they hugged me when i was a fetus

That moment when you dream that you’re trying to audition for bighit (wtf did I even try in the first place lol) and get rejected , but then you got to see fetus bangtan grow into adult bangtan, and then you get to have a soft spot in jungkook’s heart ,so he treats you like he’d treat a delicate flower.But then some weird af accident happens and you think that jungkook is hugging you tight , but you realize that you’re not you but @kimlovesc-k-c-j-and-j-h . Right , the girl that was hugging jungkook was me , but when jungkook pulled away from the hug , it turned out to be kim 😮😮😮IN OTHER WORDS. I WAS KIM AND KIM WAS ME . AND IT WAS SO WEIRD OMG FJFKFK and then jungkook was very confused and I was disappointed,because It wasn’t me the entire time lol my love line with kook wasn’t even real 😭😭😭 No matter how you look at it, jungkook IS NEVER SINCERELY IN LOVE WITH ME IN MY DREAMS :’)