic/ ptv one where it’s your birthday and the ptv guys take you to disney (along with jess erin and alysha) but vic doesn’t come (you can make a reason) and later on in the day he tells you he has feelings for you?


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“It’s been years”

Request from @typicalbitch15 : Can u do a imagine on how u and Sammy were dating in high school but break up and now u moved to LA and you start to hangout again and you guys start to mess around (like sexual) but he was dating Stassie whole time and u have feelings again for him. But he doesn’t want u anymore so u find comfort in Nate or Swazz and u end up with one of them and Sam is upset but u don’t care plz😘 Thank you 💖


“Are you sure you want to do this?” My mom’s voice echoing in my head. “You don’t have to leave home yet. You can still go to school here, graduate here, and leave later.” She says, gripping the side of my arms, tears forming in her eyes. “Yes mom, I’m sure. I know I’m transferring schools is going to be hard but, I’ve been going to community college for 3 years now. It’s time to get out there and dominate my major. I got this mom. I promise.” I smiled. She hugged me and we overheard the speaker above us saying my flight is boarding. “Tell me when you land, and when you get to your place. Tell me how it all goes ok? Oh and from what I hear, the boys are still there! Remember your high school friends? Jacks, Nate, John, all the Wilkinson siblings are there. Call them if you need anything ok?” She calls out to me as I board my plane. 

“High school friends…” I said to myself on the plane, looking out the window. I haven’t talken to them since we graduated high school. They moved out to LA immediately. No wasting time. Tried to keep in contact but that all got too busy. Who else was out there again? Nate, John, and the Wilkinson siblings.. Oh shit, Sam…. I closed my eyes, shaking my head, I haven’t heard that name since graduation, literally, while he was getting his diploma. Dated since sophomore year and broke up with me the day before graduation because he was going to move to LA and it was time for him to “be free and explore.” AKA he wanted to be single once he went to California. I’ve never forgiven him for that. 3 years down the drain. I still scoff to this day thinking about it. He had no hard time getting over our relationship. It took me a year to let go of him, to stop crying about him. “No, no. I’m not going to contact him. I don’t need him. I don’t need any of them. Besides they have better friends now. They probably forgot all about me. It’s been years…. Yeah, it’s been years...” I said to myself. “Excuse me?” The guy sitting next to me gave me a questionable look. “Sorry, talking to myself.” I turned back to the window. 

Once I landed, I went straight to my place. My car, moving truck, everything was there. I started unpacking everything. My mom packed everything in my room, even the things I have not touched since I was a kid, in my closet and put it in the truck so I could have it with me just in case. As I was unpacking everything into the house, I came across a box. “Oh my goodness..” I laughed to myself, looking at pictures from high school. Times have changed man, times have changed. I put it back in the box and emptied other boxes. I went for a drive and found a grocery store. 

“No fucking way…” I heard someone from afar say, but I ignored it.. “Y/N?!” I heard my name. I stopped picking apples and looked side to side to see if someone called me. I looked up and saw Gilinsky and Johnson staring at me with their mouth wide open. “HOLY SHIT!! IT IS!” They yell, running to me, causing a scene in the grocery store. They bombard me with hugs, “What are you doing here?!” “Grocery shopping??” I gave them a look. “No, in LA!” Johnson lightly pushed my shoulder. “I go to school here now.” I shrugged. “AND YOU DIDN’T TELL US?!” G yells. “I didn’t think I had to…” “What do you mean you think you did have to… OF COURSE YOU HAD TO! WE’RE BEST FRIENS!” “I’m sorry, we haven’t spoken almost 4 years.. It’s been years. I don’t even know you guys anymore. Hi I’m Y/N, nice to meet you guys.” I stuck out my hand for them to shake. “Look ok, we know we’ve been busy and we’re sorry. We should’ve called or texted you.” J said. “Even when you guys go back to Omaha, I don’t hear from you guys.” I crossed my arms and they just pout. “You guys didn’t contact me because you were busy. You didn’t contact me because you chose a side. Sam’s side.” I rolled my eyes, walking away with my cart. “Hey, hey, hey, look. Ok. We’re sorry about that too. Give us another chance and we promise it won’t happen again. We’ll make it up to you. We have a free 2 weeks. 2 weeks dedicated to you. What do you say?” J says to me. 

“Buy me my groceries too and I’ll take you up on that 2 week offer too.” I said. They just laugh, sandwich hugging me, and pushed my cart, buying my groceries. They followed me to my house, helping me unpack and decorate and everything. “Funny I ran into you guys, look what I found unpacking.” I got out the album and threw it in front of them. “No fucking way dude. You had the best pictures of everyone during high school. This album is pure gold.” They laughed, flipping pages. “OOOOOHHHHHH!” They pointed, “This is fetus Y/N and Sam! This is when you guys were just friends.” I smiled at the freshman year picture, “Yeah. Good times.” I smiled a little at the memory. “How is Sammy anyways?” I asked quietly. “He’s good. Doing music and stuff. Hey, we are having a little kick back tonight. You should come. Please come. It would be great to have you back at our parties again.” G looks at me. “2 weeks, remember?” I just smiled. “Let me go get ready.” “Take all the time you need.”

Once I was done, we made our way to their house, pulling into the drive way to see 6 cars already there. “Looks like our party started without us.” They laughed, walking inside. We walked up the stairs and I trailed behind, “GUYS! GUESS WHO WE IN THE STREETS SLEEPING!” They yelled jokingly. At the top of the stairs and I looked at the group of people in the living room and kitchen. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Nate yelled, running and hugging me along with Swazz and Skeez. We were all in a little circle, talking and laughing when a body got added. “What’s up Y/N.” Sam says smiling, leaning in for a one arm hug. “Hey Sam.” I leaned in. We continued talking till they finally introduced me to everyone else. 

As the night went on, I started getting to know their new friends. They all went to the backyard and I just stayed on the patio, watching. Sam stands next to me, “So… How are you?” He longs out. “Don’t act like you care.” I gave attitude. “Of course I do. I still care about you after all this time and it’s been years. How are you giving me attitude when it’s been years since we talked?!” “Because you broke up with me with no warning. And mind you, you broke up with me 10 minutes after we had sex that night. And then never talked to me again! I’m still fucking hurt about that!” I scoffed. “Hey, please don’t cry.” He tries to move his face in front of mine but i turn the other way. “I’m not cry.” I tried saying. “Oh really, so look at me.” “No.” “I know you Y/N. And I know you’re crying so please look at me.” I slowly turn to him and he cuffs his hands on my face, wiping away my tears with his thumb. My heart starts beating, “I’m so sorry. Let me make it up to you. Dinner tomorrow night. Me and you. We can talk about it. Hopefully get a clean start. Catch up. Everything. How about that?” “I’d like that..” I smiled. He pulls my head towards him, kissing my forehead, making my heart burst into flames. He pulls me onto his chest, as I sank my head on him, gripping onto him like we are back to senior year.. “I still love you..” I heard him mumble. I just stood there, pretending I didn’t hear him.

Larry hug

One thing that people fail to see in the Larry hug from the last night of otra is the fact that they haven’t communicated publicly in FOREVER. They literally don’t talk at all to each other and so when we got this hug it really showed that they DO interact and they DO talk. Another thing is how they hug. First off they hug so tightly that it squishes Harry’s cheeks and there is no space what so ever between their chest. Second off they know how to hug each other and you can tell. Right when Harry comes in for the hug he knows to put his right arm over Louis’ shoulder and his left arm under his arm pit. It’s natural instinct because they have hugged so much. third off they are both smiling like its the last time they will ever smile. Like, Louis looks like he is gunna burst and you can’t even see Harry’s eyes. And fourth, Louis literally made the hand gesture signaling ‘fuck it’. but why would he have to signal that……*cough* management **cough cough**. The last thing that I wanted to say was how many memories this brought back. When I watched it I actually couldn’t stop. When they were little fetus Louis and Harry they would hug all the time and show affection like it was nothing. Obviously something happened whether it was management, break up, fight, etc and they stopped doing that and when they hugged this time you could really see the passion. They miss it and you can tell whether it be in a friendly way or a loving way you can see it. It makes me feel so much hope for them. They really do love each other. When they look at each other they forget that everyone else is there. It is so obvious and if you can’t see it then you either must be dead or flat out delusional. They. Love. Each. Other.

Little Family - Calum Imagine

Requested: nop

Content Warning: non

Word Count: 1315 (yeah that’s right)

Author: Emi :3

Note: i had to add some few extra characters, if you guys don’t mind :)

Calum finds out your pregnant.

I stared at the sticks.

“Oh God.” I groaned as I threw them in the trash. This is going to change everything. My relationship with Calum will be tested like it never has been before. This is big. This is… I have to get some air.

I opened the door to my bathroom and saw Y/F/N sitting impatiently at the foot of our bed.

“So?” she asked me, anxiety showing at her face as she walked slowly over to me.

I shrugged nervously. “They’re all positive.”

Y/F/N smiled so big and gave a small cheer.

“Yes! This is awesome, Y/N! You are going to b–” she stopped. “What’s wrong? Is this not happy news?”

I shook my head and my lips trembled. Y/F/N quickly pulled me into a tight embrace as I sobbed on her shoulder, feeling her caressing my back once in a while. My heart was thumping so loud against my chest as I shivered with tears. My bestfriend trying her hardest to shush me and calm me down.

“Whatever the reason for your tears right now, I’m sure it’s all going to be fine. You’ve got a little person inside of you and you’re going to have a little family. No matter what I’ll be here to help, okay?” she cooed, making me smile a bit. When we broke away, she smiled.

I nodded and wiped my tears away. “I just don’t know what Cal would say. He’s at the prime of his career and…a child would be…”

“Now, stop that! You don’t know what he’s going to say. So I suggest you tell him soon.” my bestfriend told me. “It’s his child, Y/N. He deserves to know.”

I nodded again, “Okay. I’ll tell him tomorrow.” I said feeling a tinge of courage despite my bravery running low today.

What would Calum say?


“This is fantastic!”

I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“You mean, you’re not mad?” I asked, putting down my fork and forgetting all about our dinner in front of us. “You actually like the idea?”

Calum grinned. “I mean, there will be parts that suck but this is a big opportunity for us. Plus, you’ll be with me the whole time so don’t worry about a thing.”

He saw my anxious expression and sighed. Calum stood up from his chair and pulled me up so he can embrace me.

“It’s just a small trip to Australia and a few days in New Zealand. We’ll be back home before you know it.” he told me.

His band has to go on a trip to promote their new album and it’s really important. They can’t cancel it and Calum wants me there with him. But that’s not really why I’m anxious.

I haven’t told him about the child growing inside of me yet. And I get really stressed when I travel. Isn’t stress bad for the fetus? Oh God. I don’t know what to do. Should I tell him now?

“Uhmm…” I said, breaking away from his hug. “Cal? I have something to tell you.”

He looked at me and gestured for me to go on. His eyes travel down my lips and stayed there. I know that look.

“I’m listening.” His voice low, knowing full well he is not, as he pulled me closer to him, his lips placing small kisses on my temples.

“Cal…” I whispered. I can’t help it. His hands were on my back, lifting up the hem of my shirt.

“Hmm?” He was leaning down now, trailing the kisses towards my neck.

“Oh Calum.” I wanted him to stop and listen to me but he took my response as an urge to keep going. This man knows my body too well. My mind isn’t functioning anymore and my body is acting on its own. I hate it.


…maybe I’ll tell him after we’re done.

Because right now, my body is being dominated by Calum.

And I don’t want to deprive myself with that. Don’t you agree?



I was in such a good mood this morning. Probably because of the great night I had with Y/N. God. I love that woman so much. I intend to show her how much I do in every way possible.

“Oh look. Calum’s cheerful today.” Michael said, sitting next to me in one of the bar stools as he rolled his eyes. “Shocker.”

I ignored this remark and smiled at my friend anyway. “Why? What happened with you and your girlfriend?”

He shrugged. “We’re fine. It’s just that she’s spending too much time at the day care lately. I don’t know why she even goes there. We don’t even have a kid in that place.”

“Maybe that’s a hint for you that she wants to have kids. And soon.” I told him. Honestly, I’m only guessing over here.

“Kids? I’m only 23, Calum. I can’t have kids yet.” He said, taking a gulp of his beer with an obvious panicked look on his face. I almost felt sorry and regretted what I told him. He’s right. We are way too young to be fathers.

We were so young and reckless. That’s actually one of my fears. Losing my fun life and living boring domestic and empty lives. I like my life as it is now. I how we stay like this for a while. I’m happy with Y/N and I don’t like to change it.

That night when I was home, watching movies on the couch beside Y/N, I noticed how she’s not focusing on the movie like she always does. Whenever we watch movies together, she always ignore my attempts to cuddle because she’s always so invested in whatever we’re watching. But now, it seems like every move I make, she turns her head to look at me. Then shakes her head and sigh as she looks away.

For the 12th time she did it, I finally gave in.

“Okay. I’ve had enough.” I said, reaching over to grab the remote and turn off the TV.

“W-what?” She looked at me wide eyed.

I turned to look at her straight in the eyes. It always bothers me when Y/N is out of sorts. But it seems like tonight it’s extra bad.

“Are you feeling okay? Is something bothering you?” I asked her.

She looked at me and her eyes started to water. Shit. What’s happening?

“Oh no. No, Y/N. Please don’t cry.” I said, pulling her into my lap and eembracing her. I can feel her shake as she held me close ad sobbed into my shoulder. “I hate seeing you cry. Please tell me what’s wrong so I can kiss it away.”

I felt her shake her head. “It’s not gonna go away just like that, Cal.”

She pulled away and looked at me again. Her eyes glistening with unshed tears. I softened at the sight of them.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” I asked her again. I smiled encouragingly. “It probably isn’t that bad. It’s not like you’re carrying a baby right?” I chuckled.

But she looked at me as if I found out her secret. Which I did. Apparently.

“Oh god.” I said as I saw her stiffen and her lips tremble. “You’re pregnant?”

Slowly, she nodded and I did the stupidest thing known to man. I pushed her away from me and stood up, towering in front of her.

“How could you let this happen, Y/N? How could you be so dumb to let this happen?” I yelled out, each time pointing unconsiously to her stomach. “We’re way too young and I do not want to have kids with you.”

I blamed her.

As soon as it came out, I regretted every single thing I said. I looked at Y/N with panicked eyes compared to her obviously hurt ones. She was shivering and she looked so helpless.

Small whimpers escape her mouth as she jumped out of the couch and walked quickly into our room, locking the door behind her.

Oh no. I fucked up.

I was pissed at myself. Anger flooded through me and I couldn’t control myself. The vase of flowers was now on the floor, in pieces.

I hate myself.

-well there we go. you’re pregnant and calum is being a dick. check out our blog and request for stuff to read part 2 which will be posted asap. we appreciate our readers and we hope you like this one -Emi :3

what NARRY brings to this world

when you put this:

together with this:

you get a nice little combination of sweet and sexy and omg so fucking hot

their hugs could make your heart explode

their synchronized dancing is amazingly amazing

and i am pretty sure they are just overall adorable together

Beautiful Auslly Hugs

Austin and Ally have the most beautiful hugs in the history of beautiful hugs.  To prove my point, I have rated some Auslly hug gifs (none are mine by the way, if you want cred tell me) from bottom to top:


This is at the bottom because he didn’t hug her back, but you can clearly see him smile so it does get a spot on the list.


A side hug, but still an Auslly hug, so it also deserves a spot.


It doesn’t have the best angle, but this hug is still cute.


He’s so ridiculously happy to be hugged by her… this can’t not be on the list!


This fetus Auslly hug beats the previous one simply because Austin really gets into this hug compared to the other one.


I don’t know why the gif won’t move, but basically he rolls his eyes and hugs her.  Trust me, it’s a beautiful moment.


Their hug was so instinctual here, ya know?  It’s like they are automatically programmed to hug each other every time something great happens (or when anything happens, really).


This is the most recent Auslly hug gif I have, but it’s such a bittersweet moment that I couldn’t bear to have it as #1.  Speaking of which…


There are so many great things about this hug that I don’t know if I can properly express them all.  First of all its basically their first hug as a couple.  Second of all, I love love love how Austin basically buries his face in her hair.  It’s like he’s trying to inhale every bit of her beauty, awkwardness, and kindness all at once.  Finally, (and this is a reason that this gif is my icon) it features Trish and Dez (fellow Auslly shippers) in the background adoring the cuteness.  The gif perfectly expresses everything I love about Austin & Ally: the friendship, the romance, and the downright adorableness.

Now I know I missed at least a few hugs, but unfortunately I don’t have all of their hugs on my computer.  If there was a really big one I missed, I apologize.